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Tanvi Juwale March 30, 2017





If there has been a dish that could be relished by everyone, undoubtedly it is the humble rice cake known to the whole world as Idli. No wonder this simple yet delectable dish has a day dedicated to it. Celebrate the World Idli Day with the recommendations and some interesting idli facts.

It’s Healthy!
Did you know Idli, is a healthy breakfast dish? It’s a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber; more importantly they contain no fat. It’s so nutritious that the World Health Organisation has recommended it too!
It’s Vegan and Gluten Free
Madurai Idly Shop, Indiranagar

Vegan and Gluten free? Yes please!

Yes! Usually served with a wholesome Sambar and coconut chutney, even gluten sensitive individuals can relish a hearty plateful; it’s vegan too! You can eat some at Hotel Ramashray, Matunga.
It’s Ancient
The existence of an idli goes back to about 700 CE. The first recipe of Idli was discovered in during the reign of Someshwara III written in Sanskrit 1130 A.D
It’s Versatile
We’ve probably heard of Idli variants such as an Idli 65, Idli Manchurian, et al Well, there are over a 20 traditional and numerous other contemporary variants of these humble rice cake. We'd recommend the Leonardo Drav-idly at Veranda, Bandra.
It’s Connected to World War II
Kanchipuram Idli at Banana Leaf, all outlets

Rava Idli

During World War II when the nation faced a shortage of rice, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms in Bangalore experimented with semolina (Rava) whilst making idlies and hence, the Rava Idli was born!
Now that you know something more about India's favourite breakfast, here's what Thalaiva has to see about it.

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