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lalrahul - Burrp User


December 31,2015

Best Mouthwatering South Indian Food

If you crave for south Indian food, this is the place that will fulfill all your food desires for south Indian. I've been to this place more than 100 times. You should definably try this place.
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Kumar Gaurav - Burrp User

Kumar Gaurav

December 21,2015

delicious southy food

mouth watering south Indian cuisine.various varieties of dosa.
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deeksha Sarin - Burrp User

deeksha Sarin

July 08,2015

Authentic Idlis and Appams

I absolutely love this place. Being a huge lover of South Indian cuisine, I am fan of this place. They play instrumental music of Bollywood songs which is quite soothing to hear, Usually its around the morning time when I go here because at that time only Appam and Apple Stew is available. Their 14 mini Idlis dipped in Sambhar and Ghee are also to die for, Rich in taste. The only thing I don't like about his place is that its too over crowded. End your meal with a hot and steaming cup of filter coffee and Kesari Halwa to make it a perfect meal.
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WriterAyushi - Burrp User


September 26,2014

The set meal

Fantastic service and their set meals are worth relishing! Whether at their outlet in Singapore or the one in Delhi, they maintain the same consistency of taste and textures.
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arnab2446 - Burrp User


September 25,2014

Authentic South Indian Food

If someone is looking to have authentic South Indian food with Great ambiance .....Sarvana Bhawan is the place to go...There you get Authentic & tasty South Indian Food along with a great Service experience...
Even in the mid of Huge Rush....Service provided by the food joint is exceptional and this service is a value addition along with South India Cuisine.
If looking to have a break from regaular North Indian Food or some one from South is missing the food...Sarvana Bhawan is the place to be.
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Jharna Bhatnagar - Burrp User

Jharna Bhatnagar

September 19,2014

Good food and quick service

The three key highlights that attracts me to this place is :

1. Hot, fresh and good food.
2. Ultra quick service.
3. pocket friendly rates.

The outlet in CP, go any day any hour, will always be crowded because they are good at what they do. The waiting time rarely exceeds 15 - 20 mins.

Must try (my favorite) - Onion rava masala dosa with a hot glass of filter coffee.
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Sneha Sen - Burrp User

Sneha Sen

January 08,2014

South Indian Hut

My taste buds are in love with their dosa and coconut chutney whenever I go CP-Pallika Bazar. This restaurant is my first priority whenever I am shopping there and get hungry+have no time for experimentation. Price truely justifies the kind of yummy dosa they are providing
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Hemanshu Pandya - Burrp User

Hemanshu Pandya

November 26,2013

The best south Indian restaurant In Delhi.

This year it was my first visit to this joint, though a regular hangout for my wife a delhi-ite. The awesome most thing about this place is the food. The papadams, the mini meal, the most superbly brewed filter coffiee and above all the hospitable south indian service provided by the staffs. I wonder when they would open a branch in my city mumbai????
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iamkanishk - Burrp User


June 28,2013

The Finest South Indian Joint in Delhi

A strictly vegetarian South Indian place, it only serves a la carte meals, but does have a variety of delectable sweets and savories. The food is delicious, the menu extensive and the service super-efficient. You have the option of tasting several dishes in one go, if you opt for the tiffin platter. Or, start with rasam and paapad and move on to the mini idlies (that comes with a dash of desi ghee).

Though heavy with a large dose of desi ghee, the mysore ghee is worth a try. Pair the food with a glass of freshly-squeezed juice - have the refreshing pomegranate juice or fresh sweet lime juice.

Finish off the meal with a cup of South Indian filter coffee. Come prepared to brave a long wait for a table here, though, especially at lunch and dinner hours - such is the popularity of this restaurant.
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MangoM - Burrp User


May 31,2013

Does it even need reviewing?

This is, hands down, the best place to get some delicious Tamil food in Delhi. The long queue in which one has to wait, almost always, is a testimony to the fact that this place is brilliant. Non-fussy and minimalist when it comes to decor, but clean, with their staff cleaning the tables the minute they get vacated. The service speed is amazing and the food quality is consistently excellent. Whenever I miss mommy-made idlis, this is the place I run to, The chutneys are to die for. Their thali is a bundle of surprises with all kinds of veggies(including the kind I would never usually eat) cooked to perfection in aromatic and delicious spices from Tamil Nadu. Their dosas and uttapams are pretty amazing too. If you live in Delhi and if you haven't been to Saravana Bhavan, its time you do
PS: you have to try their bon bon, they are little drops of heaven in your mouth.
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Damini Yadav - Burrp User

Damini Yadav

March 12,2013

i liked it

good Tamil nadu food.. waiting on the food path. space constrains.good service.. long Que to wait for more than 1 hour. no proper reservation system.gate keeper do the reservation. typical middle class restaurant. good food. good service.good servers
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Meghana Nair - Burrp User

Meghana Nair

March 07,2013

best place for veg south indian food

if you love south indian food! you'll simply fall in love with the food here!.
delicious food, very fast service, and goood value for money!

the dosas here are amazing and so are the accompaniments - the three chutneys and sambhar!. the unlimited thaalis are great for someone with a good appetite!.

order anything and trust me youd be delighted end with a lovely sweet or rich robust filter coffee!

P.S you may have to wait at times, cause this place is a huge favourite of many :)
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aishsharma - Burrp User


February 27,2013

South Indian Best

South Indian of Saravana Bhavan is the awesome of the awesome place when it comes to South Indian food.. Rawa Masala Dosa and Idily with Sweet Lemonade is my favorite and signature order at Saravana Bhavan and the amazing party is always have to wait for my chance as 90% you will get waiting waiting waiting.. this shows hot people are mad for this place..

Keep Rocking
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Alok Jain - Burrp User

Alok Jain

February 10,2013

Best South Indian food

According to me you get to taste the most authentic Tamil style South Indian food here. Excellent value for money too.
The only problem - Waiting time it too high.
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bikrambindra  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Southern Comfort

If the waiting time is the real indicator of how popular a place is, Saravana Bhavan at Janpath is perhaps the most happening place in town! Perhaps the definitive eatery when it comes to good honest hearty and authentic South Indian "tiffin and beyond" specialties, this place is sure to transport you within a minute into another world altogether.

No matter what you pick from the menu, you are sure to be in for a treat at this immensely popular Chennai chain that dishes out the fluffiest Idlis, the crispiest Dosas and the crunchiest Wadas. And if I had to choose one place in the city to have my cup of filter kafi, then SB would get my vote. There are few joys that parallel stopping by here on a monsoon evening and biting into a Medu Vadai while sipping your strong cup of filter coffee.

If you are looking for a more substantial bite, blindly order their meal thalis ( provided you have come on time) and be prepared for a feast that enchants you with flavours and textures from the South. You could also team this up with a child drink from their expansive menu of juices and shakes ( another USP).

The service maybe very no-nonsense, and the continuous chatter not make for a very cosy environment, but if it is food you seek, then the buck stops here.
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Navni Kumar - Burrp User

Navni Kumar

October 01,2012

stingy with aloo

This place is always overflowing and there's always a line of people waiting outside. their food is (or was) undoubtedly good. Last I went there, I ordered a regular masala dosa. The dosa was decently sized and tasted ok- I really would not call it anywhere near spectacular. Bur it literally only 2-3 teaspoonfulls of aloo! When I asked about this atrociously tiny quantity, I was told that they have a policy to only put some 70 gms of potatoes. I found this ridiculous since it was sooo disproportionate. Im sure this has outraged several other people since they had their answer ready right at the tip of their tongues.
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Sathya Narayanan - Burrp User

Sathya Narayanan

August 30,2012

Great Resto

Love this place totally and also I am South Indian..I find this as best a place to eat for south indians who are living in delhi.

Their Adai and Kal dosa is awesome..We must try at least once!

I recommend to all my Fellow burppers.!
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Gourmet Guru - Burrp User

Gourmet Guru

August 03,2012

Best rava dosa ever!

Been there a few times for lunch. Weekday, weekend; doesn't matter. Always packed.

By far the best vegetarian south Indian I have ever had. Light and crispy wadas with the chutneys make for a great starter. For mains I had the masala rava dosa. Beautifully executed crispy dosa- aloo masala bursting with flavour, and the sambhar too was spot-on. Service was very efficient.

Food: A+
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enlivenfashion - Burrp User


May 09,2012

Good food but too busy

Authentic South Indian food served but it is too busy for a relaxed evening night out.
Good once in a while.
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alphatauri - Burrp User


July 28,2011

Overhyped and expensive

I visited Sarvana Bhavan twice last month. The portions are small, except maybe those of rice. The main course dishes invariably disappointed me. Onion uttappam was about 5 inches in diameter and I had to search for "uttappam" within the sliced shallots. The chutneys and sambar were great, nevertheless. Rasam was ok but served in a beer mug. They expect their customers to drink it like juice/ beer?

The service is very, very rude and not prompt at all. Going there isn't worth the expense.
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Sumit Pranav - Burrp User

Sumit Pranav

October 02,2010

Best South Indian food destination in Delhi

Today I again visited my fav restaurant in Connaught Place (New Delhi)- The Sarvanna Bhavan.

The food quality was as usual superb. Rava Dosai and green chutney with this is awesome.

They serve you food on banana leaves.

This is the best South Indian food destination in Delhi and in other cities.

People wait for hours in queue outside the restaurant to eat here.

If you are in New Delhi or Chennai I recommend to go to Sarvanna Bhavan.It's an international food-chain for south Indian foods.

This is the website:

-Sumit Pranav
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Akash Mohimen - Burrp User

Akash Mohimen

June 22,2010

Simply South

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of South Indian food. And after 23 years of my life i was taken to Saravana Bhavan by a few friends.

The place is expensive. In fact on the higher side. But they more than make up for it with the food quality. The dosas with spoonful of ghee on them is the best i have had in any restaurant (This does not include the makeshift stall dosas).

Amongst the chutneys, gunpowder chutney was so unique an amazing. The rasam is as authentically south as it can.

I have said it before and i will say it again. It's the best south Indian experience i have ever had.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

May 21,2010

Bournvita peda, Horlicks peda

I went to Saravana Bhavan directly from the Airport along with a couple of my colleagues. This seems to have become the place of choice for lunch whenever I'm in Delhi. Anyways, after finishing up the lunch we went downstairs to their sweet shop and cash counter area to pick up a couple of bottles of water. That's when we noticed that they carry Bournvita Peda and Horlicks Peda along with a huge variety of other sweets.

Yeah, go rub your eyes and pinch your arms. This is not a dream, but serious reality. I literally grew up with Bournvita. And the stuff I grew up with has now been eternalized by Saravana Bhavan in the form a peda. Who knows what else might be next on their agenda - a Maaza Peda, a Coca-cola Peda or even a Kurkure Peda.

The Bournvita Peda had a very strong Bournvita flavour, while the Horlicks Peda was so-so.

A must try item whenever you're in the CP area.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

February 26,2010

Rasam in a mug rocks

Went there on the insistence of my colleague who heaped praises for the authentic good quality food.

Saravan Bhavan needs no introduction. I've eaten as several of their branches in India and abroad. But the unique experience for me was the Rasam in a mug. Not that it's mentioned like that on the menu. But when you order a rasam, it comes in a beer mug. I am not sure that you'll get it served similarly in their other branches.

The rest of the food was the usual udipi style south indian (my knowledge of southie food is not the greatest). I had the Coconut Rava Masala Dosa and a freshly made Pomegranate juice. The food was tasty, though oily.

It's a must try once kind of place.
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food24by7 - Burrp User


November 03,2009

Good but not Great!

I fulfilled my craving for south indian food here during my recent trip to Delhi. The sambhar was nice - a pleasant change from sweet watery stuff they serve in many so-called south indian restaurants in mumbai. I ordered Kara dosa, appam kurma, pongal and ghee roast. I loved the sambhar, the fresh chutnies (at 9.30 pm), polite and helpful service and reasonably good preparations. I did not like the immoderate use oil and ghee in all dishes, a lackluster menu and the relatively high price.

So my advise is - its a good place for a quick snack or if you want to satiate your urge for south indian food and you are in the vicinity. Not the place if you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable south indian lunch or dinner.
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foodie_goodie - Burrp User


October 02,2009

The place to have South Indian

Great food that is the bottom line. Went there for lunch and had one of the best South Indian meals.

We had the dahi vada to start with and then Masala dosa and Paneer dosa. All the items were really well prepared and you could taste the different spices and was made just right not overly spicy. They serve three chutneys with the dosa and all of them very tasty. The sambhar was good as well not the usually watery with a couple of veggies but it seemed home made. We were almost full by this time but the thali looked too good to pass on so we ordered the thali with poori and it was just scrumptious. The waiter was really good as and even got a special curry to try with the rice.

The place is a bit pricey compared to other South Indian joints but the food is really of highest quality and taste. The restaurant is always busy but waits are not too long due to the large amount of seating they have.

I saw a lot of South Indian families eating there which is the biggest endorsement for their food. I am looking forward to my next visit over there.
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Tanya Kumar - Burrp User

Tanya Kumar

September 22,2009

Yucky Sambar!

If they work on their Sambar a bit may get another * from me... else I would never go back.. What's south indian without good Sambar!
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 26,2009

Whats in a name?

Frankly I don't find anything great about this place. I have been hearing of Sarvanna Bhavan for long, but it did not meet expectations. The only positive is the location. The food is very ordinary. The service is a little lax as well. I personally find Guruprasad Udupi better for the quality of food they offer.

Only reason why I give Sarvanna Bhavan 3 stars (I may even give it 5) is for their Mysore Pak. Their Mysore Pak is just lovely and there maybe other similar sweets as well, but I aven't tried then as yet.
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Rati Tripathi - Burrp User

Rati Tripathi

June 06,2009

Lunch deal

I lived in Chennai for two years and recently moved back to Delhi. I miss the juice shops and authentic tasty South Indian food found at every corner at dirt cheap prices in Chennai. The prices at Saravana Bhawan in Delhi comparative to Chennai kept me away until two days ago. I found myself at SB, Connaught Place, Outer Circle near Madras Coffee House during the lunch hour. I decided to go for the fixed thali with 3 poori and rice option. At Rs. 117, it turned out to be the best decision to make at SB-Delhi. The thali offers the usual rasam, sambhar, dahi, raita, chutney as well as 4-5 very tasty vegetarian concoctions. The atmosphere of a SB in any city is always busy, impersonal and matter-of-fact. I recommend Delhi-ites unfamiliar with South India to address the waiters as "anna" and drop the arrogant "treat me like a king" persona. South Indian society is far more egalitarian and waiters are not usually servile at common junta restaurants like SB or my all time favourite Murugan Idly Shop. I don't think SB is the cheapest or best place to go for the standard dosa-idly-uttapam fare in Delhi but I came away totally satisfied with the lunch deal - price, quantity and quality. If you find yourself in CP at lunch hour and want a quick, wholesome, healthy, filling meal, go to SB.
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speed0383 - Burrp User


January 07,2009

Quick and Easy

I went there expecting to wait a lot since I had heard it can get pretty busy at peak times. However I was pleasantly surprised , since the service turned out to be really quick despite the (expected) rush.

Food was above average but not extra oridnary.
Overall a good place for a nice south indian lunch :)
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adrakchai - Burrp User


January 07,2009

A great example of ''gone down the drain''.

Sad but true most of the iconic places let success go to their head, but manage to do well due to:
- Patronage
- Location

That's the story of the famous - and once my favourite SVB.
The food portions and prices are working their way in two opposite directions and no prizes for guessing what that is.
- Perhaps the only place to serve an uttapam the size of a personal pan pizza.
- The sambhar is normally cold. And when pointed out the staff, the don't even apologise. Of ocurse it is replaced... with a tepid sambhar, but by then the idlis have gone cold.
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amitvaish - Burrp User


September 07,2008

Authentic South indian restaurant

This is one of the best south indian restaurant this side of vindhyanchal .
Food - Excellent
Service - fast and furious
Price - reasonable
parking - Decent
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

August 12,2008

14 iddlies...just as good as I had it in Chennai

Bhumika, my colleague wanted to treat me for lunch. She is a pakka vegetarian bramhin from Rajasthan. The Sravana Bhavan was chosen because it's close to our CP office and we wanted to have some Iddli Dosa kind of food.
It's a Friday afternoon, so we had to wait on the pavement after listing our name with the waiter managing the guests at the entrance. After half an hour of waiting we were into the first floor dining hall, the floor manager told us we have to share the table with two other people. Its lunch time and people are waiting outside, so you can't expect the luxury to seat leisurely in a four sitter and waste their time.

I ordered for 14 iddlies, the waiter explained me what it could be. Good that he takes this effort. I am familiar with all Sarvana Bhavan food from my Chennai days...in fact I had survived in Chennai for couple of months on Sravana supplied Veg.Biriyani, Bhendi Masala and Phulka. I noticed the list of items in the menu card is very different from the list we had in Chennai Sarvana Bhavans.

My 14 iddlis landed in a bowl full of Sambar, the Sambar tastes exactly the same...I just liked it. Mini Iddlies are also soft that melts in your mouth. I also ordered for the Butter Milk which was a total disappointment. It took ages to come; the taste was not at all similar to what I used to get in Chennai.

Even though, I will give a 4 star rating just for those amazing 14 idlies.
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Sid Khullar - Burrp User

Sid Khullar

August 12,2008

Authentic Food

I used to work for this internet start close to a decade back. This was at the height of the dot-com boom when two year old programmers found themselves being referred to as ’senior’ and salaries touched ridiculous heights. Having said that, I’m not complaining, since my income soared too… briefly. Anyhow, I found myself working for one such company and referred a friend to join the company. Soft spoken, shy and a clever programmer, he quickly settled down into his new job and became comfortable with the new city. I must point out here, that I didn’t actually ‘hire’ the chap, nor was he reporting to me.

Then, the bubble burst and overnight thousands found themselves out of jobs. Having quickly surrounded themselves with the trappings of new found wealth, in installments of course, quite a few ‘right-sized’ people bordered on the suicidal. My friend too found himself on the chopping board and guess who was told to fire him? Yup. Me. Try as I might, to explain to the board that I didn’t hire him, nor did he report to me and on top of it all, he’s a friend, nothing seemed to work - the decision was taken. So I did it.

He hadn’t spoken to me since and I don’t blame him for it. Guess who called last week? Yes, it was him and he didn’t have much time - just enough for a quick dinner in Connaught Place and we thought Sarvana Bhawan would be an interesting choice, since I used to exist on their food in Madras and wondered why the place was getting such mixed reviews.

For some reason, most south Indian places in the city have this cheap, old-school canteen ambience and the Tamilian no-Hindi, no-English imports don’t do the service much good either. Saravana Bhawan wasn’t about to rock the boat and is exactly the same, except that they’re running a sweet counter in there as well.

Since we wanted to catch up rather than spend time thinking about what to order, we chose the thalis and a mini-tiffin. The food wasn’t bad. The thali contained a few puris, rice, dal, kovakkai, sambar, rasam, raita, curd, fruit halva, appalam (south Indian version of poppadums), some pickles and more-mulaga. The food tasted good and was quite nice. The mini-tiffin contained miniatures of cooked snack foods like dosa, idli, vada, sambar, chutney and some kesar halva. Everything was cooked well. We also ordered watermelon, mausambi and pineapple juice.

As I said, most of these places are a bit low on service, so if you go there expecting the Ritz, I’m afraid you will probably come back ranting and cursing. On the other hand, a polite word and a smile get you much more than most people who try to establish their ‘customer’ status with a shout, yell or a snap of their fingers. It is amazing how badly most people in this city treat waiters. Pity really.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for an authentic, Tamilian meal sans Ritz style service, Saravana Bhawan is the place for you. The prices are quite reasonable too.

- Sid
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June 20,2008

Must visit for South Indian delicacies

It was hot and sunny Delhi afternoon when I half heartedly ( due to heat) decided to go out for lunch at this restaurant.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I could feel the cool breeze of the central airconditioning. I was courteously guided to a vacant seat. They have sofas there giving it comfort of a lounge. The menu card was promptly provided and it had a lot of delicacies on it.

We ordered for Rasam , Vegetable Dosa and Onion Utthapam for two of us.

The interiors are well done and it was a nice cool wait for our dishes. The Rasam was served in 5 minutes. alongwith papad. That was followed by chutneys of 3 types.The main dishes arrived in 15 minutes flat. They were neatly placed on top of banana leaf in plates. Although the size appeared smaller than what is served at other South Indian restaurants we have visited, the taste was really good. Extra Sambar was provided without our asking for it.

We spent a good 45 minutes in the restauarant enjoying our lunch and gossips. The coffee we ordered after lunch was good but a bit expensive. It is a bit on a higher side pricewise.

The washroom was clean and fitted with modern fittings.

It was worth every penny spent.
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ray.golf - Burrp User


February 26,2008

bad service...though the ice-creams are YUMMMYYYYY

the food is grt..having tasted the original one's in kanchi and chennai i can safely vouch for the food tasting the same 2000 kms away...

but for heavens sake why does the service have to be so atrocious....its almost like the staff where a badge on their sleeves and producly proclaim rude (though this is the case in both places ie janpath and outer circle but more pronounced in the outer circle restaurant)...u order something it takes a hell of a long time (by south indian food standards) to come, u ask for extra sambhar then the staff makes u wait and wait (though not before giving u a dirty look as if u hav committed a sin)...
having seen the service and the flair with which they serve at kanchi..i was terribly let down...

ps- though on a bright side there ice-cream sundaes are amazing..if you can stand the wait i.e.
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rajeshlalwani - Burrp User


August 21,2007

The best sambhar in town

The best thali you get in Delhi; service varies from time to time; the place is air-conditioned etc but interiors need refurbishing.
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Harish Somanathan - Burrp User

Harish Somanathan

June 14,2008


Good southindian food....
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