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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 07,2015

Unlimited food

I have never eaten so much food in any restaurant. As soon as we entered, the food just kept coming and coming. The starters had no end. All kinds embraced our table from kebabs to cutlets to lollipops etc. It was very nice.

We hardly had any main course item and straight went to desserts. It is a must visit for everyone.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 28,2015

Amazing BBQ!

It is a very good place to dine in with the nicest atmosphere one can imagine, my family loves coming here and also the concept of BBQ on our table is so awesome! The taste is equally good. Prawns and fish are incredible especially.Even for veggies,the paneer starters are amazing and in fact one should get full eating the starters only since the main course is standard fare with pulao,naan,paneer or mix veg gravy,dal and so on. Desserts are also nice but the grilled starters is the king!
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 04,2015

Real barbeque experience

One thing about Barbeque nation that no other place can beat is their STARTERS.
The buffet spread was awesome, no words to describe.
The taste and consistency are amazing. Grilled kebabs at the table is their specialty.
The ambiance is very calm and the staff is well spoken.
They often have some food festivals going on and it's fun for sure. Another important point is they have a live singing.
Once you enter this place you feel special.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Best Buffet !

This place has been an all time favourite with my friends and me over the years. You are rendered spoilt for choice with the offerings of amazing and succulent chicken, mutton, fish and prawns kebabs, mouthwatering main courses ranging from mutton dum biryani and awesome dal makhni to . And the dessert spread is a manna from heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth - Phirni,Gulab Jamun, and Ice-cream served with a choice of chocolate / strawberry sauce. The menu coupled with the prompt service is why a visit to this restaurant won't leave you disappointed!
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July 29,2014

Iftaar Special at Barbeque Nation

Few places in the city keep Iftaar Special as a theme. BBQ Nation is one of it. They served Dates and other Fruits with Rooh Afza. This is the latest branch that has opened in the city. In their Non Veg Starters, the Chicken Tandoori was marinated to the core and given the right temperature made it one of the best. Coriander Fish was splendid and was really fresh. Always I ask for their signature dish Cajun Potatoes (Mashed with Sauce). Give me those Potatoes and I can even have them all for dinner. Haleem was mind blowing. Keep your stomach empty always before entering BBQ Nation because there is lot to eat. Desserts did upset me a lot for the first time. Sheer Kurma should have been served hot, Angoori Gulab Jamuns were too sweet, Fruits were fresh but Iftaar special Firni was a disaster. But overall it was worth it. I am and will be a regular visitor at Nerul Branch.
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Sanah Suvarna - Burrp User

Sanah Suvarna

May 19,2014

let's go barbecuing!

Whoever thought of putting up the barbecue on the table is a genius! Love the concept not only because it's new and different but because you feel so cool about roasting up your own starters!
The waiters make sure your plates aren't empty at all and they keep getting in more...
Love their food, amazing appetizers. The main course is okay. AWESOME desserts.
Vegetarians have very limited options though.
Great place to chill with a large group of friends.
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sanketshah91 - Burrp User


May 07,2014

vegetarians not welcome

I have been to this place before and have really enjoyed the food, ambiance and service.Starters are Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab and few more veg items.This is one of the best restra & also cheap & must go one who loves eat nonveg especially. .Service is also fast & workers are very nice & soft spoken. The staff keeps coming back with starters you didn't want in the first place, instead of getting what you like The place can be quite noisy at times with larger groups.
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devendra1410 - Burrp User


March 11,2014

Everything you can ever want on your Table !!

From barbecued chicken to barbecued fish & prawns you get it all here right on one table & that's not even the best part !! It's an all you can eat deal that makes even the bulimic hog on food !! The food is delicious - you will seriously fill your tummy eating the starters alone. Combine that with the booze & you are all set for an amazing evening. Oh & did I mention that it has an amazing ambiance as well ?? The service is excellent and they never keep you waiting for your food. The food comes to your plate before you are even done with your first plate. A great place for foodies like me & its definitely value for money !
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Sachin B - Burrp User

Sachin B

February 03,2014

Best place to enjoy with friends

I love to enjoy the wonderful food, nice music and friendly staff at Barbeque Nation.
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AMITKHANN - Burrp User


December 28,2013

great barbeques

the barbeques are excellent - I eat only this - lots of prawns, chicken , barbeques which you grill in the small grill on your table.the main buffet is crap - forget about it and concentrate on the barbeques only :)
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panisthivora97 - Burrp User


December 17,2013


Barbeque nation doesn't really need a review, almost EVERYBODY has been here at least once! Been there loads of times and still never tired of their starters (they're unlimited! Yay!!!). Not too expensive, but it would really do them good to change their dinner menu!! The one in Bandra has had the same menu for ages! Although their new one in lokhandwala has a nice touch, a guitarist/ band!
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November 29,2013

Go for it, its worth it....

This place is good place for your money's worth. Total paisa vasool place. I checked out this place sometime last week and the visit was worth it. The fish fingers & grilled prawns were good... the chicken tikkas were ok and the mutton kebabs were very good. Even in vegetarian the paneer tikkas were super soft, the potato in some sauce also was great...mushroom tikkas were ok and there were some more varities that i have forgotten. The concept is surely unique and the ability to have hot food off the grill works for me. The service is prompt and the staff keeps refilling your grill promptly with some amazing chicken and fish starters until you flag that you've had enough and then you can proceed to the buffet which also has some amazing deserts.
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ydiwan - Burrp User


November 14,2013

Very unique and fantastic place for party..

Had party with my friend @ Barbeque Nation.. The concept is unique.. Best part is the starters..Mind blowing... Service is very fast.. Well organised.. Customer friendly....
Live music is fantastic... Loved starters and deserts... Food was good.. Costing for two is Rs. 1600/- but it is very much worth and value for money.... One of my friend is Jain.. So they specially cooked Crispy American Corn.. I like that they value each customer..

Ambience - Very good
Food - Excellent
Service - Very Good
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Vaibhav Patodia - Burrp User

Vaibhav Patodia

November 06,2013

Heaven for Gluttons like me

Great concept for a country like India where we do not have used a use charcoal grills / barbeue at homes.. Its an absolute dream for someone who loves to have varieties in a a meal.. great spread for both veg and non veg and you can actually eat till you drop on your knees.. A good 4 course meal and my personal favourites are Cajun Spice baby potato and the chocolate brownies.. One of the best Value for money places in Mumbai..
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shah_vama - Burrp User


October 19,2013

Good food + Good service = Happy Meal!

Have been to Barbeque Nation, Andheri west a lot many times. What excites me to come here again and again is the spread of the platter and more so the live on your table - tandoor. Choose what you want, grill it till you want, it's just apt for me. The best part of it is, being a Jain food eater, on request, i do get served yummy jain versions of the buffet. The starters and the main course and the dessert counter (with eggless option) has a good variety. With the money the charge, it's a good deal to enjoy food.
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CNK  - Burrp User


September 27,2013

Memorable Experience

Went here yesterday to celebrate my mom's bday...was nice to see the venue bigger & more spaced out compared to the bandra outlet. Food is always rocking here & the person who was incharge of our table made us feel so welcome & he loved serving us...kuddos to Mr. Bilal Khan.

We found the fish starter a bit bland & informed him the same he asked the chef to do a variation n got us the fish to match our taste buds. Also the gulabi naan is our favorite over here.

The in-house cake arrangement & the entire staff singing for my mom along with the singer who was playing live music & songs yesterday was a real touching & memorable moment for us.
Thank u!
You Guys Rocked!!!
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Saurabh Shete - Burrp User

Saurabh Shete

August 21,2013

Restaurant Review : Barbeque Nation

There are a very few places in the world where a reservation made well in advance is ineffective! Barbeque Nation is one of them! We'd made a reservation for 1430 hrs for lunch, however, due to the rains and the traffic, we ran a little late. Although we called and informed the staff about our situation, there was very little that they could do! I mean, you can imagine, you reserve a table for 16 people, but there are another 50 that arrive unannounced and start pressuring the concierge! What would the poor guy do! He has to give in. And so it happened with us too. We reached 10 minutes late and ended up waiting for another half an hour to get seats!

Once you get a place to sit in the restaurant, your entire experience transforms into a magical one! The moment a waiter approaches your table, you find yourself in food heaven. The wonderous gastronomic journey begins with 3 coveted words by the waiter - Veg or Non-Veg? And that's all that you need to answer! The rest of the times you open your mouth, is only to gorge upon the succulent, juicy, tender pieces of perfectly cooked Chicken, or immaculately moist Fish, or deliciously spiced Prawns, or the melt-in-your-mouth Mutton Sheekh Kebabs! The list continues in the veg section as well... Potatoes, Mushrooms, Paneer (Cottage-Cheese) or even seasonal fruits like you've NEVER had before. And Whats more... you get to season them, and finish their grilling by yourself! The grills placed at each table give patrons a first hand experience of grilling their own meat on the barbecue... something that we've grown up watching on The Flintstones! A complimentary drink acts as the best palate cleanser..

The only thing you have to ensure before entering any of the Barbeque Nation outlets, is that you're not watching your diet! Because in the flow of things, the waiters almost force feed you - Sir, have this, Sir, have that... The service is quick and hence the waiting period is almost nil.

Once you're done with stuffing yourself with the "unlimited" starters, you realise there's a buffet spread! And you almost say to yourself - No! I can't have more. But the aroma drags you to the food. An extremely well spread buffet awaits you in one part of the restaurant. It consists of everything - right from A soup/bisque, to curries of all kinds of meat and veggies, a biryani, salads of various kinds etc. You can give a customised order for rotis, naans, kulchas - whatever your heart desires! Their dessert spread is brilliant as well. Cheese cakes, Brownies, Mousses, Ice Creams and Indian Desserts like Phirni, Gulab Jamuns etc make you want to stuff yourself even more!

By the end of this spiritually gastronomic experience, you find yourself invariably loosening your belt buckle! It is embarrassing, but once you've had so much, it's very difficult to care about other people! The bill arrives and you're taken aback. The entire food-a-thon costs just Rs. 546 per head! You're almost struck with guilt that you looted the restaurant! Especially people like my friends and I, we must have eaten food worth at least Rs. 1200 each!
Anyway, the entire experience is magnificent. I have repeated it many times already and hope to continue doing that!

- Saurabh Shete.
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Sujit  - Burrp User


August 13,2013

Wait for the table is over.

To start with, most importantly what differentiates this Barbeque Nation from the one in Khar is that this is spacious. So when you spent sometimes couple of hours waiting for a table at the Khar Barbeque Nation, you will hardly ever have to wait here.
The service as good as usual and it meets the already good standards set by Barbeque nation across all its outlets. The staff is polite and they make sure to come and ask you every now and then if you are liking your food or if you would like the items on barbeque modified to your taste and they make sure they meet the modification suggested by you to suit your taste. The Andheri Lokhandwala outlet to my notice has been more active in celebrating their seasonal festivals and even have live songs being sung at times. Though it can get a little loud at times but its not all that bad. All in all you can hope to enjoy a good meal at moderate price (unless you are going on weekends) and spend some great time.
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amitpamnani - Burrp User


August 11,2013

paisa vasool buffet

Bbq nation, is one of the most value for money restaurants if u want to spend a nice evening with friends and family. The best things are, there is no limit to food, and that too quality food, kebabs are of top quality. The second thing is go there at 7 when the restaurant opens and sit there till closing, so that u have ample time to digest and savour each and every kebab. Then, go for the buffet and finish your meal with their desserts.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

August 10,2013

Simply out of the world

If you consider yourself even remotely interested in good food, do visit this place. It has something to offer to everyone.

The buffet spread is amazing. Just keep stuffing yourself with the delicious meats, fish and vegetables alike only to realize there is an equally good main course lined up. Take my advice, keep some room for the lip smacking desserts.

Whatever strategy you apply, you will be disappointed while leaving that you just could not eat enough of everything. Perfect setup for a dining experience with friends and family.

Special mention of the courteous and enthusiastic staff. I am already planning my next visit here.
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Avril Pinto - Burrp User

Avril Pinto

August 05,2013

Worth the buffet

Had treated my friends a group of 12 on my birthday here. The buffet was around 700 Rs per head and they give a discount to those people reaching the place by 7.15 pm.
The meal consists of unlimited starters, main course and wide range of desserts.

We ended up feasting just on the starters:
Mediterranean Chicken
Murgh mirch masala tikka
angara prawns
mustard fish- Yummiest of the lot
cajun spiced patato
some paneer dish

Main course
mutton rogan josh
murgh patiala
fish in shezwan sauce
mutton dum biryani

blue cheese cake
cut fruits
gulab jamun

Totally worth the fill.The ambience is par excellence.Excellent spacing arrangements.There is also a live band playing and is not too noisy. Must try.
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starryairs - Burrp User


June 29,2013

Fabulous experience and great food everytime

Now I have forgotten the number of times my husband and I have visited this place only to be bowled over with amazing food and interesting buffet spread. The barbecued dishes are mouth watering and delicious. The trick is to stay half full before you start the buffet else you cannot enjoy other dishes because you're full

The service is worth the 4% they charge. NO tip rule!
Mr Khan, the manager, takes service to a different level. He remembers your name or your face and strikes a non interfering yet engaging conversation as soon as you enter. He will also ensure that if you don't like a dish he will try to get some variations that suits your taste bud. Even when the p[lace is sprawling with people, he will still manage to remember what you like and ensure you get served that.

Staff is courteous and attentive. Everyone of them add a personal touch to make sure you enjoy every second you spend there.

Highly recommended place if you have forgotten what a great service is and to get a taste of scrumptious barbecue
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Kruti Dalal - Burrp User

Kruti Dalal

June 29,2013

We’ve Been Served!

A review is usually meant to start by alluding to the delicious fare, but this one deserves to begin with a mention of the impressive service at Barbeque Nation, Andheri.
From the minute we entered till the moment we stepped out (and ran back in to collect a forgotten umbrella), we were pampered by the attentive staff. The food at our table was always replenished, our wine glasses were never empty and we saw smiling faces every time we spoke to the staff. From handling the booking confusion (two people by the same name and same number of people in the party) to gently reminding the servers to replace the empty skewers, the manager was in complete control of the situation.
The food is the typical fare served at all Barbeque Nation outlets. A feast, especially for the meat-eaters, the buffet is value -for-money with 12 starters, main course and dessert. The grills on each table add a unique element to your experience, and you have the satisfaction of imagining that you've made your own barbecue. Among the starters, the succulent paneer tikka and dahi-wale aloos are exceptionally good. The pineapple as well as the falafel and hummus are definitely worth a try.
With the staff ensuring that the skewers are never empty, the chances of moving beyond the starters are slim. But the spread is quite wholesome, if not fancy. Here the birayani deserves special mention, as does the egg curry. The noodles seemed a bit out of place initially, but were appreciated by most people on the table.
The highlight of the third course had to be the piping hot jalebis served at the table with ice-cream. Other desserts such as mini gulab jamuns, brownies and mango tart were just as delicious. And what better way to end an Indian meal than with a meetha paan and mukhwaas?
It’s true when they say that the people make the place. And this is the place you want to visit for a special occasion.
Tips: Though difficult, don’t get carried away by the starters. The other two courses don’t deserve to be missed
The tequila man will keep the booze flowing, handing out shot after shot. Keep a tab.
Try to get a table in the smaller section to the left as soon as you enter. It’s less noisy than the main buffet area and offers some privacy.
Don't be shocked when the entire staff, from the servers to the valet, refuse to take tips. It's their policy.
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Sanjay  Punjabi - Burrp User

Sanjay Punjabi

May 26,2013

They should offer Eno satchets in the end

I, Sonam, Shikha and Prachi visited this place for lunch yesterday, ie 25th May 2013.

We were the uninitiated, so sought help. The valet parking was taken care of, and the greeter, Ajit, summoned the attendants to help us guide to our seats. We were offered a corner table.

I am not so much fussy about the ambiance unless it is pathetic or it is extremely dazzling. This one decently passed the muster.

We were informed that Barbeque Nation initiated the International concept of a live grill for the first time in India. The customers can make their own food on their personal grills embedded on each table.

The starters would be brought first, we were informed. Whats for the menu today? And the entire menu was prominently displayed on the card on the table.

Announcing non veg, we waited for a few minutes. And then the fun started.

There was Angara Tangdi served apiece on the plate. And there were skewers of Korean chicken, Mutton Guleti Seekh, Indonesian Fish and jumbo Prawns. Guess which one won hands down...? The chicken was average, the Mutton seekh was dry and not so appealing, the Fish was awesome, but the prawns were heavenly. I might have had a dozen pieces or so...

The wife also wanted to try a bit of the vegetarian fare, so we called for BBQ pineapple, Cottage cheese with Zullu and Cajun Spicy Potato. But I wisely stayed away from them.

Maybe an hour was devoted to starters itself. We were served bottled mineral water only. We were also offered a complimentary drink to go along with it - Two Mocktails strawberry, one mocktail kiwi and one fresh lime soda.Full marks.

Starters done, we learnt that we had to drag down the mini flag kept on our table as a sign for them to stop serving any more. We got up for the Main Course. Two soups, Veg Minestrone and Chicken Tortilla. I opted for the latter and learnt that I shouldn't have.

The main course had a sumptuous array of Mutton Dum Biryani, Nihari Gosht, Murgh Lababdar, Chilli Garlic Fish and Egg Curry.Egg Curry??? How come? I was disappointed as I was expecting Crab...

The vegetarian fare was equally eclectic-Paneer Razalla, Rasgulla ki Sabji (Huh?), Aaloo Gobhi ke Lachhe, Mix Fruit Kofta Curry, Plain Rice, Dal Makhani, Dal Fry, Veg Biryani, Beans Sprouts noodles.

I opted for a small bowl of white rice with Dal fry poured over it, topping it with Nihari Gosht Gravy. And took lots of Chilli Garlic Fish. Yummmmm. We were also offered Garlic naan on the table, and we took our own sweet time savouring the fare.

And finally, the creme de la creme - the desserts.Chocolate Walnut Browie, Mango Cheese Cake, Blueberry Pie, Chocolate Celebration Cake, Butterscotch Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice cream, Phirni, Mini Gulab jamuns and cut fruits. The children squealed with delight.

Completely sated, we paid the bill and left a generous tip. And the attendant came running behind us, to return the same. We are already charging 4 % service charge, so we cannot accept any tips.Oh...

Come to think of it, the impeccable service needs to be recounted here. Throughout the fare we were offered a VIP treatment. We were asked innumerable times if we were satisfied with the fare served.We were patiently offered the orientation advices for the beginners. We were small talked to and offered personal attention. A special mention goes to three gents, Ajay, Nitin and Shiva.

A parallel can be drawn to Sigree Global Grill on the entire experience. Sigree is 75 Rupees costlier than the 575 charged here for Non Veg lunch Mon - Sat. But Sigree offers more varieties. BBQ nation scores on the welcome drinks front but falls short on desserts. But it has got strong plusses like location, prices, almost equally delicious food and service. Its Love all for both I guess.

Back home, I downed two satchets of Eno and a spoonful of Carmicide.

The ratings, they go like this.:

Location 4 / 5
Space quotient 3 / 5
Ambiance 3 / 5
Delivery time 3 / 5
Food Quality 3.5 / 5
Food Variety 3.5 / 5
Food Choices 3 / 5
Food Portion ---
Food Price 4 / 5
Hygiene 3.5 / 5
Service 4 / 5
Overall experience 4 / 5
Visit again Quotient 4 / 5

PS: Bouquets / brickbats on the review can be addressed to sanjaynpunjabi@gmail.com
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Kishorefoody - Burrp User


May 06,2013

Food to relish

I have been to BN quite a few times, this time ut was a special occasion, my wife’s B'day and decided to enjoy the food at BN. Undoubtedly every time I visit the experience of being at BN always upgrades its own benchmark. Live grills have been amazing over all cannot resist oneself and out the flag down. The Paneer, the prawns, the veg as well as the non veg kebabs just amazing. This makes us feel more homely as the people serving us are very humble and every time your plate is empty they are there to serve you the delicacy you want to be served again. Desserts just yummy and incredible should be rated 5 to top up BN's rating to 5star*****
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coolreviewer - Burrp User


April 28,2013

Just goes on and on!

As their name, its an outlet best know for its 'live grill' which happens right at your table in front of you and well everything that follows the grilled stuff is decent. The chief culprit being the array of starters that are served one after the other, and it just goes on and on! The variety is good for non- vegetarian folks and not that much for vegetarian folk! Nonetheless, the buffet and the desserts suffice up nicely. The only hiccup being the service which does get a little too slow, more so on weekends. I literally had to remind the waiters and the manager 6 times to get my vegetarian stuff. A must try is the delicious Cajun spicy potato dish, achari mushrooms and tandoori pineapple! The dessert spread is lavish and you get everything from gulab jamuns to brownies. Nothing great to boast about the buffet, the biryani and dal makhni were okay. Not great! The starters fill you up, so theres no scope for more.
At around 500 bucks it is value for money, you get a good ambience, foods good, but I would still want the service to listen to diners and serve up promptly. They could also improve the exhaust venting as it does get a little claustrophobic if you sit for a longer duration.
All in all, a great place to dine with your family, just book in advance if you need a bigger table but usually doesn't take long to get one.

BN is a must visit.
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Shikha Chawla - Burrp User

Shikha Chawla

March 23,2013

The best place for starters!

Not only do I love the Indian fare here, I have to say the starters are to die for! The entire concept of the starters being served on the grills right on your table is novel and oh so amazing! Chances are that you might fill your stomach so much with the starters that it'd leave very little room for the main course. So make sure you got there with an empty tummy and make the most of those amazing starters and even better spread of veg and non veg main course.. along with the huge variety of starters.
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harbir_banga - Burrp User


March 08,2013

Great buffets

Really nice and spacious sitting arrangement. They made us wait only for 10 min which I think really nothing considering the fact that it was busiest time for Dinner (in evening tried to book the table, but could not as they only book it for 7.30 and 10.30 slot).
The waiters would get all the starters at a time;Ask them not to do so;They end up getting a hell lot in a gush worst is they keep few stuffs on this fire thing which is 95% cooked and 5% is supposed to be cooked on the grill;But yes the food is tasty the corn cheese balls,mutton, Thai prawns,crabs.
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madmanthan - Burrp User


March 04,2013

handmade barbeque

The best thing wat I feel is abt this place is u can make yur own barbeque u can grilled them according yur taste u can make them on all yur own u will really love this experince I enjoy it to the fullest
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Shruti Shriyan - Burrp User

Shruti Shriyan

January 31,2013

can't get better than this!!! :D

Having heard a lot about this place, I finally paid a visit to barbeque nation on 26th Dec 2012 with my family to treat my mom dad on their 25th wedding anniversary. We went for the early bird slot, which means, reaching the venue before 7.30pm will cost, 700 per head for non- veg instead of the usual rs.800 charge. We were welcomed by a cheerful and friendly staff.

The ambience was classy and well set. We were asked whether our visit was for an occasion or just casual. On hearing, it was my mom dad's anniversary, they promised us that they would make it special for us!!!

Since, it was our first time at BBQ, we were explained the concept of starters, which will be served on the table on a live grill with skewers. The fun part is that we get to grill it the way we want it. For starters, we were served 6-7 lip- smacking items out of which harisa prawns & mutton seekh kabab were exceptionally tasty. The chicken, too, was succulent. The 'achari paneer' was a little tasteless though!!

Having feasted on the starters for almost an hr and half, we lowered the flag to stop the starters from being served. We were so full that we could eat no more but being a die-hard foodie, we had to check it out!! The main course was rich in variety with the usual dishes being a part of it. First we tried the tomato soup which was accompanied by cream and croutons. It was simmering & tasty, same as the chicken soup. Then, I tried Hyd. Chkn biryani and the Malaysian noodles which were fine. They also have a live fish cooking counter amidst the main course & the dessert counter.

Next came my favourite part of the meal, Desserts!!!There was a heavenly spread of chocolate brownie, blueberry mousse, ice cream, angoori gulab jamuns, cut fruits and phirnee. While the blueberry mousse was awesome and yum, the brownie and the gulab jamuns were good. The cut fruits were all fresh and perfectly sweet.

The icing on the cake was the surprise blueberry cake which the chefs and the attendants brought on our table to celebrate my parents anniversary. It was a really sweet gesture since some of the chefs working in the kitchen also came out to clap and sing along with the music while my parents cut the cake. The staffs were endearing and prompt with their service, throughout our meal. We were given personal attention. Even the 100 rs tip was politely given back saying it was their 'rule' to not accept tips, as service charges are already charged on the bill.

As we were leaving, with a bulging belly and a king-like experience, there was a final treat to sum it all up; a plate full of sweet paan and mouth freshners! I can only say that it is a place worth going with a group of foodie friends or even with your family as it is value for money coupled with awesome, quality food and great service!!!
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Nachiket18 - Burrp User


January 07,2013

Food Poisoning after eating here

Six of us had been to this particular outlet of Barbeque Nation for dinner on 03-01-2013, since one of our friend from London was in town for a vacation and we had heard good reviews about this place. The ambiance was OK, but the food at this place left me wondering,

How did simple BBQ Prawns's turn into the ghostly blackened, unspiced white meat?

How did tandoori chicken, one of the hardest dishes in the Indian cuisine to mess up (considering it is prepared by a qualified chef), turn out so deeply unlovable and unappetizing?

Why the Fish tasted like nothing except chill's?

After all these horrendous Starters (BBQ's) which is suppose to be the USP of this place, I must say we were adventurous enough to try the maincourse and trust me I am finding it difficult to describe HOW BAD IT WAS?

By the way, all this horrendous food was served to us on greasy plates (People at Barbeque Nation - a Dishwasher wont take up too much space and it ain't too expensive)

After this forgetful dinner the worst happened, 5 out of 6 of us are DOWN WITH FOOD POISONING, and this is simply unacceptable.

I have also called up the restaurant to express my displeasure and inform them about the incident but I don't think the person attending my call was interested in what I had to say.

Horrible Horrible place...
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Rohan Barboza - Burrp User

Rohan Barboza

December 16,2012

BBQ Nation With An African Twist

So today for the third time we had a friday team outing, but this time to 'Barbeque Nation'.
We were surprised by the 'Return Of Hakuna Matata' food festival that they hosted for the first time in the history of the new franchise from the 5th december to the 16th of december.

All gung-ho bout the idea of dining for the lunch buffet, we were more than excited to be there, (this being my first time at barbeque nation).

To begin with, the place is cozily located near the Fun Republic outskirts and is easily identifiable with their catchy green 'world on a grill' logo, which is placed at convenient vantage points to avoid that careless glance of yours.

The entrance, as a matter of fact, for the festival looked more like an entrance to a theme ride at a park with a cartoonised elephant feature along with 'Hakuna Matata' strewn across the canopy-like restaurant illustration, but i guess its just because of the elephant that it looked so. The restaurant staff were more than friendly to show us our reserved tables (even though the desired amount of my colleague folks didn't turn up). Also, the servers are very friendly with that smile on their face.

To cut to the chase, lets hit the bunker and talk about the real deal, should we?
Speaking about barbeque nation, the first thing that comes to your mind would be the grills and the skewers right? Yes! this place satiates this need by bringing the grill to your table! Nothing beats the idea of a live hot flaming grill on your table with the kebabs and prawns on skewers cooking on it.

The entre was lip smacking downright delicious which included:
Tunisian Seekh Kebab, Peri Peri Tangdi, Prawns Al-Zambaliya, Grilled Fish with Capper Pepper Sauce & Yoman Carribean Chicken.
However the main course didn't serve the purpose of getting your taste bud tingling more.
The crab with lemon gravy for the main course tasted very fishy and uncleaned. The main course seemed like something that you would get at a goan family home, with a mix of biriyani and chicken spiced gravy. Rating the appetizers would be a delight with a 4/5, whereas being conservative about my approach on not giving you false hopes on my experience; main course 2.5/5
Desserts on the other hand were a delight with the phirni and tiny gulab jamuns along side with cherry topped souffle and a two-caked variety. Not to forget the vanilla and butterscotch ice-cream with garnishing jelly and mango crush which i suspect was mapro's. And yeah hot chocolate sauce with brownies were the highlight of the dessert. One cake from the two tasted too eggy with our majority vote.
Concluding about the food, starters would get a healthy 'yes', not much of a go-go to the main course, but a 'okay' to the desserts. A very jolly experience with the servers who even agreed to get my souffles to our table.

Don't be skeptical about this place, a one-off experince is a must.
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Vinay V - Burrp User

Vinay V

November 18,2012

Lets go Barbeque

Finally barbeque nation is at andheri west.. the place is spacious unlike the one is bandra which always has a long wait.. Unlimited starter is as usual amazing but only for a non vegetarian ..veggies will have to still wait for a perfect restaurant to be opened for them.. The starters are so filling and tasty and when it comes to main course you really dont look forward to it.. i think they should do away with the main course and just keep starters..
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kuldeepj80 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

just wowww

i simply loveddd their concept of serving starters on grills...went there for a dinner buffet on the weekend..
ambiance: spacious, comfortable and lively...too good
food: got to have 10-12 starters...specially loved their cajun potatoes, prawns, chicken(tender) and barbequed pineapple and vegetables...
the main course is jus good enuf....i dislike their chinese dishes wich are too oily and bland...
i love their dal and nargis kofta
desserts: jus love them all...specially d gulab jamuns and phirni...fresh cut fruits r equally refreshing
service: just too good.....5/5 for it
v paid sum 815 for a non veg dinner buffet...if u enter befor 7:30 u get 100 bucks off i guess...overall a lovely experience
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Danish  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

best stand alone buffet

used to frequent the bandra place before the one at andheri opened. have always liked the concept as i really enjoy starters there... and the black daal in the main course is always a treat.the andheri outlet nice and large. comfortable seating, and ideal for larger groups.
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kunalishah16 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

eat till u burrppp

Been there for their lunch buffet...jus for 500 witha drink..omg...a total paisa vasool meal...started with around 5-6 kind of veg starters which included barbequed paneer, vegetables, dahi kebabs, mushrooms tandoori, all very yummiee...d main course is also lavish which is an amalgamation of indian and chinese cuisine..d main course is decent though... but the best part of their buffets are the desserts...a mix of indian and western desserts all mouth watering ...gajar halwa, gulab jamun, brownies,pastries,cut fruits and 3 kind of icecreams with sauces.. its a steal...amazingg
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RaHuL_94 - Burrp User


October 30,2012

Good...Had higher expectations..

Was pretty excited to go to Barbeque Nation for a friend's birthday..

Ambience- The place is sleek and modern....Well spaced tables and comfortable seating..Can accomodate large large groups...

Food- The starters were placed on the grills....We tried the veg starters......Some were good while some were OK..the paneer starter was not warm at all...the starters were just satisfactory...Was kinda disappointed....The main course was decent...nothing too extravagant in taste....The best part were the DESSERTS...they were yum...the Phirni was superb and others were really good....The overall package kinda DISAPPOINTED me...

Service- One of the best around...Always with a smile! :)

Prices- The prices are GOOD for the variety...but the taste can be better..

Verdict- Give it a try!..
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Sujeet Dev - Burrp User

Sujeet Dev

October 07,2012

Great experience

well always wanted to try this place as i herd a lot about the concept of grill on your table but since it was in bandra never thought to take the pain n go till there .
Today i tried at andheri barbeque nation n it was a splendid exweerience... Get the warm welcome at the entrance ,the stafff there is very friend.. The ambiance was good..the tables were spaced out nicely.. live music was the added charm.. well the starters were delicious.. didnt try much of the main course but then too the chicken gravy was out of this world.. however they could improve a lil on the deserts.
Dont waste ur time paying tips here because they do not accept tips n loved the way the staff said " If ur happy we r more than happy" Cheers to the staff
Had a good experience .. :)
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suheldesai  - Burrp User


September 10,2012

Awesome experience

Had been on sunday for lunch... ambience good. food barbeque was amazing the the best thing is attitude of staff. Never ever in my life have i experienced in any resto that 100 Bux tip has been given back...!!!

recommended place to visit !!!
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biogirl09 - Burrp User


August 29,2012

Desserts to die for....

I visited this place set up in Andheri (yayy, now they are here too) and was so glad with my experience. Being my birthday, I wanted to visit a special place than the regular jazzy places. Many of my friends recommended me this one, but being a vegetarian, I had been skeptical. But I was wrong. The food was brilliant, and was the service. There was an offer of 1 + 1 free on drinks; so two glasses of wine at the price of one :)

-The live BBQ thing is beautiful, like the interiors. I have seen something similar with fondue in US, and this one was actually of the same standards.
- The staff was quick, efficient and friendly
- I got a FREE birthday cake... which was delicious. Feeling bad that I could not eat it after stuffing all the desserts at the buffet. The staff came out to cheer for birthday; this does not happen in India at many big restaurants
- Can spend hours and no one will question you once...
- Loved the desserts ( the phirni was brilliant), the peanut salad, and the char grilled potatoes they had on offer!

- Slightly lesser choices to look out for vegetarians...
- Most of veg stuff was served directly on the dish; I guess veg starters has their share of limitations
- I was not told of the prices (early bird, and some monday tuesday offer) over the phone, when I called for reservations...but this is not a big deal.

Overall, will definitely go back. Can't get enough of this place. The bill was 2300 for 2, including drinks.
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anwar5k - Burrp User


August 25,2012

tremendous experience

I don't know where to begin with.For starters, the ambience is par above the expectations specially the smiley .greeting staff at the entrance.The place totally lives up to it's name i.e barbeque right on the table.The unlimited flow of starters is mindblowing.I had never experienced piping hot starters ever before and this totally tops my list.The wide variety of main course tempts you even more.And the serpentine que for the desserst speaks for itself with enormous scallops of ice cream,gulab jamun,cheesecakes and brownies. The staff goes out of it's way to serve you inspite of the rule of no tips and service charge being a meagre 4%.There's only one reaction after having a meal at this amazing place Burrp!!!!
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lathishmn - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Good Food comes with better service..

Went BBQ nation after makg a resrvatn for 4.
Welcomed politely and seatd and startd our venture.. starters were worth mentioning..specially d non-veg ones..prawns, chikn, fish...wow..heavn..we were given xtra spicy starters wn askd for..

u wont be left with any space in ur belly for the main course..(which included crabs too)..
Desserts were also mouth watering..black forest cake ,choclate mousse were awesome..
Also got complimentary mocktails and a cake.. ;-)

All this comes with grt service.. definite GO..!!!
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

July 26,2012

Barbeque was veggie good

I had never visited this place, because it was in Bandra and even though in Bangalore it was right opposite to our place of work.

Finally the Mecca to Mohammed or whatever it is happened and they opened close to where I stay.

Then taking 3 vegetarians along decided to visit the place finally. Called for a reservation, handled promptly, a text received etc. however upon reaching, the greeter had no clue, even after giving name, telephone number and kept asking us to wait, when the restaurant (pretty large) was empty (this is being increasingly noticed by me for a lot of restaurants). Finally we went in and were escorted to a table of our choice (Sir, we are empty, jaha chaho, baith jao)

The starters began to be laid out, with paneer dominating the table, but with corn, aloo coming in quick succession. Trying out the non vegetarian - Sheekh - really hard and tough, more like leather; the chicken tangdi was similar and had to be sent back. However the fish tikka and chicken tikka were very nice with just the right masala and went well with the drinks.

The hot starters kept coming and we had gorged ourselves with them and needed to take a breather, so decided to walk around and look at the main course offering. It was not too exciting, but that was to be expected.

However, the vegetarian Pulao, kofta curry was worth a try, as was the chicken masala and biryani. AND then the desserts - Cheese cake was nice, vanilla ice cream with an option of raspberry was different, the gulab jamuns were yum, as was the sheera
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Deepa  Khaladkarr - Burrp User

Deepa Khaladkarr

July 14,2012

Scrumptious! yummy

Delicious, the best thing about this place is that they spoil you with continuous recurringstarters! and they are super awesome! Right from 2 varieties of chicken, fantastic fresh basa fish on the skewers at the table, tandoori masala jumbo prawns( which I had for first time, as they were amazingly fresh n with no smell at all. A good. spread of starters for veggies too, includes p ander, mushroom, corn, corn on cob, pineapple! Wow! Main course is also a good spread, but wen you too full with starters , there is a very less probability you'd actually be keen o gorging the main course. Still the dal tarla, kaAli daal, is worth the mention. The desserts are absolute heaven, pure indulgence. Wow, ah, cold kesar phirni, subtle and smooth strawberry cheese cake, kiwi mousse, and pure ghee piping hot moons dal ka halwa! To wrap the entire meal, gorge on Meetha pan, laced with cold dessicated coconut. All n all, worth it. A visit is must for foodies !!!!
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Slayer Rulz - Burrp User

Slayer Rulz

July 11,2012

money value for two?

Hi, i've never been to this place before, And i want to go there with a friend of mine to celebrate her birthday, will 4k will be enough for both of us including drinks, plz help : )
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Nemesis - Burrp User


July 11,2012

Glad it came to Andheri

I've been to the one in Bandra a few years ago and looked forward to checking this one out. Went here last night with family for my birthday and were lucky to get a big table without waiting for more than a couple of minutes
The starters were nice and the grill in the center of your table keeps them hot. The buffet too was good and I have to say, the black dal or Dal-E-Dum as they call it was nothing short of excellent! We all took repeated helpings even with our bellies full.

Coming to the service - everyone was extremely courteous and we never had to repeat ourselves. They even gave us a complimentary birthday cake (which was delicious by the way) and sang Happy Birthday. They levy a 4% service charge as compared to 8-10% in most places and the absolutely refuse to accept tips. We were so glad with the service that we tried tipping them more but like I said, they refused.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and I am definitely going back again (and again). I would recommend it for any occasion. It feels nice and classy and yet pretty affordable compared to a lot of other restaurants I've been to.
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Chirag.Vora84 - Burrp User


July 04,2012

good experience

Amazing place, great ambience, excellent food overall a great experience
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vini_k_14 - Burrp User


June 29,2012

A great experience all in all..

Had been here with a friend..The best part of the entire experience was the service..excellent service..the waiters serve unlimited starters and completely spoil you...they donot even accept tips....they also gave us a welcome cake towards the end since we went there for the first time..the food is also good overall with a wide variety..although the options for vegetarians in barbeques is less..you will be full by the time you leave and here there is no limit on the time you wait..you can have your meal leisurely.. overall a must visit place atleast once.
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Aartika - Burrp User


December 29,2015

Worth going experience

Nice veg food.. Good place to dine..
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rahul18gupta - Burrp User


June 20,2012

Awesome desserts

awesome experience of dessert.
place worth visiting.
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Milan Suvarna - Burrp User

Milan Suvarna

June 20,2017

Awesome experience

Best food and great ambiance.....................................................
  • Barbeque Nationimage
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milan.suvarna - Burrp User


April 25,2017

Awesome Place....

Unlimited food, what else do you need.... Nice variety of starters and dessert.
Service was fast.
Ambience is nice.
They have live music which was great...
Will definitely go back soon...
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milan.suvarna - Burrp User


April 25,2017

Awesome place....

Unlimited food, what else do you need.... Nice variety of starters and dessert.
Service was fast.
Ambience is nice.
They have live music which was great...
Will definitely go back soon...
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