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  • Most tried items: pizza
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upto the mark
The food is hearty, delicious, not too heavy and d
a pleasant overall experience.
this place to be worth spending huge amounts of c
Rajiv Shankar - Burrp User

Rajiv Shankar

May 10,2014

The Tuscany Experience at Tuscana on Chamiers , Na

Always have a craving for their pizzas which are delicious and different from the pizzas you get from the franchise based Domino's , Pizza Hut etc. Love this style of wood fired Italian Pizzas which are soft , thin , colourful , crunchy , cheesy and layered with so many interesting toppings. Its a must to have a 12 inch half and half pizza , the only issue is choosing which ones because most of them are amazing.

On my last visit had the Formaggia Aastha which is loaded with diamond shaped paneer marinated in tikka sauce added with cilantro and onions and is a definite winner. This has been kind of a signature dish and unfailingly I tend to have it every time. The other pizza we had was the Spinach e funghi which are woven around with flaky spinach topped along with Mushrooms , fresh tomatoes and cheese and this one totally melts in the mouth. I missed having the Patata Brocolli another favourite which mixes Brocollis , crushed potatos and caramelised onions and gives a nice tangy taste. You must also try Ai Fungi and Pesto Ricotta Mozarella which have nice flavours interspersed giving the thumbs up. The Pizzas are always a delight to polish and its more alluring when sprinkling oregano , chilli flakes and grated cheese along with a tinge of tomato sauce over an already decorated pizza to ornamentalise it further.

For starters we usually have some sort of Baguette , Focaccia , Bruschetta etc - again you are spoilt for choice as you have a truckload of varieties but for a change had the Funghi Ripieni and totally loved it. We wanted something slightly gravyish and it fit our requirements perfectly. Succulent mushroom caps having the look of buttons filled with breadcrumbs and bottled over with dollops of Parmesan cheese baked on a tantalizingly yummy garlic cream sauce and it was totally slurp slurp
The decor is neat and gives a nice laid-back feel. Seating's are spread across different rooms both downstairs and upstairs. Its an ideal place to especially visit on a lazy weekend afternoon where you can truly relish devouring your pizzas. The waiters have a good idea and knowledge about the items on the menu and their suggestions come handy when you are indecisive in choosing what you want. Also you can request for slices of bread which they serve with a salsa sauce making you get ready for the bigger picture . And if you hold a citibank credit card , you get a handy 15% stroked off your bill.

The prices are competitive and they definitely can command this price for the awesome pizzas they serve , feel however the breads and pasta items are a little marginally high priced. If you are a cheese and pizza lover like myself , you just need to look no further as they serve the best ever pizzas in the house and you can be rest assured of a drool worthy oddly cheesy experience !!
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Vedang Chokhani - Burrp User

Vedang Chokhani

December 14,2013

Tuscana on Chamiers , Synonym for PERFECT!!

The only phrase that crosses your mind when you visit Tuscana is Perfection Perfected.
Tuscana truly redefines the whole concept of italian dining. A must visit for all Foodies out there.
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Vijay Jm - Burrp User

Vijay Jm

November 28,2013

Will return :)

Vijay Jm

The definition of Pizza`s as commercialized by the stereotypical Pizza conglomerates has just been revolutionized with the advent of Tuscana . The Menu of Tuscana just leaves you exasperated , and the actual flavor of the restaurant and its theme , most importantly the courteous staff , who attend to each beck and call of every customer, only accentuates the overall experience . Pizza`s are never going to be the same again . My wholehearted compliments to the man at the helm of affairs. Mr Vipin Sachdev , keep em coming .
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Swami Venkat - Burrp User

Swami Venkat

November 16,2013

Authentic and Delicious Italian Food in Chennai

Tuscana is our favorite Italian restaurant for our weekend dinner destination. It is the best place to have authentic and delicious Pizzas with unique toppings, Pasta and Soups in Chennai. We have even stopped having Pizzas anywhere else. Being Vegetarian, we also found enough dishes that satisfy our appetite. We like the gluten free menu and we hope that they maintain the same quality throughout.
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karthikkamat611 - Burrp User


November 13,2013


After being to the land where pizzas originated ( Italy) :P and having tasted pizzas there you can't help but set high standards for any pizzeria. I honestly found the Chennai pizza scene very disappointing until I came across Tuscana. The pizzas in Tuscana give you the feel that you're actually sitting at a pizzeria in Roma for that matter. The only restaurant to have Gluten free pizzas. Fantastic place , amazing ambience and of course delicious pizzas. Truly the place to be for anyone who likes pizza. Now who doesn't ? :D
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magicalsummer - Burrp User


November 03,2013

Great Food, Even Better Service

Most times when we have a 'where shall we go for dinner' discussion at home, my answer is ready - Tuscana


Very pleasant space, with large open dining rooms, and small nooks and rooms allowing for private conversation and celebration. Perfect for a quiet dinner or a small party when you want great food, attentive service and a bill that doesn't do serious damage to your bank balance


The food is hearty, delicious, not too heavy and definitely worth coming back for over and over again.

Value for Money

Very reasonably priced, and fairly large portions too.


It starts with Vipin - he does everything possible to make your dining experience at Tuscana great, and then sees how he can top it. The restaurant manager Charles, and the other wait staff also treat you like valued guests regardless of whether you are dashing in to pick up a panacotta or ordering a dinner for 20.

Recently I had unexpected guests - 20 people over at home, and less than 3 hours to get dinner ready. It was a Sunday, in the middle of the afternoon where most restaurant kitchens were closed and I would have been lost if not for Vipin, and his staff, and their 'can do' attitude.
Charles rounded up the chefs who had taken a break, gave me a fantastic menu that included several starters, grilled vegetable salad, lasagna, etc. and even came over personally to make sure everything was set up just right.
Together with the food I whipped up at home, it was a sweet evening.

I'm not sure if anyone else would have gone out of their way to do this much.

When you have a restaurant that serves great food, has fantastic service, is reasonably priced, and is just around the corner, like Tuscana is for me, its tempting to stop cooking at home.

If there's anything at all I would change - it would be to bring their yoghurt panacotta to this restaurant - it's available only at Kryptos right now.
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rajeevdx - Burrp User


October 27,2013

Food of Tuscana

Food is delicious. Use of pumpkin, pecroni cheese show authenticity of Italian food. Chef Willi shows his showmanship and true love towards Italian food by using pumpkin in his recipes which is really daring work in India.Chef Willi really makes food delicious by using authentic and his own Italian recipes.
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Sriram Raja - Burrp User

Sriram Raja

October 06,2013

Italian Eutopia

I have been a regular customer of this restaurant since its inception. Everything appeals to me, starting from ambiance to the starters, soups, pizzas, pasta, panna cotta deserts and the ice creams. There's always the right amount of every ingredient. The new menu has brought a lot of freshness to my never ending appetite for Italian cuisine. For all Italian food lovers in Chennai, This restaurant fulfills your ultimate desires.
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rahul gandla - Burrp User

rahul gandla

September 26,2013

Amazing Time At The Restraunt

Visited Tuscana on Chamiers in early September and had a great meal. Charles, the manager, was very warm and took care of our every need. He suggested the perfect dishes after asking us if he had allergies and what our preferences were. I went there for a family lunch and was also informed of their soon to launch Italian lunch thali which seemed an interesting deal. After a delicious lunch, we stopped by at their cute delicatessen and picked up some of their special produce. I took home some cold salad, freshly baked bread and fresh herbs. They had a lot more products like cakes, pastries, Fresco Gelato and cheeses.
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Polixeni_Lytra - Burrp User


September 23,2013

It Was An Amazing Experience!

I visited Tuscana on Chamiers in August when I visited India for the first time, with my sister (we are both from Thessaloniki, Greece) and my friend (from Milan). We visited after having a lovely meal in their sister restaurant Tuscana Pizzeria. Both of them were a great experience as the food tasted fresh and delicious while the service was friendly. I loved the ambience of Tuscana on Chamiers, as the building reminded me of how it is back home where houses are converted to taverns and cafes. I had the Minestrone soup, shared the Roma pizza on multi-grain base and the Lamb cannelloni with my sister and satisfied my love of chocolate with the Chocolate Panna Cotta which left me wanting more. We had a lovely time at Tuscana on Chamiers, and when we hope that the next time we visit India the brand is also in other cities.
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kunalju  - Burrp User


August 27,2013

A Man Is What He Eats?

There is a famous Italian saying- "L’uomo è ciò che mangia". I went to Tuscana during one of my Chennai sojourns. I clearly remember how the person patiently answered all my curiosity about the items on the menu one by one. I finally decided to go for Saltimbocca di Pollo (Chicken breast, prosciutto ham, crisp sage leaf, denatured wine, Roman green peas and jus roasted baby potato) and Carpaccio di Manzo (Thin slices of beef tenderloin marinated in mustard and fresh herbs with rocket and parmesan cheese). The food and the ambiance literally transports you to the calm serene Sardinian coasts. Each bite answered the 'question' that I asked in the beginning of this review. Ludwig Feuerbach got it all wrong - A man is not what he eats but he definitely is what he eats at Tuscana on Chamiers.
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vishwadave - Burrp User


August 21,2013

Food Paradise

Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi is one of my favorite restaurants in Chennai. Aside from the authentic flavours and absolutely delicious food, what I like about it is the ambience, the privacy and the service that Tuscana has to offer. The location is super convenient as well, making it my first choice for dining every time I think of eating out. And for people who like to be spoilt for choice - well, there is a mammoth sized menu to choose from - good luck making up your mind! Quick Tip: Do try the pizzas and the risotto! :)
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Ashiq Jaffrey - Burrp User

Ashiq Jaffrey

August 21,2013

Italian Goodness On Chennai Soil

I frequent this place pretty often and its a Nungambakkam counterpart. Quite the exquisite experience indeed. The stars speak for them selves. The only thing I wish, though this is a personal qualm of mine at any place that serves pasta, is that no one is able to crack the recipe for something called the "bourbon street pasta". Otherwise aces. no complaints whatsoever. Top notch.
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Anshu Bhasin - Burrp User

Anshu Bhasin

August 20,2013

An Enjoyable n True Italian Dining Experience!

Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi is where you should certainly be heading to if you're looking for authentic Italian flavours. The restaurant is very cozy and the staff extremely polite and friendly.

We ordered their Americana Pizza and Risotto al Polpo Brasalot, thin crust pizza straight out of the oven and utterly flavoursome. The Risotto too, was just heavenly! Each of the flavours were clearly identifiable and left one wanting for more. The priority is to leave room for some of their cute desserts, tiramisu of course or pannacotta and the list goes on.
Awesome food and amazing atmosphere! Definitely one of my favourite Italian places to eat at in Chennai!

What a great place to enjoy an evening with delicious food and excellent customer service. The food was beyond comparison in terms of taste, quality, and presentation. I highly recommend Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi for an enjoyable and true Italian dining experience.
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markdult - Burrp User


June 05,2013


Apart from the ambiance, I didn't find this place to be worth spending huge amounts of cash. The food is good but it is freaking expensive.The service is decent and their pizzas are good.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you.
Will visit the place soon and give my feedback! :)

Nagarajan Natarajan - Burrp User

Nagarajan Natarajan

June 03,2013

Bowled Over!

It was a special day for me and my wife, because June 2nd 2009 was the last day of our bachelor life :)) I wanted us to remember this day for a long time because being in a marriage for 4 years these days is no simple task. So I wanted to choose a restaurant I had never been to. Though food is always primary when we go out, this time I wanted to just enjoy an evening out with her and have a good time, so I put all my eggs in one basket and chose to visit Tuscana on Chamiers Road. The main reason was that she has been asking me pizza for a while and after seeing the pictures posted after the Pizzarazi contest, I knew she would be impressed. I have once tasted a version of their Pizza @ Burgandy's and was slightly impressed so I knew what to expect at their outlet dedicated to Pizza’s.

As soon as I arrived I was directed to a private room for 4 with a candle on the table and few around. As usual the dim and warm lighting made it cozy and comfortable. I had already planned to order a Pizza, a pasta or lasagne and a desert but for whatever reasons I suddenly wanted to order a soup and since both of us love mushroom, we went with Zuppa di Funghi and as planned ordered 9 inch Ruspante.

Zuppa di Funghi(Description from the Menu: Soup of button and forest mushrooms baked with cream, shallots and thyme, finished with chives)

Will you believe me if I tell you that I could taste the mushrooms, shallots, thyme and chives in each spoonful? It was that flavourful. We had ordered to share one portion for 2 of us so I was scrapping the bowl and cleaned it off with the starter bread. Next time I am not sharing the soup.

Ruspante(Description from the Menu: Shredded mozzarella with marinara sauce, smoked chicken, roasted red pepper, broccoli and corn kernel)

I have always looked at the pictures of a thin crust from Tuscana and have been critical of how it looks like a Naan but Ramki has always assured me that it’s all the same and it’s good. The pizza had generous amount of Mozzarella which by itself tasted close to certain restaurants in Chicago and San Francisco which makes it authentic (I know it has a distorted meaning so it’s not up for debate here) for me. Smoked chicken had a distinct smokey flavour and bell pepper, broccoli and corn kernals went well together. At the end of the evening wifey said that this pizza was the best.

Lasagne di Pollo e Asparagi(Description from the Menu: Baked layers of pasta filled with chicken and asparagus, béchamel sauce, feta and mozzarella cheese)

I don’t know how asparagus or bechamel sauce tastes by itself but when combined with Mozzarella, Feta and chicken, the dish was so creamy and bursting with flavours. The portion was unexpectedly small for how much it costs though. This totally reminded me how French food is served in large hot plates but only the center 10% of the plate is filled with food. Definitely not VFM but tasty nonetheless.

Tiramisu(Mascarpone, egg custard, cream, espresso and lady finger biscuit)
No review needed for this because this seems to be the most popular dish and everyone recommended this over Panna Cotta. No surprises, it was wonderfully creamy and totally loved it. I wanted to order Panna Cotta but before that the surprise cake arrived. It was so nice of Charles to make the cake and private room for me and Thanks to Murugs for this surprise.

Overall it was a delicious evening. I regret not going here sooner but will I ever forget my first visit to TUSCANA? Absolutely not! Will I return? You Bet!
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 14,2013

Right up there

Though the Original Tuscana is closer to my place, this one of Chamiers is where I like to hangout regularly. The Pizzas are pretty much the same and for meat lovers, there are plenty of choices. There are only two chicken varieties, but the Pepperoni and Beef varieties are awesome. The Ambience is awesome and with two levels of seating, most of the times no reservation is needed. Their Tiramisu is one of the best in the city easily. And a meal for two costs a maximum of 1000. Kudos
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meghamookim - Burrp User


April 02,2013


I've always been a big fan of Chef Willi's restaurants since I first went to Tuscana a year or so back. My fave item on their menu was their Roma pizza - thin crust with tomato sauce, smoked ham, pecorino cheese, sundried tomatoes and rocket leaves.

Sounds delicious right?

Now imagine - thick slices of fresh oozing slightly raw tomato instead of sundried tomatoes, no rocket leaves, too much ham, and mozzarella with the Pecorino.


This is what I was delivered, to my dismay, when I recently ordered a 9" pizza from here. I was surprised when I had to pay 700 bucks instead of the usual ~450 Rs., but when I opened the box and saw this pizza, I knew I'm never going to eat here again if I can help it!
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Awesome food!

A friend visited from Bombay and there was no way she was leaving this place without visiting Tuscana.

Went here for lunch on a Sunday. Reached around 2.30ish and we got place easily. We got one of those private dining room type areas.

Just ordered one of their trademark chicken thin crust pizza and yet again, wasnt disappointed at all. The toppings and the sauces were perfect!

For dessert, it was the vanilla panacotta with the berry compote. The taste was as divine as always and we left with a big smile!

Special mention to the service team. Even though we were just 2 and in a secluded area, they kept a check on us and if we needed anything. Also, they kept refilling the water regularly without asking them to, which is a rarity!

I wish i could givem them a 6/5 but then, gotta stick to 5/5!

The quality remains top notch and tuscana remains my favourite standalone italian restaurant! Will be back, soon! :)
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Awesome Italian!

Visited for lunch on my own. The ambience of the place is awesome! Feels so good on entering!

As I was alone, within 2 minutes I got a place to sit.

For starters ordered the foccacia bread with the cheese and onion fillings! Lovely bread and lovely filling! The way the cheese was oozing out was a sight to behold!

Also, once you place the order, they provide you with a freshly baked loaf of bread and some tomato based dip. Something so plain tastes to good too!!!

For the mains, ordered their thin crust pizza. Ordered the minced beef pizza. The topping was awesome. Im drooling just writing about it!Gobbled it up.

It was time for the dessert and i ordered the panacotta which is a must have. It comes along with a beryy compote and it is DIVINE!

The service was awesome and the food was awesome too!

2 thumbs up and easily a 5/5.
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


March 25,2013

Love their ambiance and Tiramisu!

I like everything about Tuscana - the place, the food, the huge oven outside for pizzas, the service and the staff. Their pizzas are great, maybe the best in town even. But if you are a pizza hut/dominos lover you won't like these - they are thin crust! The pastas are great too though a little dry but I am told that's how the Europeans like it. Maybe you could ask for extra sauce! Their STAR dish for me is the cheese garlic bread, oh my god, it is heavenly. Dunked in butter and olive oil and sprinkled herbs. YUM. But their Tiramisu is out of this world. It's their signature dish as well. Yes, the place is expensive but forking out cash for awesome food is never a problem. And I THINK they've offers on Amex cards. Love Tuscana!
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 20,2013

Wonderful place in the heart of the city

Tuscana by Willi is a premium fine dining restaurant located in Chamiers Road
They serve a fine blend of Italian food and some really yummy desserts
Service as always is commendable and they never go wrong
Quality has always been consistently high , as compared to any other premium restaurants in Chennai and it's been a big hit amongst a lot of ppl
Their must try include their wood fired pizzas ,lasagne and Their greek coffee !
perfect place for a date , anniversary or birthday..
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cnramdas37 - Burrp User


February 13,2013

Enjoyable Experience

Dear all,

I travel a lot and, while not really a ‘foodie’, I have certainly enjoyed many a fine meal at some of the top restaurants around the world.
For my 41st wedding anniversary I took my wife, my two sons and their wives and 4 grandchildren to Tuscana – a much talked about Italian restaurant on Chamiers Road in Chennai, India. We ordered garlic bread, Diavola and Margherita pizzas for the kids with some more refined fare for the adults. Among us we ordered the Zuppa di funghi, Fromaggio di Capra con Gamberetti with penne pasta, Ossobucco with mashed potatoes and Aglio Olio e Peperoncino,  We also ordered a couple of Greek dishes from the limited Kryptos menu that was also available here – Kalamarika Tiganita and Kotopoulopitakia. If the names of these dishes sound Greek and Latin to you … well, it’s because they are! You can check out their website (www.tuscanakryptos.in) for their dine-in menus with descriptions, etc.

I would like to inform you that all the dishes were beyond our expectations - authentic flavours with rich undertones. We tried to go easy on desserts but ended up scraping the plates of Tiramisu and vanilla Panna Cotta clean! Under the supervision of Mr. Charles, the smart young Manager both the food and the dining experience were superlative.  The icing on the cake – no pun intended – was an amazing chocolate cake with a  candle for my anniversary.  It was melting in the mouth because they had used genuine chocolate generously.

The service was very good and not very pricey like the 5 star hotels.

It was an enjoyable experience.  I genuinely recommend it to the discerning customers who would want Italy brought to India.

Last but not the least, the credit for all these initiatives should go to Mr. Vipin Sachdev, without whose initiative & enterprise, this successful venture could not have been possible in this conservative Chennai.  Jawarhalal Nehru, long ago said, “Success goes to those who dare and act but seldom to the timid”.  Mr. Sachdev is an example for people to emulate.

Come one, come all … and happy dining!

C.N. Ramdas
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daththa - Burrp User


February 09,2013

Perfect place for Pizza and Pasta

It was almost the closing time when I reached this place for lunch (2:55pm and they close at 3pm). In-spite of it, the service was really appreciable. I had smoked chicken pasta and chicken cream roll. The starters came exactly in 10 min and main course followed it. The cream and the taste of pasta was upto the mark, I would really remember the flavour of the smoked chicken still, the cream and herbs the pasta where so perfect that complimented the taste. Good place to try for Italian food lovers.
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Ila  - Burrp User


January 01,2013

Lovely food and place!

Tuscana on Chamiers launched their new menu on 12.12.12. A memorable date and to top it up Rajnikanth's birthday :).

The management had invited bloggers to try the new menu . The event was scheduled for 4:30PM and as excited as I was I, reached around 4:20PM itself. I had heard a lot about this place from friends, blogs and food-groups on Facebook .This was my very first visit to the place. It is not diffecult to locate the place as it is next to a known landmark of Sheraton park hotel .
The first impression of the place was inline with my expectation as the place looked classy.
I was greeted well at the gate and their gluten-free menu standee stood proudly near the entry gate. The menu was being showcased on the 1st floor. A table was placed in the middle laid with hummus ,salsa, parmesan wafers, stuffed olives.

We were served juices as welcome drink. Thereafter I tried hummus before anything else and it was good; just the way I like and similar to how I make it at home. The place started filling up with people with bloggers, members of Chennai Food Guide (CFG) club and from food review sites like Zomato. Vipin Sachdev, the owner, arrived after a short while and explained the menu to all of us and how the gluten free pizza has become a rage. The main attraction of the place was the multi grain pizza which was being added to the menu.
We were served starters too; the first one was bruschettas of tomato, mushroom and mozrella.I loved it.

The tartlets were amazing too. Tender cheese with bits of veggies thrown in. The base was soft and crispy. The tender chicken with parmesan cheese could have been a bit softer. Personally I like my chicken to be tender, not sure that the chicken was kept that way deliberately. We were told the pizza would be there any moment. Once the pizza started coming in there was no stopping the procession. One pizza came after the next. The first to arrive were the thin crust pizzas and it was good to taste but the base could have been a bit better. Then again it is a matter of personal choice and its best left to the option of customization for individual customers. I had been hearing a lot about the gluten free menu and got a chance to taste one.

First to arrive was Al Pesto- Feta cheese with mozzarella, pistachio pesto and fresh greens of spinach, broccoli and asparagus. The base is made of Bajra that is Gluten free. A really healthy option for pizza lovers. Good for health with hardly any compromise on taste. Bajra is very fibrous and healthy, unlike the regular flour used for making pizza bases .

Vipin Sachdev kept his guests entertained all the time by interacting with them and talking about his experiences as an owner. The most awaited pizza of the evening was the multi grain pizza. Well as the name suggests ,the multi grain flour is used for making the pizza base. Its nice to see how the top restaurant are including more and more healthy options in their menu or making the unhealthy ones healthy so we can enjoy the taste and yet not worry about any health issues .Finally the multi grain were served hot straight from the oven. The pizza was nice, I liked the toppings of all the pizzas with the right amount of veggies and cheese .

Lastly the desserts were served. There were 2 of them; coffee with agar agar and Tuscana's signature vanilla pannacotta.I do not personally like coffee in my desserts so did not quite like the coffee one. The vanilla pannacotta was out of the world, I was too full but could not leave it for anything :).A must try at Tuscana.

The new menu is officially being served from 15/12/2012.Met a lot of people from Chennai food guide,Zomato :)Overall had a nice evening with some great food. Thanks Neha for inviting .It was a delight to meet Mr.Vipin.
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priyabara108 - Burrp User


December 06,2012

Chef''s Table review

I was there at this Tuscana during the Chef table's event. Initially there was a bit of a disappointment that Italian food is not going to be served that day but the Greek food made that disappointment diminish in few minutes. The 5 course meal was very well thought and Chef Harry explained the specialty of each dish. Good food exploration happened along with some wonderful conversations.The Baklava (dessert) was out of the world and is a must try.Cheese and white sauce were again some common ingredients in the meal.

We also went around the restaurant including the kitchen and found that each penny you pay for the food here is worth it as high quality standards are maintained.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Priya,
I am so delighted that you enjoyed the "Chef's Table" event at Tuscana on Chamiers. Thank you for appreciating the food, the dessert, our kitchen and staff.
We look forward to welcoming you again to our restaurant. Do spread the good word around about your great experience and about our great Greek food.
In case your group & you are keen to visit our central kitchen to see all the prep activities with vegetables & meats, preparation of gelato, desserts & bread baking, please let me know on 98410 22622. It will be a pleasure taking you all for this "Tour The Kitchen."
Best wishes,
Vipin Sachdev.

thj2812 - Burrp User


November 22,2012


I got an oppurtunity to dine here as a guest at the chef's table organised by burrp aong with yes bank. The pace is just mind bowing. we had greek food and I jus loved the food. The hospitality we received was indeed excellent. This is a place I would suggest without any second thought
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Friend,
It was a pleasure meeting your entire group during the event "Chef's Table". Thank you very much for such a wonderful review. It is people like you who keep us motivated and encouraged to bring you tasty food and great experiences over and over again.
Do visit us again and please do suggest our restaurant to all your friends and family.
Best wishes,
Vipin Sachdev.

sai.prasad.b  - Burrp User


November 19,2012

Good to go

I remember going to the basic restaurant (ac/non-ac) quite often and having a pleasant overall experience.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Friend, thank you for your feedback we are glad that you have had a great experience with us. We look forward to your loyal patronage.
Charles, Chef Hari & Neha

Kartik Vighnesh - Burrp User

Kartik Vighnesh

November 17,2012

finger licking good :)

Went to this place after having been to Tuscana and Kryptos. Another place to have excellent food. The pizzas are very delicious. Excellent service. Nice setup and definitely a place to keep going for amazing food.
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Suraj Sinha - Burrp User

Suraj Sinha

November 07,2012

Tuscana's Tiramisu is the best

My studies have brought me to the US. I'm a big fan of the Tiramisu for 2-3 years now . I have had different Tiramisus in New York, Chicago in Italian restaurants run by Italian people and even in my 4 star rated cafeteria of my University.The presentation, the taste and the elegance of Tuscana's Tiramisu can not be matched. Highly recommend it.
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AnitaNandini123 - Burrp User


July 24,2012

Love the desserts

This another restaurant by the Willi that I love ( apart from kryptos). Good service. Courteous without being intrusive. They gave us some good ideas on what to order and what kind of combinations we were to order. We had this divine desert called Canoli. To be tried to be believed !! The sugarfree gelato ( chocolate ) was finger licking good.The canneloni de zuca is surely worth a try. Overall a very nice dining experience .
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Anita, thank you for your wonderful feedback. We are happy that you had an excellent experience at Tuscana. Reading your review our team is very encouraged & motivated. Thank you for taking out time and writing to us.
Charles, Chef Senthil & Neha

vibhavlodha - Burrp User


July 17,2012

Better than the other

Excellent food. Was better than the Nungambakkam branch

With a little bit of greek food in the menu, Tuscana never disappoints. Great food, service and well set environment, you can dine here any day of the week ..

Plus point on the vallet parking
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Manu  - Burrp User


June 17,2012

Not Such a Great Experience

I ate in Tuscana, previously in their nungambakkam branch and it was an enjoyable experience, the food was good.

However I went to the chamiers branch on the 7th of this month, to celebrate my wifes b'day. The food was not great.

They served us some free bread in the beginning which was cold and not edible. We ordered a
Bruschetta with Roasted peppers in red wine vinegar, it was ok, wasn't so great

Ordered a 12" Bolognese pizza which was not done well, was soggy, we had 2 slices and could not eat more, it was horrible.

The only good dish was the panna cotta. we ordered.

Overall Taste and Experience was not so great like the first time when we ate in the Nungambakkam Branch.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Friend,
I am sorry, that we were not able to deliver to your wife & you a great experience for your special day during your first visit to Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi. In our restaurant it requires a lot of human beings to intersect at just the right place to make it all work out & we failed in this. My team & I apologize for this. I am sure we will be able to serve you delight during your next visit & hope you will come into Tuscana on Chamiers soon again.
Vipin Sachdev.

Sarah1394 - Burrp User


June 06,2012

A real delight!

I am a frequent diner at Tuscana for the simple reason that there is no other place in Chennai that serves Pizza this good! The decor is minimalistic but very pleasant. The staff is very efficient and always smiling. The food is FABULOUS. It is authentic Italian and a delight for any foodie. My personal favourite is the Basil pesto pasta and the Roma pizza. It will fill you physically but it will leave your soul wanting more! To end it off on a sweet note the Pana cotta is a MUST. It leaves you smiling all day.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Sarah, thank you for your great feedback, we appreciate it. Hope you visit us on a regular basis and try all our dishes on the menu :)
Hope you try the Tiramisu the next time you visit us, its a must try too.
Charles, Chef Senthil & Neha

foodie927 - Burrp User


May 20,2012

Food to rival Milano or Sicily.....

Warm and cosy family restaurant serving authentic Italian food. Smiling waiters, attention to detail and excellent food make Tuscana a relaxing eatery be it a casual lunch or a formal dinner. On my last visit I was pleasantly surprised when I was told they could serve half the appetizer and serve the other half hot when all the guests arrived. Now that is service..... For the health conscious the Pizza comes in a wholewheat option as well. Pastas can be customised with a variety of sauces to suit your palate. A very affordable, friendly, neighbourhood restaurant with food to rival Milano or Sicily.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Friend, thank you for wonderful feedback. It makes us very happy & smile for the great experience you had with us. It takes many great hands to run a successful restaurant and we are glad we could deliver. Looking forward to your loyal patronage & continuous visits.
Charles, Chef Senthil & Neha

Jayalakshmi Thirugnanam - Burrp User

Really good!

The tuscana brand is going places in Chennai, thanks to it's consistently good food quality and amazing environment. Way to go!
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Pranav Kashyap - Burrp User

Pranav Kashyap

March 11,2012

A delight to the taste buds

The food here is awesome and with the ambience it makes a perfect place to enjoy your food with friends and family...By far the BEST place in the entire city .The authentic Italian food is a delight to food lovers..You cant just visit once
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avwolv88 - Burrp User


February 27,2012

One of the best Italian restaurants

Having been to to Tuscana a few times, I can tell you that the pizzas and pastas are excellent. Great serving sizes, an excellent selection of imported meats, and quality ingredients in the base. The new branch at Chamiers road is very well decorated, clean, and gives the feeling of upkeep by a proud home owner. Among many Chennai restaurants serving wood-fired pizzas, this is one of the best apart from Six-Oh-One at Park Hotel. Moreover, they also serve a few items from Kryptos' menu which is definitely my favourite restaurant of the two.

Two things where I hope for some improvement:
- The Ossa Bucca was not so great. This has been an issue across India when it comes to ordering non pizza/pasta main dishes. Meats tend to be overcooked (more than what you requested), sauces don't have much flavour, the mash potatoes don't have the right texture, and presentation is lacking. It would be great if Tuscana could work on this because going to an Italian restaurants should really be more than pizza or pasta.
- Service is good, but they really need to avoid the obsequiousness that is common with many Indian restaurants. I know I'm in the minority here, but I like to serve myself instead of a server hurriedly coming over to serve for everyone. Also, I don't like servers assuming that plates must be cleared immediately if a person doesn't look like he's hogging down their food.
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Dipti Kumar - Burrp User

Dipti Kumar

February 25,2012


Tuscana on Chamiers road is a modern contemporary setting to get comfy and experience gourmet Italian cuisine. Under the witty Australian Chef Willi, this place is bound to throw up surprises from their signature pizzas to their pasta varieties. I visited the place for a late afternoon lunch and the service and food didn’t let timings get to them. My favorite was of course the pannacotta- elegantly plated and delicious to savor. My only complaint would be, the serving should have been more (for obvious reasons). For those who love to stock up on their cold storage and breads etc, this place even has an adjoining delicatessen to pick up your favorite sausages, breads and more! Vipin is a pioneer in the F&B area, with his passion to expand and create good food with lots of love. Keep it up and hope to see you in the other parts of the country soon!
Dipti Kumar
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Amit Chokhani - Burrp User

Amit Chokhani

February 19,2012

Truly Italian & Greek

Must thank Vipin to introduce the true concept of fine Italian and Greek dining in Chennai.

A regular visitor to Tuscana and Kryptos with famly and friends. Each one of them done distinctly to pamper us with the right choice of Italian and Greek food and desserts to tease our taste buds never to fade from our memory. The team has always been very helpful to explain us with the individual choices so we need not worry about the unawareness of the names of dishes. Quality comes at a price so no regrets though people might be wanting to be it more pocket friendly.

Cheers and All the Best !!!
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Vijay V. - Burrp User

Vijay V.

November 29,2011

A Well-Rounded, Pleasurable Dining Experience

Fresh meats that ooze quality, an extensive menu that caters as exceptionally well to herbivores as it does to carnivores, Tuscana is a pricey dining experience that's quite worth the tab.

In our party of five, not one had any complaints about the food. Be it the customized, pepperoni-filled Calzone, a Roma Pizza with a delectable ham topping, the Lasagna or Ravioli di Emu, every dish was served with just the right quantity in just the right time with a solid balance of flavour.

For those with a sweet tooth, if you miss out on Tuscana's mind-blowing Tiramisu, well, you'd be depriving yourself. Plenty of restaurants in Chennai claiming to cook what they consider to be authentic Italian cuisine, serve Tiramisu. 99% of them are as far off the mark as Paris Hilton would be with a cricket bat facing Brett Lee on the Gabba. Tuscana however, serves up the Sachin Tendulkar of Tiramisus.

The staff were respectful and fairly prompt with the service. The ambience in the restaurant was elegant and pleasant. For meat and cheese lovers, the restaurant operates a small deli downstairs where steaks, splendid pancetta bacon and a variety of cheese is available on sale in addition to a selection of gelatos.

My only complaint, which really cannot be attributed to the restaurant itself, is that a joint like this demands a nice wine selection. I hope that the day Tamil Nadu eases its restrictions on alcohol licenses, Tuscana will adorn itself with a decent wine menu.
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mdevina - Burrp User


November 26,2011

Great ambience, good food!

I was a few weeks old in Chennai and checking out the local restaurants (and becoming increasingly frustrated!) when I was recommended Tuscana by some expat friends. I was surprised that most "highly recommended" restaurants in Chennai were either buffet places inside big-name hotels or mish-mash restaurants that cater to every taste by offering Indian, Chinese, Indo-Chinese, Indo-Italian, what not. I am glad to have discovered Tuscana - it is a "proper" restaurant with the perfect ambience, perfect service and awesome food. My friends from London loved the asparagus pizza and thought the wood-fire pizzas were unmatched in quality. I loved the gnocchi (it was better cooked than the ones I had from Italy) and the soups. The real test of Italian cooking, though, is risotto and I hope to sample it on my next visit.

Let me end with a crib though - though the service was fantastic in terms of child friendliness, the child seat was unsuitable for younger kids (under 2s). The experience would have been perfect if the restaurant got high chairs with proper belts.
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Sharan S - Burrp User

Sharan S

November 14,2011

Unforgettable not Memorable

My visit to the Nungambakkam Tuscana was memorable. I happened to try out the new one opposite Park Sheraton. Sadly, it wasn't memorable as much as unforgettable. It was not the kind of restaurant I'd go to again.
The service is awfully slow. Could be that I was there on a Sunday night. But, I scouted the place and there were only few people. The waiters were pleasing. But, the menu was shockingly expensive. I remember paying 550 or so for the Siciliana Pizza at the Nungambakkam branch. Here it was 650. Price has radically risen. I had to go to French Loaf (which is on the opposite side) for dessert. I mean, honestly guys, your pizza was bland! The risotto was pitiful. I've had better risottos at 50 bucks.
If you guys like Pasta and Garlic Bread, try out Tuscana. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and money.
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sir_eats_alot - Burrp User


October 15,2011

Perfect dining experience.

I really enjoyed Tuscana on Chamiers (Toc). The minute you get out of the car you know that you're in for a treat. The restaurant has a unique ambience that gives us a very Italian feel. As soon as you enter the place you see Vespa, which I thought was a brilliant touch. This place seemed to have been a normal residential bungalow before as the restaurant had rooms. It was a very interesting concept as it gives diners that little bit of privacy when socialising over a meal. The menu is a lot broader than that of Pizzeria with some of the signature dishes from Kryptos being added in there and a variety of grilled items and some added vegetarian mains. The food remained consistent in terms of quality in comparison to the other two outlets but the dining experience was very different here.. Service was top notch - they made us feel very comfortable and were very helpful while taking our orders. They make some really good coffee is in this place too! I haven't been back since they introduced the Deli but how I wish my office was closer to Toc now. A sandwich from the Deli would be the best thing for a quick lunch.
I wonder what will be next for the Tuscana Kryptos team now. What part of the world would they take us to next.
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

October 14,2011

Authentic as it can get

Italian food ranks on top among my favourite cuisines and Tuscana on Wallace garden had me at the 1st slice of pizza i bit into. So, when i was invited to lunch at their newly opened outlet in Chamier's Road, i was more than happy to go.

The wooden archway at the entrance and the ambiance inside are quite inviting. Unlike the Wallace Garden outlet, the ambiance here is quite informal and casual.. There is a small waiting room, and 2 rooms with tables in them, all together can probably seat close to 30people. There is a Red scooter in the passage along with other little touches that add to the whole Italian feel.

We started with Focacccia all' Aglio e Cipolla [focaccia bread with roasted garlic & onions] and thin crust Pizza Potto e Brocolli [broccoli, caramelized onions & potato], followed by an All vegetables Pizza [yellow, green, red bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and tomatoes]. The non veg Pizza Americana looked interesting and i did steal a basil leaf from one of them :)

Amidst a lot of talking, sharing experiences ranging from Travel, Politics, food and others, main courses arrived. Since we were a fairly large group [nearly 10], we were offered quite a few options- both in veg and non veg.
The main course for us vegetarians was Polenta Pasticciata [Baked Polenta casserole with Porcini, tomato, basil with Fresh mozzarella & pecorino] and Impilata di Verdue Arrosto [ Pumpkin, zucchini, sweet peppers and Bocconcini cheese layered with napoletana sauce]. For the others, there were 2 dishes - Chicken breast escalopes and Large Prawns[which by the looks on their faces, they loved...]. There was quite an amount of food, and we devoured every morsel with delight.

And then ofcourse came the delightful desserts, which looked sinful and must say tasted just as good...

There was the Tiramisu [ which is probably among the best that i've eaten so far], Torta Soffice Di melle [ Apple cake with lemon and almost custard cream sauce] that was divine with every mouthful. And then the show stopper- Torta di Cioccolato di Fusione [.warm chocolate cake with melted chocolate in the center served on a dark chocolate sauce]... I know the names of all these desserts sound like tongue twisters, but mind you, it was irresistable... Gooey, warm and yumm!!

The meal was wonderful- Good food, good company, and a lovely place! Perfect for a group lunch/dinner. The food is light and dint make me sleepy or heavy.

Service: Excellent.

Ambiance- Casual, informal, cosy

Price- about 400-500 per pax
Location- Almost adjacent to Park Sheraton Hotel, Adyar.. [For those who live on the other side of town, do visit Tuscana in Wallace Garden ,or Kryptos in Khader Nawaz Khan road]

I am sure to be visiting either of the Tuscana outlets soon and frequently! I have been to Kryptos in KNK road once, and what we had was good.
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poojaraikwar91 - Burrp User


October 13,2011


If it is classic Italian dinning experience that you are looking for then "Tuscana Pizzeria" has already proved a hit in Chennai.
Famously touted as one of the few restaurant in Chennai where it is hard to have a bad meal this swank diner by Chef Willi and Vipin sachdev took Italian food to new standards of excellence .

set over a two floor bungalow ( 6500 sq ft ) with ample privacy , its elegant set-up, deep toned wooden furniture, professional service and soothing music , Tuscana Pizzeria on Chamiers road is the darling for epicureans .

Chef Willi conjures the spectacle of Italian culture , cuisine and color with his work of art - both on plate as well as palate .
From the minute you walk in through the front door , the whiff of herbs and spices catches your senses .

Refreshing thirst quenchers , TANTRUM and MINTY STRAWBERRY FIZZ were my families first pick while mulling over the main menu .

To start with , we ordered warm mushroom BRUSCHETTA and FOCACCIA bread topped with roasted chicken , onion and sun dried tomato , that was cooked to perfection , melting in mouth with burst of flavors.
Tuscana prides itself on its wood-fired pizzas and wide range of pasta that can be customized to your taste . so we tried mushroom filled pasta pockets MUSHROOM RAVIOLI which was absolutely delicious and filling . Our stomach rumbled with approval .

Finally we ordered the irresistible thin crust pizza ,PATATE E BROCCOLI ( veg) and POLLO ALL ORIENTALE (non-veg) which came along with unusual scrumptious toppings ensuring the ingenuity of Italian gourmet .

This exquisite fare was definitely incomplete without sweet indulgence of desserts . The "pick me up " TIRAMISU , Italian cooked cream PANNA COTTA and TORTA DI CIOCCOLATO DI FUSIONE ( the italian version of choco lava ) are bound to keep you longing for more .

Amalgamated with the true essence of slavering every thing that's Italian here is an experience that will be worth your time .
BUON APPETITO!! ( enjoy your meal )

cost for 2 : approx Rs1500
private dining area available for group bookings .
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ramnathh.sekhar - Burrp User


October 09,2011

The best

Being a true lover of Italian cuisine, I went to Tuscana couple of weeks after they opened their first restaurant. I was not so excited because many of the Italian restaurants in India are 'so so'. But when I tasted their food, I would say without any hesitation that it is one of the best Italian restaurants in India. The food is authentic, the ambience is very good, the recipes and the blend is just true to the best standards. On top of all these, the team is very courteous and always smiling. The reason why i say 'team' and not 'staff' is, most of them work as if it is theirs and feel a sense of ownership and not work just because they have to... I think this sets Tuscana a class apart from other restaurants.


As proven in many cases, most really good restaurants in a quest to scale up, lose their track on following involuntarily the basic aspects that makes a hospitality venture successful. I hope Tuscana maintains their quality for many years to come. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors.
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Cole M - Burrp User

Cole M

September 29,2011

Real Italian!!

I love Tuscana. Great real Italian food. I do not think they have a clove or cardamom pod in the building. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

The room is very nice, the service is excellent. The food is great and authentic.

If you want Indian flavored pizza, you will be very disappointed. If you want real top quality Italian food, this is the best place I have found in Chennai.

Must try the Tiramisu and Panna-cotta. All of the entrees we have tried have been excellent. The Pizza is thin, crispy, and Italian flavored. Do not get confused by P****-H** this is what good pizza is supposed to be.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, I thank you for your honest review & value your trust in our brand. We are pleased that you have chosen our restaurant & look forward to your continued visits and suggestions that are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful. Regards. Vipin Sachdev.

astha102030 - Burrp User


September 14,2011

feel good factor

great place to dine with friends and family. even a date :P lol.
loved the food. enjoyed every bit of it. the deserts too.
appreciate the facilities they provide.
lovely atmos ! :)
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Astha.

Glad that you had a pleasant experience. Thanks for the feedback and that keeps us going.

Deepti Kumar - Burrp User

Deepti Kumar

September 09,2011

Long time but got some authentic Pizzas...

First of all, we loved your brick oven, next comes the thin crust vegetarian Pizzas you have- the most authentic we have had in India so far :)..
Veg Lasagna could have been better though..
Overall highly recommended..
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks alot for the genuine feedback.
We are indeed very happy that you enjoyed the food. Do visit again and about the Veg Lasagna,I would take it forward to the Chef. You can look forward for a much better experience during the next visit.

aninsomniac - Burrp User


August 18,2011

Reliable, good food

Tuscana has a homey vibe supplemented by delicious food and friendly staff. The experience does not come cheap, but the little things make it worth it, in my opinion.

For starters, I love the complementary bread+dips platter they serve. The parmesan crisps are divine as are the baguette slices. The humus-type dip is pungent and savoury while the Mediterranean type salad is surprisingly good.

We ordered one penne pasta with pesto sauce, which was fresh but heavy. I wish they had the classic potato and beans approach to it though. The eggplant parmesan (it's called something else in the menu) is delicious and filling; I wish they'd had a lighter hand with the seasoning. The Aasta pizza was ordered by a friend who was more comfortable with known toppings. It was very tasty and very tandoory - not a bad thing, but it's a little incongruous in Tuscana. Then again, maybe it's a smart choice to assuage those who don't want to go entirely outside their comfort zone (like my friend).

On other occasions, I had also tried the ravioli with garlic butter sauce and I think that might be one of the best things on their menu. Their vegetable pizza with artichokes was also very good, but their alfredo sauce was a bit weak.

Their tiramisu needs no comment - it's fabulous. However, my favorite Italian dessert is panna cotta and unfortunately, Tuscana's falls short there; it's not creamy enough and has a very half-hearted flavor.

Since I'm on a mission, I'm going to check out a lot more dishes. Will post on other items later!

TL;DR: Delicious and expensive. More hits than misses. An assured pleasant experience.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you so much for the care & interest in posting the feedback.

Its our pleasure to know the likes and dislikes of the guests. we believe, that's the gateway to improve, and we definitely need to appreciate your time towards this. We hope to see you and hear from you again.

Niranthara Jawahar - Burrp User

Niranthara Jawahar

August 15,2011

My favourite

As soon as I heard that Tuscana was opening this side of town, I was very excited because I live 2 minutes away. This branch is more private, and up market than the Pizzeria. The cutest thing was that each table in a room has a little buzzer so that there are no annoying waiters lurking near you, as when you want to call them you just press the buzzer. It has more options and I love the Chicken with the orange jus, and the sea bass fish. The veal is also to die-for. I went yesterday, and they had this nice AC cabana outside, so my friends and I enjoyed a room to ourself. Also, the smoking table outside in the garden is a nice touch! I always hop down to the Tuscana deli to eat their cinnamon rolls with my hazelnut coffee. I can't wait to go there again!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Niranthara.

Its great to read the feedback. It Gives a great sense of Satisfaction. We will definitely continue providing such enriching experience to our guests. Visit again with friends and family.

sancupid6 - Burrp User


August 08,2011

Good Food But Poor Service

To begin with the food was very good... and the ambience was also good. but when coming to service it was very poor. they mixed our dishes serving veg with non veg.. and vice versa.. valet service is good. i gave u guys 3 just because of service.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for the feedback. We are happy you enjoyed the food, but we are very sorry about the service. We will make sure we improve our service. Do visit again.

Cocoaberrylove - Burrp User


July 25,2011

A definite win :)

Great place with great food! Not a surprise coming from chef Willi.
Their pepperoni pizzas are amazing and so is the Chicken raviolli :)
Pricey but worth the money, this restaurant is a must visit for Italian food lovers.
The Tiramisu is soo good that you cant describe how good it is m/
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vsara - Burrp User


June 25,2011

Never a let down

Excellent food. Was as good as their Nungambakkam branch

One less star since they weren't too helpful in accommodating our big party at first, but they eventually made it up with further service.
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Nishant Goyal - Burrp User

Nishant Goyal

September 07,2016

its awsome

Hard rock ,worli exceeded all my expectations. In their words truly, this is the place to be . Super happening! Amazing food and cocktails.Yep great burgers and fries .The mojito and nachos could have been better but everything else was perfect so I will ignore that. Great music .Fantastic ambience and awesome,driven and passionate staff. Special thanks to Sagar, Tushar, Lalit, Amit and Shwetana for entertaining us ,making us feel special and welcomed and encouraging us to unleash our crazy sides. It was a madd night and the best birthday I could have. I'll be back again soon for sure 😊 lots of love to your entire team. Keep it up guys!
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