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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

October 15,2013

Expected More !

On a weekday , tired of cooking at home, we headed to Via Milano for a showdown with some Italian food. I am tired of Little Italy hence the only 2 choices were Tabula Rasa and Via Milano. We chose the latter for no particular reason.

Prior booking was done and we landed at 8.30 ish at Via Milano. The ambiance is a mix of fine dine in the road facing side and an effort for the rear end to look like a wine cellar.

Huge wine barrels and used wine bottles adorn one side of the wall and some sections of the wall are half done to match the wine cellar feel. To me it looked a little patchy.

Since all of us were hungry and we did not want to loose time deciding the order, we settled with the tomato soup with mozzarella crouton, the verdure pizza, fusili primavera ( in pink sauce ) ,garlic bread and tiramisu.

The first to arrive was a bread basket with sour cream, what looked like pica de gallo but was more or just tomato and onion salad, basil oil with some balsamic, olive and chili oil followed by the soup and garlic bread.

The soup was pretty good in quantity and quality. I don't remember having a better soup at any hotel. Just the right consistency and taste for me.

The garlic bread was a little disappointing. It had no garlic flavor or taste in it. The mozzarella was sparse. The bread was soft, I would have liked it a little bit more toasty and more generosity with mozzarella.

As we were finishing the starters, I was told the tiramisu was over for the day - imagine the chef's special being over by 8.30 pm at dinner service ! Not wanting to order anything else, I asked the steward to request the chef to give some thing spl which might or might not be on the menu. This request never reached the chef - conveniently forgotten or deliberately withheld.

The main course was next to arrive. The Verdure pizza - thanks to the navratri, I had to order veg. The pizza was good. The base was not overly burnt, It was thin, a little bigger that the domino's medium sized pizza and sufficiently topped. What I felt missing was the Via Milano touch. It tasted very similar to the veg extravaganza from domino's. Its either that or my choice of pizza was wrong that night.

The pizza should be sufficient for one ( I mean it will fill you up to your throat ). The fusili primavera was the next to arrive. We had specifically mentioned pink sauce , but what we got was definitely not pink sauce. It was arrabiata sauce and the taste of tomato was evident.. When you ask for pink sauce, you don't expect red !

The pasta was in decent portion and after having downed the entire verdure, finishing the remaining pasta was a task.

The pasta was good, but the customization was not adhered to. The pizza was no different from whats available.The chef's spl was forgotten and garlic bread had no garlic flavor and should have been more toasty.

Overall the meal set me back by 1150 ( tax + vat + corp discount + service charge ) and I felt it was a better deal in terms of money ( than Little Italy ).

If the above blemishes were not to be present, it would have been even more enjoyable.

Yes - the place is kid friendly and the the high chairs are pretty clean. Service is prompt. If you want to sit on the road facing tables, reservation is advised.
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Pallab De - Burrp User

Pallab De

July 26,2013

Awesome Cocktails

I went to Via MIlano for the special foodies night. I can't honestly rate the VFM aspect, since we got a special deal. However, I can definitely review the food and the drinks. We tasted various barbeque dishes - chicken, beef, shrimp, and fish. Shrimp usually doesn't lend itself to being BBQd easily, and it was the same case here. However, the Chicken and Fish were exquisite. But even more than the food, what impressed us were the cocktails. Whether it was the Whisky Sour or the Classic Mojito or Chocolate Martini, they nailed each and every one of the cocktails.

The place was packed to the brim with foodies, and food was at occasions slow to arrive. However, the waiters were clearly trying their best, and were both apologetic and attentive. Would love to come back again and try the normal a la carte.
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sanjeeburrp - Burrp User


June 17,2013

Candle Light Dinner @ Via Milano

Had been there for a candle light dinner with my fiance. It was ours first Dinner in Hyderabad and I had reserve one table. It was well decorated table in the corner along with Roses spread, 3 candles, and a preset food menu. I must say it is a well designed concept that fits the ambiance of the place.

The service is very good and the waiters are very friendly. It was a weekend so decent crowd were there.The menu options included - cocktails/mocktails/wine, soups, starters, pizza, pastas and dessert . Thumbs up to Live music and the ''Lady Singer''

As I didn't have any idea about the Italian Food , I took some suggestion before going to Restaurants from my friend about the Mock tails and Food. I quickly ordered Milano Passion & Virgin Mojito (Mock tails) . Toasted bread bruschette with chicken, black olive tapenade, Parmesan cheese and balsamico dressing.(starters). In main course we ordered Pasta and grill Chicken. Food was excellent.

In all, it was a very nice experience with my fiance,we loved it. Its a must try for all the couples. :)
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AnantaRay - Burrp User


April 26,2013

Awesome Lunch

I went with a friend for lunch and they had an executive corporate lunch. It's a fixed menu from which you have to choose. They served 3 starters , 1 main course , 1 dessert and 1 cocktail/mocktail. The food was super tasty and the service prompt.
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Som Banerjee - Burrp User

Som Banerjee

April 14,2013

Fantastic Evening

Landed up at 5:30pm and the people were very nice to us although the place was empty and getting ready to open for the evening. The view is spectacular! We had a lazy early dinner, appetizers, salads were amazing. The seafood main course was not as good in comparison, but overall we had a great time.
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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

December 20,2012

Antipasti and Lasagnas

So we thought of trying out an italian joint and hearing great reviews abt this place we went to Via Milano. Before we even ordered we got a selection of crackers, breadsticks and bread served with 3 types of oil (Olive oil was the only 1 I had heard of before so have conveniently forgotten the other 2 names) and 3 types of sauces (garlic,cream and onion, salsa and basil vinegar ). We munched the bread rolls with the garlic cream mayonnaise and it was the heavenly combo for which I could die for :).

We ordered 2 starters (they are called antipasti) Fried calamari (squids) with herbed mayonnaise and chicken and pork salad, topped with poached egg and and garlic croutons . The salad had a good chunk of chicken and pork bacon and was well mayonnaised (if I may say so). The calamari was very disappointing. It was just a batter fried calamari without a scent of any herb and would have tasted awful if not for the salsa on the table.

Let's move on to the main dishes Baked lasagna with chicken bolognese, grilled chicken with garlic, herbs and chillies and beef tendeloin in red wine sauce with mushrooms.

I had ordered lasagna as I like cheese in everything. Unfortunately for me the cheese was limited and the lasagna was more like a sandwich of maida roll, keema and lots and lots of tangy tomato sauce. I was a bit disappointed as the 'cheese' for which I had ordered this dish was lacking... :(

The other two dishes were pretty good. The beef tenderloin wasn't very juicy but tasted heavenly with the black sauce (red wine reduct I guess) and the mashed potatoes and mushrooms. The grilled chicken was I think marinated with honey and spices which gave it a very good flavour.

A good costly experiment for us I guess. Also I found the starters + main dish to be quite sufficient for a person.

Food for 3 - Rs 2000/-
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ankitsharmaapp - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Best in the business!!

I heard about this place from one of my friends and trust me this place did not disappoint me even a single percent.Perfect place to relish some good food and wine.Superb ambience with soothing music performances makes your evening a wonderful one.A high five for this place.It deserves that.Moreover the ambience is something to cheer about.
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AnantaRay - Burrp User


October 22,2012

Superb Place

Awesome Food! Awesome Drinks! Though a touch expensive but the food preparation is superb and the taste is really nice. Been there on last saturday and had business lunch. It consisted of 3 starters, 1 Main course , 1 dessert and a Drink(cocktail). The preparation was awesome and the bill was average
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Vamsee Kanneganti - Burrp User

Vamsee Kanneganti

September 16,2012

Great Value for Money

The Items that you get for their 550 lunch is too good, you also get a free drink. Some fine entree's and starters. Enough to satisfy my continental craving.
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Avishek Banerjee - Burrp User

Avishek Banerjee

April 13,2012

The food is tasty, but the taste is wasted.....

That's primarily because of the ridiculously small quantity they serve you!!!
I went here with my office team for their set meal which is primarily a 3 course meal where you can choose your drink, starter, main course and dessert. They charge you 550 bucks for the meal.

I was pretty impressed by the breads that came in with the mocktails. They were fresh and complemented with some pretty good spreads.

The first disappointment started with the starters and never ended. I had ordered for a Grilled Chicken something (the foods have no names. its just a menu full of description). What I got was some 8-9 chicken finger kind of things. The disappointment was aggravated by the fact that the food was pretty yum.

Next came in the main course. Some chicken again, full of fat, but pretty tasty, but again in microscopic amount. The one thing that didnot disappoint me was the desserts. I ordered for a Tiramisu and that's what a got. An almost perfect one. A proper tiramisu with pefect amounts of cheese and biscuits and the not to be missed essence and flavor of rum. I would possibly have given a one star to this place, but the Tiramisu saved it.

To conclude I'd just say that its a place for good and very relaxed (they take for ever to serve you) Italian food, if you want to have a perfect date. They have a awesome view of "From the Top" Hyderabad. Not at all a place you'd want to waste your money at if you are hungry if you want food and a lot of it.

I'm not sure if the quantity was because of the concept (Executive Business Meal). But if that is the case, they'd better get rid of this and just serve Ala-Carte. These fellows need to understand that they might be serving Italian food, but they are serving it to Indians!!!
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Nikhil Nayak - Burrp User

Nikhil Nayak

April 06,2012

Great place for Italian!

Via Milano is one of the places in Hyderabad that has got Italian right. The menu is well made and to date I have not had one bad dish. Roger (the owner/proprietor) of Via Milano has done a great job with the menu and with the staff who have been very friendly and hospitable every time I have been there.

The pastas and accompanying sauces are authentic. Cocktails and mocktails to accompany the meal are well made. Appetizers are some of the best anywhere. If you are looking to go beyond the pasta and pizzas the Main Course dishes are excellent. Chicken with Rosemary is well made. The Beef tenderloin is first rate. Grilled Salmon is an excellent option for fish lovers served with a butter lemon sauce. The platter is decent but is not on par with the main dishes. Like anywhere else in India the wine selection is limited but enjoyable.

If there can be anything to ask - the menu has not changed much for some time. Perhaps an update would be a nice change for those who have made quite a few visits.

The place is very popular so you may need to call ahead to reserve a table. Valet parking is available and there is a spacious lift that accommodates a wheel chair for those who need one.
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shahnazk - Burrp User


March 16,2012

Nice Food and Good Service!

After hearing about the good things about this restaurant, we went there for dinner and it was absolutely worth it !
The breads were fresh and the dips tantilising. The main course was equally good ! Definately will go again to try other items on the menu !
And I must mention that the mint and ginger lemonade is truly refreshing !
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Suresh Vandanapu - Burrp User

Suresh Vandanapu

March 14,2012

Cozy place

Excellent service, nice ambience, good choice of dishes. Top of all that, tasty food. Hosts are attentive to the customer. Order to deliver time is less than ten minutes. We visited the place for a dinner on a weekday, so cannot comment how it is on weekend. Bipen, the waiter has very good hospitality manners.

Please note i am just a customer & no way related to the place. Above mentioned are my own experiences.
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Authentic Italian food clubbed with serene ambienc

A lovely place to have a leisure, calm, relaxing, saturday lunch with friends. Authentic Italian. Mint n Ginger mocktail recommended.
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totalhydie - Burrp User


July 07,2011

Good place!

The place was pretty empty when we went, but the service and the food were really good. I luuuved the Mint & Ginger Lemonade, and the Chocolate Lasagna. There should have been more risottos on the menu, though. The Orange-Scented Creme Brulee was great, but there was hardnly anything orange about it. On the whole, a very good restaurant, with great ambience and nice pleasant music, and awesome food. However, it doesn't seem to be a hit as yet. Maybe as far as Italian food is concerned, we Hyderabadis are way too loyal to Little Italy!
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

June 06,2011

Mamma Mia!

Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5

Its been almost several months, that i planned to try out then newly opened Italian joint. Finally after lots of grudging made it last Friday evening. I was pretty was keeping a notion about this joint being slightly above par and it did not disappoint me either.

The decor was simple and chic, quite like the Italian restos. Lots of white and wood featured most of the interiors. Nice cushioned sofas make anyone's evening comfortable.

It was a tough decision on the menu. There were not much choice but well described for anyone who is new to Italian. Not much of a pasta lover settled on Chicken Parmesan & Garlic Crus for the starters. I was too tempted too try the beverages simply because they were moderately price put put it away due to ever bulging belly. We quickly made mind for a Bolognese Pizza & Grilled Chicked with baked potatoes for the rest of the meal. The food was served pretty much promptly and it was simply Italian.

We cherished and enjoyed the evening only hoping that this good Italian start to Hyderabad does not stop and gives us some more.

Until next time, adios!!
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Trishnanta Kanjilal - Burrp User

Trishnanta Kanjilal

May 03,2011

Brilliance in every bite!

My instant reaction on entering this place was "WHOA!". Tastefully done decor, relaxing music and extremely comfy seating. Via Milano is PERFECT for a relaxed dinner.

We decided to order a chicken coated with garlic along with lemon and mint iced teas. Both iced-teas were distinct in flavour and nothing like I had before. As for the chicken starter, it was brilliantly prepared. Delicate and absolutely melt in mouth.

Next came the main course for which we asked suggestions from the staff and zeroed in on crispy grilled chicken served with lettuce. It was out of this world. The seasoning, the herbs.. it was cooked to perfection. We ended our meal with chocolate almond nougat caramelised and served with kiwis. It was an absolute treat to the eyes and to all senses.

The spread is extremely impressive and definitely not the usual pasta-sandwich-salads you see in typical italian restaurants. The staff is friendly and know their dishes extremely well and give you privacy while dining. I'd strongly recommend this place to anyone looking for an exotic italian experience. MUST TRY!
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harishkry - Burrp User


March 26,2011

Food quite good but disappointed in other aspects.

I have been to the place today and sad to say I had a bad experience; with regards to billing.

We ordered a set lunch that includes a starter, a main course dish and a dessert of our liking. The starter was good; even the main course was quite good. Apart from the set lunch, we ordered minestrone soup & a vegetarian pizza both of which were quite good; certainly not as good as you would have found when you had them say in Olive Garden, USA. But that is understandable. I am not cribbing about that. I have to be reasonable.
What shocked was in the bill, the dessert that is included in the set lunch was shown separately. When I informed the waiter that as per the lunch menu dessert is part of the set lunch, at first he said no which is what completely surprised me. At best if you are not sure you say I don't know; I will check with the management and get back. How can you confidently say no, it is not included? That amounts to lying in my opinion.
Okay, he went back and checked with his manager. As predicted since the card was already swiped, he came back with 195 rupees (the price of the dessert) in cash. I felt good for a minute. Then one thing immediately struck me which is the nearly 20% extra that is charged on the menu price (14.5% VAT and 5% service charge); nearly 20% on an item priced @ nearly 195 equates to 40 bucks. So, ideally I should have got back 195+40 = 235 INR in cash.
I will probably put this miscalculation down to the staff(whoever was in-charge of billing)'s lack of education/simple mathematics knowledge. I will feel better if that were to be the case. I will be extremely disappointed if in fact they went this 20% tax factor and still re-imbursed me only the ex-tax price of the item in question in cash. That would amount to cheating in my opinion.

Now to part 2), while I was about to sign on the credit-card authorization slip, I noticed that though the bill said 1293, the charge slip says 1593. It completely shocked me. I was then waiting for the waiter to come back to pick up the signed slip one more time for probably 10 minutes. Okay finally he came and when I informed him that you seemed to have over-charged me by 300 bucks, he went back to the counter and returned with 300 INR in cash.
Okay fine everything was taken care after I pointed out the issue(s); but still I was really disappointed that a) they occurred and b) it felt like they were completely callous or deliberately tried to cheat. If I was in the restaurant's position and having seen all these goof-ups happen, the least I would have done is not charge the customer at all for this visit and probably also offer he or she a free lunch/dinner. Any way all I would advise is be careful and check the bill once/twice; it doesn't hurt.

About the food itself, as I mentioned before it was quite good. As the other reviewers say, it is authentic(as close as it can get probably without being in Italy or USA) Italian food. Bu the restaurant certainly needs to do something about the service/billing procedure. I sincerely hope the problems I faced were of one-off in nature and don't occur often.
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kayys - Burrp User


March 22,2011

Very good

It's a rare occurrence indeed for me to be pleased with almost every dish I order at a new restaurant, but Via Milano managed it comfortably! Right from the Mozzarella and Zucchini starter through to the Spinach and Ricotta ravioli and the chicken mains( grilled and scallopini) , all of it was as good as we had hoped. The only let down was the chocolate fondant which was slightly overdone. The tiramisu was good. Another quibble was the ravioli main was a much smaller portion than the non vegetarian dishes, something to watch out for. No complaints about service and ambience, both were great. Also, they're very happy to customise their food based on your preferences, which is always appreciated but rarely done. Definitely worth a visit, and hope one sees more such restaurants opening in the city!
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Horit Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Horit Bhattacharya

March 21,2011


I'd been longing to visit Via Milano ever since I heard that the near-iconic Italian fine dining restaurant from Bangalore had opened in Hyderabad, thereby giving the city it's first Italian speciality restaurant.
Via Milano is difficult to miss. Located in Jubilee Hills, it overlooks Road #36 from the 4th floor of the building right next to Heritage Fresh and ICICI Bank.
I decided to call ahead and make a reservation, partly to prevent the unlikely possibility of not getting a table and partly to confirm if the restaurant was open - an important consideration given the vagaries of the current socio-political climate in Hyderabad.
My significant other and I arrived at VM a little after 7.30 PM on Sunday evening and were quickly seated at a nice table next to the wall-to-wall glass panel affording a panoramic view of the Jubilee Hills area.
The interiors are elegant and comfortable : white tables with blue runners, temperature just right, wood panels, cream walls with imprints of the Colosseum, piped opera, you get the picture.
Our steward promptly lit a little candle at our table, handed us the menus, got us bottled water and managed to set a favorable impression from the word go.

A basket of bread served with vials of olive oil, balsamic, red chilli infusion, mayonnaise, pesto in olive oil and tomato salsa kept us busy while we waited for our food.

Here's what we ordered:

1) Cream Of Broccoli with balsamic infusion and cheese tuille : Creamy, simple, tasty and light. Rs. 160

2) Antipasti of thinly sliced turkey breast and tuna served in a thin caper mayonnaise : I loved this dish, the turkey tasted great and the caper mayo was almost addictive. Rs. 275

3) Farfalle with smoked salmon, fresh cream, cherry tomatoes and dill : Was the dish as good as it sounds? You bet it was! Rs. 390

4) Mixed Seafood Platter : This was the piece-de-resistance. Fillet of red snapper, fillet of grouper, prawns and squid. The seafood was wonderfully fresh, mildly seasoned, perfectly cooked and served with roast potatoes, brocolli and veggies. A very reasonable Rs. 450

5) Lemon Meringue with Strawberry Coulis : The presentation was truly world class and we spent a suitable amount of time admiring the dessert before "defiling" it. A very reasonable Rs. 195

6) Vanilla Pannacotta with a Fruit Minestrone : Beautiful presentation and hands down the most perfectly made panna cotta I've eaten. Perfect texture, delicate flavour complimented by the dices of fresh fruit in a thin honey & mint soup. A very reasonable Rs. 195

The only disappointment was the absence of a wine list (or liquor list). I would have loved a glass of white to accompany the food and hope that they remedy the liquor situation as soon as possible.

A truly fine meal is enjoyed not once but three times, in anticipation, in consumption, and in remembrance. I'm glad to report that Via Milano gets three strikes; and for once that's not a bad thing.
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Uma Anupindi - Burrp User

Uma Anupindi

March 21,2011

cosy lil place around the corner

VIA MILANO is one of those places which are utterly exotic and come as a culinary and visual treat!
the service was quite nice... attentive staff!
the food is great and is good value for money i must say!
and good for couples!!!!
in short.. i loved the place...
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Abdul81 - Burrp User


January 06,2011

WoW Italian

One of the best italian food court in Hyderabad.
I should say this place has a wonderfull aumbience with great attention and for sure makes you feel special with their food and services.
I Love Via Milano. After great success in B'Lore now in Hyderabad.
Best Luck Guys. "Rocks"
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anand4567 - Burrp User


January 05,2011

Italian all the way!!

Finally and authentic italian restaurant has come to Hyderabad. The food is excellent and great pricing as well... the service is the best that i have experienced in Hyderabad. Great place, excellent food and great service...
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