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  • Most tried items: crimson chakra/cornucopia/azzuri bay
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upto the mark
restaurant and the interiors were all so cozy and
The meats here are a little over-cooked, but they\
double delight fish is a must try!
Kumaran S - Burrp User

Kumaran S

March 02,2014

Very Poor - Don't Waste Money

We went in for a team lunch on Feb, 2014. It was a group of 40+ informed well ahead...Seating arrangements were not even made properly...When we inquired about this, the MD was claiming that he is not even aware of the booking, renovation in progress, etc.. and some crap... The restaurant is like a lodge room by room. Very bad atmosphere...One of the rooms has the toilet right in front of the dining table...Above all the food menu and the taste is worst for the money you pay...Only advantage is the prime location...Try for something else..You will regret definitely.
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Bharat  - Burrp User


November 25,2013

Awesome Food! Great Ambiance

I love the ambiance at Azzuri Bay and to make the experience even better, Roof top dinning is a must.

Their Mediterranean offering is probably the best in the city. The thin crust Italian pizzas are a real treat (made in traditional wood-fire unlike the regular pizza stores).

Great place for a big group, especially for corporate lunches. The only thing I find missing is the spirits / beverages collection on the menu. Hope this gets added soon :)
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Ghumta Bhukkad - Burrp User

Ghumta Bhukkad

October 30,2013

Romantic Experience With Food and Place

As idea of open space and roof top dining makes the place peaceful and ideal for lovely meals with your loved ones.

Spicy Vegetable Thai Rolls- as the name explains it vegetables rolled in wonton wraps and deep fried served with a tiny dash decorative salad and three delectable dips, with 3 sauces.
Tom Kha Phad- a very Thai soup with vegetables and the Thai must have's coconut milk , galangal a dash of lime and coriander.

Burmese Curry Noodles- because it came with its own curry on the side, they made it specially vegetarian on our request. The curry on the side was accompanied with fried onions and garlic and the curry was just an extension of the sauce. The noodle was made in instead of being something a little different as we had expected. Also the whole thing tasted like a version of creamy Thai curry instead of a more Burmese version that the name suggested. Lot room for improvement.
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Vasant Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Vasant Balakrishnan

August 19,2013

Great Ambiance, Great Service

Azzuri Bay offers a great rooftop dining experience, replete with candle-lit tables, great view of the Chennai night sky and the sound of gushing water from the indoor fountains. There is no music, but I believe this is done to lend a natural feel to the place. Food is good, served fast and in good quantities.
If you are looking for a quiet dinner with your partner, Azzuri is a good choice. Don't give it a miss.
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Ranjani Cheluvaraj - Burrp User

Ranjani Cheluvaraj

May 27,2013

Makes Adyar Romantic !

The moment I stepped into the premises, going straight into the lift with a cool looking fountain , I was impressed . Then the walk into the restaurant and the interiors were all so cozy and romantic. I almost got this feeling that my bf choose the perfect place for once. Then the menu they offer and choices available make you drool. The food looks and taste so nice and the staff knew how to treat the people coming in. This is a hidden jewel in adyar. I wish I would have gone in the evening so that I could have seen the roof top !
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

May 24,2013


The best thing about Azzuri Bay is the rooftop - There are two sections, the rooftop, and the interior part. Since, I've been to both on different occasions, I personally would recommend the rooftop.
I had Ravioli the last time I went there. Decent taste, but I expected more.
Not as good as the ravioli I had at the Tuscana's
The rooftop is a nice place to dine at night with your beloved or family even.
Decent view of Adyar with a cold breeze blowing by your face. Although Slightly pricey, Need to deliver a bit more quality for their prices.

But all in all, it is the rooftop you go there for.
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Siddharth Shashankan - Burrp User

My New Favourite

Enjoyed good food and lovely ambience in all my visits to Azzuri Bay ever since I discovered this place a few months back.
not only does the food taste really good but also a lot of attention is given to the presentation.
Hoping you guys keep up the good job and give us all more reasons to keep coming back :)
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Arvind Bhandari - Burrp User

Arvind Bhandari

May 22,2013

Azzuri Bay : Best place to Dine :)

Azzuri bay is by the best resto bar i have come across in the city....the ambiance , food quality & quantity and the variety available is mouth watering....lip smacking food and T20 matches are a complete recipe for fun.

Keep it up guys and wish you all the success in the years to come :)
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Jayaram Sundaram - Burrp User

Jayaram Sundaram

May 16,2013

Music of food !

Picture this :
A Sunday afternoon, getting a foot massage in a spa with noting to worry about or no meetings to attend. That peaceful divine feeling.
That is the exact feel you get in here. Chilled out food and laid back ambiance is the best one liner to describe this place. Friendly staff and no parking problems is a great plus.
The food is made to perfection and served in style.

What paul mccartney is for guitar is azzuri bay for dinning !
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Pavithra Varadarajan - Burrp User

Pavithra Varadarajan

April 23,2013


when you enter into this restaurant itself it has a very classy touch. I liked the ambiance very much. Lucky we dint have much of mosquito trouble in the roof top ambiance. The food is little bit expensive but worth it. The cream of mushroom was served in a very different platter and was yummy. We ordered crispy american corn, baked lamb shank. Wanted to try something different and ordered it. Its definetly a romantic and must visit restaurant.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 10,2013

Extra star for the Terrace

For dinner, the terrace location does not get any better. The Breeze and Star Lit sky makes for the perfect setting. The food is expensive and most of the starters are very average. Its better not to over expect with respect to the food but worth a one time visit just for the location for a relaxed dinner.
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latchu2006 - Burrp User


December 30,2012

awesome experience !! a memory to cherish

visited this place last week , and had an awesome experience !! an excellent place fr couples to spend their evening with privacy and and an exquisite range of delicacies !!
didnt book a table in advance , but the staff at azzuri were pleasant in finding a table fr us !! though we found it a lil crowded at tat part of time on the second floor , we managed to secure a wonderful table on the rooftop of the restaurant !! staff were excellent and were extremely helfpful in finding the rite place for us !! has a huge variety to offer !! wud love to visit again !!! kudos to staff and the cuisine !!
p.s -- book tables in advance as its a place tat gets filled quickly !! and ask for roof top tables for dinner ..
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foodmaniak - Burrp User


December 24,2012

Good food, but great disappointment!

I am writing this review so that the management does not repeat what I experienced recently at Azzuri Bay! Sadly, I took along some friends who had visited me from another city, promising them that it would be a good experience!

I had gone to Azzuri Bay last weekend. After waiting for 5 minutes, we were offered a table on the 1st floor. The interiors looked nothing familiar or close to what they have on the 2nd or top floor. It had unfinished rooms, bad table set up and the worst of all - lots of Mosquitos (inside an AC restaurant is unacceptable). When I asked the waiter, why we could not be given a table in the regular sitting - he told me they were all occupied. Since it was already a little late and I had come in with my friends - who were on their first visit to this place, I did not want to haggle around to find another place. I should have just walked down to Crimson Chakra or gone to some other restaurant!

Food and service was decent - we ordered Chettinad and the food was good. But, we had to battle the mosquitoes from the beginning till we finished out dinner. There was this waiter walking around with the electric bat and we had to take it and kill mosquitoes while we ate!

Now, what really annoyed me - I had to come back after leaving to pick up something I forgot, and I accidentally went to the 2nd floor - To witness a funtion happening - a wedding or something like that. If the management were having a private event - they should not be sending their regular customers to some 3rd class rooms, just coz they didn't want to lose a few bucks. How selfish is that! They could have the decency to tell customers that they are closed for the evening since a private event is happening - rather than shove them to a lousy corner of the building and expect to make some business out of that too!

All this while, I had high regard to the place. I doubt if I would visit Azzuri Bay ever. And the management - please do not do such cheap tricks on your customers. You guys have good food, nice ambience - why do you want to spoil your reputation by being so business minded? 3rd class service for 1st class price - that is how I felt!
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SRahul - Burrp User


November 11,2012

Great spread!

This place serves Continental, Oriental, Mediterranean and Chettinad. What a combination, I must say. As a result, their menu is huge! You'd definitely have to visit this place more than a few times to cover all they're offerings. From what I've had, the Chicken Satay and their Thai Red Curry was the best. The meats here are a little over-cooked, but they're tastefully made. The combination of spices on the curry was bang-on! I would recommend this mainly for their Thai food.
This place is very laid back and quiet. There's also a terrace service if you're not really into the quietness of their indoors.
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Preethi Venkataraman - Burrp User

Preethi Venkataraman

November 10,2012


The ambiance must be mentioned as the biggest plus! The terrace on a breezy evening is the place for a perfect romantic dinner. The menu is different with soups that are classy. Food is slightly on the expensive side but definitely tasty. If you are a non-vegetarian, you have a greater variety to choose from. If you are willing to pay for good food and excellent ambiance, definitely worth a go!
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mbohidar9 - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Awesome food

One of the best things to happen to Chennai lately! Went to Azzuri Bay for a colleague's farewell lunch. The menu is expansive with something for all kinds of palates. Tried the Thai Set Meal for about 500 bucks. The deal includes Gado Gado, Bamboo chicken skeweres, spring rolls, yummy noodles, rice, chicken and fish all cooked Thai style! Most of it was lovely! They also have a very innovative condensed milk-lemongrass-iced tea which was quite nice. But it was bettered by the Blackcurrant Iced Tea which was recommended by our waiter as a house speciality!
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Nikhil Venkatesa - Burrp User

Nikhil Venkatesa

November 09,2012

A Hidden Gem

Azzuri Bay surprised me a lot when I went there. With its location hidden in Gandhinagar, I was skeptical when I walked in, but it surprised me in many ways. First of all, it's softly lit so you aren't hit by flashy lights like in some of the other restaurants I've been in. Also, there's an option of reserving a whole floor for yourself if you want to host a party or something (which was why I was there), and the buffet option for this is pretty cost effective and the food tastes great. There are many varieties of food that come with this buffet option, including pizzas and chinese and tandoori. So it's a mixed bag that feels right. Their chocolate mousse for dessert was also pretty tasty. All in all, a great place to go to with friends.
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drjanani1 - Burrp User


October 03,2012

One of a kind place in Chennai

Azzuri Bay was no disappointment for me on the choice of a unique dinnertime hangout in Chennai, and that too in the heart of the city! Full marks to the ambience, one of the yummiest dining experience and the very courteous service rendered. The place is done very well and maintained even better! The magnifiecient Buddha is sure to captivate ur heart. The moonilght, a picturesque adyar river and the sloe traffic moving on the bridge above it at a distance and the dimly lit rooftop dining place is a perfect combination for a wonderful dining time. The service is very prompt. Must tries in the menu from the experience I had are Garlic Pepper Fish. Chicken Fingers, Fried Chicken breasts in oyster sauce with mashed potatoes, fried vegetables in green chilly sauce, the San Frasisco ice tea. Was a perfect dinner and a pleasant experience. Thanks guys. Please keep up these standards.
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anupshetty81 - Burrp User


September 14,2012

Awesome starters/desert but awful main course

I have been here twice and had similar experience both times.

I would suggest this place for some great starters and then skip directly to deserts. During my first visit, my main course lamb was unedible - as if it were lying in the freezer for ages. Second time around I found a worm in my dish. Two disasters and both on main course dishes. On the other hand, their starters and deserts are amazing.

So Mixed ratings.
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Muthukumaran Murugesan - Burrp User

Muthukumaran Murugesan

August 30,2012

Superb place

Been there yesterday for Onam Sadya. Food was awesome. The service was exceptional.And, I've always loved the decor and ambience here. Visit this place for a dinner. Sumptuous food under the stars. You will like it.
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Bosco1234 - Burrp User


August 03,2012

mindblowing food & Awesome service

I recently made a trip to Azzuri for dinner with some friends, I think it is one of the finest restaurants in Chennai city today.
We were greeted by a warm smile in the ground floor and promptly escorted to our table on the beautiful rooftop dining, an amazing view .
I ordered for a tom yum prawn, one of my fav Thai dishes and was not let down, all the flavors of the lemon grass, kaffir leaf were balanced beautifully.
For starters we had the Stir fried prawns, Lamb kebabs and the garlic pepper fish which were all very very good. For our main course we had a pizza and a lasagne which was recommended to us by one of their waiters, I must tell you all it was one of the best piizzas i have eaten in the city. The lasagne was also good and the potion was massive a very good feeling to see such a soul portion.
The service was very good and professional there was no room for any complaint.
Will be definitely coming again for sure!!!!
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kasyap90 - Burrp User


August 01,2012

Beware!! Worm In My SOUP

I visited Azurri Bay On 30/07/2012 Monday, after hearing a lot about it from friends and family alike.
Was very keen on trying out the so called "Best Newcomer Restaurant 2012" awarded by Burrp.com

The ambience was good, we went on to order the Combo Platter, and the American Corn was brilliant.

Then came our Sweet Corn Soup, which you wouldnt believe had a WORM in it.
We called the waiter immediately and let him know about it.
His Reaction exactly was: "We're very Sorry Sir, Let us replace the Soup for you" and didnt even wait for my reply.

A Bevy of waiters then started getting our food orders and juices. I was aghast.

There was a worm in my Soup , which i had almost finished eating before noticing, and he was going on with serving my order after a sorry as if nothing had happened.
How could we continue eating at this restaurant which has SUCH LOW Standards of Hygiene.

I called for their Manager, Supervisor or Owner whoever was present at the moment and after a cool 15 minutes of deliberation inside with the other staff, he comes out and tells me the Manager had taken the day off. If this guy was hiding behind the curtains the other day after the mishap, I must really advise the Owner to Fire him right away.

I wouldnt recommend this restaurant to my enemies let alone anybody else.

Low standards of hygiene
Staff who dont stand up for their mistakes

Go if you're a Non-Veg and dont mind an insect or two in your food.
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gymjunkee - Burrp User


July 13,2012

thai food

i like the thai food here..as i am new on burp..i am reviewin all the places i kno in chennai in one shot...lol...the double delight fish here is a must with garlic rice...nice and friendly staff and professional service..lovely place
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Sunaina2008 - Burrp User


May 01,2012

A foodie's delight ..

Azzuri bay is a foodies delight. Not only do they offer a varied cuisine of Thai, Italian and Chettinad all under one roof, they also do really well  in keeping with the authentic flavours of each cuisine.The ambience is lovely with the open terrace, the staff really look after you and the mouth watering cuisine keeps you coming back for more.  My personal favourites, the sea food platter and Chettinad menu whilst my family love to indulge in Thai with the chicken satay, pepper fish and red curry as popular choices.  And no meal is complete without desert, the mud pudding and chocolate Cointreau mousse are to die for ! With time, Azzuri has been remarkably consistent with good food, ambience, service and value for money. Kudos to the team behind this award winning restaurant !!
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Ganesh Kumar - Burrp User

Ganesh Kumar

April 27,2012


I can't think of any other place in Chennai where the perfect combination of great food , awesome view and a Buddha would be present.

Azzuri Bay ticks all my boxes. It offers up so many cuisines under one roof, its hard to choose one. I started with the San Francisco Ice tea , which set it up perfectly for the Chicken Satay. I went Asian and had the Thai Chicken Rice and Basil Chicken and ended with a delicious chocolate gelato.

All in all, the ambience was perfect and the waiters were courteous . I can't wait to come back.
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Bhakiyaraj JP - Burrp User

Bhakiyaraj JP

April 16,2012

Simply Divine :D

The Azzuri Bay experience is definitely a must try for any Chennai foodie. With a plethora of cuisines all under one roof , Azzuri Bay doesn't fail to impress the palate.
It has something for everyone in the family. From the Italian for my kids, the Pan Asian for me and the Chettinad for my parents , this is definitely a get together spot for any family.

I liked the Thai rice and the basil chicken . I also enjoyed the pork chops. My parents definitely loved the Chettinad food, the softness of the idllies was unreal. The gelato was another highlight.

With a perfect view of the Bay of Bengal , Azzuri Bay is definitely a superb way to sign of a Sunday evening.
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Arun G - Burrp User

Arun G

March 06,2012

Fine dining overlooking Adyar river..

Fine dining overlooking the Adyar river. Great service, quality food and a nice location with ample parking space. Their grilled fish delicacies are my favorite but the pizza is not bad either.

Give it a try (if you have deep pockets ;-) or if your Dad foots the bill) ..you will definitely not regret it.
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Avinash Ramanathan - Burrp User

Avinash Ramanathan

February 12,2012

Chettinad at its best

One wouldn't expect to experience Chettinad cuisine at Azzuri Bay. But let me tell you, it was one of the best Chettinad food experiences I have ever had. Initially I was skeptical , but once the Idlies started coming, I couldn't stop. They were absolutely delicious! I was curious and enquired about the chef. The guys at Azzuri have brought a chef from the heart of Chettinad to whip up these delicacies. It authentic Chettinad , at a place you would least expect it. I strongly urge you to try it.

Kudos to the guys here. Also a special mention to the Italian food here. Absolutely phenomeal.
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Deepti Kumar - Burrp User

Deepti Kumar

February 11,2012

Shouldn't we all get quality weekday/weekend?

So we mostly visit first time or repeat restaurants in Chennai only if the place has authentic cuisine (the way it is supposed to be made). Our Saturday lunch could have been better if this silly mistake at a highly unexpected place like this..
Wood Fired Oven Pizza' always has been a personal favorite but this time even though we didn't do a lot of research for Azzuri we went with high expectations considering the vicinity ambience etc.
We visited this Multi Cuisine place first time today with apprehensions but started our order with what we thought would at least be average, a wood fired Pizza. Vegetarians may have fewer options but make sure to check with the staff if they have ALL the ingredients available that is mentioned in the dish on the Menu! The reason being what happened to us today; the main ingredient for the Pizza Eggplant was totally missing from the Pizza & when asked at the start of the meal, server had no clue till we finished the meal & came back to us with a not-so-convincing reply that they FORGOT TO ADD IT & they can’t do anything about it now!
Hopefully most of you may agree with me that may be the servers from different regions who have populated Chennai Food places should be able to understand Basic English & not mess up our orders at a fine dining like this where they have foreigners coming with families?? We know everyone goes through mistakes but not accepting it
We hope to get at least some kind of feedback for our experience today through Burrp!
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mylaihari - Burrp User


January 23,2012

Nice :)

A really nice place - i think this is the best combo food place in chennai - crimson chakra/cornucopia/azzuri bay - you can get whatever kind of food you want.Portions are just a little short of adequate if you are a good eater but that's made up by the decent quality of the food. Service can be patchy - you cant predict what the service level will be on any given day. Pricing is a bit on the higher side but then, given the ambience of the place you are ready for it when the bill arrives. Good place to recommend to friends.
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Jayraman Iyappan - Burrp User

Jayraman Iyappan

January 21,2012

Head here - for a lovely evening

It was just accidental - was planning to go to crimson chakra n ended up reaching next door... N guess what - thanks for the mistake - had a wonderful evening.

The open space is brilliant n with chennai weather doing good in last few days - it was lovely.

Impressed with the menu card - intro of chef anand n the detailing of dishes - liked it. May be the organising of pages can be better - had to flip all pages - looking for vegeterian.

Guess, it is simple business need to add chettinad on house - than stick to menu items....

Quality is good be it minestrone soup or veg mono (starter). Even chettinad veg is not bad - but less spicy (isn't it supposed to be hot ?).

And price - decent. Service - indeed good, timely, courteous and perfect.

Suggestion - please do give a choclate complimentary post dinner (in the absence of somph - as it is Indian ;)).
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manishapatnaik - Burrp User


January 06,2012

Excellent Service

Been here for my wedding anniversary, and this place did not disappoint me at all. the place is located at a very calm place and it has 3 levels. I chose the roof-top level for the dinner. The place is worth a visit more than one! I had made my booking over phone and requested for some special arrangements. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that everything should go as planned. Just when I reached the entrance a lady welcomed us, and I mentioned about my booking. By the time I could reach the roof-top by the elevator , the lady had already informed the staff with her walky-talky. we received a pleasant welcome from the staff. Every single request of mine was taken care and addressed. The cakes are just great. One should try the traditional pizzas and the thai-ice tea. I had read reviews about the restaurant and this hotel made my day a very special one. The moon over us , and the calm Adyar River. Perfect for Dinner. Little On the Expensive Side, But if you want to make your day special, this is the right place. You can make your food taste the way you want it by mentioning it to the waiter. Some like Less- Spicy, Some like More. Some like Extra-Cheese! Not even a glass of water was left un-attended!
Service-Excellent, Food-Excellent, Worth for Money.
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Richa G - Burrp User

Richa G

December 21,2011

I'll go again

We visited when this restaurant was relatively new. The setting is great. Open air with a far away view of the traffic moving on the Adyar bridge. They have primarily natural lighting, so you need to be in that mood. Depending on the season, moths and mosquitoes could be a problem as the rest. is only 3 flights up. There's limited indoor seating too.
The menu has Italian and Thai dishes. We ordered the cream of Broccoli soup (I'll go there again just for that), an appetiser on sugarcane skewers (very innovative, recommended), a pizza and a baked lasagna. I found the not just tasty but also flavorful.
The staff was courteous, accommodating and the service speed was decent too.
Prices was slightly on the higher side. You can go on a special occasion :)
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neodiesel - Burrp User


December 05,2011

Nice place

Have been here a few times. Initially served Conti Chinese, later changed to Thai & Conti, nonetheless, everything tastes good out here. Love their rice noodle dish and sugarcane skewers. Once we were dining outside in the terrace and it started pouring then we were rushed to the floor below. the next time we went, they had a new shed built. A decent place to dine.
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Gunjan Bansal - Burrp User

Gunjan Bansal

November 10,2011

Good food, super ambiance

Super ambiance, good food and very good service. Loved the subtle and the dim light touch given to the roof top sitting, indeed very romantic. The food presentation & service were of good standards. Loved the san fransisco ice tea and the natural chocolate gelato - they are a must try if you are at Azzuri Bay!! I missed the wood-fired pizza the last time I went but sure to visit the place again to try the pizzas!
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sancupid6 - Burrp User


November 02,2011

Gr8 Food and good service

the stuffed mushroom was stunning starter and the thai chilli rice with herbs was really good :) a gr8 place to hangout with friends and family will be visiting you guys soon :)
keep serving g8 food
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rkirti - Burrp User


October 25,2011

Good food, Amazing ambience

Been there twice. Had an awesome time on both occasions. Ambience is wonderful - roof-top dining and interesting lighting (they have covered lanterns placed on each table). The only con being that the setup is pretty romantic so not quite the ideal place if you just want to catch up with friends.
They offer far-east and Mediterranean cuisine. Be careful with the portions though - most of their dishes come in large portions. One soup+one starter+one main course works well for two people (not if both of them are guys!).
Pretty impressed with the veg satay and the veggie pizza offerings (they have just 2).
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Aviator - Burrp User


October 14,2011

Do yourself a favour... Stay away

Unbelievably bad food! Wonder what cheese is used on the pizza and the Thai red curry tastes like meen kozhambu gone wrong. How come other cities have such good restaurants and we end up with this!
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psmith2 - Burrp User


August 15,2011

Stylish and Sumptuous

Have been here two times and had very similar experience each time. The place is very tastefully set up on the rooftop with subtle lighting. The food choices re eclectic , though the continental and lebanese are possibly the best. They make very good iced tea as well . Service is also good. Overall a very good place For a romantic dinner and not really for catching up with folks.
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madhu1990 - Burrp User


August 15,2011

Wonderful Time!

Great Ambiance, good service and tasty food. What more could one ask for! I read previous reviews and gave the place a try and am sure that this place is gonna be a regular visit. Special mention about the pop sickles which was a nostalgic touch. All in all, Azzuri Bay ticks all my boxes. Give it a try and you'll love it too.
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Avinash Ramanathan - Burrp User

Avinash Ramanathan

August 14,2011


Azzuri Bay is one superb restaurant ! Great ambience and exemplary service.

With an Italian kitchen, a newly opened Asian kitchen along with an expansive menu to go with, I was definitely spoilt for choice! I started with a roasted chicken soup. There is a great view of the Bay of Bengal from the restaurant and their music is good too.

My second course consisted of Chicken dimsums and Fish Satay which were served with freshly prepared in-house sauces.They were a delight ! My main course was a Crusted Bassa served with lemon butter sauce. I also had the San Francisco Ice-tea which was pretty good. But the highlight of the meal was the Italian chocolate gelato. Made using a gelato maker brought right from the heart of Italy, It was to die for !

Their service is warm and friendly.The view is pretty amazing and I'm told that in the night its even better! Overall it was a fun filled Sunday afternoon !

Would I come again ? You can bet your Azzuri I would !
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Akshara Raju  - Burrp User

Akshara Raju

August 11,2011

Azzuri Bay!

An upscale fabulous high end Italian/Thai resturant in sleek sophisticated setting. Food is always shockingly delicious. No teeny portions here..Great for date night. The wood grilled entrees are beyond yummy and the pastas are definitely rib sticking.The dining experience at Azzuri was excellent. I strongly recommend the Thai tea, one of the best mocktails I've ever had!
The staff is incredibly friendly.A great place for a special occasion.A great meal in a trendy atmosphere.
All the very best!! Cheers.
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open4ideas - Burrp User


July 27,2011

Mouth-watering Italian Mediterranean & Thai

We have been regulars over the last few months and have become fans of Azzuri Bay for their fresh, tasty food and fabulous service. Kudoos to Chef Anand
(Cornucopia fame) for providing one of the finest Italian and Thai eateries in Chennai. The stewards remember your preferences from seating choice, chilled Qua and spice level in the orders...they go the extra mile with service and you feel like family when you are there.

It is to be noted that the Italian and Thai are two individual kitchens run by two chef teams. So you have flexibility of ordering Far East Asian or Italian food at the table.

The menu is exhaustive and covers food from the Italian and Mediterranean coasts. My personal favorites are the Cream of Broccoli soup, Prawn Chermoula, Hummus with pita, Baked Lamb Shank, Crusted Bassa, wood fired four cheese pizza.

The Thai menu highlights are Tom Kha soup, fish satay, Basil Tofu, Thai fried rice and the curries which are all very flavorful and authentic. I was also told the complete Far eastern menu will be offered by the end of this month.

Keep room for their deserts and Coffee. The Tiramisu and Pomegranate Panna cotta, Gelatos were on par to the NY delicatessens. It was nice to know that the coffee they serve is grown from their own plantation.

Chennai needs more places like Azzuri Bay and the best part is you don't have to go to a 5* hotel to eat a such meal. The food, ambiance, and service is unparalleled. Rock on Azzuri!
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MalluMan - Burrp User


July 11,2011

Marco Polo? Not quite

Azzuri Bay offers a strange combination of cuisines: Italian and Chinese. In an approximate ranking of cuisines by popularity, Chinese and Italian might rank 3rd and 4th after South and North Indian cuisines. But there really isn't anything that connects the two. Except for Marco Polo perhaps.

Azzuri Bay is located on Crescent park (1st street) in Gandhi Nagar, close to the Gandhi Nagar club. It is housed in a large old styled bungalow. The place is done up beautifully with statues of The Buddha donning the passageway.

We were lucky to get to sit in the rooftop. It was a weekend and the place did seem to attract lots of people. We had made reservations. The rooftop ambiance is wonderful. The lighting is near perfect. The music might need some refinement. I heard everything from heavy metal to indi-pop.

We tried both Italian and Chinese stuff. The quality of food does not match the ambiance. Both the zuppa and the pasta tasted of tomato not cooked enough.

The restaurant is fairly expensive. A meal for two could cost 1200 upwards. The service was very good with minimal delays.

Overall I would go there again just for the rooftop ambiance. But I hope the quality of the food improves.
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Raghasudha - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Disappointed, food okay, service bellow par

Disappointed, food okay, service bellow par .

The plate is a small side dish and the steak is tasteless if you eat it without the sauce.

After queuing for more than 40 mins, we were served by a rude waitress who just passed us the menu as she was waiting the other table!! Then we were just rushed through the courses.

My husband and I ordered 2 steaks, both at medium cooking. They bring it out and It was So tough and definitely NOT medium.

One part, I could not even chew if my life depended on it! The steak was about 1/2 inch thick (MAYBE) and it was not even close to a regular steak quality....more like a cheaper cut of meat.

They served it was a side salad, with ZERO dressing.

Desserts good .

But You can find a much better restaurant for cheaper, so not really worth it...
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Vijay V. - Burrp User

Vijay V.

May 26,2011

Great Service, Good Food, Good Ambience

Tamil Nadu's restriction on alcohol licenses is really unfortunate because Azzuri Bay craves for a good wine selection. That aside, my wife and I had a very satisfying dinner experience at this high quality, moderate cost restaurant.

For starters we ordered a plate of hummus & pita bread. While no match for Azulia's hummus, Azurri Bay sure serves a pretty good tasting plate of it. I ordered a Filet Beef Steak with a side of baked potato and a San Francisco Iced Tea to go with it. The chef nailed the pepper sauce to perfection and did a marvelous job with the marination and grilling of Indian beef. Indian beef requires a bit of extra work due to its tough nature and the tenderness with which it was served showed that the chef had indeed put extra effort into its marination. And god bless him for serving an authentic baked potato! It's a simple, simple dish, but strangely, no restaurant in Chennai has been able to get it right so far. Most don't even understand what real sour cream is supposed to taste like. This chef knows his cuisine and isn't merely trying to replicate recipes.

My San Francisco Iced Tea tasted wonderful with a subtle mix of blackberries. Recommended.

My wife ordered Thai noodles with a gravy on the side. She found the Asian food to be quite average.

Food aside, the service was absolutely splendid. To begin with, the restaurant was amply staffed, an area where most Chennai restaurants seem to think it's ok to cut costs in. Whenever we needed anything, there was someone to attend to us immediately. Even better was the fact that the waiters knew the menu well, could ask the right questions, and recommend if necessary what you might like. Cordial and well spoken, they certainly added to the pleasant atmosphere of Azurri Bay.

And to top it all off, dinner for the two of us cost around Rs. 1,400. Great deal for the ambience, the quality of food and the service. Recommended dining.
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matiazhagan - Burrp User


May 17,2011

good place

i went there with a frnd of mine ( not my gf :) ) . decent place they ve. honestly i was expecting some breathtaking views but i was a little disappointed. we moved to 3 different tables before settling for one.
we had the crackling spinach ( my fav from mainland china) , was awesome and we had their noodles and my frend had a soup .
it was a little pricey but i wont complain coz their service and taste was pretty decent.
might drop by. not too sure.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

May 04,2011

Loved the place!

Adyar and Besant Nagar are probably my favourite areas in the city as they bring back fond memories of my childhood. Was at Adyar the other day to decide on a location for my friend’s birthday when I set my eyes on Azzuri Bay. Situated right adjacent to Crimson Chakra, this is the latest addition to the CC family and looks serene and extremely beautiful.

Ambiance- You are welcomed at the entrance by a large white coloured sculpture of the Buddha whose outstretched palm serves as a fountain. It was a lovely afternoon when I was there and the water and the few trees around made me forget about the Chennai heat.

The interiors are equally charming. The restaurant has indoor seating on the second floor and seating on the terrace for dinners. Since we were there for lunch, we were seated indoors which was adorned with pretty little lamps here and there and paintings that you can admire. My friend says these are the same paintings that used to be at Crimson Chakra a while ago. Every table has an adjoining counter where all your dishes can be placed. Cramped table with your elbows hitting the dishes? Nah, that won’t happen here.

The terrace is stunning. The first thing you will notice is the magnificent statue of the Buddha. Yes, the owner seems quite into Buddhism. You get a fantastic view while you enjoy your food. However, this might be a bad idea during summer as our city is hot and humid even at night.

Yes, it was love at first sight for me.

Food- The menu features Thai, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.
We tried quite a few outstanding dishes. The Baked Prawn Soup was fantastic! It was creamy, spicy and whoa, the flavours just hit your palate like a burst of sunshine! The Chicken Alfredo which is usually bland and boring at other places, is filled with flavour here..simply delicious. My friends also tried the Lamb Moussaka which they liked. The Ginger Fried Rice when combined with the Chilly Beef proved to be a great meal too. I also liked my Lemon Iced Tea. Finally, a place that serves good iced tea- Hallelujah!

Service- I have to use the word outstanding again! Immediately after placing our order, we were brought in complimentary strawberry and watermelon popsicles. Great gesture, I thought especially considering how hot it is outside. When we needed water or food to be served, it was promptly done without us feeling conscious about a bunch of eyes focused on us during our meal. Even though we enjoyed a laid-back lunch and stayed back chatting beyond their closing time of 3 pm, not once did they make us feel like we should hurry up.

Damage done- Around Rs 2000 (for 4 people)

Verdict- I really really liked the place! Would love to go back again.
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Ankit  - Burrp User


May 02,2011

Excellent experience. Everything was good.

I was there on Sunday with a group of eight. Because we went there for lunch, could not be at roof top and occupied the area at second floor.

They serve Chinese and Italian. We opted for Italian. Starter, Main course and dessert, everything was delicious.

I like everything about this restaurant. Right from food to ambience to service to calm locality of the restaurant. I won't rate it very expensive. I believe rates are justifying themselves in accordance with the service and taste.

I'll surely go again there and will try to be there for dinner to take the feel of roof top restaurant which looks quite impressive. From me a big thump up for Azzuri Bay.

P.S. And yes, just to remind you I am a vegetarian so it is good place to be for vegetarians.
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scorpionking - Burrp User


March 31,2011

Adyar's Best

I have been staying in Adyar for the past one year and half. I always use to crib with my better half on the dearth of romantic eating options, when compared to places such as Nungambakkam, Alwarpet etc.

Finally, we have a place that fits the bill for a special night. The rooftop ambiance is top notch. Every table has a cute battery operated light, which gives a candle lit experience in the night. Next to every table, there are small tables, where the waiters would put the dishes, so big eaters, like me, need not worry about their table being overloaded with the dishes. Those small tables are something we normally would see in a 5 star restaurant.

Talking about the food, they serve mainly Italian and far east cuisines. Their menu list is extensive, and I found that to be a turn-off for a foodie like. I had to spend a good 20 minutes to decide on my food. To make matters worse, the waiters don't let you know that you have ordered a bit too much for two people. Maybe they assumed I had it in me, after all my size does the talking there.

We ordered for Japanese prawns, Pizza (thin crust), lasagna (baked) and a portion of Tom Yum soup.

The tom yum soup resembled the authentic thai version, as it had that peculiar smell, which we normally don't get in other Thai restaurants in town. I like the smell :). The Japanese prawns were too bland, and I did not feel any Japanese after eating it. Maybe, I'm not an expert in Japanese cuisine. The thin crust pizza was very good. The crust was crispy, the cheese was evenly spread around and the meat was well done. The thin crust pizza's are any day a healthier option, when compared to their American counter parts. What blew my taste buds was the creamy well baked Lasagna. Usually, the lasagna feels so dull after the first few bites. But this was special, I enjoyed every bite of it. The thick cheesy layer on the top, and the creamy layer in the middle made my night. Slurrrp..!!!

Overall, except for the prawns, the experience was fantastic. Along with the food, we had two soft drinks, and the total damages done was 1600. Would I go to Azzuri Bay again? Of course, Yes..!!!
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Rupalee1 - Burrp User


March 18,2011

Nice food. Good Ambience. Great Service

So I have been here once (Its close to Gandhinagar Club next to Crimson Chakra) and had wantons and a fish preparation and not to forget the complimentary chocolate gelato! Impressive ambience (especially the rooftop) but most importantly great service standards. I"m going there tonight and I hope its a pleasant evening again.
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Tamara67 - Burrp User


March 03,2011


Was at Azzuri bay over the weekend for dinner... It is situated on one of the quieter lanes of Gandhinagar above the Crimson Chakra restaurant. The view from Azzuri over the Adyar river is simply amazing and we were given the option of sitting on the open terrace or in the enclosed A/c area.
We were a little disappointed as only the Chinese menu was available and the Italian mediterranean had only the wood-fired Tuscan Pizzas and gelattos available . We skipped the soup and went straight to the starters . The double cooked chicken pepper strips and the aromatic dim sums were absolutely delicious. My daughter insisted on ordering an extra plate of dimsums. For the main course we had the Shangai rice noodles, kway teow along with fish wrapped in banana leaf and dragon chicken. We finished our meal with double chocolate gelattos which are the best I have ever had. The menu was exhaustive and I would certainly love to go back and try a few more dishes. I'm happy that that a wonderful place has come up in Adyar... Tara
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foodieboy85 - Burrp User


October 28,2012

thai food

Excellent Thai food- the double delight fish is a must try!
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