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Tanvi Juwale March 31, 2017





It’s the day of the year when you get the prankster in you out. So, we thought why not list some pranks that you can play very easily and make this day count!

Creamy Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs?

This easy peasy prank is as convincing as it is appealing. Hard boil some eggs and make some butter cream frosting in a bowl. Peel the eggs and scoop out the yolks. Next, fill in the hollows with butter cream frosting and voila! You’re ready to prank someone!
You get the bragging rights and laugh over it while you chug down a pint at Doollaly Taproom, Bandra

Don't let the appearance fool you...

Oreo cookies are delicious aren’t they? Not after what we’re going to suggest. Just get a pack of these and replace the cream centre with tooth paste. Does that sound evil yet? We promise it’s a tried and tested method!
After this prank, do get some slurpy Oreo milkshake at The J, Churchgate
Broccoli Lollipops

Broccoli Lollipops Credits: The Decorated Cookie

Did we just use broccoli and lollipops in the same sentence? Well, it’s a prank anyway! Cut out some florets of the vegetable and anchor them on a stick. Once you’re done with it, wrap it with foil or paper and wait until someone falls for it.
You can later make it up to them with a candy from Papabubble, Lower Parel.
Spilt Coffee

Your portable coffee stain

Ever had coffee spill on your brand new shirt? Yeah we know how it feels. We won’t ask you to do it to someone else, that’ll be mean, wont it? What we’re saying is you can make it look as though you’ve spilt coffee. If you mix a portion of PVA glue (or Fevicol) with half portion of water, two teaspoons of coffee, spill it on a clear surface such as glass or plastic and you have a portable coffee stain!
After you have tricked your dear one, go enjoy some great coffee at Starbucks

Nuts for donuts?

Who doesn’t like donuts? This April Fool’s Day, trick an unsuspecting victim with mayo donuts. Buy some plain or glazed donuts from a local shop. In a bowl, mix a jar of mayo and food colour (optional) and mix it well. Add a layer of this ‘frosting’ on the donuts and add some sprinkles or chocolate chips. You have a flawless plan! *evil laughter*
Don’t forget to treat your victim to some real donuts from Krispy Kreme, Juhu after that.

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