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  • Nearly half the visitors would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Kashi Halwa, rava dosa, adai avial, pesarattu, id
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned family

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upto the mark
ginger chutney given as an accompaniment is perfe
much lesser price when compared to the cold over p
in summer and you\'re guaranteed to go
sammienatorr 5 - Burrp User

sammienatorr 5

October 10,2015

ID - I'd never miss a chance to have a meal here

First thing first, it's bang inside a movie complex! No other movie complex in Chennai has such a place to my knowledge. First thing you see is white even you enter, it's clean and the ambience is good. It is a live counter concept where you can perch self on a bar stool and watch the chef create the yummie delights. My personal favorite n are the variety of hot vadas served here. I love their roasted masala dosa and chole bhature. The mini meal and combos are VFM and very filling. For dessert I love their kasi halwa and dal halwa. Must try!!
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bufam2008 - Burrp User


April 16,2014

Worst Experience

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Ramanathan Srinivasan - Burrp User

Ramanathan Srinivasan

February 03,2014

Worst Experience, Live Cockroach Counter!

I have been a regular for many years from the day they opened. I went there on Saturday for a lazy lunch and to my utter dismay, I found a live cockroach climbing from the kitchen and strolling across the bar table. And the worst part of it, even after pointing this to the staff and chef, one guy walks and taps the cockroach away to the floor and leaves. Not a sorry to us! Not concerned about the cleanliness, it was as if nothing happened and its a routine!!!

We just stopped eating, paid the bill and came off. Though the food is good, if this is the kind of attitude they have and utter disrespect to cleanliness, God save them. They have lost a long time customer for good.
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Vaishnavi Balasubramanian - Burrp User

Vaishnavi Balasubramanian

January 30,2014


This is a must go eatery if you have booked a show at Satyam or even if you have not booked one please do eat here.
Why you should go here?
• They have yummy idlis, dosas and upmas.
• Cost effective
• Neat and simple ambience
• Located centrally
• Serves fresh and hot
Why you should not go here?
• Very crowded
• Not ideal if you want to like sit for long hours over a tea or coffee
• Limited options
• Serving staff are pretty slow on taking orders
If you are a idly , dosa, vada person this is must go for you and it’s also a cool place if you want to just grab something quick and a head for your movie. You will end up having hot tasty food for a much lesser price when compared to the cold over priced pop-corns ;).
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

November 21,2013

Stylish, Pocket Friendly, Healthy and Sumptuous

Stylish, pocket friendly, healthy, sumptuous - these are the words, I choose, to describe ID.
A perfect, modern, south Indian restaurant, that suits the old,the young, the rich and the poor.

When my non Tamil friends visit, Chennai - Sathyam and ID make a perfect combo, for a show off. It conveys the message, "classy theaters and restaurants can be reasonably priced too"

ID always gives you a sense of simplicity and elegance. The chairs, tables, menu and cutlery complements the theme.

We order a mix of ghee dosa, idiyappam, idli, burnt garlic dosa and nellore dosa.
One of my friends - a big fan of south Indian food, asks me can you order something - which we wouldn't have eaten at all - and there I go, all proud, suggesting they try adai, which my friends, went on to call - 'Dal dosa'.
And I play the trump card by asking them to try 'Vada curry', apart from the usual sambhar and chutneys. They totally loved it and couldn't understand, why vada curry never made it to the menu in most swanky south Indian restaurants/food chains.

Vada curry - totally outstanding. Street food - that blows your mind even in a swanky restaurant like ID. Cooked very well.
Ghee dosa - nothing short of pure ghee dripping from a crisp and thin dosa.
Idiyappam - I love this dish just for its simplicity. But the kurma could taste better - it was creamy. I din't like the kurma much.
Burnt garli dosa - was ok. Fully loaded with garlic, the garlic is burnt to an extent where it begins to stick to your mouth. You will not like the after 'feel' (all stuck in your teeth)
Nelllore dosa - Direct chili paste dosa - fails to make any impression.

A special mention about their sambhar - Absolutely lip smacking. Packed with flavor. I went on to use the sambhar, as a dip for my idiyappam.

Warning: In the evenings, it usually is crowded when a movie is over or when a movie is about to begin. You may have to wait for about 20 minutes then.

Food - 4/5
Service - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
VFM - 4/5
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

August 19,2013

Heavenly Breakfast Early In The Morning

Many a Sunday morning movies has been done at Sathyam. And they were all possible because we would grab a good breakfast at ID before the flick. We would all reach ID around 8.15, grab a table, and dig into the hot pongal or idli vada and gulp down a hot cup of filter coffee before moving over to the movie theaters. That is how good and reliable ID is.

For as long as I can remember, we have eaten at ID- I enjoy their pongal, kasi halwa, and my all time favorite is the keerai vadai. Apart from these, they also serve adai, and a MLA pesarattu which has upma stuffing. I love the chutneys they give, white coconut chutney, tomato-red chilli chutney and of course the piping hot sambar. I have been here so many times that the staff know me by face. I have also visited their outlet in other malls and find the quality to be just as good!

It is such a saving grace for movie goers and morning movie watchers like me and my group of friends!

A big thumbs up for ID and Sathyam Cinemas!
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Jayraman Iyappan - Burrp User

Jayraman Iyappan

August 11,2013

How About A Counter ?!?!?

How about a counter Sir ?Surprising to hear this - when you enter this place on a weekend and many families waiting for tables.

But believe me - this is a very nice experience. You really get to see the kitchen and you will be surprised/happy and respect the staff as well.

The co-ordination, cleanliness and the kitchen staff take part in orders and serve. Only at home, I have been served dosa/vada straight from the stove to my plate and this is the second place ;)

Their energy really catches up with you and unlike other restaurants - these folks don't spend too much in bills and tips!.

A suggestion - please keep a tip box near the counter - I really love to tip in common for all their service and passion towards their work.
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Blah  Blah - Burrp User

Blah Blah

August 05,2013

Not Worth- Phoneix Market City ID

Sathyam needn't have tried this I guess because we always respect sathyam for its classiness. This is just another idli dosa shop but too pricey and everybody realizes and regrets after being a victim. They have a different menu in print and when we order they say sorry ma'm its a different menu and its all combos, two uthappams and one spoon vada curry costs Rs 125! Goodness gracious! Its better to make dosas at home or go elsewhere where they give you good variety at a fair price.
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Kartheek Pabbisetty - Burrp User

Kartheek Pabbisetty

June 17,2013

Pathetic Experience

Nothing great to say except very good Ambience. All Items lack salt!!! Their service is worst than a normal hotel.
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Prakash Subramanian - Burrp User

Prakash Subramanian

June 12,2013

Costly, Costlier And Costliest.

If these hotels are charging exactly at USA prices, do they expect that we earn that much here.
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Archana Balakrishnan - Burrp User

ID in Vijaya Mall big No No

Me and My mom had dinner at ID last sunday at Vijaya forum, Vadapalani. We had the dinner at the restaurant , not the food court. I have had dinner many times before in ID satyam. Unfortunately, the new ID at the mall does not match up to the taste of Satyam, I dont know why. I felt the vada was half cooked. Also, That night after dinner within an hour we came back home, me and my mom vomited the whole night. It was nothing but the ID food. I Hope they work on this. I am too scared to go back to ID at Vijaya Forum.
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Naveen Darshan - Burrp User

Naveen Darshan

April 30,2013

Personal Fav...

Best Filter Coffee and Pongal-Vada in town IMHO - in the LAND of filter coffee and pongal-vada! FTW that it is Open from 8 AM on weekends.

...and have the buttermilk esp. in summer and you're guaranteed to go "Whoosah"
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 03,2013

Best in the Business

On a budget, this has to be one of the best places to get traditional south indian dishes. The Pongal is simply brilliant and the Dosas are just out of the world. The location just perfect to catch a quick bite before a movie. Great concept
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Lovely filter coffee and south indian!

A friend of mine visiting from bombay wanted to have some south indian food. Decided that ID has to be visited. Decided to visit it at 8.30am on a Sunday before watching a 9.30 am show. It was surprisingly empty when we entered, but within no time, got filled to the brim! It was so bad that people had to wait ages for their food especially as they had only 2-3 people to serve!

We ordered a sada dosa, masala dosa and a butter sada dosa. They were perfect and crisp. The masala of the dosa was mildly spiced with the right amount of everything.

No south indian breakfast is complete without filter coffee. We ordered 2 of it and it was awesome! Arguably, one of the best filter coffees in chennai!

On the flip side though, there were no appams or idiappams available which was a let down. Also, they should have more people to help out with service during such rush hours. And just due to these 2, i would give it a 4/5.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013


Left work early on a Saturday and decided to have lunch at ID before catching a movie at sathyam! Found place ight by the kitchen and took a seat there. Ordered a rava onion dosa. Saw it being made right in front of my eyes and was surprised at how it was made! Different technique compared to making a normal dosa! The 3 chutneys provided with it was yummy and complimented the dosa perfectly. Also, the sambhar was good and not too watery.

Also, ordered an appam which again was made in front of me! It was perfect. Wafer thin on the outside and thick on the inside. The vegetable stew was good too except for the fact that it was a little too sweet for my liking.

The service cant be commented on as i was sitting right in front and they served me off the tava onto my plate! The ambience is awesome and the menu is limited. It is a classic case of make few things awesomely well!

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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 30,2013


Location is 1st Floor at Sathyam Cinemas.
ID serves south indian cuisine
Rava Dosa , Idli , Pesarratu are staple items.
Decor wise it exudes an upmarket ambience.
ID has posh bar style seats.
My friend didnt care too much about the chutneys and sambar. I felt it was good though!
Another recco here is the appam.
Place is very clean and for 120 per head you can get a filling meal.
I also liked their concept of open kitchen in a small place.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 07,2013

Simple & to the point

ID was rated to have the best Idlys in Chennai and i dont disagree at all
Their service and concept is simple and straight to the point. Stick to only 4-5 items and specialize in it
No extra frills or starters or desserts.. Just plain idly,dosa with a hot filter coffee and they have managed to pull it off very well . They are however pricey given the items are less, yet you can be assured of some good quality south indian delicacies just before u go for a movie @ Satyam
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Giridhar Ragumani - Burrp User

Giridhar Ragumani

January 10,2013

ID - A South indian's delight

I visit sathyam at least 4 times in a month but ever sice id has been added to sathym i make a visit at leat twice in a week or sometimes just to visit id. its been my hangout and i always choose the seat in the stant near the chef . the food is awesome no one can beat the soft idli s they make and their onion rava is one of my favourites not to forget the vada which is awesome combo with idli and spl mention to appam and idiyappam not to mention adai pesarattu once iwas dining in id a person next to me complimented the chef that the pesarattu they make is the best and he makes it a point to eat here everytime he visits from kerala. the ambience is good the service is excellent although night time the crowd from night show and evening show movies come here to id and u find it hard to get seats especially sat and sun nights around 940 to 1030 pm. but that has never stopped me from visiting id . ID is a unique south indian restaurant one of a kind and will be rated as the best place to get a traditional south indian idli vada and dosa
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krish_arvind - Burrp User


December 28,2012


I suggest you to open your unique veg. restaurant in Ram Nagar, Madipakkam where there is not even a single sweets& veg. restaurant of quality. Its near to MRTS/Monorail./A big bus stand on the lines of koyambedu is all coming. Hence, you can think of opening a branch hotel from areas like Ram Nagar/kaiveli/pallikaranai/Vijay nagar near MRTS/ opposite to proposed Bus stand .your uniqueness is awesome. Moreover your quality food is good for people
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Krishnan S - Burrp User

Krishnan S

November 25,2012


Went there for the first time yesterday. This is located in the first floor of Satyam Cinemas and the restaurant carries that good ambiance. 10 of our family went there and all of us really had a good time there. We tried the dosa varieties, pesarattu, adai, & appam varieties. The masala and keerai vadai were really yummy, served hot, & fast. Lassi was also excellent. Their menu is light on the pocket & the staff are really pleasant and helpful. Wish this place had more seating capacity; we could see several customers waiting (maybe the weekend crowd). Overall, it was a pleasant experience and we want to visit this restaurant soon...
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dhivss - Burrp User


November 19,2012

nice and decent

its decent enough to have a very good south indian food.. i was there for a breakfast ;0 and i loved it. pongal and idli's were nice hot and yummy. if u think u'r booking a morning show a satyam, visiting id should be a must i say !!!
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Manasa Kumar - Burrp User

Manasa Kumar

November 18,2012

South Indian Tiffin, light on your pocket too!

I went when ID opened. The ambience is amazing, with a disco like set up. Only difference though is that you are engulfed with the fragrance of steaming sambar when you enter the restaurant which is located in the Sathyam complex. A good place to go to when you are catching a meal before a morning show or in the afternoon. You also get a chance to get a glimpse of celebrities. I spotted singer Karthick here when I went. The things to try out Soft idlies, and Vadai(there was keerai vadai when I visited, ot sure if it is still there )
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Sunny Reddy - Burrp User

Sunny Reddy

November 16,2012

ID-the perfect definition of Chennai breakfast

Being an ardent non-vegetarian, i dont mind turning veg for those 30 mins when im having a content meal at ID( in Satyam).
The quality is surely projected in the taste and satisfaction one has when paying the bill (and yes it is pocket friendly unlike the other restaurants which boast of umpteen branches).
Nothing more to say except its one of those places you go hungry and dont come out with a grumpy dissatisfied face!
Idli Dosa- the pride of veg restaurants in royapetta(yes bring it on im ready to argue :P)
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mbohidar9 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

One of a kind!

ID is a must visit if you love South Indian food. Unusually swanky with a bar-type seating is a pretty unique experience in town. The place is super-clean and the food is made in an open kitchen right in front of your eyes. The menu is limited but chances are you'll find your South Indian favourites on it. They also have fresh fruit juices on the menu. The best part is you get to eat good food, at a nice place and pay way lesser than what you would at places like Saravana Bhavan or Sangeetha.
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foodie2485 - Burrp User


November 14,2012

A taste of Madras

I love love this place! For proper Madras tiffin, in a slightly sophisticated ambience, look no further than ID. In fact, very few places in the city can take pride in their Kashi Halwa. ID is one of them. And it is one of their best dishes. The open-kitchen with its bar-counter-like setup is quite cool, and it's a great feeling to have your dosa tossed directly from the hot plate to your dinner plate. You can see them kae it in front of you, so you know it's clean. Everything else - the rava dosa, adai avial, pesarattu, idli, idiyappam, etc, are top notch. The coffee is great too.
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Preethi Venkataraman - Burrp User

Preethi Venkataraman

November 10,2012

South Indian Delight!

Satyam Cinemas is my calling almost every weekend. Since ID was there, I always assumed it was for the posh crowd and didn't even try to peek in. I was taken by surprise when I went in. Awesome South Indian food at a very good price. Consider eating saravana bhavan quality south Indian food at a cheaper price. The keera vada is super good, must try. Good ambiance and food is served real hot!
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hkmurali - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Awesome food & movie combo

I guess every Chennaiite would have definite tried his hands on ID in Sathyam cinemas, just before he rushes for that evening or night show.
The food is gr8 .. Delicious Idlis,Dosas , seated right before the live kitchen counter and to finish it off with a thick aromatic filter coffee
Yes,the place is kinda pricey and service needs to slightly improve.. But overall a good experience
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amaravind - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Very good South Indian Food

I read that the Pongal at ID was voted as the Best Pongal in Chennai in a TOI survey, I was eager to try it. It definitely lived up to the hype. The Ghee Dosa is oh-so-yummy.
Had keerai vadai too, and it was good.
But, the best thing to have here is the Kashi Halwa - it is heavenly!

The only negative point, if I need to point out any, is that we found the waiters to be a bit rude.

I visit this place once a while and recommend it to everyone.
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sandhya_burrp - Burrp User


October 29,2012

Very good!

For the great fare and the very reasonable prices, ID deserves a special mention in the Chennai Foodie list!

The Rava dosas are thin and yummy and come with three chutneys and a bowl of sambhar. The Aappam is a must-have, especially with the vegetable stew. The stew made with a base of sweet coconut milk, has slivers of chillies that add to its flavour.

The pesarattu is a delight and the upma within is simply melt-in-the-mouth. The ginger chutney given as an accompaniment is perfect in consistency and texture.

Finish the meal with their amazing coffee, and you have a memorable lunch in place.
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foodie288 - Burrp User


July 07,2012

5 stars

Simply brilliant. I am a frequent customer and they never fail to satisfy my hunger pangs. The best south Indian food in Chennai. Thumbs up.
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Murali Das - Burrp User

Murali Das

January 31,2012

A little gem of a restaurant.

ID, a cute restaurant in Sathyam theatre complex has been quietly serving the cine goers quality veg south indian food over the last 5 years. The ambience is pretty chic and some may even find it claustrophobic, but thats how its been. The food served is delicious and at times makes u forget the time and you end up rushing for the movie! All in all a satisfying experience everytime. No bookings, you have to wait to be seated!
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Mukund  Renga - Burrp User

Mukund Renga

December 09,2011

Namma Vur Saapadu

Been to this place last week (Went to Satyam to book movie tickets infact) jus peeked in. Had appam with ullitheyal which was reallllly gr8. esp ullitheeyal with lots of onions & drumstick tasted awesome. Service - Needless to say its good. Will visit very often from now on.

Cheers guys!! Keep the good work on.
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Meera Balaji - Burrp User

Meera Balaji

December 09,2011

Great Food, great service

We were there last week after watching a movie at Sathyam and terribly hungry. Food was great, especially the Pesarattu with ginger chutney. Courteous and quick service and amazing food. The vadas were crispy and yummy and so were the dosas. . My kid loved the sakkarai pongal and Kasi halwa. :Looking forward to be there again
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GluSin - Burrp User


October 30,2011

Value for money

One of the better south Indian food at amazing prices !!! Specially in Sathyam! Just try it
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shreetheb - Burrp User


June 25,2011


Yep! that's what we said after every bite we downed!
Went after reading some rave reviews and must say it's all true! It's fantastic! The chutneys are to-die-for! the dosais are YUMMY! and the service is prompt and polite. What more do we ask for?
I'm not toooo impressed by the sterile furniture... but there's some "idli-moon" photo art on the wall is really nice and more than makes up for the rest.
On the whole - 5/5 for the food, 5/5 for service and 4/5 for ambiance.
Highly recommend: pesaretu dosai with ginger chutney.
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sunshinegal - Burrp User


April 18,2011

Loved it!!

Wow! I absolutely adore this place! The decor is pretty impressive and neat.
They have awesome idlis and dosas which are accompanied by three different kinds of chutneys and hot sambar which is on par with Saravana Bhavan and Ratna cafe.
Do not forget to try their Kashi Halwa. It is to die for!!
The service was pretty good. Looking forward to visiting this place again. :)
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PMgohogging - Burrp User


October 17,2010

Yumm Yumm Yumm

Aaaah.... If you love your food,dont miss going here.Even their buttermilk makes you go "aaaaah" pleasurably. :)
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stonethrower - Burrp User


August 05,2010

What an ID

What an absolute delight.

Our quest for authentic Idly Dosai’s in Chennai took us to all the usual Saravana Bhavan, Murugan Idli House, et al. All perfectly good. All serving fabulous food. But we had been to all these on previous visits to Chennai and were in search of something new. The concierge at the Hotel we were staying at suggested ID. An unusually classy name for an unusually classy place. ID is of course Idly Dosa! Smart or what??

The restaurant which hidden away on the first floor of Sathyam Cinema is a picture in minimal modern design. Chrome, white, black and glass are the dominant surfaces. A large bar area in the centre of the restaurant has fancy white bar stools for those who want a quick or solitary meal. The pit of the bar is the shiningly clean kitchen where two chefs go about their job with aplomb.

Once we were seated, a friendly waiter zips out a small bookmark sized menu card. Great design, great idea.

The plates are large square and very trendy. And the cutlery too is out of a design manual. It may sound spoilt, but I like the idea of having a real cloth napkin, rather than those butter-pappery napkins that are the norm in most Idly Dosa joints.

The table was quickly adorned with generous bowls of Coconut Chutney, Coriander Chutney And Tomato Chutney and soon the procession of food began to arrive. All of it was hot, fresh and flavourful. The condiments were excellent and the Sambhar was flavourful.

We had ordered a Masala Dosa, a Pesarattu, a Pongal and an Adai Dosa.

The Masala Dosa was, well, a Masala Dosa. Crisp, hot and filled with a nice potato-onion bhaji. The Pesarattu - a Moong Dal Dosa - which at ID comes stuffed with Upma, is served with sharp ginger chutney. The Pongal - a savory rice and Moong Dal Porridge like dish is moist and flavourful and the Adai Dosa - a mixed dal dosa which along with avail is a popular ‘tiffin’ in Tamil Nadu – is homely and comfortingly thick.

While we ate our food we watched Vada’s being fried, Idly’s being steamed and the smooth flow of unobtrusive friendly service efficiently serving the fast filling tables.

A steaming cup of ‘kappi’ later we are ready to leave after paying a stiffish Rs 250/-

ID’s delight lies in the fact that it serves down to earth honest food in a classy, modern ambience. No more grubby little holes in the wall and rude staff when you want to grab a quick dosa. Why can’t we have an ID in Mumbai??
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Ajay Narasimhan - Burrp User

Ajay Narasimhan

April 19,2010

great food ; mediocre service

we went in after the evening show. the restaurant was crowded but we managed to get a place. i tried to catch the waiter's attention for ten minutes and when he finally saw us (rather i thought he saw us) he went to the next table. what the hell man??
we placed the order after 20 minutes. the food arrived. the food was awesome and any complaints i had abt this restaurant vanished from my mind. there were 4 different kinds of chutneys and the sambar was piping hot.
it was a great experience and i wud like to go there again when i get the chance.
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Vasundhara C Iyer - Burrp User

Vasundhara C Iyer

March 27,2010


I've been here all of a million times and I must say that I am completely in love! The food is so yummy that I sometimes miss eating popcorn and stuff just to have more room! I would compare this to Murugan Idli Kadai! And I would say that it is all pros and no cons!
Especially order the halwa! it is worth the calories!
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CK  - Burrp User


March 23,2010


As you enter in, you can soak in some classy decor and bar stools. Yes bar stools around the chef's work area, so you can see him cook up some dosa, idli or vada etc.
... the best surprise was in store only on arrival of the food...The keerai vada, was at best oily, very crisp or rather should i say hard. It tasted very mediocre. The dosa was a big bore too......
On the whole, i would give it a pass, but wouldn't hesitate to try it, if i ever were to come out of a movie famished and starved. Considering that we down large popcorn bucket, puffs and sandwiches at most movie outings, i would think that this would be a rather rare occurrence. And then again, HSB's Swathi is just around the corner.

More at http://mygoodeats.blogspot.com/2010/03/idli-dosa-satyam-cinema-royapettah.html
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mani the foodie - Burrp User

mani the foodie

January 02,2010

Definitely a nice place

I have been to this place quite a few times and not every time as a part of the movie outing. The place is pretty trendy for a dosa idli joint. they serve pretty good stuff, price cud probably be a lil more affordable but not really to crib about it. the vadais, chutneys etc are indeed good. my entire family likes the place. the only problem is parking and to jus visit this place u have to do a lot of work and walk, probably thats why i havent been here more times than i wud have proably wanted to. hope they open a stand alone version of this in a gud locality like t.nagar. i am sure it wud work. keep up the good work guys. see you soon.
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ajit.induchudan - Burrp User


December 06,2009

Freakingg awesome!!

I went to this place first a few weeks into heir launch. I usually judge a place based on how good their onion rava dosa is... sadly they dint have onion rava in their menu.

I decided pongal it is... And am not kidding but I couldn't stop with one.. The best part is unlike other restaurants they give generous helping of chutney and sambar. The ambience is easily the best for a south indian food joint and the pricing for pongal is very fair and justified. However I thought the vada's were a little over priced.

Anways no matter what, ID is the best..
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sksuhas044 - Burrp User


September 13,2009

Nice place, Nice food and a great experience

Had been to ID last night for the first time after watching a movie at Satyam. This place gives you a feeling of warmth when you enter it by its ambience and interior. It is not very jazzy and not gloomy either but it makes you very comfortable here.

The menu is simple South Indian menu but trust me, it has a class in the taste, definitely better than the much hyped restaurants in Chennai like Saravana Bhavan and Sangeetha etc etc.

Idlies and Vadas come hot and fresh; served by neatly dressed, pleasing and very courteous staff who are very prompt in ensuring that you have all what you need while relishing the food.

Sambar needs some improvement in taste and its thickness; but then the staff was happy to note my feedback and their treatment to all their customers takes this restaurant to a different level when you compare with the staff in rest of the Chennai restaurants I mentioned above where the staff cares nil to customers (and that too if do not speak their language, may God save you).

After we had a stupendous meal with Idlies, two varieties of Vada, two varieties of Dosa and Adai Avial, we decided to try their coffee and it was awesome.... bit strong though, but it was of my type.

And then the most interesting thing; the total bill was something that makes you fall in love with this place and we immediately decided to make this as our regular eating joint.

Overall .......... nice place to have nice food and experience nice service from well behaved professionals in a nice ambience at a real attractive value for money price. Go and enjoy .......
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Lakshmi Mohanan - Burrp User

Lakshmi Mohanan

August 25,2009

Simply Yummy !!!!

Each time i step out of this restaurant my urge to scream yummmyyyyyyy to the whole world gets stronger. And now i am doing it !!!

To start with the place has got a very serene ambiance with ample lighting and good air conditioning.They have a colour theme of black and white (sticking to the basics, the same goes for the menu)for the whole restaurant. The staff are dressed completely in black.The chairs could have been a little more comfortable (or may be i am pampered too much by the satyam theater seats !!). their utensils are all either sparkling steel or black n white porceline.
The service was fast,staff was very polite and patient and the menu card is very trendy yet simple.

Now the Food !!!!
Their menu consists of very basic south indian varities - IDli, Dosa , Appam, idiappam, Vada, pongal and different varients of the above items.Every item that i had there has been simply superb.
Idli - i cant eat Idli to save my life, so did not try it !! Still i can tell you how it is because my husband tried it. He told me very matter of factly that i was Good !!
Ghee dosa - yes i had it !!it was just the way i want it, crispy yet soft. not like the ones that shatter into pieces when you try tearing them.
Sambar/Chutney - Sambar is something which needs to be improved quite a lot. it was way too watery for me. The chutney was decent.
keera vadai - my god what do i tell you .. i could smell fresh keera in that unlike other places where its mostly stale.the vada was crispy and thin. and it comes pepping hot !
Then comes appam which i choose to have with ullitheeyal which was yummy too. The ullitheeyal has a slight sweet tinge to it because of the onions in it which i absolutely relished. May be they can consider giving 2 appams instead of one in a plate.
Idiappam - it melted in my mouth - need i say more ??
Coffee - Their coffee was hot and strong and came in a nice white and black mug.
Lassi - considering the average quality of food here, this item leaves much scope for improvement.

And yes its very light on the pocket..Meal for 2 is just around 200. Yippyyy !!.I cant resist giving a 4/5.Go ahead and try it !!!!

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Harish Anand Thilakan - Burrp User

Harish Anand Thilakan

August 17,2009

Designer idli dosa

Strengthening their commitment to food and beverage, Sathyam Cinemas earlier this year announced their latest culinary foray - iD. Located on the first level of the multiplex (opposite the popular Magic Hat), iD abbreviates from Idli-Dosa, the name saying it all. iD has been around for about five months now. Launched as part of the line of outlets being rolled out by celebrated chef Mickael Besse, iD opened to much fanfare and full houses, much like the cinema it resides within.

While the name may conjure up a Murugan Idli competitor in our heads, boy it does compete and out-do it in certain aspects and how.

Interiors & Styling:Keeping with the standards set within the complex by the cinemas, Ecstasy and recently Blur, iD too comes with contemporary designer styling and furniture - a world apart from Murugan Idli and the best efforts of Hotel Saravana Bhavan. Set in pristine white with contrasting black linen, the snazziness of the interiors can be quite something to fathom.

The walls on either side have interesting potrayals of the solar system depicted by food shot at iD. A sequence of Idlis showcase the lunar cycle while a tight shot of a dosa seems to reflect the sun. Very quirky, shot on location by Sharad Haksar.

The incredibly expensive imported square shaped stainless steel plates (a friend of mine referred to them as prison plates!) add to the style quotient while throwing up question marks whether the company running it is interested in their bottom lines at all! To complement the plates are very designer and interestingly anguled cutlery - especially the chutney pick ups.

There's no doubting the effort and pains taken at getting the styling right for iD - the best of European furniture and tableware find their way to enhancing your idli-dosa experience.

Service Concept: Taking further the thought of a service concept, iD has interesting menu cards that are placed on each table with the waiter marking off your order on the card and using it as a base for your bill - neat and transparent, much like the rest of the place's theming.

Food: The menu is limited but sensibly at that. Instead of indulging in a hundred frivolous iterations of the unassuming dosa, the iD menu lists the following:

- Idli: Plain, Rava
- Dosa: Plain, Masala, Rava
- Vada: Medu, Keera, Masala
- Pongal: Ghee, Sweet
- Appam: with Coconut milk, Vegetable stew, Ullitheetu
- Beverages: Lassi, Buttermilk, Fresh juice, Coffee
- Dessert: Kasi Halwa, Semiya payasam, Sweet pongal

The food is very consistent. I have visited iD about 8 times in the months since it's been open and have enjoyed the same textures, spicing and temperature each time.

To be honest, none of the fare served has any character unique to itself - served in the ambience it is set in does make the food taste better than it really is. But that is not to say that the food isn't good - it's satiating for sure. Special mentions to the Keera vada and the Idlis. The sweet lassi or the buttermilk are good accompaniments.

Most of the food is accompanied by the usual suspects - Kaara (spicy) chutney, Mint chutney and Coconut chutney along with excellent sambar. While definitely not close to being amongst the best in the city (Mathsya and Ratna Cafe hold on to that crown for now atleast), this Sambar definitely has a unique spicing and taste to it and consumed at its hottest, is very tasty.

The desserts are excellent though terribly filling in themselves. Would recommend the payasam and the kasi halwa strongly.

The biggest shock of them all is the pricing, and pleasantly so. Average bill per person for an average meal is about Rs. 100! Even HSB costs you more!

Staff & Service: Clearly the achille's heel for this otherwise great experience, the service has definitely waned since iD's inception. There clearly seems to be something wrong internally since the bunch of boys have remained the same. Just that the same smiling, eager waiters are nowadays bereft of facial expression, rushed and not very forthcoming. Wait time for food too has gone up from about 3-4 minutes earlier to close to 7-10 minutes these days, well providing for crowds or their lack of, as the case may be.

Considering the variety of food brands now at their disposal and with most of the outlets not requiring knowledge of rocket science (except perhaps Ecstasy), the corporate team at Sathyam could explore rotating the staff around to ensure that the boys are always freshly challenged.

Most of us in Chennai do land up at Sathyam Cinemas every once in a while. Do plan to spend a little extra time, either before or after your next movie to experience iD - the entire experience is worth enjoying.

Facilities: Again, designer ware hand wash at the outlet itself. Toilets of the cinema are available for use.

Cost: Cheap. There's no better way to put it. Brilliant value for money.

Date: 15th August, 2009 (last visit)
Place: Chennai, India
Reviewed by: Harish Anand Thilakan

Must Order ?Keera vada, Sweet lassi, Appam-Coconut milk, Ghee Pongal, Kasi Halwa .
Average Cost per person - Rs. 100 (group of 3 and above)

Address- Sathyam Cinemas, Thiru-vi-ka Road, Royapettah, Chennai

Driving Directions - Off Mount Road, every one in Chennai knows Sathyam theater! (If your auto chappie feigns ignorance, try Sathyam they-ter.)
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mailer - Burrp User


July 16,2009

Not very impressed

Food tasted just ok, nothing great. Service poor, you get way much better service at a small everyday restaurants (for example with names like hotel muruga vilas, uyarthara saiva unavagam, etc.). There was no complimentary vada or chutneys on the table as other reviewers mentioned. We were four of us, they served small portions of chutney and sambar at the beginning and then that is it eventhough we ordered several dosas after that. There was no waiter around to ask for more, I managed to ask one but the chutney never showed up and I had even finished eating. The portions are super small and prices are pretty high for veg food. If you intend to go to a restaurant with the main focus not on food, this could be a good place.
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Richa G - Burrp User

Richa G

July 03,2009


The moment i walked in to Idly Dosa i knew i was gonna write a review. Not every restaurant is review worthy.

You can safely say this is the most stylish South Indian restaurant in town (well im not counting the ones in 5 stars for obvious reasons....even they give a more royal feel than stylish). From the wheeled furniture to the square shaped plates and spatula shaped spoons to the bookmark like menus (where you keep ticking what you order and then total up when its time for the bill); the crockery needs special mention for being extremely interesting.

There's an oval kitchen in the middle of this decently clean restaurant with decently clean waiters, so you can see for yourself. The menu is a little limited tho...but the food is tasty and let me tell you comparitively very very very less oily.

Don't go here for the food. Go for the experience.....its crowded like any other south indian place but all the other aesthetic factors seriously different.
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srinivast - Burrp User


April 28,2009

Long way to go

Hi. I am visiting this place for the first time. I come from BLR. Wish to share my views:
1. Ambience: cool; quiet an elevated one for humble south indian menu;
2. Menu: quirky and interesting( in terms of taking orders and presentation)
3. Style: Modern and contemporary: pretty good
4. Service: just fine; but definitely can be better; they need to improve on their proactive assistance and making the customer a wholesome delightful experience
5. Quality of Food: Only dish what I have liked is Appam with Ullitheetu( hope I got this stuff correct)
Rest of the items, the Idlies, vadas need to be improved in their quality to match up to the local restaurants such as Saravana's or Sangeetha or for that matter SLV in Bangalore or Brhamins Cafe in Bangalore.
Indeed the quality of the food is not up to the mark; given the buzz it has generated in recent Femina as well...
Purely for the ambience, and sporadic service quality, would this be the right value for money? am not sure...definitely :-)
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Sripathy Raagav - Burrp User

Sripathy Raagav

April 23,2009

Best Vegetarian restaurent

As we all know, Sathyam always thinks high class. So, as the ID (Idli and Dosa), managed by the same high class organization. I had been here several times. Liked everything. seems to be little costly, but i feel it's worth the money. Great place, Great Experience ! ! Everybody will like this place! 100% sure !
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Usha Sridhar - Burrp User

Usha Sridhar

April 23,2009


Had a great time at this restaurant. The food was delicious so also the decor and the ambience. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the idlis and the dosa(though I could only have the dosa) and also the excellent laban. Would certainly go back there soon.
Usha Sridhar
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ranjitnow - Burrp User


April 17,2009

I.D - Living upto Sathyam's Trademark !!

Been here once ..

The Interior is quite lavish living upto Sathyam's Trademark . Well lit, Seating quite good with rotating chairs and sofa seating .

U enter U notice and U praise the person who designed it . The kitchen is rite in front of u with chairs around it to grab dosas directly from Tava, literally.

The menu Uniquely done is just a plain card and markings of your order .,with varieties DOSA, IDLY, APPAM, PONGAL also Fresh Juices, Coffee, Butter Milk, Choose whatever variant u like the price is same like RAVA DOSA , GHEE DOSA or whatever Dosa will cost u Rs.40 similarly for IDLY its 15.

Dint give a try to the complimentary VADA, the taste is quite ok not lip smacking but good enough . Chutneys are there at every table pre-served ..

The staff in here is quick enough to take orders and serve them, you may however wait if in need of extra sambar, chutney.

All is fine .. Worth going in and giving it a try .. Fine blend of food, ambiance, quality.
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Baidik Sarkar - Burrp User

Baidik Sarkar

April 16,2009

Idly and Dosai

These days, the conversations surrounding ‘Idly & Dosai’ goes like this.

Me: “Hey, I went to Idly & Dosai”

Friend: “Oh, where did you eat”

Me: “I went 'to' Idly & Dosai”

Friend: “Oh! You mean that’s the name of the place?”

Me: “Yes”

Friend: Yada yada (tell me more)

I chanced upon this joint a while back after the evening show of SDM. “Ah, another wanna be restaurant”. I assumed they were one of those guys charging INR 45 for a plate of idly’s. Post this I heard some great reviews about the place and chanced upon it while catching up with Pinky.

How wrong I was.

Idly & Dosai is a great combination of semi-fine dining with the finger licking experience one wants to associate himself while relishing Rava Dosai and a tumbler of Sambar.

The designers have done a great job with this place. The Satyam multiplex never ceases to surprise and this place has done a nice job of holding on to the tradition. The place is brightly lit and instantly cooks up a bright mood. The concierge’s do a good job of a warm welcome and seating you, help fully adding, “Sir, these are revolving chairs”. Once they usher you in, they leave you for a minute to catch your breath and soak in the place. The place is done up in a classic Black & White and all the specs compliment one another. The cutlery is contemporary stainless steel. Don’t miss the pictures of the idly’s in the wall depicting the different versions of the moon. Very neat.

They quickly fill up our glasses and stand by for the order. Wait a minute, where are the menu cards?

“Oh, here they are sir”. He flips out a paper book mark from his pocket and hands them over. Now, this is real neat. Their menu does not scream a plethora of options. The multiplex does, so I think they let saved the customers the angst of choosing what to go for.

The menu is a neat selection of Idly, Dosai, Pongal, Vadai and Aapam. That pretty much sums up the universe of South Indian Tiffin. And just behind the menu is the ‘selection side’ where you’re orders are ticked against. Now, I don’t know if this was some brilliant idea of their auditor (Kitchen Order Tickets are an important source of internal control in restaurants, remember?) or was a hand of a seasoned hotelier. Either ways, it was a neat mechanism of both the guests and the management keeping track of the flow of orders. And they tuck it neatly on the small menu holder in the table.

So, we pretty much covered the entire menu. The kitchen is like a central open pit that epitomizes class as well as functionality. While you go ahead with your conversations you can hear the splash on the tava and you mentally tick off seconds before your orders arrive. For pongal of course, it’s the batch production system. They have it up and running for you in like 20 seconds. Dosai’s are regulation good. For the Appam with coconut milk they did what all big restaurants do. That is, over whelm you with cutlery. You have one plate with the appam, one glass jar with the milk and then another jar of sugar cubes and a tray with the spoons.

They also seemed to employ the ‘push marketing’ tactic very nicely. We had a dude hovering around with a bowl of Medu Vadas. His body language said it was complementary. But of course, you know what it was. Anyway, it could have been a tad crispier. The staff got a bit too friendly. One of them quipped “Okay.. you guys decide and then call me” Hello?!

Anyways, this is another fantastic grub+movie option and you need to worry no more if you want to tuck into a dosa before wanting to eat out of the movie studios. A meal for 2 will ALL the carbs thrown in should not cost you more than INR 200. Good food, great ambience and good value for money.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

February 16,2009

Absolutely loved the ghee roast

The menu card looks like a piece of paper, don get disappointed cos there is so much to taste here! the vada being offered as starters without being ordered for is a very good way to service, tempt at the same time sell! so it was plain vada - yummy!, keera vada - crispy, masal vada - ok!

The ambiance is just breathtakingly classy and chic and u wudnt want to touch ur idli and dosa with ur hands at sucha place! but wat to do, some food are meant to be eaten the way they should be to taste good... so quitting the helpless efforts to eat idli and dosa with a spoon they offer, and without being able to resist the ghee dripping yummy crispy dosa,.. we had to jump in! give a short at everything .. idli - ok, rava idli - not bad, ghee roast - nothing less of heaven, rava roast - heaven again if u like rava, aapam, with coconut milk, stew and theeyal - all yummy... they shud definitely increase their menu soon so people don get bored of havin the same items, considering the fact that most ppl who come here are movie freaks and will return often for sure! there are some south-indian sweets available (i dono y they are called pastries!), weren't that inviting, so let go since we were already greedily stuffin ourselves with the dosas! Also there is of course the mandatory filter coffee, some juice, masala tea and buttermilk, the last one was what i tried and liked it a lot!

Oh yea they definitely need to give finger bowls! m sure they learn that soon, cos their dosa's are so drippin and greasy, and one wudnt want to run to the wash area at other corner in sucha place, fine-dining it seems to be, but fast food is what south indian is known for, a lil confusion here!

as such, the place is perfect!, yummy food, great ambiance, wonderful service and the best of all u wud think this kinda place wud charge u a 100 bux a dosa... but surprise no! everything included for 4 people came up to jus 330 and its a lot lesser than even HSB m sure! so its totally affordable! i think they have clearly seen the need for sucha place in Chennai and has hit the spot rite on!
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