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Pratik Burman - Burrp User

Pratik Burman

December 22,2014

Simply brilliant

Great food.. rich variety... brilliant salads and deserts... perfect if you are a foodie... the ambience is wonderful and its a must visit if you haven't been there.....
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amiteshdas - Burrp User


October 30,2014

Great Restaurant. Great Ambience. Great Experience.

Setting foot into The Big Chill, I was greeted by the several hit movie posters, which gave the restaurant the retro feel, along with the themed walls, themed tables and chairs was a good touch. This place is ideal for the modern teenagers. Moving on to food, it's a delight eating here. For food, I had the chicken Florentine, which included a juicy, soft, succulent Chicken Breast, along with some boiled Fusilli, a sauce and some veggies on the side, with some bread to accompany it all. The meal was well balanced, the chicken was perfectly cooked, and it was just great. I also had a margarita, which is a cheese pizza. Very well done. The dessert was a Mousse cake, which melted in your mouth, and was beautiful. For Italian Lovers, this place is too good, and trust me, you'll want to be coming here again and again, and again.
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QuirkandtheCity - Burrp User


August 02,2013

One of Delhi's best

I'm new to Delhi and like every other newbie, I'd heard a lot about The Big Chill Cafe. And as it turns out, it completely lived upto my expectations. I've been to the one at Khan Market many times but I prefer the one at Kailash Colony. It's much bigger and has a more chilled out vibe. Also, there's more chance to get a table :P High Points: Amazing food(try the mixed sauce pasta or any of the shakes) and even better desserts. Low Point: The desserts are a bit expensive
But all in all, it's a place you'll keep returning to :)
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Gaurav Mishra - Burrp User

Gaurav Mishra

June 28,2013

best cafe in town

it is the best italian cafe with the awesome ambiance and yummy pizzas.
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Nandini Pai - Burrp User

Nandini Pai

March 27,2013

Cool, relaxed cafe, great food!

Located in the bustling Kailash Colony Market area, the Big Chill is a big surprise :) The ambience of the cafe with the vintage Hollywood posters is a refreshing change. The music is fun and the food totally worth it. We tried the Prawn and Zucchini salad and Red Pesto chicken (superb) which were amazing.The red pesto sauce was yummy! The Portuguese Piri Piri prawns were a disappointment, slightly uncooked and not so good flavor.

Overall a great place to chill big!
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

August 15,2012

You cannot Just Get Enough of Big Chill

As my review title says, my family and I just cannot and haven't got enough of Big Chill food in our life. It might be a casual dinner out or taking other people out for dinner, this is THE place we think of
Ambiance wise its excellent, very modern and extravagant yet classy. Has a definite cafe look yet very fine-dining bustling with people. You can never get a table at 1 go at this place.
Now for the food, I have a lot to tell here. The salads are all very fresh and taste real good. We always go for a Basil Tomato Bruschetta, its one of the best we've had anywhere. Never indulge a lot in your starters as you have a lot to explore.
The Penne Pasta in Vodka is my top pick for the mains. Its just silky and phenomenal tasting, given with piece of loaf. The creaminess of the pasta will take you another place.
Spaghetti Puttanesca is another good pick, loaded with olives.
The Chicken Lasagna,not one of the best I've had but still makes for a good main course meal.
Now for the epitome of Big Chill goodness are their desserts,they are what Katrina and Kareena together in a bed would be like. (Excuse the honest audacity)
The 'Banoffee Pie' is an all time favorite of Big Chill patrons, probably the signature dish of the place. But my pick is the 'Double chocolate Decadence'. It is oodles of chocolate goodness wrapped in layers. Mississippi Mud Pie is a good enough dessert too.
This place is not for the faint hearted, neither for the light wallet-ed. But rest assured smashing food
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Shraddha Verma - Burrp User

Shraddha Verma

May 27,2012

no risottos

Please people ................... their much better options to try then the risotto in Big chill............ definitely try this place in khan market and the one in Dlf saket. not that their risotto is bad
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ifoodie - Burrp User


August 05,2010

A bit too hyped! Its just okay

I dont know if its because of the hype surrounding big chill but it didnt quite blow my mind! nevertheless the foods quite okay... nothing extraordinary but reasonably tasty food...tad too expensive especially the risotto wasn't made the way it is supposed to, and the ravioli was sparsely stuffed much unlike the better ones i have had back in Bangalore. I would expect a certain authenticity from a place that charges like a specialty restaurant.

Bottom line : You won't puke... its general palatable food at slightly higher prices...doesn't live up to the hype.
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parrma - Burrp User


October 01,2009

once upon a time

it was awesome... now its overpriced and very loud. dont be surprised if its not the same thing as you remember it if visting after a yr or so. food continues to be good ... of course the desserts are awesome. but there are better places abound now. khan market one scores way over this one.
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Tanya Kumar - Burrp User

Tanya Kumar

September 22,2009

Food for all!

Foodie's delight, loads of variety, whether veg or non-veg, excellent desserts... apple crumble is to die for. Love the Mezze platter and to keep those calories low on the belly try the grilled breast of chicken, basic and simple. Don't miss the Ginger Fizz!
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Anupam Tripathi - Burrp User

Anupam Tripathi

September 04,2009

Must eat!

Just the same as the one in khan market with excellent food. Gets even better on account of more seating capacity and heavier and richer food. I love it. When in East of Kailash or GK 1, just drop in. The rates are the standard 1000/- for two with soft drinks and may be sweets.
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richa.ver - Burrp User


August 06,2009

yum yum yum!!

a busy place, popular with the young and the old!! can be noisy at times!! but the food, unbeatable. the grilled chicken salad ..superb, the pasta..mouth watering, risottos..great!!! m an ardent fan!! meal for two: 1000
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Payal Arora - Burrp User

Payal Arora

July 24,2009


It is city's best loved cafe.If you're a foodie, make sure you have enough cash, time, and appetite when you stop by for a meal! There's great salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, baked potatoes, grilled fish and more. Desserts are unforgettable. Good food with reasonable prices.
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ssahoo - Burrp User


July 24,2009

Best comfort food...

What can I say that hasn?t already been said about this cult figure of a café? Sometimes a figure becomes so popular that even if there was another original or first-of-its-kind, this becomes it and then the question becomes which was the original big chill of these very popular set of three restaurants. Though I would never want one too close to home, lest I spend every waking moment in it, and as anyone would know there is no walking distance from the big chill because should you be so lucky that after eating here you could walk any more steps than that will take you out of the market, more power to you. The original big chill café was opened very near its current location at the Kailash Colony market where its oriental cousin now resides. Made popular by the coffee and deserts that became an instant rage with the college crowd due to the proximity to LSR college for women, this restaurant serves up a great array of Italian salads, pastas, grills, desserts and perhaps the best pizzas and home made ice-creams in the country. Following the great success of the first appearance of the franchise, another but smaller version was opened at Khan Market that took off so well that a much larger one almost instantly followed.

The food is often inventive, innovative and yet the classic dishes like Lasagne, Bolognese and Carbonara are done to perfection. The café walls are lined with framed posters of old and new cinema however I don?t think dining in the company of so many movie stars is what makes this experience really special. I think there probably is never a secret sauce to good food but just plain good and fresh ingredients and I think this restaurant will give you all of those on a tasty plate without burning a hole in your pocket. The staff and service is very courteous yet a bit reserved but never too judging when they see you drool. Choose from one of the main course dishes and I promise you won?t be disappointed though my favourites are the grilled chicken or fish with Piri Piri sauce. If you need to fill a big craving have the chicken in white or red wine sauce. All the portions are very filling but will always leave you enough room to have one of the many great shakes, ice creams, yoghurts or cakes available in the selection. Everyone does or will have a favourite dessert here however I couldn?t pick one so I picked two ? the blueberry cheesecake and the chocolate oreo ice-cream! Besides double filling in them this is the best thing that those oreo cookies could be used for.

Also, don?t bother making a reservation because they have a strict first come first served policy but I assure you the average 40 minute wait is well worth it. Just bear in mind the smaller outlet in Khan Market does not have a pizza oven. Standing outside looking in waiting for your turn to order you realize why the last thing the place needs is a liquor license and have people waste countless precious seconds while you are left outside longing. The popularity of the franchise that is well demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands of followers on Orkut communities and Facebook groups. I would probably not make a career in marketing or advertising with my slogans but if I were to sum it up for The Big Chill, it would be ?if it?s on the menu, it?s good?.
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namangupta1979 - Burrp User


June 29,2009

too pricey for my liking

I have been visiting big chill ever since it opened closed to LSR. Now it has 3 branches - 1 in Kailash Colony and 2 in Khan Market. I have to say the food is awesome but now it has become a bit expensive for my liking. A meal for two with desserts which has earlier under 500 bucks is now about 1000 bucks. But definitely a great place to visit if your wallet is full.
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


June 04,2009

Foodie's delight!

If you're not from Delhi, then this place is a MUST VISIT!!! Being from Hyd, I am (always) craving for good food.. this place really satiates your hunger/craving..especially for pizza/pasta & desserts. I just loved the chocolate malt.

Service is good, with friendly n attentive staff around.
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harsh123 - Burrp User


April 22,2008

just chill...

I remember going to the Big Chill four years back when it was located in East of Kailash in the south of Delhi. I had gone there with my friend, after one of my friends had strongly recommended it. I found the Big Chill as a quintessential Italian restaurant. At that time, I was a naïve with Italian delicacies, barring the Pizzas I had had, courtesy Domino’s. At that time, I had a plateful of Risotto and didn’t find it encouraging enough to travel to East of Kailash again, which is some 20 kms from my home!

Last evening, after a gap of four years, I again visited the Big Chill at its new location in the very up-market Khan Market, which is supposedly one of the most expensive markets of Asia, and the property prices are the steepest there in the whole of Delhi. But that’s another story. What encouraged me to visit Big Chill again was the reviews I had read in last four years, and very often I had heard many celebrities harping about the very popular joint. Moreover, I feel now I am more educated when it comes to Italian food, and I have received this learning from some very bad and good experiments with Italian food.

Read more at: http://www.contentmantra.com/mantrablogs/?p=85
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Natasha Diddee - Burrp User

Natasha Diddee

April 06,2008

Chillin' Facts

I stumbled into The Big Chill close to 6 years ago by sheer fate - and a rumbling tummy. I had attended a Reception hosted at one of the Embassies and was served the usual vinegar (that they pass off as wine) and finger food (which is a ’’lah-dee-dah name for snacks but sometimes actually resembles baby fingers!) Now I am a good eater. No, I’m a great eater and some people could term me as a ’’foodie’’. So since I was hungry and it was pretty late, I just went in.

Its firstly the decor that hits you. Its absolutely fantastic.The husband - wife duo who own the place (and are now buddies as I am possibly their most frequent customer) have actually collected a lot of these during their stay in London and then ordered the rest from various poster places. Very very innovative idea and so fresh compared to the regular dimly lit punjabi restaurants that we see in Delhi.

The food: Oh Lordy! The food. Their tomato basil soup is to die for as are a lot of their pastas and pizzas. but the real winner is their desserts. People - TRUST ME - really - if you’re on a diet or need to refrain from sweet - don’t go. The chocolate squidgy cake (my all time favourite) is just divine! Some of my friends are more partial to the ice creams(the chocolate super fudge has been known to break many a diets) and cheese cakes.

I would be blatantly lying if I said that all was well at the Big Chill. The service is very slow in comparison to the throngs of people outside and inside.Although, there’s not much they can do about that.

They now have two branches. The original at East of Kailash and the second one at Khan Market. I personally prefer the EOK one as its closer to home and bigger. The Khan market outlet has limited dishes as they are fairly small.

They have since opened two more outlets in Khan Market so there is hope! All in all - go there - if for nothing else - then go there for the squidgy cake. TRUST ME. You’ll die fatter but oh so much happier! :-)
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123456a - Burrp User


March 09,2008

best deserts

its a great place to eat and to hang out with friends
don't forget to try their 164 pasta and molten chocolate desert it's available only on weekends, but its woorth waiting soo long.
but the bad part is after eating there you have to spend an extra hour in the gym.. :(
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Sal  - Burrp User


February 09,2008

Best Italian Food and Affordable

Every time I go to Delhi this is one place I make sure I go to atleast once if not more. WIll they ever open in Mumbai !!

The new outlet has a very lively atmosphere and accomodates a lot more people as well.

Food suggestions are hard to give since everything is really good. It has a very authentic Italian feel. From the minestrone soup to the Brushetta to the pasta and pizza all of it is finger licking delicious.The shakes are fab as well.

For dessert I didn't like the blueberry cheese cake too much but the frozen yogurts are yum and low cal as well.

Tip: Ask for the baby cake..Its not on the menu but Ive never eaten a better dessert anywhere. It just melts in your mouth.

Damage: Well for one soup, three main courses and two desserts would be not more than Rs 350 per head
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gauravsethi12 - Burrp User


December 26,2007

Best Italian Food Joint

It is one of the best places for Italian food lovers in the capital.
It provides you with widest of choices even for vegetarians.

Dont miss the missisipie mudpie whenever you vist this place. The decor is quite unique where you can find all the ols posters of various hollywood movies. And what to say abt the crowd it is the place where you can find out whats in fashion thesedays
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