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upto the mark
one time you can try
Keep up the great cooking!
It is great to see your food cooked in front of yo
driveryama - Burrp User


January 10,2016

excellent Thai food but super expensive

excellent Thai food authentic flavors for Chennai but be prepared to bleed through your nose for the cost. one time you can try
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Mythreyi Chari - Burrp User

Mythreyi Chari

December 15,2013

Best Thai!

This is by far the best Thai restaurant in Chennai. I am a regular here (almost once a week). Must tries are: Raw mango or papaya salad, the chicken wrapped in some leaf, Minced chicken with basil and chili. I have been to many Thai place around the world, and this has to be one of the best. Keep up the great cooking!
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

August 31,2013

Dine Serenely!

Looking for a calm, quite, serene dine in? In the mood for some good Thai food? Benjarong will comfortably fit your bill.

On a Saturday, I just wanted to have some laid back conversation and good food. It was a long time since I went to Benjarong, so I decided that would be a great place to go.

As you enter the place, there is a good lobby where the staff inquire you on the no. of members and escort you to your table. The staff are elegantly dressed in their Asian clothes. The decor is very endearing. The lighting is perfect for a good laid back evening. Not too bright and not dark. "Romantically dim" if I may call the lighting that way.

We ordered their Signature vegetable spring rolls with glass noodles for appetizers. We informed the staff that we will place our order one by one as we were unsure how hungry we were that day. They understood well and their hospitality couldn't have been better.

The spring rolls arrived. It looked hot and clean which is surprising as most restaurants serve spring rolls with dripping oil. The spring roll wasn't greasy. It tasted good. If you are watching your weight, you needn't feel very guilty as the spring rolls were light and crisp.

Given my recent liking for salads, I chose their broccoli, mushroom and glass noodles salad. the salad arrived quickly. It looked very generous. If you are a vegetarian, you would love the variety. There were various kinds of lettuce, broccoli, baby corn,mushroom, glass noodles, spring onion, and the most interesting ingredient - cashews. Finding cashews in a salad is an absolute delight. The entire mix of vegetables kept me going. I didn't waste even a bit of the salad. It was so delicious.

For the main course, we ordered, Garlic and tomato flavored rice and steamed basa fish in lemon coriander sauce. The waiter informed that the fish would take 20 minutes. The rice arrived first and the fish followed immediately. The fish had a little pungent smell. But the fish was perfectly cooked. It was soft and the sauce was packed with mild flavors. It kept the fish going. The rice was good. Nothing to rave about. It accompanied the fish well. ;)
The only thing I wished for is; the fish to not stink that much. It was a little high than my tolerance level. But the taste was spot on.

All this cost us Rs 1500 odd.

Food - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
VFM - 3.5/5
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

June 24,2013

Dining In Style

An elaborate spread reflecting the true flavours from those regions and showcasing some of the interesting ingredients they use in the cooking. A journey that began with a beautiful deep violet orchid flower all the way to the Lemongrass ice cream, it was quite a treat, for the eyes, stomach and the soul.

While we waited for the rest of the group to arrive, the chef laid out the specialties on a table along with a traditional urn. Two gold runners running criss cross added the glitz to the wooden table. The walls adorned with simple art work, few of which were made of paper, resembling those used in the puppet shows, were all reflective of the strong culture of the region.

A tall glass of Wild orchid [a mocktail- blend of lychee, guava & orange] it was quite a refreshing drink. There were two menus, one vegetarian and the other non vegetarian. The only thing common were the salad and dessert.

Had Tohy tod namprik pow - Crispy fried mushrooms and bean curd[tofu] tossed with roasted chilli paste and thai sweet basil.- Quite light and filled with flavour, it gave us a sneak peek into what to expect.

Satay je- a mix veg satay on a skewer- pineapple, mushroom, bean curd and assorted peppers.

The salad was Yum hed hoo noo- cucumber, celery, carrot, and black fungus tossed with sesame seeds - it was very nice, and easy on the palate. The one salad that I have enjoyed in the past is the Raw papaya salad, which I recently made at home as well.

The veg soup was Gaeng Som phak- a sour and spicy soup with mix of vegetables along with lemongrass, galangal and other thai herbs. It hit right at the edge of the throat and was quite spicy and pungent as well. Needed a few glasses of water to get over it :)

Phew, I was stuffed. But wait, there is more. The beautiful thing about Thai cuisine is their use of various flavours and textures. The main course blew me away.

Phad woonsen phak- Glass noodles cooked with exotic vegetables- This was my favorite of the entire menu. The noodles had a lovely texture, and the chef told us they just had to be dunked in hot water for less than a minute and tossed in vegetables. It had brocolli, zucchini, capsicum, onion and spring onion as well.

Another dish that had me surprised was Makeow yang pahd namprik pow[i know, imagine trying to order this in a restaurant, i'd die of starvation before i get it right]- this is a grilled sesame aubergine tossed with roasted chilli paste & thai herbs.- The brinjal melted in our mouths, and it had a hint of sweetness to it. I also tried a small piece of the omlette, simple & fluffy, it went well with this dish.

As we sipped on lemongrass tea, the chef requested we try some Khao nung [Steamed rice] with Kaeng bamaa phak [ red curry with vegetables that had a bit of Burmese influence as well]- this was zero spicy, which the chef mentioned was because of the Burmese spices added to the red curry paste.

This menu sure is a burst of flavours. But from the time I walked in and saw the menu, the one dish I was dying to try was the dessert- lemongrass ice cream. Lo behold, out came a long plate with a bowl holding the ice cream and a sticky rice topped with Coconut custard [with a hint of cardamom flavour] The lemongrass ice cream was a delight, such a refreshing flavour. Teppan[upstairs] serves Wasabi ice cream, which is yet another unique dish that I am yet to see on another menu.

Before I bid the team at Benjarong goodbye, i was asked if i wanted to light a candle and let it float in the pond they had created? Of course, i jumped on it. Made a wish for myself and for the hotel, let it float and hope all dreams come true!!
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nav_sun - Burrp User


May 27,2013

Wonderful dining experience

We had gone to this restaurant yesterday and we had some yummy thai food, not to forget their awesome lemon grass tea - which made me yearn for more. We shall definitely visit this place again and try out more of their dishes. Yes, the food is a tad expensive but it is worth it. I liked almost all of the dishes that we had ordered. The coconut drink (I believe it is called the summer cooler) was wonderful.

Highly recommended place for dinning :)
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Fathima Shaw - Burrp User

Fathima Shaw

April 23,2013

Thai at its finest

One of the best places to have Thai food in Chennai. Food's a bit pricey, but definitely authentic!

We love their Tom Yum Goong soup and this really cool fried rice with a thin egg layer! Staff are pleasant, and the place is pretty kid-friendly.
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aarthys  - Burrp User


April 03,2013

FIne dining...

Went there for dinner with hubby, since I wanted to try thai curry with bamboo shoots. It is a neatly done up place with courteous waiters and managers. As soon as we ordered we were bought complimentary starters which is a delightful combo of thai spices with betel leaves. We are vegetarians, so we ordered thai red curry with thai sticky rice based on the waiter's recommendation. The food was really good. Curry had an awesome flavour of fresh turmeric, though I was disappointed with lack of bamboo shoots in the curry. Maybe I expected too much. Apart from that, it is a really nice fine dining experience if you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks!!
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Lovely Authentic Thai food!

Dinner with a friend and decided to visit Benjarong!

The ambience, décor and lighting is really good. Perfect setting for a meal. We were guided to our table and we ordered the chicken satay and the traditional jasmine rice with thai green curry!

The satay was yummy. Well cooked and on sticks with a peanutty dip to go with it. The combination was perfect and we gulped it down like we hadnt seen food for ages!

Time for the rice and curry. This was the cherry on the cake. The combination was just lovely. The curry was not overly spiced/flavoured. It was perfect to suit our palette. We finished it all and didnt leave a morsel to waste!

Unfortunately, didnt have space left for dessert and had to leave without having it.

The service is quick, prompt and they also help you out with the menu as the names are really funny and all of them sound exotic!

Will be back again. Easily, a 5/5.
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meghamookim - Burrp User


March 21,2013

lip-smacking panfried noodles

What a nice place! And the food is not so bad either.

My favorite here is the pan fried chicken noodles, something I've eaten in many places and have yet to find one that is as good as that served here. Just the right mix of spices and vegetables, not too hot and not too bland. The service is very nice, and it is a shame that they don't deliver!
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saumya187 - Burrp User


January 13,2013

Surprisingly consistent and authentic Thai food

We have been to Benjarong about 5-6 times in last one year. We are surprised how the chefs are able to dish out consistently brilliant food all the time. This is the place that has introduced us to, and made us fall in love with, all foods that are Thai. Be it galangal, bird's eye chilli, thai basil, pea aubergine.. and the list goes on. We are vegetarians and have never felt a lack of choice. Our favorite foods here are the Tom Yum soup, tod prik tai, red & green curries and a main-course dish comprising of aubergine and potatoes. So far nothing has disappointed us. The service is also top-class; with no request being too much for the staff. Add to these, the authentic Thai decor and music with sofly lit house-like ambience.
This is truly one of the places to go when you want your dinner to be just perfect.
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thor123 - Burrp User


November 25,2012

Chef's Table

I went to Benjarong as part of the Chef's Table organized by the lovely people at Burrp and Yes Bank. As a noob to Thai food, I don't really have a benchmark to judge the food here by. Anyhow, the experience at Benjarong was one of a kind. The most amazing thing I had that night was the Mein Khum platter (the chef, Ramkumar, frowns at calling it the 'paan platter', so don't). Also, unlike paan which is served at the end of a meal, the Mein Khum platter is served at the beginning. Apart from this, the pad thai was equally brillig. The one thing I'd definitely go back for, without any questions being asked, would be the lemongrass ice cream. It has this subtle flavour of lemongrass which just takes the entire meal to a whole new level. I'm glad I chose to come here for my Thai food initiation.
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Yuvaraj Arumugam - Burrp User

Yuvaraj Arumugam

November 19,2012

Good exp.

Went to this place with my wife for lunch, ambiance is excellent.
If you really know about thai food you can try different menu here. The tender coconut drink and the Crab was really good.
good place to be there with familiy. Little expensive though. For us the bill was some where around 1200Rs, for one starter & main course and 2 dishes and 1 dessert . The fried rice here is little different and could be shared by two.
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foodie2485 - Burrp User


November 16,2012


Benjarong, to me, is the best place in the city for authentic Thai cuisine. Everything about the place is awesome right from the "paan" which is served right in the beginning right down to the mouth watering desserts, and the unlimited jasmine tea. The corn patties here are to die for, the main course with the thai green curry, the veg version of phad thai, to the noodles and basil/lemongrass flavoured rice and thai herbs and spices is just amazing. The service is good too. This place absolutely rocks!
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Swaminathan  G - Burrp User

Swaminathan G

November 14,2012


This was in my list for a long time. Very right place for Authentic Thai food. The flavour of the food was excellent and the starter is impressive with many cups and leaf. The the ambience and the pictures are really good. worth trying to have a break from regular menu.
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Tara S - Burrp User

Tara S

November 10,2012

Best Thai Food in Chennai

I've been here a couple of times with family, and it blew me away completely the first few times. This is my go-to place if I have a Red curry and rice craving, not to mention the cute little complimentary appetizer (little leaves stuffed with chillies, coconut, peanuts, sweet sauce, ginger and lime chunks - SO MUCH FUN!) and a dessert to end a heavenly and satisfying Asian meal.

Ambience and service is good, and I can't wait to sample Thai
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

wow! like, WOW!!!!!

so my aunt and uncle along with her parents and kids arrived from london! and we planned a night out. to start off with we didnt know where to go and then we went on to burrp and searched for thai restaurants. we saw benjarong and it was close to home, so the 10 of us decided to go here, not so sure what to expect!

we made a reservation and walked in to a courteous smile. lovely atmosphere with nice music. a special mention for the various statues in it and the lighting which is awesome! all of us noticed it!!! :)

coming to the food. we started off with something like a thai version of a make it yourself paan!!! this is basically spinach leaves which u roll it up and fill it with little bits of the accompaniments which are onion, peanuts, tiny bits of lemon rind, roasted coconut, finely chopped chillies and topped off with a bit of plum sauce. and when you put it in your mouth its just a burst of flavours!!!! loved it!!!!

coming to d starters, ordered a chicken satay, prawn satay, spring rolls, a raw mango salad and raw papaya salad. the satays and spring rolls came with yummy sauces as accompaniments!!! the satays were really yummy. very tender meat used. and spring rolls were just perfect!!!

the salads were super fresh. couldnt get any fresher than that!!! lovely stuff!

we had a tom yum clear soup which, again, was yummy! the flavours were so strong and awesome it literally clears all your nasal passages!!! just too good!!!

for the mains we ordered jasmine rice with thai green curry. that curry was to die for!!!! the flavours were so pronounced that we lapped it all up!!!

coming to the desserts, we ordered a fried ice cream, apple tart tatin and chocolate mousse. the fried ice cream was definitely something different and as we realised by now, high on taste!!! the chocolate mousse was awesomely chocolatey. the apple tart tatin which came with a scoop of ice cream was really nice. very nicepastry with a tasty filling of apples inside!!!

the service was spot on with minute detail to attention. definitely 5/5

the ambience was perfect. another 5/5

and the food. without a doubt it was 5/5

a must visit for anyone who is a fan of thai food. i would also go to the extent of calling it the best thai food ive had ever!!! :) :) :)
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sancupid6 - Burrp User


November 08,2012

Yummy yum yum

i so wanted to try this place and finally i did :) the staffs were very kind in welcoming and in servicing the customers. They welcomed us with plate with ginger,lemon,peanuts,green chilli and sweet sauce with a leaf and we are supposed to eat it all rolled inside the leaf and it was awesome. next was the soup we wanted something spicy and we got it spicy starter again awesome... phew i get no other word other than awesome when i think of benjarong .Just one worry tho music on background needs change no that im complaining...
Overall Benjarong = Awesome
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foodieboy85 - Burrp User


October 28,2012

thai turned indian

Not upto the mark. I expected more from them. Expensive snd not authentic as it is very Indianized.
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eSanjay - Burrp User


May 20,2012

My favorite restaurant in chennai.

I like thai cuisine and Benjarong makes excellent thai food.

The food isn't too spicy or sweet. Authentic thai cuisine.

Try the corn baskets, red thai curry, pandan chicken and glass noodle chicken soup.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your review and your rating. It gives us great pleasure to know that you have had a satisfactory experience. We look forward to serving you time and again.

Warm regards,
Narendra Malhotra
Oriental Cuisines

srinivast - Burrp User


May 20,2012

Fine dine Thai Culinary experience

THE finest Thai restaurant in the town, by far, on any count....quaint little joint in cozy little corner on the posh Alwarpet area; inviting interiors, warm ambiance, genuinely interested serving staff, professional service and lo...the delectable fare that lingers longer than anticipated ....
Just superb....would like to visit once again...
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Deepak Chander - Burrp User

Deepak Chander

April 24,2012

Authentic Thai cuisine at its best

Through burrp! I came to know of the Songkran Festival at Benjarong which is a special menu for a limited period at one of the few authentic Thai food restaurants in the city of Chennai. As I am a crazy seafood fan and a fan of Thai food as well, I was kicked about trying out this special menu.

Wanted to try the place on a weekday for dinner when there won't be a rush and chose a Monday evening. As soon as we entered we were extended a warm welcome by the manager and were seated in a secluded area with just two tables. The restaurant is like a house with rooms where you can have pretty much only two or three tables in a room. Great if you want to bring your extended family over. The lighting is just perfect and the tables aren't too close to each other. The table setting is neat and cleanliness was spic and span. Even if the restaurant was crowded, the ambiance won't make you feel it.

I wanted to talk to the chef since this was a special menu and I wanted to tell him what I like and let him suggest the perfect dishes for me to try out. I said I love seafood and preferably wouldn't like to try any deep fried or crispy fried items (as they call it). Meanwhile the traditional Thai meal beginner landed on the table. It looks like a betel leaf (which is actually a spinach leaf) which you roll with peanuts, onions, ginger, green chilly, lime, etc.

We started with the soup called Tom Som (seafood). Its a Thai clear soup with lemongrass, galangal and tamarind juice along with prawn and squid. The prawn was of a decent size and well done. The squid was very soft and easy to chew which impressed me. This soup is similar to the Chinese Tom Yum soup but you'll know the difference as soon as you taste this.

Then came the salad (again seafood) called Larb Pla Duk. It is basically grilled catfish with a spicy and tangy dressing, fresh mint leaves topped off with Thai fish sauce. Loved the fresh mint taste which was evenly spread out. The catfish was cooked to perfection and was easy to chew as well.

Time for the appetizers dominated by seafood again. Benjarong's signature dish which is chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves has been modified for this special menu as Basa fish wrapped in pandanus leaves. Literally melts in the mouth. You would be left wanting more and more. It was called Pla Hor Baitaey. Our prawn dish was Goong Yang Phakchi Lae Prik which was Prawn on a satay stick marinated with coriander and chillies. It was crispy and different though I would've liked it more if the tail didn't have the burnt taste. We tried the Lah Thiang as well which the chef said was an authentic Thai dish unchanged. It was a prawn-chicken mix in an egg net. Was very different though there wasn't much standing out in the flavor.

After a wholesome range of appetizers, we wanted to go light on the main course. Talay Pahd Cha (stir fried sea food with tender peppercorns (green pepper) in red curry paste), Gae Pahd Baigraprou (stir fried minced lamb with carrots, long beans and holy basil sauce) and Mee Kati (Rice vermicelli with coconut milk and yellow bean sauce) was ordered. The seafood dish was our favorite as usual and could be had with jasmine rice. I guess its the Thai sticky rice. The minced lamb was well done just the way I like it as I don't like the rubbery stuff. The carrot mutton combination is something I have never had and honestly it was a good attempt.

Finally the dessert. They had only 3 items on the special menu for dessert. I wanted to try the Kaffir Lime Ice cream, my better half wanted to try the usual Thai traditional water chestnut dessert. The Kaffir Lime Ice cream was very different and tasted like the juice they had added in my Tom Som soup albeit this one was frozen. :) This dessert was a nice way to have that Thai lemon juice taste lingering in your tongue for a while.

Last but not the least, a mention about the staff there. The staff are all well informed. Whoever I asked about whatever was served, knew and explained the dish and how it was made. This is becoming a rarity in many restaurants nowadays and kudos to the team who trains them. The festival is only till April 29th. Everything on the menu is a must try. Hit Benjarong as soon as you can as most of these items will not be incorporated in their regular menu I am told. Bon appetit!
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Anna H - Burrp User

Anna H

March 27,2012

Tappan good but expensive

The jappanese restaurante is really good but very expensive.
You may go there one time because the man cooks in front of you makes a show and it is very good to see.
But for me, sushis was too expensive.
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Madanchander - Burrp User


March 05,2012


The food was good and service was explicable. My only issue was (as is with most other THAI restaurants) that their version of THAI food was very Indian-ized rather than Thai. But they are one of the closest I've had to original Thai taste. A little pricy for the quality. Their spicy thai fried rice and veg spring rolls would be my recommendation. If your a Thai food enthusiast and dont mind the price, this is as close as you are gonna get to Thai food in Chennai.
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avwolv88 - Burrp User


February 27,2012

Teppan by Benjarong (the Japanese upstairs)

- Great Sushi: Fresh fish and no overbearing flavours.
- Tepanyaki with excellent imported meats, great flavours, cooked to order. Maybe not all the elaborate tricks by the chef, but still enough entertainment.
- An interesting desert counter which has a good selection and a chef who greets you and produces some pretty amazing card tricks while you enjoy.
- An excellent price for Japanese food. You don't get Japanese in India easily and the places in Bombay are horrendously expensive. For a roll of sushi shared, a full tepanyaki meal with 2 meats, rice, noodles, and desert was roughly 2000 / person
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Richa G - Burrp User

Richa G

February 15,2012

Veggies can love Japan too!

We chose this place for our New year eve's dinner, with a slight bit of apprehension whether this place would justify our decision by being fair to our vegetarian palette. It exceeded our expectations by a mile! Not only was there ample variety of veg dishes on the menu, the food was really tasty too.
There a choice of selected menu where you get a soup, a salad, a starter, main course and a dessert or you could order a la carte. The veg sushi, listed on the menu as Maki (i think so) is a must try. it is served with a Wasabi spread (which very deceivingly looks like the green chutney we usually have) which has the power of 10 chillies in a pinch. Be very careful of how much do you put in your mouth.
You can chose to sit at a normal table or at the griddle where the chef will cook the food in front of you, along with some tricks and antics. The noodles cooked on the griddle and served to us were extremely tasty.
The staff was courteous, cooperative and addressed our questions on the menu with interest. There was a slight mix up with our order which they resolved without making any fuss.
My only complaint with this place was the size of the portions served. They serve bird sized portions - extremely small. This place is on the expensive side and I would go here more often if I got a little more out of my money than is currently on offer.
But full marks to them for getting the taste right and making it possible for veggies to experience Japanese cuisine.
Veggies - This place is a must try - but given the cost, may be save it for a special occasion
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Jayalakshmi Balraj - Burrp User

Jayalakshmi Balraj

January 26,2012

Lovely Dining experience

It is great to see your food cooked in front of you. It was my first exposure to Teppanaki food. Loved the satay, grilled veges, fried rice, sushi and surprisingly sashimi! Chef Akhil made a heart with arrow using eggs and it was so entertaining to watch. Go to Teppan....It's not just about good food...it's about experience.
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liavas - Burrp User


October 07,2011


the best Thai food you can get in Chennai.... not just that, the peaceful ambience and the service help you to enjoy your dinner.... a good place for a special rich dinner !!
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Chikku  - Burrp User


September 13,2011

Thai food can never go wrong...

I just love Thai food...yummm..& Benjarong did not disappoint me at all. My favourite tom yam soup was great. Overall enjoyed the food though it was alittle pricey...
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Santhosh Sundaram - Burrp User

Santhosh Sundaram

September 02,2011

Tastefully Exquisite...

The service was great but that's synonymous of any of Oriental Cuisines' restaurants. The food on the other hand was on another platform, an excellent chef (Chef. June), great preparation, and food that would put even Benjarong to shame... It's a definite must for anyone who is either a little adventurous or even a bit of a foodie. Loved it.
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aninsomniac - Burrp User


August 07,2011

Delicious food and Courteous people

Benjarong serves very tasty Indian Thai food but what makes this place one of my favorites is the service.

The manager at the reception is always extremely welcoming and the servers who have attended us on multiple occasions have always been extremely friendly and helpful.

Mein Khum is always a hit. We ordered roasted broccoli in apricot sauce, which was a tad too sweet, but tasty nonetheless. The thai iced tea was too diluted; it needs more evaporated/condensed milk. The tomato+garlic rice was a very Indianized Thai fried rice. The potato in garlic sauce was delicious and not very thai either. However, their Massaman curry was fantastic. It was aromatic with just the right amount of sweetness and savoury flavor.

The desserts are unique and flavorful. I forget the name of one of the desserts, but it had mock pomegranate seeds in a coconut pudding - it's something I've never tasted before, which is always a delight. The coconut custard with coconut ice cream was unexpectedly delicious because I am not a fan of coconut; the custard made that dish - it was creamy and exquisite.

TL;DR: Great food, even better service. Be adventurous with your choices and you won't be disappointed.
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Eateratti - Burrp User


July 11,2011

Eateratti: Completely worth it

During my stay in Chennai, my friend took me to this Thai joint one evening post work and here is where I landed up having the best 'Indian' Thai food. A simple and extremely classy place, with wood that decor renders a very warm and cozy feeling. The main attraction I found in this place is the complementary starter called Mein Khum hopefully have got the name right whose idea is to warm up and activate all your taste buds to relish the food that will follow. Check out http://eateratti.blogspot.com/2011/07/benjarong-ttk-road-chennai.html
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smithluv - Burrp User


July 03,2011

Food is good, the restaurant is not well designed

I went to this restaurant last night. The set menu for Teppanyaki was decent. The food tasted very good. However, I was a little disappointed with the show. When I asked the chef if he could do the onion volcano or any other flame tricks, he said that the exhaust has been installed in the side instead of the top. Due to this, if he made any flame tricks, the fire would be sucked in by the exhaust and also it could be risky. Also, there was limited space for him to stand, so he couldn't do many of the juggling acts.

I went for the sushi festival. The menu was not very impressive. There were limited choices and were very very expensive. 3 pieces (not a roll, just 3 pieces) of eel sushi was priced at Rs. 990. That made me wish I was in still living in Tulsa, where $15 bought me a quality sushi buffet.

The dessert choices were also limited. I was hoping to get something better than what was in display.

Overall, I think it would be a fun experience if you have never been to a teppanyaki grill before. However, if you have seen good teppanyaki shows with all the fire tricks, I suggest you go somewhere else.
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Kumar Velu - Burrp User

Kumar Velu

June 27,2011

Good Service & Good Food

The service was incredible, The ambience was too good. if you reserve you get more private place. Nice place to have a get together (family/friends).
The food was good but not upto the authentic taste of Thai, some food they add more spices it reduces the taste of the food like galangal/ Kafir leaves, Lemon Grass/ lemon juices it dominates.....
Overall good place to have Thai food instead of spending money on flying to thai ;)
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Tinkerbell7 - Burrp User


June 23,2011


Amazing place and people. Loved the warm friendly service and interaction during the meal. Awesome awesome food. Nothing less than 5 stars!
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robotist - Burrp User


May 15,2011

Great Thai Food.

Very good service. The waiters were helpful in selecting Thai dishes.

Deep-fried Chicken wrapped in Pandana leaves was a novel appetizer to start with. Taking out the chicken from the wrapped leaves was a bit of fun.

Butter fish was unique. It was so soft and didn't taste like fish at all. Waiter mentioned this fish was imported from Vietnam. Seriously worth a try.

Jungle Fried Rice with prawns as the main course was fulfilling. Finally, fried ice cream that came wrapped in a coconut paste was surprisingly good.

Overall, a great place with good ambience to enjoy Thai food.
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Mohan Natarajan - Burrp User

Mohan Natarajan

May 03,2011

Good food

Excellent food!! Defintely worth a visit.
Visited Teppen on Saturday for lunch with my collegues. We have chosen the course meal (Veg, Chicken and Seafood) and everyone was happy with whatever was served. The dessert was excellent (part fo the course meal). The sushi was very good as well (additional order).
I would recommend to anyone willing to pay little more for a healthy and tasty food. Make sure you also plan for sufficient time (at least 2+hours)...
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mdsudan - Burrp User


April 08,2011

Good food, but no entertainment

First the Food was good, the deserts excellent, but the entertainment at the teppan was missing/wanting... all the vegetables came pre-cut to the table, the cook put them on the tepan and just cooked them. Though there was 5 of us in the table, we all got the same thing - my experience in other places have been different.
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CarolineIndia - Burrp User


March 21,2011

Best Thai restaurant in Chennai

To me the best Thai restaurant in Chennai. The atmosphere is relaxing, the service is good and the food is amazing !
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Deepshika  - Burrp User


February 13,2011

Good Food

Have been wanting to try out this place ever since i saw it but i am kind of inexperienced in Thai food and so didnt wanna take a chance, but once i was there, the staff made us feel very comfortable and they guide u with the ordering quite well. very helpful and friendly staff, i must say. was really impressed by their fast and efficient service.
And the food was excellent too. Though we didnt have much, each n every dish was unique n yummy. and also their selection of drinks is good too. i had a tender coconut wid honey n mint served in an actual coconut. it was yumm.. I strongly believe every one should try their "Gai Hor Baitey", its a chicken starter. i personally loved it.
overall definetly worth going and checking it out. i would love to go back there again.
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babs_70 - Burrp User


December 28,2010

More etiquettes

While hosting a birthday treat or an anniversary treat no support was arranged from the house. Not even a small bouquets or piece of cake , even after informing earlier , were ready to pay for the same , was atrociously denied down by the manager. Any additional things like this will add more customer loyalty along with the good food and ambience provided by the restaurant management.
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endofdarkness - Burrp User


November 28,2010

Authentic thai cuisine

A quick rating for your benefit:

The Staff: 4/5

The Food: 5/5

The Ambiance: 4/5

The Prices: 3/5

If it's Thai cuisine you are after, Benjarong should definitely be on top of your list.
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foodpsycho1 - Burrp User


November 16,2010

Tantalisingly Teppan

It was the middle of the week and a slow day at work. My colleagues suggested that we try out a new eating place and someone said Teppan at the Benjarong.

My first thought; "Why is Japanese cuisine being served at a place that sounds Thai?"

We headed out anyway and since Benjarong is something of a landmark on TTK road.
Our entry to the premises was the only confusing aspect of the whole experience. We were welcomed to Benjarong and for an instant we thought we were mistaken. But then on asking for Teppan we were told that it was a separate section upstairs.

I am a huge foodie and pride myself in experimenting with different types of cuisines. That being said, my knowledge of teppanyaki is scarce at best and trust me when I say, I was NOT prepared for the spectacular show that lay ahead. It started off with the chef who was preparing our starters. He explained how he seasoned the skillet. While waiting for the station to get hot we got to see some nifty card tricks. All good so far. The real show started with the second course onwards. Eggs balanced on spatula edges, vessels flipped, food tossed and all the fancy hand work that one expects or if a first timer, actually surprises.

We started with a round of mocktails which acted as great aperitifs. My ginger-based mocktail acted as palate cleanser for the predominantly chicken dishes that I was having...the scrumptious chicken teriyaki starter being the highlight. What followed was a tenderloin in wasabi butter and succulent chicken breasts, which were cooked just right with the sake blending in delicately with the herbs. The chef even tossed a piece into my mouth from across the plate as a tester! Abhinav Bindra in the making perhaps?

While Teppan does exquisitely well on meat and seafood, one would but naturally think that Japanese cuisine has nothing to offer for the vegetarians. But I would urge you to think again. Because my herbivorous compadres absolutely loved what was served to them. Heck, even a chicken aficionado like me fell in love with the avocado and tempura maki rolls.

Sufficiently stuffed, we just about thought that the end was near when the deal was sweetened at the end, quite literally at that. The sugar bar is by far one of the best I have seen and I have seen quite a few. I am a hardcore dessert freak. I eat less so I can have desserts and I absolutely loved what was on offer here. Chocolates and more chocolates; mint flavoured, white and dark; beautiful pastries that just melted away to nothing leaving only the exquisite flavour, cream and jelly shooters, wafer goodies. Yumm!

Simply put, Teppan is one of those places where you go when you have time to savour your meal, enjoy the ambience and watch some exquisite artistry. Highly recommended!
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Jackie  - Burrp User


October 31,2010

who dosent like thai food?

Benjarong.... one of the few thai places out here in Chennai... the other popular one is Lotus @ the Park Hotel.

Dining Experience: the ambience is is nice... it seems like a house converted into a restaurant.. The staff as always is polite and courteous... Once seated they start you off with a complimentary appetizer which really is nothing more than some peanuts, lime, onions and chilli accompanied by some lettuce.. its an interesting dish...

Fav Dishes: i always judge a thai place by their pad thai... and i must say.. their chicken pad thai is delicious... also there coconut soup is fantastic...

Overall Rating: Would i come back here again? Sure.. The down side is that there is no alcohol :(
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thin_guy - Burrp User


October 10,2010

amazing thai food

Have been to this place twice and the foods here is amazing. The ambience is good and the whole experience is pretty awesome. And true to the reviews, dont miss the the fried icecream, its really good
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drgts - Burrp User


September 17,2010

Good. Could be better.

As with all Oriental Cuisine group hotels (think of Ente Keralam, Kokum, Cream Centre et al) this one has all the 'ingredients' of a winner.

Friendly and helpful staff.

Quick and streamlined service.

Pleasant decor and air-conditioning.

How can anyone go wrong with Thai food!

The grilled fish was fantastic! Green curry was not bad. Could've been better.

Gripe: The seating is much too close for my preference. Its like they want to cram in more seats.

Would I go there? Yes, but before going I might want to chew lemon, peanuts, shallots, toasted coconut, ginger, dried shrimps in Miang sauce wrapped in betel leaves.

Child friendly. (As in they have the high stools for the kids.)
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foodpsycho1 - Burrp User


July 26,2010

Best Thai ever!

They say that all girl children are the apple of their daddy’s eye and all guys are mamma’s boys. In my case though, it is exactly the opposite. I’m my mother’s daughter and can safely say that whatever I am today - good, bad, ugly, the credit/discredit should go directly to her. My mother was a rebel in college and organized one morcha after the other; I spent a majority of my time outside class, playing marbles with the watchman and protesting parking ticket fee hike.

While my dad and brother would much prefer their ubiquitous north Indian, south Indian, East Indian (basically all things Indian) cuisine, mom and I are the experimental foodies in the family. So when Benjarong opened ten years back on TTK road, about two streets away from my house, the radar immediately went up. Off we trudged, cheerily, my mother and I, to discover the ‘Lingering taste of Thailand.’ There has been no looking back since.

I fell in love with the delicate, fiery, subtle, spicy and sensual experience that Benjarong embodies to me and can say with full gusto that it is a love affair that has continued over a decade; perhaps my most long-lasting one. I always try, and fail miserably every time when I try to point out that one special feature that makes this Thai restaurant a magical experience for me.

Maybe it’s the décor…nah can’t be; sure it is nice, but that’s not what lends this place the midas touch. I could argue that it is possibly the amazing staff that makes you feel like you belong, but then again, no place survived on good service alone right?

Benjarong to me is special because it is unpretentious. It is simple, plain, sometimes rustic even when it comes to the food, but I guarantee you one thing – the chefs here do no cook because they have to, they cook because they want to; because if they if they did not serve you that perfect thick, creamy red curry with succulent pink prawns, or a bowl of glistening stir-fried greens just right, they would not be able to forgive themselves. The passion shows, the loves overpowers that.

So when I came to know that Benjarong had completed ten long years in the fine-dine business, my mother and I set off to be part of the celebrations, this time with me at the wheel (I was 15 then so I did not have a driving license) and promised to relive our first meal, only this time, we swore that it would be chopsticks all the way.

Did we use chopsticks? No. Did we eat the same meal that we have ten years back? No. But what we did have was some of the best, if the not the best Thai cuisine ever, with the stewards egging us on to try some new dishes on the menu. Well, there may be additions and a few subtractions from the menu, but like my mom said, “The heart and soul that goes into the food still remains the same.” And who am I to disagree? After all, ‘Thai’ (read: mother in Tamil) knows best right?
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April 15,2010

Thai Food at its best

Well, my first trip to Benjarong dates back several years ago when it had just opened. Suggested by a colleague and inspired to trying a new cuisine, went for a dinner and came back with a happy tummy. Fast forward, my trip trip to Thailand where I got a chance to taste authentic Thai food. What an experience it was. Ok, now back to Benjarong, authentic Thai food is more spicy and more pungent than what you get in Benjarong and yes I would agree with most other reviewers that here in Benjarong the food has been tweaked to the local taste and they have done it well. My recent visits just prove that. While the Thai flavor is retained, the spice and pungent factors are toned down. I would say the Thai Green Curry served here is awesome and with the ambience and service they have tried to re-create (quiet successfully) the Authentic Thai experience. I would rate their Thai Green Curry and the Chicken grill wrapped in Pandanus leaves as the best and something that comes close to what you get in Bangkok and because of that I give them 5 stars. Go there if you are (in Chennai) not visiting Thailand in the near future. And if you are in Bangalore and need some authentic Thai Green Curry, a must visit is Mugen (in 100 feet road Bangalore). My quest for the Authentic Thai Green Curry continues...
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kpayal69 - Burrp User


January 15,2010

Good Food , Very expensive.

Well, this place was suggested to me by my friends as i would like to visit new restaurants and frequent the one's which m very fond of. The ambience was good and the food was good too.( first time i tried thai food). the service was good and two things that discourage me from visiting this place frequently would be the expensive pricing and not much of choice for a pure vegetarian like me. Neverthless, recommend this place to be tried once, like I did.
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Sunnysideup - Burrp User


December 14,2009

Authentic - No; Tasty - Yes

Easily the best "Thai" in Chennai, though not exactly authentic. The dishes have been "engineered" to suit the local palate while trying to retain the Thai roots - and I would say they have succeeded handsomely. I have been here many times and have never been disappointed. Slightly pricey, so I cannot visit as often as I would like, but worth every paise.

Service is impeccable and friendly, and the captains have enough knowledge of the cuisine on offer to guide you in your menu choices - very useful since most of us wouldn't understand the menu anyway! :)

My only grouse would be the lack of maintenance - this obviously up-market restaurant is let down by peeling paint, damp walls, filthy cushions and old dilapidated furniture. Management take note, please?
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Nishajayaraman - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Best Thai Food

I have been to Benjarong couple of times as it is just five min walk from my office. But each time its not the same boring place that we cry over or the boring food.
The ambiance of the hotel is really impressive and the waiters are at their best. They do a great help in making us to select food that we want to try out.
Most of the food that i have tried out so far is simply superb and there is no words to describe the yummy taste. They serve this Thai tea during the beginning of the meal and almost everything that they do and serve has a authetentic Thai taste in it.
For the people who want to try the real Thai food, this is the place to be in.
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Roopak Venkatakrishnan - Burrp User

cocnuts alone don't make authentic thai

I walked into this place expecting to taste real thai food once again...

I was in for a real disappointment..
This place has nothing worth mentioning other than an amazing ambience which you pay for through your nose...

Apparently to them thai food is acheived by adding coconut to everything they can cook...

After having had original thai food this place left me hungry and dry...

I jus had to walk into fruitshop to make sure my tastebuds didn't die...
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Shubhamay Banerjee - Burrp User

Shubhamay Banerjee

June 21,2009

Better than expected

The reservation process over the phone was smooth (what a relief from Zara) ...and when we entered the restaurant, we found that it is not structured in a typical fashion...its more of a house-converted to a restaurant (similar to Pure)..
All the dishes in the menu looked scrumptious, and our grumpy waiter gave us ample time to select them...
I recommend the (fish) Chochee - never had better fish before..I ended up over-eating in the end..
The fried-Ice cream too were a delight, as promised by others...It was a costly affair, but well-deserved i think...do try it out once!
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Foodie Cayenne - Burrp User

Foodie Cayenne

May 07,2009

Best Thai Food in Chennai

Most foodies may say that Benjarong is not an authentic Thai Restaurant but they just don’t accept the fact that Indians can’t adjust their taste buds to the original thai and Chinese spices. Not many people know that authentic Thai and Chinese is half cooked and the meat is also half baked. The Indianised Thai food at Benjarong is the best in town.

To begin with the soups and appetizers, the tom yum soup is the best. The chicken broth with the right spices, the fresh slices of tomato and the coconut paste is perfect. The chicken and prawn satay are delicious. It has the right quantity of thai chilli paste and it is grilled to perfection. The chicken wrapped in Pandanus Leaves is excellent. It is served in a honey and orange peel dip which elevates the taste of the baked chicken. This is a total relief to the regular chicken in a batter deep fried. The crispy corn kernels are also worth trying. The seafood platter is beyond words.

The thai curry is made in three different curries – Green, Red and Yellow. They are made with vegetables as well as meat. It goes best with steamed rice. The fried potatoes in thai curry is very good and goes well with the spicy soft noodles with shallots and spinach. The tofu and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce is amazing. The sweet flavour is a nice twist in the menu. The Lemon grass tea is delicious and accompanies the food very well.

The best desserts are banana fritters with coconut ice cream, coconut and pumpkin custard with coconut ice cream and the very popular choice fried ice cream. The food is a little on the expensive side but worth it.
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shanky1 - Burrp User


April 25,2009

Good but not authentic

This neighbourhood joint has been a regular for me and wife, and a reliable place to take guests to for a foreign-but-familiar meal. From my experience, Benjarong is just a little more exotic than the regular Ch-Indian joints, but not too 'authentic' to disappoint people with more Indian taste-buds. The food is fairly varied and quality is a tad inconsistent. The Tom Kha soup, Chicken in Pandanus leaves and sticky rice are favorites. The chicken satay, pad thai and the thai curries with white rice are also safe bets. The soft-shelled crab and Tamarind Prawns are pretty good too, though they tend to come out pretty oily and are over-priced to boot.
Prices vary but most items are reasonably priced, and a meal for 2 can vary from Rs.600 to Rs.2000 depending on what you have. I realized after a few visits that they (quietly) add a service charge to your bill, so tipping is not obligatory.
Overall, a good joint for a reliable, indo-thai meal. For a more authentic (and more expensive) experience, go to Lotus at the Park.
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Senthilnathan Annamalai - Burrp User

Senthilnathan Annamalai

February 06,2009


Best Thai Food...

Environment: Great!! (Looks like Modified a House..but still great)
Food : Excellent
Service: Great
Cost: Expensive (But, its worth for the food they serve)

Don not miss the Thai Pan the give before you are taking the food..
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shrirambr - Burrp User


January 29,2009

Best Thai Food

An amazing Thai food restaurant which tickles your taste buds. Great Food, Ambience and Service make this a definite place to eat.

While food quality dipped a bit a year back, it is now just as good as ever. Try the pineapple rice if you are a vegetarian and the prawns if you are a non vegetarian. Food portions are quite substantial. The desserts are a definite plus for this place though the dessert serving portions are quite less.

Must Go!
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fabwrite - Burrp User


January 07,2009

Authentic Thai? Not really!

If you've never been to Thailand, Benjarong could impress you, no doubt! Nice cozy ambience and an exotic menu, but the food is not quite as authentic as the one served at Bangkok's swanky restaurants and night markets.
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mshruthi - Burrp User


November 07,2008

Fried wah!?

That's right, fried ice cream! That's my number one reason for coming here.
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tastemaster - Burrp User


September 30,2008

The Thai Experience

Here’s my chronicle of a visit to Benjarong, Chennai’s best Thai restaurant. It took a considerable walk for Us to reach the place from near Woodlands Drive-In where we disembarked. But the experience more than made up for it.

We were greeted at the door by the Maitre’D who checked the register for our reservation. A pretty oriental lady sat facing the door on a low stool carving vegetables.( We got her to pose for a picture in the end).

We were led to our table and soon we were served mein kam, which are, i believe, starters. We have to wrap an assortment of ingredients including dried prawns, peanuts, green chillies, chopped ginger & onions and a sauce ,that i believe was made from dates, in a leaf (resembles betel leaves in shape, but tastes different). This mouthful is the way to start a meal the Thai way, so we learnt.

We had considerable difficulty in deciphering the menu, considering that most of it was written in Thai. The English descriptions were helpful, but the size of the menu had us frustrated and finally we rushed into an order.

The perusal of the menu taught us that gai meant chicken, and goong meant prawn.
We settled for Tom Yam soup (gai flavour), the in-house speciality, chicken wrapped in pandana leaves, (gai hor baitey), and a goong flavoured rice(khao phad gratiem).

The soup had a distinct lemony flavour but the boiled chicken pieces in it tasted bland. I swear by the chicken wrapped in pandana leaves (I really don’t speak Thai!). It was accompanied by sweet chilli sauce and was heavenly. The rice, though labeled very pungent on the menu, didn’t live up to expectations.

Lemon Grass Tea was served during the main course, but it turned out to be just hot lemonade without salt or sugar.

For dessert, we ordered Banana Pancakes with Coconut Icecream. The icecream i figure, was made from the white flesh found inside tender coconuts. The banana in the pancakes had been deep fried.

On the whole, a trip to Benjarong is a wonderful experience. The service is excellent & the ambience even more so. The restaurant is tastefully furnished with silver figurines in display cases. The waiters are smartly dressed and are willing to explain what we can expect from each dish. The prices are a bit on the steep side though. Its perfect for executives who want to impress clients, but the middle class should be cautious here & order with care.

I must admit that my first brush with Thai food (Taj Malabar, Kochi, over 5 years ago) hadn’t impressed me all that much and only several rave reviews led me to try it out again. But with Benjarong behind me now, its a case of Once bitten, twice smitten.

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Sathya N - Burrp User

Sathya N

September 17,2008

Great Thai

Awesome Thai food. Definitely one of the best places in Chennai.

Prepare to give your palate a very different taste. I have been very happy with the food every time I have eaten at Benjarong.

The waiters are not very knowledgeable but good ambiance compensates for it. Also, I have not seen too many changes in their menu (which can keep things interesting) , but the food remains good nonetheless.
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Baidik Sarkar - Burrp User

Baidik Sarkar

August 07,2008

Between average and good

The word exotic conjures metaphors of mystique, so does Thailand and so does Benjarong. The place housing this fine eatery has a very uncluttered look to it and makes it look snug and old world. You enter and are met by a round blazer toting file noting concierge, who keeping in mind mystique doesn’t quite give you an elaborate smile, just a gentle nod of the head, knowing that by now most of them who drop into this place are already in awe of the substance they heat up. So what if I was'nt after the meal...

The entry has a small feel to it (it literally is mighty small) and the entire place is a section of split diners. The staff are friendly and quickly usher us to a corner at the end and we’re quickly served with the younger cousin of benaarsi pann like looking green leaf. With it comes coconut, a few sweet syrups and something else. We greedily stuffed the leaf with the ingredients and go ‘Ummmm.. ‘

(You’ll have to forgive me here. I don’t remember any of the Thai names. In fact that only thing uniquely Thai I remember is Paradon Srichapan and the poor guy is not to be seen anywhere now). So for starters we had something like Fish Satay which was ok. Wait a minute, just Ok? Er.. well.. U’ll have to come up with some thing really out of a world to impress ‘Bengali me’ when it comes to fish. You could try ‘Succulently Fried Bhetki’ or ‘Bhapa Elish’. Anyways, the fish was good and I’d recommend it. We went in for the chicken drumsticks next. Courtesy banana leaves, they were very well made and you could feel the aroma as your teeth sunk in the soft meat. Meanwhile the pineapple fried rice arrived and along with a mix of boneless crabs we had a nice hearty chomp. Sadly, the crab meat was too finely chopped. You almost lost the flavour of it. Shell crabs are best eaten steamed and slightly garished.

Rounded up with my fried ice creams and I still can feel them courting my tongue :) My fried tried a payasam kinda thing with cherries which was ok.

Over all good food.. but not great food. If you've tasted Thai food before and have not been to this place dont worry, you aint missing nothing. And mister, the prices are ridiculous! Ok ok ok.. fine dining and all that but if I avoid going to this place say 4 times over the next 1 year I can fly down to Bangkok for a quick lunch and be back.

Net net - decent food, over priced and the fried ice creams are great.
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sanjana1 - Burrp User


July 10,2008

great if its ur first time

I used to think Benjrong food is great.This was before I had authentic thai food in the US in a restaurant run by a thai family.And there is no comparison.

But if your not used to thai food,then you'll love Benjrong,coz you have nothing to compare it too.
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krishna  - Burrp User


June 17,2008


benj is simply the bestst place i been to chennai since my arrival here last october. well guys belive me before coming here i had never thai and had no idea about the food.
well its jus my bhabhs wna go here and v drop in and v hav been asked to wait for 50 mins and we really got disapointed. but then i had a talk with waiter and tht gentlemen arrange us a table in no quik time. wow...so at beging they served tht pan thing awsom..i must say havnt had such special pan ...thai pan lozl.well then the food pan thai the thai soup is simply blowing..n then the main course..i agree with u sanmerci the noodle thinbg lil thik...but ovaall the food was awsoom....realli...nw i jus lov with thai..and i hav been since couple of times....and wat about the interiors the decors and the ambience..its so lively and the most important place is v peaceful not lik a fish market lik some other places.
so over all it rqanked 1 in my list.
n ya i had the deserts especially 1 in wic thy put chocs oveer cherries and something i dont remmember...is mindblowing...u must try tht next time n tell me......
so guys who still not been here dun wait jus rush thr and njoy the best food in town.......
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Nimish Adani - Burrp User

Nimish Adani

April 15,2008

Celebrating Songkran - the Thai New Year

Well, I went here today (Apr 15 '08) and on account of the Thai New Year (Songkran), Benjarong had a completely different menu. I always perceived Thai veg food to be bland and unexciting but my experience at Benjarong was quite to the contrary. The food was great - starting with the Thai-styled paan appetizers, to the veg clear soup (which had an excellent flavour to it), to the stir fried vegetables, to the noodles and rice and the lemongrass tea. The oriental ambience is great. We were greeted with a sprinkle of petals and water at the gate. Highly recommended.
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CK  - Burrp User


April 13,2008

Thai Naadu food

Have eaten here a couple of times. The decor, the ambience is all great.
The service has always been slow. I wonder what the deal with "expensive" places and slow service. Slow service doesnt necessarily mean great food and good service.

The food is ok. Better than ... (well there is no other thai alternative in Chennai). But i have eaten in several Thai places in the US and the food here doesnt compare. not even close. So maybe it is tweaked to the local taste !! Wonder why, because in the US we ventured to Thai restaurants, because it was the closest to Indian food !!!!

Try it. You wont be disappointed, if you have eaten Thai food before. But if you have, you will be sure to compare.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

March 19,2008

It IS simply WOW!

This place is just awesome in every way. Its probably the best restaurant i been to in chennai. First of all it has a different cuisine Thai which is not so familiar to Chennaites. The ambiance is great and the service is just so wonderful you feel like a queen! As for the food, its so yummy you can never get enough. The pan kinda thing they give in the beginning complimentary is awesome I loved it. The pineapple fried rice is sweet but it is a must try here. The noodles i had ws a thick flat one and wasnt too impressive. WIsh I had space for some desserts cos they relaly sounded yumm on the menu card but then i was to greedy bout the food and had no choice but let go of the desserts. Anyways if any of you do taste em .. let me know.. cant wait to go bak here another time
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miiraage - Burrp User


February 25,2008

Good Food, Great Ambience

Try the soft shelled crabs. They are just amazing. I've always found that though I like crabs, getting the meat out of the shell really puts me off it. But Benjarong serves soft shelled crabs which is just awesome.

The food comes in generous portions and we really had to make an effort not to let any of that yum food go to waste.

Try the tamarind chicken & the soft shelled crabs.

To tell you the truth I liked all their stuff... but unfortunately don't remember any of the names!

The waiters are helpful and offer good suggestions... Try this place out if you are in the mood for a quiet relaxing lunch/dinner.
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John Cougar - Burrp User

John Cougar

October 23,2007

Pretty good food, not the best

I've eaten at Thai restaurants in the US, amongst several other countries.
Some of the food is very good - like the appetizer prawns and the mushrooms with basil.
Some of the food isn't quite as good as I've tasted elsewhere such as the red and green curries.
The ambiance and presentation is very good, as is the service. The staff were friendly and helpful most of the time. We stayed a little late and the staff refused to serve us after 3:15 PM because the kitchen had closed down (not something you'd see in a similarly priced restaurant such as in the Taj).
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Ashok Krish - Burrp User

Ashok Krish

September 16,2007

This is Thai food

Quite possibly one of the the best Thai food restaurants in India. The portions are generous although pricey. And don't miss their free leaves-fillings type starter. Absolutely delicious.
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Dhiraj  - Burrp User


September 11,2007

A Thai Must Have

For all of us who have picked up the thai taste from our days in the US this place offers just what you might have in mind when you think of good thai food.
Nice interior and excellent food. Well worth the price as well.
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