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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: sour apple Drink,Spinach and Cheese Sambausik,Toma
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Friends

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Not Much Options In the Food Menu
YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 24,2016

AER Review

The party circuit in Mumbai has never been the same since Aer upped the ante. Located on the 33rd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, the open-air bar and lounge is the playground of Mumbai’s rich and glamorous. Half the fun of coming here is watching the stilettoheeled models, socialites and sharply dressed expats that comprise the posh crowd. Drinks are expensive, with a humble beer priced at Rs. 300 and cocktails at Rs. 800. However, get here for sunset in time for happy hour and you are rewarded not only with half-price drinks but a view of the city that will simply take your breath away. The upbeat music, the breezy weather and the vista over three sides of Mumbai makes Aer a must-visit. There’s a strict dress-code, so guys, look sharp!
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 28,2015

A good breeze

Facing the Arabian Sea, this bar is elegant and more reserved than many others n attracts a rather high-class clientele for the live jazz band that plays each night.. What an amazing place the most famous n expensive bars in town.. the Four Seasons rooftop bar offers one of the most stunning views of the city in all directions n is probably worth a drink.
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  • Aer, Four Seasons Hotelimage
  • Aer, Four Seasons Hotelimage
  • Aer, Four Seasons Hotelimage
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 02,2015

Most Iconic View Rooftop Bar

Aer the rooftop bar and club at the Four Seasons Hotel offers the city’s most iconic views – Haji Ali mosque, Mahalaxmi racecourse and Bandra-Worli Sea link.
True spectacular views. The drinks are well done. Service is attentive and friendly. Food is mostly snack items. The pizzas are thin, cripsy and tasty.
Champagne and cocktails are available for approximately half the price from 5.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. following a DJ spinning music right into the night.
But beware: you might not be able to send your selfie picture or check -in on facebook, because there is no virtual connection to the outside world - no wireless LAN, no mobile network either.

A must for those bar hoppers.
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  • Aer, Four Seasons Hotelimage
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

March 01,2015

The Breathtaking View...!!!

The place looks absolutely stunning especially during late evenings, nice breezy and comfortable seating. Food menu is decent but for the portions they serve, I feel it's slightly overpriced. Mixed reactions for the place i might visit again strictly for ambiance and good music. This place literally is overall over-priced as compared to many lounge bars around the vicinity. Definitely, a place to check out.
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

February 28,2015

Love for the Breeze!!

The best thing about Aer is the ambiance. The food is on the pricier side and so are the drinks. But the gentle breeze from the top cannot be matched. The view is not great as such but it is a different feeling in itself to be high above the rest of Worli accompanied by its beauty. Excellent wine, awesome music and what else do you need, ahh yes! a couple of drinks along with some good starters.
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

January 19,2015

amazing place

this place has a phenomenal view and equally an absolutely fantastic ambience. the service is also par in terms of a five star restaurant.

the food option is very limited and yes this is the kind of place you want to visit when you just get your salary and not month end types.

the food is good, but i enjoyed the view. there was nothing more i wanted to do than stare at the entire city
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Ruchir Joshi - Burrp User

Ruchir Joshi

May 04,2014

Have to be here one of a kind experience

Located on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons. Panoramic view. Superb ambiance. Quite expensive but worth it given the location.
Courteous staff. If you a mumbaikar this is a must go
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Vikas  - Burrp User


March 10,2014

This place is absolutely phenomenal!!

Aer is easily one of my favorite places in Bombay.
Located on the rooftop of Four Seasons, this place is a shocker.
From the moment i stepped in till i left, every moment spent here was wondrous.
It does not fail to make your evening as close to perfect as it can get.
Every detail is taken care of. The decor, ambiance, food, view (i love the view), service, music and everything else i cant remember, was perfect.
It's more than a one time visit.
It's the "as many times as you can visit" kind of places.
It was a very calming experience for me.
And the fact that more of similar roof top lounges are popping up everywhere, makes me a happy person.
Applause for Four Seasons. Will continue visiting.
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Farah Edroos - Burrp User

Farah Edroos

March 07,2014

Aer Bar- Lovely Ambeince

you can see across Mumbai, Be it mahalaxmi race course or towards hajiali, Food is good, However its an expensive place. The drinks food everything is good. I have a great time. One time experience. Its a cosy place. Need to be there to see the sunset. The staff is friendly. Recommendationns are true. I had a lovely experience.
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mihirsavla85 - Burrp User


February 07,2014

mumbai panorama

I am a person who is a sucker of great rooftops and view of skylines. This place tops my list in that. Astonishing view of Mumbai city, where in you can enjoy a mesmerizing lit-up view of the city, along with sea link, and well, the sea from the 33rd floor.

however, it becomes extremely difficult to get a good table on busy days, so if you don't get a table with view, this place is quite okayish.

Nothing great to write about the food / drinks. not saying they are bad. They are infact good, but probably not worth the price. The price one pays is for the view only.

Overall, a must visit for your visual senses..
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monakothari - Burrp User


January 22,2014


Never seen such a beautiful place ... superb ambience ... food n drinks
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Tanvi Shah - Burrp User

Tanvi Shah

January 13,2014

Wow experience!

A totally Wow place to visit for special occassions! A perfect way to celebrate an occassion with your special someone! Truly romantic ambiance, good food and great view of the skyline! Good soft music to add to the experience. a slightly high on the luxury part and hence a little tight on wallet, but this place truly deserves a mention as one of the most romantic places in mumbai! Cheers!
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Swapnil Pinjarkar - Burrp User

Swapnil Pinjarkar

January 11,2014

The perfect place to celebrate special moments

We had been to Aer for our first anniversary celebration. The location was a surprise for my wife. I could see her smile getting broader as the elevator crossed the floors and finally stopped on the 33rd floor. The view from the lounge is simply awesome. On weekdays, they have happy hours with offers on cocktails. We had decided to go for the mocktails and each of the mocktails we had were made to perfection. The food was very tasty although i found it a tad low on the portion size. esp. the tacos!!
We spend a good 2 -2.5hrs at the lounge and i must say the real beauty of the venue is to see the sun go down while u sip on some real nice drinks with your loved one right next to you. By 7.30-8, the place started getting crowded especially near the bar.
I had a conversation with the chef at the lounge a couple of days before our anniversary and he had agreed to make us a cake to celebrate the occasion. But since I had made some other plans for dinner (u better have some plans made for dinner), i had to opt out of it. Guess i'll do dat next year ;)
All in all, If you are ready to shell out some money for that special day with your loved ones, Aer lounge should definitely be among ur top choices in Mumbai.
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Vikas Puthran - Burrp User

Vikas Puthran

December 25,2013

Best bar in town

Best ambience in town in terms of view and being the very few roof top bars in town. Settings is very elegant and stylish yet simple. Very good classy crowd. Being in Four Seasons service is excellent. Food is light bitings only. But you go Aer for atmosphere not the food. Music is classy not loud. Beautiful place to take classy visitors and guests to Mumbai
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panisthivora97 - Burrp User


December 17,2013

luxury at its peak

Located on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons, this is Mumbai's highest rooftop bar and is the place to enjoy panoramic city and sea views.Roof top location is simply stunning..
Staffs are well mannered and courteous and their service was also upto the mark.
Tried cocktail which was not something amazing but starter was good.

Ambience - 4/5
Food - 3/5
Service - 4/5
Overall - 3.5/5
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yashudeshi - Burrp User


November 30,2013


The best place in Mumbai to go out with a date for dinner. Best ambiance and the view just loved it. Staff is not good. Food was good but a place all will fall in love with. If you want to see Mumbai From air Visit "AER". Too costly but worth it for the view and ambianmce
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urveshvora  - Burrp User


November 22,2013

Amazing Birthday Surprise Experience

Went on the chilliest night(mumbai) this season with slight breeze at the rooftop on 34th floor.
Enthralling experience. Ofcourse the prices are on a bit higher side, But definitely the view is worth every penny.
It is one of the best every birthday/anniversary surprise you will like to give it to your loved ones.
They don't accept prior bookings. No cover charges on weekdays
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Vaibhav Patodia - Burrp User

Vaibhav Patodia

November 06,2013

Worth an Experience

This place is all about an experience. Had been to Lebua in Bangkok and actually that propelled me to visit this place and it didn't disappoint me a bit.. The best time to be there is during the sunset, it gives you the best view in the whole of Mumbai. Everything seems so perfect there, right from great food, lovely ambiance and breath taking view of Mumbai..one of the good things, which money can actually buy ;)
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Ronak Shah - Burrp User

Ronak Shah

October 19,2013

Awesome Location

Aer Lounge is a rooftop lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. The staircase entrance is very well made up of glass-decorative material. I guess each and every one would click atleast one pic at this place. As soon as you enter this place you feel you are at top of the world. You can have a 360 degree view of Mumbai from this place. The food menu here has very limited options and which is very very expensive too. May be that because its in a 5 star hotel. We had once dared to order one of the ice-cream @ aer, but to our surprise it tasted spicey. Since then I have decided to go at Aer just for view & ambience.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 04,2013

This is a must do place in Bombay fo sho!

I have been dying to go to this place ever since it opened. Although i wouldn't be the right person to review the food and alcohol at this place as I spent hardly ten minutes here for an event. But the ambience is a stunner and that is what you truly pay for when you come here.
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Aditya Thakkar - Burrp User

Aditya Thakkar

September 21,2013


without doubt one of the best and classiest places in mumbai!!!
the cocktails were great (good choice of mocktails too for non drinkers), the food tastes really nice and im not even gonna begin talkin abt the ambiance nd the view cuz this space is surely gonna be less for that!!!
one of the best things there was the friendly and courteous staff!!! usually at such high-end places, the staff is sumtyms snobbish bt at AER, the staff is really worth complimenting!!!
lovely place...must go!!!
cheers to the place!!!
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Ashmita Malhotra - Burrp User

Ashmita Malhotra

September 19,2013


Aer Bar and Lounge, located on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel at Worli gives you a marvelous panoramic view of the city. It’s the Mumbai’s highest rooftop bar. The plan was to go around 5:30 pm and see the sunset (and also 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm they happy happy sunset hour) but we got late and reached there by 8:30 pm. As we entered, on asking for Aer we were escorted to the elevator that took us right up to the 33rd floor. From there we had to climb up another floor. The staircase is very colourful and glittery with small glasses all around giving a magnificent effect. As soon as you enter inside, the view can take your breath away. The lounge is divided into 2 parts, giving you the view of two different sides of the city. The one which is the non-sea side facing (where you enter) gives you a panoramic view of the city and the other side is the sea view. We wanted a sea view side but since it was full had to settle in for the other. There is no reservation here, its first come first serve on any given day so plan going accordingly.

Well, not a place where you can enjoy a lavish dinner. Their menu does have only snacks and pizza. Keeping our budget in mind (place is very expensive), we decided to have something limited and stuck to veg. Ordered for 2 mocktails in the beginning. One was a sour apple and the other I don’t seem to remember the name now. I specifically loved the sour apple. Then we decided to call for the snacks. First we ordered Spinach and Cheese Sambausik. Basically it is a samosa with spinach and cheese filling. It simply melts in your mouth, the cheese and spinach flavour was mind blowing. Then we called for a Tomato and Basil Bruschetta. I am not a Bruschetta person but I ended up liking this one. It had a very tangy taste. And the last we called in for was Thai green veg curry spring rolls with coconut curry sauce. This was recommended to us by the staff. But I did not really enjoy this. It was completely bland and had just no flavours to it. I was disappointed with this.

With 3 veg snacks and 2 mocktails the bill was Rs 3400. Overall was a lovely evening that was spent and a very memorable one. The staff is very courteous. Definitely worth a go.
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Aakash Agrawal - Burrp User

Aakash Agrawal

August 21,2013

5 stars for ambience... Not so many for food!

Just one word describes the view from Aer.. AWESOME!!! Gives a complete aerial view of South Bombay..
Apart from the view, nothing is so great for the place... Average food, average service, average music... And very very expensive!!!
Rs. 7000 (for 2 people).. 1 couple of drinks each and a starter..
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Amit C - Burrp User

Amit C

August 17,2013

Perfect Place for a drink!!

Overlooking the sea... this place has a magnificent view... the ambience is amazing.. perfect white soothing decor.. and a bar which has a huge selection of alcohol..

They have happy hours in the evening.. you could catch up for a drrink... while enjoying the sunset view ... perfect for a date too.. and what more you get great discounts too in the evening..

Just go up to the friendly bar tenders ... and let them make you a cocktail of their choice... they are excellent at their job... and im sure u will be pleasantly surprised with what they come up for u..

They serve Excellent appetizers too!

Its a wonderful place.. truly a jewel in the crown of mumbai!!
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shripal17  - Burrp User


July 30,2013

hava mahal

u cant beat the view, the air, the wind, the energy , its just mesmerissing... 34floors above ground, an open air lounge, cant go further .
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monilrockssss - Burrp User


May 04,2013

Worth visiting with someone special

Had been to this place with girlfriend for celebrating second year completion of our relationship and I must say that it was a wise decision to choose this place. My girlfriend's jaw just dropped as soon as we entered the lounge. You won't find any other place in Mumbai which offers such kind of ambience and panoramic view of both Mumbai skyscrapers as well as sea facing view. my GF felt really special and she was all praise

Ps: Try to visit during happy hours since there's 50% discount on cocktails
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shakes17 - Burrp User


April 05,2013


Awesome Place ...Awesome view...I think you can view the best skyline of Mumbai from here.
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

April 02,2013


What a place !!! Whatever words I use are not enough to describe it !! The unobstructed panoramic view of the Maximum city, with the stark juxtapositions of the glitzy skyscrapers and crumbling down mills, is more like essence of Mumbai !! The Place Is Quiet Expensive And The Crowd Here Is Upper Class Business Elite's. All About The Place Is Ambiance. The Food To A Large Extent Is Japanese And Chinese. Some Dishes May Be Indian Like Sandwiches And Grills.
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rajivmumbai - Burrp User


February 27,2013

up in AER....

my wife had not heard about this place so i planned to celebrate her bday here. we reached at the reception of the four seasons hotel by 5pm. they told us that the aer lounge opens at 5:30pm and hence we waited at reception. at 5:30pm we were escorted to the elevator that goes straight up to the 33rd floor of the hotel. once you are out from the elevator you need to climb another floor.... the glittering stairway (with small mirrors all over the walls) that leads up to the aer lounge might be distracting but dont stop there... keep walking coz you need to get the seat with the best view (hence go on a weekday and avoid weekends!). the lounge is divided into 2 pars giving you the view of 2 different sides of the city. one with non sea facing where you can enjoy a panoromic view of the concrete jungle and a sea facing one. we went towards the sea facing side of the building where the cool breeze from the arabian sea greeted us... my wife's jaw almost dropped by looking at the view and the lounge setting. we got a table and ordered few mocktails (priced at Rs.400++ each) and enjoyed the sunset that is now etched in our memory forever.

they also gave a complimentary finger lickin' bday cake.... a BIG thumbs up for that!!

its a not a place where you would go to fill in your stomach.... but just in case you are hungry.. they have got some mediterranean starters (around Rs.450++) and pizza (at ~Rs.1000++).
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shahniks24 - Burrp User


January 13,2013

best lounge

dont tell me u have missed this the bestest lounge in the world superb ambience u can seee the whole mumbai frm here they r located at 34th floor tht too open to sky.. a bit expensive but a must go place
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VIKAS GUPTA - Burrp User


December 22,2012


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Joe Zachariah - Burrp User

Joe Zachariah

October 15,2012

The best view and set up in the city

A must visit place in Mumbai.

The pros -
The best view in the city, especially if you are there around 5.30-6:00 pm to see the setting sun set.
A really sophisticated and glamorous set up. I almost thought as if I was on a Bond film set.
The best cocktails in the city
A very pleasant, well mannered and professional wait staff
The happy hours are the best in the city and the drinks and experience is really worth it during the happy hours.

The cons -
The bar stools could get a bit uncomfortable especially if you are on the plumper side.
Gets very hot and humid on summer evenings, not sure what the owners can do about that too.
Too many moths attracted to the lights. Again, not sure what the owners can do about that.
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wati8onmyd8 - Burrp User


September 02,2012

Blew Me Away !!!

Where do i start - though i have been there in Jan this year - i still remember every moment i spent there....it was my bday and what a way to celebrate :))
dis i list as one of the best places to go with your special someone ...
knocked my socks off - totally ....what a view - super awesome !!!
food n drinks were good too :))

Go There ... if you wanna let someone know how special they are - trust me it works :))
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Mansi Oza - Burrp User

Mansi Oza

August 25,2012


Aer gave the feeling of a perfect place where all I want to do is listen to the music, engross in the beauty and just relax. Its divided into 2 pars giving you the view of 2 different sides of Worli. One with sea facing and one with non sea facing. But obvious I preferred the sea facing one. Sitting arrangement Is modern keeping in the young crowd. What I loved about this place is view. Sea, building, road, bridge.. It has everything. At night it give a feeling of you being outside India.

I will be one person who will go to a lounge and order dessert and not drink. But who cares, when it comes to chocolate, everything is allow. Best part was, it was written Dark Chocolate tart, White chocolate mousse, Milk chocolate mousse one after another and when I said I need Milk Chocolate mousse, waiter said Ma'am it's all together. Those words were like water to a desert area. 3 dessert with Raspberry and vanilla sauce was dream come true. Tastes was so natural and delicious that word delicious will feel inferior.
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August 21,2012


food was amazing,ambience was superb.is you like wasabi,don't forget to try their wasabi icecream.it comes with awesome caramel popcorn.beautiful
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vishal84balgi - Burrp User


July 15,2012

For Special Moments

I had heard abt this fab place from friends , about the ausome worli sea face view
from the roof top of a 34th storeyed restaurant.
Thought it might be the perfect place to make my fiance feel how special she is for me and
the place did not disappoint one bit. The food was good, mocktails were ok/acceptable ,
but what obviously is icing is the view , something few places can offer better.
service was very quick and prompt not intruding , but aware and ready to help when required.
overall happy will definately visit the place again :)
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Sailee Ghorpade - Burrp User

Sailee Ghorpade

May 29,2012

rock n roll in VIP style

though expensive bt its a treat 4 eyes !!! at the top @ 34th floor its jst soo awesum . ..good drinks n good food
worth spending 3000
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Sailee Ghorpade - Burrp User

Sailee Ghorpade

May 29,2012

a real treat for eyes

though a bit expensive its a wonderful place 2 b :D a real treat 2 eyes . . . .
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Saurabh Bandagalé - Burrp User

Saurabh Bandagalé

May 14,2012

Go Aer

This place has a real good feel to it! The drinks are good,food menu is limited which is expected,but then like most people I went for the View which is awesome,or unless you happen to be über rich enjoying that view everyday. A must visit if you are in Mumbai.Merci
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Ontheprowl - Burrp User


May 08,2012

The bar with a view

I am sure they get so many sighs just for their location. We entered at a time when we could see the sunset which was absolutely the most breathtaking thing I have seen in Mumbai recently. Though its well into the summer, Aer was cool and comfortable. The place is clean and spacious and quite plush. The drinks are simply to die for. The bartender whips up some real magical ones. Yes, its steep but for a special occasion, its great!
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Rohit Adarkar - Burrp User

Rohit Adarkar

May 01,2012

Expensive... But best things are never CHEAP

When you visit a place like this, never go there for food or service. Its the AMBIENCE that takes you by awe. Its the Experience. The feeling of "This night should never end" that you get.

Great place to hang out with close friends who for some reason can meet you once in a year. You make a grand plan to make the meeting more memorable. This place should be on your list.

Imagine sipping on you favourite liquor chatting with your friends remembering school days, college days... that too on the 34th floor open roof place... cant forget it
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


March 23,2012

A little disappointing

If you're not from Bombay, you might find this place a little overrated. Though its airy, it's not all that high up and the view is really nothing great (when you compare to Sirocco, bangkok and the likes).

Its a nice place to chill out with friends, but not on a sat night..you'd be one of the sardines in the can!
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This gorgeous breathtaking lounge is not to be missed as it presents a unique facet of nocturnal Mumbai .Be sure to arrive early and grab a seat near the glass panel because the entire appeal of this place lies in the spectacular view it offers. Music picks up post twelve. This place is obviously expensive but you can pick your food/drink options wisely to wrap within the cover charge of 2000 a head.

For more such reviews log on to http://dead-geraniums.blogspot.in/
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pacmangs1 - Burrp User


February 25,2012

late but worth it...

when they opened the place they kept it open till 1:30 am..after 1 yr they realised they could 'legally' keep it open till 3 am as it is five star...business doubled....totally packed till 3 am...with a lot of expats...next thing aer needs to do is aurus like in the rains....cannot lose 1 cr + plus business everyday for 4 months...hope the aer mgmt realises this...could recover the cost for keeping it open the rains in a month...thin crust pepperoni pizza is to die for...
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rachitashah - Burrp User


February 16,2012

beautiful ambience

very beautiful ambience, food was good but customer service could have been better for that price
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Raksha Karan - Burrp User

Raksha Karan

February 04,2012

We were there

It’s time to meet up again, our kinship group, after a gap of 3 weeks, on Dev Diwali, the second day of Diwali a Gujarati New Year.

Venue – Diwali pe Diwala, Hotel FOUR SEASONS rooftop restaurant AER, lavish, large and simply makes all the money in your pocket evaporate, But yes, definitely a place to explore, as it gives you the feeling of being the “KING of the WORLD”, watching crazy yet our beloved city called Mumbai from the 34th floor ( I could be wrong on the floor count )

Meeting time around 8.00pm.For me, it was time to dress up, my Kucchu was coming to pick me up @ 6.00pm.

I wore his favorite frock ( the White one ) and we started our 30 km drive. The discussion was predominantly orbited on our ROCA/Engagement/Wedding plans as to when and how soon to settle down in life. Trust me, our families are buzzing with these topics day in and day out.

We reached Four Seasons, our first 5 star jaunt, I must say a pretty big hotel with bright lights and a hospitable staff.

A kind and polite staff member escorted us in elevator towards AER which was on 34th Floor. As we reached AER the bar manager welcomed us with a smile. The place was relaxing with dim lights and soft music with a fantabulous roof top view.

Well , we were the first to arrive and decided to order something, a word of caution this is a right aligned menu card ( Check prices before you order mate ), we skimmed trough the menu and the ice-cream “chilly-mint” sounded tempting and weird, served with caramel popcorn in it, plus it was only Rs.150 so we ordered it. But sadly, our taste buds hated it. While we were having the most weirdo ice-cream, our friends Nehal, Darshit and Bamtu finally turned up. We sat down and Darshit ordered for a lovely Pizza, well it was his treat, he was about to complete 1000 days of his married life ( today was 999 ).

We ended up having dinner at SAN Qi, a Pan Asian restaurant at Four Seasons, tranquil lights, dulcet Lamps and comely candles. A fabulous ambiance and sumptuous food, we did have a great time at the restaurant. Finally it was the, time to say goodbyes. My Kucchu dropped me home in our loaned for the day car, courtesy Santosh Sir.

All in all, great experience AER + San Qi, a belt breaking dinner with friends and a lovely drive back home. What more do we need in life?
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indibuddy - Burrp User


January 07,2012

pay money to stand in a crowd

i want on a friday night to celebrate my wedding anniversary
was looking forward to a great time with my partner
what turned out was a boring experience
they charge 1,500 per head cover charge . i asked at the counter before paying if there was any chance of a table . he just replied you can check upstairs with the host upstairs , he would not say that there is no chance of a table, so i paid 3000 and went up

Upstairs it was jam packed with just some space to walk , enquired with the host and he would not even comment if a table would be possible even after an hour or so. took our names and numbers on the list and said he would call if space becomes available. there was no phone call till closing time

the host advised us to wait at the bar and get started

We made our way to the bar, crowded and surrounded
anyways found some space to stand and ordered some mocktails and food
Good bites and mocktails

Waited about 2 hours standing ,in the end lost patience and left the place
when we left at 12 there were people still pouring in and the place was almost crowded like a suburban local

wonder why people pay such money just to stand .
there is no dance floor either where you can dance and spend some time

Place - amazing beautiful .
music good
food good but very expensive
drinks - mocktails very good but expensive
service , not too happy , maybe the staff is overworked and too busy

all in all go if you don't mind standing in a crowd and shoving & pushing to make your way to the bar. I would definately go but at a different time to catch the tables bu the window side . it is beautiful to sit there and see the view , listen to the music and sip some drinks with your partner friends
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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

December 30,2011

Best ever friday hangout!

Had been there for few drinks with my friends from overseas. Its an awesome place, the open air, the scenic view of mumbai in the night, good wine + mocktails. Must admit that they have limited starters on their menu but...for a place to chill out with friends, its a thumbs up. By far a fantastic experience.
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Pritee Agrawal - Burrp User

Pritee Agrawal

November 04,2011

fake drinks!!!

man can you belief - such expensive - such branded place with fake awful drinks and more over hardly place to move in...limited seats... worst music ever in any pub...adding to the awfulness half the pub is NO SMOKING - dude its a open pub..i dont get it why they have such stupid rules....worst was the sitting at the bar area......thats not it, they hardly have any appetizer, even if you manage ordering one you need to wait hours for the same.....i hate this place would never ever step in....the only thing i liked about this place was the view but thank god mumbai has lots many places to enjoy the beauty of the city
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Nemesis - Burrp User


October 12,2011

Some changes since my last visit

My friends and I have always loved this place and would always recommend it to others. Needless to say, I couldn't wait for it it to commence business after the rains. Went there last Saturday and found it packed - maybe due to the fact that it was a dry day and its not easy to get a drink outside a 5 star hotel.
I think there have been some additional lights added that looked a lil cheap in my opinion and along with the commercial music that the DJ chose to play, gave it a more club type effect.
The menu has changed - as expected, some of the the prices have been increased with a cocktail now setting you back Rs.800, which is roughly Rs.1100 after taxes and service charge.
One thing that really disappointed me was that their once signature cocktail 'Space' is no longer there in the menu and whats worse is that the bartender refused to make it when asked.
Overall, I'd now rate it 4/5 from my earlier rating of 5, but its still my favorite place in the city.
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Mariette Valsan - Burrp User

Mariette Valsan

July 04,2011

A great evening out

The terrace lounge – Aer, is open air, and is spread out around the terrace, to give a 360 degree view. The white seats are great to sink into for an enjoyable evening. The music perfectly complemented the sunset we were privileged to witness. The Jazz/ Lounge music, acting like subtle filler for those relaxed spaces in conversation, while the breath-taking view takes over the senses. The cool spring breeze started whipping our hair about as the purple sky slowly gave way to the twinkling stars. It is the perfect setting for a romantic date, or a quiet evening out with family.

The nachos were nothing impressive, but the sour cream dip made up for it. The salsa was more chopped tomatoes than anything else, and far from the distinguished flavour that one would expect. The wasabi was good.. We also ordered the chilli cheese toast – vegetarian, which was nothing out of the ordinary but was served hot. The bruschetta was served on a toasted pizza type crusty bread, but the crunch contrasted well with the vegetable filling.

The squids with spicy tartar sauce was divine in the first bite, but as a bit of time passed, they got more rubbery as they cooled down. The spicy tartar sauce was a mix of a slightly spicy/ tangy flavour. We had a variation of the cheese toast as well, with prawns on it. The cheese, quite honestly, dominated the flavour, but the prawn did add to it.
The red Californian maki was my personal favourite, which is a sea-food dish. The sushi, served with ginger, wasabi and dark soya sauce was quite good. The soy sauce was a bit on the salty side though, but complimented the sushi well. The seafood was fresh, and full of flavour.

The accompaniments with the drinks, which were coated nuts, were also quite enjoyable, as they retained a crunchy, yet mildly spicy flavour, very reminiscent of the wasabi served.

We tried the white sparkling wine, which was slightly tangy, with a sour after-taste, and somewhere mixed in that, was a very subtle sweetened flavour, which one experienced when rolling the wine over the tongue. It was a heady one though, and three glasses were quite enough to elevate the mood. The Prosecco was truly delightful.
All in all, a great place for a queit evening.
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Vratika Aggarwal - Burrp User

Vratika Aggarwal

June 21,2011

need more stars to rate this place!!!

This is a very romantic, refreshing and one of my Favourite places in mumbai. It a Mindblowing experience to be here , I am a Big Fan for a good ambiance and this place has just the awesome sort of a feel for the same :)
In terms of Food , it was average , I visited this place with my hubby ,we both loved the place but the food need to be given a lil more attention. !! Its a dreamlike color setting though ;)
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bhavik.kothari - Burrp User


May 22,2011

In the AER...

Well after a lot of reviews,we decided to go to this group friendly lounge...the saturday evening..I am must appreciate the fact that the place is on top of everything..in Mumbai..superb ambience...breath taking views...courteous staff and lots more...
But it was a lil dissapointment in terms of three things..
Firstly,the music..which was not only 'just too loud' but mere repeat and continued for couple of hours..until they realised it and changed the tracks.
.Also they talk of a renowned wine list but to my astonishment just stocked up 4 wines in total(2 in red and 2 in white..)Mocktails had only 4 options???..Well the cocktails did compromise for everything else so hands up for the cocktails and the liquor...
Coming to the snacks and the food..I must say,very restricted menu on the course and a handful of things you can pick..so you just got to breathe in the 'AER' around..so that you don't starve..(for the foodies).
The Four seasons tag does give a boost to the hospitality and the ambience..

Despite the critics and appreciations...I woud rate the place as below
Location 5.0
Ambience 4.0(1 less because of the music..'just too loud..and mere repeeat)
Food 3.0
Wines/Mocktails 1.5
Liquor Drinks(Cocktails) 3.5
Staff 4.0
Value for Money 3.5( Worth for the Overall Experience- Breathtaking views)
Overall 4
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Foodie_66 - Burrp User


May 20,2011

Aer - Four Seasons Worli

Been there last evening ( May 19th).

The place scores for its Panaromic view of the Mumbai city as well as the Arabian Sea from the Rooftop (Level 34) of Four Seasons at Worli.

It's got an impressive array of wines and other drinks.

The food menu that goes along with drinks (read finger food / starters or plain chakhna) is'nt as impressive and is highly tilted against an Indian palate. They need to improve , both in terms of the no. of items as well as the quality.

The place is priced on the higher side, relatively speaking, and one needs to accordingly be prepared for the same.

All in all the place is good , for the atmosphere but not as good otherwise.

I'll give 5 stars for the ambience and the settings, but only 3 stars for food.
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f_bar - Burrp User


May 10,2011

this place rocks!!

great staff! great view!! great music!! this place is awesome!!
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purvihandlooms - Burrp User


May 02,2011

Best resto-bar in Mumbai

I was at AER, this Sunday evening with my wife to bring in her birthday. I did some research about the place. There are 2 sections to this rooftop bar. The view from the Eastern section is filled with the urban landscape. All you can see, even with the farthest glance, are skyscrapers, a sight not so pleasing to the eye. We wanted to be on the sea side.

I called in the afternoon to reserve. They said there is no need to reserve as they have enough tables on the West to accommodate walk in guests. When I turned up at around 6(the place opens at 5:30) it was already full and we were denied a table by the sea side; promising us to give one by 6:45 but they never bothered.

Staff could be more trained and efficient to handle not-so-ordinary guests at this beautiful resto-bar which I would rate as the best in Mumbai.

The Sea-side sitting is simply breath taking!
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chaks25 - Burrp User


April 26,2011


The view from the top is awesome...
If you have enough money in pocket its a good place for hangout...
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Swapnil Gugnani - Burrp User

Swapnil Gugnani

April 06,2011


Went there on 18th nov...... was a thurs so had to pay a cover of 3000 for two people.... the entire ambiance is mesmerizing.......u will just fell in love with the place once u step on it.... it is like heaven.... and be prepared to empty your pockets...it is toooo expensive
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layalakkaraju - Burrp User


March 29,2011


Snooty service,should learn humility. we asked for a pen and paper.they questioned our motives?WHO DOES? get the staff training in basic hospitality.
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Sanket W. - Burrp User

Sanket W.

March 06,2011

Quality never come cheap !!!

Lovely place, Great view of Mumbai and lovely feeling as breezzzz so much..... Great in food but not as for dine.... Great cocktails, must try Moët & Chandon Rose !!!! I never had such lovely Champagne... remember one things before you go .... Quality never come cheap.... Everything is Luxuries and extremely romantic.. try to be there 5:30 hence you can see sun set and also as getting darker can see lovely lights and night view of Mumbai with so much wind around you...and if your lucky can see Moon light above your head.... Must go at-list once .........
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himeshrani - Burrp User


February 25,2011


Nice place , good music, service need to be looked in2, but overall a good plce to hangout , though get really crowded on weekends..
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onkar585 - Burrp User


February 22,2011

Simply fab

Aer is my regular hangout. Just love the Ambience, Views and Cocktails!
It is on the pricey side though but it has a very chilled out crowd and you will always feel welcomed.
Try to come before 9Pm to grab a table. The is food is decent but could be a lil better.
Wish they could keep it open after 12:30!
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Anushri Thanedar - Burrp User

Anushri Thanedar

February 18,2011

Fine enough

Well. I went here on a very special day. The view from this place is totally awesome! please reach early and take a place in the west wing cuz the breeze there is amazing! this place is but nothing about the ambience. the music here rocks and gets better as the evening passes. food is pathetic and worst. service is sluggish too. but since this place is specifically meant for people who drink so i guess its expected. me and my pal had ordered mocktails (which were horrible and seemed like 2 juices were mixed) and some fattoosh which was bad in taste too. if u r running low on pockets then i wud recommend u come here with tummy full, order a drink and just sizzle in this place's awesome ambience! i wud say this place is THEEEE place to take anyone on a date cuz apart from food the ambience here just rolls u up! :D
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Aarti99 - Burrp User


February 13,2011

Breeze Beer Babes.

The view is Magnificent.
The place is classy.
The best of Sobo chill here. Including Me. Lol.
Drinks are expensive. They have to be.
A special feeling every time I come here.
For a special person. Special day. Trust this venue.
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Rhea  - Burrp User


January 19,2011

New York New York!!!

This place adds flavor to our nutty spicy mumbai awesome location and cool breeze very retro and chic too much to say and too little words! must go and check out the view and wines
Cheers people xoxoxoxo
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pacmangs1 - Burrp User


January 10,2011

excellent views

was there last sat night and the views are amazing!!!very crowded now used to be less crowded previously.z lister jackie shroff and sangeeta bijlani were present.jackie was mobbed by people who took photos and chatted for an hour.if this place had hrithik roshan there would be a stampede and people would be injured!!!!not very impressed with the crowd who gave too much attention for a down-n-out like jackie.!!!!!
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Pushkaraj Naik - Burrp User

Pushkaraj Naik

December 13,2010

Expensive ,gr8 ambience but unsatisfactory food

I went to aer for my 1st wedding anniversary... both of us were completely awe struck with the ambience ...music was good too...but found the service a bit slow ...also the food was not as good as supposed to a 5 star ...we called for a Californian Maki roll (Sushi) but we were very dissapointed when we were trying to pick it up with a chopstick and the roll was falling off .. like it was not made properly ...unfortunately we were comparing it to Dome at intercontinental where the food was fantastic where we were just calling for more .....overall we paid a huge bill since AER only sells imported alcohol and no domestic liqour ...but we enjoyed only for ambience and music but completely unsatisfied in terms of food.
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Prem Parekh - Burrp User

Prem Parekh

December 08,2010

Aer before 8!

I am from Manchester (working in Mumbai for the next 6 months) and entertained a London lady friend on Friday at Aer. This was the perfect start to our evening, a great place to a have a pre-meal drink and making full use of the “happy hour” before 8pm.
The view is awesome on both sides, the bar has great lighting and the service was perfect.
A glass of Bolly (Bollinger) champagne followed by an Aer special cocktail really brought us up to the 34th floor of the hotel.
On the downside, Aer only serves starters, so we moved onto Veda in Pheonix Mills – delicious – then carried on the evening in Shiro’s…..great combination for the Worli area!
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aditya.s - Burrp User


December 02,2010

Mumbai like you've never seen before!

The USP of this place is certainly its view. Atop the 34th floor of Four Seasons, the city looks fabulous. Had been to this place during Diwali. Had a truly wonderful experience! Ordered a couple of drinks and a starter. The music certainly deserves a special mention here - certainly not loud, so it doesn't interfere in your conversations and its not boring either! Although a little expensive, the entire experience (ambience, music, service, quality of liquor) more than makes up for it.
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Yash Rawat - Burrp User

Yash Rawat

November 30,2010

it steals my breath

all i can say is its awesome..
it steals ma breath..
although is very very expensive bt then its worth of it..
so high ..it feels so gr8..very romantic place for couple..
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rachitm89 - Burrp User


November 17,2010

Its good

Aer is about a 7-7.5/10. The view atop Four Seasons Hotel is really nice. It isn't as extravagent as the reviews previously suggest. The place is nice. The food is of fine quality. Apparently, they do not take reservations. The music is just right. A nice place to unwind or go on a date.
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Saritamishra - Burrp User


November 13,2010

Aer-This place has got it all

Mumbai when viewed from the 34th floor of Four Seasons looks like a piece of Paradise. There were lights twinkling as far as I could see and then there were stars- not just in the sky, there were a few next to me (Celebrities). The Ambience is super classy with beautiful furnishings decorated in white and black. The drinks (had a cocktail called space) make up for what the food lacks. The Music was nice, soothing and not too loud. SO THE VERDICT-It’s a great place for both friends and couples to hangout.
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Nemesis - Burrp User


October 28,2010


I've been here twice in a span of one month and had a great evening both times. Sure the drinks are expensive, but you're really paying for the service and the fabulous view. This is a great place to impress your date and also, the music is soft enough for you to have a conversation.
I've had the best Old Fashioned here, even though it's not on the menu and this is the only place that seems to get it right.
Entry is free on most days, but there is a cover of 1500 on Thu, Fri and Sat, which is just enough to get you 2 cocktails. They do have a Happy hour from 5:30-8 but be advised - it is limited only to champagne and champagne based cocktails ( which are twice as expensive as the regular cocktails, so for people like me, who're not into champagne, it doesn't really help)
That being said, I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone who hasn't been here already!
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snm1981 - Burrp User


October 22,2010

priceyyyyy but niceyyy

Went there on a saturday night they have 1500 cover per person... got there at 8.30 and missed the happy hours all drinks half price at that time.. I will give it 5 stars for the ambience and the service... we had some cocktails and snacks so cannot comment on the food. I had the mumbai bellini a mango champagne cocktail, letttt down coz it wasnt as good as the name suggested... the tequila cocktail cannot remember the name had me order another one.... and then one snack .... we lingered at the corner table for more than an hour just soaking in the breeze the romantic ambience the view ...
its again an awesome date place but cocktails priced at 1200 oopsie daisie 3 cocktails and one starter and we were over our cover in no time .. 4800 Rs for just that is really steep....... maybe for an anniversary treat or some quiet time to rekindle romance when your not hungry and you can focus on the person your with rather than be distracted by the other stuff..
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tanuj1089 - Burrp User


October 08,2010

worth a dekho

simple tip...dont go on friday-saturday-sunday bcuz they charge entry of 1500 per person...the view is sumthin u wnt find ne wher in mumbai...pint of beer costs 243 after tax...and everythin else frm food to hard liqour priced at around 500...go on a weekday hav couple of beers if u really cant afford it...but its one place u gootta c in mumbai!!
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Natkhat Babe - Burrp User

Natkhat Babe

July 18,2010

Up in the AER

Me and my hubby were very eager to visit this much talked about lounge. So just before the first shower of rains pour we visited this place for a lovely romantic evening. The bright and inviting lobby. A very spacious , nice and bright elevator, a polite nice staff that escorts you in the elevator till the 34th floor. So to reach the lounge you need to climb few steps through the channel which has been superbly done up with glass. Our first impression when we entered was “WOW”. The lounge has the west and east end. The lounge starts at 17hrs and we reached just before 18hrs , it was unbelievable that the west side of the lounge was full but fortunately their was only one table for two that was empty. We enjoyed every moment the setting sun, good breeze and fantastic music. The east side of the lounge does not have much breeze.

Ambience: Excellent, Spectacular view of the city from 34th floor. Great music. Very good interiors. Very contemporary look. Even the loo has very been very contemporarily made.

Food : Very expensive , but tasty too. The chicken kebabs were for Rs 950/- & Mocktails priced some were 200 to 250/- (I do not exactly remember), good taste.

Crowd: Very Elite corporate crowd. Mix of both Desi’s and Videshi’s.

Service: Very nice , good pleasant staff.

Tips: Reach as early as possible, do not miss the sunset from here. Also if you want to save the entry charge Rs/1000 per person on weekends then reach before 20hrs.
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

June 08,2010

And all stars for the beautiful view!!

Definitely worth a visit.. Very classy ambience and definitely a 360 degree view of mumbai.. But do go when the lights are out and try to get a table facing the sea...

You are sure to feel relaxed at this place!!!

Very expensive though.
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


June 03,2010


I went with my wife at this place for a couple of drinks....
First things first this place is a good place located on d 34th floor of four seasons hotel...good view and blah blah blah wat other burpers might have mentioned....

We ordered a beer,a moctail and hummus.

What happened: -

I would like to narrate what happened 'last' first....When the bill arrived I made the payment of some 1450/- through my credit card....Left some tip for the pathetic service and left...I didn't bother to check my card....Now,when we were about to board the lift 1 waiter came running claiming there is some prob in billing....We went upstairs to the billing counter and found out that the person who had done the billing has given me some1 else's credit card and mine 2 some 1 else.....Just imagine guys if this happens to u'll.....what might u'll have dne....its a mistake frm my side that i trust such fools.... The staff appologized and moreover i gt 2 knw dat that lady had swiped my card twice...she appologized and gave me the void statement....
All dis happened on the wed nite wen there wer no cover charges and the staff wer just tryin to earn sum extra bucks by not lettin us sit peacefully and rushing up on things....dat idiotic waiter even tried to fool us by saying plz rush up as there is gona rain soon....i was like helllo boss we r frm mumbai chu***a bana kisi aur ko.....

After spending so much on just a couple of drinks i feel cheated and not at all satisfied.....d worst place i have ever been 2.....AURUS is far more better service wise and place wise....

CREDIT card jholers.....lolz.

The worst place for me...A thumbs down for me......
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ramkey - Burrp User


May 18,2010

Warm place with cold staff.

the place is really well done up..gives you the feel of any top notch bar in the world...great view...nice light lounge music (sick of the commercial music other places play) .Being in the area it is..it charges a premium on the food n ddrinks..n thats understood..but was really dissapointed with the staff...i know its a high end place but do we all need to come in our mercesdes and push our weight to get some importance....just cuz we call and enquire that we are made to feel as if its a place doing too well and we can come at our own risk ..cuz reservations r open only to certain ppl as i was told......i didnt get tht..i mean i too will pay 1500rs cover so why this fuss ..
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Sal  - Burrp User


March 23,2010

Good but Overhyped

Its a nice place with a good view. But since everyone's on their feet its difficult to see unless you go stand at the edge. There are two sections the smoking and non-smoking with the non smoking section being far less crowded.

The crowd ranges across the spectrum with most people dressed to the hilt but enough who come very casually. It seems that all you need is Rs1500 to enter with no concept of a dress code.

I like the fact that they restrict entry so there is enough place to move around without having to jostle people. Of course it is a pain when you are going in a big group and people arrive at different times. The trick apparently is that those who arrive first buy buy vouchers for everyone so then there's no problem of entry.

All in all a nice place to unwind or get a glimpse of celebs. I hope they put in some coolers though with the temperature rising now.
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

March 07,2010

Aer Attack (not)

Once we'd figured out that you needed to register at a desk outside, pay Rs 1,500, and then enter the cordoned-off route to a dedicated elevator, we were glad to land up in Aer, mid-air, it seemed.

We'd gone here as part of my birthday celebrations. And it served its purpose very well. The view was awesome once we were seated at our table. Sorry to say that Mumbai looks so much better by moonlight rather than sunlight ;o)

The place was warming up by 10pm. And the drinks were expensive, but hello? that's the hotel policy: it's priced to make it exclusive. The trick here is know and understand what your limits are, and what your venues of choice can be. If you try and squash a square peg into a round hole, you'd probably end up with a ranting review like one or two of those below. Go to Ghetto and be happy, brother...

The staff were slick we were served pretty quickly. We even got free tequila shots :o) The music was cool, but the sound system was even cooler - to say it was open-air the sound quality was fantastic.

Come here to stare and be stared at. Lots of "packs" of young girls with daddy's cash in hand. And short, clingy dresses that would make their grandmothers have a coronary. It detracts from the evening when the audience becomes the entertainment instead of the venue! However, the view wins out eventually.

Keep your ego and your expectations in check and then try this place out. You surely won't be disappointed as long as you've got absolutely nothing to prove except that you're a decent human being and can demonstrate you are capable of having a good time without your parent/guardian/chaperone around to keep your potty mouth in check ;o)
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nvnofmum - Burrp User


February 28,2010

Worth a look

I guess by now everyone knows that the view from Aer is amazing. I had heard the same and honestly, just went there to check it out.

It's one of those places which you know is going to be overpriced (it's in a five star hotel, duh!) but you don't mind shelling out just to check it out at least once. It's like one of those touristy spots you visit when travelling. And Aer does not disappoint.

We were there for about an hour. One round of drinks is all that it was worth.I'd recommend staying in the non smoking zone. Fewer people there so you can actually enjoy the ambience. The smoking zone, is way too crowded. I'm a smoker but that many people packed so close in a place that's all about enjoying the evening under the open night sky....I'd rather not smoke and enjoy the experience.

It's difficult to find a table to sit so all the best with that. And just in case you are the type who needs to comply with everyone else's dressing, well, then dress up. I go to a bar, dressed to go to a bar, unlike a lot of other people who seemed to have come dressed for a wedding reception. Actually saw women in long gowns! I get it's a fancy place but c'mon.

Nevertheless, check it out for the view and if you feel like spending, the drinks are pretty good.
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February 02,2010

A slice of heaven

Could go there every evening of my life! Gorgeous 35th floor view of Mumbai!! What with the glass walls, the pretty white furnishings and the breathtaking view, you don't need the alcohol for intoxication! Perfect for a evening where silence needs to do the talking as well for catching up with friends or for partying away....totally totally recommended :)
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vbubber - Burrp User


January 23,2010

Worst. Night. Ever. Disrespected+ Humiliated.

Executive summary: Spend your hard-earned money somewhere else; this hotel CLEARLY doesn't want your business.

1. I have been to bars and lounges all over the world.

2. I have been to the bar Esquire magazine called "The worst bar in America."

3. I have been to Ghetto in Bombay, which is actually pretty good.

4. What I'm trying to prove is that I know nightlife. I enjoy it.

5. Tonight was the WEIRDEST and most confusing experience of my life.

Here's what happened:

7 pm: I call Aer. I speak to N (name not disclosed out of respect to her--she was probably only doing her job--albeit TERRIBLY.) I inform her that I intend to visit the bar tonight with 2 associates. They happen to be attractive ladies. I ask to be placed on the "table list." I know this exists because I did the same on Wesnesday night, where the list worked and I was granted a table after several hours of patient partying.

11 pm: I show up. Nobody knows what is happening. There are two lines. 1 in the lobby, where people are being let in with a HANDSHAKE and a welcome, and another outside, manned by a bouncer who can barely speak English.

11:10 I ask the concierge if I could please speak with Nikita. All I want is an assurance that I will get in sometime in the next 20 minutes. My time is money. Nikita is unavailable. The concierge loses interest. Mistake 1--the Taj would not have allowed that to happen

11: 40 After several threats, phone calls, and spending more money than most people in this city make in a month at the "coffee shop" in the lobby (took the waiter FIFTEEN minutes to pour me a glass of wine. We were the only customers there), we are granted entry.

I go up. I do a little dance in the lobby to celebrate before doing so. The ladies I am with are relieved. It's taken AN INCREDIBLE amount of effort to get in here.

It's barely full.

Ugly people.

Indifferent service. Not enough bartenders. Prices that make you want to weep. It would be worth it if I could actually get a drink. I ask a waitress (who is obviously frazzled because she is overloaded with work and semi-trained managers who more interested in keeping well-dressed, paying customers out than providing any sort of service) for some service. It doesn't happen.

Water takes 20 minutes to organize. I go to the bathroom. Sit down on the toilet. And count to 10.

1:15 am: I leave. The time in between is a blur. Yeah, the view is nice, but save your money for a helicopter ride of Bombay instead. Seriously, they clearly do not want your business.

Before leaving, I express my displeasure with several managers. They all refuse to apologize, and just make excuses. This would not have happened at the Taj.

Sigh. I left my car at the Hotel of Doom. I suppose I have to go back there tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to it. I feel ripped off, raped, humiliated, and worst off--like I wasted my time.

UPDATE: Got my car back. They all smiled extra hard at me today. I left with the General Manager's card. I guess I'm going to send him a letter, a bag of poop [yes, I'm joking], and a link to this page.
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missyroti - Burrp User


January 11,2010

Fresh AER!

Let me start with the good, the view was beautiful, need more places in mumbai with a view like this. This place is on the 34th floor in an over priced not worthy hotel.

And now for the bad:
My girls and me headed there on a Fri at 11, it was 6 girls and entry was shut. Luckily we knew someone who was leaving and so he got us in (with a lot of dispute with the security)
The staff and security are not at all coordinated, the security told us we were the lucky last 6 but hardly lucky and the place was not even full. It was buzzing but not even in the closest bit packed. But thats ok coz they charged 1200 bucks per drink and my cousin found a chewing gum at the bottom of her glass!!!YUCK!! it was disgusting for a FOUR SEASONS to serve customers who are paying a lot for a drink. Music wasn't bad, the vibe was a drab and the crowd was quite crap to be honest. Would only go back for the view and i would go drunk and stay away from the overly priced drinks and bad hygiene.
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Raj Malhotra - Burrp User

Raj Malhotra

January 10,2010

Aer !!

An Awesome place to hang out with friends and business clientele..

I was searching for a place where one could go out with business clients to catch up for a drink in the evening or for light celebrations and this has been the best place so far. Champagne at half the price during happy hours (5:30 to 8:00) which i feel is a steal and with an amazing view of the sunset from that height can indeed impress your company !!

The service is slow and expected as Four Seasons has never been a place to rush their patrons in anything.. ( Pls read they are very slow and not attentive many times )

The food is world class as you can expect of Four Seasons but
one should be sure that catering to indian palate is better for local clientele and not only to foreign accents.

NEW RULE: if you are coming on a thursday friday and saturday be sure to enter before 10 PM as there is a Fee of Rs 1500 after 10 PM. By chance you been good enuf to pay their "Minimum Spend" and the bar is full they do not allow you up there and do not return the money (my colleague suffered that on friday night already)

Be there early and enjoy the evening till late... be sure its gonna be hard on the wallet but worth it if you wanna make it a memorable evening
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yogss - Burrp User


January 07,2010

Not the best

Great Ambience and Great View but the DJ is a let down dishing out depressing tunes ...food needs to improve...average food prices are around Rs.500..but not good...overall nice place with a great view but certainly not the best....
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Aa S - Burrp User

Aa S

December 29,2009

Va va viewwww!!!

What an awesome experience!

Four Seasons has finally brought Mumbai's very own lounge with a view to die for. OK, so we had The Dome (which is nice), but Aer is awesome.

Situated on the 34th floor / terrace of the sparkling new Four Seasons hotel, Aer hits you as soon as you enter. Very chic decor, excellent music and a panormaic view of Mumbai makes for a perfect setting.

The crowd is hip (mostly SoBo and Bandra-types) and the drinks are pricey (why not). The place wasn't overly crowded so service was quick. I believe their cocktails are nice, but we haven't yet tried any.

Must visit.
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Sumit  Alag - Burrp User

Sumit Alag

December 29,2009

Best place 4 a date

u want something different....4 season has got it 4 u.
It is different from any lounge mumbai has....The best place 4 romantic evening.
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sunnyamlani - Burrp User


December 14,2009

Needs a little more Aer

First things first.. it's not pronounced "AIR" it's the gujju version.. "AER". So there's a fair bit of excitement while you enter the gigantic lifts surrounded by the city's most beautiful people; and as your ears pop as the smooth lift whooshes high above the city you really can't wait to see what the views will be like (and if your wallet will survive the trip).

The first thing that gets your eye is all the white around and how small the place is. Only to realise that this is just the non smoking section, a small passage leads you to the other side which has a big round bar and sweeping views of the race course and beyond. The non smoking section offers you a view of the mills around and the lights from the various big buildings. You can also see a little bit of the sea link with the suspension ropes, where I wish I had a house, my friend's house and the worli flyover. Hushed sobo tones compared the place to Singapore's New Asia Bar and someplace in New York from where you can see the Empire State Building.

As for the bar.. there are 2 bars, one on either side which are grossly understaffed. The non smoking area bar doesn't do bellinis .. and the staff politely asks you to go to the other bar if you don't want to wait too long (fair enough I'd think, unless you've been waiting forever at this one to order, then you're just pissed). Beers (kingfisher, carlsberg) cost Rs. 250+ taxes (overall abt. Rs. 300) while the Coronas etc. come in at Rs. 350 + taxes. Be prepared to shell out in excess of Rs. 550 + taxes for hard liquor (only red label, absolut and above).

The crowd's very good looking.. a lot of foreign accents in the air too, SoBo and the 'burbs were adequately represented. The women were in all their shortest and blingiest clothes and the guys tried as much as we could. What was interesting were people all decked up coming straight in from weddings.. which i though was kinda cool (I was one of them).

The DJ plays house, edm.. a lot of commercial dance music which was well appreciated by everyone. What wasn't.. though was the 1:30 closing time; odd considering its in a five star and popular consensus was that it should be open till 3:00 a.m atleast. Nobody wanted to leave.

All in all.. a really nice place.. decent views. Wish it were breezier/colder.. would've been perfect. Go there once..try guessing what all the roads and buildings you see are and you'll have a good time. Mumbai needs more places like this.

P.S Four Seasons.. if you're listening.. how about placing some coolers/mist machines etc. there?
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