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6 Places to Eat Your Way To Health

Tanvi Juwale April 07, 2017





“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

We’re in a perpetual pursuit of good food but health of course is important too. So we decided to strike a balance between being healthy and being able to relish food. This World Health Day, here are a couple of restaurants to start making a conscious decision towards health.
212 All Good, Lower Parel
Let’s admit, we’ve all struggled with keeping up on the super food trends from spirulina to chia seeds. 212 All Good is a no nonsense place that serves some mouthwatering healthy food. If you’re slightly confused by names such as Amaranth, Adzuki Beans, Moringa, Goji Berries, etc. they have it all explained on the back of their menu. They also offer some lovely beverages such as Home Made Cola, Black or Pink Lemonade, smoothies, dairy free milk, et al. We’d recommend a Bocconcini Rueben Sandwich and Nitro Coffee to wash it down.
Ministry of Salad, Breach Candy
Ministry of Salad hails from the Silver Beach Hospitality Group. Don’t be fooled by their all-vegetarian salad menu because they’re yummy. For the ones who’re conscious about what they eat, most of their eats are within 500 calories. We’d recommend their tempting Roast by The Coast or earthy Pesto-wich.
Mandala, Lower Parel
Have difficulty looking for hearty organic food? If you’re in Lower Parel, Mandala has got your back. Mostly consisting of a menu that caters food from the organic farms straight to your doorstep, they usually change their menu based on the produce. We’d suggest a flavourful Korean Bibimbap.
Birdsong -The Organic Café, Bandra
We’re familiar with this quaint little café hidden in the narrow Bandra by lanes. At this cosy café, you can relish a menu with organic eats such as Chicken and Mustard Gouda Sandwich or a delicious Almond pesto Sandwich.
Saboro, Churchgate
Just after the junction between the CCI road and KC College is this tiny place that serves yummy healthy eats. Their menu focuses on soups, juices and Nouvelle cuisine with a lot of healthy eats. Their Hummus Pie and Zuccini Rolls are delicious.
Soam, Chowpatty
Located at Girgaon Chowpatty, Soam is usually looked at as a place for wholesome Gujarati food. What probably goes unnoticed is that it’s a no frills and no fuss place when you want to eat clean. Their Low-Cal section has a couple of healthy eats that are worth every penny. Try their delicious Vitamin Bhel, Nachni (raagi) Dosa or Jowar Pita pockets.

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