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8 Maharashtrian Eateries To Try This Gudi Padwa

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It's Gudi Padwa and a good time to gorge on to a mouthwatering Maharashtrian meal with your family. We decided to make you hop around the city with places that serve the most traditional cuisine of the state and is largely Maharashtrian-populated. So, you’re guaranteed an authentic experience.

Don’t be surprised to see a queue in the afternoon on a weekday; this old eatery opposite Shiv Sena Bhavan is popular for its authentic Maharashtrian dishes and sweets. Trust us and blindly order the Sabudana Vada – deep-fried balls made with sago, potato and peanuts, Thalipeeth – a multi-grain pancake and Kothambir Vadi – crispy fritter made with fresh coriander and chickpea flour. Aaswad also has a good share of Maharashtrian sweets as well and sells one of the best Ukadiche Modak in the city.
Shree Krishna Batatawada 
Located in the by lanes of the area around Dadar station, Shree Krishna’s Batata Vadas are touted as the best in Mumbai. Hot, mashed-potato balls, flavoured with green chilies, coriander and turmeric are battered and fried; and served hot. When you break open a vada, you can see the steam escape. That’s how fresh the vadas are. Pair them with pav or fried-whole green chilies for some extra spice.

Missal Pao

Around last year, Prakash moved to a new space; but that hasn’t shortened the queue of people waiting for quick and pocket friendly grub. An old establishment, Prakash is a favourite for Sunday breakfasts. You’ll find people lining up on a hot afternoon for Missal – a spicy chili curry with sprouts, Poha – flat rice cooked in a spicy turmeric masala, Watana Patis – patties stuffed with sweet-spicy peas. Try the popular drink Piyush – a thick, pale-yellow-coloured drink made using buttermilk and sweetened strained-yoghurt.
Mama Kane
A spicy Kothambir Vadi, hot and crisp Kanda Bhajis – onion fritters, spicy Missal: Mama Kane is synonymous with authentic Maharashtrian breakfast staples. Packed through the day, this establishment that opened in 1910, is still running strong. If you’re around Dadar station, hop into Mama Kane. They also serve Lunch Meals in the style of a thali which includes rice, chapattis, two vegetables, buttermilk or curry, papad, chutney and a pickle.
Puran Poli

Puran Poli

If you know a Maharashtrian family residing in Dadar, it is quite likely that you have been gifted a box of mithai from Panshikar on some occasion. Kharvas – a milk pudding that looks like a soft, silky cake sells quickly off the counter. Amrakhand – mango flavoured sweet, made with strained yoghurt; and Puran Poli – paratha stuffed with sweet chana dal – are Panshikar favourites. But what Panshikar is synonymous with, are its Pedas, which sell like hot cakes.
Diva Maharashtracha
The Maratha-themed restaurant, which almost falls in Mahim, provides a complete Maharashtrian experience and is frequented by several celebrities and chefs. Serving cuisines from all over Maharashtra, you can sample Ambat God Varan – a lentil curry made with coconut, tamarind and jaggery, and Sabudana Khichdi – dish made with soaked sago, Mini Chutney Thalipeeth and other home-style Maharashtrian favourites.
Me Marathi
Shrikhand Puri

Shrikhand Puri

If you’ve visited a Maharahtrian household on an occasion such as Gudi Padwa, you must have had the Shrikhand Puri duo. Crisp piping hot Puris and sweet Shrikhand make for a hearty meal. Made with hung curd, this sweet dish is almost an omnipresent component of a true blue Maharashtrian meal. At Me Marathi, Vile Parle one can savour this and much more at a reasonable price!

Aamras Puri

If you crave Maharashtrian food in town you should head to Chetana. Now, we know that it may not be a Maharashtrian specialty restaurant but the dishes here are just as authentic and traditional. Bharli Wangi literally translates to stuffed aubergines and it’s a homemade dish with a spice mix that is a well kept secret. If you are up for some delicious lip smacking Aamras Puri. Thick and dense sweetened mango pulp is usually served cold along with piping hot puris.
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