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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: chicken Shajahani,mutton biryani,roti and sheek ka
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Friend

Additional remarks from reviews:

BESTEST non veg in town with a lot of varieties to
undoubtedly one of the best restaurants of Asia
If you are a meat-lover and in Delhi, this is defi
yogesh pandey - Burrp User

yogesh pandey

June 24,2016

Non veg

Went there last week with my friends. It was full but we still managed a table thr. Had ordered mutton korma and it was just delicious.
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lalrahul - Burrp User


December 31,2015

Heritage Food And Place

Old Delhi has always been the place to explore and when you crave good food, karim's will always win hearts. Fresh and lipsmacking food. Try nahari which you get in the morning. if you are a non vegetarian, this place is for you.
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 01,2015

Magical Kebabs and Biryani

The best Kebabs ever. So soft and so nice in this small place in Old Delhi. After having some nice Pani Puri we headed to Karim's for Dinner. It was fabulous. Along with Kebabs, we also had Mutton Biryani. The Biryani was an absolute treat. It is the best Biryani I have had in my life. Very nicely cooked with some magic ingredients.
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Rockclimber - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Disappointing Breakfast

Visting karims after a long time. As luck would have it, was in old delhi attending a heritage walk and post it got an excuse to fill my belly. Went to kaims for breakfast around 10am and still had to wait for 10 minutes to get a table as only the non-ac restaurant was open.
Ordered roti, nihari and paya (only thing available there till 12 pm). Paya was fabulous and perfect, was lucky as I got the last plate of paya. Nihari for me was quite disappointing (hardly any spice) but well-cooked. The bread was hot and perfect.
Lots of better places wherein I would get better Nihari, don’t think would visit them soon at least for breakfast.
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March 22,2015

Th best badam pasanda ever!

In the heart of Old Delhi, not far from the Jama Masjid, this legendary eatery dates back to 1913, when it was opened by a chef who hailed from a family of royal cooks who served, among other guests, the great Mughal emperor, Akbar.

To really relish food at Karim’s, you have to firstly appreciate and soak in the atmosphere of Jama Masjid. Walk down the narrow passageway leading to Jama Masjid and look at the vibrant colours, noises around you. It reminds you of a non-corporatised, much simpler Delhi.

Much similar to its inconspicuous surroundings, you will find Karim’s amidst a plethora of similar small restaurants. Its important to understand that Karim’s is only about food and nothing else. Forget sumptuous décor or smart waiters, it’s a basic chair and table place.

Anyway coming to the food, the menu is detailed with a huge amount of variety (strictly for meat eaters). I had a three course meal starting with a plate of seekh kebabs, followed by badam pasanda and two types of naan, sheermal and roghini naan and had phirni as dessert.

The seekh kebabs were really good but nothing truly special, considering the reputation of this place. But the main course was something that really did blow me with its taste. The badam pasanda was simply wonderful. You could feel the meat pieces melt in your mouth with every bite and the richness of the meat was really well enhanced by the almonds. It was beautifully spiced as well, and every morsel made me feel why every major newspaper and magazine had written glowing reviews of this place.

My accompaniments, sheermal in particular were divine as well. It is another traditional recipe and its lightly sweetened taste was a perfect foil for the badam pasanda. The roghini naan, was the softest naan I have ever had and overall the main course was brilliant.

Finally, my dessert, phirni was another culinary gem. The milk was perfectly reduced and the rose and saffron accentuated the dish very well. The entire meal was great value for money as well. A three course meal for two people set me back by only Rs. 1100, without any tips of course.

I have been back to Karim’s many times ad as I said before come here for the food, and don't be put off by the informal setting; this is the genuine thing. Other must haves in Karim’s are the butter-cooked chicken (makhani murgh) and if you're really adventurous, you can also sample exotic fare such as spiced goat trotters, or the advance-order bakra feast -- lamb stuffed with chicken, rice, eggs, and dried fruit, a meal made for a dozen people.

For me, Karim’s is more than food it’s an experience as it touches all your senses in the best possible way. It stands for rich, soulful, Mughlai food that can never ever go out of fashion.
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Tanuj Sinha - Burrp User

Tanuj Sinha

January 04,2015

Negative ratings for Karim;s jama masjid

I know it has been ages that karim's, have been delivering mouth watering food to there food lovers. But 4 Jan 2015 came a disaster to me. Half plate Chicken Barra,Half plate Mutton Curry and awful chicken biryani cooked in Dalda (Vanaspati ghee) where even ur hands were coming out be sticky as grease of car mobile oil. This is very understood that the quality sucks....And the quantity of Half plate Chicken Barra, Half plate Mutton Curry was not enough to even feed one.
Its a NO-NO-NO to every one and I suggest not to waste your much precious time, money and energy there.
These people have taken there name for granted....
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Kapil Goyal - Burrp User

Kapil Goyal

January 04,2015

Worst Food Experience of my life

Went to Karim's for lunch with my friend, but it turned out to be the worst food of my life.
I am a huge fan of Non-veg food so, I went to Karim's but it'll be last time for me as well as for my friends. I have been to karim's many times before & the food was decent, never had any big problems but this time they have crossed all limits of worst food. We ordered Chicken Burra, Mutton Curry & Chicken Biryani.
The worst among them was Mutton Curry. No taste, No quantity. Made of worst masala & oil.
2nd is Chicken Biryani - It was of same taste & quantity as one can find in our railways Only difference is the price.
3rd comes Chicken Burra - No taste & even the chicken was not good.
Will never ever go to this crap place. Delhi has many other good Non-veg joint, far better than so called famous Karim's. Taste is gone, no quality, no quantity, no customer service & expensive as per their standards. Karim's has lost all his name as least in my eye.
Doesn't even deserve 1 star. Crap, Crap, Crap place.
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WriterAyushi - Burrp User


September 25,2014

Delicious Meat

The restaurant is not the best looking place you will ever go to but the food served here goes through your mouth and enters your heart.

Tate real meat, in real Dilli place - Old Delhi near Jama Masjid.
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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

Mughal-e-Azam !!!

A trip to Old Delhi is akin to a trip back in time. Walking through the crowded by-lanes of Old Delhi, alongside the famed Juma Masjid, with cycle rickshaws jostling for space, is a surreal experience. One gets instantly transported back to the Mughal era, making you wonder in awe about those regal yet simpler times.

Old Delhi is undoubtedly a haven for foodies and history buffs alike and when the two combine, the result is - Karim's, an institution that traces its roots to none less than the legendary chefs of the Mughal kitchens. Hopping on to the Delhi Metro is the most convenient way to reach Old Delhi. Alight at the Chawri Bazaar station and either take a cycle rickshaw or if you fancy a slightly long walk, then nothing like it for an experience of history & modernity surviving side-by-side.

The entrance to Karim's is narrow, almost to the extent of hidden from plain sight, amidst shops of various hues and items. Ambiance & decor, as expected from a very old place, is not of the fine dining type. Yet, that is no deterrent for the numerous families or even foreigners who flock to this place in droves. There are a few "wings" with different type of seating areas and one can choose any, depending on availability.

Kababs are a highlight of Karim's with the Seekh Kababs taking the cake. Soft yet firm, succulent meat, great melange of flavours. Chicken Burra is yet another item that will please almost everyone.

The Naan at Karim's is a little different to what we usually get elsewhere. Along with the Qorma, it makes for a great combo. The regular Chicken Curry was disappointing though, lacked the flavours that I expected of it. The curries are usually immersed in oil but that does not lend any overbearing taste to the dish as such, although it may be of concern to the calorie conscious. But then Karim's is not the place to go for such people !

The Biriyani was a disappointment since it seemed like just mild-flavoured rice with meat and the latter lacked seasoning. Lovers of Malabar or Hyderabadi Biriyani might find it a tad disappointing.

The Nihari is something that i missed out and would definitely try it, along with the Rolls when I visit the next time.

Last but not the least, the Firni here is a favourite of mine. It comes in a small earthen cup & is chilled. Perfect "sweetness". My usual quota is 3 .

Prices are definitely on the higher side. Overall Karim's has a lot going for it and just one or two visits might not suffice to try out their complete range.

Verdict :- Definitely worth a visit, for the history and for authentic Mughlai cuisine. But do visit the original outlet in Old Delhi and not the ones that have opened elsewhere.
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Gaurav Mishra - Burrp User

Gaurav Mishra

September 02,2013


If you are non-vegetarian and you haven't tried it yet, then you are missing something very important in your life. I visit this place quite often after when my friend introducted this place to me in college. BESTEST non veg in town with a lot of varieties to count.
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Ravita Kankaria - Burrp User

Ravita Kankaria

August 26,2013

Finest Indulgence for Non Vegetarians

Karim's name in itself is sufficient to speak about quality, ambience & the taste which lingers on to ur mind ! Must have destination for all non-veggie people to taste the real food of India. From Tandoor to Kababs, Soup to Shorba...no other restaurant can match its superb taste & suits your pocket. This is the real deal for the meat-eaters with the real princely treats . Informal setting + Best Food + Economical ; what else can we ask for !
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Ankur Verma - Burrp User

Ankur Verma

August 20,2013


I was a big fan of this restaurant specially of the Jama Masjid Branch but after today, I am not anymore.. They say that they are among top restaurants in Asia but when you go into the restaurant they are not even close to any local restaurant.. I had went today with my frnd & had a very bad experience..
1. You have to share the table with someone else.. A World class restaurant asks you to share your table with others while you are seated & having food.. looks awkward!!!!
2. Even when the restaurant is vacant still you are forced to sit at the corner chairs of the table (if u ar 2 ppl sitting on a 4 or 6 seater table) because they want more customers to accommodate.. They kept on forcing us to shift to the corner till the time we shifted.. They didnt even asked what we would like to have n all but directly started saying to shift at the corner of the table..
3. Asia's top restaurant gives you the glasses to drink water which are not even cleaned properly.. There was some food that was there on the outer side of the glass.. Disgusting!!
4. Asia's top restaurant gives you the spoons which still has lemon on the surface.. Not cleaned properly..
5. I ordered tandoori roti which has some hair like thing sticking to its surface..
6. Last but not the least.. when I finished my lunch, the person asked me.. "Have you finished having lunch or do you need something else..". When I said "no I dont need anything"; he immediately told me then you get up from the table & pay the bill at the counter.... WTF.. are you serving to a beggar or to a genuine customer who cant even sit for a second after having the food.....

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jerinthomas - Burrp User


August 04,2013


Food was good but toi oily for my taste. Try the jahangiri chicken with tandoori roti. Buy thumbs up as well. The waiter i would not say rude but it seemed that he did not need customers at the restraunt he is serving.
Also try the brain curry.
Karims is mostly run by reputation . To get equally the same food. You can try the al jawahar next door as well. I can say you would not be disappointed.
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foodiebaba - Burrp User


July 22,2013

highly over rated

I did visit karims twice. In juma masjid had chicken Shajahani mutton biryani roti and sheek kabab. Biryani was the worst I have ever had. Mutton was neither tasty nor cooked properly. Chicken Shajahani was way too oily yet not tasty. The media has rated this very high. Nizams at cp is way ahead of karims.
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iamkanishk - Burrp User


June 28,2013

Best Mughlai Cuisine

This renowned has been in the business since 1913,and it continues to serve some of the best mughlai fare in the town.While the restaurant has several outlets now,the original one in the Jama Masjid holds a charm of it's own.This strictly table and chair affair is a favourite with all meat lovers and is constantly buzzing with people of all age groups,who come with just one aim in mind space-space to gorge to their heart's content! the burrah kababs are undoubtedly stars of the show - succulent and tender,they are among the best you will find in the city.

the ishtoo , paaya,murg afghani,shammi kabab and nayab maghz masala are also heavenly.Finish of your meal with shahi tukda and you will probably be stuffed for a week.On winter morning,you will find a crowd lapping up the piping hot Nihari FOR Breakfast,so make sure you reach before 8 a.m if you want your share.
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Pranay Singh - Burrp User

Pranay Singh

April 28,2013

My Bad Luck

It was just another day boring coaching in my institution, So me and my friend bucked and rushed away there. Well, the street is really crowded and parking facility is well away from the hotel, We went around 11 to 11.30 around in the Morning. So, only had dal and mutton in the list, Really the dal tasted really awesome and mutton was delicious! It was just my bad luck and being stupid to be there in the morning, But surely will visit any day or another in coming days! :)
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Mohit Bhutani - Burrp User

Mohit Bhutani

April 03,2013

Flavor rich food

I love the food at Karims. Jama Masjid Karims is amongst my favorite... the only issue here is that it is crowded.. tasty food is assured...
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

March 30,2013


Heard of this place from a million people, gazillion websites and tv shows. If you are a meat-lover and in Delhi, this is definitely a place, you wouldn't wanna miss.

After asking around for suggestions, the branch at Chandini Chowk, Juma Masjid was the one I headed to. The crowded streets, the many faces, the busyness, the madness, it was like a perfect 'preparation' to a kick-ass lunch!

And with the final left turn, we finally reach an array of 'Karim's'. After confirming which place had more number 'non-Indian' customers, we get in.

We then ordered: mutton qorma, qeema naan and plain naan. Well of-course we ordered the biryani, but since we reached 'early', we had to wait till 1 pm(which we did).

While waiting for our order, I saw a delicious looking mutton dish and asked the waiter to get me that, and they did. It was the Mutton Burra. Something like mutton tikka, with huge chunks of mutton, flavored all d way deep. 4 pieces of awesomeness!

Then came the naans and the qorma. Frankly, the qorma was topped with quite a lot of oil, had to actually drain it off. I started of with the qeema naan and it was just brilliant, the qeema's taste was really prominent. The plain naan had a little 'sweetness' to it, which made it tasty, while having alone it as well!

The mutton qorma was well cooked, tender meat and all the spices were deep in the meat, well marinated.

And then we wait, for it to be 1.., then came, the most anticipated dish of em all, the 'Mutton Biryani'. Adorable waiters, they made it a point to serve us the first of the biryani lot after a few jokes here and there.

Bright yellow rice with huge chunks of mutton. Now, considering that I'm from the south, having biryanis varying from the malabaris, to the amburs all the way to d hyderabadis; this one's totally different. The rice had the 'pickle' flavor. The meat was cooked well. I, personally, wasn't a fan of the 'pickle' flavor, but I would never say that it was bad! It was definitely cooked to

All this plus a couple of soft drinks added to less than a thousand bucks. Must visit!
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Aniket Sirohi - Burrp User

Aniket Sirohi

March 18,2013

best non veg ever....

if u r a meat lover its a must visit...I specially love chicken mughlai and biryani and their tandoori rotis are so soft and delicious. its not costly also. fast service with good nature waiters complete the overall experience.
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deeparoy1 - Burrp User


March 05,2013

Great Mughlai Food

Authentic Karim's food is really good, specially its chicken biryani, chicken jahangiri and the tandoori roti which is so soft and delicious. The place is clean and their utensils too are very clean. Their traditional way of managing orders is amazing!. If you want to enjoy good food and do not care about great ambiance, you will enjoy dining out here as it is a crowded place, thanks to its tasty food. You might have to wait for table and for sure if you go in a large group but as soon as you have the food, you forget all the other inconveniences. Don't forget to have their firni (sweet dish) at the end!
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shievam_khanna - Burrp User


December 30,2012


This is the best, and there is no doubt in that. It's food has it's own taste which no one can match.The aroma,oil and spices in it's food adds more to it. There are many fake Kareems , so don't be cheated.The original branches I know are of Vasant Kunj , Karol Bagh and the one and only Jama Masjid . Some people say that Al Jawahar is better, but my experience with Al Jawahar was horrible.Even though if it was a matter of chance, Kareems is much, much better as it's chefs are so much old (from the era of Shahjahan), and waise bhi ORIGINAL is the BEST. Thank You
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Karim's is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants of Asia. I always love to have chicken there :)
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Pranav Aurora - Burrp User

Pranav Aurora

November 17,2012

Down memory lane

Just revisited karim, after ages, and was let down somewhat by the change in recipes and flavors of their dishes, while still maintaining the trash laden streets around the place, and the usual late night hush-mush of the place Jama Masjid.
I still loved the food(could be the intoxication), but my sober counter part, could really differentiate in the flavors, being and avid food lover, she had also made an order for the shahi dastar khwan, which I did not try, given my prior experience with the dish.
Overall, Karim's remains incomparable, though a lot of its dishes have lost their texture and flavors over the period of time, it still remains a pioneer in mutton-based street food
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1000_n1_taste - Burrp User


August 09,2012

Karim's Sad Story.

I have been eating at Karim's for a couple of years now and can't help but notice the quality of food declining. For example, the mutton burrah (grilled mutton) used to taste so soft and succulent at the same time had some texture from the overnight marinade. Now you have a fastfood one hour marinade largely based on ginger which turns the meat texture to mush (not unlike liver pate). Next comes the mutton biryani, which was one of the best in the area, tender meat pieces and flavourful rice good enough to go against the best Hyderabad has to offer. Once again this has been sadly reduced to a mere shade of its former avatar, whiff of an overpowering smell of cardamoms, the rice taste bland and uncharacteristic of a biryani where all the flavours from the meat, ghee and spices should have been absorbed. It's saving grace is the meat which is still great and thus I would picked these off from the platter. Let's not start with the korma. The reason why Mughlai food taste good is because its slow cooked; consequently the more customer it gets the less Karim's attention to quality food. I prefer the other not as popular vendors in the area now, those depending on more discerning customers who would turn away from poorly made food. What's in a name?....lol.
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Gourmet Guru - Burrp User

Gourmet Guru

August 03,2012


Went there after a drink up at 2am. It was packed.

Ordered the mutton stew, korma, gurda kaleji, bheja fry, etc, etc. Cant complain about the food. consistently good. just dim the lights so you don't notice the copious amount of grease :)

Who cares about service and ambiance at Karims?....No one!

Food: A
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Amey M - Burrp User

Amey M

May 22,2012

Hell Yea !!!

Never trust friends when they say they will show up...that's what happened one Saturday when only 2 of us showed up for the showdown at Karims...and we decided to hog till it satisfied the onlookers...:P
Started with chicken shami kebabs, chicken reshmi kebabs, mutton kebabs...which were melting as they touched our tongues...
chicken Burra followed...with green chutney giving it the tangy kick...
Main Course had chicken moglai and chicken stew laying on table...moglai was nothing like anything we had tasted before...as royal as it gets for sure...Stew was a bit tangy...but avoid it if you don't want to see your chicke floating in oil...Tasted good nonetheless...
Finally..finished it with biryani...which was different in taste...not the best..but definitely different from the regular.. 3/5 I say...
Rounded it up with Phirni...and got out to make some room for the guests waiting...
Hogged till Heaven and back....Rock on Karims.
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FoodieVik - Burrp User


October 23,2011

Icon which lives up to its Hype

A great food destination!
All the dishes you remember ever having there are exactly as they tasted whenever you first had them here-( Sadly their other places dont match up to the original)
As always started with an outstanding Raan, with the Burra & seekh Kebab- all excellent
Followed this with Brain curry(the best ever) with Chicken Mughlai- a bit off sadly. Ordered with biryani, & sheermal- totally sinful and so worth it
Rounded it off with Phirni form just outside on the gully - totally satiated
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Ashish Gautam - Burrp User

Ashish Gautam

October 17,2011

A Taste which will never Die out of your Heart

I went to this Place on Sunday ... So itw as Obvious to wait half an hour outside in queue to get a table... And my rating wont be negative based on that as it is a part of a taste like this.
When i Got the table i was served with Menu which included almost everything a regular Non Vegetarian would like.. Not any unique special dishes .. just the usual things cooked in Mysterious way which makes it taste like heaven...
First I ordered Mutton Burra Which was Expensive ( 1 plate costs 300 ) but was worth it.. mutton was so soft with proper blend of spices and other ingredients which turned out to be a perfect starter.
Next I had mutton Korma which was truly a Masterpiece... Soft mutton with awesome taste... The best mutton I tasted in my Life.
Next was Chicken Jehangiri ... Awesome Chicken cooked with Herbs and Spices and it was Superb finger licking good.. ( Better than KFC )
Along with it Breads there are also made upto a mark to do justice with chicken and mutton. Roti there is so soft and big and costs just Rs. 8. You can even have roomali roti and non veg stuffed naan's to give your taste buds a ride to heaven.
Firni ( kheer) in earth bowls is a perfect desert.
This place is truly a MUST VISIT.. if you can eat NON veg...
Veg here is also good cooked in mughalai way.
Burrp should provide with an option to rate 4.5 as waiting time and too much crowd is a li'l negative thing but still by giving perfect 5 I am doing Justice to KARIM's
They deserve it :)
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Karanjit Singh - Burrp User

Karanjit Singh

March 20,2011

Legacy filled food

The place offers a huge variety of Kababs,biryanis and other gravy stuff.

Do try the TANDOORI RANN.. ( Mutton whole leg )
and their Rich BIRYANIS accompanied with big chappatis.

To end go for som Phirnis.. which are wonderfully done.
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Mustafa Dewaswala - Burrp User

Mustafa Dewaswala

February 27,2011

The Service really sucks

Yes the food is OKey ... but if u ask me this place is hugely overrated... i am sure if this was in mumbai ... it would have been shut long back .... the raeson i say tht is ... they r really rude and snobish to there customers ... i really dont understand how any self respecting person would go thr again ... i mean poor service is one thing .. its a king of bundel with low cost hotels .. but snobishness is not acceptable .... i think its really worth a miss .. if u r in tht area there are a lot of other places which serve equally good food minus the attitude ...
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Chayan Deb - Burrp User

Chayan Deb

November 01,2010

Essentially Mughal

An essentially Mughal eatery situated in a place which can best remind you of the Mughal era, the old world charm...just next to the Jama Masjid in Purani Dilli. While you wait for an empty table (that is so very probable in Karimâ??s) run your eyes through the various snapshots from travel/food magazines and shows which vouch on this place...get amazed by learning the fact that this kitchen directly traces back its pedigree to the royal kitchen of the Mughal Emperors.
A Mughlai food aficionado will be spoilt for choicesâ?¦starting from Kebabs in starter to Phirni in Dessert, and everything in between-Biriyani, Chicken & Mutton preparations, Rotis, Sheermaalâ?¦you will definitely not want to miss any of those.
Karimâ??s is one place, one will love to come again and again, and have a grand meal each time
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Jiju George - Burrp User

Jiju George

October 04,2010

Heaven for Meat lovers!

Eating at Karims is not like eating at any restaurant. Eating at karims is the whole experience of moving out of the plush roads of New delhi and getting into the cramped up roads of old delhi.

Well my journey started wen i got down near chawri bazaar cause my cab driver said that cars are not allowed in the street. I had to get a cycle rickshaw as autos didnt have the courage to go through the streets of chawri bazzar! The 15 min ride on the rick was no less than any roller coaster ride :D. there were two of us in the rik and the guy riding the rick was the size of my thigh :D.. he he... but he was riding the rick like it was an F1 car or something :D

The ride through the bazaar was memorable and finally he dropped us at a gully and pointed to a narrow opening which was around two feet wide. "Sabji theres ur Karim hotel". I was like WTF! From all the reviews and news i was getting abt Karims i was expecting it to be something huge!

i took a deep breath and walked through the passage and the smell of kababs and tandoor instantly rushed into my nostrils!. The place inside was a complete contrast, the hotel area was neat the tables clean, rushing with people but everything was still organized and well maintained.

The food out here is also good. They serve one of the best sheek kababs i ever had. We had sheek kabab, chicken tandori, butter chicken and romali rotis.
And me being a sweet tooth had phirni too! which i love by the way..

Will definitely recommend the place to anyone coming to delhi and it is definitely worth a a try!

P.S. I have uploaded he menu of the place so make sure of what you are gonna order at the place so that you dont have to wait for your food. And believe me waiting at karims for your food especially with all that aroma around you and the sight of people eating is gonna be a "bit" difficult :D
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JOEM61 - Burrp User


August 04,2010


Visited the hotel on my recent visit to Delhi,was returning after nearly 4 years.

The food quality has definately gone down though still tasty and full VFM, i would still think twice before my next visit
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Akash Mohimen - Burrp User

Akash Mohimen

June 22,2010

Simply Great!

Before even I ate the food at Karim's i was touched by the amazing locales of the hotel. The narrow lanes and the open kitchen, the mouth watering aroma of the food literally pulls you there. It feels like stepping into the pages of Arabian Nights.

As far as the food is concerned, it is good in quality, great in quantity and very reasonably. The biryani was good and the kebabs were awesome. Dont forget to have the kulfi after the meal. :)
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Partha Barman - Burrp User

Partha Barman

April 30,2010


"Awesome" that suffices all! I believe if it was in South Delhi then no one would have ever cooked. My dinner would definitely been at Karim.. yes daily. Eat anything and the moment you roll your tongue you know.. you are in the best food destination.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

One of the best Mughlai food joints...

I had heard a lot about Karim in Delhi from many friends and relatives but could never go there due to paucity of time when in Delhi. This time enroute Uttarakhand I had a few hours in Delhi, and decided to visit Karim in the evening after a short visit to the Jama Masjid. It is a very crowded place but we managed to grab a seat after a brief wait.

The restaurant does not distinguish itself by ambiance or cleanliness but the aura and reputation it has overrides this. Our group started with Mutton Burra Kababs... the best I have ever tasted. The Seekh kababs were average. We ordered Nargisi Kofta curry (mince mutton balls in gravy) and rotis and sheermals. The rotis were great but the koftas were nothing to write home about. The Shajahani murg is chicken cooked in a tomato gravy. The Mutton Nahari was very tasty too.

Overall good food, but some dishes diappointed. Not very heavy on the pocket... Rs 1800 for 6 persons. Service was quick.
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Pushkin Gupta - Burrp User

Pushkin Gupta

February 07,2010

Is it just the hype or problem with my tastebuds??

On Sunday i went with Chetan to the very famous and talked about Karim's in Chandni Chowk. Despite the mad rush, Old Delhi is a place worth visiting. It has a charm of it own, and after spending four years roaming arnd from place to place - Mysore, Hyderabad, and Pune, i relished it all the more.

The extremely narrow streets, the Nai Sadak, Paranthey Wali Gali, and ofcourse Karim's.

We ordered - Mutton Burra and Chicken Seekh Kabab for starters, and Chicken Noor Jahan,Kadahi Chicken and Tandoori Roti for main course.

While Mutton Burra and the Seekh Kabab were good (definitely below expectations), the main course was quite a disappointment. Chicken Noor Jahan was made in green gravy and didnt look appetizing at all.

Also the place is always crowded, so its hard to get the waiter's attention. At one time we ordered Karahi chicken, and the waiter brought it in like10 secs - as if he took someone else's order and gave it to us :P

I wonder is it just the hype this restaurant has, or my taste buds are yet to adapt to the taste of Delhi!!??
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chandakmayank - Burrp User


October 08,2009

Best non veg experience ever

By looking at the place, i thought it was a total mess. Seated on the first floor, the place is no frills added ride. The menu you are offered has a huge pic declaring it as one of the TIME magazine's top eatery in Asia. Now this is something. The items are fairly priced, not cheap. The service is quick and good lord the food is totally awesome. Never seen chicken cooked so precise keeping it soft and delicious. Must go place. Tandoori bakra is an eye-opener, priced at 4500 with a 24 hour pre-order time.
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parrma - Burrp User


October 01,2009

just for the experience

try the raan if more than 4 people only
meat curries are great with that big roti
dont go near kababs only seekh is good.
biryani is passable
its more about the experience of old delhi ... be ready to feel like tourist in own city. great feeling. the walk down will make you feel like a travel chef. lined with kiosks and shops selling all types of mughlai food.
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Aadi_17 - Burrp User


June 12,2009

Rightly said "overrated"

Truely it has lost its charm...

I am from Chandni chowk and I am visiting karim’s since childhood..and believe me it has lost it…
Service is not good..but it never mattered…but now the quality of food has gone down too.. I ordered a kadhai chicken and it was nothing like as it should be …boiled chicken in half cooked tomato and onion gravy…a bad experience….
They need to improve and go back to what they were…
A big no for now…
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 03,2009

For the Experience

Karim Hotel carries a legacy behind it. I go to this place for the experience. Walking through the by lanes of Chawri Bazaar and playing some hide and seek to guess the small entry to Karim Hotel.
True it runs on the name more than the food, but for me it runs on the experience. The food is oily and that is what gives it the taste. Service is not very consistent, you might get bad service on a particular day and excellent service on another.

Their Rotis are my favorite. Totally different. In the gravy dishes I like Badam Pasanda and Chicken Noor Jahani. The Kheer is also worth the try

Avg Meal - Rs 200
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Naresh Chandra - Burrp User

Naresh Chandra

December 06,2008


Absolutely overrated and is running on reputation.

Too oily and tasteless and unhygenic !!!

The Place is well hidden Dont take the trouble of trying to find the place !!!
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amitvaish - Burrp User


September 28,2008

Delhi's Original

Karim is an ICON . They have opened a couple of branches but the one near Jama Masjid is the original and the best
Must eat
* Mutton Korma
* Seekh kabab
* Burra Kabab
* Gadde Vaali Roti
* Nargisi Kofta

Prices won't burn a hole
If you have'nt been there ...than probably you have'nt been to delhi
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atulrai - Burrp User


July 07,2008

Mughlai ...

Karim's gives a totally different definition to Mughlai food ... the food here is definitely not for the faint-hearted, nor is it for the cholesterol watchers. But, if you are one to gorge, then Karim's is just the place. Its reasonably priced, and the food is wonderful.

While i have heard about the vegetarian food here, i can write only about what i have eaten ... And, all of them are amazing. First of all, the Rotis ... not the Tandoori Rotis you would be used to, but Khamiri Rotis ... soft and fluffy! Then, theres Mutton Qorma ... it is easy to see how Karim's have earned their reputation. Try the Mughlai Chicken ... with the Khus Khus based gravy ... this is a treat! My favourite, however, is the Nargisi Koftas ... as full of fat as you would like them to be, and deliciously cooked.

Somehow, however, the Kababs leave a lot to be desired.
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Shashank Aggarwal - Burrp User

Shashank Aggarwal

September 19,2007

For Vegetarians ;)

Hi Guys,

There has a lot been written about Karim's, the Non-vegetarians delight. However one rarely finds a mention of whatever vegetarian that Karim has to offer. I have been to that place several time, latest being couple of days back and more or less I have always enjoyed a meal there.

I have tried four items in veg. Dal Makhani, Karim Veg, Shahi Paneer & mix vegetable. I wont even talk about mix vegetable, as I had it once and didn't like it at all.

Dal is served in two categories, one is plain dal and other is Dal Makhani, Plain dal is yellow dal and looks too plain for my taste buds, hence never tried it. Though half plate of it Rs.15 only.

Dal Makhani is served for Rs.35 for half and Rs 65 for full. Even though it is very rich in taste, I found it to bit bland. Adding lime juice and bit of salt helped the taste a lot otherwise it is perfect. Coming to Shahi paneer, I don't find it that great, I mean it is fine, but nothing extraordinary. However I find the real start to be Karim Veg, the first time I ordered it I expected some try of mixed vegetable, however it was totally different. They make a gravy of vegetables very finely mashed, add some dates, Paneer and garnish it with "Kharbooja Seeds" heated in pure ghee. Maybe the seeds are not added as a garnish but part of the curry itself, but I alway find them floating on the top. Again this has a very rich taste, different form anything I have eaten anywhere else. It comes for Rs.100 for a full serving and Rs.50 for half.

However the best part is the Khamiri Roti that they serve. Its a steal for Rs. 4 each and very good in taste, different from what is served at places like Chicken Planet and others (Changezi).

However if you order half plate of some item, then it might not be sufficient if you have a good appetite. Whether it be Veg OR Non Veg. I generally order half Dal Makhani and Half Karim Veg. But I do have a good appetite.

Service has been good on most occasions, however this weekend it was really poor. We ordered full plate and got half, waiter said that he thought full plate would be too much for us. @$%^*&. My friend ordered Gurda Kaleji, however he was served Korma. Hope this was one off bad experience.

All in all, I would recommend this place atleast once for vegetarians, and see it it suits your taste buds. But dont expect anything spicy OR hot, all the items on the menu are on the sweeter side.

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rajeshlalwani - Burrp User


August 21,2007

Even for vegetarians

Try the simple roti over their naans or sheermals. Dal is unique, light and nice; so are the Paneer items.

Don't eat meat anymore, but there are many others who will tell you about that anyway! :)
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miiraage - Burrp User


August 01,2007

The star of Old Delhi

In the middle of old delhi, in an unassuming restaurant no one would ever expect it... But you get the really really great food. Considering the trouble we had getting to the place, we were overjoyed.

The Biriyani was amazing. In fact, we had ordered a whole lot of stuff all of which disappeared in two mins. If you go at the right time to Karim's you get some amazing paaya too.

Dont expect a fancy place... This is for the foodies.. enjoy your food, forget the ambiance.

Right outside Karim's there is a mithaiwaala who sells probably the bestest gajar ka halwa ever.. None of the too sweet variety there. This is absolutely YUM!. Be sure to try it if you are there.
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Sumeet Rawat - Burrp User

Sumeet Rawat

January 23,2016

good food

excellent food
specially chicken jahangiri, keema naan
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