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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: pasta
  • Few people mentioned friends

Additional remarks from reviews:

loved the Globe concept
Less attentive staff
Must must visit place.
TheFoodGuzzler - Burrp User


August 06,2016

Enjoy the music, cherish the ambience and give a shot at the karaoke!!

We were back at our newly developed favorite outlet for a quick meal, but this time at Khar.
Like the other 3WM at Vashi, this one has an equally electrifying ambience with some great music, and some music enthusiasts can always turn up to try their music skills in the karaoke over here.

Keeping it simple we ordered for a chicken satay, Barbeque fries chicken & biryani.
Unlike to chicken satay at most of the places where chicken satay are complimented with peanut sauce, the one at 3WM was served in sticks in shot glasses complimented with lime squeezed Thai sauce.
The Thai sauce with a dash of lime along with the chicken surely racked up the taste buds.

Barbeque fries chicken recommended to only those who are a fan of the smoked Barbeque sauce flavor. Not among our favorites, may be cause we don't prefer Barbeque sauce, else fries in Barbeque sauce is a quirky combination to look out for.

Biryani, well not many would consider 3WM to be a place for biryani, but 3WM surely served us some classic, layered biryani in a jar. Tasty dish, do try if you are a biryani lover.

Overall a very cool place with a cool aray of dishes, a fun place to loosen up on the weekend.
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  • 3 Wise Monkeys, The UniContinentalimage
  • 3 Wise Monkeys, The UniContinentalimage
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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 09,2016

3 Wise Monkeys Review

With a mix of raw dark wood and art, this is a warm and welcoming place to be at.
VIBE: Full wall paintings, dark wooden interiors, dim lights, pool table and a beautifully highlighted bar, 3 Wise Monkeys has something for everyone.
MUSIC: The music here might probably be considered too loud for most ears, so it is definitely not compatible with good conversation. But it is a rock and alternate music fan’s dream.

BITES N BOOZE: ‘Beer Globes’ are their specialty, affordable and perfect to share with your group of friends; you get the picture. The Chicken Lollipop has a cinching Schezwan flavour and the tandoori mushrooms are timeless favourites of the diners. The mocktails are also a treat for every non-alcoholic out there.
FAB OR DRAB: 3 Wise Monkeys is definitely worth a shot. The ambience coupled with the great music makes for a cozy and comfortable evening.
BEST NIGHT: Sunday for its Rock Karaoke Night.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 30,2015

Relax here for sure

Heard a lot about this place, nice ambiance, taste and price of drinks and food is average. This is more of a chilling place with friends. Liked Babycorn mushroom, chilli potato, French fries, Pizzas and white sauce pasta that we had, everything was okay,nothing memorable. My friends liked the drink more. This would be better if one needs to watch games on a big screen with friends. It is also very crowded most of the times and service is very quick.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 31,2015

Chilled out place

Happening place with a good pricing.Mostly Young And Decent Crowd Recommended for weekends and holidays. advisable to reserve a table well in advance.We ordered for for 4 beer globe and got 4 free for its happy hours.We also ordered for fish fingers, chicken schezwan, mushroom chilly and veg cheese steak sizzler. everything was delcious. They also had karaoke on sunday night which we really enjoyed.The ambience is good if you have the perfect fans. It's completely a value for money.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 31,2015

Bang on place.

This is one of the most chilled out places.A good place to hang out with a bunch of friends.The cool style of the barell and globe make the experience worth it.The music is upbeat bang on. I liked the Globe beer concept.The nachos and tacos tasted brillant. Starters in chicken - all were delicious.unday evening it's karaoke here. I have been here on a few Sundays the place is insanely alive. Good ambience, great music, reasonably priced alcohol. What more can you ask for?
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Nice hangout place

Nice to hang out here with friends and family - ambiance is good, the quality of food is okay, we had white sauce pasta, nachos, i also ordered long island ice tea and everything was okay, we wish the service was a bit more attentive because we had to ask the staff again and again to bring our food to our table!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 26,2015

Great place to celebrate a birthday!

My friend manish had his birthday party here and it was bundles of fun.. He had booked the room inside so we had a private thing going on..The alcohol was flowing and the food was really good.. Lots of starters were ordered .. The music played was also really good and we ended up having a great time dancing the entire night..A very good place to celebrate birthdays and its not very expensive!
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

January 19,2015

Verry fun place

From celebrating friends birthdays to just drinking because we wanted to 3wise men is such an amazing place to be.

the manager is super cool and the place is always buzzing, sometimes the DJ plaays lame songs but otherwise the music is great.

My favourite time to visit 3wise is when mario my friend has his karaoke..it is simply epic

so many memories, we've broken the globe, paid for it, drank from the mouth of the barrell, broken glasses, sang for dear life and much more
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Ritesh Bhatia - Burrp User

Ritesh Bhatia

November 30,2014

price includes extreme satisfaction

Yes, price includes vat, service tax and all the other taxes the govt can think of. But most importantly the low price comes with all taxes, quick service, cool staff, great food and lovely music. Try the cheesy eclaires. They are yum. Owners are always around to make sure guests are comfortable. Must must visit place.
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thegerman - Burrp User


October 27,2014

No Brainer

Can't think of a place to go? 3WM serves good standard fare and usually has something running for offers on alcohol. They have a big screen and this is a fun place to see football games. The only problem I have is that they lean towards manchester united. Music is regular club/edm fare
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Peeyoosh1986 - Burrp User


May 09,2014

Nice Place to hangout with friends

This place has amazing ambiance. The music played is awesome. In terms of cost also it not expensive infact decent. Service is bit slow.
I like their concept of globe and kegs.
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pratik16 - Burrp User


March 07,2014

Must Go for BEER LoveRS...!!!!!

3WM is a refreshing change from the mundane restaurants. It is a little pricey, but the atmosphere is fun, unique and the staff is always friendly. It is definitely worth stopping in when you have a few extra bucks and want a break from the standard bar fare.
Drinks: The beer globe are reasonably priced, and without any kind of adulteration. BEER is my favorite, and that what makes me come here again, and also for the fact that these guys equally love their BEERS..
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Rohan Serrao - Burrp User

Rohan Serrao

February 06,2014

Suno, Kaho aur Dekho!

The 3 Wise Monkeys is a fun, swanky and loud. Fun because of the cool pool tables equipped with cue sticks and pools balls n all that they have on their ceilings. Swanky because of their cool Globe shaped Beer Pitcher and Loud because of the music. One flaw within that is that there's not really much space to dance to the loud music and at the same time you can't have much of a conversation with your friends as you sit on the table. Good food, Good music, Good drinks. Would be wise to go here! ;)
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Ronak Jain - Burrp User

Ronak Jain

January 27,2014


As the name suggests, it is indeed wise to visit this place whenever you feel like catching up with friends around the corner to have a inexpensive hangout. The place is situated next to khar station with a lot of options for you to pick from. But, if you are in a mood to listen to some loud music over loads of beer on a Saturday evening, do consider this place. Yes, the music here is quite loud for you to converse with your companions.

The overall ambiance is decent. They have two sections and to my surprise, there is a drastic difference in the crowd in both these sections. The crowd in the outer section seemed to be much more decent. The lighting of the place is very dim and thus the inside section with average crowd definitely make it look a little shady.

Coming to food, Garlic twist is something recommended on the menu and is amazing. For garlic lovers it is a complete delight. It is like paneer shwarma mixed with garlic and mayonnaise filled in a roti which is grilled. Nachos with baked beans cheese and salsa is perfect! No complaints there. We also called for greek salad which was great. From the veggies to the dressing everything was appropriate and loved the cheese they used.

Drinks on the menu are quite regular ones which any other bar/pub/lounge would have. However, they serve beer in globes and barrels which is not unique but unusual. I quite liked it!

The place lags in service. They staff is highly ignorant and service is extremely slow. There is a huge scope of improvement there.

What gets a 5/5 here is the price. Compared to other pubs around the corner, 3 wise monkeys is definitely the cheapest. Moreover the best part is the price on the menu includes everything i.e. VAT, Service Tax, Service Charge, etc.
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mihirsavla85 - Burrp User


December 18,2013

happy hours,mins,secs

This is a hugely underrated place!!! A small place near Khar Station, but an amazing hang out spot!! I wonder with the kind of music they play they could have been a disc with a larger floor, Amazing music, good food and Happy Hours!!! What else do you need!! Come with a bunch of friends, drink, have fun and you will enjoy each moment. I loved the Globe concept even though some of them don't work!! I went here on Christmas and they gave free red wine!! Amazing!!!
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Sneha Iyer - Burrp User

Sneha Iyer

September 25,2013

Never Going Back

I detest a restaurant that cannot manage to keep its washroom clean. Its unhygienic and says a lot about the management. I'd heard a lot about this place and the reviews here raised my expectation. None of them were met. The set up is funky with pool tables on ceilings. The movie posters seem too forced, they don't do anything for the ambiance. The place can use more lights according to me. There is a wine display at one corner, but again, when put together with the layout of the place, it doesn't make any point. The food and music are okay. The prices aren't steep. The service could use some help, especially the beer globes that keep leaking. I am not going back. A bad loo puts me off!
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tailordevang - Burrp User


September 14,2013

Beer destination

the beer they serve tastes best and also fresh....pizzas and pastas are good....french fries are not upto that mark...
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July 31,2013

Good for pubbing

Went to 3WM a couple of months back because our group wanted to try out a new place. Once inside, the small, dark place did not give me great vibes and I wanted to leave. However, at the insistence of my friends, we stayed back.

They have a short menu, focused on starters and bar food. We ordered a chilly paneer, which took a long time to be served. The same was decent in terms of taste.

The draught beer was served in unique and beautiful goblets. I feared that the beer could be flat, but it was not the case - the beer was fresh and chilled to the right temperature, which made having it a pleasurable experience.

Overall, the place gets decent rating in terms of food and drinks but falls short in terms of ambience and service.
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sid R - Burrp User

sid R

June 05,2013

Classic Rock Karaoke Nights

I was here on a sunday night with some friends..We just missed the happy hours..so the drinks looked expensive! :D But no..The drinks are very much affordable.
Okay so there was one Mr. Mario who was organizing this karaoke night on that day..Seems they have it every wednesday and Sunday and let me tell you..IF you are a rock musc lover! (like pink floyd/queen/metallica/aerosmith etc) you must come here!...I don't know if it was the theme for the night or what but yeah all they had that night was rock music!..I sang last kiss by pearl jam and the crowd was very very supportive! :p (Was a bit worried if i would make a clown of myself but didn't)
Anyway...almost everyone from the crowd sang and the place was just lively and happening in a completely different sense!...
Apart from that...drinks are affordable but food is moderately expensive..so basically a great place to be on a wednesday or a sunday!..

Don't miss their karoaoke nights as they are awesome!!
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Suraj Surendran - Burrp User

Suraj Surendran

April 08,2013

3 wise monkeys is average

had been here last week when MI was playing against RCB.. when I entered the place I loved the ambience. But the place is too cramped up.. service is to be improved.. it took me 15mins for the beer in the globe and constant reminders.. a pint of beer also took them 10 mins.. 3 wise monkeys- please improve.. u guys can rock if looked into things...
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gunnermanyu - Burrp User


March 22,2013

Amazing Entry

The moment you enter 3wm, you feeling elated like you do while entering a pub. Its a new restaurant with all the ingredients that affirm success. The dark ambience along with the woddy touch really catch your attention. Beer is globes is a good idea and so are the 5l barrels. The staff is warm and makes you comfortable instantly. The big tv also keeps you entertained. I happened to go during St Peters Fest ( An Irish Festival) and the green theme was a good change. They also have prizes discounts on fest days.

On the downside, the seats arent really comfortable. I got a complimentary shot(which was great) but it wasnt really strong. It killed the high actually. The small space (around 50 covers) might be a hindrance once the place kicks off. Also, check your beer before the waiter opens else you might pay 180 for a warm bottle. A bit of more lights during the day wont harm either.

All is all, the place is likeable. The alcohol is not expensive. Try to go there during happy hours to get a feel of the place. All in all a satisfying experience. The uniqueness of the place makes for a jolly time,
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Vaibhav Jain - Burrp User

Vaibhav Jain

March 12,2013


i have been to this place quite a few times and it has has always been an awsome experience!!! A MUST try for all beer lovers for its innovative 'Globe' & 'Barrel'...
The KARAOKE NIGHTS are their USP...
And to make you feel better are the pocket friendly pricing and the happy hours!!!
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Dhiraj Bansode - Burrp User

Dhiraj Bansode

March 10,2013

Good ambience, Good service, Good food

Like the concept of beer served in a Globe... Dont miss the chicken pepper garlic... DJ played good music... Service is prompt...
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nitin_meh - Burrp User


March 08,2013

Average Ambience,Average Quality of beer and food

The place boasts of an average ambience and the quality of the beer they serve in pitchers is average.Although they are unique in the sense that they offer beer in globe and barrels which look quite good.However,The service is good.
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Rochelle Noronha - Burrp User

Rochelle Noronha

February 22,2013

That special experience !

Was treated to a delightful experience here. Staff recognize you by face and first name.... Ambiance is warm and welcoming.. Staff (especially Raldon) extremely hospitable.... Looking forward to many more such ummmm experiences at 3 wise Monkeys. thumbs up!

P.S : The chairs are a tad uncomfortable :)
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

February 06,2013

Awesome Place if You Love Karaoke !!

I went there in one of my friend's b'day celebration and it was a mind blowing experience !! We sang for 2 hours as it was a Karaoke Night !! They serve beer in little barrels which gives you a complete new experience and do try chicken starters / cheese garlic roll with beer !! The only problem I found was that the beer they give in the barrels is less compared to what they say !!
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Lucifer Sam - Burrp User

Lucifer Sam

December 31,2012

AN alternative to WTF

Finally, the Khar-Santacruz belt has a place that works as an alternative to WTF/Hungry Birds. Very nice decor, simple menu, good food and great service. What i mean by 'great service' is not just the fact that these guys are attentive and actually keep looking to see if customers are trying to order something....but also that they are really friendly, and it seems like they are also trying to have a good time. It just makes the vibe of the place that much more friendly. Will definitely go back again
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qureshiaisha19 - Burrp User


December 24,2012

Nice place

nice place to chill out bt according to their name they has to be wise & better in terms of service.
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

December 17,2012

Best place near Khar Railway Station !!

Awesome place to hangout with friends !! Walking distance from khar station and they serve you beer in barrel :-D
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kreeti17 - Burrp User


December 11,2012

cheap and fun

this place is so good. it has a big screen for live matches. its a small and cozy place. good service.
the alcohol doesnt have much variety but the fav's are served at a low rate, esp with the long happy hours.
the barrel beer is SO GOOD. must try it or the globe beer.
paneer chilli --- got to munch on something while you drink.
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Suvajeet Duttagupta ???? - Burrp User

Suvajeet Duttagupta ????

December 11,2012

Drink Up

A huge bunch of us went here after dinner, mainly to drink.

1. Outside it felt like a small joint, but inside is quite spacious.
2. The liquor isn't very expensive
3. Music was nice, quite danceable
4. The food was quite tasty.
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Trine - Burrp User


August 13,2012

They can get wiser with experience

I visited 3 Wise Monkeys this weekend and I'll be honest, I TRIED to like it.
Bar: 4/5
The Bar menu has a lot to offer and is quite decently priced (inclusive of all taxes)
Food: 2/5
There aren't a lot of options to choose from anyway. We ordered for a pasta which was absolutely bland.
Ambiance: 3/5
The wooden interiors seem nice but they could do with better lighting and more wall accessories. The place still smells of freshly polished wood.
The music was playing without bass speakers initially, it was a ear sore. After the speakers were fixed they kept trying to experiment with the playlist & abruptly switched songs.
Service: 2/5
The place wasn't crowded, so they could have been a bit more attentive.

All said and done, I love the concept. The execution could have been better. They've just opened shop so I don't mind giving them the benefit of doubt.
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Farheen Darwesh - Burrp User

Farheen Darwesh

July 23,2012

MUST TRY!! My new fav haunt! :)

I visited this place for the first time, and i went back there then very next day. That says a lot already.

Since WTF!, one of Bandra's loved pubs shut down, khar had lot its sheen. But it back up and happening thanks to 3 Wise Monkeys. As soon as you enter, the chilled blast of their AC hits you, once you settle down in your seats, the treat begins.

I love their minimal, all-wooden décor. Very English pub like. They also have this old-school wall clock and telephone which I found very charming.

Now, to the fun part. This place is a haven for beer lovers & guzzlers alike. And they have all the arrangements to satiate your thirst. They have these awesome Beer Globes. That’s right, the beer of your choice, is served to you on-tap, inside a transparent globe. They also have 5 ltr and 2.5 ltr beer barrels. Anyone up for a beer chug?

Apart from beer, they have a small but nice list of Cocktails. I recommend their Strawberry Magarita, which is generously boozy. Yum yum!

Well, I cannot sign this off without talking about their fries. I have truly never had fries this yummy, crisp and less oily. Forget about all those soggy, limp kind that we’re so used to seeing anywhere. These were, golden-fried, crispy and perfect with your drink. You have to try it.

1) Fries
2) Thai Basil Chicken
3) Crispy chilly potatoes
4) Strawberry Magarita
5) Beer Globe
6) Beer Barrel

Happy eating! :)
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