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ajaygrover29 - Burrp User


July 13,2016

one of the best places to go and party

love the ambience , the music and the food and I always go here specially on Sunday's
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Harmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Harmandeep Singh

November 27,2015

Rocking Place to Hangout

When it comes to Hard Rock Cafe, first thing that pops out of my mind is service, first class service.

Ambience is so awesome that you would never hesitate or cringe to visit often as the place is so chill. If you love Rock music, this is the place.

You don't need a reservation, you can walk in anytime.?

Food they serve is of extremely high quality, especially beef. But way too expensive. Well, I do believe that quality comes with a price.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Harmandeep,

Thanks for your detailed review. HRC is the perfect rockers destination! Happy to know you enjoyed the overall HRC experience. Glad we could rock your palates with our lip-smacking food. We value your feedback and will surely share it with our team. Looking forward to hosting you again.

Team Hard Rock Cafe

Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

January 20,2015

Value for Money

Awesome is the word that best describes this cafe. With Live Music, Karaoke Nights, Concerts and Amazing Menu”.
Let me begin step by step.

One can easily spot the place as it has a huge logo. At the entrance is the International souvenir shop. Don't expect to get cheap prices. The name of the cafe justifies itself when you step inside, There are huge musical instruments mounted on the walls. No wall is lonely. Bob Marley photo’s and all those musicians and singers have their pictures with wonderful taglines. A perfect theme with a high wooden stage and seating area all around.

The staff greets you at the entrance and looks after your requirements till you leave the cafe. Hospitality is at the top always. They introduce themselves and then cater to all your orders. The little gestures they make with their smiles, makes the environment light and joyful and comfortable. I was here with my cousin younger brother, sister and a friend. We had fooled our brother that HRC only allows a couple entry, and he has no other option but to go with us. Poor brother, still unaware of the truth! And I dont even feel bad about it. Naive, yep, thats me.

Food -
We ordered the signature dish of HRC.
“JumboCombo Its a must, must , must have”. On a big round plate are onion rings, baked cheese toasts, cheese and corn stuffed balls with their respective sauces. On the middle of this plate is a round glass with a tangy dip. The dip is cooked using lots of cabbage, black olives and small tomatoes like fruit and mayo. Surrounding the sauce are long thin spring rolls. If you miss the JumboCombo, you haven’t really had a Rockin’ experience.

The next dish that came was “Noodles with Prawns.” I am not much of a Prawn fan. I will need someone who could company me to get the hang / the taste of prawns. This dish was enjoyed by my sister and her friend. Meanwhile, my brother and I enjoyed clicking pictures of the Cafe and our Conversations.

We also ordered “Chicken Wings”. This dish is served with two sauces and serves 3 big pieces on lettuce. The chicken wings are deep fried and has lots of butter which makes it crispy as well as juicy at the same time!

Overall Experience :- A value for money!
Rating :- 5 / 5
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for your detailed review and super cool rating. We are glad you had a great experience at your recent visit. We agree, our jumbo combo is a definite must, must have! We look forward to see you soon.

HRC Team

smackjune283 - Burrp User


August 25,2014

HRC Hospitality left a bitter taste

I have been to Hard Rock Cafe a few times in the past, but what I experienced recently is worth sharing. I visited HRC at DLF Mall, New Delhi on 23rd August to celebrate my birthday along with my sister and to my surprise we came across the rudest hostess we had ever met. To begin with, we were greeted by the hostess with a big frown, and on telling her that we needed a table or a couch for two, she ignored the request and escorted us to the high stools at the corner of the cafe. I assumed that she did not hear the request and so I repeated that we needed a table or a couch for two people to which she reacted very rudely and told us that the couches and the tables were not available during the weekend (something that I still haven't been able to decode). My next response was that I had visited the cafe in the past and had always been offered the couch, to which she responded, “We don't have couches available”. My last words to her were, “in that case, we would be leaving”, to which she responded with an “OK”. The hostess didn’t make a single effort to show hospitality or offer an alternative. This experience was terrible and I will refrain from visiting the place ever again.

Hats off to the hostess, to her etiquette and training that she succeeded in representing her company efficiently.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We apologize that your experience has been anything but wonderful and we would like to make up for the same. We request you to share your contact details with us on feedback@jsmcorp.in and our manager will get in touch with you immediately.

Warm Regards
HRC Team

Dimpy Khanna - Burrp User

Dimpy Khanna

March 03,2014

Good, but lacks in service at times

I have been to a few HRC's around the world, while most of them are situated at key locations, I never got to understanding why they would open this one in a mall in Delhi.

The basic premise of the place is the same as their other locations, within India and internationally as well, but what stands out for me here are the guys on their bar. They are damn quick, receptive and super fun. What gets me down at this place is the service staff most of whom I feel are too slow and too caught up with bigger tables most of the time. Their gigs are just about ok, nothing great, but not too bad either....except that because of the way this place is built, a gig on their stage makes it almost impossible for people to enjoy themselves in the bar area, which also used to have some sofa seating till sometime back; but I think that keeps coming in and out depending on performances. My favourite area here is the inside section ahead of the bar - Nice and quite, but because of which the service becomes slow.
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ayushi27arora - Burrp User


January 14,2014

HRC, anyday!!!

I am a typical HRC fan and the first time I visited this chain of HRC in Delhi India, I felt like I was finally at home! This is the place to be at for a fun evening with friends and colleagues.... Music lovers can drool on the splendid choice of music played there! When alone, don't be hesitant to grab a seat for yourself at the bar, as the bar tender would attend you mighty well ;) If lucky do not miss on the HRC staff's YMCA performance.... its terrific
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ashima_sharma - Burrp User


November 01,2013

Rock shock

Excellent and unforgettable evening with my buddies .. The service and staff is doing a good job ... Their attitude towards customers transcends formality to friendliness ..music is just fabulous ... best place to spend quality time with friends ...fun filled space .. enjoyed a lot !!
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Shubh44 - Burrp User


August 26,2013

Fine Place

In Hard rock Cafe the ambience is uber cool but the only problem over here is on the event days place gets too crowded as it is not much spacious.. The wall hangings & different portraits are simply awesome alongwith the food served.. The staff is even friendly & quick..! And coming to the main thing the Hard rock music well it is best at it. They bringdown the best rock bands..!!
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rajatamazing - Burrp User


August 18,2013

hard rock cafe!

so finally. we made it to the hard rock. located inside sakets premier mall, select city walk on the first floor. we enter and the place is beautiful. though id say a lil relatively small but nice. to the left is the restaurant seating area, the food might be a lil more expensive than what you expected. but good food. there is a smoking room up ahead. then youll find the stage to the right, facing opposite the bar and that hard rock cafe logo :') :P. the things and paintings youd expect on the hard rock wall. the bar is good. there is further seating area ahead to the corner. a good cozy place! and worth going to for a gig. :D
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iamkanishk - Burrp User


June 30,2013

really rocing

Delhi's Hard Rock Cafe may appear a baby in a front of it's big brother in Mumbai,but it still oozes a certain oomph.Rich red tints meat red hot chilli peppers ; wannabes sit alongside real rockstars ,and cheese dripping tortillas compete with sauce - laden salmons.
In music,there's Funk and Punk , acid,psychedelic , alternative , heavy metal , garage , grunge , hartland , country , and more.
Everyone's humming,head banging and shaking a leg or two , so feel free to let go.
The waals make for a mini museum , with inbuilt shelves that display rock paraphernalia through the ages.
In drinks, caiparojka (That's how they choose to spell it) is good,i really mean it.
They are served in humongous genny bottle like glasses.
In food , the favourites are herb grilled chicken breasts and their signature dish , TIKKA FED CHICKEN BURGER.
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jeevikas - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Always amazing

Being an absolute fan of Hard Rock Cafes the world over I must say the Delhi one is great as well, with very polite staff members and great music.

I absolutely love the signature cocktails and the chicken wings are to die for and the non veg platter is amazing but the mac and cheese disappointed me.
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Gourmet Guru - Burrp User

Gourmet Guru

October 04,2012

Good burgers

Having had heard a lot about the burgers here, I decided to go there with a fellow foodie to sample the renowned burgers. First up, we were greeted pleasantly by the hostess at the door and taken to a table. The service was very prompt. Got the menus in time. Orders taken on time. Food brought out on time.
We shared two burgers- Hickory BBQ Bacon Cheese burger and the Legendary 10oz Burger. Burgers are served with fries. Both burgers were good. I preferred the Hickory BBQ one as I love BBQ sauce and caramelized onions.

Food: A
Service: A
Ambiance: A
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for the amazing feedback. We are delighted to get straight A’s from you :-) We hope to see you again!
Keep Rocking!
HRC Team

Amit Bhartari - Burrp User

Amit Bhartari

August 31,2012

Good Ambience , Loud Music , Good Drinks , Bad Food

Loud Loud place ,
The moment you enter you will say 'wow' , the entire floor has three sections- third section being a neglected one.
Nice ambience , loud music and occasional dance by the bar tenders and drink servers.
Please note - drink whatever you want to but be careful with the food, never order fancy looking items on the menu.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Bhavna ,

Would also request you to introduce three cheese burger in chicken or mutton , i guess currently its available under beef only

shashank.yadav - Burrp User


March 13,2012

Unapproved tip deducted

Everything was great till the day I was going through my latest transaction made via Debit Card, wherein I found that a charge of Rs 100 was levied from the HRC for the payment made by me some days back. On having a chat with my bank's (ICICI) customer care service, I got to know that the charge was due to the tip added by HRC, which I didn't mention while signing the electronic bill generated by the card swapping machine. It has hard to believe at first that such thing can happen at the HRC. I have learned my lesson, you people make sure to cancel the tip column if you wish not to give any.
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Anuraag  - Burrp User


September 27,2011

This completes the slam !!!

Bombay...check...Bangalore...Check...Pune....Check....and now...Delhi...CHECK !!!

Delhi joined the HRC bandwagon later than expected and the setting too gives you that impression. Whilst the Bombay, Bangalore and Pune HRCs are stand-alone establishments, HRC Delhi is in a mall...Not good, not bad...just different.

The ambiance is at par with other HRCs, food at par too and service top notch. Taxes, as is the case with all HRCs are on the higher side.

Definitely makes for a second visit. Had waited till 10 45 for their signature YMCA sequence but had to leave disappointed...
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Tommy1312 - Burrp User


March 15,2011

March 13th 2011

The place was packed.. But the food was amazing..And i loved the staff..There was one staff i had a crush on..:):):)
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Jatin B - Burrp User

Jatin B

February 11,2011

Spreading the music across Delhi

Hard Rock has always raised the bar across each city in India on it's opening. The one in Delhi does not disappoint..while it's not the grandest or largest of the lot, what it lacks in size, it makes up in intimacy! The stage is close to the bar and standing area, the roofs are lower than expected and the posters and music memorabilia add the required amount of nostalgia required. What is interesting is the inclusion of a windowed smoking room within the relative middle of the space, quite unusual for a casual dining outlet.
The staff is cheerful, the drinks large and the music loud. If you're looking for a quiet romantic dinner then this is not the place! The DJ, Augustine is a bit of a rockstar himself, walking down from his booth and chatting with guests once in a while. He's open to taking requests and choice of music ranges from metal to classic rock.
The dining experience is a good notch above fast food, focussing on traditional 'American' fare like onion rings, steaks, burgers, potato skins loaded with cheese and bacon! A word on the burgers, one would be hard pressed to find better ones across Delhi, lots of meat, good bread and served in a style of your choice. If you're vegetarian, I would suggest other places, Hard Rock is a place to come and eat lots of meat!
The bar is massive, about 30 feet in length and faces the stage. The drinks selection is good, cocktails have lots of alcohol and served with a sense of flair. I would definitely recommend the Mojito, the LIT and the Bloody Mary. A couple of these and you are ready to wing the night away. Seating is spread around, but I would reccomend the bar if there with friends. If I have a compaint it's about the beer. There really isn't any besides the eponymous Kingfisher and Corona. There isn't beer on tap either so choices are quite limited!
Thursdays is a band night, nominal cover charge which can be redeemed against house alcohol and one of India's hot young or old bands playing. The place gets quite packed and it is a good experience, especially since Delhi is starved of good live music spaces.
The crowd at HRC can be a bit confusing! Since it is in a mall and is open all day, the afternoon gets a fair sprinkling of family crowd, coming in from shopping, not sure whether the Hard Rock experience suits them though! The evenings is when the younger crowd comes in and the place picks up.
Very little not to like about Hard Rock from a drinking with buddies experience, relives the college days for a lot of us and allows a bit of letting your hair down. The drinks though are not cheap and a suggestion would be to run a couple of theme nights with subsidised alcohol for the ladies, would definitely see a difference in the crowds!
All in all a big thumbs up or as they do at the Cafe, the YMCA dance!
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sanjayb - Burrp User


September 15,2010

My kindda place!

I usually frequent the city's eatries quite often, mostly with my friends however never get to sharing my experiences with others, except for my circle of friends. Hence, have come here to share with other readers my experiences at some of the hip and not so hip joints in town.

The first of the lot being HRC, where I went last weekend. I love the look and feel of this place. The music is awesome, the ambiance just to my liking - Dark and the service damn good. What I personally did not like was their food. But then again, HRC is not really known for their food are they! I would love to be back to this place over and over again and recommend it to anyone who loves a mix of good music and alcohol.
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missy18 - Burrp User


September 09,2010

Great way 2 end the day...or maybe dawn is the new day!

This place was one of the concluding points in my list of places to surprise my dear one!! And it turned out to be great!! At the entrance was greeted by a lovely hostess who ushered us in....the environ is mesmerisingly captivating!! Upholstered booths as well as platformed chairs alongwith a stage juss sets the mood for a night of LIVE action or juss lounging! Walls are vibrantly done up with artifacts that were used by key star performers like Madonna, Keith etc...making them come alive!

We were already upto our throats with food from the previous joint so our aim was to lounge around...I ordered Mocktail "Groupie Grind" which was modest..and my companion a Kingfisher Blue.....time passed quickly as the ambiance was just right!

On the moolah front..it costed me around 500 bucks....which wasn't that bad at all...given for the feel of the place.

At our time out there, although the place was devoid of any Live performance...still its a joint to reckon with!
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hari_nj - Burrp User


January 07,2010


Hardrock is rocking! No two ways about it. I like that they are not confused about who they are: a rock bar that promotes rock. I like that they do not have those massive bouncers everyone in Delhi seems to have at their doors...Why???
The food is ....well standard American fare, but you know what you are going to get. The drinks are alright, the environment stunning, the vibe amazing. No place else but the Hardrock on a nice night out on town! Don't change a damn thing please!
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divesh chanana - Burrp User

divesh chanana

January 06,2010

It's not rocking in delhi !

Food: A list of must eats which is followed all over like : onion rings, HRC special nachos etc.

Beverage: They have special weeks promoting a particular brand where they do not serve others (in a bottle) - which should be avoided

Ambiance: Absolutely worth observing with its rock theme spead though guitars and pictures of the rock musicstars all over gives a thumbs up!
USP: Live band
Seperate smoking zone , but they ask for the customer's card in case he wants to smoke (they think he might slip out without clearing the bill - thts unhospitable)

Crowd: The gathering is mostly decent.

No hard recommendations for this place until it raises the standards and come at par with their brand name.
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Puneet Salaria - Burrp User

Puneet Salaria

December 31,2009

Not So Hot

Well I Have been to all the HRC's in India except for the one in Delhi, But recently I gave it a visit with my friends on Xmas Eve.

Well I could see it as HRC but could not feel it, Why ???? well its simple the crowd and the music turns it into more of a some kinda groovy restro or a disc.

I enjoyed the food as it was worth it.

Same typical HRC style , Hats off to it. I just love the ambiance. Dim lights , musical instruments of famous stars used and placed very aesthetically.

IT was a Flop as i could not see the bartenders even doing it properly for a min. LOL ......

I enjoyed dancing at HRC here was fun with some loop holes.
But i shall rate it Average.
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nvthesedesi - Burrp User


December 20,2009

Nice Place

Came here for lunch the other day.
Place is spot on. Pretty good place to hit up for lunch if your in the area. I ordered the steak tenderloin what was alright but the burger the other person had was good...Steak was probably my fault cause i ordered it medium rare...he was rather taken back by what it meant and i think it came at a rare..However the mashed potatoes and the grilled vegetables were awesome..salad extra thing deal they do was semi. Burger however damn..its the thing to order i suppose at the hard rock.....
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Sudip Maitra - Burrp User

Sudip Maitra

November 13,2009

HRS Delhi - A Real Let Down

Too Crowded
Too Claustrophobic
Too Expensive
HRC in a Mall? Give me a break.

OK for folks who have never been to a HRC before. One visit here is enough.

The redeeming feature is Mick's lifesize picture on top of the bar. Grand.
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parrma - Burrp User


November 12,2009

doesnt come near other cities

doesnt live up to the hard rock name. bad service, overcrowded and noisy.

ok for teens ... but if you looking for a good pub/bar atmosphere this is not it.

arrogant waiters and bad service is a norm. also the dj plays some unknown nondescript songs. give it a miss
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Amit Lohani - Burrp User

Amit Lohani

November 08,2009

Good Entre , Excellent Music

The place was packed on Saturday but still we managed to get the table.As usual the music was really rocking , the Dilli style Chicken kebab was quite nice , Jumbo combo was great.
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Saunak Basu - Burrp User

Saunak Basu

November 05,2009

Very mediocre experience ...

Probably the smallest Hard Rock Cafe I've been to (and that includes 7 of em across 4 countries). Service was pretty ordinary with the waiters contradicting themselves in terms of availability of drinks. Was taken aback at the fact that they had only 2 brands of beer available! Food was standard Hard Rock stuff (thank God for that!).

Overall, the place has a very claustrophobic nature to it - God knows why they had to open a Hard Rock in a freaking mall!!
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neuroactive - Burrp User


October 02,2009

Hardly rocks

Went for lunch actually burgers and they were just as good as they have been always. But the place is possibly the smallest Hard Rock Cafe and felt like a restaurant or a lounge rather than a place which can rock.
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AJIT SINGH - Burrp User


September 09,2009

its DeSi ~ HaRd RoAk * CaaFe^

HaHaHa. with due respect to the brand and owners , i would just like to ask them a single question is this a punjabi tadka hard rock outlet??? i see aunties , i see kids and i see that flashy party going overdressed guys and girls in lunch and evening hours in here.

i wll tell you my exp ... the table next to me was occupied by 4 aunties and 6 children and they were here for birthday party. picture clicking and regular loud talking and shor-sharaba was happening and and top of that the staff were all clapping and cutting the cake. I wished i should have gone to some pizza chain outlet ..i dont know for what i paid soo much? its the brtand may be that made a big hole in my pocket. the money here is not the issue but the enviorment you are charging for. i hope and i wish the staff will surely improve on this, otherwise these aunty and birthday culture which they are trying to create in here wont last for long.
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Karanjit Singh - Burrp User

Karanjit Singh

July 20,2009

Rocky from its roots

The place is nice and suttle with dim lights effects.
The food and drinks are also nice with the best are the classics LONG ISLAND ICE TEA which is the mixture of 5 liquers in one at a time.

All in all a nice place to be in.
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atulsxna - Burrp User


July 05,2009

Brand is selling itself

For the lack of pure rock pubs in Delhi, HRC comes as a pleasant entrant.

However, i must mention that HRC in Mumbai is FAR BETTER than the one we have here. Firstly they have compromised on the space; could and should have gone in for something a lil more bigger.

The place is selling itself on the brand name & the music; coz all said and done, the music does rock (no pun intended) :P

Seating is something which is a luxury here, waiting time can range from 20 to 200mins.

Drinks & food are reasonably priced considering the brand name and the place.

I would say one should defer their trip to the place by atleast a month so that the "wanna-try-the-new-place-out" crowd would have filtered by then. And if you cant wait then go there by atleast 7pm so that you can atleast hope to get a table; coz after 9pm forget bout getting a table.

All in all, cause of lack of rock pubs in Delhi this is a good option; however space is something that compromises HRC Delhi's position against HRC Mumbai.

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rahul.maniac - Burrp User


June 25,2009

Rocks Quite Hard

This is the first time i'm reviewing anything in my life, but have wanted to jump on the bandwagon for a long time, for the lack of decent accurate reviews.

Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi is located on the first floor of DLF Place Mall in Saket. There were no issues with the location, the parking, or any issues to get to the place.
There were friendly staff outside to help one with the reservations, though i must comment that their estimation of the time it might take to get a table is really off. (though one has to blame the patrons of the place more than the staff for that).

As soon as we stepped inside, it felt like we had been transported to another world. The decor was very well done and tasteful. You could feel rock. The whole thing was very leather, dark, and adequately lighted. The air conditioners were doing a fine job. The walls were adorned with rock memorabilia. There were autographed guitars, concert worn apparel, and even Tina turners wig. For me the best memorabilia was seeing ZZTop's initialed electric guitar.

The layout was also well done, as soon as one entered to the left were the tables and the seating area. To the right was the bar and a stage for live performances. between the bar and the stage was an open floor with some sofa seater tables. There was a dedicated well cut off smoking area (thank god for that). and there were more tables on the right side of the bar. outside there was a souvenir shop that had some good tshirts and nice pins for collectors (bear in mind that these are collectibles so they are slightly over priced, but i think that was fair)

We had reached a bit late (9:15pm) and understandably the tables were all taken since its new and there's a whole load of buzz going around in delhi about the place. They gave us the option of hanging around the bar and to grab a few drinks while we waited for a table and we did that so that we could soak our gray cells in the music and the ethanol that followed.
The music was very tasteful. The played songs ranging from classic rock, to pop rock to even modern rock. Before going i had read a lot of reviews that seemed to be thrashing the music played so i thought that i'd include a list of the songs i heard that i was there and then people could decide for themselves
God Gave rock n Roll to you by Kiss
Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd
The Reason by Hoobastank
Come together by The Beatles
Living on the Edge by Aerosmith
I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Susie Q by CCR
Riders on the Storm by the Doors
On the whole, i thought the music kicked ass, and it was perfect for the whole Hard Rock Cafe theme. The volume was apt, and the music could be heard and felt at the same time. They also feature live acts every Thursday.

The Bar was lively with the Bartenders pouring drinks as fast as they could and still making conversation as much as they could. The whole bar was done in a dark wood theme and had a rather nice display of the ethanol available. There were people complaining about how they had to repeat like 10times and 15times but i think those guys should go back to haldirams, which is where someone might give a crap about their retarded complaints. I ordered 2 rounds of drinks, which didn't take too much time, and paid and left the counter in about 3-5 minutes.
However since we did not get a table we hung out in front of the bar and jammed to the music chatting away waiting for our table. And unfortunately even after we had been there for about 1hr 30 mins we couldn't get a table. So we left, but still we had a truly wonderful time.
The prices are a bit on the higher side and i'm talking about the drinks only (cause thats all we had). 3 Rum and Cokes, 1 Breezer, 2 beers and a Baileys Irish Cream with Crushed Ice put us down by about 1700 which i dont think was too unreasonable for any place carrying the HRC tag.

to summarize
1. Good Location
2. Good Parking
3. Excellent Decor
4. Music - Smashing, Well Played
5. Bar, Bartenders - 8/10
6. Awesome Memorabilia to look at
7. Separate Smoking Area
8. Good Places to eat around in the same building

1. Limited Seating (they advertise 200, i doubt that seriously)
2. They dont accept reservations.
3. Inaccurate waiting time estimations

As far as this review goes, it excludes the food and the waiters (because we didnt get a chance to experience that).

I thought the crowd was not too bad, though definitely it was very delhiesque (all fart, no shit). There were a whole bunch of guys there just because its the new cool place in town so they just had to be seen there. But what i found most wierd was that i couldnt see anyone even tapping their feet, moving their heads or even singing along to some of the most commonly heard and best rock music, Some people were taking photographs there, which is thought was okay (entirely personal opinion) since HRC itself is like a monument to Rock Music.
There was no prescibed dress code and was rather casual, its not too bad, though i'd like to tell people that minimalist grunge (esp on men) in a swank bar doesnt just cut it.
The Music and Decor was monumental.
Maybe they could add more tables, but honestly i didnt see the space. The other saving grace is that even if one doesnt get a chance to eat at HRC, u can come for the music and come soak ur brain cells in a bit of ethanol and then there are enough good food options in the DLF PLace mall itself. (of which i highy highly recommend Mainland China).

Also i hope to see reservations in the future, i think that culture must come to Delhi also, the whole first come first serve is rather unbecoming for an establishment such as HRC. HRC Mumbai, Pune and B'lore all take reservations.

- get there early (8ish maybe)
- get a driver/designated driver
- don't come only for the dinner, come for the music and see the magical effect that ethanol and good rock can do to you.
- dont mind if u dont get a table, just get in there and let the music melt away the tiring day.

I hope that the crowd will improve slowly as the kids go away as more new places open that will be the new "we have to go here or we arent cool anymore" place. Hoping to also see reservations soon.

So for those who love your rock music, HRC is a worth the money you will spend there. I for one am going to be there more often than not.
Until next time, LOVE ALL SERVE ALL
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amadhusudan - Burrp User


June 25,2009

Delhi Hardly Rocks in the Cafe

This is probably my first and last review, but after a visit to the newly opened HRC in delhi, I had to write one

First things first. I have been to Bombayhard rock cafe and it is good.
I have been to many hard rock joints in Bangalore and they are good.

God know that I have been waiting for such a place in Delhi and when HRC came, I was eagerly waiting for it to open in Delhi.

The good points
1. There is no dress code like many upmarket Delhi Joints. It is a place for a normal person to enjoy and so I was allowed it
2. I believe that there is no couple entry. I went there fearing it (4 guys and one girl) but we were let it
3. Far better that any other pub that I know in delhi. The music is much better than many other places

Now, when I entered and saw that waiting line outside, it seemed like some disco with mundas and ladies (completely overdressed) waiting to get in. It is the new chic place in town and dilli's bad boys could not wait to get a hang of it.
Once inside the music (as per HRC standards) was pretty sad. The crowd made you believe that you are in a disco. And everything that HRC should stand for seemed lost

Trust Delhi ki Junta to make a Disco of a Hard Rock Cafe. I am just hooping that the initial euporia will die down and it will get back to what the name promises

My personal verdict: If the name were not HRC it is a good place for mall brats and overdressed chicks, but not a place for rock lovers. NEVER
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DeliBella - Burrp User


June 22,2009

Hardly Rock Cafe - Delhi

Hard Rock - Delhi hardly rocks...it weeps. Overrated, and under-staffed. Self-conscious but enthusiastic dancing bartenders and all those badges can't make up for the poorly-trained, obnoxious management. Memorabilia displayed draws little attention, as do the plaques displaying under-age drinking statutes.
Yes, of course their steaks are buffalo meat (silly me, what was I thinking...did I actually think we've grown the gall to get those cows off the roads and onto our plates?) ...but that's not wherein lies my beef (excuse the pun) with the restaurant. If buff is the rule, then buff it shall be...just cook it properly please - my medium steak almost gave me lockjaw.
Stick to the burgers, they seemed a safer choice.
The Legendary 10-ouncer is good. Service is not. Was kept waiting for 20 minutes before anyone came to take our order.
Portions of food and drink are standard HRC, maybe a little smaller compared to the US.
Meal for 2, including a cocktail would lighten you by about 2K.
I don't blame the serving staff so much - the poor guys are on the frontlines without much of a clue, thinking that's what rock is all about!
Take away HRC-D's live gigs...and you have another pit stop for mall brats, a family eatery at best.
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Rahul Verma - Burrp User

Rahul Verma

June 18,2009

Dont bother knocking when the house is Rockin!

been there twice was over crowded with absolutely no place to move around even on week days

as usual good food fantastic drinks and of course good music....

but delhi ki junta need to realize there is a difference between F Bar and Hard Rock CAFE!! junta around was so over dressed for the place....
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snailie - Burrp User


June 18,2009

finally...it hits delhi..

I m real glad to write this that the hard rock has arrived in Delhi, we wud worry about how good ro bad later on, but finallyyyyy...yeapyy..

Good side, its a big place and as usual attracts a lot of people. The bar is generally full, if you havnt booked a table the wait time is generally 45 minutes. So i would recommend you to have a prior bookings and have a lot of time in hand. The sitting is nice, various segmentations and decor with a shop outside for T's and other stuff...

The only thing i didnt get was, what were kids doing in the bar???. There were families and kiddos sipping cola's in the cafe, who ideally should not be allowed in such places. So it was an absolute shock, SUDO AUNTY's hanging around, overdressed people. Honestly, whose idea was to allow them...

Another shocking bit was soft numbers playing at the cafe, pop and adams...guys its HARD ROCK...please just dont take that bit away from it...!!!

anyone who is from the cafe reading this, please take care of the above two things, you have done a good job...dnt jst ruien it away...

i would say a must visit..i haven't tried anything from food, had drinks at the bar,,so keep connected for the next review.....

have fun..
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delhifoody - Burrp User


June 11,2009

Finally...a real party place!


That's one expression summarizes the Hard Rock experience. The place looks stunning and even though they only had IMFL last week, the music was too good to focus on anything else!
A must visit !!
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