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puloma_foodie - Burrp User


March 28,2015

Chocoholics this is your place!!!

In short, i love the pancakes and freddos!!!Everytime i visit this place i fall in love with it a little more! being crazy for chocolate, its my paradise!
On the bad side, its a little too small. Wish the place was bigger and could accommodate more people............
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shilpa.burrp - Burrp User


October 25,2012


I had heard a lot about this place when it had just opened. After a lot of waiting when I finally tried this place, I was simply overwhelmed by the experience. Small European Cafe style joint, with four tables indoors and a couple outside on the porch. My friend and I ordered for waffles with potato wedges in red gravy and Popeye's pick. The waffles were average. But, the Popeye's pick was simply delicious! It was spinach filled crepe served with oodles of white sauce on it, garnished with oregano. It was heavenly!!! The drinks were refreshing and nice. The final order was sumptuous!!! The Blueberry blast. It was a real blast of blueberry on pancakes, and it tasted yumm!! The food here is amazing. Every time you visit Piccadilly Square, you have something new to share. It doesn't really dig a hole in the pocket as well. Good food. Good ambience. Good service. All at a good price!
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 30,2012

Offbeat Affair with an American touch

It's an array of fresh air, that's all I can say! The daily chatter patter at the CCDs and the Baristas were taking a toll on our sense of wishful thinking when Sourav suggested a "new" arena near his place which he defined as the "Offbeat Affair with an American touch" ! Wohhoo and there came the welcome break, the Blueberry pancake and the cafe latte added an amazing twist to the series of amusing stories brought on board by the group of fanatics. The waffle actually was quite a treat and surprisingly we kept visiting the cafe quite regularly! The manager calls us the "Entertainment bunch" and why not, when good friends and quality food come together, "Hasi mazaak to banta hai yaar" . 8/10 from my side!
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Zubin Sheth - Burrp User

Zubin Sheth

August 23,2012

Tried it late but now i go often

Piccadilly Square was a place i lately noticed even though it was just a minute away from my school. There was this day when my friend took me there and then there's today when i often go there.Milkshakes, Lattes, Cakes, and anything having chocolate - are all great.You might not get easy with the names ( i still don't ) but the staff prefers you the best. A new spot to try surely
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