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Food Knight

July 22,2014

Good Culture !!

Having heard about this place from a few people, we decided to celebrate a birthday dinner here.

The place is located down the very same road on which the entrance to Decathlon is located i.e take a left to the side road as soon as you see Decathlon. From the outside the place appears like a huge bungalow or a farmhouse. It was a Wednesday night thus not warranting any prior reservations and as expected, just a couple of tables were occupied, when we walked in at about 9:30 pm.

The place has a huge open area on the lawn { with music in the background & some abstract art installation } as well as seating inside but the latter was undergoing some renovation. We anyway decided to opt for the open area which turned out to be a colossal mistake, simply because of the mosquitoes. Our pleas for a mosquito coil were finally answered after a long delay with a bottle of Odomos, which I must say did help eventually. But the damage was done !

The menu is a limited one with drinks also available. There is also an offer of some paid membership of sorts called Salt Club, which when availed would result in reduced prices for individual items. The service was disappointing with seemingly simple requests such as the earlier mosquito coil, room temperature bottled water etc all taking unusually large amounts of time to be completed. In this backdrop, I guess the time taken for the dishes to come did get obfuscated.

But the service delays notwithstanding, the dishes that we ordered were quite worth the wait. Here goes the list :

1) The Corn-on-Cane (so also the Chicken-on-cane) is an outstanding innovation. It's an appetiser in which a finger-size stick of sugarcane, doused in light spice is covered with a "meaty" part (corn or chicken). Here both the "meaty" part as well sucking on the spice-laden cane stick after one is done with the "meaty" part are an absolute delight !!! The corn and the spices form a titillating combo, the taste of which lingers in your mouth.

2) Chicken Tikka (day special not on the menu) was also quite an enjoyable dish with the spicy masala being balanced and not overbearing. The meat was soft & succulent and it simply disappears quickly into our stomach.

3) Ok Tata Bye-Bye Chicken (one of the strangest names for a dish that I've ever encountered anywhere) was a intriguing one, for the fact that it seems to be a fusion dish (trucker dish but made Tandoor style). It had a huge chicken breast piece with tandoor gravy served on decent flavoured rice and also a Roti !! Yes, a Roti !!! The gravy seemed inadequate but overall the dish had a balance of spices & flavours and is quite filling I must say.

4) Lemon & Thyme Chicken with Pickled Aubergine, which my cousin ordered, turned out to be a poorer choice in comparison to my Ok Tata chicken. My cousin, who's generally scared of spicy dishes, actually tried adding extra "stuff" to make his a little more spicy & flavourful. I guess it was bland or a little too lemony (I didn't try it :D). This is where the limited menu became a handicap because there are just 2 chicken dishes & since we weren't in the mood for Beef or Pork, it was losing dibs that got my poor cousin to settle for his dish :P .

5) Jamaican Kufte is a veg dish with rice & a spicy mix of vegetables accompanied by a spicy dip as well. A decent dish with an extra zing to the spiciness. Again it looks like the limited menu did not have much option for a rice-dish.

6) We did not venture in to the dessert section, which apparently is a Chef special section i.e no fixed menu.

Overall, I'd say if they can ramp-up their menu, sort their service inefficiencies and take care of the mosquito problem, this place can be quite a crowd-puller, on most days ! If for nothing else, at least do give it a try for the Cane appetiser.
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