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Harshit  - Burrp User


March 31,2014

Food and Attitude..??

Over the flames...this place has really picked up on the Italian style pizzas since long... and this was my second visit here.

As you go down the stairs in the basement, the center den like place is Over the Flames with a a Chinese joint on the right and an Indian on the left. Walk in, and if its peak hours on weekend, you better be prepared for a little wait... Which was my case during my second visit here with no acknowledgement by the staff until we asked them for a table.

Anyways coming to their food part..
Me and my friend just zeroed on a 14 inch pizza, and he being a cottage cheese lover, the choice was spicy cottage cheese pizza. There was a bit of delay as expected due to crowd but still we were jealous of the table next to us who came exactly at the same time as us but were almost half done by then. :(

And there our pizza arrived. It looked good at first look. Our 'server' served it with no delay and we were on it. The quantities of cheese and cottage cheese were fine though the veggies can be topped a bit more. The spice level was fine even for those who don't prefer much of it. If needed u can sprinkle the flakes additionally. This thin crust pizza when eaten hot was indeed good as by the end of last slice the base was going crunchy.
Our side order was Cheese garlic bread, six pieces of which took a moment. These were just slight warm and complete soggy.Tasted ok but not that satisfactory. Guess those were prepared before we placed the order.
Last time when I was here, my order was Margherita and Penne pesto. Margherita was fine but Pasta had too much of pesto sauce added to it, which can be reduced to make it better.
To note, I am not sure why do they charge for the Ketchup when asked for.

On the servcei and hospitality part, I can remember name Kabir who was really good and quick at his job.
At one point of time I saw an another server using the same serving spatula for cleaning the bits of food off the table. As noticed the regular customers were greeted with happy note where as we heard one or two crisp replies as well to others, including us. O_o
Boss, we know you are trying to do a good job here and you are famous in the locality but bringing in an attitude specially in hospitality business is not what one can expect..!!

Overall, this place serves something OK-ish but for me an overall experience was mixed. The wallet factor as well is decent for your pocket. Can be tried if you want some thin crust pizzas in this locality.

To note, couple of friends too believe that the consistency has dropped and which is what they should work on now.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

February 24,2014


Over the flames is one of these places around Hitec city that advertises wood fried pizzas.

Against the general consensus of the foodie folk around, I decided to pay it a visit.

On a weekday lunch, I landed at the restaurant to find it empty, everyone in the restaurant glued to the solitary TV , no plates , no glasses. Even after i came, there was very little change in the staff to acknowledge my presence.

A menu card was placed in front of me but no one to take the order. When i gestured for someone to come, he nodded his head and refused to budge.

I finally went to the counter and placed my order. A 4 cheese pizza and Pulpy orange, which the bearded guy at the counter took note of.

10 mins later, a bottle of thumbs up is placed before me, i look at the guy near the counter and he asks me , fanta is not there sir ! what the hell was he writing on the pad then ?

A few mins later, a stack load of plates came from the kitchen, followed by another stack,. The water was still not served, There were 2 guys who looked like they dint belong there, kept staring at each other ( probably interns ) but i guess the establishment should have trained them or at least instructed not to stand clueless.

My pizza was served about 20 mins after my order was placed. As soon as the pizza was served, i could make out the feta and the mozzarella, strangely the cheddar or Parmesan dint give out any smell.

I slowly took first couple of bites of the pizza and could only taste flour, tomato, mozzarella and a very rare feta. And suddenly there was a crunch and i could taste some burnt pizza base. I still had 2 bites worth pizza in my hand and the cheese was already over.

Overall in a 12 inch pizza, the topping was unevenly spread for about 3/4th the area with obvious absence of cheddar and Parmesan

This was the case for the entire pizza. Major disappointment like all others

1. insufficient amount of cheese used
2. there was no effort taken to serve a good dish.
3. the base was burnt and as thin as a roti but extremely hardened. due to excess heat used.
4. no ambiance
5. careless waitstaff
6. WTF attitude when trying to tell something.

I am not one bit impressed by food or the establishment may be 1 more outing will decide whether to write it off or not...
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Abhinav Ranjan - Burrp User

Abhinav Ranjan

January 12,2014

Worst Experience Ever

I like the pizza Over the Flames offer but I had a rather bad experience with these guys. I wanted to order pizza from the restaurant and pick up on my way back home so that I don't have to wait for pizza to be prepared (which takes unusually long here). After like 50 calls no one picked up the phone, I went there hoping to order and casually asked "Why don't you guys pick up the phone" to get a reply like its not working or something. Then I got a reply "We don't have enough time to pick up the phone" I said "at least you could have picked and told we are really busy so we won't be able to deliver today" Second guy standing there said "We don't have staff to pick up the phone Aur waise bhi hamare sir pe bees (20) log khade rehte hain"
That was it, I walked off without placing the order.
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

October 09,2013

Good Italian Food at Great Prices

Over The Flames - one of the places that has made good Italian food affordable. That is how I will describe this place. I stumbled across this restaurant when some office colleagues recommended me this place. None of them had ever visited this place but had ordered food at home/office many times.

Few months back, we decided to give OTF a try and we have been hooked since then. For the first few times, we ordered at home but since the last few months, this place has become very busy and so dine-in or take-away is faster. We have tasted most of the different varieties of pizzas and pastas that they have; all are very good. Pizzas have thin crust with nice flavorful choices of toppings. The pastas are well made and even better. All in all, the food is awesome.

The restaurant itself is pretty spartan and uninspiring. Not much attention has been paid to ambiance and interiors. And service is prompt and functional. But these definitely do not take away from the food and affordability. Both are top notch.
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Vagisha Gupta - Burrp User

Vagisha Gupta

September 05,2013

Great pizza n pastas ! Highly recommend

My rating is solely based on the food, it's not a place u go for the experience or ambience or to have dinner with friends. It's a place u go for good Italian food. Try anything on the menu and its good. Must have is the thin crust pizza. Highly recommend the place.
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Swechcha Anamika - Burrp User

Swechcha Anamika

August 26,2013

Best thin crust pizzas in Hyderabad

This place has awesome thin crust pizzas at a very reasonable price. The pasta is not bad either. I've not really tried the desserts. I did try the strawberry cheesecake once and was super disappointed, so I stayed away from the desserts after that.

This is more of a sit down service place than a fine dining place, so don't expect too much from the decor or the service.

Pros: Cozy, great value for money, awesome pizzas, friendly service
Cons: AC works a little inconsistently. items on the menu are not available some times
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Arcot Srinivas - Burrp User

Arcot Srinivas

August 22,2013

Italian...Pizza's and much more

Nice wood burnt pizzas and authentic italian starters do try the golden fried mushroom for starters and the veg florentine pizza followed by blueberry cheese cake if you are a veggie and for non veggies its an extravaganza you have the OTF special which has all meats and sea food served packed into a lovely thin crust pizza the lasagna is also good and not to forget the humble tiramisu for desert overall a good place with not so great ambiance but with a economical price tag.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

June 30,2013

Value for money

Sadly my first visit to the place, happened to be very late and the place happened to be closing. They had only pastas, so we ordered a variety of 5 pastas with a mix or both White and Red sauces. We also ordered a few starters. The service was pretty quick and the pastas had a fair amount of chicken pieces for their price. The next day we ordered for Pizzas. We ordered two 14 inch pizzas. The prices are awesome for such a big size. The From the Poultry non veg pizza was delicious. The place will definitely keep you coming back for more.
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Bhuvan  - Burrp User


April 07,2013

Great pizzas, pocket friendly prices

The ambience is utlilitarian. No fancy furnishings. Plain and neatly arranged tables and chairs.
Have been to this place thrice and had only pizzas, so the review is limited to pizzas. Not sure about pasta and desserts.

The pizzas are thin crust with an adequate amount of cheese and toppings. The amount of bread in other pizzas makes me full half way through. But here, the pizzas are filling and light on the stomach also.

They are baked just right with the crust neither getting too crispy nor soggy. The cheese is soft and fresh and toppings are also good. My favourite is the margherita. They add basil to it giving it a very unique flavour, not like the sour tomato flavour in typical margherita

Price is reasonable.
Cannot comment about the service as I had visited during off-peak hours, so I was attended promptly.

Bottomline: Do visit once. Chances are you might want to visit again.
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surjodeb - Burrp User


February 07,2013

Get HomeDelivery or Takeway. (service is bad)

1. Place is good primarily for strongly olive flavoured Italian type(wood fired, thin crust) pizzas. - Try "OTF special pizza" pizza.
2. I recommend this place primarily for takeway or home delivery due to lack of service.
3. Taste is good, value for money for Italian cuisine.
4. 2 main course dishes enough for 3 people.
5. Blueberry Cheese Cake dessert though expensive is something I would also recommend from here.

Ambience - 5/10
Food - 6.5/10
Service - 3/10
Cost - 400/- for 2

Had gone to this place on a weekday night.

The place was crowded even on a weekday night at 10PM. Almost all the tables were full unlike other eateries in the vicinity. Most of the crowd appeared to be young couples who walked in in shorts and pyjama-like night trousers.

Interior was somewhat cheap like a cheaper version of a regular CCD or Barista Cafe(but less glitzy) but with a nice Swiss clock to give it a slight European cafe feel.

The overriding dominant theme in the food was the consistent dominance of Olives(and Olive Oil) in everything and a consequent strong Mediterranean or Southern European taste to the food.

The place's primary speciality is it's regular Italian type (wood fired and thin crust) pizzas.

I had the :
Pizza de Fungi, Pepperoni Pizza, OTF Special Pizza, Chicken Lasagna and the Blueberry CheeseCake.

The pizzas were nice but extremely Italian in their taste which I did not like. For me, such strong use of Olives didn't taste as nicely due to my personal love for stronger cheese flavours instead.
The cheese used was authentic but one of the milder non fragrant varieties.

If I have to choose one pizza from what I tried above, I would recommend the multimeat OTF special pizza for the blend of meat fusions it brings.

Chicken Lasagna tasted good, but was nto as well done and as crunchy as I like it. - It appeared to be excessively fluidish.

Blueberry Cheese Cake was really nice though with all the flavours melted into one smooth consistent aboslutely mouth waterning cheese cake. Would recommend this. - Am guessing their other desserts might be really nice too given how this one was really good.

Portions for main course were good enough for 3 people if ordering 2 dishes and some dessert. Dessert though was really small in quantity and should be ordered individually for everyone.

Costs are reasonable for main course items. Appeared somewhat on the higher side for dessert.

There were only one or two trained staff I think with remaining being temporary staff. The orders being taken by the temporary staff (not in white shirt and black trousers) were frequently misplaced or forgotten altogether. - Try to get hold of the trained staff for taking your order.

Furthermore, the layout of the seating is such that there is an annexe for people to sit in which is hidden away from the sight of the main cashier seating area....- Avoid sitting in this area, as the trained staff do not pay particular attention to this area as the owner too sits only in the cashier area and keeps watch only on areas visible from there. If you sit here, the time for your order to get taken will be very long and similarly too for trying to attract attention of the waiting staff to inquire about your order. ( Do remember to inquire periodically about your order, to ensure that your order is actually being prepared and has not been forgotten or delivered to someone else like it was in my case.)

I would recommend this place primarily for HomeDelivery or TakeAway consequently.
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Pallab De - Burrp User

Pallab De

December 25,2012

Great Pizzas!

If you are a fan of thin-crust pizzas, you will love this place. I have already been there a couple of times, and am yet to be disappointed. In fact, the pastas are also quite delectable. Among the starters, potato wedgies deserve a special mention.
What Over the Flames lacks in terms of ambiance, it more than makes up for it with food.
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Richa1011 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

Good option if you like thin crust pizza

A friend told us abt this place and we decided to have lunch at this place. We ordered spicy cottage cheese pizza, apple and feta salad and some chicken dish.

My overall rating for these items goes as:-
1. Pizza - thin crust, good flavours, good spice level
2. Apple and feta salad - little disappointing taste wise
3. Chicken - it was perfect and sauce served with it was delicious.

The place is good if you are looking for change from dominoes, pizza hut and you love thin crust pizzas. Ambience is little okish only.
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simmilarity - Burrp User


August 13,2012

Average food, try out when tight on budget

We go to this place on weekdays when I dont feel like cooking at home and we crave for Italian food (we both love Italian food) but do not want to shell out big bucks in fancy restaurants. They use average quality cheese otherwise the food is nice. The location was hard to find at our first visit.
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Carzzz12 - Burrp User


May 06,2012

Old is gold, new is pathetic

This place underwent a renovation and hiked the prices.
I was regular here and the place was excellent, prices decent, and service fast.
As it has grown older the place is losing its touch. as its maintianed by enthusiastic people, I am sure it will come back. But as of now its deserves only 2 stars.
Needs a lot of improvement. Come back to old to save your name and reputation. 20 positive burrp reviews means a lot.

Simple steps to get back lost customers -
Give discounts to regulars
Add smiles
get up and talk to customers ask their feedback, just talkt o them they enjoy talking..
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AttitudeRox - Burrp User


May 03,2012

Below the flames!! -_-

After reading all the reviews here.. One fine evening.. We decided to go to this place. Trust me i hated my experience here.. The lady at the counter- Rude.. Ambiance- Not at all interesting. Food- Not so good.. As people claim it to be..

The place closes at 10.30pm.. We were there by 10.20. We asked the lady if we could sit and dine. She said "NO" in a very rude manner.. And said "ONLY TAKE AWAY AVAILABLE". The pizza was crispy as it has to be.. But not so WOW..

Place- 6/10,
Service- 5/6,
Food- 7/10,
Value for money- 5/10

Expensive?? Oh yes!!!
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lifeagain - Burrp User


November 28,2011

Easily the best Italian in town

Just one word ZIMBLY & HUMBLY Outstanding!

We had a Garden Pizza(12")-it would put all those Pizza Huts and Corners to shame,and the way its served is so unique & novel.Havent had such a yummy crust anywhere else in the city.Also had a Veg Lasagne in white sauce and a Chicken salad.All of them were top of the class.The entire bill came upto a princely INR320 and we were full to the brim!Just did not have space for the chocolate fondant which we wanted to try.

This is one place we are going back to in a hurry.

Yes service is not the professionally trained ones,so dont expect all the niceties(people are defintely good and courteous,but you just need to ask them for plates spoons etc)

One just realises how much the Little Italys overprice their menus,when one eats at OTF.Truely Italian this one.

No comparison with Olives & Cheese.O&C is just a plain imitation of anything Italian.There is hardly anything in the menu in the 1st place and the taste is just deplorable.Finally Hyd has a truely Italian place at more than affordable rates.
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Nikhil Desai - Burrp User

Nikhil Desai

November 25,2011

Bowled Over by OTF

It's not that easy to please your regular luncheon team. Been on talks with a friend of mine for lunch at OTF. Going for lunch from Office isn’t an easy thing, especially when you have OTF and it's been procrastinated for long. Today was the day, when it was the final ultimatum. Either We Do It or I Do It Alone. With these words, we set off for lunch at Over The Flames.

I've had a prior idea of the kind of food served at Over The Flames and have heard rave reviews about the same from Avinash and others. On the other hand, my friend was a bit apprehensive when he heard that it's a small outlet in the basement kind of a place.

Reached OTF to find a zillion people standing out, we were sure that No way would we get the seat for lunch today. With these words, we slowly trickled into Over The Flames to find it all empty. Upon enquiry, we were told that they were waiting for their group to assemble for lunch at Over The Flames. We quickly took the smaller table and started out tryst with food.

Golden Fried Mushrooms
This was one of the best appetizers i’ve had till date. It was a simple dish of Mushrooms stuffed with Bell Peppers and Mozzarella Cheese. Golden fried and served with Cheese Dip. The filling/stuffing of Molten Mozzarella Cheese with overpowering Bell Peppers was amazing and it was something, I would surely go for again and again. Very creatively conceived dish and equally exciting Cheese Dip. I can’t stop raving about this dish for ages; it’s something worth the try. If you love Mushrooms and Cheese, then go for it.

Chicken Cheese Macaroni
One of the best pasta’s I’ve ever eaten outside. My love for Cheese is a never ending saga of true love and the amount of Cheese that I tasted in this was equivalent to what I put in while making Pasta at Home. Never ever did I see any outlet throwing in Pasta in Cheese, I’ve always seen them throw in a couple of cubes of cheese into loads of Macaroni. This time, it was the other way round. This time, it was overloaded with Cheese, that too two kinds of Cheese. Macaroni loaded with Mozzarella Cheese and English Vegetables baked and garnished with Parmesan Cheese is that the description says. I guess they forgot to mention the ground black pepper, whose taste was overpowering and gave it an excellent texture and flavor. All Cheese isn’t great to taste, that’s where Ground Black Pepper comes in and gives it a balanced flavor.

12" Over The Flames Special Pizza
The list gets exhaustive if I list down all the ingredients that go into this Pizza. Lamb, Chicken, Prawns, Tuna, Salomon, Pepperoni, Olives, Jalapeno, Black Peppers, Onions and Cherry Tomatoes are some of the ingredients that go into making the OTF Special Pizza. I would not rate it the best but it was worst none the least. Loved it to a good extent but being a connoisseur of Good Food, I do experiment and sometimes these experiments do fail. This was one of those days, when my high expectations came crashing to the ground. This was Good but not excellent as compared to Golden Fried Mushrooms and Chicken Cheese Macaroni. I would go back for more of Pizza’s at OTF for sure, there’s more on the menu and every pizza is eagerly waiting to be devoured. In Arnie’s Lingo, “OTF, I’ll Be Back”

La Tiramisu
La Tiramisu, what do I say about this. I am still dreaming about having one more La Tiramisu. I wish I had my office a couple of blocks away from Over The Flames, so that I could order La Tiramisu every single day. Where’s that Dark Rum? This is an Authentic Italian Dessert made with Sponge Cake sprinkled with Dark Rum and layered with Cream topped with Cocoa Powder. I so miss the Cream and Dark Rum combination.

Would surely love to go back to Over The Flames for more helpings of La Tiramisu, Blueberry Cheese Cake and Chocolate Fondant. All others are a passé as we usually find them everywhere.

Total Cost: Rs. 588/-

Final Verdict: 100% VFM with Amazing Taste

Special Thanks to Paresh for being a great host. Everytime i've been to OTF, the bonding has become stronger and stronger. A coulple of items on my MUST HAVE List: Golden Fried Mushrooms, Chicken Cheese Macaroni/Penne Pesto and Blueberry Cheese Cake.
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ramp123 - Burrp User


October 16,2011

fresh good italian food, too much cheese in pasta

Tried pizza, pesto pasta and macaroni/cheese. All the veggies are fresh and nicely done. Pastas seem to have a bit too much cheese which seems to mask the taste. Pizzas are very light and tasty.

Good value for money and ideal for a quick bite.
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liquidwax - Burrp User


October 02,2011

Excellent food and very economical

The place serves excellent food comparable with Pizza hut, Little Italy and definitely better than dominos at less than half their prices. I've eaten here multiples times but only once had a bad experience. The service is slow because of the place being small and under-staffed perhaps. But the food makes up for it. Watch out for flour on the base of the pizza. It tends to be a deal breaker sometimes
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Avinash  Pandey - Burrp User

Avinash Pandey

August 30,2011

Excellent & VFM Italian Fare....

Had a lovely meal on the night of Aug 28, 2011 at "Over the Flames" on the Gachibowli road.

It's a small place in a basement below MORE supermarket just after Raidurg PS

We ordered for following :

Spicy Chicken Salad ( Rs.50)

Crunchy and Fresh Veggies and generous amount of chicken in it. And, good quantity. Excellent is the word for this salad

Poultry Pizza ( 10")....(Rs.150)
This is one of their popular thin crust pizza and irrespective of which size ( 10", 12", 14") you order it comes with 6 pieces

It had generous does of mozerrela cheese and chicken toppings with additional topping of Chicken Salami. One of the best pizzas that i enjoyed in a while

Veg Lasagnia ( Rs.80)
Creamy Cheese topping with flat pasta ( Fettucini?). Dangerously delicious

Tiramitsu ( Rs.50)
A small piece of this famous dessert. Nice !

Total Damages : Rs.343 ( Just 4% VAT is added which is a huge relief). It's a great place for VFM Italian food. I will now go regularly to this place.

Had a chat with the owner ( Paresh) who is a nice gentleman who pays personal attention to the diners. It was nice talking to you and we all hope you continue to provide us with this delectable Italian fare with high degree of consistency and reasonable prices. Good Luck !!!
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

August 15,2011

a tad dissapointment

the timings mentioned here are wrong . the place shuts shop at 10 30 pm sharp. twice we were refused dine in at 10 30pm, the lady at the counter rudely said only take away. so we had to sit outside and eat our pizzas. the pizza crust was nice thin and crisp but the toppings for a dissapointment . same goes for the fetuccini also. i read the other reviews on this site and people say its the best pizza italian in town . i bed to differ. for these prices and service olives and cheese is better
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neidhik - Burrp User


August 09,2011

Awesome Italian Food Ever

Went to the place on a recommendation of a friend and been a regular every week. The Italian craving won't stop. Love their Basil Grilled Chicken, Thyme Scented Chicken (perfectly favored) , salads are worth trying to. The pasta's are perfectly cooked and the pizzas especially 'From the Poultry' is a die for combination. The Cheese macaroni is perfectly cheesy and one is left craving for more. The desserts are perfect and definitely wouldn't be shared. try the walnut brownie or the chocolate fudge cake and you will keep coming back for more. Prices for starters, main course and dessert will be under 500. Light on the pocket and high on food. Enjoy as i do. :)
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Akash Agarwal - Burrp User

Akash Agarwal

April 16,2011

True thin crust Italian pizzas !

I recently went to this place after being recommended by a friend and was simply blown away by the pizzas . I have been to many places in Hyderabad offering thin crust Italian pizzas , however none were close to the real stuff I have had while in Rome.
But this place reminded me of those amazing Italian pizzas I had then . The crust is delightfully thin and crisp with a very slight smoky flavour along with a very good tomato sauce with the required toppings .
I would they add more variety in their non-veg pizzas like adding a pepperoni and ham version .
As far as the rest of the stuff goes , nearly everything tastes good and for the price this place offers you the food , it's a steal .
Be warned it's a really small place , so do expect a delay in your order especially if you are in large groups !
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shalu0711 - Burrp User


April 12,2011

Best thin crust (real) Italian pizza place!

This hole in the wall place really has the best thin crust pizza's in town! Lots of veggies, not loaded with cheese and the best part - they had a feta cheese pizza too!

Loved the food and the service!
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harishkry - Burrp User


March 26,2011

Wow is the only word that comes to my mind

Had food from this place a few times (dine-in/take-away/delivery) by now and I can say, without any hesitation, that this is the best/most authentic/affordable Italian place in Hyderabad. If any one can prove me wrong on that count, I will be shocked for a) I'm an avid Italian food fan since for the first time I went to USA more than 12 years back and had pizza, probably from pizza hut (It was such a long time ago that my memory deserts me) and b) I tried almost all the Italian specialty restaurant/food-chains in the city. Italian food (specially the pizzas) is what I would give my life for.

I will highly recommend this place and in fact what I would like is for HOMP(Highway on my plate), the popular show on NDTV good-times hosted by Rocky & Mayur, to do a show on this place; it is logical as well since the place is also on a highway (good old Bombay-highway).
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hailtheking - Burrp User


February 27,2011

Don't believe the reviews written here ...

Looking at the stars given to this place here, we went there for a Friday lunch.We were the only customers at this place for the entire time we were there.

Service was appalling and excruciatingly slow.Only one guy was there to serve a table of more than 10 ppl.I shouldn't say this but I honestly thought that the guy was mentally retarded because he was serving at such a deadly pace and when we had asked for Chilli flakes and Oregano he said they were not available,wtf!, no Chilli flakes and Oregano in a pizzeria.
When the head of the place came to us, I asked him for those and astonishingly he got them , but he was astounded when told about the waiter's reply to the same inquiry.

Coming to the food,
Normally woodoven baked pizzas have a smoky flavour and taste different from the pizzas we get at pizza hut or dominoes.Unsurprisingly and fitting to the service, pizzas here have no flavour at all.They were as bland as they can get, toppings were ruefully tasteless.Worse of all Garlic bread was no different from the bread sold by hawkers on roads. At least the pastas though not palatable, were a little better and eatable.I really liked one of their desserts, I don't remember its name but it was something of chocolate.It is totally irrelevant to start talking about the prices as the food itself was so awful,but just for mention, price are not that high.At the end of it I really really felt apologetic to have suggested this place for lunch.

It's about time that Burrp started verifying whether the reviews written for this place are genuine.
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einstien013 - Burrp User


February 24,2011

Amazing Pizzas

Another review - This time for the pizza -
Try Poultry Pizza - The best pizza in the town ...

Also, people who are a bit fond of cheese should try the lasagna ... simple mouth watering
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sridharXXX - Burrp User


February 10,2011

excellent food

i had seen it when i went to the More supermarket ( beside cyberabad commisionarate). was hesitant a bit before as we regularly order Pizza from Dominos. Tried their "from The poultry Pizza" 14"", it was a WOW experience far better than the ones i used to order and since then had it 5 times till now and every time it tasted better. Now is the time to try more of their stuff...will write abt it once i have it.
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chubbu - Burrp User


February 05,2011

Very good experience

Tried this place because of its good reviews on burrp, and it lived up to them. Additional plus: this is one of the few restaurants that is willing to deliver to Aparna Sarovar.

We've ordered pizzas and a few starters from here, and the taste, service and value-for-money are all excellent. Delivery was prompt too. Have not been to the restaurant, so don't know about the ambiance.
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saikiran_mv - Burrp User


February 03,2011

Best for Wood Burn pizzas and Pastas

Over the flames is the best in class for its amazing thin crust woodburn wood burn pizzas and the italian pastas they do... its a must visit place for people who love thin crust pizzas and people who haven't had a proper pasta....
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scarletohhara - Burrp User


January 31,2011

Loved the food!

We've eaten in OTF almost twice every month from the time it has opened, and the food taste and quality has been consistent.
The pizzas are as good as they are promised, and the soups are extremely tasty. Yet to try their pastas though.

ANd the price... very very affordable for the quality of food we get.
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einstien013 - Burrp User


January 27,2011

Best Italian food in the town

It is a small place in gachibowli that serves amazing italian food.
Both their pastas and salads are amazing. The pizza is amazing too. My ratings

Taste - 10/10
Ambience - 8/10
Price - 10/10
Value for Money - 10/10

Stuff to try - All salads, pastas and pizzas. Golden fried mushrooms and Tiramasu ..
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parag - Burrp User


January 23,2011

Over The Flames Awsome food

One of the best Italian food I have tasted in Hyderabad, it has got great wood fired pizza's and lovely Pastas and unbelievable desserts and Paresh the owner of OTF is a great host. A must visit place or one can order over the phone.....
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vcdesh - Burrp User


January 19,2011

Over the flames taking Hyderabad on flames!!!!!!

The exotic Italian resto on old Bombay high way near Cyberabad Commissioner's office in Gachibowli is the most excellant, genuine Italian food outlet. The pizzas, Pastas, Salads, Soups and verities of deserts perticulerly the Blue berry cake and browny are the mouth waterring delicasies.One must visit Over the flames
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kiran kumar Maasi - Burrp User

kiran kumar Maasi

January 18,2011

Over the flame - Affordable Italian

I was hesitant to try yet another Italian restaurant in hyderabad but this one made me do the Italiano Mambo with Joy that I ordered for a door delivery after my first visit

For all those hi-tech and gachibowli IT crowd, here is a more accessible and affordable place for some yummy-good Italian food. The restaurant is on the Mumbai highway diagonally opp. to Quality inn pearl hotel in the basement below MORE supermarket . The seating is comfortable and the ambiance is pleasant. Probably some Italian music would be nice to improvise.

We went for dinner (16/1/11) and here is what we ordered
Lasagna (chicken) -135/- with a rating of 4/5
Cheese Macaroni - 150/- with a rating of 4/5
Farfalle in pink sauce - 175/- with a rating of 3/5 (some more wine flavour would have definitely gotten it a 4/5)
Le Tiramisu - 50/- with a rating of 4/5

Here is what we ordered for door delivery (18/1/11)
OTF Veg special pizza -325/- for a 14" size with a rating 3/5 (cheese and veggies weren't sufficient)
From the poultry pizza - 260/- for a 14" size with a rating 3/5 (would have preferred it a bit more spicy)
Spaghetti Meat balls - 175/- with a rating 3/5 (meat balls were a let down)
Lasagna (chicken) - 135/- with a rating 4/5 (we liked this the most)

They also do door deliveries within 5 - 7 km radius. Paresh who owns the place, plays a perfect host at the restaurant and also during delivery

Way to go.... over the flames
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