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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Rajma, Aloo Gobhi, Bhindi masala, Chholey with hot

Additional remarks from reviews:

Authentic home-style food
Amazingly cheap
Raj786 - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Good Food in cheap rates

The prices are real cheap and their service is quite fast. The places is always full and their is a long queue. The crowd sees everyone from bustling youngsters to families. Specially ones living in hostels as its pocket friendly and the menu is exactly Home made style food. They serve amazing rajma chawal,Custard, aamras, butter pav bhaji Be rest assured that you will leave with a happy belly and a happier pocket
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 29,2014

Total value for money....

Home style, cheap, good taste & super pocket friendly joint which has been around since ages.

Food: Decent quantity for 2 people and tasty as well.
Some of our all time favorites are - Paneer masala, Veg Korma, Dal Makhani, Dal Fry & Jeera Rice

This place is mostly frequented by students of Wilson college and many other youngsters. For obvious reasons (home cooked & cheap).

Surely a must go!!
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Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

October 31,2014

If you miss home food, Crystal is the place to be.

This quaint like little place overlooks the Chowpatty Beach and is a dream joint for every student in Mumbai, who crave for food which tastes like home food at affordable prices".

Crystal, is one of those places in Mumbai that has home style cooking at an external environment. It is opposite Chowpatty, near Wilson College, where you see people lined up for lip - smacking food and not for the view or anything else. Crystal could have given up its stature and become modern like other Irani Cafes have reinvented themselves with times, but their origin is their beauty. In the afternoon they open from 12 noon till 3:00 pm and you might also get a free table. However, if you arrive in the evening when they open from 7 pm till 10:30 pm, be prepared to que up for a little while.

A canteen / mess type ambience with Plastic Chairs, Iron Tables and steel crockery. Fast service and the waiters are straight forward. Don't expect courtesy as you normally do while going to a restaurant. You will not get a place after 7.30 on weekends.

Lets get down to the Food -

When I stepped inside I could get clues to the kind of food I would have got here. We ordered the "Dal Makhani" , "Paneer Masala" , "Pav Bhaji" , "Paranthas" , "Roti" & their Famous "Kheer".

Buttered Roti's and Dal Makhani are the local favorites. I did not like much of the Paneer Masala though but loved the Pav Bhaji and ordered few extra Pav (Bun Bread).

If you are the one who needs air conditioner, folded napkins like a fine dining experience then this place is not recommended for you. The service here is very quick and the food is good.

As the old saying goes - Save the best for the last and they make it happen. Howsoever, full I was, I ordered their Trademark Kheer. Its a must must , must have. Highly recommended! I finished the entire bowl without thinking about my calories. I will get your money back if you tell me you did not like it.

Conclusion - Damage to the pocket is minimal. For two people you pay Rs 200-500 apart from the generous tip. Excellent service. Manageable portions for two people. Well priced. No A.C and frills for ambiance. Non spicy, basic flavor preparations of food. Its closed on Monday.

If you miss home food , you know where you can find it now! :-)
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Abhishek_Chhajlani - Burrp User


October 14,2014

great food!

Really like this place. Very homely, extremely good food. Would recommend to people not looking for something very fancy!
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Peeyoosh1986 - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Try Their Kheer and Aam Ras

Cheapest good vegetarian food place. Limited food items, college going crowd but very awesome food. Their Kheer and Aam Ras( Seasonal) are two swedish which everyone should try. Little less rated on Ambiance and service. Waiting time is worth for such a nice food
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sameer  - Burrp User


November 28,2013

Best food to enjoy the best

This restaurant is the one of the most visited among the college goer,but I have also enjoyed going with my family and friends and I just love the food quality over here no hifi ambience no ac but if u want to enjoy the gr8 food do visit here and above all its the CHEAPEST the kheer is awesome here and also the Curd they give it's yummy and fantastic . ..JJItna bolo kum hai is restaurant ke baare main.....Top and must go for good and tasty food lovers. .....
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Shantanu Mishra - Burrp User

Shantanu Mishra

November 27,2013

Cheap & Best food Restaurant

The food is amazing over here. It's the cheapest restaurants among all. The best food over here you will find over here. Do not go on the ambiance. Just enjoy the local moment of the restaurant. People come over here from all of the places just to enjoy the awesome food over here.
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Ritesh Jain - Burrp User

Ritesh Jain

November 26,2013


OLD STRUCTURE AMBIENCE...DIM LIGHT FOOD...TABLE FANS RUNNING...Limited items on the Menu However you can get few more things not available on the menu....but that is only restricted to vegetables/subjis....try their Jeera Alu and the salad plate is a good appetizer..Paneer bhurji and channa masala is watering and will tentalize your taste buds...BEST IN MUMBAI....ANYTIME CAN COMPETE WITH ANY 5 STARS AND 7 STARS
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surajit mandal - Burrp User

surajit mandal

October 05,2013

TASTE LIKE HOME FOOD.... maa k yaad dila de

I've been here lot of times. its like our second home. seriously Maa k yaad dila de. food is delicious and pricing is also not too much.. u can have ur lunch/dinner in less than 200 per person including sweets which is their specialty. Tummy full with sweet in less than 200 bucks, wo bhi mumbai me... Jannat hai... i've been here approx 50-60 times in these 5 years of my stay in mumbai.
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Shruti Ambavat - Burrp User

Shruti Ambavat

October 02,2013

Every foodie must go

What would I do if not for places like Crystal in Mumbai. Heavenly food and even the non sweet lovers like me crave for their rice kheer every single day. You can order any dish and will never be disappointed. Be it pav bhaji or pulav. It tastes just like homemade food. Do keep in mind that it is shut on Mondays.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

September 13,2013

Maa ke haath ka swaad

Let me make myself 'Crystal' clear, these guys are one of the only two places in Mumbai where I have had home-style cooking, in an external environment (The other is Guru da Dhaba). I wish other places got wind of the intentions of the common man as well, who really could do with Home-style food without having to cook it themselves.

Crystal is bang opposite Girgaum Chowpatty, opposite Wilson College where people line up for the lip-smacking food and not the view or anything else. Set in a time warp, Crystal could have given up its stature and become a modern den, just like so many Irani cafes have reinvented with the times, but their origin is their beauty. If you come here during the afternoons, you could hopefully get a free table, but if you arrive in the evening, be prepared to queue up for a while. The last few times I've been here, there is definitely a queue in the evening.

Lets get down to the food now, shall we? I've dropped enough clues about the kind of food you'd get here. So lets dig into the variety here now. The must try items, which are known far & wide, are their Rajma & the Baingan Bharta. These are the two items you got to have, even if you hate Baingan/Eggplant. They make it so good. The spices are just right, the smoky flavor of the Baingan comes through, and you're going to absolutely love it. Try it with their paranthas, which you could equal to Puris if you're from up north because they are almost the same. You also get tawa chapatis here, which are just like home. As for the Rajma, you could have it with any kind of rice, and it does remind me of mommy :) Do make sure you get them to get you a bottle of Thums Up along, because after you load up your food, you'll need it to Burrp it out! Other recommendations include their Alu Subzi (dry), and their Palak Paneer, which are both great.

Save the best for the last, as the old adage goes. Yes, they make it happen. Howsoever full I am, I do try their Kheer every time I am here. And when they serve it, I have 2-3 helpings of their Aamras without thinking about the calories. These are highly recommended as well, I'd get you your money back if you did not like em.

Enough of drama, now for the bottomline. Damage on the pocket is minimal. For two people, I have ordinarily paid about Rs. 200-250 apart from a generous tip for keeping the place alive. And that, is after ordering 4-5 items off the menu. So you could easily go there and eat for one person under Rs. 100.

If you miss home food, you know where you could find it now!!
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starsoul23 - Burrp User


September 08,2013

Good food very economic price

This is a place where visit frequently for there simple quality home like food. Even so economic you get a butter roti only at Rs.5, thats unbelievable in Mumbai like city. So its worth giving try.
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Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

September 02,2013

Cheap, No frills, Good UP-style North Indian Food

+ Non-spicy, non-oily, basic and flavorful preparations
+ Excellent service
+ Manageable portions for 2
+ Well-priced

- Not large group friendly
- Most tables occupied by students
-/+ No AC, no frills ambiance
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nilesh8582 - Burrp User


September 01,2013

cheap and good

Located close to Wilson college on chowpatty, Crystal has been the place of choice for many collegiate and office goers alike. It offers good food which is almost equivalent to home cooking and that too at ultra-cheap price. However, if you are particular about hygiene, you would do best to avoid this place. A word of caution, for some unknown reason, Crystal is closed on Monday.
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Anshul  Dosi - Burrp User

Anshul Dosi

August 19,2013

The Most economical restaurant in Mumbai

This is by far the most economical resto in Mumbai serving cheapest yet quality food. Aloo pyanz and Paneer burji are to dye for here. And do not miss the trademark Kheer and fruit salad and Mango Juice here. A party for 10 people wouldn't cost you more than 1000 here.
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saunakghosh  - Burrp User


August 13,2013

Tastes like Home food

The quaint little place overlooking marine Drive is a dream joint during my student days when we used to crave for food which tasted like home food at very affordable rates. The Rajma, Aloo Gobhi, Bhindi masala, Chholey with hot butter rotis and kheer to finish off was the favourite. even after student days are far behind me, it's one of the places I visit frequently.
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Gluttonomous - Burrp User


August 09,2013

Only to eat & nothing else to see or get

One of the most frequently suggested place to eat in south Mumbai if your facing a cash crunch. But just don’t go it being economical as the food is as good. If you the one, who needs ACs, folded napkins like a fine dining restaurant then you should stop reading this right away. The service is fast & the food is good. This only veg indian serving cuisine is in shabby conditions & not been renovated in decades. That doesn’t deter people coming and eating here. Butter roti, tomato & potato sabji, egg bhurji and dal makhani are the local favorites. The even serve chilled kheer all throught the year while a small bowl of aam ras in seasons as well. Leaving apart the shabby state of this place, décor & ambience which are at zilch, the food & service is worth it.
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Abhishek Saklecha - Burrp User

Abhishek Saklecha

August 05,2013

best place for hostellites

i cant stop praising this place...awesome food at dirt cheap rates...n that too in a place like girgaon where other restaurants will make a big hole in ur pocket...whenever i miss home food n cant go home, i visit this restaurant....although the ambience is poor n the building is like it will fall at any time, it scores full marks on food...n we have the chowpatty to hang out after the heavy meal here...
recommendations- all dishes are good n the desserts are especially awesome!
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Yummy Mumbai - Burrp User

Yummy Mumbai

June 29,2013

Homely Food away from Home

A place where I love to visit whenever I am in this side of the town. Homely Food, great value for money! Kheer, Fruit Cream, Baingan ka Bharta and Tomato Rice are the compulsory in my order!

A canteen / mess type ambience with Plastic Chairs, Iron Tables and steel crockery! Fast service and the waiters are straight forward! Don't expect courtesy as you normally do while going to a restaurant. No number, only queues if there is a rush - You will not get a place after 7.30 in weekends.Only 'Word pfMouth' is the media for publicity!
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June 25,2013

VFM homely food

So what does one do when one longs for homely, Punjabi food (non - dhaba style)? – One needs to head to Crystal. The place has zero ambiance – old building and rickety furniture, but scores high on food. Probably this is the reason that there is always a queue to get in.

So what does one order at Crystal? Well almost everything is good, but my special recommendation is rajma, which is probably the best in town. The meal has to be ended with their kheer which again is heavenly.

This is absolutely a no frills place – just come, sit, eat and go out. Clearly one of the best places for homely, VFM food in the city, that ranks high on my list.
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chemburguy - Burrp User


January 19,2013

Hidden Gem

Most people do not know about Crystal unless they have been introduced to it by a family member or friend. It is located in an old building opposite Chowpatty beach and doesn't have much in terms of ambiance. But the food and service more than makes up for it and Crystal is probably the best place in terms of value for money with the average cost per person around Rs. 100 even today. The only thing one needs to be prepared for is waiting 15-30 min in a queue as the place is quite small. I believe Crystal now also has one more food joint in Lower Parel although oddly they keep it closed on Sundays
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 29,2012

No nonsesne restaurant

Located on the chowpatty seaface, the access to the restaurant is quite easy.

My friends suggested this restaurant and went there to have a bite recently, and i did have more than a bite :)

Invariably there is a line which stretches up to the next shop and takes around 20-30 mins to get inside on a weekend.

Once we got in and looked at the menu, we were surprised by looking at the prices.

Must try the Masala Papad and the parathas. We ordered Malai Kofta ( which was good and served very hot) and the Dry vegetable - Aloo ( tasted like home cooked aloo sabzi) then some rotis and a veg biryani.

A boondi raita and Kheer was also ordered to finish the huge meal !

All of the orders tasted really good and the service was fast and prompt.
After eating all this the bill wasn't even 300 Rs.

Tip: Buy a mineral water bottle and carry soap strips/ hand sanitizer with you.

The overall cleanliness of the restaurant is okay but the food and the plates in which it was served were very clean.

Will surely go many more times.
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RachnaShah80 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Chowpatty Samrat !

Desi khana... Direct dil se...
Aloo bhaji , bhurji paneer , pao bhaji ... Aha marvellous. .
The old uncle is the Jaan of this place..too adorable
The Khmer is definitely toooo good for words to describe !
Feel of dhaba right in the heart of Sobo - priceless ..
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November 15,2012

Yummy kheer

i went to this place just to try their famous kheer,it did not dissapoint me certainly...
it was served very cold...it had some flavour which tasted like rabdi...it did not contain any dry fruits or any other ingredient...the coldness of the kheer was so amazing...and i finished it so fast...all i can say-mazza ah gaya...moving on the service-very quick...their prices are so affordable.where else in mumbai could you get such a good kheer for 30 bucks...will come here soon hopefully :D
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

November 02,2012

No nonsense place with brilliant food

It's a no frills attached place with amazing home like food. A lot of bachelors living alone have been surviving in this city thanks to Crystal. They have amazing rajma, baingan bharta and chawal kheer. The prices are surprisingly low.
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aashu1983 - Burrp User


October 17,2012

Just what you wanted

If you are someone who cannot eat without AC, or fancy names or menu cards this place is not for you. Crystal is a bliss for people who love simplicity and consistancy. The food served is limited, delicious, homely and yes dirt cheap. It might be surprising that such place still exists at a very excellent location. The owners have been serious of providing people with food they miss far away from home.
1. Baigan Bharta - simply amazing
2. sukha aloo
3. boondi raita
4. kheer
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

September 12,2012

Best Home Food......

Crystal is a food joint which stopped growing in 1970's it seems and stayed the way it is till now.Most of the servers have been there for over 22 years or so they say. It is not a place for a good ambience , neither it is for electic food lovers. Crystal is pure simple food which you will not find at any restuarent.The reason for that is that crystal is not a "gravy" based restaurent. In most of the restaurents if you order a "bhindi" or okra you get a gravy based dish or a dish which is steeped in oil and has very little inherent flavor of the vegetable.Crystal preserves all those inherent tastes of the vegetables just like our mums did and gives them to you with regular sized home made chapatis which are not like the thepla thin ones that you find in mumbai but the saucer sized one you make at home.The simple gobhi and bharta taste exactly of their inherent ingredients.

However crystals best is reserved in the end . The amras which they serve is the best i have eaten anywhere and their fruit custard is chilled and to die for. Now matter how much you eat , two people will find it very difficult to cross Rs 200 in crystal such are the prices in the place.

For being an oasis of one of freshest foods in mumbai,for serving the most amazing desserts and for running out of food everyday as they just cant make enough i implore all of you to try crystal . Its what indian home made food is all about....
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Yummy Mumbai - Burrp User

Yummy Mumbai

February 12,2012

Homely Food out of Home

If you are not interested in cooking but want to avoid the sinful food; if you are on outing and want to relish the homely food - Crystal is the only place in Mumbai! Appropriate quantity, too economical and no compromise on quality.
Baingan Bharta, Dal Fry, Masala Rice, Tava Roti and to end the course have fruit cream and Kheer.
There is a waiting if you are after 7.30 PM and you have to stand in queue
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Yummy Mumbai - Burrp User

Yummy Mumbai

February 12,2012

Homely Food out of Home

If you are not interested in cooking but want to avoid the sinful food; if you are on outing and want to relish the homely food - Crystal is the only place in Mumbai! Appropriate quantity, too economical and no compromise on quality.
Baingan Bharta, Dal Fry, Masala Rice, Tava Roti and to end the course have fruit cream and Kheer.
There is a waiting if you are after 7.30 PM and you have to stand in queue
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Richa Jain - Burrp User

Richa Jain

August 30,2011

Crystal :my love..

When you enter, its a small, tacky lookin place...u get to sit only if u can find a place by yourself..but its fun to be alert :P
The food...it has d best dal makhani and even amazing parathas...i love their paneer bhurji and there is so much to write...the kheer and fruit salad...awesome..!!
Service...the staff out there wont speak to you or suggest something, neither will they wait for you (cuz they have alot f serving to do)..but their service...u order n within a couple pf minutes ul have it on ur table and ul find urslf enjoying the food...n the best part is that the food is amazingly cheap...
Ive been going to this place since years and will do the same for more to come..
I so love CRYSTAL :)
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Fang Xuan - Burrp User

Fang Xuan

June 07,2011


I was recommended by my colleague who said this could be the best aamras in Mumbai and was so pleasantly surprised when I took the first spoonful of chilled mango.

It was so good that I had two portions and it was so good that we parceled and gave out to our other colleagues.

The service here is wonderfully friendly and efficient too! :)
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Rahul Purshottam - Burrp User

Rahul Purshottam

May 02,2011

best veg food

i study at wilson and crystal serves the best veg food at decent prices, the kheer here is ultimate one should never miss it, the place is always crowded and beleive me its worth standing in the line. :D
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rahulbhuyan123 - Burrp User


April 20,2011

Only place where I eat Veg :)

I am a hard core non vegetarian... And the only place where I eat Veg is Crystal....
If i have to give lessons on consistency, i`d give examples of Sachin Tendulkar and Crystal :p Seriously I always love the food there...

This is one of the rare restaurants on Burrp which has only positive reviews....

Dishes I recommend : Paneer Bhurjee, Aloo Jeera, Kheer and Fruit Cream.

Perfect place specially for all hostelers .... excellent affordable ghar ka khana...
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Menaka Neotia - Burrp User

Menaka Neotia

January 17,2011

Have i come home?

amazing homemade veg food.. and u get kheer too!! just one thing, i went there once and i had some vegetable left over so i asked the waiter to parcel it, he said ''hum itna kum sabzi pack nahin karte" i told him iv paid for it and i want it, he gave me a bad look, and parcelled it for me then :)
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karankamra - Burrp User


November 21,2010

Ultimate Taste

This place is simply great. The food here is finger licking yummy. 3 years back, my friend suggested this place when we were at Nariman point. He said this restaurant is just 10 min walk and we walked from Nariman Point to this place, 1 hour of walk..but it was worth it.Extremely Cheap and wonderful wonderful taste. For people like me from north, this place is a heaven.Highly recommended.Because I live in suburbs its not possible for me to every day, but whenever I am in town, this is the place I never miss!!!Kudos to this place:):):)
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AkkuDreamz - Burrp User


August 31,2010

Amazing place

The best place to eat out i've been to in Mumbai.
Ever since i came to Mumbai, I've heard from people about Crystal (Tezaab fame)
Everybody kept saying how great the food is, and how a huge crowd gathers to get an entry into the restaurant.
But its only when you experience it yourself.
Working in Mumbai 14 hours a day, commuting to office, paying 3-4 times for stuff ( a compared to cities like Jaipur where i come from), this surely is a real treat.
Had been to Marine Drive a number of times with my Friends, but never went on to wait in the never ending queue outside Crystal.
Yes, its about a whole kilometer long queue. And about 2-3 KM long queue of Cars.
The enjoyment begins right outside, when you are standing with your gang having fun, joking about how long the wait could be, then having ice cream to kill time.

Finally we you get in, don't let the modest appearance of the joint confuse you, Crystal has been running like this for quite long, and what makes it best is what should -Food.

Once you look at the menu, you need to pinch yourself to believe you are still in Mumbai (yes the prices are so low, i mean really low.).
And the taste is, well amazing, all your desi khana, dal makhani, aloo mutter, palak paneer, (yum yumm........drooling :))
and ya to top it all, we had Fruit cream, and kheer :D. trust me it was the best food i've had in Mumbai, and the only one that satisfied me.

All of us were literally full to the throat and cudnt even walk.

Don't take my word for it, go ahead and grab a bite of the best desi food Mmbai has to offer.
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Tushar Chhapia - Burrp User

Tushar Chhapia

January 28,2010

Experience of a Lifetime

I first went to this place on recommendation of one of my college friend. We were sitting on Marine drive and were wondering where to eat? Having visited almost all the 'Known' places around, we wanted some thing different. And then he mentioned Crystal – The Dhaba of South Mumbai.

I was warned before we headed to the place that it was not one of those conventional food joints that you would imagine in that locality. But 'Ghar jaisa Khaana' words are more than enough to compel you to visit any place.

We reached there at around 8:30 in the evening (Saturday evening) and what do we see? A long queue outside a not-so-attractive entrance. hmmm ... I wondered, how I could’ve missed a place like this where people are standing dedicated in a 'Queue'??

By the time i got to get the full view inside (it took me around 15-20 mins to reach at the start of the Q), I got this feeling that it would be an experience to remember -- Wooden tables n chairs... the slow-old fan under a make-shift kind of ceiling ... narrow and wooden staircase and the steel dishes. BANG ... I was in 'Bombay' of the old 80's!!!

I got a place to sit on the upper level ... with a full view of the surroundings, both lower and upper levels. The crowd was basically of the nearby college/hostel students. It was summer of 2008 and it was still hot at 9 in the evening and the fans were not doing justice to any of us (No AC by the way). I gave full authority to my friend to order whatever he likes as I was busy making myself adjusted to the ‘warmth’ of the place (trust me, It was a very hot day).

We didn’t have to wait for the food for too long (surprisingly, considering peak hours and limited number of servers). And WOW … the food smelled really good. We ordered Rajma Masala, Jeera Alu, a Paneer dish and Masala papad and Boondie Raita. The best sight was that of the Rotis … small, round and dipped in ghee!!! What followed was a silence of 20 minutes and infinite rounds of Rotis. The Rajma was so yummy that I ordered for another one despite my friend suggesting something else. Each and every item in the plate was so delicious that I wondered if it was coming straight from my Mom’s kitchen.

20 minutes later, I was sweating again ... not because of the hot and humid climate, but because of the manner and speed in which we ate. It was an Experience of a Lifetime.

To be continued…
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Manoj K - Burrp User

Manoj K

December 20,2009

Perfect place for food lovers

Have been here today with friends, environment is awesome & perfect with all old wooden style chairs n tables, quick service and owner cum uncle always wearing smile and warm welcome for each customer.

Ate masala papad, rajma, stuffed parathas, paneer bhurji, chaas, jeera rice, kheer along with 2 parcel kheers along with 2 mineral water bottles :) just for Rs. 305/- :)

If u don't check out kheer as sweet dish, you're really missing specialty of Crystal!

How about having food with some oldies kishor kumar songs :) Its here..its really different and unique experience....takes you to old b/w days...

Must Must try out place for budget conscious who are true food lovers!!
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 24,2009

Value for money!!

As the other readers have mentioned, do not judge this place by its ambience!! The ambience might have remained the same in the last 50 years but so has the quality of food, i believe. :)

This place is great for hostelites... u can eat as much as u want and the bill will never cross more than 60 bucks per head.. .yes its that cheap...

Dont miss the kheer!!! Its the icing of the cake!!! :)
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rohan.r.v - Burrp User


August 13,2009

Don't judge a book by its cover

I must have been by that road thousands of times, but every time you cross Chowpatty, Crystal calls you. The cooks have some magic recipes there. Do not miss their world famous Kali Daal and Kheer.
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misramayur01 - Burrp User


July 10,2009

Fabulous Food

I have been there to eat more than 10 times I guess. apart from the food I order, my one regular order is the Kheer.... Its just Fabulous. The food is also very good and very cheap, absolute must go to eat if u r on a budget but even if aren't then go there atleast once for the Kheer......... Drooling..........................
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duskyfreak - Burrp User


June 21,2009

hostel students alert!!!!!

awesome place for all hostel boys/girls who are on a budget and yet want good food. drop in here for the excellent kheer and ah the delicious chapatis... just perfect. you could however stay away from the black dal
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GimoWest - Burrp User


June 11,2009

Excellent Homely Eatery

I had been longing to visit 'Crystal' for quite some time. Finally I made it there. As I approached the eatery, I was a little taken aback by its rundown exterior. I started having second thoughts about having dinner at 'Crystal'. I mustered some courage, entered the restaurant and occupied the centre table on the mezzanine seating area.

I was really hungry and promptly decided to place the order for the food. I was impressed with the electric speed of the waiter who provided us with water and menu cards. I was ashamed to note I had placed an order for nine items.

Now to the grub. 'Mutter Paneer' was a luscious tomato based gravy, the green peas were extremely fresh plus the paneer was very soft too. The koftas in the 'Malai Kofta' preparation were nice and firm plus the slightly pungent curry complemented it very well. I had ordered 'Paneer Korma' but was shocked to find Paneer Bhurji on the table, nevertheless the wonderful concoction of onions, tomatoes and cottage cheese was lip-smacking. Also ordered an aubergine dish, 'Baingan Bharta', the sensational barbeque of the baingans plus great use of Punjabi Garam Masala was ..... actually I am short of words to explain its taste, brilliant!. The accompaniments to these four delicacies were soft thin buttered rotis. Had 'Pulao' too, the paneer pieces in the pulao according to me felt out of place here, on the whole decent. Ordered a portion of 'Dal Makhni', I was pleased to observe the low content of butter in this dish which ended up enhancing the punch of the masalas. The 'Pulao' was also accompanied by 'Boondi Raita' which was a great blend of curd and boondis. Last but not the least; the 'Lassi' was light as the rest of the food, but the slight sour twang put me off it.

On the whole, the style of cooking is very homely. The North Indian food here is very easy on the stomach and won't leave you with a heavy feeling. Service is fast and efficient too. Ambience is quite a shocker, but the gastronomic delights more than make up for it. Four stars from my end.
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gagankalra - Burrp User


April 15,2009

looks can be deceptive

Well u would like to dismiss this place if u go by the looks of the place u go out to eat to....but step inside the goumet heaven and u will be treated to an experience of a lifetime.....well OK i get the exxageration part but u outta try this place....a meal for three ( WHOLESOME MEAL with couple of drinks and loads of phirni would set u back by a tad 250-300 bucks....try coming to this place after 12:30 and u might have to stand in the line for about 30 mins....one of the better places to be in south mumbai.
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


March 29,2009

Rasoi ghar ghar ki.....

If u are missing home out here in Mumbai or your Mom/wife is out of town and you want ghar ka khana, Crystal is the place to be. Awesome food, amazing service and the location is Chowpatty.

The place is small and you may feel cramped, but the food makes yo forget the rest. Because of it's size and minimal seatings, there are huge queues found here. So always plan to reach here 30 mins before you want to eat :)

The Kheer is a killer. Don't miss it if u are at crystal.
The prices are down to earth--literally.
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Abhishek Kothari - Burrp User

Abhishek Kothari

February 12,2009

Amazing food at unbelivable price!!

Crystal: well let me begin by telling u that no matter which day of the week u go there, u have to wait (dinner time)! But its worth the wait there.
Ambience: Not a great one, its like an old structure but d slow & old music makes u feel relaxed!!
Waiters: Courtesy waiters with complete attention to the customers requirement & they aren't throwing in any kind of attitude. D old man (d owner) sits in d corner on the right hand side wen u enter the place & is only bothered abt cash exchange!! The waiters r in no hurry to serve u (i.e. to rotate the customers at the table), instead they really make u feel comfortable!!
Food: Well, i have never had home type food in mum.. especially one after bhagat tarachand.. but i rate this place above bhagat tarachand. U r able to get d fulka hot at ur table. Ur craving (for the food) begins to expand as & when u start eating ur food!! D stomach gets satisfied but the heart doesn't!! Their menu card is limited, but has everything required to have a good meal i.e. pappads, raitas, parathas, fulkas, vegetables, dals, salads, soft drinks nd dessert!! Cmng onto their desserts, u have to give a shot at the KHEER!! its a cold one thgh but its fantastic!! I cud never imagine having a kheer at a hotel (especially of this kind) in Mumbai... this place is so good that within the last 5 days, i have visited this place thrice!! What more cud i say!!
Ambience: 3/5.
Service (Waiters): 5/5.
Food: 5/5.
Price factor: Meal for two will vary anywhere between Rs.140-160/-.
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Misha m - Burrp User

Misha m

August 20,2008

Home cooked food

Finally a place where you get home cooked food at the most amazingly low prices.
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Bhuvan Misra - Burrp User

Bhuvan Misra

April 06,2008

Ghar ka swaad

This food joint is mostly frequented by those who are looking for "Ghar ke khaane ka swaad" (if you are North Indian!).
I always made it a point to order their sukhe alu, roti (phulka), dal tadka (arhar ki daal) and kheer.
Home for me, was hop skip and jump but there were times when I need to just go and get something to eat from 'Crystal". It plays some really golden oldie's and the "Uncle" at the bill counter ensures that all guests really do feel at home :-)
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

March 16,2008

go for it

Crystal has been a short drive from my place and since we are all south bom snobs in my circle we never ever gave the place a second look.
Somehow we ended up there today for lunch and as it turns out were lucky to get a table. The place is not much to look at, in fact it looks deliberately run down.
The food is North Indian though they do serve some pav bhaji as well.
Staple dishes, rajma, paneer varations, chana masala, dal makhani etc.
Now the cool part is that the food is amazing, its not great tasting or lovingly prepared, the flavor is very close to what your mom would cook up, or something you would get at a dhaba somewhere. Same but different.
The preparation is light and the spice and oil factor is low. The service is fairly quick, as is the turnaround time for a meal.
We got Rajma, Paneer, Rotis, Rice,Dal, Dahi, Papad, Thums up and Kheer all for 199.
Check this place out but get their early or you will end up waiting.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

November 23,2007

Ghar ka khana ghar ke daamo mein!

This is absolutely the finest home-style food you could get in Downtown mumbai. I work at Nariman Point, and at various points of time, I have really whetted my appetite by walking all over from Nariman Point to the Girgaum Chaupatty (an about 2-3 km long promenade!) just to come to Crystal and gorge at the food here.

I also like getting people here who have simply not tasted simple food. The Crystal Restaurant shares its neighbourhood with New Yorker, Cafe Ideal, Golden Thaali and other such hi-funda restaurants, but it has its own old world charm which refuses to die. Look at the pic and you'd observe the simplicity of the place. Simple two-tier structure, run down furniture, a few bulbs and fans dotting the place inside. and yet, almost always you'd have to wait outside to get served! The Wilson College crowd next door from the hostel, and other students from the various stretches of colleges dotting Marine Drive usually crowd the place, but then who really cares?

The food is 'just-right' spicy and tangy, and the rotis are too good! rajma chawal makes you remember the rajma chawal you'd love to eat up north in Punjab and Dilli. :) Their Paranthas are also some of the yummiest around, along with the achaar which is some of the bestest!.

And no meal at Crystal is complete without the much talked about Chawal ki Kheer around here. You gotta have a small helping of this delicacy served cold and it'll really be the perfect cherry on the good food you enjoyed around here. Enjoy your meal... Burrp!
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Vishal S - Burrp User

Vishal S

May 23,2007

Lazeeeeeeeeeeeeeez... Burrrp!

Great Indian food... anybody needing some 'Ghar ka swaad' should pay a visit... Try the parathas with ghee and the aam ras (seasonal)... the Koftas are rich and smooth... and absolutely nothing on the menu shall ever hurt your wallet...

4 stars only for the great value and nostalgia... Don't blame me if you find the food too bourgeois for your fat purses!
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Santosh Navlani - Burrp User

Santosh Navlani

December 19,2006

Home-like food

ok...nothing can be compared with HOME MADE KHANA...but this comes a bit close to it.
The restaurant comes across as a student eating place. you will find most of the college & hostel students eating here...

the timings is a real here...the food isn't served after 10:30pm, thts been my experience 2wice.

The food is typical Punjabi style..prices reasonable.

Don't miss "Chawal ki Kheer" after the dinner. Its one of the yummiest things one can ever have.
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Neha Shah - Burrp User

Neha Shah

October 13,2006

Completely Loved It!!!

This ones for the poor hungry soul man!!! Totally a Dhaba experience in Mumbai!!! FOod served is awsome and filling!!! Everything form the various Bhajis to Rajhma( recommended)to Parathas...and the evergreen Old Hindi songs playing in the background lift u away to some other bygone era...space and ambience might seem like a problem...but dikhao pe naa jaao...The food served on your table makes up for everything else!
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prashant mestry1112 - Burrp User

prashant mestry1112

January 10,2017

ok ok

The taste and quality of food we ordered was not as per my expectation. OK OK type but affordable.
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Praveen Sharma - Burrp User

Praveen Sharma

November 28,2016

Hangout place chowpatty

It's really pocket friendly and at the same time the quantity is enough to satiate ones appetite..
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