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Shraddha Shrivas - Burrp User

Shraddha Shrivas

October 26,2016

Good Place but poor Time Management.

Good Place to Have pizza but you have to wait for nearly 1hr for your turn to get in...and after that again 30 hr for your order to arrive. So if you want to have these pizzas then just order your food at home n njoy it..
My advice is to open more outlets if u have such a huge crowd mad over your pizzas.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

March 31,2015

Good place for Chicken lovers

Joey's pizza - I heard this place described in cult terms before I first ordered. The quantum of toppings on your pizza definitely puts the Dominos and Pizza Huts of the world to shame. Where they lack is the service, taking 30+ minutes to prepare pizza on a non busy weekday. We have had to cancel a Friday evening party plan because the outlet told us it would take 1.5 hours for the pizza to come (we are situated 2 minutes from the outlet)
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mallika84 - Burrp User


February 07,2015

Joey's makes Dominos look good....go figure!

Read some good reviews about this place on Zomato... After ordering I'm sure they are paying people for those reviews and perhaps here too.

I will rate my first and last experience with them split between service and food as below :-

* food- below average pizza and toppings. Ordered the Tornado which was sweet, margarita with olive and jalapeño which was dry and sub standard really. The surprise roast chicken pizza (read below to understand) was dry chicken with dry capsicum on an oily pizza base. The cheese they use on all pizzas doesn't seem of good quality as it is very salty and has a bad taste.

*service- food was delivered an hour an a half after placing the order(was promised 45-60 mins). When I called to merely ask where the food was, I was asked by the manager (Ali -who was laughing throughout the three subsequent calls mind you) to follow up with the delivery guy myself since I had a problem and not him. I also got an unwanted and intellectually fractured lecture on Bombay traffic and the infamous east-west jams all the while he was giggling. This really ticked me off but, the worst was yet to come.
The delivery guy shows up eventually and looks like Ali had already primed him.. The delivery boy Rajesh did not speak a single word to me, stared at me the whole time like he wanted to punch my face and leave me toothless I guess. He shoved the pizzas in my hand followed by the drink followed by the change and stormed out. Ouch!
I called my friend Ali and spoke to him about this and his one line reaction was - "I will check with him". No sorry, no expletives even..... Gimme something brother!
Anyway, even my order was wrong to make matters worse. I thought I had ordered a "roast chicken" starter which the guy taking the order assured me is a starter but, of course it turned out to be just another pizza.
After I had lost all my patience I politely asked for the owner's number and upon speaking with him - it all made sense!
The owner listens to me whine about everything in literally one breath and his response was this - "I apologize. I'm getting a call on another line, I will speak to Ali. Thank you" and hangs up on me. This is Mr. Arif Kazi... Setting an example for his staff!
Of course he spoke to Ali who called me and offered me some 200 odd rupees in exchange for the dry and disgusting roast chicken pizza. I said I didn't want their money and hung up.
To end all this....what I really want to do is to take their pizza and spit in it and feed it to all of them. Enjoy!
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