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raunaq - Burrp User


September 29,2013

Poor Service

Please don't waste your hard earned money coming to Minar. Staff is not friendly. Poor service.
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Samarth Jairaman - Burrp User

Samarth Jairaman

November 19,2012

Great view and starters, average everything else

I recently visited Minar for the first time during their Nematkhana Festival which showcased the dishes that the legendary Qureshi brothers have created for their special guests – from Bill Clinton to Amitabh Bacchan to Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
I was quite surprised by the fact that Chennai is home to a restaurant whose menu has been crafted by chefs from the same family who cooked for the erstwhile Nawab of Awadh. Expectations, were obviously high.
Enter the restaurant and even a Nawab wouldn’t feel too out of place. Grand chandeliers, plush cushioned chairs and a live quwali to boot, the place does set the right mood for a royal meal. They have a terrace too which I’m sure is lovelier but the rains played spoilsport and we had to sit inside.
Coming to the food part – this was their festival menu and hence they had only limited dishes. We had 4 starters – 2 veg and 2 non veg. The veg kebabs were average at best but I wouldn’t judge a place like this based on the vegetarian fare. The 2 non veg dishes – the potli kebab (minced chicken wrapped in chicken skin and slow cooked on the tandoor) and the mahi dum anari (fish stuffed with bell peppers and pomegranates with a white sauce) were simply excellent. More than the taste it was the idea that had me floored – I’m sure both dishes are inspired from other cuisines but I must say that have been adapted really well.
Then came the main course – biryani. Let me just say that the biryani did precious little to change my opinion about the fact that Chennai has a hopeless biryani scene. It wasn’t bad but it was nothing great either.
The manager showed us their regular menu which looked quite extensive and he seemed quite confident that we would enjoy it more but then they pay him to say that. Would I go there again? It’s hard to say – I do want to try their rooftop, preferably with some beer and the starters that I know are good but I doubt I would be interested in shelling out over 300 bucks for the average main course that they serve.
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sampy72 - Burrp User


August 12,2012

Unprofessional Service

What a lousy place for an occasion, on 19th June I was here for my wife's B Day and had also booked a table for a wonderful promise of roof top dinner. As I reach the place 2 mins before the appointed 8 30 PM, it is full and there is not table available. I am told to wait for few mins, wonder why book a table if I need to wait. Thought I will not spoil the occasion and waited but the last straw was when they brought a table left out in the rain and wiped it off and offered it to us, Talk about taking the customer for granted and the manager there just would not understand what I our situation was.

Totally unprofessional place , never trust Savera to offer you a memorable occasion. Finally moved to Amravathi opposite Savera and thankfully had a nice dinner without reservation.
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Captaincook - Burrp User


July 02,2011

Walk out with a feeling of being cheated!!!

"An evening with the stars, ghazals and at the top of the world with the finest royal’s menu can leave behind a pleasant feeling of being a conqueror" . This is what their website states, but infact we all walked out feeeling like cheated and a loser in the end.
It was our Alumni get together and 8 of us choosen this place over copper chimney, so that we could have some drinks along with food. However the whole experience was very bad and few of us ended up finishing their meals with just the starters. The experience started with our arrival when we were told to sit in "Open Air" , despite our advance booking and the reason given was that "You shud have specified that you need a airconditioned dining space" . What the hell "You don't pay 750+Taxes /Meal to be seated in scorching chennai heat/humidity to finish ur food." And more so while booking they did not specify anything abt AC and Non-AC spaces. Anyway with a mood not to spoil our mood we accepted the place in open but our misery was not to end here. It took almost 30 minutes to get the starters on the tables and another 10 minutes to get our drinks. Though it was a buffet , yet we were told that the starters are "Limited" and we had barely seen about 7-8 plates on the table for all 8 of us . The waiters seemed to be as if they were obeliging us.
Finally after several requests , we were allotted seats in the AC area , and then we expected our cutlerries to be shifted , but then that was not bound to happpen and soon we realized that we had to do that ourselves. Some docile souls among us did the honors and when we complained the restaurent manager his reply was : "Sir this is weekend and you should bear with us" as if nothing has happened. After this we felt like as unwanted in that room and infact 4 of us did not eat anything after that. Coming to main course , it was "chicken curry" , "Chicken Biryani" and one more chcken dish in the menu to complete the platter. the veg section was no diffrent and the desert section was complete with " Kaju Barfi"( Shud have been sugar burfi for amount of sugar in it) and one Vanilla icecream.

To sum up it was disasterous food experience for all of us and I was just wondering why the heck I chose this one over Several other restaurents in the same row.
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SaaiGanapathy - Burrp User


March 14,2011

Ambiance is okay. But not the food.

I'm a global traveller living in Poes Garden area. The ambiance of this Minar restaurant is okay. But not the food.

I'm a great fan of Mughlai Foods and this Minar doesn't serve the real flavours of Mughlai or Awadhi cuisine.

Great disappointment.
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jm.murali - Burrp User


March 14,2011

Great place to hang out

Hi i been to this place a week ago with my friends and i choose to sit at roof top .
the ambiance was excellent and service too. we ordered drinks along with kebabs
believe me food was awesome.its a great place to hang out with friends.especially north indian food lovers this is the place.
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jm.murali - Burrp User


March 04,2011


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ace_ravi - Burrp User


August 29,2010

Nice view from Roof top restaurant

Try the open air restaurant at 10th floor to enjoy the Night time city view. It's really a unique experience at Roof top Minar Savera restaurant. They serve food, drinks and allow smoking at the open air restaurant. About the food, it's bit expensive but tastes really good.
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vvkamath - Burrp User


May 07,2010

Pathetic food, pathetic service

Reached Chennai at night and we decided to eat at Minar since we were staying at Savera. The prospects of a rooftop restaurant was exciting but that thought was short lived.
Nothing great about the ambience and does not have anything to boast about.
We (wife and I) decided to go for the fixed menu buffet (Rs. 600 per head + tax !!!) that would be served at our table. The table had some cutlery missing and neither were there any tissues.
A few minutes later the starters were served and none of them were edible. It appeared that the food was prepared in heavily re-used oil and every fried item smelled of it.
We could not eat any of it and called for the main course. And then it was a 30 minute wait. None of the waiters even bothered to clear the used plates from the first course of starters.
After letting our anger over the poor service and long wait, we got a few rotis and a couple of side dishes. These too had absolutely no taste and were inedible.
We complained about the strong oily smell but it fell to deaf ears. Finally we got the dessert (Gulab jamun in Vanilla ice cream).
The Gulab Jamun tasted of the terrible oil.
By now we just wanted to get out of the place and asked for the bill. We were set back by Rs. 1500 that included Rs. 120 for bottled water !!! And the bottled water given was an unheard of brand.
That was for sure the first and last visit to Minar.
Not recommended for anyone.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

June 14,2009

Big hole in my pocket!

Was at Minar for dinner few weeks back with family. I'd heard a lot abt the place being the best mughlai resturant in chennai..blah blahh...

The ambience was very pleasant. There was ghazal music in the background but everyone was more interested in the cricket match on TV :P I liked the lighting & seating, very comfortable & chic. We chose to sit indoors but I'm sure dining outdoors would be a better thing to do. U get a bird's eye view of the city from there & it looks absolutely stunning.

We had:

Mutton soup
Gobi 65
Butter nan
Butter chicken
Kheema biriyani
Vegetable Nawabi biriyani
Vanilla ice cream

The mutton soup was good, it was spicy & full of flavour- very tasty. Gobi 65 was highly disappointing. I mean, thats a dish u possibly can't screw up..but the gobi 65 lacked flavour, was bland & really ruined my mood. My college mess serves better gobi 65 & no, I'm not kidding!

As for the main course, the kheema biriyani was absolutely delicious..I liked it a lot. The veg nawabi biriyani was just the usual vegetable biriyani. It was mildly spiced & I liked it but it was nothing special. I was expecting something royal..something actually 'nawabi'. The butter chicken was good but I expect food that blows me away when I'm paying around 300-350 bucks per dish. Isn't that fair enough?

The vanilla ice cream was really really good. No complains at all. Vanilla ice cream probably tastes the same everywhere but at Minar, it was absolutely amazing.

So yeah, this is an expensive place...will easily cost u around 600-700 bucks per person (without drinks). Food is good but I expect much much more from a place like Minar. I'm no Anthony Bourdain or even a Tarla Dalal but I know what amazing mughlai food tastes like & though Minar tries really hard to make its' food taste 'amazing', it just about manages to cook decent mughlai food.
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