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Sreehari  B. Nambiar  - Burrp User

Sreehari B. Nambiar

November 05,2013

Mixed Aroma at Southern Aromas

An invite came for trying out the dosa festival and new menu at Southern Aroma.I have always enjoyed my meals at this restaurant and also taken pride in bringing along my office guests and friends there. So was quite thrilled for another visit to the restaurant.

On the onset let me tell you, sadly there was neither a dosa fest or a new menu. After the initial setback the Chef agreed to make few dishes for our gang. We got the following.
Malli Kozhi Vauval, Nethili fry, Kaalan porichadhu, malli vada, Chettinad kozhi varutha kari, squid fry, alleppi homemade panneer , ambur kheema rice, meen pollichadhu, mysore chicken curry, kadhamba kurma, methi-beans curry, fried vendakka, sambar, mutton-lamb gravy, rasmalai, Kari(minced mutton) dosa.
I should say that we non-vegetarians totally enjoyed the spread, the top dishes being malli kozhi, chettinad kozhi varuthathu and Kheema rice. The mutton gravy was outstanding too. Meanwhile the vegetarians got only average food and the mushroom fry and Alleppey panneer dish was not enough to win the game.
The kari dosa totally missed the mark, still tasted decent with the sambar. The reason is the sambar and not the dosa. May be this is the first time I had vegetarian dishes here, in all my previous visits I had indulged in non-vegetarian dishes with rotis/ parathas/ rice. So this was a different experience.
The dessert was disappointing with only one dish - ras malai (the dish itself was good). I was expecting something more South Indian and may be some more variety from a south specialty restaurant.
There was some service issues cropping up in between with delay in service, requests not being attended to and so on. This was also new to me and was not expected from a high end restaurant.
Any way it was not the end of world and the food to a large extent made up for most of it.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 31,2013


Located in the The Residency Towers, must say up front I like the name!
Top dishes include the Mutton Roast , prawn masala etc.
Dont miss out on the chicken fry in mallu style.
Basically the offer a plethora of dishes from across the southern states.
It truly is a culinary experience.
great deserts in traditional style are served.
dont miss out on this place.
5/5 and its a must visit!
Appam and Roti's are recommended dishes.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 20,2013

Typical South Indian Fare

Southern Aromas is a typical south indian restaurant in Residency towers
Ambience is nicely made up like a chettinad place ,yet u dont find anything new or interesting
Menu is strictly/predominantly south indian and occasional Indian breads
Its probably meant for foreigners who'd like to try out the real South Indian cuisine, but definitely not for the typical Chennaiites whos looking out for new cusines
Quality and food wise ,its again a standard fare. Not excellent nor too bad
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Keerthivasan  - Burrp User


December 15,2012


The South Indian restaurant in residency towers. The ambience is styled like chettinad house. The food was more of chettinad type. The service was very disappointing. None of the dishes are worth mentioning. Sad to see such a good place like residency towers having a bad restaurant. An evening spoilt.
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marudhu - Burrp User


April 28,2011

normal thali. can do better

Not a perfect place for the real South Indian Thali compared to few other low cadre restaurants.

Most of the dishes seemed to be alike with same taste.

They just have the variety.
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Ganesh Virudhagiri - Burrp User

Ganesh Virudhagiri

January 15,2008

Please don't go

Waste of time & money.

There a lot of other similar restaurants with much better taste, much better variety and much better ambience.

Don't even think of Southern Aroma, please.
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