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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

May 30,2015

Great Ambience and Good Food

I went there for my birthday and did not expect it to be what it did! It's a cozy restaurant with great ambiance and fancy artwork on the walls which makes the place vibrant. We order a variety of dishes and they all did justice to their names and we were pretty impressed. They did not have too many desserts to offer and I think with a place like it, they should increase their dessert menu.
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Keerthivasan  - Burrp User


May 18,2014

Worth a Visit

A sudden 2.5 hours exclusive time for myself made my visit to That Madras Place possible.
Looking for a relaxed meal in adyar. It struck me why no TMP? I called up from kotturpuram to get a landmark and the owner Mathangi was very helpful. I walked in at around 2.20 pm Saturday afternoon and it was packed. 2 groups were waiting before me. There was a round tea table, the one we use in living room readily available. I sat initially but was uncomfortable so I offered to wait. Initially I waited outside but later she offered me to a chair near the food counter.
After a 20 minutes wait I was given a proper table.
AMBIENCE- I will call it caferaunt not restaurant. Nicely done place. AIRCON was not sufficient especially when its packed. Luckily I sat directly behind one and felt very relaxed in the sweltering heat. ( 3/5)

FOOD- Waiting time near the food counter helped me in spending enough time on the menu card. Fellow foodie reviews also helped me in my choice of menu.
By the time I got my table it was less crowded and a relaxed Mathangi came to take my orders.
Contrary to the reviews I got my food pretty fast, maybe due to single orders.

1. ICE CREAM SODA- It was refreshing and relaxing in the heat. Very nice and my first taste of this combo. The bottle the cold beverages are served in was a novelty. (4/5).
2. FISH & CHIPS- It is one of my all time favorites and it has been ages since I tucked into one. Since Mathangi said fish is fresh I had no second thoughts in ordering it. The fish was really fresh and great in taste. The chips were also nicely made. The mayonnaise dip was pleasantly fresh. The fish was bit salty. ( 3.5/4)
3. POMODORRO - This decision was based on other foodie reviews. Mathangis suggestion about this made my task pretty easy.
She offered me penne pasta. It was piping hot with cherry tomatoes. I found it a bit tangy for my taste buds. (3/5)

The Fish and Chips and POMODORRO are supposed to be signature dishes of That Madras Place. I wouldn't find fault in the taste, quantity and freshness. The ice cream soda was too good for me.

SERVICE- Right from the phone call to billing my experience in terms of service was exceptional. Mathangi does a one woman show in terms of troubleshooting. I hope she gets another similar helping hand to take it further. ( 4.5/5)

COST- In terms of location, cuisine, inflation etc. I feel its neither cheap nor expensive. (3/5)

OVERALL- 3.5 rating is overall. At the end of the meal I had a few minutes talk with Mathangi.
In terms of handling pressure due to high expectations of diners she wore a BIG SMILE that pulls off most of the things. I felt most of her diners are loyalists coming over just for a dessert etc.
The beverage bottles have been sourced from US.
She was very receptive.
My sincere suggestion to her would be the following,
1. Improve on the AIRCON. Calling it MADRAS PLACE and not giving more importance to the heat is a misnomer.
2. Get one more helping hand in customer area to go to the next level. Staff are lacking in smartness.
3. Appoint a person to supervise the kitchen. To reduce food turn around time, maintain food quality standards constantly.
4. Make the seating more cozy and comfy.
5. Lastly if possible PLEASE PUT SIGNS OF "NOT SO LOUD" or something because it gets too noisy when its full.
Will go again to try other signature dishes.
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therovingspirit - Burrp User


April 10,2014

Not Worth the Hype

I had read about this place on different sites and made a point to visit it while I was there in Chennai. The place didn't really live up to the expectations. There is no match between the price and the quality or novelty of the food. Its not that I was expecting a signature dish from them but the usual food they served did not have the taste to make eating there a unique experience. The service was not bad and the ambiance was good. You may give it a try but even otherwise it won't be a great loss.
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sharvari3012 - Burrp User


January 17,2014

Good Food, Bad Service

Love the food.
Good ambiance.
There is no place as good as this one in that Area so +1 to location.

BUT all the 3 times I went, I had awful service
First time: One starter didn't arrive for 45 minutes, tried telling waiter twice he said it will take time. I asked him if he is sure, he took our order, said yes and ultimately after waiting for an hour they told us that waiter didn't write down this starter.

Second time : Gave me someone else's bill. And tried telling me it's mine.

Third time: One starter I could see on the counter but waiter didn't give us. I called him and told him I can see it, said its someone else's and ultimately after 15 min gave me the same starter :/
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madhu1990 - Burrp User


November 29,2013

That Amazing Place

1. Really nice ambience
2. Courteous service staff
3. Good food

Hope there are more events and menu items in the near future.

Looking forward to visiting the place baby more times.
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Lakshmi Krishnan - Burrp User

Lakshmi Krishnan

November 26,2013

"What's in a Name?" - Be Here and you Will Know

Shakespeare gets it all wrong this time, because the name, 'That Madras Place' arouses your curiosity to check out the place and that's what I did too. But searching the place was tad difficult as google refused to show up the place, and people shot us weird looks when we asked them, "where is that madras place?"!! Well, after a couple of misguidance and searches we landed at the place on another day and I guess the wait was worth it. It was so worth it that when burrp! gave us a second chance via the 'MADRASTIC' event, we did not think twice!

It took me a complete 15 minutes to appreciate the tastefully done interiors (it is that good!). The graffiti on the wall makes you want to decipher it all. The best part of That Madras Place is that it is about Madras and not Chennai. :) The chairs are colourful and intentionally dissimilar. I felt I am back in kindergarten :) The cushions are bright, colourful and had something quintessentially Madras in it. The menu of the day in chalk and blackboard gives you the European bistro experience and so does the food.

The menu is quite simple with few things to offer. The soup of the day was tasty and had something madras and something different at the same time. The portions were quite adequate. The cock-tails were refreshing and classy. The bruschetta was only ok. The dynabites (cheese balls) arrived in mini painted metal buckets (awesome cool!) and was yummy! The parsley garlic fries had a distinct flavour of garlic in the fries (of course!). I liked the fried garlic than the fries! The chicken schnitzel was good and I simply loved the shrimp popcorn. Somehow, the starters portions were very limited. But otherwise, so far, so good. Nothing extraordinary as they saved that for their main course. The egg plant and chicken parmijianas are something that I will swear by. Unique in taste and presentation. The eggplant is so delicious that if I were to be given a choice between that and the chicken it would be the most difficult choice to make! Mind you, I am a hard core non-vegetarian. The portion of the main course was adequate unlike their starters. The pastas are just about ok. The opera cake was the desert and was not really sinfully good.

I personally loved their 'stamped' look! Big cheers to that! Mathangi is a graceful host and interacting with her is always a pleasure. But all this comes with a price- it is a little heavy on your wallet. But definitely worth a visit or two. It is also a little addictive. And once addicted, this might soon become the place where you would like to go with a book and settle for a brunch and high tea. The place is small and word of mouth is getting them a steady stream of customers, which also means the place can get noisy at times.

The burrp! event gave the chance to have a complete course on a discount and I am glad I did not give it a miss. Definitely not going to miss it after interacting with the total fun organizer!

My rating
Service-3/5 (its been slow on both the occasions I have been there. But then, they are new and learning)
Value for money - 3.5/5 (Not easy on everyone's wallet)
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Anjum  - Burrp User


November 08,2013

A slice of Europe @ That Madras Place

It’s cosy, it’s quirky and it boasts of a few things on the menu you won’t find elsewhere in Chennai says Neha Malude.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that That Madras Place is just another idli vadai place – it’s anything but this. Located in Kasthuri Bai Nagar, this Parisian-styled bistro welcomes you into a colourful setting that instantly makes you feel like you could spend a whole Sunday afternoon just sitting, chatting and sipping on lemon iced tea. A wall as you enter, the walls of the café greet you with graffiti that represents everything Madras is – P. James magic shows, Marina and of course, Tasmac.

Give the charming blackboards a look-see for specials of the day. We started off with a Virgin mojito (Rs 90) and Lemon iced tea (Rs 110), both chilly and refreshing. We’re suckers for French toast (Rs 150) and served with either caramel or chocolate sauce, this one seemed like a good bet. While we aren't complaining, we’d have loved thicker slices and a small cup of chocolate sauce to dunk our toast into.

Next up the Hazelnut cappuccino (Rs 110) accompanied a rather interesting Mac and cheese cup (Rs 175). The Mac and cheese was sheer happiness in a cup – the pasta cooked al dente, creamy white sauce and Parmesan sprinkled on top smelt as delicious as it tasted. Our only gripe was the portion size, which could have been a tad larger. Sure, we sound like greedy children, but that’s precisely why we think they should use the feedback wisely.

Next up, sandwiches – Crispy chicken (Rs 275) and Fish and chips (Rs 225) – both the meaty fillings - chicken and fish were deep-fried to a golden crisp, and served in a toasted bun with smoky and spicy chipotle sauce, onions and fries on the side. While that sounds like a lot, the sandwiches are just enough to fill you up, while not leaving you overstuffed.

Next up, the Aglio e Olio (Rs 250) – Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, garlic, parsley and sprinkled with grated Parmesan. Minimalist with subtle flavours that come together and shine – this one took us by surprise. Just when we began to wonder if this too bland, bam! Chilli flakes that flecked the morsel took it up a notch. Ok, we’re being a little dramatic but it was that good. Even the portion size was just right.

To end our meal, we picked the Carrot cake (Rs 80) and Apple crumble tart (Rs 100). The carrot cake could’ve been more densely packed with carrots but was flavourful and moist. In contrast the tart - a yielding, soft heart topped with a sweet and tangy crumble had us falling in love with its rustic pairing of apple and cinnamon and delightful texture. The only thing that could have made this better was a scoop of delicately flavoured vanilla ice cream.

In a nutshell, That Madras Place is a great place to grab a quick evening bite, have breakfast for dinner or just to hang out with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Must try: Aglio e Olio, Apple crumble tart
Meal for two: Rs 900 inclusive of taxes (without alcohol)
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globetrotter87 - Burrp User


November 05,2013

That Epic Place!

I absolutely love this place. I have been there 4 times and all my experiences have been great!

Top picks -
Madras Poutine (french fries with a creamy sauce topped with jalapenos and cheddar)
Dynabites - Jalapeno cheese poppers - classic fun, crunchy and yumm!
Mushroom with creamy pepper sauce pasta - A hearty portion of mushrooms served with the pasta. The cream is just mind-blowing. Can't get enough of it.
Eggplant Parmesan - The best eggplant Parmesan in town! The eggplant cooked to perfection with a tangy sauce topped with just the right amount of Parmesan.
Pumpkin Ravioli with lemon buttered sauce - I had this during the Halloween festival. I am not a big fan of pumpkin usually, but the ravioli was enticing and decided to order it. I was soo glad I got it. The sauce was tangy and the ravioli was al dente (just the way I wanted it). I am going back for more.
Dessert - Blondie and the old fashioned chocolate cake- heavenly!
Drinks - Virgin Mojito - Fresh and perfect for Chennai's weather.

The service is extraordinary. Staff is extremely friendly. Ambience is pretty kick ass too. Designed for a true Chennai-ite! Meal for two is around Rs 1200.
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Ghumta Bhukkad - Burrp User

Ghumta Bhukkad

October 30,2013

Burrrpy Experience

I will thanks burrp! for this event , it was hosted by them.
As it was a burrp! event our menu was pre-decided and it was chalked down in front of us in a pretty little board that you probably chance upon a fancy broad walk. Upon entering the place a petite garden lends its a charming air and menu is hand written on the wall with the graffiti describing Chennai.

Carrot glazed soup :-  Was creamy and it was hard to find the taste of carrot in it ,it tasted good.
Parsley Garlic Fries - it tasted great with the good old french fries getting a tasty twist of parsely and friend garlic bits with a little shredding of cheese.

Black Pepper Spaghetti - Again here we must say that we have had better spaghetti with white sauce and mushroom bits in it. Also the black pepper was more prominent than anything else . We would definitely order something else the next time we visit.
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Blah  Blah - Burrp User

Blah Blah

October 22,2013

That Hyped Place

The ambiance is amazing of course but the food does not match it. The prices match the ambiance and not the food. So if you just want to spend some nice time at a nice place and ready to spend for it, go to That Madras Place, forget food. But we have parks and beaches for that sans spending! The service was good. They were very polite which is very essential for a place that serves food. They could really improvise on the cooking part and pricing should match it.
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hasitnijhawan - Burrp User


October 16,2013


‘That Madras Place’ keeps it simple; they take great care to make everything they make and use possibly the best ingredients anyone in the restaurant business uses and get it right every time. The choices are varied and plentiful. I also love the fact that you can eat in a nice, bright, friendly place where no stone seems to have been left unturned. The food is always hot, their drinks are freshly prepared and there is always a pleasant surprise waiting on their daily specials to keep that surprise factor alive.
The last few times that I have visited, I have seen a considerable change in the size of their menu and with specials being introduced on their daily special chalk boards (which mind you look’s fantastic) it’s the first time; a place in Madras is serving some authentic European food. Some of their new additions have actually become my favourites already. I have been a regular visitor to TMP since they opened and the last few times I have gone; I have been surprised by the additions to their menu.
Soups: 4.5 / 5 - I love That Madras Place! Full disclosure - Their Roasted Pumpkin and parmesan soup is a delight on any given day; though on a nice summer afternoon I prefer having their tomato basil soup. For a Saturday or Sunday brunch their Hangover remedy is just what you need to kick-start your weekend. They have very interesting soups and it’s always served hot in some very good looking bowls.
Appetizers: 4.5/5 - In the past, I have been a big fan of their Fish n Chips (still my all time favourite) and Pesto Grilled Chicken (grilled perfectly which comes with some perfectly seasoned veggies).The last time I went in; I had to try their much talked about Mushroom Duxelle Bruschetta which unlike any other Bruschetta in the city comes loaded with mushrooms loaded on perfectly crisp bread. I also happened to have their Dynabites and High on Zucchini (beer battered zucchini rings friend to perfection giving you that crisp bite every time you take a bite) which were made to perfection and served with some amazing chipotle mayo. I am more of a meat and seafood lover but I have learnt to love my veggies because of their options.
Main course: 4.5/5- With the new additions to their menu my favourites keep changing?. I am not an eggplant person but the last time me and my friends went; I tried some of my friend’s Eggplant Parmigiana and I couldn't believe that I have ignored eggplant all my life (They make you love food with everything on their menu)! I had called for their Coriander Pesto Fish – Which was FANTASTIC (no kidding it melts in your mouth before you know it) there is so much flavour to the fish and it comes with a good portion of their Aglio Olio pasta. Their Cheese Ravioli in a butter cream sauce is to die for!!! Their ravioli is cooked to perfection and with every bite there is oomph of cheese that comes gushing out and to add to the awesomeness of the flavour their butter cream sauce is one of a kind – I would highly recommend their ravioli.
Deserts: 4.5/5 –They have an array of deserts with their blondie brownie being the most popular in Madras! It’s plated so well that you forget about the calories and attack right away. I feel that their newest desert which is opera cake is the bomb though! It’s so very good that I ended up placing another order to take home the last two times I visited.
AMBIENCE: 4.5 / 5 - It's clean, it's comfortable and it’s very relaxed. They have got some nice rustic furniture with a mix n match of colourful cushions adding to the very tastefully done up interiors. Get a seat by the glass windows and you can enjoy watching your pet playing on the grass while you munch on your food. Alternatively, you could go read their walls which have been done very artistically and have a lot to showcase about Madras with a tinge of humour. I find their ambience glorious as they have managed to serve some quality European food keeping the spirit of Madras alive.
SERVICE: 4.5 / 5 – The south takes pride in its excellent service levels and That Madras Place is no exception. Service is prompt; always smiling and they are always looking at making you feel comfortable. The place is almost always packed but they always will find you a table. A special mention to the manager who has “always” come to us on any given day, no matter how busy the restaurant is to check on us & find out if we are doing ok.
VALUE FOR MONEY: 4.5 / 5 - With a breakfast menu, appetizers, pastas, sandwiches and desserts available the whole day and a price point that does not make you regret once you walk out. I think it’s a perfect place for any
day. Whether it’s an occasion or just a few friends catching up, they always make you feel welcome and maintain consistency in terms of quality and quantity. I doubt they could go wrong with anything at all. The last time we had gone and for 3 (2 vegetarians and 1 non-vegetarian) of us we spent about Rs.1560 (wherein all of us got our own soups, pastas and deserts)
OVERALL RATING: 4.5 / 5 - Great food, fresh ingredients, excellent service make this a great place to enjoy an interlude from your busy day.
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Dhanya Marath - Burrp User

Dhanya Marath

October 16,2013

It is Just Average

- Average taste
- Average service
- Average Ambiance
- Highlights - desserts and eggplant :) forgot the dish names!

That Madras place is a very small place to hangout :) Not so impressed.
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

October 15,2013

Too Soon to Tell

I was here on my Birthday for lunch with a dear friend. The interiors looked cool, the furniture was eclectic and funky, and the place had a very casual feel to it. We got comfortable, looked at the menu, and picked out the items we wanted to have.

To start off with, we ordered potato fries with cheese on them and for the main, friend chose her favorite Aglio E Olio in penne while I chose another pasta with mushrooms. When we asked the staff if the pasta came with veggies, he said no, but they can add if we wanted. So we requested them to add veggies. And then when the dishes came to the table, there were no veggies. Mathangi then came over, told us it does not have veggies and she can get some if we wanted.. D'oh!!
And to beat it, friend found hair in her pasta...(

Anyways, we shrugged it off thinking teething troubles and asked for the cheque when Mathangi insisted we do dessert, especially since it was my Birthday. We ordered the blondie and that was yumm.. The total bill value for 2 of us worked out to nearly 1 k...

Since then I have heard quite a few reviews, most of which were positive.
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Tinkerbell7 - Burrp User


September 24,2013

That Average Place

The pesto sandwich was too dry. Ordered cheesy garlic fries, it came without the cheese. Apparently the cheese was inside the fries?&^#! Very expensive for a place that serves eggs, sandwiches and fries. It seemed like the waiters and owner (I think) were eagerly waiting for us to leave so that they could shut shop for the night. Why let us in if it was nearing closing time? You can have a really nice looking restaurant, in a really nice area but if your food is average, your restaurant is average.
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

September 14,2013

A Shout Out to Entrepreneurs!!!

Was meeting a couple of friends last Sunday. With so much buzz about That Madras Place, it was a natural choice.
We had difficulties locating the place, as the map wasn't very helpful. We called the restaurant and the staff informed us that the place was fully packed and we will have to wait for at least 40 minutes.

Since we were waiting for a friend already and because of the lovely weather we decided to wait outside and chat. The restaurant looked like it was managed by a family. They inquired if we wanted to use the bar like chairs etc while we were waiting.
Fortunately we were offered a table in less than 30 minutes.

The restaurant had cane/old school chairs with cushions. The tables were compact. The walls were adorned with typical Madras 'artefactual' designs. You can just read their wall and laugh lightly.

The menu is what I would call Small. They have very limited items. We were 4 of us and we almost ordered everything.

The kitchen looked very frenzy but neat. We were happy to see the owner/chefs cooking busily and it brought a smile.
So, one big shout out to such entrepreneurs.

Parsley garlic fries - Amazing. Loved the crispy fries. Burnt garlic just created a magic.
Fried eggs with crispy garlic and chilli oil was good. The tomatoes were delicious and seasoned well. Totally the dish was normal (Limitations of a small menu, ordering breakfast dishes at night ;) )
Rosti - was decent but salty.
Fish n Chips - the fish was very soft and nice. They could serve a good dip.

Moving onto main course (people like me don't add sandwich to main course) so we almost ordered all the pastas they had listed in their main course.
Pasta pomodoro - Was very plain, could have been more flavourful.
Creamy pesto - This was absolutely delicious. Generous nuts. Cooked to perfection.
Pasta in alfredo sauce - Was good. Nothing great.
Black pepper pasta - Great flavors but it was salty. So I couldn't complete my plate.

Desserts: Banana Bread and Brownie
Both were served with ice cream. It was good not great.

The chef checked with us since our orders were slightly delayed. We informed them about salty food and their limited menu.
The chef explained that they first want to get this menu right and set in and they have plans of expanding their menu.
Of course, the chef apologized for the salty pasta and said we could have it replaced.

We also explained that we found the portions to be small. The chef briefed us that their idea was 'one plate to be fit for one'.

I would say, I support such new places. I wish them all the best.
For them to sustain in the longer run, they definitely need to expand their menu.

Our total dinner cost, 2,300 bucks.

Food - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
VFM - 3/5
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