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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: italian
  • Nearly everybody mentioned friends

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The creaminess of the pasta will take you anothe
The decor is very cheerful, the place is just fan
The place is really cool, the ambiance is amazing
Divesh Chanana - Burrp User

Divesh Chanana

January 05,2016

think of Italian think of big chill.

pastas and the pizzas on the table along with great deserts works for me all the time.
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Nidhi Sood - Burrp User

Nidhi Sood

December 22,2015

Authentic italian

The most amazing place to get the best Italian food followed by the most tempting desserts!!!
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deeksha Sarin - Burrp User

deeksha Sarin

June 18,2015

My Dessert place

I usually go to this place only for my favourite desserts. Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Waffles. Such heavenly ones. No place other than this can give you such mouth watering cheese cake. Decent music is played in the background. Service is okay okay. I had to wait a lot for my order. And when it comes to prices, Big Chill will be heavy on your wallet. But worth going here. Cheers.
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Pushpanksharma - Burrp User


March 03,2015

Really a Paradise!

Big chill is really a paradise for the people in Delhi as well as the visitors. It is one of the hot spot restaurant situated in khan market new Delhi. The main course include Italian and continental. The place is really cool, the ambiance is amazing, friendly staff and we can have a blast if we are hanging out with our friends. The food here is really delicious, serves great Italian cuisine, refreshing shakes, all types of Salads, risottos, ravioli, desserts are highly recommended. The main difficulty is the long queue of waiting, but they call you once your turn comes. My personal favorites are The Grilled Chicken salad, Piri Piri Pasta (The best), Chicken Melt, and cheesecakes. The place is little bit expensive but we were fully satisfied with the money we spend.
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Rockclimber - Burrp User


October 14,2014

Filling Experience

Had a horrible experience at another restaurant and left from there after a half eaten grub. Was wondering where to fill our bellies and saw Big Chill and hopped in. The place is a perfect balance of ambiance, service and quality food. Normally its atleast half an hour of wait, but fortunately for us, we didn't have to wait even on a weekend (lunch).
Ordered cheese veg/mushroom pizza (would have preferred a bit more vegetables for the topping - Average) and pasta mushroom with white sauce (fabulous), Shakes - mocha & Belgian shakes (both awesome). Wanted to have desserts but we were quite full, hence saved it for the next time. A must try at this place, the Mississippi mud pie, blue berry cheese cake and coffee ice cream.
Short stopover, nevertheless a pleasant one, will definitely recommend and visit again.
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Harsheys2737 - Burrp User


September 25,2014

one of delhi's best italian!

located in kailash colony market,the music is fun and food totally worth it, ill always go for chicken peri peri in penne pasta with belgian choclate shake, its one of the best i had. The creaminess of the pasta will take you another place.
The mississippi mud pie is an all time favorite probaly the signature dessert of the place.

Overall a great place to chill big !
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arnab2446 - Burrp User


September 25,2014

Great Italian Job

One of the Finest Italian Cuisine available in Delhi....

Had been there thrice with Family & colleagues and found some of the best Shakes in Big Chill. Khan Market Big Chill Cafe is located at a very convenient place and hard to miss if you are looking for some good Italian Food.
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Jharna Bhatnagar - Burrp User

Jharna Bhatnagar

May 09,2014

The desert menu of Big chills!

The name needs no introductions, from the classic retro American interiors, to the wide range of Italian and american cuisine as part of the menu ... they have it all.

However my favorite part is the deserts section, as I have a big sweet tooth, and I have tasted deserts in almost every city/cafe/restaurant I have been to... and i have been to plenty ! Big chills comes in my list of top 5 when it comes to deserts.

Out of all the outlets in Delhi, I find the Khan market one to be the most inviting. The service here is slow, but nonetheless it has good food, good service and a good place to offer.
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Sweet Perry - Burrp User

Sweet Perry

February 05,2014


Big chills cafe is a must go place. It tops my list of restaurant whether its cp or khan market or hauz khas. So you should definitely try the red or white sauce pasta here as well as the orea shake as an add on.
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ashima_sharma - Burrp User


December 11,2013

Great meal of d day

A wonderful restaurant with great ambiance and vibe and a stupendous menu and wonderful food...Baked potatoes with tuna is a must try..We had choco banana blast sundae n it was amazing! 100 out of 100 ... Made my day!
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Saanvi82 - Burrp User


August 29,2013

Great place to unwind

Great ambiance, Great food & located in a chic market Big Chill is the perfect for some delicious Italian cuisine. Service is slow but food quality more than makes up for it!
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Garima Juneja - Burrp User

Garima Juneja

June 28,2013


Big chill has the best italian food I've ever had! Superb ambience, amazing service, super yum pizzas and pastas. Will definitely keep coming here for more :)
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


April 22,2013

Good food, great ambiance!

Possibly one of my favourites in Delhi! The restaurant is very retro-chic with colourful movie posters adorning the brick walls. The decor is very cheerful, the place is just fantastic. But it's not just that - the food is fantastic as well. Their menu is very extensive, right from pizzas, pastas and salads to god knows what not! Of everything that I've tasted here, I think the pizzas (all of them!) are my favourite. Desserts (I had something chocolate, can't remember) are wonderful too! I think they have a Ferrero Rocher's shake which is just wow. Big Chill is a big fat success on every count!
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Meghana Nair - Burrp User

Meghana Nair

March 07,2013

MUST visit!

i would be surprised if someone tells me they've been to Big chill!
the interiors are fun, the walls filled with old and new movie posters.
the menu is rather long and almost evrything i have tried was very tasty!.
must have- endless, i suggest try think yourself.
service is fast too and its too expensive
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February 27,2013


Gr8 food..... if u want to have a good time with your friend or family...than u should go there....
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mrkaranbatra  - Burrp User


February 10,2013

Yummm Pasta...

The pizza's at Big Chill are too good to resist... And its Chocolate Oreo Shake is also one of its kind...

Chicken Piri Piri is my personal favorite out of all the pastas
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shievam_khanna - Burrp User


December 18,2012

Very Very Good

Yummy food , excellent ambience, enjoyed thoroughly . i was scoring it 8.5/10 after having food but I gave it 10.5/10 after having a dessert.waffle with banana ,ice cream (vanila) and choc.sauce is a must try. Overall a wonderful experience but for similar food in more cuisines , try Urban Cafe. A bit expensive , good for some occasions but waise apna Kareem's best hai.
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NehaPranay2 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Must Visit

This is an all season and reason place. You can go here if you wish to celebrate a special occassion or simply in case you are in a mood to enjoy some out of the world italian food.
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anjulgoel1 - Burrp User


November 20,2012

Must go place in delhi

Pasta's/Soups/Salads everything amazing and so is the service. Must go place in Delhi.
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enchantressng  - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Well Dressed Place...

big chills is kind of place wch every non delhite would like to go to when they r in delhi. It has great ambiance wd all old hollywood movie posters all around. I always take white pasta and shakes r good.
Must visit/// !!
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Foodie  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Best place to hangout with friends

Eat anything here and you will not be disappointed... serves the best belgian chocolate shake in town!
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SahneyRachit - Burrp User


November 14,2012

always a classic

if you haven't been here, you can't possibly have lived in delhi long enough. A classic go-to any day of the week. The best part is that they're consistent; the food will taste great no matter which outlet you're eating at. I highly recommend the four-fourths pizza. And the malted banana oreo shake - i love it almost as much as my girlfriend does!
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UrveeM - Burrp User


November 12,2012

still good

The Big Chill is ALWAYS crowded, even now after so many more places have opened up. More often than not, you're put on the waiting list. My favourite thing here is the malted baanana chocolate shake- it's rich and delicious. Their pastas are of course good and you'll hear everyone raving about them. Amongst other things, the sicilian chicken is worth a try. And the tuna melt as well
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Manish G - Burrp User

Manish G

November 12,2012

Reality is better than Perception

Who has not heard of The Big Chill....it's a place where you can never go wrong. We have tried more than half the menu and we always order Mezze Platter. Deserts are out of the world and so are yogurt smoothies. TBC should also screen the movie that it shows on posters all across. Or start a loyalty program
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UrveeM - Burrp User


August 22,2012

Eat Everything

Really. Eat anything here and you will not come away disappointed. (By here, I mean any of the outlets spread across South Delhi). The big plus is that they are consistent; I've never encountered an 'off' day at any of them. The Four Fourths pizza is amazing; you can eat it entirely by yourself if you've starved yourself the entire day. Also, Malted Banana Oreo Shake - Need I say more?
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MangoM - Burrp User


July 19,2012

The Most Awesome Place on Planet!!

What can one say that hasn't already been said about this place? It is my the most favourite restaurant on planet. The food, the interesting decor, the service everything is just pitch perfect. Their Penne with Vodka is a must try, if you haven't already.

But the fact is that there are other cafes where you do get good pastas and risottos. The thing that makes this place stand out are the desserts that they serve. The blue berry cheese cake is just perfect, with a thin crust and a gooey yet firm top. Exactly the way a cheese cake is supposed to be. Then they have the home made ice creams. They are heavenly, to say the least.

Though I have just finished lunch, the thought of Big Chill makes me hungry again. Just a scoop of that awesome ice cream maybe? Or just a bit of that cheese cake? Blah I can't decide!
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H2K  - Burrp User


July 09,2012

Par excellence!!

Well-worth the wait ! The wait itself speaks about the place's popularity. We went to the bigger outlet.
You feel like a kid in a chocolate shop. Right from the decor to the menu, everything is eye-catching and you want to just try it all ! The walls are covered with movie posters, giving a very retro look. Alas ! No photos allowed !
The pizza ( with caramelized onions), pasta ( with a unique flavour ) and the shakes ( oreo, belgian) are all worth the money. All that we ordered was vegetarian, yet they were so yummy!!
Excellent place to come with your friends and family.
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poornima_malik - Burrp User


March 16,2012

great place, need more space in Khan Market

its a great place and I must give it 10 on 10 for all the food and ambiance.
They need some pace in khan market.....
If you can save some money and enjoy your weekend dinner in Delhi......I think it will be a great idea.... these dealsites like snapdeal, dealzvan, etc really help to find something of ur choice at the comfort of ur home........
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Banofee Pie!

the vibrant colours do-up and vintage/classic posters together with the mega menu can even turn a lousy date into a fun one. The restaurants decor has you well intrigued that before you know it a well portioned meal is under your nose. The food is great and they have good variety but the king of my heart is the Banofee Pie. The moist yet crumbly crust, and the sweet gooey banana with a tinge of tangyness smothered with fluffy cream, together just flits you off to some place else... by just a spoon full. They have it just right.

No matter how your day has been this place can definitely put a smile on your face.

I must warn you though, eating at the Big Chill can definitely put you in a food coma. I suggest you don't drive here...because you are going to waddle out...
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tri123 - Burrp User


January 17,2012

good service

Went to this place with my friends, good service and the food was also good. I enjoyed.Do visit this place atleast once.
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Anuraag  - Burrp User


January 12,2012

A let down

So we finally made it to 'The Big Chill Cafe'. We were asked to wait for 30 minutes which I hear is common procedure. Went for a 10 minute stroll only to come back and get a table immediately and find the place half-empty.

Straight to the food now....Baked Penne mozzarella, chicken risotto, chicken melt, antipasti platter and a steak (loin) comprised the mains. The penne was passable and the melt good. The steak was a little too tough to cut into but high on taste nonetheless. The risotto and the platter were disappointing. The accompanying oreo and belgian chocolate shakes were a treat though.

We decided to go a little light on the mains (now the food may seem to be a lot but there were quite a few of us :) ) and binge on the famed desserts.

Choco mousse, Mississippi mud pie and a Blueberry Cheesecake. The mousse was passable, the cheesecake also okayish but the biggest shocker to me was the mud pie. Cold, hard,definitely not gooey, no crumbly crust; nothing I'd expected it to be. And it pretty much cost us a small fortune.

Going back is an option but there's no spending money on unknown/dicey stuff. Stick to the basics and you won't go back disappointed.
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Manisha Dhar - Burrp User

Manisha Dhar

December 21,2011

Chill & Thrill at The BIG Chill

My first visit to this place dates back to 2007 and since then I have been a patron of this place. The food is scrumptious and thankfully consistent. My visits to Big chill always leave me craving for more. I love their Piri Piri chicken and its something that you just wont find elsewhere. The desserts and the shakes are heavenly. Be it a birthday or an anniversary celebration, its a trend in our family to cut a Blueberry cheese cake. The Banoffee pie, Mississippi Mudpie and the Tiramisu are are not far behind, they simply make you drool. Last year we shifted to Bangalore and since then I have been on a hunt to find something like Big chill but all my efforts have gone waste. So whenever we are visiting Delhi, paying a visit to Big chill is something that cannot be compromised on, no matter how hectic the schedule is.

I wish we had a Big chill in Bangalore too!!
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Sahil Wadhwa - Burrp User

Sahil Wadhwa

December 20,2011

"Really Awesome"

Great service, chilled-out atmosphere, and an awesome variety of amazing food makes this place a must visit for anyone in the area. We ordered garlic cheese bread which was really nice. The bread was fresh though the cheese was too less for my liking. But then the good stuff starting rolling in.
Absolutely loved their prawn salad. It was so awesome with fresh salads and good quantity of prawns. Never had the gouda cheese bake before so this was really awesome for a first time experience. The real gem was the lemon frozen yoghurt and chocolate superfudge icecream. Ironic that both should be in the same sentence but then again, indulgence sees no borders. The service was jovial and the staff member was more than happy to see us happy. They even offered us complementary garlic bread as we decided to chill out at the place for sometime which was awesome!
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Priya_bang - Burrp User


December 06,2011

I miss you in bangalore

My big chill fascination started long back…been there…even I forgot the count. The scrumptious food, especially the baked items, always leaves me craving for more. Last year Dec I moved to Bangalore and still now I haven’t discovered anything like The Big chill. The ambiance, food, deserts…I miss them all.
P.S Please think to branch extension beyond Delhi NCR.
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

November 30,2011

Good Food - Quick Service - Joyful Ambiance

This place was on the cards for a long long time. Coudn't manage to get there during my Delhi explorations, but finally made it after a long wait. I had been there alone, so the entire concentration was on the food and the speed of service.

The service was quick and good. The pasta I ordered was a penne with meatballs in a tomato sauce. It was great. The chicken was perfect sized, the consistency of the sauce was great, the pasta cooked to perfection, and well spiced with herbs. Thourought enjoyed the entire dish.

Along with this I had ordered a banana shake with chocolate chips. It was a great shake, but i recommend that it be served with a spoon rather than a straw.

Great service and overall excellent food.............must visit if your in Delhi
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rachit.nagar - Burrp User


September 05,2011

awesome place to visit

Great service, chilled-out atmosphere, and an awesome variety of amazing food makes this place not just a must-visit but a must visit again and again.................
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agrao05 - Burrp User


June 19,2011


Went with a group of 6. Ordered garlic cheese bread, blue cheese/walnut salad, pasta salad, and baked pasta dishes. Garlic cheese bread had barely any garlic. Pasta salad 90 percent pasta and 10 percent salad; blue cheese salad passable and baked pasta dishes not flavorful. Service was dismal; not attentive and the waiter attempted to grab our cheque 3 times before we were even ready to pay. Would not go again except for dessert which we did not get to try and which seems to be the highlight of all the other positive reviews.
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ushqim - Burrp User


June 03,2011

The Big Chill or Not!

Big Chill Café has, over the years, become a landmark across its locations in Delhi. And obviously so, it has been around for quite a while, the food has been pretty good and their focus on the younger generation has just helped them boost their brand (and Sales) to quite an extent.

I have been a regular to Big Chill over the past 4 years and sadly am quite disappointed by the drastic fall in their quality of Food & Service over the past year. A probable reason could be their shift in focus from customer satisfaction to that of rapid expansion; not sure, but could just be the reason! They seem to have made a conscious decision of shifting from a High Street format to that of setting up in The Malls, which, I think, takes the fun, of dining at such a place, completely out!

I remember them having an outlet in East of Kailash, which got shifted to Kailash Colony and is still existing there; and I have some really fond memories of both these locations. Infact, of all their existing locations, Kailash Colony is my favourite simply because of the large space it has to offer. Am not much of a fan of their two locations in Khan Market, since they are way too small and cramped up and seem like a ‘fish market’ every time you happen to get a place there.

What I find quite nerve racking is that the management, inspite of having such cramped up and small restaurants, don’t seem to entertain reservations over the phone. Now, if I knew that my restaurant had a huge fan following and its not easy for people to get a table and they have to wait for a minimum of 30 mins, I would surely enable the operations team to take reservations. Its a better option than to have people waiting endlessly to get a table; unless there is some ego boost that the management gets by getting people to wait. Or maybe, its a tactic to ensure that their restaurants are choc-a-bloc at all times!

Now comes the review part.

During one of my recent visit, with a close friend, to the Big Chill outlet in the inner lane of Khan Market, I was pleasantly surprised to have got a table within 5 mins of us entering the place. However, least did we know that the pleasantries would start and finish just at that. Once seated, we had to wait for almost 10 mins for one of the servers to attend to us to give us the menu and that also happened after I raised my voice to get their attention only to ask for the Menu card; which interestingly is this huge ass combination of laminated sheets bound by a spiral ring. Once we had the privilege of getting the menu, we had to wait another 10 mins for the server to come take our order. And the Menu, man was it in tatters; seemed like it has just stood through a major typhoon of sorts and was tearing away into little bits from each corner.

One thing I would like to mention here is that their servers, when they attend the guests, are really pleasant, and thank God for small mercies, else this place would be a nightmare to dine in!

I usually don’t like to experiment much with my food, however when you have dined at the same establishment infinite number of times, one does feel the need to try out the other stuff on the menu. So, with this thought, I chose not to go with my usual Caesar Salad and ordered one with dried Plums and Walnut and man was it HORRIBLE. The walnut seemed to have been from over a year old lot and had that very stale taste to it; the dried plums were not sour but actually bitter and felt as if they came from a tinned lot stored for a few years beyond its expiry. If it was not for the blue cheese and the salad leaves, I could have just had this salad thrown in the bin! With this we ordered for Iced Tea, my usual at Big Chill, and sadly, it was more of ice and water and less of tea. After having gone through this torture both of us decided to order one main course and share it, just in case that also turned out to be as horrible, so I ordered for their Stuffed Chicken Breast with sautéed green veggies and hash brown on the sides. For small mercies, this dish did not disappoint us that much, but wasn’t that outstanding either for me to recommend it to anyone.

All in all, quite a disappointing experience, enough for me to think twice before going back to any of their locations again.

My overall rating:
Food: 2

Beverage: 1

Service: 3 (they have proved to be much better in the past)

Ambiance: 9 (super awesome, except for the huge & loud crowd)
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saloni212 - Burrp User


January 28,2011

My favourite!

I can actually write an ode to Big Chill - been here a countless number of times and yet never tire. Some personal favourites are their prawn salad, the gouda cheese bake, penne pomodoro, lemon frozen yoghurt (for my feeling-fat days) and chocolate superfudge icecream (for my I'm-feeling-gluttonous-days).

Great service, chilled-out atmosphere, and an awesome variety of amazing food makes this place not just a must-visit but a must visit again and again.
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Menaka Neotia - Burrp User

Menaka Neotia

January 17,2011

Its Big on Food, dessert and ambiance

wat an ambiance - its grt food is excellent and desserts are out of this world totally awesome place.. i love it!! Few recommended dessserts - chocolate decadence, squdgy cake, one thing i dont remember the name, but its served hot, and when u bite into it with a fork, hot chocolate just oozes out...ummmm yummy.. and then there is blueberry cheese cake.. they do an awesome range of milk shakes tht are very good too!!!!
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abhishek verma - Burrp User

abhishek verma

January 03,2011

Awesome Mud Pie

I am a great fan of mud pie ....i tried it at big chill after that i was at cloud 9....
just amazing
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arpitrai - Burrp User


December 21,2010

Awesome Desserts!

They have a great collection of desserts! On the expensive side though.

Definitely try out the Banana with Waffle, Vanilla Icecream and Hot Chocolate Sauce.
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Abhay Sharma - Burrp User

Abhay Sharma

December 19,2010

Big Chill means Thrills !!

Yea the place is absolutely amazing with the ambience and buzz being unique. It is ideal for a heavy brunch, evening supper or a sumptuous dinner. Well I am in love with the place. The saying is Size matters, and Big Chill has taken it quite seriously. With menu being the frontrunner. lolz.

Hats Off to the concept and best wishes. I hope the crowd and food never changes. :)
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smehndiratta - Burrp User


July 02,2010

in love since first day

I have been in love with it since my first visit.I have to eat here,whenever i visit Delhi,One of my favorites.Though a lot has changed,after it expanded business,but i feel committed to its pastas and shakes.The columbian mocha shake,being my favorite,thick and creamy.cant miss the squidy Chocolate cake,and the Blueberry cheese cake.they are a HITTT !! Its really hard to find true italian food in India,as many say,but I think Big Chill,if not perfect,is quite close to it. The chicken peri peri,and the cheesy garlic bread are a must have.

for more info visit:http://www.moogle.in/The-Big-Chill-d4oe99/
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tanukaushik - Burrp User


June 21,2010

of decadence & indulgence

I was introduced to Big Chill way back in 2003 , by a classmate who studied in LSR.

Many years, and hundreds of trips later, going to Big Chill is still my 'highlight of the weekend', for the place never disappoints.

Once you've braved a long waiting 30-45 mins) , rest in your chair & start with a pitcher of refreshing lemon iced tea, to set your taste buds in motion for a gastronomical ride towards nirvana!

Whether it is the starters (garlic bread with cheese/ roast chicken platter) or the pastas ( esp. baked penne with mozzarella & the pasta in mushrooms & white sauce, chicken & bolognese lasagne ) , everything is cooked to perfection, exquisitely flavoured, and doused in generous helpings of cheese, including the caesar salad , which does not help anyone on a diet, but is awesome!

Coming to the desserts ( one must save the best for the last) ,
they are heavenly!
One bite of the double chocolate decadence will make you swoon,
and the mississippi mud pie might get you to croon ( can't stop the silly rhyming)

The ice-creams are a treat too- the banana raspberry yoghurt is wonderfully flavoured!

I try to take all my friends from outside delhi to Big Chill, suggest everyone should do the same.

P.S Calorie-watchers are requested to stay away !
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foodfreak123 - Burrp User


May 12,2010

Love it!

This is a place I frequent with my friends and family. Awesome place to hang out. Great food and love the ambience. Try the shakes,pastas and desserts.Though the pasta portions are big, so you might want to share. One place that never dissapoints.
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Amit Lohani - Burrp User

Amit Lohani

April 30,2010

Good Reputation but Food Quality has gone bad

I used to love this place as the deserts and foods was extremely good.Went there with a friend for lunch and was left utterly disappointed. We were hoping to have a overwhelming experience but were left rather flustered.

We ordered for Ginger Beer, Grilled Fish Peri Peri Sauce, pasta pesto sauce and Mezze Platter which used to be great . When it came to our table it looked anything but pleasing and tasted even worse. The Fish Fillets surely had died a natural death but were small as Bonzai fish. the meat was extremely dry and had hardly any flavour or juice. The ginger beer was good as always but the mezze platter was not up to the mark.

The server was extremely arrogant and clumsy , they were in a hurry to shove us out as there was a waiting line for lunch.

After almost leaving everything we ordered the Blueberry Cheese cake which was still one of the best you could find in Delhi.

But I think they should overcome these quality issues or else their loyal customers would stop coming .
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Ankita Garg - Burrp User

Ankita Garg

February 12,2010

Have a sweet tooth???

I have a sweet tooth !!! :) A decent enough place to go with family or friends.. I liked their menu (different in style.. with numbers)...
The banana walnut ice-cream is worth trying..
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VEER  - Burrp User


January 23,2010

over hyped

nothing great!! just about OK! they exploit the weekend famine . and the gaurd always says its full even if seats are available
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deevanshu - Burrp User


December 23,2009

Awesome as always......The big chill

iam a patron of this place since last 4 yrs almost. and ther's never been a moment when i have not enjoyed or liked my food at this place. i visit there atleast 2 times a month. and just love there pastas and deserts..always a delight to feed ur apetite here...cheers
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GeetikaS - Burrp User


September 30,2009

Great Pasta & Desserts

Positives :
* Good hang-out place
* Pastas, Pizzas & Desserts are great
* Portions are large - one portion of a three course can be easily share between two.
* The staff is very quick in checking for clearing the table - specially when you have more to do (like Chat-up) than just finishing the meal.
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surajsethi24 - Burrp User


September 05,2009

Good but overrated

I know the everybody say the place is amazing and has great food, which i agree to, but lets face it is overpriced. The place does have a feel good factor but can be a little too noisy at times. Its like a cafe joint with great food.

The only negative factor of the place is the price, a meal for 2 can cost you Rs.1000/- with no hard drinks, which is what you may spend in a pub or a lounge and a few clubs. The place has very casual and low cost interiors and takes a lot of time to offer you a table. Always reserve a table 30 min prior and still you may have to wait.

Due to no other good italian place for lunch in delhi the place is a hit.
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Anupam Tripathi - Burrp User

Anupam Tripathi

September 03,2009

Great Joint for Pizzas

Big chill is the place to keep returning back to every now ad then if you are a pizzza lover. The place understands what pizza people really want which is basically loads of cheese without paying extra for it and loads of toppings.

The place is value for money where a meal for two would cost no more than 1000/- with drinks(non alcoholic) and may be desserts too.

The place is always packed with young people who enjoy food. The service while extremely polite could be better.
Its a must eat joint for all pizza people who love pizzas. I give the place a 8 on 10
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kirandalmia - Burrp User


August 16,2009

amazing food and ambience :)

The food here is undoubtedly amazing as you'll have already read in all the reviews above.
And the ambience is authentic with pictures of legendary hollywood actors ,actresses and movies.
Even though you will have to wait for 20 mintues to half an hour to get a table it'll be worth it!
I would suggest you to order peri peri pasta and the cheesecake. Truly awesome! even the Tiramisu is worth a try.The pizza's are also mouth watering!
Have a nice time :)
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Anubhav Aggarwal - Burrp User

Anubhav Aggarwal

May 22,2009

Good Enough

I went to this place with a lot of expectations but left with a mediocre impression. The food was good but similar dishes are much better at TGIFs. The ambiance no doubt was cool and relaxed but the real saving grace were the desserts and ice-cream, truly some of the best you can have in Delhi. In the end I would like to return to this place and try some of their other dishes as the menu is extensive and the ice-cream great.
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weinmatrix - Burrp User


May 17,2009

Big Chill- Great Food

It is a very good place for a get together and the ambiance is very western and youthful- the posters of famous Hollywood movies all over the place.

Usually one needs to wait for 15-20 minutes to get the seating but once you are in you would not be disappointed. The One stop place for great pastas, delectable pizzas,( Try the peri peri Pizza), great variety of wonderful shakes(the thick Chocolate Oreo shake being my favourite), excellent desserts-(try the cheese cakes and the mousse) and good service.

My take is that the food is a little expensive and a meal comprising of a pizza, a pasta, 2 shakes and a dessert would easily come to Rs 1500. But if the price pinches you, let me tell you its worth the pinch! :)
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Cookiemom - Burrp User


April 14,2009

Value for money

Had to wait for a table for 20 mins or so,which is not a big deal.

The ambience is nice.....italian-hollywood movies mix.

The service is good.The menu is exhaustive.

They have little racks with cutlery,paper napkins and sauces on each table...saves time....don't have to keep calling the waiter for extra napkins/cutlery.

The food is excellent.....i had the piri-piri-chicken.The platter had 10 different vegetables along with the chicken and a bun........very adequate for one person

The spaghetti was great.

The desserts need no further elaboration....enough has been said about them in other reviews!Yes,they ARE excellent.

The staff is very nice.....packed the leftovers and also put my cappuccino in a" to-go"container,as i had to suddenly leave.

The bill was much less than expected....meal for 2 in 1000/-......included an iced tea,the chicken,veg.spaghetti,3 desserts and a cappuccino.

Would recommend it to everyone(except non-drinkers)as no acohol is served there.
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yourfriend1 - Burrp User


December 27,2008

Awesome desserts

forget everything else.....just go for Cheesecakes and Ice-Creams......even if it requires a special effort.....its worth it......
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Medha Srivastava - Burrp User

Medha Srivastava

December 25,2008

best desserts

the desserts at big chill are mind-blowing...when u r in the mood for something sweet, land up at big chill for a treat!
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kiran sawhney - Burrp User

kiran sawhney

August 07,2008

great food

So many restaurants open and close in Delhi. You go to a new place to check it out. The waiters come and ask you, "Howz the food". You nod your head and say, " Yeah it is good." And then you never go back to that place again.
This is not true of Big Chill. This is one place I go back to whenever I actually want to have good food and not just try out a new place. And I never come back dissapointed. Everything is great there. Service, ambience, pricing, food. In food they have wide selection- pizza, pastas, salads, awesome deserts, shakes...yum yum. I like their chocolate oreo thick malted shake.
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abovethehell - Burrp User


July 19,2008


Big chill certainly comes into my fav. category
lovely atmosphere , Gr8 food , decent enough price ...

Thick shakes are awsome - try Choco Fudge Shake
Ice cream - Double Oreo Delight
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dhaansu - Burrp User


June 05,2008

What a place!!

Now, this is one place I wanted to visit for so long. That's because i kept hearing of it from friends since long.

Finally I happened to be around recently, so just jumped in.
The place is small, but "small is cozy"!!
Set in typical classic hollywood style, it totally rocks. What's really great about this place is it's Everything.... :) ......Pasta was amazing in mushroom sauce. The salad was good too...but that was for my partner only basically....i am on a strict no light foods diet! My suggestion... don't go for Greek Salad...not worthed.

Must try: amazingly amazing vegetarian Lasagne.

Now, the good thing is that i'll have to visit the place again, for two reasons.

One - The place is nice, and so would love to visit again.

Two - The pasta and lasagne left us (two of us) with no space to accomodate any desserts, which i was told was the part of Big Chill.
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gauravsethi12 - Burrp User


December 26,2007

Best place for Italian cusine Lovers

It is one of the best places for Italian food lovers in the capital.
It provides you with widest of choices even for vegetarians.

Dont miss the missisipie mudpie whenever you vist this place. The decor is quite unique where you can find all the ols posters of various hollywood movies. And what to say abt the crowd it is the place where you can find out whats in fashion thesedays
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Damayanti  - Burrp User


October 15,2007

Amazing italian food!!!

The smoked cheese, penne arabiatta, salads, rissotto, the raspberry cheese cake...all were simply amazing. Besides the mouth watering menu, it also has a good ambience which makes it a nice place to hang out with friends.
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vineet - Burrp User


October 10,2007

uselessly expensive!

i had pizza's and desert but found it pretty expensive for the kind of stuff better to have a buffet at a 5 star instead!!
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rajeshlalwani - Burrp User


August 21,2007

Try the cheese cake

Desserts are to die for. Love to soups too, but I really go there for the cheese cake :).
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kiran sawhney - Burrp User

kiran sawhney

August 07,2008

Awesome desserts

Will never let you down. Awesome. Must try
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