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Jayraman Iyappan - Burrp User

Jayraman Iyappan

August 11,2013

One Finds Nice place(s) - While in A Hurry

I was on a evening drive during a weekday and happen to hit this place and man - this is indeed a nice place.

Yes the table/chairs on the outdoor is shaky (it gets more disturbing as you start getting into conversation with your partner and want to enjoy your meal - please do get the floor fixed soon).

Food choice and the quality/quantity is really good. The bread, asparagus - indeed fantastic.

Bit disappointed on the 'tiramisu'. Better luck next time.
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A Kamalika Krishmy - Burrp User

A Kamalika Krishmy

July 22,2013

Darios : Sicilian Cuisine on your plates

Darios is a fairly new restaurant which serves Italian cuisine and is a vegetarian one too. A quick conversation with Chef Senthil I learnt that they do not use egg for making their pastas. The Chef was a cheerful person who took time to explain each and every dish that was served.

The Corporate Lunch at
Darios comprises of the following

Welcome Drink
6" Pizza or Pasta or Risotto

All this for Rs 389/- plus taxes

You can choose your dish from the list of items available under Corporate Lunch Menu.

Following is a review on those that I got to taste.

Lemon Juice : Just perfect to Quench the thirst of the afternoon heat.
I prefer lemon juice with salt and not many places make it perfect.
This glass of Lemon juice was just perfect.

Pomodoro: Tomato Basil Soup,very flavorful with basil and was creamy.
Just the right warm to have it.

Bosco : Spinach, Mixed Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato and Onion in a very simple Lemon Dressing.
Crunchy to taste, which is complimented by the herbs and dressing.

Etnea : Spicy pizza with jalapeno, bell peppers, tomato Sauce, ricotta cheese and capers

Very thin crust and very light on stomach. The veggies in it are cut into small pieces, so that you get a burst of flavors when you bit into it. The tomato sauce used as a base it devoid of any preservative and is made on a daily basis in Darios.

Ravioli Kamarina, my personal favorite

I loved the way Ravioli is made. Presence of Green Peas and Chick Peas, indicate the influence of Sicilian Cuisine in this dish. Sicilian cuisine is known to use a lot of Legumes in their cooking. The sauce used for this ravioli was creamy but yet not heavy on the tummy. One striking feature about this dish is that, the ravioli is not bulky, it is thin and you do not feel that you are eating stuffed pasta

Brownie with Ice Cream .. eh sinful
Just in the right time when I was getting prepared to bare the sun again. Super soft Brownie with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce,.. hmm what more can I ask for.

Lemon Cheese Cake , creamy and light.

Had a lovely subtle taste of lemon along with cream. Had it with the chocolate and it was a wonderful combination.

Overall, its a very good meal and value for money. Don't wait to go along with your team to enjoy. Do drop in on any weekday to have a wonderful Italian meal at a very competitive price.

Will I go back? Definitely YES .
It is now one of my favorite restaurant.
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shaliniprabu - Burrp User


July 11,2013

Always Fantastic

This is probably my fifteenth visit to Dario's since they opened in January and they never fail to exceed my expectations. It is a phenomenal restaurant with great food and great people. It's almost become my second home. Keep it going guys.
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aki_amit - Burrp User


July 07,2013

Dario's - Sad To Say a Disappointment

This is a first time review but it’s the first time I've actually felt like reviewing a place because I was quite disappointed. I for one usually do a background review check to see what could be good before trying out a new place. The review’s for Dario’s were all good online. People were raving about the food and the service. So Dario’s was kind of hyped up for us and we had been planning to go for quite some time.

We visited Darios Yest July 6th 2013 ( Saturday -Night ).


No complementary munchies unlike few restaurants in the same price range.

Cheese Garlic Bread: Kind of expected it to have a lot of cheese. There was a decent amount of Cheese but only on top of a small cut butter garlic loaf. The bread was soft and flavor was good. But the cheese could have been a bit more , cause few pieces of bread were left without it.

Spinach and fresh Cheese Balls : Recommended by the waiter , it was very okay but nothing to rave about.

Pan Fried Mushroom : Very bad, it tasted like road side Street food where you get the Pan/Tawa taste in your mouth.

Brocolli soup was quite poor. Friends couldn’t finish even a 1 by 2 soup.

Main Course:

Tortellini Formaggio Funghi : This was the only thing good we tasted. The pasta was home made ( 4 Stars )and sauce was nice and cheesy with mushroom but the negative of the dish was the sauce was very watery.

Fusilli Pesto and Patate: Too Strong Pesto, everyone took 1 taste from the dish and kept it aside.

Siciliano Pizza -: Sundried tomatos garlic, bell pepper tomato sauce and mozzarella. Size of the pizza was good.The base of the pizza had no flavor and was bit burnt. Quantity of toppings were there but overall the pizza was not anything great. Have had better pizzas elsewhere.

Lasagna: The lasagna portion size was good but tasted quite average.


The Main course and the evening was kind of a big let down, so didn’t want to try.


Valet Service: Quite good and helpful

Reservation : We made a phone reservation Table of 8 and were reserved out in the open air ( Which could have been informed to us prior on the phone. )
Open air: It was a tad hot in the evening ,Kind of smoky once in a while since the pizza oven was nearby.

Service was Quite poor. Maybe because it was a Saturday Night , but you can’t forget your customers.

No waiter bothered to fill our glasses with water even 15 minutes into our meal.

Had to request for our soft drinks order twice. The waiters were never really around.

Timing: Food was served quick enough which was good.



The prices were a tad on the expensive side. A bit more than other restaurants in the same category but with the prices nowadays kind of expected.

Overall: To be frank we kind of hurried up our dinner to try and catch another bite somewhere else :(

To the management of Dario’s you’ll need quite a bit of improvement in your service and flavor of your food overall was quite a letdown from what we expected of the place.
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goutham_mariner - Burrp User


July 04,2013

Experience at Dario's Restaurant Cafe

To be honest it was brilliant. As I am not a great fan of veggie, I was forced to go here with my bro and his friends. But after having the best dishes here, I became a a great fan of yours. Visited a week ago, now again plan to visit this weekend too. This Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino was the best one. Would love to have it again.
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

June 29,2013

Worth every Penny

I went to this place with my friend and trust me I truly enjoyed the food , Authentic Italian . The starters were pretty decent and as far as maincourse is considered we had Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino which was awesome we got the true Italian feel and then the pizza (Thin crust) it was totally awesome . Finally when it came to the deserts we had erupting choco cake which was similar to the choco lava cake that was served in Dominos , Nevertheless in spite of the prices being a bit peaky I wouldn't mind going to this place again . Planning to take my mom .
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

June 28,2013

Hello, Mona Lisa!

It is a widely accepted fact that the eyes of the Mona Lisa always look at you, regardless of where you are looking at the picture from. But, at Dario's she is looking at you, even when you are in a different room! Weird, right? Yes, they have Mona Lisa portraits everywhere. Framed Mona Lisa portraits in various hues and shades in all walls just to give you the Italian da Vinci feel.

This place looked very quiet from the outside and had an extremely pleasant feel to it. I do not know who designed this place, but I have a strong feeling that he/she just took truckloads of purple and drowned this resto with it. And, what beautiful effect it has to it. Purple table cloth gives this sense of a chilled feeling, too.

The maitre'd had taken our reservations and politely showed us our table. Tucked into a corner, with lovely music in the background, we instantly fell in love with this place - my friend and I. We didn't want to have any soups, so we went in straight for a starter. Since we were just two of us, we ordered one starter - Brischetto Siciliano. They were corn chips dabbed with olive and red chilly sauce. This was the Italian take of the nachos, but thinner and crispier and with no jalapenos. The main course they said would be brought in a little late and they promptly brought them out moments after we were done with the brischettos. We were also served two pieces of garlic bread and condiments. Some Italian restaurants give unlimited complimentary bread, being a bit upscale. I wish Dario's did too.

For the main course we wanted something simple and easy on our stomachs. So we went with Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino which was spaghetti with red chilli flakes in deep flavour of olive oil. Here, while ordering this, my memories flew in. While I was holidaying in Hanoi, Vietnam, my uncle and I went to this authentic Italian restaurant named 'Mediterraneo' where I had the very same spaghetti. It is quite unfair to compare Dario's to that because that one was run by an Italian himself, but not to take any credit away, this spaghetti was so beautifully made that the replication was almost cent percent, but there was something missing that said this dish was not as good as the one in Hanoi. The spaghetti screamed the flavour of olive oil right from the word 'Go' and till the last bite, the essence of garlic stayed in the spaghetti upping the aroma as well as the taste.

We also ordered a pizza - Etnea, which was a thin crust pizza made to perfection. Oodles of spicy tomato sauce and a handful of ricotta cheese and some jalapeno pepper. Forget fat, forget diet, just indulge in one of these pizzas. This pizza sends the likes of Pizza Hut, Domino's to the cleaners. My goodness, the only time I have had a better pizza was at a restaurant in Cambodia a decade back. I guess I can shell out five hundred bucks every time I feel an Italian vibe in my tongue and fulfill my desires.

We badly wanted a dessert because it just would be the perfect finish to the perfect Italian meal. We ordered the Erupting Chocolate Sundae dessert. They said it would take 20 minutes and we said we are ready for it. When it came, we devoured on the sundae, but we were a bit disappointed. The vanilla ice cream that came with was not of high quality and also I wished the erupting chocolate cake didn't taste the same as the Choco Lava Cake from Domino's - I wish it was a rung tastier at least. Nevertheless, it was delicious with the hot chocolate fudge and the cold ice cream together mixing to delight.

All through the meal, the waiters were courteous and extremely helpful in picking our dishes - highly commendable indeed. When you come to places like these, your wallet shouldn't peep out until the bill arrives, don't look at your wallet and say, you don't have money for extra dessert - just flash out your card. Rs 4000 for four people is definitely worth it. Forget money, indulge in Italian. To top it all of, Mona Lisa kept smiling at us until we left the place. When we left, not only was she smiling, we were too.
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raniaravind - Burrp User


May 31,2013

Great food & Service

We have been to Dario's many times and always enjoy their pizza, which is one of the best in town. No cardboard taste here and always made to your specifications. Prices are nominal for anything you might try on their extensive menu. I'm a fan of their salad options, which is fantastic. If you're an dessert person, they have great desserts in their menu. All in all a nice family restaurant that caters to everyone. Eat in or take out or call for home delivery, whatever is your pleasure. Truly a great place.
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


May 13,2013

Great location, good food !

For all those vegetarians who are tired of Little Italy, and others who're looking for a new good restaurant in Chennai, Dario's is a great choice. It's near Poes Garden located in an unassuming street which is perfect because it's just the right amount of peace you need for an evening snack or dinner outside if you're up for it. What I loved was the quirky interiors - the walls are decorated with mona lisa paintings with faces of different peeps - right from mother teresa to sachin tendulkar its really cool! I had the capresse salad, buffalo cheese and tomatoes with herbs and olive oil - it was cold and refreshing but may have been better with a little bread (that's just how I like it), for mains, I ordered fusili pasta in cream sauce and mushrooms which was really tasty and well cooked. And for desserts, went for the pana cotta which was really creamy and rich so you might want to split it! Slightly expensive to be honest but then again, if you have company it probably won't be. Overall, a nice new addition to Chennai's italian resturants. P.S: Quick service!
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Hari Sutan - Burrp User

Hari Sutan

May 05,2013

Until next time...

Today's lunch destination for us was a toss up between Tangerine and Dario's - a tried and tested place with options for us non-vegetarians vs. a new vegetarian Italian place that has been generating quite a bit of buzz. We ended up deciding to drive past Tangerine and landed up at Dario's. At the entrance we were greeted by pictures of Mona Lisa...and then Dhoni Lisa, Vishy Lisa, Jackie Lisa and so on. Would really like to know how Dhoni would react if the Chennai boys in CSK were to bring him to Dario's! (Anirudha Srikkanth, are you listening?) The staff were extremely courteous and quickly ushered us to a table in the air conditioned area inside; Chennai's weather in May does not encourage outside seating, especially not for lunch. Inside we were treated to more pictures of Mona Lisa and a grand tiled mural of...Mona Lisa! But by no means were any of these repetitive; very interesting interiors indeed.

At first it seemed like the place was rather empty but we had reached rather early and by 1.00PM most tables were taken. We ordered Cream of Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread with Cheese to start with. The soup was a bit bland for our palate but no complaints; we understand that authentic Italian food is rather bland and we cannot dig into dishes expecting everything to taste like butter chicken! And then I took a bite of the Garlic Bread and forgot about everything else; with a generous drizzle of mozzarella on top, the fresh bread loaded with garlic butter was simply heavenly...simply the best I have ever had! I could go on and on about it but in the interest of the reader, let's move on.

My wife ordered the Ravioli in butter sauce and I went with the Lasagne. At first I was a little disappointed when I saw the serving size; halfway into the meal, I realized how wrong I was! The Ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese was an instant hit with my wife; I liked it too but thought the flavours were a bit too subtle and I preferred the Lasagne. Being the foodies that we are, we started off real fast but found that we were gradually slowing down in the second half of the meal. Only then did I realize how heavy everything was; in retrospect, the serving size was just right! We were both pretty stuffed after the main course but how could we even dream of skipping dessert! We decided to share a Chocolate Tart with Ice Cream - warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce on a light and crumbly tart pastry with vanilla ice cream. It was the perfect end to the meal.

The staff made it a point to check on our satisfaction levels after every course. They were polite, courteous and extremely efficient; we were pleasantly surprised by the speed of service. Having lived in Chennai all my life, I have come to understand that being completely satisfied by the food and quality of service is something of a luxury. The sweet spot where the two meet is where I stop looking closely at the bill. The food is definitely on the pricey side but when it tastes this good and the service is this top notch, the whole experience is completely worth the price. Honestly, the only downside I see is the extra time that I will have to spend at the gym over the next few days!

Ambiance - 4/5
Management & Service - 5/5
Food - 5/5
Value for Money - 4/5

Overall - 4/5
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 23,2013

Could get better

The first thing you notice about the place is the awesome setting. We settled for the outdoor sitting to watch the IPL on the giant screen. Being a meat lover, I never quite understand the concept of Veg Italian. The soup Brocolli was very average. For starters, we ordered a Bruschetta with an assortment of different toppings. Some of the toppings were ok, the rest were poor.

For the main course, we had ordered a Pizza with cheese and french fries ( yes french fries). I had my doubts but this was the best item we ordered. Being vegeterian the choices are limited at this place, but if they improve their starters this could be a very good destination for Italian cuisine lovers.
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akash3rr - Burrp User


March 21,2013

Good place

Its good to have nice place like this in RK salai & food is also good - worthy for money
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shaliniprabu - Burrp User


February 12,2013

Fantastic Italian food

This place is definitely one of the best for Italian food. It's a vegeterian restaurant and me being a meat lover, I never missed the meat thru out my dining. It was that good. The place is filled with Monalisa pictures which is something unique. The service was super fast and we were surprised with the knowledge of the staffs on the cuisine which is seen only in 5 star hotels. We sat in the beautifull outdoor area and did not have any mosquito problem at all. Don't know how they manage to control it.
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shaliniprabu - Burrp User


February 11,2013

Great restaurant

We went to Dario's without much expectations as it is a new restaurant. The biggest surprise was that it is a veg italian restaurant. Super food, great ambience and freindly service. Thier thin crust pizzas were amazing. Their home made raviolli and tortellini was fantastic. The eggless tiramisu was out of the world. I was told my the Manager ( Dilli Babu) that the entore cuisine was from Sicily- the southern party of Italy.
Truly a great restauratn for all vegeterians in the city.
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