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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Kanyakumari Prawns , Mutton Kheema vadai , Karuvap
  • Most people mentioned friend

Additional remarks from reviews:

upto the mark
THey have fixed combos for lunch and dinner and ma
friends were worried about mosquitoes in an open
I humbly request that the Management should send a
nitinabc - Burrp User


October 30,2014

Good Variety But Buffet Served Cold With Fruit Flies! :(

Went for a buffet lunch. Given the price tag, had high expectations! Dimly lit place - to my surprise, salad section was open and had multiple fruit flies all around - even on the curd section! I skipped the salad altogether to starters only to realize cheese potatoes are cold! Onto main course - huge variety I have to say - however again as luck would have it - Dal, Paneer, Biryani did not have a flame underneath and was served cold! The waiter was courteous enough to reheat things separately for me - but obviously the experience was simply awful.

Never again!
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Siva PanduRanga Rao Sadhu - Burrp User

Siva PanduRanga Rao Sadhu

October 10,2013

Best Dessert

I had eaten Paneer Smoked Rice which was really good. But the best item I've eaten is the Panchamrutam Souffle... 5 stars for it..
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

September 14,2013

Not Worth The Hype.

'Some place nice': Yeah it was lazy Saturday evening. My friends told me I can't decide the restaurant today because they made reservations at a nice place. :)
The moment the bike took a U turn at Adyar bridge, I knew it was Crimson Chakra!!!

Crimson Chakra was on my wishlist for sometime and I was eagerly looking forward to dine there. As we entered, I was very tempted to step into Gormei market but refrained because my friends were giving me the 'We've made reservations look!!'

Focusing on Crimson Chakra now, I liked their outdoors a lot and insisted we dine there. It was beautiful. Creepers and shrubs by the side, tables neatly lined up. But my friends were worried about mosquitoes in an open set up so we went inside.
I liked the entrance as such. The first room was filled with Madras goodies. Tables were arranged in a classy style. The crowd looked very up class.

We were seated in a table next to the place where the usual water table is, I was said.

The waiters handed us our menu. The menu was extensive with Indian and Continental dishes. I liked their menu because they had a variety of dishes lined up.

We ordered hummus and Stuffed Crumb fried mushroom for appetizers.
The hummus arrived first. The pita bread was fresh and soft. The hummus was delicious. I must say its the best hummus you can get in Chennai.
We literally cleaned the bowl in which hummus was served.
The stuffed crumb fried mushroom sounded so much better than it tasted. The dish didn't hold together at all. The stuffing fell apart the moment we cut or bit into it.
The mushroom was only crumb fried. This could be reason. Since there was no batter the dish was very oily.
We could literally taste and swallow the oil.
We couldn't finish the appetizers as it was too oily.

Let down by the mushroom, we moved onto the main course. We ordered Mixed mushroom, walnuts, garlic, crushed pepper pasta and Creamy vegetable ragout Napolean. The waiter informed us the Creamy vegetable would be bland and we were okay with that.

When the food arrived, the pasta was cold. The cream had begun to stick together. Big chunks of mushroom got stuck together. The pasta was supposed to have crushed pepper and I couldn't find any. There was no salt and I couldn't eat a cold pasta.

The creamy vegetable was hot but again no flavor, no salt, no taste. We requested for salt and pepper. The moment my friend added salt to Creamy vegetable, it tasted a bit better. But to complete a whole dish, it got so boring.

The pepper crusher wasn't clean when it was handed to us. I started grounding pepper only to realize my hands were smeared with a tomato paste. Yuck. They could at least clean it and hand it to us.

I expected a lot and was let down hugely. The waiters probably realized, we din't like the food so they did not even check if we wanted desserts and simply handed over our bill.

We paid 1300 bucks but enjoyed only the hummus.

If you want a menu that serves variety you can head here. Otherwise, its not worth the hype.

Food - 3/5
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 4/5
VFM - 3/5
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Deepnair16 - Burrp User


June 23,2013

Romantic Candle Light Lunch

Crimson Chakra Ambience is perfect for a lovable date. I Booked a Candle Light Lunch for my Girlfriends Birday and it turned ot to be an awesome one.. We reached ther by 12 clock and the Hospitatlity was awesome They lit up around 55 candles and welcomed us ..My girlfriend was awestruck seein the place filled with candles. I told them to arrange for a cake which they kept it ready for us. Thanks to them. It was so romantic to have candle light lunch with my girlfriend . There will be personal waiters who can be summoned ny by pressing the buzzer. The Cost was 5000 which includes 2 Soups, 2 startrs, 2 Main course 2 Deserts. We spent for around 3 hours there and it was a lovely experince. Do Try it out guys.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 24,2013

Perfect setting

The place is neatly tucked away near the Gandhi Nagar. It gets pretty crowded on weekends so its always best to reserve a table. The ambience of the place is really nice for relaxed conversation. I have never tried their set menu but I love their south indian starters. The Tangy Meen Varuval is a special and the Appam varieties and sides are just brilliant. The Lasagna is also good but I suggest going in for south indian options. The desserts are just about average. The A La Carte is slightly expensive but for South Indian lovers this is a really good option.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 21,2013

Fine dining

Crimson chakra in adyar is a fine dining restaurant and serves some real quality food
with a huge space for parking , it also combines with a wonderful ambience and great service
Sometimes they screw the billing though , so do watch out for that alone
Their ala carte is on the expensive side, though a set meal costs around 550 and serves some unlimited portion of a decent 3 course meal
A must try is their elanir souffle
A wonderful place for a team outing or a nice romantic dinner
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 14,2013

Wonderful stuff !

CRIMSON CHAKRA is a great place for food lovers.
It scores top points on ambiance. The parking is especially hassle free and accessibility is brilliant.
The best among the items we ordered during dine-in was Lasagne. Some great food options here are Kanyakumari Prawns , Mutton Kheema vadai , Karuvapillai prawn ,Tangy Meen varuval. Don't miss out on their smoked chicken rice dish.
Desert options here include Water Chestnut Mouse and Yelaneer souffle.
Overall it's a great place and I strongly recommend it.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 07,2013

A beautiful date spot

Crimson chakra is a perfect place be it a team dinner or a family lunch or even a quiet candle dinner with your date . Indian cuisine is predominantly served. They are located in a very calm locality in Adyar and the experience everytime is always good
However i have encountered several misunderstandings with the waiter about what you ordered and what they bring ,and also you find some of the non delivered items added to the bill as well. Otherwise overall a great restaurant ..
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


March 05,2013

Great place for Continental and South Indian food

The one thing that sets CC apart from regular restaurants is its interiors - it looks like it used to be someone's home (and I think it is) so it's not designed like your typical restaurant. All the rooms have been converted to seating areas! Quite charming, actually. The food is good but I wouldn't suggest having Italian here - they have some interesting Indianized versions of pasta but they honestly aren't that great - what I would recommend are the appams and stew. And their continental menu especially the Chicken Nanterre is great. They have ample choices in sea food as well. I've not had desserts here but I've heard they're nothing great. The restaurant makes its own bread as well but that too is just about ok.
The service - prompt in asking what you would like to have but oh my god are they slow. Every single time I've eaten there, my drink has always reached the table AFTER I've finished eating. But since the staff is courteous, I can overlook that. Most importantly: Never go without a prior booking; it's impossible getting a table on weekends. Oh and yes, please try their Drums of Heaven on the appetizers menu - it'll blow your mind.
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Dhananjay Gupta - Burrp User

Dhananjay Gupta

March 03,2013

FINE dining, great ambiance, lovely continental

Went on a weekend for a friends birthday party
1. Beautiful Ambiance
2. Delicious Continental Food - ordered a chicken steak with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables - by far one of the best available in chennai.
3. They were very helpful in helping us decide the dishes and were well informed about the ingredients and tastes of various dishes

1. Will not recommend the Business Lunch buffet - tried that once and was quite disappointed as it a fixed menu, sit-in buffet with limited helpings of starters and just two Non-veg dishes.
2. Prices are on the higher side - consider this as a FINE dining restaurant.

Service: 4/5
Food quality and taste (continental): 4/5
Food quality and taste (indian): 2.5/5
Price: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
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Suresh Govindarajulu - Burrp User

Suresh Govindarajulu

January 16,2013

Wonderful place which feels like home

Great place and great ambience, like other reviewers mentioned even I feel that time taken to serve is too long. Also the waiters don't pay attention to small details like no onions etc. The first time so better double check your order and repeat. The smoked rice and dessert are the best I've had around chennai. Don't give this a miss else you'll regret.
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Mrithun Jayan - Burrp User

Mrithun Jayan

December 22,2012

peaceful lunch

Ambience - 4/5
Food - 4/5
Service - 3/5 (time taken for the food to be served is long)
Value for money - 4/5
Overall - 4.3/5
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cthiruma - Burrp User


November 19,2012

Ultimate dining and awesome ambiance

Best place for its good traditional Indian food and not to miss,good continental food is also there.Their people who were part of Cornucoppia were moved here,who suggest on the portion of food we should order based upon the number of members present,this is one of the best service,as we dont end up wasting food unnecessarily.
Excellent starters and main course not to miss the smoked rice they have,has its own authentic flavor.Finally to the dessert part,which is THE THE BEST.
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Abishek Chandrasekaran - Burrp User

Abishek Chandrasekaran

November 17,2012

Try to make sure you get an outdoor seat

Went here on a weekend evening and even though it was just half full, it was extremely noisy inside. we couldnt hear a thing because of the music and the crowd chattering. The acoustics should be much better inside. Added to this was the weird smell of incense sticks that they had put around the place...We requested for an outdoor table and had a pleasant experience after that. Though its an expensive place, the taste of the food was pretty good. Though the taste is great, the portions of the starters could be increased, owing to the price on their menu.!
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Sriram KG - Burrp User

Sriram KG

November 15,2012

Ambience - YES, Food - OK, Service - NO!

Ambience to die for! the special space for a couple in the pool (YES!! in the pool) is a brilliant concept! but when it comes to food, it has less variety, very very conventional menu and very very very exorbitantly priced. Most importantly, the service is pretty crappy. Am not too sure what they note down when we order, but the specifics mentioned (like no onions/garlic/mushrooms) are not adhered to at all and they even fail to whisper a "sorry". The place may be classy but in the long run it's sustainability may be questionable!
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Swaminathan  G - Burrp User

Swaminathan G

November 12,2012


Good place to hang out with loved ones.. Baby potato bbq is good. Roti varieties giving us a break apart from regular ones. Desserts are really good. Overall top rating for ambience, and avg rating for food less than avg rating for service.
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alishajain2011 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

A must visit in Chennai !!

The ambience here is to die for. Its a great place if u are looking for a quiet dinner with your loved ones. I love the seating arrangement where the pool is converted into a dinning area. It gives you a romantic feel. The food is really good especially the smoked vegetable rice , Barbequed Paneer curry. Service is decent good. Among the deserts Elaneer souffle is one of my favorite and the best i ever had. Overall 4/5
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Manasa Kumar - Burrp User

Manasa Kumar

November 10,2012

Worth the wait

The ambience here is to die for. It's a great place to go if your looking out for a quiet dinner with family. Service is a bit slow, but the food is worth the wait. Few of dishes have more pepper than they should be having, but the rest are full of flavour. Things to try out: Karuveppillai Urulai Varuval, Urulai Paneer Urundai and Grilled Cheese, Potato and Herb steak.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Decent food with Poor service

Crimson chakra has a very bful ambience and a lovely seating
THey have fixed combos for lunch and dinner and makes a worthwhile experience to visit the pool and the restaurant..
The food is delicious and definitely value for the money
yet their poor service, wrong billing sometimes makes it hard to be convincing as a great hotel
I am yet to visit the KNK branch.. so hope that offers a better experience..
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A Must Visit in Chennai for Panchamrutham Soufflé

Kaalan Varuval - 1/5: Not good
Chettiars Kozhi Curry - 4/5 Nice, with mutton kheema briyani
Mutton Kheema Biriyani - 5/5 The best
Buffalo Wings - 5/5 Had the boneless version. But they dont have a good ranch dip
Panchamrutham Soufflé - 5/5: Really Really good. I need to visit this place many more times just for this
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Manickam Athappan - Burrp User

Manickam Athappan

August 04,2012

Food is good and worth a visit.

I had been long waiting to visit this restaurant with my family, finally got an opportunity to treat them. Booked a table (3 hrs before) to avoid waiting period. As expected my family members loved the ambiance of the restaurant & with the food.
We started with soup & starters as usual - mutton kheema vada (average rating), Tangy fish & Kalan (mushroom) varuval (both were too good). Then we ordered for Phulka & butter naan from Indian breads with urulai (potato) thokuku (a special mention for taste). Kids order for 1 sweet corn & 1 clear chicken soup - but hopeless as this was suppose to be a chinese menu & they don't serve. My kids asked for Egg biryani but they had similar one - Smoked chicken rice it was little spicy for my kids but the liked. We ordered for Chicken Kheema Roti, but didn't like much. Then comes kid's special - dessert section - choc. brownie with vanilla ice creams n with regular orders of lemon salt soda for the elders. Thought of having yelaneer sofful - out of stock :) .
Food - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 3/5
Cost - 3/5

Waiters who is taking the order (interacting) with customers should be able to communicate either English or local language (Tamil) fluently. Parking could be much more organized as Gandhi nagar club also uses the same parking area. When Service Charge is collected in the bill it can be stated in the bill or personally tips not entertained as other restaurants do.
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Karthik Murugesan - Burrp User

Karthik Murugesan

May 29,2012

Awesome Ambiance!

Wanna enjoy with your loved one's or freak out with a gang. Best place! No pollution, no distractions. Enjoyed the dinner whenever I go.
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anikutti - Burrp User


April 16,2012

Set Fire to the Crimson Chakra

My boyfriend wanted to surprise me and took me to for a candlelight dinner. He booked the private room and paid for a special package rate..We went inside and i was shocked..the room set up was beautiful and romantic..well that's just about it! When we entered, they played a song- Set Fire to the Rain, by Adele. I literally started to laugh. Then we started ordering food. The waiter came in. We had trouble talking to the waiter as he didn't understand simple English. Somehow, we managed to order. We waited so long for the food. The package came with a personalized waiter whom we could not find. My boyfriend had to go out and look for the waiter. The food was so-so. We just wanted to get out of there and I didn't feel the romantic ambiance anymore. I was irritated and i can see the disappointment on my boyfriend's face. I highly recommend that you should not go there and and I humbly request that the Management should send all their staff to a English class first!
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viki1989 - Burrp User


April 06,2012

Not worth it

I went there for an lunch on 16th Mar 2012. Food was ok. Not too good. There were few people in neighbouring table who felt the same and spoke to the Manager and the Chef. It was a bit messy and loud. Ambiance was not as expected. It was just like an ordinary restuarant in chennai. Reading at the reviews I was expecting more. Many places in Chennai offer a better food and ambiance for the the money you spend here. Sorry to say, I would prefer The Main Street than Crimson Chakra.
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nimmo10 - Burrp User


March 22,2012

Go there for sole basa fillet

I think that if there is one restaurant in town which serves awesome exotic food at decent prices, it is crimson chakra.. we went gaga over d sole basa fillet and kingfisher batter fried fish..a heaven for seafood lovers..but sadly not much for veg ppl..but a must visit place for all seafood lovers...and yeah the desserts are mindblowing too
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Arun G - Burrp User

Arun G

March 06,2012

Not worth the Hype..

Not worth the hype and miles away in terms of quality and service when compared to Azzuri Bay which is located on the top floor.

The problem with this resturant and several others in the city is the lack of quality waiters. Our waiter had no idea about the items listed on the menu when requested for suggestions. Honestly..just not worth the hype. Skip it
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arjunstish99 - Burrp User


December 20,2011

Desserts were amazing

My second visit to Crimson in the last few months and I really like the warm atmosphere. Its nice to sit in a area near the water fall and look at the droplets. For the food, I tried the continental section and really loved the cottages cheese steaks, not sure what the sauce is but its nice. Another thing I liked was the dessert, chocolate fondant.

Food say around 3.5 out of 5
Service is 4
Ambience around 3.5
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rkirti - Burrp User


October 25,2011

Disappointed. Overhyped by Burrp-ers, pricey.

We went on a Saturday night, had to wait for 10-15 mins but the waiting area is nice and comfortable. The place gets 5-stars on ambience -be it the entrance, waiting area or the actual dining area. It stops there I guess.
We ordered some difficult to pronounce Tamil soup, the first on their menu I guess. Turns out to be glorified Rassam - though it was good and showed that they know how to keep their flavours delicate. I however wouldn't spend 200 bucks on a soup, especially one thats eeriely close to home-made Rasam again.
Main course disappointed us - we ordered 2 Italian entrees, too much Cheese, taste was OKish. Desserts were nice ("Warm fudgy nutty brownie" - enticing names!) - we ordered the aforementioned brownie and some lychee cheesecake if I remember correctly. Was great, slightly on the expensive side.
Overall experience would have been good if they weren't so heavily overpriced (didn't feel it was worth the 500-600 Rs per person we paid - unlike their sister outlet Azzuri Bay where I am happy spending ~700 per head) and if the main course was better.
Summary: Go to Azzuri Bay instead if you are around that area. Its the same building, same owners.
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Jen Subbaraman - Burrp User

Jen Subbaraman

October 25,2011


After reading the reviews my husband and I excitedly took the long drive across Chennai to dine at this resturant. Upon entering the building is pretty and ambieance was nice. Sitting next to a large happy party, their voices echoed off the walls and we couldn't hear our own conversation at our table. This could be corrected by placing tapestries. That being said we were immediately swarmed by mosquitos. It was horrible and I was even wearing repelant! The wait staff informed us they left the windows open. They knew of the problem and didn't do anything about it. Swatting away at bugs while trying to order dinner is never okay! Being eaten alive while trying to dine is worse. We should have left immediately but the reputation we read on line made us stay.

Starters were tasty. Peppered cauliflower and fried shrimp were very nice dishes. I was sad they didn't serve alcohol. A nice wine would have helped my mood at this point. I ordered the coffee roasted lamb with a fig sauce, replaced the baked potato with mashed and the usual steam vegi's came with it. Sounds delicious right? Wrong. The lamb was tender I will give them that. But it was completely smothered in this horrible looking brown gravy that looked like it came out of the back end of a cow. That is saying something since I am used to curries and such. The chilli in the gravy was so overwhelming I couldn't taste any of the other flavors. I tried to dull the burn with mashed potatoes only to find they were black peppered beyond anything I have ever had. The vegi's? Well go to any crappy american diner and you will see what kind of steamed mess that was. The husband was smart and ordered some kind of chicken curry that was very tasty. But not worth the hundreds of rupies we paid for it.

I wouldn't recomend this resturant unless you want to over pay for good indian food. Forget the fusion part of the menu. It just wasn't worth it. To the tune we didn't even order desert or coffee. This was my big dress up in my most expensive outfit and escape the inlaws and my baby for the night and it was the worst night we had durring our visit home to Chennai.

Sorry Chef, but mosquitos and bad food will mean we will not return.
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TKumar - Burrp User


September 28,2011

Amazing food

The restaurant serves South Indian (they have naans and Rotis) and Continental food. Not knowing what to order, we started our way from the South section and moved into the continental food. We were totally blown away by the taste of the fish stew and appams followed with Smoked rice. For continental,we had fish and it was interesting for we can order half portions of fish or chicken. I know I will come back!
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HariVidya - Burrp User


September 02,2011

Fusion Food ..just passby

Crimson Chakra & Cornucopia are both the same restaurant located opposite the Gandhi nagar Club of which the menu items alone differ. Crimson Chakra is more of the Indian menu, while Cornucopia contains Continental - pastas etc.

The ambiance is good. Food is costly. A meal for 2 came to Rs.1000. The service charge(tips) is collected on the food bill.

We had a Panneer Varuval, naan, milagu Kalan, Phulka and Mud Pie (desert). All the items except the Mud Pie were pretty ordinary. The mud pie was a mix of chocolate cake, Vanilla ice-cream and chocolate ganache. This alone we liked.

Non-vegetarian dishes are in plenty and vegetarian choices are few.
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Marriedafoodie - Burrp User


August 16,2011

Consistently good

We have been here about 4-5 times in the last 6 months. We usually end up eating from the cornacopia menu and have always enjoyed our meal.
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Nareshh - Burrp User


June 17,2011

Not A Good Try

Ambiance is good. But not the food.

Over hyped by few of the burrpers.

But nothing as expected.

Pretty average taste and most of the dishes are not good as well.

We had tandoori dishes and some Chinese.

Everything was tasteless and a real waste of time and money.
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Hema Ramasamy - Burrp User

Hema Ramasamy

May 27,2011

Awful Dinner but good decor 26/05/2011

There are few places you just want to keep going back to. Well this is not one of them. It has nice decor but the food is just plain awful. Let’s start off with the non-veg soup which had just shards of chicken in it quite literally. The staff were quite clueless about what available in the kitchen. One of my colleagues had to make do without any soup. Then we moved on to starters. The seek kebab looked as if it was made eons ago and was very tough to cut even with the fork and a knife. I think the chef likes to think in nice even figures. There were two 1” long seek kebabs with two I” long malai kebab, a couple of fish bajjis and two 1 sq.” chicken kebab.
The main course was Biryani and Breads with butter chicken and mutton korma. The biryani was completely dry and was spiced quite badly. The butter chicken wasn’t bad but no clue about how the mutton was [don’t eat mutton]. When the waiter was asked for a side plate it took him ages to finally find one. The waiters were very rude to say the least and didn’t understand the local lingo or English.

Honestly speaking this is an experience best left unexplored.

I had to give 1 star as zero is not allowed by the website
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mansijm - Burrp User


March 13,2011

Good place for dinner

Crimson Chakra the extension of Cornucopia is located just next to the Gandhinagar Club.

We had booked our tables in advance, so there was no issue of waiting. There is quiet a crowd on the weekend evenings, so it is a good idea to book ahead. They have a good lounge though and the Gandhinagar road is a good place to take a walk before dinner if you have to wait.

The food is good, served hot, the waiters are knowledgeable and are able to suggest good selections. They have a mouth water selection of desserts. The Tarte Tatin is specially delectable.

Suggestion, ask the waiters about the serving size. All the items we ordered were actually enough for two. So, if you are not particularly hungry, you might end up with a lot of food on the table.

The decor is nice and gives a warm feeling. Maybe the management could think of playing some light music, as with closed seating conversation from neighboring tables tend to interfere.

Overall, worth a visit.
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vanila - Burrp User


March 11,2011

Lot of hype but nothing to look fwd to !!

Over rated to the core ..atrociously expensive and I felt it was like daylight robbery !!!!
Some greens soup which was served was like raw leaves ground together ..tasted terrible..
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shraBun - Burrp User


February 26,2011

Its just about ok

Four of us had gone to this place for dinner to celebrate a birthday. Sadly, I would have to say, this place isn't "insane" or "awesome" as some had suggested. We went for the buffet option- So lets go over the menu. The chicken soup was good with a nice distinctive south-Indian flavor. The starters were passable- one of the chicken starters was decent, the other wasn't good. The fish fingers were particularly bad. The prawns were the saving grace.I do not eat mutton, but my friend who did said it was quite good.
When it came to the main course, the naan was average, but the aappam was quite good. It went well with the fish curry which was spicy and tasted quite good. Again, the mutton curry got good reviews. The smoked chicken rice was more of a biriyani, but was flavoured well and tasted quite good. The chicken curry was a bit disappointing as it was bland and lacked any zing.
The dessert was a big let down, with just a measly portion of ice cream.
Overall, a nice place with good ambiance (although we got the worst possible table), but very overpriced for average fare(Rs. 575 per head plus 10% Service charge). I would not try the buffet again, but some dishes shone, so I would think about the ala-carte option if I go there again.
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Jayraman Iyappan - Burrp User

Jayraman Iyappan

February 20,2011

A Quiet evening - here u go !

For a friday evening, when most of the places are flooded with foodies, found this place very calm-quite and as you enter, the interior make you feel, 'burrp - you can never go wrong' :)
Food was served in quick time & all been good. Neatly served, courteous staff and pleasant/patient on order confusion (my fault though !!!)

Price - yes bit expensive for a regular dinner. But worth - if u tag for any special occasion :).
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tvamsee - Burrp User


February 16,2011

A different experience, disapp food

I had heard great reviews of this place, and was really looking forward to trying out this place.

The place has a homely ambience, and provides a good setting to enjoy a nice dinner. The menu looked very pricy, but we werent really bothered as all we cared for was good food. The menu had many strange sounding items, and we ordered a few. But I have to admit, the food was disappointing on many counts.

You can try this place once, but I doubt if I would ever go back to the place again. The food hardly justified the price tag.
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Srikumar Swaminathan - Burrp User

Srikumar Swaminathan

February 11,2011

Worth the visit

If it is an occasion, you cannot go wrong with Crimson Chakra. It has the best ambiance offered by an independent restaurant. Call them up in advance if you are looking to treat your partner to a nice evening.

I am a vegetarian, so can't vouch for the rest of the fare. Cornucopia's menu also being on offer, was a wide enough fare from South Indian to Continental with the regulars thrown in. Oh, the menu I believe has been sanitized to be more mild. Not sure I saw the huge list of Tam food I saw on the menu in Burrp! And we could do with the updated menu (their site doesn't list it - definitely left it hanging in the middle)

Started with Cream of Broccoli with Smoked Cashew nuts - Mild, just about perfect.
Baby Corn Curry Leaf Fry - crisp, but couldn't finish the whole serving.
Corn, Peas and Cottage Cheese Kentucky - Took it with Potatoes rather than rice. Then realized it was a pure overdose of aloo. Still, worked well enough with the sauces on offer.
Roti with Paneer Kheema Masala - Really south indian spice at its best. If you are the type, try it out.
Drinks - Blue Marina - The color was brilliant. Unfortunately tasted like cough syrup. Proudly tried to sell it on the sly to my fiance and kidnap her Iced tea, failed miserably.

At the end, you do realize that this place is affordable only if it is an 'occasion'. But you shouldn't hold it against Crimson Chakra. Not today.
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Sangeetha Dayasagar - Burrp User

Sangeetha Dayasagar

December 16,2010

Good One

Had a team lunch outing at this place.
Good One to try.
Impressive ambience.delicious starters and desserts.Not bad main course.
Overall a good try for a change..... :)
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Jacob Varugies - Burrp User

Jacob Varugies

October 27,2010

A Restaurant with a difference

How many restaurants in chennai can boast that they have a table in a pool or a private room for those intimate moments with the one you love. On the top of my head I can think of only Crimson Chakra. The food selection is vast ranging from aappams to sizzlers, salads to curries. The quantity is large compared to a lot of restaurants today. The food just makes you coming back for more and you tend to do that quite often. The staff are friendly and do not keep you waiting for hours just to get a glass of water. I have truly enjoyed my experience at Crimson Chakra and will be going back for move. 5 stars in my book.
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sanjana1 - Burrp User


October 24,2010

Crimson is an experience...

Crimson Chakra to me is one of the few restaurants in Chennai that provides an all-round dining experience..Its not just a place to go and eat;It provides a treat to all your senses .From the beautifully done up interiors,the relaxing sound of water and the gracious hosts,this is one experience that will stay with you.Whether its a business lunch with your colleagues or a special place to take your date,Crimson chakra offers something for all.

The food is a delicious mix of the traditional south indian and Continental and these two diverse cuisines seem to come together in perfect harmony in Crimson. The appams are as perfect and light and crisp as they come and go perfectly with the subtly delicious coconut based gravies.The smoked rice or Biryani is another popular dish with a unique crimson twist.One good thing about Crimson is the variety and choice it offers vegetarians .This is definitely one of the places where your vegetarian friends wont complain.

As far as continental goes ,it gets as tasty as they come.The seafood is fresh and cooked just right and the subtle sauces enhance the flavor of the dishes without overpowering it.My personal favorite is the 'Beer batter fish' which is served with a yummy oyster sauce.All the continental dishes are served with freshly baked bread and stir fried veggies and potatoes done just right.Crimson has a few curve balls when it comes to the desserts as well.The coconut mousse with chestnuts is something i haven't seen elsewhere and its simply sinful.The pineapple cake and the mud pie have a big fan following as well.

Crimson will woo you with the delicious food and pamper you with its ambiance.Its the perfect place for a family dinner or night out with friends. Definitely one of the 'must-try' places in Chennai.
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plsbemypal - Burrp User


October 23,2010


Different name, nice ambience with water elements etc. menu takes a while to read. A diff combo of food items. Serivce was a bit slow. Once of my friends went for the set menu and they took realllllly long time to deliver everything he asked in addition. A decent place to check out.
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anon322 - Burrp User


October 23,2010

Good Food, Great Environment

The food at Crimson is pretty good for the most part. The South Indian menu is always great, regardless of what is ordered. A couple of the items on the Continental menu can be hit or miss at times especially when drowned in sauce. The desserts are wonderful and are not to be missed, especially the mud pie. The ambience is second to none. The artwork, the candle room, the private rooms, the ability to eat in a pool, it all contributes to the wonderful experience you'll have at Crimson.
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preetasuresh - Burrp User


October 22,2010

Crimson Chakra - another world !

So here I am thinking S is going to be incredibly “romantic” and take me for Superstar's latest hit movie on my 25th birthday. A long drive of having to act unfazed by his plans for the night and thoughts of sitting in Mayajaal wearing my new LBD... I was really beginning to wonder if the evening was a trailer to very interesting birthdays and special moments to come ..hmm

At 8:30 pm, S parks his car outside one of my favorite restaurants - Crimson Chakra. And then it dawns on me, THIS is the surprise :)

We walk in after exchanging a few pleasantries, the waiter and S begin whispering to each other about something, I was too busy looking at the paintings hung on the wall as usual to even notice ! We had to wait around for a bit (10-15mins) even though he had made reservations. The little waiting room has comfortable seating and enough artwork to pseudo-critique to keep you occupied. Crimson Chakra seems to always be buzzing with large groups of families and friends and you are guaranteed spotting a celeb at least once - even on weekdays!

Anyway, back to the evening... my surprise didn't end with just another dinner at a fancy restaurant... let me paint you a picture - A room just for a couple, lit only with candles, an ipod dock playing music, cascading water by the window, brilliant food and great service.

We spent some time mulling over the menu. The menu is really lengthy and I always have such a tough time taking a decision when it comes to food at Crimson. It takes me sometime to understand and then ofcourse the variety just has me equally wanting too many dishes. We finally gave the waiter a chance to step into our beautiful private room (did you know these guys don’t even step in without knocking the door?) to take our order. I usually always order the Indian fusion food, but decided to go with the new Cornucopia menu this time round!

S & I shared the Spiced Chicken & Corn Soup with Lemon Grass, It was a little too creamy, the lemon grass flavour was just right and that really worked for me.

For starters we ordered Bruschetta, Roasted Vegetable Salad and Skewered Fish. The Bruschetta was deliciously chunky with fresh tomatoes and basil.
The Roasted Veg Salad is my all time favorite at Crimson... its quite a large portion - the veggies are fresh and crunchy drizzled with olive oil.

Did I mention I’m vegetarian? Okay so I’m a fraud vegetarian... I do eat my occasional chicken and seafood. The Skewered fish was soft on the inside and it went really well with the peanut sauce served with it.

For the main course, I ordered a pasta - spaghetti with mixed mushroom, walnuts, garlic and cream in herbs. I usually always order a tomato based sauce, But I was glad I made an unusual choice. The walnuts and garlic in warm creamy mushroom sauce was simply divine! S debated for very long on whether he should order poached or baked Fish... honestly we didn’t know the difference and we felt the waiter could’ve explained it a little better to us. He finally ordered the Poached Kingfish Evita. The fish was boneless and cooked in wine. S said he liked the dish ... he usually is a little picky about fish, so this was a pleasant surprise!

Finally the evening closed with a yummy whisky mousse .... I was a little high after the third spoon. They had even topped off the mousse with a little candle and a birthday message for me in chocolate sauce. This was truly special!

My only grouse is the name of one of their Beverages - Fruit “Tumour”. Its a little too unappetizing and actually made me not want to order a drink. The waiter could do with knowing a little more about each of the dishes. The menu is a little unreadable in the dim lighting... and the white text against red doesn’t help much either.

Overall my experience at Crimson Chakra was unforgettable. The food was served hot and on time. The air conditioning was perfect. The music was just right (we got to operate choose the music for the ipod on our own!). The ambience was magical!

I would highly recommend this restaurant to large groups of friends, families and couples... there's something here for everyone.

My top picks:
Sutta Vazhakai (kind of like banana pancake),
appam and stew,
smoked rice
Roasted Veg Salad
And most definitely try the set menu atleast once (I suggest skipping your previous meal).

My score:
Food 4.5/5
Ambience 4.5/5
Service 3/5
Value for Money 4/5
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kshantanayar - Burrp User


October 20,2010

Gr8 Place!

Have been there many times. Found the food excellent,ambience very very good & service was exceptional. Would & have recommended to a lot of people. Keep it up!
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klusnar2003 - Burrp User


October 18,2010

Poor service,Worst experience,humiliated

We started lunch at 2 pm.When my team members were having set menu they asked for extra briyani.The waiter irresponsibly answered That kitchen is closed and they also Ill treated saying that since we were sharing in set menu it was not sufficient.But we ordered both set menu and alacarte.After scolding to the manager that we ordered in alacarte many varieties more than sufficient the manager agreed that we did not share and they later served briyani which we asked for.It was such a poor service.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

October 02,2010

Nice place with a nice feel to it

Crimson Chakra offers mainly South Indian delights..but the chef holds on tight to the “fusion food” tag. North Indian food with Southern spices, they say. From the same people who own Cornucopia, CC isn’t your average South Indian restaurant. From the ambience to the food, everything’s different & special.

What blew my mind away was the ambience. This is one pretty place! There’s a candle room which like its’ name suggests is a room illuminated by candles & is a beautiful place for dinner with your special someone. There’s also the water table which is pretty cool.

Coming to food. It’s confusing! The menu is difficult to understand. In their attempt to make every dish sound unique & exotic, simple ingredients like Paneer get re- christened as ‘Paal katti’. So after studying the menu for a good 15 minutes, we go for the Chicken smoked rice, Aapam & Chicken curry, Yera milagai, Meen Varuval & Whiskey mousse. Everything tasted fine. The Chicken smoked rice stood upto its reputation & was absolutely yummy. The whiskey mousse was yum too!

Service was okay. There were a few hiccups with them not serving the right dishes but no major problems.

CC is quite expensive..a meal for two coming upto around Rs 1000 but it’s def’lly worth the ambience & quite worth the food too.

FOOD 3.5/5
VFM 3.5/5
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foodster - Burrp User


September 27,2010

Average food, grudging service

Set meal at 550/- is not worth it. The starters were average and were limited, couldnt have more of what I liked. The appams were good but not enough gravy to go along as we were a group of 10 and gravy provided had to be shared. Desert was average.
The restaurant serves South indian food but waiters do not know a word of Tamil.
The behaviour of the person serving us was very bad as he kept mutterring something and showed anger everytime we asked for anything.
Overall, not a good experience, we will not go there again.
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David Ebenezer - Burrp User

David Ebenezer

September 14,2010

Fusion at its best

Set as an extension of the already popular Cornucopia, Crimson Chakra is a chip off the block offering fusion dishes from various parts of the country. Located at the 2nd main road, Adyar, it is not a hassle finding the place or parking for that matter. There is ample space in the wide street, albeit there is no Valet service.

Crimson Chakra/ Cornucopia occupies an artistic yesteryear house and have renovated to an appealing show of art. Paintings of sorts and wall hangings adorn the interiors. The reception desk though has a vacant spot that leaves one in a spot.

The lounge is a fantastic spot to relax while you wait. An attendant finally shows up and in a while you are provided with a table. There has been no effort whatsoever to welcome you ( the guest ) or any of the complimentaries.

The menu card is neatly divided into food offered by Cornucopia and also the fusion jazz food by Crimson Chakra. Pretty interesting dishes like Suttu Milega Kozhi, Dindigul...etc gets you wondering what its all about. It has most of the standard dishes, the indian breads, varieties of Sea food and Meat. The food items are priced on the upper side of average and on the price : quantity ratio, price wins.

The waiters are gentle and are ready to provide answers to the various dishes listed in the menu. Hospitality is on the plus side putting one in the comfort zone.

The order takes about 20 odd minutes whilst it is prepared and then served hot. The food is delicious, spicy and one can feel the variety of spices used in the dishes. Being in a group, we were able experience the continental offering by Cornucopia and the fusion by Crimson Chakra.

What really leaves you feeling over the edge is the dessert..especially the Chocklate Mudpie. It is a slice of ice cream with various other ingredients and tons of chocklate sauce that will leave you gasping for air in a while..

The overall experience was alright, the dessert being the highlight. The food is definitely a culinary delight and the effort taken to create such dishes is of note.
It is on the north side of pricey, However, is a neat spot for a quiet dinner with friends/family away from the noise of traffic outside.

Ambiance - 7/10
Hospitality - 6/10
Service - 9/10
Food - 9/10

Overall - 7.5/10

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bharathmutha - Burrp User


August 13,2010

Reallllly costly.... DONT EVER VISIT

Be sure to listen everyword they say!!!

I am FOODIE... i have been to almost all the restaurants in chennai but it was my first experience at crimson and also this my first experience that made me to write a review for a restauarant.

We opted to go for buffet and i THOUGHT it should be the same as the whole world is... but here in buffet its ONE TIME serve is applicable whatever you want moreeee. is EXTRAA from your pocket...
Its not really worth for the money you pay 450/- for buffet and few items only available(smoking rice... that smells bad... white rice with nothing to have dal or anyother thing) it seems as if you have come to have a LIMITED MEALS.. its all limited here... We had a great finish when i thought have extra desserts to compensate the big amount for buffet... and we had EXTRAAA amount in bill too..

You know when we thought to have a group photo. we asked the security guy to take the photo he replied us saying he is not supposed to take photo by the restaurant team... that seems to be really bad!!!
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spocky - Burrp User


August 09,2010

The Aapam and Smoked Rice will make your day!

Crimson Chakra is located in a very well artsy house located on the same road as the Gandhi Nagar club and St.Patricks School in Gandhi Nagar. The well decorated house combined with the outdoor seating by the swimming pool makes the ambiance nothing short of 5 star!

I have been here several times and with respect to the food, here are my observations:

1.The Aapam with Stew/Chicken Gravy is easily their No.1 Dish!

2.The Smoked Rice (Vegetable, Chicken) is another killer dish on the Menu,

3.All the deserts here are great especially the Whiskey Mousse and the Caramel Custard.

The North Indian food though is pathetic...Infact horrible is an understatement when it comes to the Rotis and the Dishes (both Veg. and Non-Veg) are nothing but masala with a lot of oil. AVOID at all costs!

Other than that, a great overall dining experience!
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Prashant Chopra - Burrp User

Prashant Chopra

August 08,2010

Outstanding Food

It was a pure Pleasure to have lunch at Crimson Chakra ... everything that we ordered was just outstanding ... :)

Would I go there again ... Ofcourse I would in a heart Beat ..any time ... :)

Great Food ... Keep it up .. :)
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foodiedoodie - Burrp User


July 20,2010

An experience to remember...definitely going back

Was at Crimson Chakra a couple of times in the last week and I have to say that the owners have pretty much got everything right to keep their customers coming back for more!The ambience is lovely especially the outdoor seating, with the sound of running water in the background. You never feel the need for air conditioning which is a definite plus! For those who've visited 'Cornucopia', the continental section of the menu reads familiar and I'm guessing it tastes as good as it used to there.The Indian part of the menu with traditional dishes mostly from the south, is what we were drawn to on both occasions.The starters were excellent. We tried the Yera Milagai, which lived up to it's name and was as spicy but very very tasty.The stuffed rotis were incredible and the variety of fillings available makes it possible for everyone to choose something they like. The appam and meen stew didn't disappoint. Desserts were ok and i'd say were the only dampner on an excellent meal.The mango cheesecake was a big disappointment and though the 'Warm and Indulgent " ( Rich chocolate cake with chocolate sauce) looked every bit as tempting as it's name, it didn't taste as good. Overall though, a lovely and satisfying meal.
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preethik - Burrp User


June 30,2010

cornucopia actually

been to the one one on cenotaph. this ambience even better. the food was awesome. had the pita hummmus, potato and spinach salad,corn crepes, strudel were excellent. the ones i would not really recommend are the brushcetta and lasagna. they were so-so. the sevice and the decor were very good. waiting to visit again
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Prithvi Kukillaya - Burrp User

Prithvi Kukillaya

May 03,2010

Pleasant evening.

I went there this evening with my family for dinner. The food was really nice, the service was really prompt and the ambiance is excellent. They even have two tables in a small pool that you can sit in and eat at. Anyways, i personally had no complaints, its a little on the expensive side but the food overall was very filling. I would recommend this place.
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Aishwarrya Raghunathan - Burrp User

Aishwarrya Raghunathan

April 26,2010

Makes me say yeh dil maange more!

For this New years, we were a group of friends debating on where to go to spend an evening catching up with everyone.A friend of mine suggested this place and I was initially skeptical since I hadnt heard anything about it.
So the first time I go and bang on, fell in love with the place.For new years it was a buffet spread and it was totally worth the bucks!!

Ambience: Chettinad style bunglow converted to a restaurant with cane chairs and nice cushions to give the authentic south Indian look.A nice waterfall outside and swings to relax in the open place outside. You can choose to dine inside or outside with another option of eating inside the pool(yes this is the thing that made me go bonkers about the place)Nice paintings and neatly done up.
We were unfortunate the first time we went that we didnt get the pool table yet the place was wonderful.
A lot of hep crowd coming in
Reservations:easy to make, and they try to accomodate you when you wanna be there and not when they are free

People: Very friendly, Courteous and understand how to treat customers.I once ordered a paneer gravy and it turned out to be very salty(am a person who takes less salt) and the waiter agreed to take it back and got me another gravy.Second, we wanted crab for starters and the waiter said its not fresh today so I dont suggest it-How many places actually do that?

Food:First of all the place is a fusion place- where you get authentic chettinad as well as continental food- from cornucopia which has merged with Crimson chakra here.
Soups: very limited variety but must try.A great way to begin your lunch or dinner here.
The Fulkas are the best and extremely soft.
The veg kaaikari urundai offer a taste quite unique for the vegetarians.
The aapams with any chicket gravy(chettinad or Nadar's kozhi curry) are awesome and a must try.
The tangy meen varuval is a treat to the fish lovers
The prawn starters are delicious too.
For the main course, Rotis, aapams and smoked chicken/Fish/Prawn rice are available and I assure you that nothing will let you down.
The continental side has a lot of steaks, pastas which are also worth trying.

The smoked chicken rice is cooked to perfection and can serve a person adequately.

Desserts:Though the dessert section is limited, the USP of this place is the tender coconut souffle .You could also try the Prune and Caramel Upside down cake which tastes yummy or the chocolate brownie with ice cream

Juices: Yes this part is also good, when you are waiting for your food they suggest for some fresh juices and I had the fruit punch which was kick ass.

Pros and Cons:
The food is prepared fresh in an semi-open kitchen and the ambience is great.The pricing is a little on the expensive side and can be looked at without compromising on the quality.
Also, the menu is the same, so consider adding some options to it by bringing in something new once in a while.

Would be nice if a branch opened up somewhere since I stay in Anna nagar and its pretty difficult going there everytime:)

The candle Room:The candle room is a small room with a table and two sofas facing each other.It is a totally romantic one for people wanting to propose to the one they love.Completely lit by candles, gives a great ambience. The room can be booked at Rs.3000 for few hours with unlimited supply of food and beverages.
For more details get in touch with Crimson Chakra @9677277900

P.S I have been to this place more than six-seven times since Jan'2010 and enjoyed it time and again.Anyone I have taken along have also throughly enjoyed the place and the food.
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naven_cumar - Burrp User


April 14,2010

i would show a red card for this

me n my family went over here..we are new in town..we tried many restaurants..n this came in the list too..
the food was soo damn expensive n the quantity is very less n the taste wasnt tat impressive..it was quite normal..
its ok.. but for that fodd the prices aree wayy too expensivee..
the service was bad n the food ddint taste tat pretty gudd
not worth the price
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Roopak Venkatakrishnan - Burrp User

Roopak Venkatakrishnan

April 09,2010

Lovely Ambiance... Not worth the price

Decided to visit this place after someone told me how gr8 the place is...

Situated in a street in adyar it is well away from the noise of the city. At the very site of it one can make out that its a house which has been re-modeled to suit a restaurant...Job well done, the place is decorated with paintings which if u ask me aren't the best, but not bad either.... The furnishing is amazing... The best thing i liked about the place was that they had two tables situated inside a small pool they had at one corner of the place... yes u could use the table if you dont mind water till your ankles...

We were seated as soon we reached... The place was quite empty... No dont get the wrong idea, its not that bad... Maybe its cos we went on a weekday! The waiters seemed quite friendly, but one thing to note was they "happen" to give the person a lot of time to choose...They dont keep looking in to see if you are ready to order.. We waited about 5-10 minutes before some one realized we were ready and waiting...

After a quick glance through the menu I decided to have the set meal, while my friend went in for naan and pattani paneer subji... I got a cabbage soup and a plate of assorted starters... The soup was average while all the starters were pretty good... The aloo fry was out of the world.... Made just right... When i was half way through my starters i called the waiter to get us some more of the aloo fry thing only to be told it wouldnt be included in the set meal as it was limited... The 450 bucks for the set meal is totally NOT WORTH it... then again the prices on the menu aren't to gr8 either... If you're going here ur sure to burn a hole in your pocket...

The main course was the usual, naan, roti, subji's,rice and aapam... The aapam and kurma were divine, the rice was just ok and the other items were pretty good... Overall the main course was pretty neat

FOr deserts I got halwa and some banana thing ... Both of which were nice...

On the whole a really neat place, the best place if you want a romantic evening, or even a quite business meet... The only reason they may be justified in charging their current prices is the ambience...I'd surely visit this place again, as long the treat's not on me :D
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Murali Das - Burrp User

Murali Das

March 15,2010

Wonderful place to have a lazy sunday lunch!

We had been talking about going to this place for a very long time but had to wait this long! The ambience is really elegant and the furniture makes you feel warm and comfortable right away.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a small car park inside, and was lucky to be early to find a slot.

We decided to go for the Cornucopia menu and found the food to be well above average. The warm chicken salad was different but still tasty, the kids loved the fried prawns while wife and myself enjoyed the spicy lemon grass soup and the skewered fish. Having done with the starters we started on the pasta and finished off with some excellent dessert.

The service was warm,attentive and courteous. We were never hurried and wherever an explanation was asked for it was given clearly and softly. The kids had naan and cashew curry and enjoyed it very much.

On the whole it was a very pleasant experience and we thoroughly loved it. Pricing is on the higher side.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

January 17,2010


After reading all the reviews and the hype about fusion south-indian cuisine, set menu and all the jazz, we went in search of this place, hidden find, pretty tuff to tell its a restaurant from the outside. I usually love such places that do not give an average restaurant feel like cedars. Once inside, place looked cool, posh and lovely decor. Its of course a huge house converted into a restaurant, dimly-lit tho, lovely.

Unfortunately, from the day we went onwards, there was no set menu it seems. And the South-Indian and continental were separated, The fusion menu did appear to be present but mostly unavailable. Continental dishes were unavailable too. The menu was presented in a very intriguing way. The dishes spelled out in Tamil (written in english) as in aloo paneer roll wud b termed as Urulai Palkatti Urundai types, making u feel interested in the new dish!

Although we ordered the same, we received only a Paneer roll, which the waiter argued had aloo too, we had to make him take it bak to the kitchen and prove to us. And then came the proper aloo-paneer roll tho it was too late. Main course were nothin different, just the usual Indian stuff. The Panchamirdham or Cotton Seed Souffle that i badly wanted to try (main reason i wanted to try this place!) were not available. period.

Not a very pleasant service. Maybe they really were having a bad day, Would like to try again, if i see more positive reviews coming up in future. Oh i almost forgot, pretty expensive!
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December 30,2009

Crimson Chakra - Limited Starters, down, down

Crimson Chakra is not a place that I had visited often, I had been there just twice. My first visit was for a team dinner with a group of ten colleagues, the food and service was extremely nice. With their unlimited starters and great mutton flavored rice, I promised myself to take my family here. This explains my recent visit to Crimson Chakra.

First and foremost, this place is a actually a bungalow converted into a restaurant and the ambiance is very comforting and warm. You have a choice of sitting by the waterbody or inside the air conditioned restaurant. We chose to be near the waterbody and settled for a set menu. Out of the four people three settled for a non veg set menu and one with the veg set menu.

After a long wait and a few reminders our soups arrived, which - based on my previous experience - was nothing exceptional but not bad.

Then again after a few reminders for the starters we received a plate of starters each. Aren't they supposed to serve the starters along or immediately after our soup bowls are empty, most restaurants don't get this and same happened with Crimson Chakra as well.

Starters were excellent, infact the best part of the whole experience was the starters. The platter contained two chicken starters, one fish and one mutton starter. The meats were extremely succulent and flavored with the right amount of spice (with a tinge of extra salt) and everybody loved it. Though the vegetarian starters were not very great, they were just ok.

We asked for one more round of starters and the waiters refused as the starters were limited. When I asked ‘Since when?’, as the last time I visited Crimson Chakra, they had unlimited starters (not to mention I came again just for the starters). They just bluntly said that the starters are limited.

Again after a reminder they bought us some appams and roti's (they asked us how many we need and got it exactly, we had to order for appams again with another long wait) and some chicken and fish curry.

The appams were good, rotis were ok, the chicken and fish curry was great. Loved the taste. The curries had a Kerala influence, with loads of coconut milk. When we asked for more chicken gravy the waiters said that it is limited too. The first portion which they served contained on chicken piece and I was not sure on how three people were supposed to share that one tiny piece of chicken. The response was not very positive and I said if they are not serving two more single portions of the curries I am going to pay only for one person. Then they brought in some more curry with two pieces of chicken.

We had to remind and fight for the Mutton flavored portions as well and we were irritated inspite of the good food.

Desserts were innovative (amla halwa, banana payasam) but taste-wise, were just ok, (no ice cream here)

The Verdict - Except for the soup and dessert, the starters and the maincourse in Crimson Chakra is excellent, but for 425 bucks you definitely expect more.

And you don't expect to demand / fight for portions which they should have served without you asking for (1 piece of chicken for three people and you still pay 425 x 3 !!!!!) in a fine dining restaurant, unacceptable.

+ Starters, Mutton Flavored rice, Ambience

- Service, limited portions, expensive (for the limited starters)
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Foodie Cayenne - Burrp User

Foodie Cayenne

November 01,2009

Great food...

Crimson chakra is located in Gandhi Nagar, pretty close to the Gandhi Nagar Club. It is a beautiful house converted into a restaurant and café. The interiors are done very tastefully with very interesting paintings and artifacts. The warli painting on the outside which is done very differently is a big add on.

Coming to the food. The café has a menu of its own and the restaurant has a regular set menu which is changed pretty often. It comprises of a soup, 4 to 5 appetizers, and the main course includes aappam with stew, dosa, 4 kinds of breads and 4 varieties of gravys. And then finally the dessert which is normally a soufflé and pudding.

We were about 5 of us, there were both vegetarians and non vegetarians. We therefore had a taste of both. For vegetarians the choice of soups were between a cabbage soup and tomato and for non-veggies mutton or chicken. The soup was good and was piping hot when served. Moving to the appetizers. We had paneer fingers, yam cutlets, banana flower fritters, tandoori aloo for the vegetarians and shrimps, chicken, mutton and fish tikka for the non vegetarians. 3 different kinds of dips like pudhina, cream and garlic and tomato dip were served. Croissants with warmed up butter was also a part. The vegetarians and the mom vegeratians were given different plates so that the waiters don't get confused which is a great idea and obviously a relief for vegetarians as they don't have to keep reminding the waiters that they are vegetarians.

The main course included aappam served with vegetable stew and mutton stew, chettinad dosa and different rotis. There was this interesting roti that was made of betel leaf also. We were served bindi masala, channa, paneer makhani and aloo gobi and also mutton curry, fish and chicken gravy. The meat was tender and soft and very fresh.

The pastas from the café had an interesting twist. We also tried "Malabar fussilli". It was a cream sauce with zuccinni, broccoli and olives made of coconut oil and a lot of chilli flakes and paprika topped with a thick layer of cheese.

After eating all of this, there was dessert. A soufflé made of cotton seed and sesame halwa.

A great place serving great food and even gets better if you have great company.
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Shubhamay Banerjee - Burrp User

Shubhamay Banerjee

October 19,2009

Nice experience!

We went there yesterday after calling ahead for a reservation. On the numbers listed here in burrp.com, nobody picked up - so we searched Google for an alternate phone no. The person noted down our reservation, though he mentioned that we can walk in anyway.
When we reached the restaurant, there was no one at the reception - the guard went inside and called a head-waiter or so - who showed us our places. We noted that throughout the evening, there was no one at the reception - people were just walking in, and waiters were showing them to the tables.
Now for the good part. The restaurant is tastefully designed - it is spacious (not cramped like Barbeque nation), nice ambience, good music from the Ipod (though we suspected that there were only 2 speakers connected to the Ipod - so people sitting far off from it werent able to hear the music). There is a lot of seating space - inside as well as outside.
The service was also swift - they changed the courses as soon as we were finished. We chose the set menu, instead of a-la-carte - the waiter informed us that the a-la-carte was mostly coffee dishes. However, I felt that waiters were a bit of a hurry - it would be good if they explain some of the dishes.
The food was good - not too hot - just the right temperature. The best thing was the fusion of dishes (specially for us). They will serve you plentiful and you wont need to ask for second servings. How I wished they served alcohol as well.
We can safely say this is one of the best restaurants we have visited in Chennai. Worth a visit.
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Fahad Nari - Burrp User

Fahad Nari

September 19,2009

Amazing Ambiance and Awesome Food

I had read quite a few reviews about crimson chakra and my colleagues who had gone there also told me that it was a lovely place. I had decided that our team dinner this time would be in crimson chakra.

We reached crimson chakra at 8 p.m and were greeted well. As you enter the place you would see a small pool and water coming down from the roof and falling into a small pool. The ambiance was subtle and contemporary. We were seated in the a/c hall and the lighting in hall was just appropriate but there was a pond kinda a stuff were water kept pouring in continuously and the noise was irritating.

Now to the food part. They have a fixed menu ( Just like BBQ Nation) and were asked to select our soups. We had ordered for Tomato, Mutton and chicken soups. The soups were mostly broth types but tasted good.

Now to starters which is best part of their menu, they got us Prawns and fish followed by chicken tikka and mutton chops. All the starters were good but prawns and mutton were just amazing. I had good portions of them. Veg starters i didnt get to taste much but yes paneer was good.

I thought since they had filled our tummy's with starters the main course would be average, but i was wrong. The main course was equally good and very different. Hot hot dosas, Appam's and Naan's were served along with Fish stew and pepper chicken, channa masala and Dal Makhani. I recommend Dosa with Fish stew. By now i was really full but as i have a sweet tooth i was looking forward for desserts. Desserts were Cotton candy soufflé( Different) and Gooseberry halwa (not good) .

My colleagues felt that vegetarian food could have been better, but the non veg food was amazing and the fusion cuisine concept was totally refreshing.

All in all a must visit and i am going to go back for sure as it was worth the Rs. 550.
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gastronomic20 - Burrp User


August 11,2009

Fusion Food. Lovely Ambiance.

CC is located in one of those peaceful lanes of Adyar near the Gandhi Nagar Club - the restaurant itself is a grand bungalow owned by film maker Suresh Menon who has also done the interiors- very refreshing and soothing. The whole place is broken up in to many sections- outdoors and indoors with water being the main element - wherever you are in CC you never far from the sound of flowing water which is esthetically embedded in to the whole space.

The food is south Indian fusion - it?s your grills and works with a twist- a south Indian twist! Its set menu-veg / non veg where you are served a full course meal. I opted for the veg and was served a veg broth, hot n spicy, 5 varieties of starters- the paneer was heavenly- soft and amazing texture, cauliflower was good and other kabab was good too ? all these are marinated using masalas that are local to South which was very different. Chef Jacob also brings to the table his creativity and experiments by serving us rotis made of besan and betal paste!!! served with Dhal and other accompaniments. The biriyani (or you may want to give it a different name) was really unique in the sense it had pulses!!- I am told it is called kadai biriyani. The desert was panchamrutham styled as soufflé- a must try.

Since its a new restaurant they could be having some teething problems- not uncommon with any new resto, so slow service or such issues are bound to be present so you will have to take that in to account, but the real test is how these are ironed out as time goes by. Also, I dont think you can call it very expensive. The restaurant as set lunch/dinner at Rs 350/450 which is ok- you pay the same at BBQ nation or any other standalone buffet.

So, if you are in mood to experiment with some fusion food and you are looking for a quiet escape between that entire concrete and traffic- head to Crimson Chakra!
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madan80 - Burrp User


August 10,2009


Some of us went across to the newly opened Crimson Chakra and I walked away quite dissapointed.

the food was nothing that blew me away. The ambience was nice in its own way, where every piece was unique in its own way - howver together formed a rather oblique sense of style.

The experience was far from Fine dining but the prices and the writeup on the website claim otherwise.

The concept is a fixed menu. where you have a choice of veg and non veg and comes with a welcome drink, soup, starters and the main course consisted of a roti / appam with 2 side dishes and a rice dish.

I guess it was something very similar to what sigiri does, with a host of starters coming your way.

The taste was something which i have not been able to place at all. The dishes were WAY too spicy, and not the masala spice - but the green chilli spice (which scalds the tounge and leaves you looking for more water).

Will I go back there again - only if I have NO other option.
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