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arift - Burrp User


February 16,2016


2 must try starters here: Apple Chicken (It's not sweet) and Canton Wantons (10 wantons in a portion). Also, the sizzling chicken isn't that bad. Main course, without a doubt, their Burnt Chilli Rice is the best with fish in black bean sauce and if you like coconut based rice, do try the Malaysian rice. It's delicious!
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Sagar Nihalani - Burrp User

Sagar Nihalani

January 03,2016

Good food but a bit costly

The food here is good. Authentic Chinese. Only drawback is d price is a bit on the higher side
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Raunak Gokhale - Burrp User

Raunak Gokhale

October 10,2015

Most Pathetic Outlet of 5 spice

Stupid staff with no courtesy for customers and cleanliness. I don't even want to waste my time writing a review because these guys are simple hopeless. Look at the picture it explains it all.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

January 01,2015

Most innovative chinese dish ive ever had

Having heard a lot about the place I tried it out for a weekday lunch.The location is not great and the a great drain which is the size of a small river flowing just beside it dosent help its cause either. However as you step inside its better. The ambience is pleasing but not exceptional , although i could not point it out the overall feeling was of it being unclean and untidy perhaps it was the symmetry perhaps the color combination .We decided to attack the food directly and had 4 dishes. Spring rolls,chicken dragon balls, Burnt garlic fried rice & exoitic veggies in basil and wine .We also ordered a cocktail. The disappointment were the spring rolls which were too broad,too filled and soggy. They were dripping with oil and could have given any delhi road side chola bhatura a run for its money in terms of oil content. But that is where the disappointment ended.The burnt garlic rice were one of the best chinese rice i have had as i am a noodle lover and rice dosent impress me unless its really good. This one did. The innovative part about it was the crispy deep fried onion which were mixed alongside the rice which added that slight crunch to it. The rice were not too spicy and yet hot . The chicken dragon balls i was told were exceptional as well , the chicken was soft and the flavor balanced. But the dish of the evening was the main course- Exotic veggies in basil and red wine. It was one of the most innovative chinese dishes i have had in a long time. They had mixed the chinese sauces and reduced them alongside some red wine . The end result was a dish which i feel was the perfect fusion . The spicy chinese balanced the red wine aftertaste superbly and along with the rice it was a combination par excellence. The portion sizes are huge ....one main course and one noodles is more than enough for two couples or 3 guys . The cocktail that we ordered was a khus cocktail which was another pleasant surprise. They cut the sweetness of khus with lime and balanced both with apt amount of vodka. The quantity of vodka was huge too . Overall 5 spice is on the top of my list for one of the most innovative chinese dishes i have tasted.
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connoisseur22 - Burrp User


December 10,2012

Worth the money!

Excellent food...the quantity is more than you expect....Chicken Mongolian Pot rice is my all time favourite....The pricing is cheap...
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