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  • Most tried items: hyderabadi biriyanis
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upto the mark
uniforms r dirty ... Firtst floor entrance is lik
The food arrived quickly. The starter was filled w
will surely come back
143hummy - Burrp User


May 02,2014

Worst Experience I Had at Charminar Restaurant. Gopalapuram.

Waste of money! I was the first person to enter the restaurant at 12.45 p.m, the food was not ready. After everything had been done, I left the restaurant at 2.30 p.m.
I waited 45 min to get my order, disappointed with the quantity.
Two Mutton biryani, lollypop chicken and a fried rice cost me Rs 800, not worth.
The restaurant is managed with a single waiter and an awkward staff.
Think before you enter the CHARMINAR Gopalapuram restaurant. Waste of money and time.
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Prasad R - Burrp User

Prasad R

April 19,2014

Total Money Waste !

Total Money waste !
The hotel is maintained very poorly and looks very dirty.
I will never recommend this hotel to anyone in the future.
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goodfood14 - Burrp User


April 18,2014


Place is dirty and food wasn't even cooked right. Plus it is deserted all the time. Will never visit this place again.
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Vijaylalli - Burrp User


October 12,2013

Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani in Chennai

Oh my God! My search for the real Hyderabadi biryani in Chennai ends at Charminar Gopalapuram. I googled for their contact details and checked to see whether they serve original Hyderabadi dum biryani or only the name and actually serving tomato rice like any other restaurant does. But I was promised to get a refund if it was not real Hyderabadi biryani . To my surprise it was like as if I were inside Bawarchi at Rtc cross road. The only Hyderabadi biryani in Chennai is only here. Also loose prawn fry, wheat parantha, Indian gravies were super. On the whole, now I know where should I go when I need Hyderabadi biryani in Chennai. Thanks to whoever started Charminar.
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vimprash - Burrp User


October 12,2013

Not Hyderabadi

Definitely not Hyderabadi. Visited this place to taste yummy Hyderabadi biryani but it went in vain.
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

September 14,2013


I was 'madly' craving for hyderabadi biryani, so I chose to go to Charminar on a Sunday afternoon. On reaching the place, we went upstairs. I saw a door that said charminar go straight. But straight, I could only see large kitchen utensils stacked in a very untidy manner. So I opened the door that looked like a kitchen, the staff asked us to open the next door. Trust me, it is essential that a restaurant has a decent entrance/door. I would happily eat at a roadside stall. But this just put me off.

We entered and saw that only one table was occupied. Considering all the good reviews and that it was a Sunday afternoon you don't expect to see just one table occupied.

Anyways me and my friend chose our table. We ordered for 2 chicken biryanis (Double masala) and a chicken tikha starter.
The waiter placed our plates. It was supposed to be white, but it was actually brown. We asked for a replacement and we got decently better plates. We didn't want to take a chance with water and ordered bottled water.

The food arrived quickly. The starter was filled with curry leaves. It looked painted red with no great taste. The abundant curry leaves spoiled the taste totally.
The biryani quantity was decent. It was too oily and something in the biryani left an aftertaste.

I did not dare to use their washroom for washing my hands. We requested for a finger bowl. The finger bowl looked pathetic, stained, had soap stuck here and there.

All I wanted to do, was get out of here as quickly as possible and forget that I ate from here.
The next two days me and my friend had a very bad stomach ache.

We do not expect a restaurant to be spic and span. But you can maintain a certain level of neatness in what the customers see.

cost Rs 500 approx

Food - 1/5
Service - 1/5
Ambiance - (-2)/5
VFM - 2/5
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A Kamalika Krishmy - Burrp User

A Kamalika Krishmy

August 19,2013

A Briyani Paradise

We started off the dinner with soups and starters. Again a lot being said of their Manchow Soup, I opted for it. It was spicy and had crunchy noodles on. This would be my personal preference when I visit them the next time. You do get a non vegetarian version of this soup, which is Chicken Manchow soup. It has shredded chicken along with vegetables.
We had close to 4 starters. Each one with a varied taste and flavors Paneer Tikka and Achari Aloo Tikka Majestic Baby Corn.
This dish was way to sour for my tongue. Some how it did not suit my palette. I had a piece and then passed on to the next dish. But this was a hit dish, in the recent Star Vijay Awards function as told by Charminar s PR Vidya. They had made a slight variation using Prawns to Baby Corn. Vegetarian Shangrila is the meatless version of sheek kebab. Its mashed vegetables made on tandoor using skewers. Tasted like cutlets in a different form and had a predominant flavor of cinnamon. It tasted good with the mint chutney.
When you visit Charminar, do not ever forget to order the Yellow Dal. It was just superb. Perfect for Lacha paratha and to eat it just like that. The texture, color and taste were all just perfect.

One of their signature dishes, Charminar Vegetable Subzi was again a standout dish in the showcase. It was spicy and had a lot of veggies (psst: I always like a lot of veggies in my food).
Showstopper for the whole dinner, Briyani : Spicy, flavorful and cooked to the perfect consistency. I love their Briyani, be it vegetable or paneer.
Dessert was Double Kaa Meeta, bread cooked with Khoya , loaded with cashews, raisins and cherries and drizzled with generous portions of ghee. Perfect dessert to end with.
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Satish Kumar - Burrp User

Satish Kumar

July 21,2013

Rainy Encounter

A typical lazy saturday, driving aimlessly around, we thought lets try out something new and did a quick search on Burrp.

Charminar, the name, brought back memories of my stay in Hyderabad. The aroma of biryani passing through paradise hotel is a memory that would never fade away. ''Lets try it out'', says my wife.

We wanted to take away. She calls the place and places an order for 1 chicken and 1 fish biryani. We said we would be there in 20 mins. We reached there, the valet inquires and rushes to get our parcel. It starts pouring crazy yet the man gets our food and takes money, all this in heavy rain with only a plastic sheet protecting him. That's an awesome customer service experience.

Back home we try the food. It was just awesome. The meat was perfectly cooked. My only grouse would be the quantity. More please. 400 bucks for 2 biryanis is a bit steep considering the quantity.

Overall a great experience.

PS: the review forces me to rate ambiance to complete it. Giving it a 3 but I have not stepped into the place.
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amreen24 - Burrp User


June 10,2013

Briyani Or Garam Masala Rice ??

The worst briyani i ever had in my life .The smell of garam masala was too overwhelming. For starters we had ordered sultani jhinga. After 30 mins the manager came back from the kitchen only to say that it wasn't available...grrr...The other starters we ordered were apollo fish and pathar ka ghosh. Both were fairly good ... My Sunday got spoiled because of this stupid restaurant :(
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TheColonel - Burrp User


May 24,2013

Decent Place For Biriyani

Charminar is located in Royapettah. If coming from music academy road, it's the first left after 100 metres.
My friend and I decided to check it out. We went there at 8 pm and the place was surprisingly empty.
We were the first people to make the climb of a flight of stairs and get seated.
I guess service was decent, a bit lackadaisical.
We ordered chicken soup, followed by prawn biryani and spicy chicken biryani.
We agreed that the food was good, liked it.
For the pretty large serving, pricing is also so-so.
I would give it 2.5 stars and will scour for better places.
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hbk2013 - Burrp User


May 20,2013

Yummy Briyani!!!

Heard about their Hyderabad style biryani and Kebabs from friends who raved about it always. Finally, went there for lunch with group of friends on hearing about their Buffet for Rs.499/- on weekends.

On the face of it, the restaurant is fairly decent with decent seating arrangements. On reaching there specified the total number of people (13) and asked for the table. They had rearranged the table in a jiffy. The manager came in and explained about their discount offers for corporate customers.

When we searched for the Buffet counter, we can hardly see 3-4 items being displayed. On inquiring with them on the remaining items, they said that it's a buffet that's being served on the table. They told the whole idea is not to provide precooked and reheated items but rather freshly cooked food on demand. Novel idea indeed.

Started with the soup of the day (both non-veg/veg) based demand. The non-veg starters contain a fair mix of Chicken, Meat and Sea food and the veg starters include Paneer, Gobi, Veggies etc. The starters have a mix of Indian, Chinese and Tandoor items. They are really good and tasty.

Then came their Biryani. They serve both Chicken and Veg biryani based on demand. The aroma of the biryani was so nice. After having enough portions we were later served Gulab Jammun and Ice cream. Their Biryani style is fantastic and and definitely different from other Biryani styles!!!

On the whole, a happy and nice experience.

Note to Management:
Need to have a bigger display board that can be visible when travelling on the road as there is another restaurant at the ground floor which can sometimes be misleading.
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tamil nidhi - Burrp User

tamil nidhi

May 13,2013

Best Biriyani in town !!!

I've been to this joint many times. once your tongue get used to bawarchi style biryani which is served here, our chennai biryani loses its sheen! the biriyani served here is simply awesome.!!!

Somewhere they lose it out in ambience. i won't say its not good but the touch is missing.
Earlier their menu card design was classy which gave a good feel, but for some reasons they changed it to a simple one.
* staffs are very friendly
* service is fast.
* could see genuine eagerness in serving clients

Don't miss this joint if you are a biriyani lover !!!
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kishenburp - Burrp User


May 05,2013

Very average briyani. Not a real Hydrabadi Briyani

Bought Mutton Briyani family pack for cost expense of Rs 600 ,Very less quantity and Not at all worth for even 2 members. So dont buy family pack
Not having the real flavor of Hydrabadi briyani.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 21,2013

Too spicy

Checked out this place since it was pretty close to the locality. Have to say it was disappointing. The Kebabs were ok but the Biryani was just too spicy. Hyderabadi Biryani is supposed to be medium spicy but here it was over the top spicy. Also the place could be better maintained as well. The service is kind of ok. The starters are also good but improvements are needed.
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radheyprakash - Burrp User


April 02,2013

Value for money buffet

This is the third time i have been here,one during last years ramdaan,second with family for the Grand weekend buffet recently which we enjoyed thoroughly n which is why i chose to go today for our monthly team lunch. The weekend buffet had some good starters in chicken fish n veggies dont remember the names but the tandoori starter in chicken was wonderful followed by naan and andhra curry and the lovely biryani eventhough everyone in the family enjoyed all items we unanimously agreed the biryani was the star and that too unlimited servings..the service was ok since the weekend crowd was heavy but didnt pinch us,decided to come back and try their weekday buffet with team.so booked the tables in advance and everything was set by the time we reached tables were organized and we requested the food to be served on table instead of us going to the buffet tables since we were more in number,they agreed cheerfully,first came the manchow soup which was as like in other places nothing great to talk about,then came the round of starters two starters..we had 4-5 vegetarians so they provided them with two different veg starters instead of serving them the one in the buffet which was pleasant for our vegtarian friends who thought they wouldnt have much to relish,the others got one veg n non veg starter n then after two rounds to our surprise we got two more different variety starters n staff told us it was specially made for us since we were a big gang that clearly showed their service levels.next veg biryani and chicken biryani were served with big pieces ..i think we had two or three servings..n staff were serving each one endlessly with care not to miss out on anyone..there were dedicated service guys for our table n the biryanis were just out of the world..piping hot,wow the aroma and ofcourse the unique taste.Before coming we were thinking if it was a right choice but i think it was our best choice.coming back to the buffet after some servings of biryani some of requested for starters again since the taste was tingling i think they call it some andhra 65 and it was prepared fresh n served hot..then came the cool sweet part the ice cream,some of the folks took a second helping too(ha ha some ppl eat so much).the buffet was around 270 and i must say it is real value for money if one wants to enjoy good food...our team has spent so much on so many team lunches but this one was worth every penny n so economical.its a must try for big groups.only thing is do book in advance because when we went there all tables had biryanis on them and people relishing them.the manager told us these buffets have been introduced recently on customer feedback ,way to go charminar. u guyz rock! will surely come back
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aisheshwar - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Dont go there with high expectations

I have been hearing a lot about this place so was there last friday, the decor is very very average. The place could have been more well maintained. My table was not cleaned properly. Coming to the food, there was nothing great or exceptional about it.I heard their menu on the radio and had been there. Nothing great, nor their biriyani nor their kebabs. For me it was disappointing. :(
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Muthukumaran Murugesan - Burrp User

Muthukumaran Murugesan

December 31,2012

Yummy Hyderbadi Biryanis & Kebabs

Tried this place with couple of friends after getting rave reviews from few of my friends. The decor was nice but not great. Service was just ok. Checked out washrooms and found usual - just stinging. Its time our restaurants pay attention to this hygienic aspects. Asking for undiluted hand sanitizer & handtowels in the washroom are not luxury but thats how it is here. Ordered Hyderabadi double masala mutton&chicken biryani, Panneer tikka, Sholay Murgh. Loved them all and I felt I found a perfect alternative to my usual biryani joint Thalappakatti. Will visit again.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

December 13,2012

Charminar - authentic !

This is the best place for Hyderabadi biriyani!
Really tasty food and good service. The place is situated in Lloyds road.
Their chicken biriyani can be customised according to preferred level of spiciness. Their mutton biriyani is fabulous and a meat lovers delight !
They also offer extensive vegetarian dishes that can be paired ideally with butter naan.
Good food, good quality and affordable too.
Finally, a decent biriyani joint for Chennai foodies.
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malabk2811 - Burrp User


December 13,2012

Hyderbadi Biriyani & Kebabs at their best

The best place for Hyderbadi Biriyani & Kebabs is finally here , I had a hearty meal last week & mannn , I am still burpping :P Its been ages since ate some good Hyderbadi Biriyani & Charminar fulfilled all my desires ,

The restaurant was nicely themed, no better place themed than this. . it is great for all dates, family,and friends. Waiters were kind. Good service.Must visit .
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Varshu Chandru - Burrp User

Varshu Chandru

December 08,2012

a good place for veggies too:)

i went to charminar wit ma friends..its such a nice place to hangout..i loved the interiors and the ambience:) and the service was gud too:) veg food was sooo gud..veg starters are too good.. i loved the gobi and paneer starters and the butter naan:) i wish everybody tries this restaurant for the authentic hyderabadi food:) briyani lovers would definitely like it:)and the desserts are soo gud:)the rich taste of the dessert still lingers:)
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Vibhor M - Burrp User

Vibhor M

December 03,2012

Just about average

It was much anticipation that I went to Charminar and had built the hype with my partner of the authentic Hyderabadi biryani. It had been 4 years since I have had the Biryani at Bawarchi in Hyderabad, that this place claims to serve.

The interiors is again just about average, nothing much to write of.

The staff tried to be helpful. I wanted dry fish on side and was very clearly specific on 'something less spicy'... what came was 'very spicy', for my taste atleast. So no point in seeming to be caring but not delivering on the plate.

And the Biryani - it comes in a bowl that only looks big! Portion is not enough for two - unless you are having a starter and a desert along. Biryani, as I said, is just average. The flavours are there, the basmati rice is there.. but it just doesnt packs the punch. I didnt find the chicken to be juicy and overall on the dry side.

So, will I go back ? I doubt.
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foodmerijhaan - Burrp User


November 30,2012

happy that i can have real hyderabadi food often

since the time i was transferred to chennai after having spent time in bangalore and hyderabad,i would scout every eatery with big boards of hyderabadi biryani and every time i would be dissapointed with the same tomato rice with loads of garam masala leaving my stomach struggling till next day..i had given up hope ..today a colleague asked me to accompany him for lunch to charminar for biryani..and i had made up my mind not to order hyderabadi biryani in chennai again ...we were seated near the big glass panes,comfortable furniture gave good rest to my back and the aroma in the next table made us feel hungry,an album type menu card was given to us and i didnt have the patience to go through it all,it ran into pages,my friend ordered for spl biryani and i stuck to latcha parathas and their begum nawab curry..we found the waiting little boring with instrumental music in the background last i want to here on a friday..finally the plates were on our table and then the food..oh my nostalgic..white yellow and brown rice in the biryani vessel..didnt want to conclude(it was hyderabadi biryani)so waited till my friend was served ...again that nice piece of masala chicken and mutton,i couldnt wait and pounded on my friends plate..decided it was best to eat with hand and was surprised to find along the salna and dahi chutney unlike the chennai biryani served with korma or eggplant gravies.my friend watched me hogg down what was ordered for him but i gave him that childish look and told him..finally hyderabadi biryani after years..kya kare rok nahin saktha. as he had some of the biryani and the paratha we decided not to order again as the portions were huge.the biryani was just right ,deadly combination with salan and dahi chutney.in chennai, biryanis are served with raitha thats got only onion and very little curd but in hyderabad biryani is taken with salan and dahi chutney made with more curd and finely chopped onion it is taken to cut on the spiciness. as i explained the stories of hyderabadi biryani to my friend i repented for not ordering a double masala..if only i had known this surprise was awaiting me for lunch today i wud have skipped breakfast like i used to in hyderabad...coming back to the food..i had the paratha late so got cold but was still soft and in layers, it was good with this completely different dish i have never had before it was basically two different flavoured gravies served on same platter,over all i would say after a long time enjoyed my meal so much,service was good the waiter next to me was attentive and courteous and rates were good keeping their huge portions.Must try for every one nostalgic about hyderabadi food,now that i have tasted ur food..u will see me often charminar!
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rajmuthukumar  - Burrp User


November 30,2012

Good but not as expected by me

I want to taste a Hyd Biryani. I didnt have a chance till yesterday. One of a blogger reffered this in his blog. So i thought of trying that. I also checked the review in the Blurp.
I went yesterday around 8.40 Pm yesterday(10-Nov-12). I asked for a Mutton Biryani take away. Initially I forgot to tell double masala when the waiter taking the order. After that i remembered and told to one of the North Indian guy. I forgot to confirm whether it is a double masala when i am getting it. OMG.
What I got
A pocket of Biryani, Gravy and Onion Raitha (Without Onion in it OMG).
Rs 209 (Including taxes). Price looks on higher side, but the quantity they are giving is for 2 people.

I didn't taste any Hyd Biryani before, with that disclaimer i am doing this review.

Biryani coming with yellow and red rice. Aroma was good. But Biryani is dry meaning very less gravy. I am not sure my double masala request is implemented or not) even after we mixed it well. I am bit disappointed in that.

I can’t eat only Biryani, it is that much dry. But it went well with the gravy they gave. They gave less gravy (ask for more if you want to take away).

In Tamil Nadu, Biryani is referred as "Oru Soru", meaning we can eat Biryani without any gravies or side dishes. I went with that in my mind. But it is not the correct in this Hyd Biryani, you need to use gravy.

The mutton pieces are damn good. It just went well. Divine.

Onion Raitha
Quality is too bad. They used Butter Milk it seems and onions are also very less.

Service is good. I don’t find any problem. I just watched 2 others eating in the restaurant. Waiters are very alert and they are giving the customer what they want.

Need Improvement in

1) Staffs who are taking order can tell about this single masala, or double masala concept. It is new to Tamil nadu. First timers are suffering because of that.

2) Improve the quality of Raitha. Use curd instead of butter Milk. I hope this is mentioned in many reviews here.

3)The gravy in the Biryani is very very less. You can add more.

Tips for Patrons
1) Ask for double masala.
2) The quantity they are giving is for two adults. So plan accordingly.
3) Ask for more gravy if you are going to take away.
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Apoorv  Arora - Burrp User

Apoorv Arora

November 10,2012

superior food.. but plz make more biryani

i've been to charminar about 4 times and on more than one occassion one or the other biryani was over. so when i wanted the chikcen biryani i got mutton and when a friend wanted veg biryani he got nothing. having said that, u really cant take anything away from the biryani they serve. as good as any biryani in town, if not better. naan roti and other indian breads are amazing. a soft naan after 20 min is some achievment according to me. tried the soup once and it was also very nice..
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senthilg1982 - Burrp User


November 03,2012

Wonderful Hyderbadi Briyani!!!

Generally not a big fan of Briyanis other than South Indian especially the Mughalai or Hyderabadi i.e. the one where we will be provided with white/yellow coloured rice bowl with curry at the bottom for us to mix and eat all by ourselves. It will remind me of a joke in the movie Singaravelan where actor Goundamani jokes in a Five star hotel that if we have to eat meals, they will provide rice and hot water which we have to cook by ourselves and eat.

When I had been forced by my friend to accompany him for this place, I was reluctant and told about Goundamani joke to him. But he insisted and get me to this place along with couple of more friends. I thought of going safe with Naan/Kulcha with a curry when my friends are having their Briyani. We ordered soups and couple of starters as suggested by their Captain like Banjara Kebab, Chicken 65, Pathar Ka Gosht and Sultani Jhinga. The service was real quick even though around 6-7 tables were occupied by that time. During our starters we can see lot of bowls of Briyani of different sizes being delivered to different tables. The aroma of the Briyani was so good as we were being seated near to the table where they are storing their plates and glasses. I changed my mind and thought of trying their Briyani. When we had seen the menu, they had Chicken, Mutton, Special, Prawn, Fish etc and portions of regular, family and jumbo. Now we know why their briyani are delivered in different sizes of bowl. Their captain explained that Special is for somebody who is interested in having Chicken/Mutton Briyani at the same time. We sticked with Chicken and Mutton Family portions. For spiciness, he suggested to go with Double Masala. The briyani was also delivered promptly and the stewards mix the rice and the curry and served it (Thank god they hadn't asked us to mix it :) ). They also provided Raitha and Mirchi ka salaan as accompaniments. My very notion about Hyderabadi Briyani got changed when we had the Briyani at this place which was yummy with right blend of masalas with nice aroma and taste.

For desert we ordered Dry Yoghurt, Gulab Jamun and ice creams. The hot yogurt was real good and gulab jamun served was real hot which is to my liking.

On the whole, their prompt service, taste and quantity of their starters and briyani (I remember in their menu card it was spelled as Biryani...) was too good to resist which will make me regular visitor to this place.
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Raja Rathinam - Burrp User

Raja Rathinam

November 02,2012

Unpleasant Treatment

Don't be surprised to receive unpleasant treatment from black complexioned french bearded order taker (here after lets call him MR.X as we have to refer him in many places below).
We visited Charminar restaurant at 7.45pm and ordered chicken briyani.
We were told by Mr.X that chicken briyani was sold over and they have only mutton briyani right now.
Do you believe the chicken briyani was over before 8pm and there was only 2 tables occupied at time (including ours).
But we insisted for chicken briyani only and suddenly he told that chicken briyani will get ready only after 45 mins.
So we just ordered for some starters and some chicken soup whilst waiting for chicken briyani to get cooked.
After 10 mins, he said that he can bring the chicken briyani in another 5 mins and then got it served in 5 mins.
Then few people entered the restaurant and Mr.X said the same story (No chicken briyani and only mutton briyani is available) to all the customers who came just after our chicken briyani was served.
or may be they are making chicken briyani for every individual orders.
We felt very much discomfort by the way he behaves with all the customers.
Later we came to know that this is the standard statement he says to all the customers.
May be just to sell the mutton briyani ???? then Why the hell they have printer chicken briyani's image on the first page of the Menu card.

Here comes to second surprise...
Did you ever had buttermilk along with briyani. If not, you should visit here. They call it as "RAITA".
There was only 2 or 3 pieces of onion and coriander stems floating on the butter milk which is mentioned as raita by our unfriendly waiter.
When we asked MR.X why there was no onion, he cleverly replied that it is the standard raita that is served with hyderabadi briyani in hyderabad.
Luckily one guy from our group had briyani in hyderadad last month and he told us that they used to grind onion and some masala and mix it in curd which is what called as raita in hyderabad.
And here they simply serve a bowl of butter milk and name it as RAITA.

Meanwhile My friend ordered a 7up can to Mr.X. And there was no response for 15 mins.
So we had to ask another waiter to get a 7up can.
I believe Mr.X does not like people drinking unhealthy drinks.
May be that is why he never brought what we ordered.
Anyhow my friend was happy as he got his drink just in 2 mins after asking another waiter (a north indian guy who does not speak tamil, but behaves far better than our tamil speaking MR.X).
So we have decided not to ask anything to Mr.X.

Finally we finished our dinner and asked for the bill.
Had our hands washed and waiting for the tissue paper and some sugar coated fennels which was never brought to our table.
After paying the bill, we had to go the side racks which was on the way to their kitchen to get some fennels.

By the way, did I tell you that the chicken briyani was really so tasty.

Message to the hotel management:
If you want to see people visiting your restaurant, You must ask Mr.X to change his rude behavior( I am sure he never changes. I could see someone already mentioned him in a previous review) and stop telling lies to sell the unsold mutton briyani. If he never changes, better change the waiter.

Message to me and my friends:
Never visit this place in life. There are better places where they treat customers in a pleasant manner.
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Foodie1979 - Burrp User


September 30,2012

Mutton Biriyani not good

Took parcel of Mutton Biriyani on 30th Sep after seeing reviews.
Not enough dum masala layered. Rice can be cooked little more so that it can blend well.
The way the mutton was cooked is ok but unfortunately most of the mutton pieces had more bone and less meat and also there were a few small chunks of skin. That was very dissapointing.
I informed the order taker about this. I confirm it and my wife too. Later he said he will check with chef.
I fell the quality should be taken care. It is very important for a restaurent of this class.
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foodresearcher - Burrp User


September 09,2012

good biriyani but one minus

Your Biriyanis are good and caused no health problems. Thanks.
Please let me know why the black complexioned french bearded order taker is looking at the customers and their food with contempt and jealousy.
Do you think he is a fit person for the hospitality sector?
I have visited your restaurant for about 10 times.
I have tasted your mutton biriyani, fish biriyani and veg. Biriyani mostly.
All the staffs in your restaurant is pleasant except him who spoils the mood of dining.
I thought he does not like me because I am frequently dining here that is why he is behaving like this but to my shock I saw him looking at other customers and their food with jealousy and contempt.
You cant change his basic character of being unpleasant, jealous and contemptuous to others.
You please watch him from a distance and you can understand yourself.
I leave it to your conscience but one person like him can spoil all your good efforts and business.
I like to visit your restaurant again please let me know between what time he wont be there.
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rockers2289 - Burrp User


September 05,2012

real dum biriyani

juz i cme to say is really superb..the aroma and the real taste of dum biryani makes me to cme daily for lunch...!!! chuck the negative feedbacks. i personally feel no were in chennai bring this taste yet. For tis hyderabadi biryani i use to crave my friends to pack it off frm bawachi nd make them to cme through flight. CHILLY CHICKEN wohh my godd its really good...!!! its worthy to spend. EXCELLENCE...!!!!!!
i wish u for ur great sucess. tq :)
ambiance is not good doesn't give a peaceful outlook.
the proper entrance have not kept.
many obstacle to find the way, board is not catchy.
Whether home delivery is available in charminar...???
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks very much for your review. With regards to CONS, we will definitely work it out very soon. Home delivery would be starting from this month second week.

Your Indian - Burrp User

Your Indian

August 29,2012

Amazing and VFM

Heard about this place through Burrp/friends for their Authentic Hyberabadi Bawarchi Briyani and their Kebabs! Being a foodie, generally for the first time I used to go alone or with one/two friends to test the VFM (quality and the price) of any new restaurant. If the restaurant is not good, I would be consoling myself that I hadn't wasted too much money or spoilt the taste buds of many of my friends.

But this time I thought of taking risk with a set of 7 friends for a Friday Lunch (treat by a friend for a cash award he received from the client). I called them over phone and asked them to understand where exactly they were at and also to make arrangements for 8. When we reach there in the next 15 mins, I can see they had made necessary seating arrangements.

Coming to the food part, we ordered Soups and starters (veg & non-veg) as I have 2 veggie friends with me. I asked them for their suggestions and they had suggested Sholay Murg and Pathar Ka Ghost on the non-veg, Shangai Roll/Panner Tikka (some other name in their menu) on the veggie starter. Shangai Roll is suggested by Rocky (their Manager) and I was sceptical as it was not on their menu card. The Sholay Murg and the Pathar Ka Ghost was awesome and tender. Hadn't tasted a mutton starter like Patha Ka Ghost anywhere with awesome blend of rightful masalas. My friends really enjoyed every bit of it. As far as the Shangai Roll, they had served it in full bowl and we non-veggies has to help the veggies to empty it (hehehe). The Panner Tikka was tender with right kind of mint chutney as accompaniments.

For the main course, we thought of sticking with their authentic Briyanis. When we looked into the pricing of the Briyanis which starts from 180+ (if my memory is correct) and feel it's on the higher side. But still, we thought of going with 4 portions of Non-Veg Briyani with 2 CB and 2 MB (another briyani joint language) and 1 Veg Briyani. Rocky asked us reg. our appetite after our starters and as couple of my friends had told they are not for huge portions (we also had to see the guy who is giving treat not spending his entire award money for us:), he suggested to go initially with 3 NV portions and 1 Veg portion and order later if required. On his suggestion and my friends insistence of spiciness of Briyani, we ordered Double Masala. My veggie friends were sceptical about Briyani in a Non-veg restaurants (as we have experience where veg briyanis served used to have meat chunks) and I personally verified with Rocky who told that it's being prepared separately and asked us to check in their kitchen if required. We decided to go with his word.

Once the Briyani was served we could feel the aroma of the Briyani and also see that the briyani portion was huge (like Wangs Kitchen fried rice). The servers had came forward and served us with right amount of masala. The Briyani was served with Onion Raitha and Mirchi ka something (what?). I can see the onion raitha was bit watery and enquired with Rocky. He told that the onion and other items are grinded and mixed with Curd. It tasted good and we asked for 2 more cups even after the briyani is over. The CB has 1 single large piece of chicken and the MB has 4-5 mutton pieces. The Chicken and the Mutton in the briyani's were tender and tasteful. My Veggie friends also enjoyed their Veg briyani which had good mix of Cauliflower, Panner and Vegetables. On the whole, their hyderabad briyani is awesome.

Then for the desert part, I asked them about their speciality and they suggested Double Ka Meetha and Qubani Ka Meetha (not sure of the spelling). They suggested to go for Double Ka Meetha and we ordered 2 portions. The Double Ka meetha is fried bread with Rabdi syrup which was yummy. Everybody loved it. Then we had ordered ice creams / milkshakes / lemon soda. Everything was great.

On the downside, my friend had found a piece of butter paper in one of the chocolate milkshakes served. I immediately reported the same to Rocky and he expressed their apologies and ensured that it's replaced with mango milk shake (Rocky told that he don't want to serve the Chocolate milkshake again). After the replaced one, Rocky again ensures everything is perfect and alright. This may be one of case which can be ignored.

On the whole, after a long time we as a group had a yummy and tasteful VFM lunch. Thought of visiting them again (& again), to go over other menu items (their menu card is extensive enough).
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food007 - Burrp User


August 14,2012

Vp kind attention

nowhere acceptance is seen in your reply... what is needed for improvement and standards of the quality restaurant should be provided and improved than saying u ve laundry and other services. Y are u not replying to all the points of my review..
U r not agreeing to improve in all ur replies..

Better Luck
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Reply from restaurant management

For your kind attention, we have addressed all the points. Quality of the restaurants is being vouched by lot of guests. Wherever improvements are required, genuinely we will consider it. You can feel free to talk to us in case you need any further clarification.

food007 - Burrp User


August 13,2012

VP always on the defensive

uniforms r dirty ... Firtst floor entrance is like washroom .. no boards, floors unclean ..
No shades r blinds for the dirty glass in the frontage.. better improve it rather being defensive.. i have videos of it .. should u want it pls mail..
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Reply from restaurant management

We have dedicated laundry vendor to clean for our employee uniforms. We are not defensive and it is our high priority to reply to all the feedbacks. We have sign boards @ Ground floor, staircase and at first floor. If you have video please email us charminarbiryani@gmail.com, we will understand better.

food007 - Burrp User


August 13,2012

food is ok - but needs many improvements

The entrance and overall appearance is average

The staff are very untidy
The biryanis tastes like vermicili .. needs a probe on it.
The portion is not the way the VP mentioned .. its less only
Request the Vp to work on all suggestions than nulling the criticism
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Reply from restaurant management

Also the above response is valid only if you had dined @ Charminar which is located ONLY @ FIRST FLOOR of 269 , Llyods Road, Gopalapuram. OFf late we heard from lot of guest, by mistake dine/takeaway from another restaurant in the same building thinking it is also charminar. Even last evening one guest took away biryani and called us with disappointment. Later seeing the bill she realized biryani is not from charminar.

Vijay  S R - Burrp User

Vijay S R

August 11,2012


Authentic hyderabadi biriyani - Yes !!! Very very expensive for one single biriyani cannot be accepted.
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Reply from restaurant management

Mr. VJSOMAN, thank you very much for spending your valuable time for giving us your feedback, With regards to pricing, we careful at the rates considering the value for money, you would have seen the quality of the biryani and quantity we serve.

irameshp - Burrp User


August 05,2012


I eat so many styles of biryani. But, this is the best and excellent biryani in my life. I love this biryani and I continuously visiting this place. Great hospitality.
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charmskal - Burrp User


July 20,2012

Charmed By Charminar Biryani

Review by one of the Customers

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jayachandranp - Burrp User


July 18,2012

Awesome Briyanis

Very fond of hyderabadi biriyanis. At last found this place. We enjoyed the briyanis here very much. True hyderabad style. Keep up the good work. The quantity fell little short of required. I personally recommend this place for biriyanis
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arasriram1988 - Burrp User


July 18,2012

Only for the kababs

Me and my friend visited this place last evening.Both of us being vegetarians have never had a good biriyani anywhere in chennai.We thought this might be a good option for biriyani and we ordered one with paneer chatpata and a paneer tikka sophiyani as starter.The biriyani was very dry and the masala's dint impress me that much.The paneer chatpata is nothing but paneer soaked in 1 litre of oil.There was way too much of oil floating on top of the dish.The paneer tikka was the best dish of the evening.It was soft,well marinated with malai and cheese.Service was pretty poor.Most of the waiters dont have any knowledge about the dishes in the menu.It was not an impressive first visit for me.
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poisonwine - Burrp User


July 13,2012

The Real DUM Biryani

OMG how many places i would have hunted for a real dum biryani... finally i tasted it @ charminar ...kudos to CHARMINAR! ...Very nice biryani with well marinated meat... their sholay murgh and pathar ka ghost were also fantastic... Charminar deserves 5 star rating...deftly i would go again and again....
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks very much!

hard2305 - Burrp User


July 11,2012

will come back

Yeah it may be one of those bad days... But will come back soon.
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rekhas_2006 - Burrp User


July 08,2012

WoW Biriyani

Great Food, Awesome Biriyani, Good Ambiance, Good Host pls do visit
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks very much!

hard2305 - Burrp User


July 03,2012

Not so great

Went for a lunch there after reading the reviews.I love hyderabadi biriyani's to such extent that when im there I will only have biriyani for all three times.I should say I was a bit disappointed with their biriyani ( I tried both chicken and mutton) It was just average there is another restaurant in chennai which serves better hyderabadi biriyani.May be I should try with double masala next time.There was a spicy chicken kebab (forgot the fancy name !) which was awesome.
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Reply from restaurant management


We would like to thank you for dining with us and taking the time to give us your feedback. We are glad that you liked the Chicken kebab very much and little disappointed with ourselves that you were not very satisfied with our Biryani.

So far, the guest feedback have been very positive and encouraging, particularly for our Biryanis. We believe, as you had mentioned, maybe a double masala would be more to your liking. Please let us know when you are visiting next time and we'll ensure that the taste is spot on for you.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Hari for Charminar

mr.praveen - Burrp User


June 29,2012

Dil hai hyderbadi....cheers

After Ages I could get an authenticate HYDERABADI BIRYANI IN CHENNAI.I was all filled with joy when the biryani was served and smell itself says it all.Then when I tasted the food I literally went back to hyderabad and came back...lolz....Jokes apart but Thanks to lakshman for implemting his idea and providing Nizam food....the healthiest and spiciest of all foods...................I would suggest everyone to go there if you are pure lover of hyderabadi nizam food and hyderabadi biryani.............Order Hyderabadi biryani with double masal and then enjoy the spicy thing.............cheers
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks very much, hope you had a great time here dining in with your colleagues.

Rajesh Kumar - Burrp User

Rajesh Kumar

June 28,2012

Typical Hyderabadi Style of food

I visited this hotel yesterday, the special biriyani was awesome. Yes its really awesome because it is mixed with mutton and chicken biriyani. I have never tasted thgis sort of biriyani in Chennai. The taste resembles of typical hyderabadi style that is like typical Bawarchi hyderabad style with this they provided Mirchi ka salna which was amazing. Finally they provided a sweet called Double ka mitta the taste was phenomenal.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks very much for your review, charminar spl biryani is for non veg lovers who like both chicken and mutton , hope chennaites like this combination.

Karthik Balachandran - Burrp User

Karthik Balachandran

June 27,2012

Hyderabadi Style

Veg- food was awesome particularly Veg Dum Biryani that too authentic Hyderabadi style mind blowing.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks very much for your review!


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