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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 30,2015


This place is very energetic and lively. Looks like you're in a totally different world. Very loud music, and still, people are talking at top of their voices. The food was very cheap. Samosa was just for Rs. 6, shockingly. Paneer Roll and Lemon Grass Cooler were for Rs. 80 and Rs. 70 respectively.

They have created an amazing combination of spaces for all kinds of crowds to sit and chill with friends or alone.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 26,2015

yum yum!!

This is an absolute foodies place to go!! Everything out there is so good that you will keep coming back for more.. When i was in college i would only go here to have all my meals..My all time favourite is the roast chicken and lemon water.. the salads are so good and so is all the other stuff that they offer..A MUST MUST TRY if you are in bandra!
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Jagmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Jagmandeep Singh

January 14,2015

Fabulous Food

Candies is an iconic place, if you haven't been there then it doesn't say much about you. It attracts people from all walks of life, mostly, youngsters. The food served is fast-food in the true sense, and never have I seen this place empty irrespective the time of the day.

Food at candies is either liked or not by people. There is no middle ground. 90% of the people I know, love the place. From chicken sandwich, BBQ chicken wings, roast chicken, afghani chicken, to noodles, desserts, etc, etc each and every preparation is unique in taste and flavour. It is not a fine dine, so keep your expectations under wraps but it is a great place to chill, and hang with friends.

Candies serve pre-cooked food that you choose from the display, is re-heated and handed over for consumption. The portion sizes are extremely generous and super value for money. Interiors are done tastefully; using tiles with images, music is loud; most of the selection is from the 80's & 90's.

Overall, 8.5/10. Highly recommended.
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December 30,2014

Awesome Hangout place..!!

Candies!! Best place to hangout in Bandra along with food. The place is amazing like a mall with tables on each floors, its awesome. Rooftops and all that is here. I really liked this place because of its location. And this place is always crowed with young people. And its always crowed. Not much but yeah, crowded!!
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  • Candiesimage
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pooja_89 - Burrp User


November 28,2014

not up to the standard

My friend and I visited yesterday and ordered chicken.I guess it was stale,he suffered vomiting the next day.Please explain
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Aniket Chhatani - Burrp User

Aniket Chhatani

October 29,2014

wait what.... BURRP!

The best app that has been ever since providing the best place, that make me go BURRP !!
Thanks. Cheers :))
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Jagmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Jagmandeep Singh

July 06,2014

Soul Food

Excellent place... refreshing break.... love the food.. I can keep coming back to this place...
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deepen28 - Burrp User


June 26,2014

Candies, Bandra

For sure one of the best places in Bandra to have snacks, meet friends. Everthing is very good at candies at a resonable price.
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shirin1980 - Burrp User


October 29,2013

Just like Goa!

I love being in goa but can't always getaway there, so I go to candies to unwind and chill and get away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai and spend time in what I call "goa". With its relaxed ambience, great music and mouth watering food, not to forget the yummy salad bar, I'm always close to my favorite destination!
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beyondeating - Burrp User


May 08,2013

A good place

This was the first time i tried out Candies located near ONGC and the experience was quite nice.
The good thing about this place i feel are the rates which are affordable and also one can get single servings of dishes like spring rolls ,chicken lollipops ,etc.
The food is average nothing great but not unlikeable.
Ambience is ok with rustic furniture ,colourful lamps giving the place a different feel.
The seating capacity is good not very less.Service needs to be better.
One can just sit here for hours and not be bothered except on weekends where its very crowded.
Overall a good place worth going to.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Good Food.. Bad Service & Attitude

There is constant buzz around this place, very lively and crowded with youngsters all through the day. Ambience has a different charm to it with rustic, unpolished tables, low chairs, wrought iron grills with oddly coloured walls.

The spread is very vast from Indian, Continental, Asian. You name it and you have it here, from huge Salad range to Starters, Rolls, Burgers, Main Course, Desserts & Beverages. Whew, with so much to choose from, you end getting mad what to order and what not to.

Whenever I am here, I always eat something different hence I have not been able to develop a favourite dish on their menu.

Their outlook towards customers is saddening to say the least. They are always occupied in a world of their own to pay any attention to customers. Equally frustrating are the Cats which surround your table for quick left over. Are we sitting in Candies or a road-side Chinese stall?

It leaves a bitter after taste after you have had a good time.
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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

March 21,2013

New revamped and better than before

Always loved the look-n-feel of candies (near lilavati) however always felt it was too small coz many times we had to return empty handed during peak hours. To much surprise during my recent visit, they have expanded the place, giving it a fantastic makeover with retro furniture, large votives/lamps, good music system & a colorful look.

People say the food is expensive, but i think considering even smaller joins charging all the taxes in the world in addtion to your food, Candies is fair, fixed rate all inclusive is what I would opt for. For Rs300 per person, I could have a mini meal & an energy/any drink which is fair & affordable. Yes if the price increases further...i may have to re-think. However all said and done, its a one stop shop for foodies, the health conscious, conservatives, the cautious spenders & people who just want a nice place to hangout.
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normally_crazy - Burrp User


January 15,2013

sad experience

Disinterested staff, slow pathetic service, small portions, over priced...food is good and ambience is ok.

Overall the experience sucked
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Ila  - Burrp User


January 01,2013

Too good!

This place is a ten on ten for me and everyone i know.I can go to this place again and again and not get bored.The place is buzzing with youngsters all around.The crowd is full of energy and you can feel it too.
Lovely ambiance,the tables,the chairs i just love evrything about the place.It can get a bit crowded on the weekends and sometimes even on weekdays during lunch and you might have to wait for a good amount of time.
Service is a bit haphazard,you have to wait until someone attneds you and takes your order and then gives your order,sometimes the whole process can take as long as 30min (waiting in the queue-ordering-recieving your order).But once you get the food and sit its all good.I love everything from the punjabi samosa to the chicken lollypos.The coffee served with cute little tarts or chips :).The huge cup of hot choclate.. yumms is not word :)The peach ice tea..The salad is fresh and has a lot of variety too.The hot and cheesy lasagna ..i can go on and on...
Last but not the least the price..With that kind of food and ambiance,this place just rocks.Situated in Bandra,oozing with energy,filled with youngsters you cant help but fall in love with this place
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atulpanicker - Burrp User


December 05,2012


love the seating, so unique and good for smoking people.
the pasta is really good even bttr than italian places. the crowd is young.. but it is a good place for family too.
they even have funny straws and food presentation for kids.
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October 11,2012


fresh food gets 10/10 quick service gets 10/10 plenty of options get 10/10
always crowded hence a 5/10
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prakashf00die - Burrp User


August 24,2012

good food and affordable rates

Love the mutton rolls and pattice .I like their noodles,salads.Only dessert i like here is the Banana pudding its amazing.Best part about candies is how affordable the food is.I do wish they could make the seating at this outlet better and its always packed during lunchtime.But the food here is worth the wait
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vanihans - Burrp User


August 24,2012

can't get enough!

this is by far my favorite place in bombay..its perfect for any day or any occasion..the food is delicious..even if in a hurry to reach somewhere and if candies falls on the way there is no chance i dont stop fr at least one chicken cheese lollipop..their new york cheese cake is d best i've had..the whole look and feel of this place is just so beautiful..it automatically takes you into a super chilled out zone..u can sit here for hours..keep eating in breaks..work on ur lapton..read..do anything..love candies!
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Biswajit Dey - Burrp User

Biswajit Dey

June 23,2012

Lots of options, reasonably priced

It's tucked away inside a lane and is, therefore, difficult to find. An easy landmark is IES College. Has a large spread in Indian, Continental & Chinese cuisine - mostly the takeaway variety. Compared to this, the dessert options were fewer. The counter where you have to order is air-conditioned, but the seating is outside. That's a real bummer in summer. Food servings are good - got a complimentary salad with my meal. Food tasted good - a little less salt probably. Reasonably priced - lunch for 2 is around Rs.500/- without desserts.
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Prasan Yedekar - Burrp User

Prasan Yedekar

May 10,2012

candies pastries

recently i visited candies to pick up some Angry Bird pastries. i was shocked to see that the size of these pastries have reduced drastically to just a little over 50% of the original sizes...for the same price. on taking them home, my family too was shocked at the reduced size, which took out the pleasure of eating these pastries and really made me into an Angry Bird. Candies must revert to the original size for this pastry.
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ladybenz - Burrp User


October 31,2011

great but pricy

they must reduce prices or give better offerings. great place but many others
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Aditya iyer - Burrp User

Aditya iyer

September 08,2011

I'll Be Back ! :)

Morning breakfast couldn't get better. I had this Junglee Veg Sandwich which was really tasty.The coffee was ok. I could have tried that Rich alluring Chocolate cake, but i wanted to come back again to this place. Unfortunately i couldn't try the Chicken and Tuna sandwiches ( had a hindu thingy going on :( ), but will definitely be back to try every one of those :)
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wheresfluffy12 - Burrp User


May 30,2011

LOVE candies.

I love Candies. Though the prices have gone up recently, if you order smartly it's always worth it: Avoid the overpriced mini-meals, and go for their very filling sandwiches, rolls, and mini-samosas. If you must be healthy, the salad bar isn't too bad. I generally get a peach iced tea, but the classic fresh lime soda is less sweet.
Their desserts are always good too, the Rich Chocolate Cake is SERIOUSLY chocolaty, I've never been able to finish it in one sitting, and the chocolate lava is very popular. The chips they serve with all rolls are fried in butter and are delicious but insanely calorific :)
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eatmonster - Burrp User


April 18,2011

okies type

college crowd and a few loud above 40 guys. service is practically non existent .most food items are not bad but the russian salad and chicken salad are so sweet they make u puke. driv hom was pathetic with th etaste lingering in the mouth
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chipindale - Burrp User


March 01,2011

Our Once a Week Lunch Place

Candies is now becomes a once a week lunch place. You really dont know what to order when you enter the place, coz everythin just looks so yumm and then u end up over orderin g.Love the mutton chops , biryani , quiches, fried chicken , salads and special mention for their lemon gress cooler. Its a great drink to have , really freshens you up. . Comfy ambience . Its gets very crowded at lunch time so u end up waiting for sometime to place your order . But the wait is worth it. Would reccommend it anyday
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Divya Vinekar - Burrp User

Divya Vinekar

February 10,2011


My friends used to frequent this place and still do while I had the privledge to frequent Candies just for about 3-4 days. Had heard a lot about it and really wanted to grab a bite. I don't need to tell you how AWESOME this place is. The salads are simply FOODGASMIC. Chicken Macroni Salad and Chicken Potato Salad just melt in your mouth. The mayo, the bits of cheese, chopped chicken sausage is just tooooooo-freakin-good! Banana pudding, another foodgasmic dessert and the raisins in the Bread Pudding kinda ruined the taste but still pretty OK. Chicken Sausage puff also was awesome. Love the options they have to offer. Fresh, yummy and totally fills your tummy! :) so full marks for that!
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

October 19,2010

3.5/5: Nice food at an excellent price

A small fast food joint with two more branches across Bandra, this place reminds of the good old Nirula's in delhi.

A combination of fast foods (burgers) + pre-cooked indian food coupled with some cool deserts it is haven for all youngesters, bachelors who live on eating out. And to top it all it is not at all expensive. A meal for two shall hardly cross more than 300/-.

My favorites at this place are Mutton Roll, Chicken Roll, Thai chicken curry + rice, grilled chicken and any deserts :).

In the evenings and during lunch time on weekends you might have to wait for some time to get a table. Also since it is a self serving place when the place is a bit crowded its chaotic and becomes hard to order.

So if you are looking for some quick indian food, with great western deserts you must definitely try this place.
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

April 12,2010

Cozy Little Corner!

This was the first branch of Candies I visited back when I was a newbie to Bombay. I have to say, with every visit, the experience and feel of the place grew stronger and stronger. Though, smaller than the huge one at MacRonell's, this branch has its own charm. The ambience is perfect, quaint and very cozy. In fact, it's much more private and special than the MacRonell (I love that branch too) one. Tried the Red Velvet Cupcakes there over the weekend and they were amazing, it's the icing that is really yummy (buttery, sugary and very lip-smackable!). Anyway being there brought back old memories... of forgotten friends, delicious food and courteous service. :) Candies shall always be my first love when it comes to eateries in Bombay. In a way, it makes me feel like home.
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nimish.nathwani - Burrp User


February 13,2010


This small little place in Reclamation area is fondly frequented not only by locals but also by ppl from the far off Andheri Lokhandwala like me!!!
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hitsy20 - Burrp User


November 16,2009

Candies......has enough customers to lose a few

I was a big fan of Candies, near Lilavati Hospital until i had this bad experience. They are extremely bad in customer service. The worst part is that they dont even care if you bring this to your notice. They have enough customers flowing in now and they staff feels that if they insult a few and loose them then it is fine. I have never come across such a proud and over confident restaurant with unacceptble hospitality. I returned the tray filled with food untouched as it is...........they took it back very rudely and proudly without even trying to convince me or stop me from walking out empty stomach after paying for it........................................very bad experience............i am sure they have lost a good and regular customer.
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Shawn Fernandes - Burrp User

Shawn Fernandes

November 14,2009

Do you like working hard for your lunch?

If you do, then head straight for Candies at Bandra Reclamation (though indifferent service seems to be a hallmark of across the Candies chain).

Lunchtime at Candies tends to resemble lunch hour at a high-school canteen - hordes of customers pushing and shoving (and sometimes yelling) to get the server's attention. It doesn't help that all the available food is on display behind the glass counter that customers are pushed up against.

A typical scenario would be where you wait patiently for at least 15 minutes before one of the overly relaxed servers deigns to take your order. You're then told that the roast chicken you've queued 15 minutes for isn't available. You'll then need to make a spot decidion in seconds or lose the Grand One's attention.

Granted the food is magnificent - sumptious and satisfying, with a variety that spoils you.

But is it so good that you're willing to endure the 2nd class treatment?
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Vikram Venkataraman - Burrp User

Vikram Venkataraman

October 26,2009

good place

the chutney sandwiches are always good here. i tried the veg spring roll too. they were not too bad wither. top it off with some good ice teas, and lunch it is!!! Anyways, good food, very nominally priced, and worth every penny :)
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veganontheprowl - Burrp User


August 09,2009

Huh ?!

I dont understand what the big deal is about Candies, whether it's this reclamation one or the pali naka one or where ever! Given the pali naka one has a superb ambience, but thats only what I liked best about candies.

For a vegan, certainly not too much choice (but what were you expecting when you enter candies!). They have salad bars or salads depending on where you go. Nothing exceptional. The sandwiches and puffs are okay. The thai curry was good. Desserts are nothing to die for! Pricing is okay.
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meonburrp - Burrp User


December 27,2008

Small place!

Candies has very good food but this branch of Candies is very small. It's good for take-away. Please try their cold coffee and their lasagne. Awesome!
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jothegreat - Burrp User


November 04,2008

Veggies Beware!

They served me a Chicken sandwich instead of a vegetarian one.. I've never returned to that place again!
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mailmequick - Burrp User


July 15,2008

no can-do..

nah..not seriously...

was satisfied the last time we went there...esply with the chocolate lava...man its smoulderin...

but wrt the fish n chips...da chips sucked...i mean how can one get them wrong...ever..oily..limp...tasteless...way funny...

anyways...decent joint..
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Omar Hamid - Burrp User

Omar Hamid

May 28,2008


The location isn't neceassarily the most convenient, but once you get here, the ambience is nice enough for you to forget about travelling to this corner of Bandra.

The food is strictly passable, but the variety of cuisine(s) available are truly commendable. In this form of fast-food takeaways, you don't usually get these kind of affordable (?) prices, with this kind of continental fare. You get your desi-collaborative rolls and what not, but over all the other more substantial meal options are palatable, considering the prices you may have to pay for similar dishes in the bigger restaurants.

Be careful when visiting to get there a little early, this place has a policy in place which states that after a certain time in the evening the prices of their dishes are slashed by a certain percentage, which basically means that after that time everyone crowds into the restaurant, and pretty much buys everything thats available... which usually means that you don't get what you want to eat because someone has already finished it.

Worth coming here once every now and then, too bad they don't have a branch in Andheri anymore, I heard they used to but it closed down... oh well...
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Sal  - Burrp User


January 20,2008

Great Variety

This place has an amazing variety of food available from Indian to Chinese to Continental.

Ordered the paneer tikka roti, veg macroni bake, veg patti, cold coffee and lemon grass cooler. The paneer tikka was good though not much to look at. The macroni was served with garlic bread and a really nice salad. But the macroni itself was really bad with the wierd texture of cheese/egg (not sure).

The cold coffee was too sweet. The best part of the meal was the lemon grass cooler. Very refreshing and with a distinct tang. Must try for those who like something different.

After hearing soo much was a bit let down. But will definately go there again to try the rest of the stuff.

Total cost: Rs 250 total value for money
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

June 09,2007

best place for a quick fix

one of my favorite-st haunts of bandra has to be candies. their cinnamon tea cake and chocolate milkshake are to die for! the rest of the stuff is great too, and it's all brilliant value for money....the stuff you can buy for a hundred bucks ain't funny. don't tell me you haven't been here, or i won't claim to know you
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

April 22,2007

A delight

A charming place with wooden tables and good jazz in the background, this is an excellent palace to hang out with friends or just sit by oneself in a corner with a good book.

Their assortment ranges from Indian to Chinese to what not. But more or less all is good. Their cakes are simply brilliant. Be it a carrot, lemon, banana or a Californian raisin cake, they all are delightful. Another thing that they make well is a cold ham sandwich not that anyone can go wrong in it, but the point being that the quality of ham is good.

One highlight of the place is the garlic bread loaf and trust me its one of the best you can find in Mumbai. The serve a whole range of drinks but I cannot muster the will power to not order the cold coffee.

The service at times is slow but the ambience and the general buzz of the place makes up for it.
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Neha M - Burrp User

Neha M

January 27,2007

The Best Chutney Sandwich and more !

Ah Candies -- lifesaver... our office orders from here 4 times a week. Try the yummy chutney sandwiches or the chicken in mushroom sauce. Complete value for money , Candies serves Indian Combo meals and chinese combo meals ( butterchicken with roti or the fried rice with dragon chicken..its all good!) If you want to sip on something then you must try the wildberry iced tea or the cold coffee...now here comes the best part they serve yummy dessert , pick from an assortment blueberry cheesecake, newyork cheesecake,rum balls , the mud cake or the oat cookies. The biryani is also yummy if you like Indian food.
The delivery service is pretty efficient...though if you walk into one of the Candies Outlets you might not find a table, its best to order in..

Go ahead and indulge ;)
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prashant mestry1112 - Burrp User

prashant mestry1112

January 10,2017

enjoyable food

Food is good and tasty. The environment is good and enjoyable with friends.
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