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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 20,2015

Enriching experience

This was my first restaurant in Hyderabad back in 2007. Since then the food quality is always maintained. Evident from the crowd and late night hours open. Has different cuisines in different floors. Don't miss this place if you have not been
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

May 24,2013

best place to eat

if you want to eat all varieties of food & combo's
Ohri's is the best place to eat
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prasantip - Burrp User


February 03,2013

Excellent food , ambience and service

Excellent ambience....
It is a little expensive but food is very tasty and better than many resturants in Hyderabad.
Many of the reviews told me that service is not very good, but sevice was really appreciable...
A great place to visit with family and friends...
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Jonah Jagadeshan - Burrp User

Jonah Jagadeshan

January 30,2013

tasty food but over priced!

Service - 5
Ambience - 3
Food - 4
Value for money - 2
Overall - 2.5
I didn't find the ambience great, it was just fine. The food as in the case of all ohris was very tasty! But it is highly over priced.
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abyshake - Burrp User


January 13,2013

Great Food & Ambience

Ohri's is one place which takes you back in time and makes you feel like a royal. The ambience & the setting really complements the excellent food they serve.

One dish that I can never get bored of at Ohri's is the Chicken Ghee Roast. So tender & absolutely mouth-watering, it is one of the must-trys at the place.

If a good outing with family/friends and great food is what you are looking for, Ohri's is the place to be!!
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maleh77 - Burrp User


December 28,2012

quality food

great food but bad staff.
the quality of the kebab platter was fantastic.
also, the jungle atmosphere is quite nice.
the staff need to be more polite though
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ratna2002 - Burrp User


November 17,2012

could have been better

when it come to food and ambiance, the most reliable name in hyderabad is Ohri’s but this time we were slightly disappointed with the spread available there at the same time we must admit the taste as good as it always been. Earlier we had been to this place at least five to six time we were always satisfied which had called us again and again to visit this place, one more difference we found is less number of crowd here in a way which is good. Anyway our love for the taste of ohri’s food will continue and we would keep visiting there difference places in the city. Hope next time they don’t disappoint us..
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Prakash Veer - Burrp User

Prakash Veer

November 15,2012

Very good ambiance

Ohri's is well know place in hyderabad they had chain outlets all over city. Stylish is the adjective that comes to mind as you enter the Ohri's property .However, once reservations are secured, you can look forward to a blissful experience replete with consistently good food and excellent service
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Sourav Biswas - Burrp User

Sourav Biswas

October 18,2012

Food Too Good

Food is too good (5+ /5 )
Ambiance is not so good.

A must try only because of food
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Anthony Francis - Burrp User

Anthony Francis

August 31,2012

Jungle Mein Mangal

Ambience - 5/5
Taste - 5/5
Service - 4/5

A good place for a special dinner night. Great ambience. Food is delicious and the starters are good too. Great for a team dinner if your manager is paying :D

Watch that wallet, kinda expensive on the pocket.
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Teju  - Burrp User


July 02,2012

Good ambiance but Avg Food !!!

U get lots n lots of varieties of food stuff thr.. But whats the use if nothing tastes good.. :) I give 1/5 for food and ambiance tho 4/5.. U can jus try those varieties if interested.. not so recommendable place..
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

March 09,2012

Wild Goose Chase

A Team Celebratory Dinner, turned out to be a wild goose chase in a dark jungle.

Yes, the ambiance is "different"
YES, the jungle looks awesome and the woody feel is good.
YES, the seating is very well done and there are lots of dark, places where couples can get their privacy !

But, the food and the service leaves a lot to be desired.
Priced on the expensive side, we expected an Ohri-esque quality which was far from what we got. The Starters both the chicken kebabs were okay, the vegans were more disappointed with their concoction.

Coming to the main course, the Mutton Kheema was far from what a good keema ought to be. I Tried a dip at the Veg Curries as well, which were also okay

Nothing special with the food, even more disappointing was the slow service.
Each order took a painfully long time to get, as the hunters went hunting for the pre-ordered prey. Disappointed for this was all on a week-day where the resto was only half-full.

Overall feedback:
Food - 2.5/5
Ambience - 3.5/5
Overall - 3/5
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sivaguru.m - Burrp User


November 29,2011

Nice ambience..

Been here regularly as it is near my office.. food is good.. of course heavy hole to the wallet..
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chic_suave - Burrp User


June 19,2011

Not so great..!

Ambiance is kinda tacky..!!! the waiters are dressed in funny outfits.. its dirty like with actual dust... and cheap..! the staff is poorly trained or probably not trained at all... its real expensive for such cheap and tacky ambiance..the food isn't that great either...my paneer starter was poorly cooked.. lyk u can actually taste the raw marinade ...my main course wasn't great either... the only good item i tasted that day was a dal.. some kind of spicy dal.. which saved the day... other than that.... it was a disaster..!!!
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muzzu - Burrp User


April 13,2011

biryani in the jungle

great theme, with shikari shambu waiters and the roar of lions in the background!
quality of the food is quite good, go for their platter and assortment of rotis, especially taaftan and the lucknowi sheermaal... moderately expensive, with a meal for two costing around Rs.1500/-.
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Blue Joy - Burrp User

Blue Joy

February 19,2011


the place is awesome. the rainforest theme and the shikari attired waiters make a hreat impresion. and the food is lip smacking, u cannot help over-eating. and please dont miss the desserts here
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snigdha.s.garg - Burrp User


February 12,2011

awesome food

this is one place where you simply cannot help overeating. the food is so good, it couldn't get any better
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Mukesh Anand - Burrp User

Mukesh Anand

February 10,2011

North Indian food in African Jungles

Serengeti is a misnomer if you are going for North Indian or Peshawari / Lucknowi food. Though i hasten to add that food being served here is of good to excellent quality. Decor resembel an African jungle with wildlife thrown in for good effect. Though Serengeti zone is very large plains, this restaurant is having two decks. We choose the upper one for no particular reason. Non veg menu is exhaustive whereas resonable choices are there for vegetarian. Well stocked liquor bar is attached offering some real exotic drinks. Ambience, food quality and service is good to excellent . A nice place to take your guests on a gastronomical trail though i must say a little expensive.
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Jayanth  - Burrp User


November 23,2010

Ambience and food is good

Let me start with positive points
1) Food is good, especially chicken/shrimp starters
2) Ambiance is awesome with forest backdrop and lightning view of city

I don't consider below points negative but little concern for me at least
1) Very few customers, only 4 tables occupied in the top floor (Iam there from 8 to 10:00 PM on a friday)
2) Little expensive (1500 for two) - Soup, two starters, one beer, one soft drink and a biryani
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Vignesh V - Burrp User

Vignesh V

October 10,2010

Not upto expectation

We opted for Buffey. They purely proved it as buffey. Not even soup was served in table. Usually I expect for soup and first round of starters atleast to be served in table. But didnt happen here. Only one veg and non veg started was available. Ambience was not at all impressive. Waiters didnt really care about us.
Quality of food is ok not extremely good. Buffey rate is 365 exculding tax. Nothing was worth the money. Even the main course and desert options were less.. They didnt give any trouble of choosing one between many choices.

Little convincing thing was chat vala who prepares papdi chat, pani puri and serves you. I considered that as my started.

My rating is poor. Don't opt for buffey in Ohri's
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raviputcha - Burrp User


February 05,2010

Surviving with Brand Name

I went to this restaurant with lots of hope and expectation. The decor is little confusing - either the name is wrong or the decor but anyway they don't match.

As of the buffet, I was expecting a buffet similar to one in GRT Grand Days or Savera in Chennai. Buffet looked anemic in comparison. Fruits kept in a corner are rotting and dripping juice onto the salad bowls placed below - that made me cringe to start with. Oh yes! right there I found the starter of the day, guess what? "chicken winglets"...my oh my...it is chicken bones dipped in flour and fried. When I tried it, it is all bones and nothing else - no taste. I felt like an idiot eating it.

For a restaurant saying non-vegetarian, there is nothing much. There is mutton biryani, chicken soup and the winglets. What a disappointment. But the vegetarian dishes were good however.

Desert (vanilla icecream) was all melted - none of the waiters seemed bothered about replacing it. Some rasgolla and gulab jamun (it was so sweet that I never touched anything sweet for next 2 days).

End of it all, it looked a waste of time going all the way to road no.12 for this mediocre restaurant. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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Hyderabad_Hyena - Burrp User


November 16,2009

Jungle theme does not work with the Indian menu

Ohri's Serengeti is trapped between trying to be a high-end restaurant and a family friendly establishment. The African Jungle theme works poorly with the very traditional North Indian menu. You're a bit confused whether to take your family or your business clients there. Food was pretty good, prices are a bit on the high side. Expect to spend around Rs. 1,000+ for two people.
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Sekhar CK - Burrp User

Sekhar CK

October 18,2009

no complaints

been here many a time. the food is awesome. usually we end up going here if therez no other place to go to. Its like a backup.buffet has a nice spread, food items are tasty. no comments on the service... yet to observe it detail. i've been too busy appreciating and hogging the food
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Vijay  Swargam - Burrp User

Vijay Swargam

August 04,2009

Not a good experience

Well, I read the previous reviews and I believe it must be a good restaurant, but from what I have experienced here, is just a forgettable experience. Though the ambiance was nice, the prices were on the higher side.
We ordered, mutton curry, chicken curry, paneer tiranga, chicken biryani, paneer curry, and naans. As I mentioned, nothing was as what we were expecting of this place. The paneer tiranga was not well cooked, mutton was tasting just like a veg curry, chicken was also no good. The big let down of all was biryani. Any local irani cafe biryani could have tasted much better.
I recommend this place only for its ambiance.
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sinpeak - Burrp User


July 27,2009

This is Indian Food

I have been to places where people talk about "Indian" food with their own notions about it. Am saying bring them to Serengeti to let them know the real taste of Indian cuisine. I ordered a tandoori kebab and I MUST say it was 1 of the the best kebabs I have had in Hyderabad from the past 8-9 years. The soup tasted very good, different and refreshing. Ordered a NV gravy which had fenugreek - this swept me off my feet. Yes it is pricey but WORTH .!
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me_sujith123 - Burrp User


July 02,2009

Ohri's serengeti is simply a beauty

youll experience a jungle environment........u ll listen to animal & birds sounds, water fall splashing sounds and the attire of waiters...this whole makes us feel like we are in jungle .....food here is great ..a little expensive .......i had lot of fun
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lyahd - Burrp User


June 07,2009

Worth the Adventure

I could come to this place as many times as possible but you'll have to drag me out of there! the Ambiance? the name says it all- Serengeti. the wild beckons to the safari as you enjoy the escapades of the food served by the rangers! oops waiters!
The food is basically N.Indian but lip-smacking nonetheless. Every person, irrespective of being a carnivore or a herbivore,would love to explore the menu (sorry for the puns but cannot help it)! The desserts are also a must try.. a Haven for those with the sweet tooth.
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DalBahadur - Burrp User


April 06,2009

Nice place to tell something special to ur special

I find the environment is good ,because it feels like ur njoying ur food with some one special in some special place like jungle ya its jungle....

i liked it the food and drinks
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kumarsamit - Burrp User


February 08,2009

High value for high money!

The entire chain of restaurants of Ohris have food which can never be questioned on quality or sincerity. Serengeti has an excellent ambience and a superb view. The layout is a bit cluttered so best avoided if you have small kids who love to run around. Food is authentic North West frontier with each and every item being superb! A delight for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike! A good way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary!
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Markandey Singh - Burrp User

Markandey Singh

January 17,2009

food taste.. gr8

I stayed in Ohri's hotel for a month.. during that time i had time to eat Serengeti food evryday sometime in room and some time in restaurant itself.

The food taste is really gr8.. you will eat your fingers. I think they have gr8 cook with them.
Ambience is also gr8 but that fades out when it comes to its food quality.
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savsun22 - Burrp User


December 30,2008

good but a little pricey

it was a great dining experience. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting the city:)

If you have money to spend i would get dinner here:)
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

September 02,2008


i didnt dine at Serengetti but at one of the other places in the Ohris restaurant building.

the place was ok, the ambiance was good, they made some serious effort in getting some unique table and silverware designs etc.

the food however was fairly average, the service was good.
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Arvind_7 - Burrp User


August 20,2008

Excellent Food,Unique ambience

Of all the restaurants I’ve visited in Hyderabad thus far, the best, I would say, has been Ohri’s Serengetti. As the name suggests, this is a theme restaurant with the theme being the serengeti Jungle of Africa. The setting is quite unique and gives a real forest feel to it with the sounds and noises aptly complementing the ambience. But quite frankly, this restaurant would have been a hit even without the fancy ambience because the food is just top class. There was a not a single dish which was disappointing. We went in a group of 8 and ended up having around 13 starters. We just could’nt get enough of it. The chicken, paneer, corn everything was lip smacking. If the starters were excellent, the main course was even better. You must try the Pulav with the Dal Makhani. It’s absolutely ethereal. Whats more, they also serve alcohol and so if you feel a good meal is never complete without a little bit of intoxication, Ohri’s serengetti will not disappoint you. As I already mentioned we were a big group and the total bill was around Rs.8000. Now now before you raise your eyebrows, you would be well advised to know that we ate like pigs and some of us also indulged in some alcohol, so come to think of it, it’s not very expensive after all. Even if you do consider it a touch expensive, take my word for it, it’s worth it.
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