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kazima17 - Burrp User


October 30,2013

Good One

It is one of the places I would proudly take my guests to. It is conveniently located with valet parking facility. It is not small in size and gives the diners a good impression at first sight. Food is very good and staff is friendly and smartly dressed. The facility to book a table in advance makes life simple.
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bharatagrawal87 - Burrp User


June 10,2013

Chinese In Its True Sense

Mainalnd China is one of the rare restaurants which serves Chinese food with less alterations to suite the Indian tongue compared to other joints.

You will notice the blandness but personally for me, it works well. You can feel the flavours and enjoy the freshness in it. Well done dishes and an interesting spread makes dining at Mainland China a good experience.

P.S - Be sure to try the jasmine tea before you are served food. And do try using chopsticks, its fun.

Food 4/ 5 | Ambience 4.5/ 5 | Service 4/ 5 | Price 3/ 5
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rohandey21 - Burrp User


May 23,2013

Delicious Food

Certainly it's one of the finest restaurants in Kolkata serving Chinese food. Though a bit pricey, it's definitely a good place to visit with family and friends. The ambience is good and I think this place has friendly staff compared to the other places I have eaten. Very courteous I must say.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 31,2012

Sliced Lamb In Chillibroth was just master-class!

Well well, you won't need an excuse to explore this amazing place of "interest"...ah well, it indeed is a place of interest for the foodies by conviction. The "heart-throb" of Kolkata has extended it's unbelievable spell over the foodie minds, the spell that's unbreakable. Ah the gracious seafood and the mind-blowing starters have just made such an impact onto my taste buds- the hit is permanent. Sliced Fish With Roasted Chilli And Sansho Pepper and the Brandy Flavoured Sauteed Prawns are just fabulous. I would recommend the burrpers to try the Sliced Lamb In Chillibroth once, so that you would get a first hand knowledge of what I am talking about. And the main courses still remain. Dude...you can never miss the charm!
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 23,2012

A classy treat

From the dumpling to the chow, to the fried rice, everything was simply outstanding. A delight for all those who love original Chinese recipes, and not the oil-laden Chinese stuff we get everyday. The items were soothing to the taste buds and the mind wants to go back there very soon!
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Ankit Agarwal - Burrp User

Ankit Agarwal

August 22,2012

Simply Chinese

Kolkata has handful numbers of good Chinese Restaurants. Mainland China is my favorite. It is little expensive, but worth the pay. Excellent quality of food. And very good ambience. the best part about it is that the quality of food is consistent or just gets better each day.
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Shaun Mukherjee - Burrp User

Shaun Mukherjee

May 09,2012

Excellent Food, BUT...

Had a fantastic experience. Excellent food, both presentation, timing and most importantly, TASTE. Chinese food never tasted this good. But, the service could have been better. The portions also could have been larger. But that did not spoil the overall experience!
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


January 08,2012


Mainland China has always been a favourite and I keep looking for an excuse to dine here. It was my parents anniversary and we had booked a table beforehand. We got our table exactly at the time we had booked it for. The place is always packed and mostly caters to the family crowd.

We were 3 of us and ordered for soup. We also ordered for a chicken and prawn starter. The chicken starter was heavenly to taste. The main course compised of another chicken side dish with noodles. Since it was a special occasion I pampered myself with desert as well.

The food was excellent as usual and the very thought of it while writing this review makes me want to go back. The bill came around 3,000.
It is an expensive affair but always a good option for special occasions.
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Foodieshant - Burrp User


September 17,2011

Not Worth The Hype!!

I am a oriental food lover, and have tried all good places around..
I was travelling to Kolkata, thought of Dinning at MLC but at the end everything went so unsatisfying.This is an] sensitive industry and you have to be good at everything.
Never expected this from a Fine dining restaurant like this, had High expectations But all went to vain.We had to wait for menus to arrive, felt like i was sitting on a busy Dhaba. Ambiance was good but you need to do things to suit it.The order took like decades to come , and the steward serving us didn't even bother to keep us informed about it. I know you are not just serving us...i am not expecting you to give me food in 5 minutes....But there is something call Communication, which was immensely lacking, looks like a good lack of training to the staff.
You guys can definitely do better.
Wish you luck.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

July 29,2011

Pathetic Service, not expected from a fine-dining

It was my 4th visit to a Mainland China, and the experience was pathetic again. Earlier I had visited Mainlanc China in Hyderabad twice (once, when they were located above Music World in Banjara Hilla and other time, when they shifted to Somajiguda circle), once in Pune and the recent was in Kolkata.

Let me describe my "agony" in detail. First of all, food is always excellent over any Mainland China you go. The food was, and is, simply awesome. I generally go by the waiter's reccomendation (after I tell him what kind of food I like) and I was always served with lip-smacking dishes.

But the excitement fizzled out with food everytime, because their service is always pathetic. My wife, though, had different experiences, I always suffered due to it.

On 7th June, 2011 (Jamaishoshti and my in-laws wedding anniversary) me, my wife and my in-laws went for a dinner to Mainland China, Bullygunge. I was not very excited to go to MLC, but my wife insisted and my in-laws generally don't eat North Indian foods in restaurant (they don't understand why we want to eat a daal with 150 bucks!!)

The waiting period was an agony as there were too many people waiting and too few chairs. Me and my wife kept standing for 40 minutes. After we were seated, the waiter came thrice within first 2 minutes, even before we decided on the menu. After that, he disappeared, and had shown her face after we repeatitively called the manager and complained that nobody is taking the order. After the order was taken, it took 50 minutes (yes, 50 minutes) to serve it, and more painfully, they served starters, main course together. We ordered for fresh-lime soda and asked (while ordering) to serve it with main course, but it was served after we finished the meal. And in the bill, they charged one item more, which was changed after pointing out.

This is not speciality, this is not an example of fine-dining. If had gone to any small restaurant where you can have half-plate chilli chicken at rs 60, I would not have mind. But given the price and the claims, this experience is not worth for.

In my earlier 3 visits, there used to be some problem always-- once, in Hyderabad Banjara Hills, my wife (then my girlfriend) found 3 long strands of hair in the starter, and we had to cancel the order of the main course and came out after paying for the un-touched starter.

In another occasion, in their Somajiguda outlet, we were kept on waiting for bill for 45 minutes after we finished the dinner (and it was quite late in the night). The staffs told about some software issue and bill cannot be generated. When we asked to give us just a hand written bill so that we can pay, they said they can't do that, it is illegal blah blah blah.

In MLC, Pune, we were forced to eat a veg starter where as we had actually ordered the non-veg version of it. After heated argument also, thei waited refused to admit that he had taken the order wrongly.

I should have given this place a 1 Star, but giving it a 2 star as their food is awesome-- no match for that. But again, the point is, the service is not worth the price paid.
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Reply from restaurant management

I had been to MLCs 4 times, in last 1.5 years and in 3 different cities. Theye xperience remained the same, and so I don't want to put my money again at a risk.

Bhaskar Ghosh - Burrp User

Bhaskar Ghosh

June 13,2010

Good, but old Kim Ling in Tangra is gold.

I visited MLC a few days back. The food less spicy and good. Ambiance is good. Complementary Chinese tea was served, which was not very tasty. It is considered to be No. 1 Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata. But I think I get better taste in Kim Ling in China Town, Tangra. The place (Tangra) is dirty but the food is delicious, specially the rice noodles (Meifun) and Schezuan variety.
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Akash Mohimen - Burrp User

Akash Mohimen

June 10,2010


Over the last 5 years this Mainland China has become a venue for our family reunion lunches. Every vacation I am in Kolkata, at least one trip is made to the Ballygunge outlet as it is close to my place.

Being a food loving family, the buffet is highly appreciated as we know that there is no full stop to the meal. Right from the appetizers to the main course and all the way through to the dessert, everything is well done and ensures that our family sits through the entire time period the buffet is on.

This lists as my favourite Chinese restaurants along with 5 Spice in Mumbai, Jimmy's Kitchen in Kolkata and Frank's in Jamshedpur
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rwitabrata007 - Burrp User


April 23,2010

The Best

This is by far my favourite Chinese Food joint in Kolkata!!
Awesome ambience !
Starting starters!!! Magnificient Main courses!!
Delightful Deserts!!!!!
Superb service!!
Try the buffet!!!!
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b2e4l - Burrp User


February 12,2010

Specialty What ??

Absolutely opposite of what one would expect at a restaurant like MLC, but i guess this has become their standard, cos in the past two months, I have unfortunately ended up with two different set of guests at two Different MLCs, one in Gurgaon, and the other in the Cal. Well, what can I say, people are not that dumb anymore you see Mr. Speciality Restaurants that you shove snacks down their throats and when time comes for a good main course you are in for...well...NOTHING...

And ya, ballygunge especially turning up the crackling spinach along with the desserts is incomprehensible, consistently for two visits and when you tell the waiters, the expression is a flyer.

Anyway, its hard to accept that a restaurant that brought authentic chinese to fine dining is doing its best to combat the same achievement.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear b2e4l

We apologize for the disappointment caused to you at out outlets. Please share your contact details with us at bhavana@speciality.co.in so that we can get in touch with you to know more about the lapses.


Sudip Maitra - Burrp User

Sudip Maitra

February 11,2010

Worse than other MLCs

Like my friend here I too tried the dinner buffet. The spread, I have to admit was, elaborate, however, the glamour ended there. The noodle and the friend rice were the type you get at every Kolkata roadside. Constant heating would have ruined it more. The chicken, lamb and fish was very basic and standard. The prawn, though quite big, should and could have been cooked better.

The next time I will stick to my standard Chicken Hakka noodle and something the chefs always cook up for me in Chennai (Noogambakam), Bangalore (Church Street), Gurgaon (DLF Building 9) and Pune (Shivaji Nagar) which I would like to call it in layman's terms as boneless chilli chicken. Simply delicious.

In short, dont go by the Kolkata buffet spread. Its not as good as it looks.
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Teresa C - Burrp User

Teresa C

February 03,2010

Ok - overhyped

I tried the buffet spread on a weekdaay, must say it was elaborate. However the stable for the main course such as fried rice and noodles were below par. Since the noodles were kept under heat continuously it was sort of mushy. May be I should have gone as soon as the buffet started. However, I made up with the dessert
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Chanchal Jalan - Burrp User

Chanchal Jalan

August 22,2009

All time Favourite

This place is for all chinese loverrssss....even if you are a pure vegeterian...u'll relish the food out here!!!!Chicken Tapai is one of the lip smacking dish...a mus' try!!!!! Little expensive compared to other chinese restaurants but again worth the price!!!!!one won't regret paying.....Service is also quick...they won't make you wait for too long unless its a weekend or an occassion....
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Abhisek Biswas - Burrp User

Abhisek Biswas

July 21,2009

Not as hyped

I visited Mainland China recently. Lots have been heard about it and so my expectation was quite high. We opted for the buffet lunch. The starters were really good. The main-course somehow disappointed me. Chicken fried-rice was below average. Few items seem tasteless to me. Dessert was also average. Overall it's not bad...I would say...but not as hyped too. I ate more tastier chinese food even in street side stalls. Anyways ambiance and service are very good. Price of the buffet lunch is Rs. 425(+tax).
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Gopa Sen - Burrp User

Gopa Sen

June 09,2009

An all time favourite

A place to go back to again and again. It always maintains a standard that few places in the city can match up with. Try the fish with wood-ear sauce and their crackling spinach.
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Aditi Sinha - Burrp User

Aditi Sinha

July 07,2008

An elaborate buffet spread

I loved the elaborate spread of so many Chinese preparation during the lunch time. The quality is definitely worth mentioning here. What i liked the most is that they have a special spread for children as well. Liked that idea as I havent seen that anywhere before.

Definitely worth visiting this place during weekdays for a heavy and highly satisfactory Chinese Lunch.

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anydamnguy - Burrp User


April 24,2007

Good food , affordable buffet

Good food. Affordable lunch buffet . The soup and the cake are my favorites.
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Shonalee Ray - Burrp User

Shonalee Ray

April 11,2007

Good somewhat-authentic chinese

Mainland China is a part of a massive nationwide chain. I have visited the outlet in Mumbai when I traveled down to meet cousins one time and I have to say the look and feel is very consistent. The furniture is dominated by a dark-wood dominated minimalist feel.

Start with the steamed vegetable dim sum, which is actually quite authentic. Move on to a sizzling platter of fresh seafood, including prawns, or Chicken Hot Garlic Sauce.

All in all, the place still tends to put that indian touch on meals, which is understandable, but some things, such as the dimsum, are very authentic.
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