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Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

Loveeeee it... D best place to chill out..

Loveeeee it... D best place to chill out.. Very quiet place tucked away in one of d by lanes of versova.. Wid limited tables.. Outside sitting n indise sitting both r good.. I m in love wid d hot chocolate wid hazelnut flavour n choco malt shake was also good.. Brazed veggies sandwich was very ok.. D brownie point is d basement full of comics whr u can pick ur book n sip on ur hot cocoa.. Perfect fr a rainy day... Will keep coming back

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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

Library cum cafe

The place is a cafe and a library where you can sit have coffee and read books and chill with ur friends. And its not just any library its a comic library. It was like a wonderland for a reader... Its super cute and they only charge about 30 odd some thing for an hour of reading. The menu feels like quick bites but the quantity is amazing. Baked crispy chicken and the Aglio olio spaghettieverything is excellent. Nutella Pancake was awesome, must try.
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  • Leaping Windowsimage
  • Leaping Windowsimage
  • Leaping Windowsimage
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

Peppy Young feel

A very attractive concept with freedom to enjoy reading along with enjoying your food. The library is well stocked and great for hours of lounging. You can truly escape Mumbai down there. The food is essentially a meat lovers paradise. Their Classic Beef burger with caramelized onions, quite.Amazon cheese steak was up to my expectations and definitely one on the items to try as well as Spicy Cajun chicken.
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  • Leaping Windowsimage
  • Leaping Windowsimage
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foodie786 - Burrp User


January 05,2014


So I go here with my brother on a pleasant sunday evening for dinner..
1. I ordered a roast chicken with pesto, my brother ordered a grille chicken from the Mains.
2. Pizza comes without salt. My brother gets a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the main.
3. our take away order was goofed up as well. They forgot to pack 1 dish. Thankfully, we checked right there.
4. for the mistake above- the staff said - waiter is new, please forgive. Mind you guys- i checked my bill- it was billed!! the dish was very much there on bill.
5. No tartar sauce with the fish & chips. got pakoras instead of chips (image uploaded)
6. got boiled veges instead of roasted with penne.
7. PUNCTURED THE POCKET with rs.2025/- for 4 dishes.

last but not the least- ruined my sunday & I'm never going back!
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Suvajeet Duttagupta ???? - Burrp User

Suvajeet Duttagupta ????

December 11,2012

Mangas and more

Went here during one of the Tea Trunk events.
Tucked inside in tiny lanes of versova (thank god for google maps)

Quite silent, beautiful, and quaint, got to go downstairs to check their collection and it's huge, and I wish I could bunk college and sit and read all day long. I think mumbai needs more places like this all over the city.

Ordered the peanut butter jelly sandwich and the mag n cheese, both were yummy.
The owners are quite friendly as well.
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justnomnom - Burrp User


August 20,2012

Truly Amazing :)

A Pleasant Saturday Evening, with the excitement of an amazing night coming up, We decided to go cool off at this very sophisticated looking yet welcoming cafe in Yari Road, Andheri(W).
Situated at the corner of a very quiet and flora-fauna filled road, the cafe seems to shout out to you and say, Hey you! Yeah, you!! Wanna relax and enjoy a bit ? Walk in :) .
Leaping Windows - Comic Cafe .
My first thought : Comic Cafe ?
Yes, you heard me right, it is a Comic Cafe.
To read the entire Review, Visit : www.justnomnom.com
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Vivek  - Burrp User


July 08,2012


You are actually missing the fun if u haven't come to this place.. Few good things about this place.

1) Utso and Bidisha are the nicest person alive in this world.. Always smiling and ready to make a new suggestion from the menu. Wat a couple.

2) Comics collections ka toh kamaal nahi hai!!!!! As if Utso always knew he will be opening a comic library and started collecting from the first one he purchased.

3) FREE WIFI.. Yeh hui na baat..

3) Finger licking special lunch menus from Mutton kasa to prawns specials to what not. this place makes sure you dont leave till it closes.. And yepp the cup cakes specially designer ones are worth a try.

4) DOG FRIENDLY: YEPP.. Zara (Street dog) and RAMU have to be the best part about the place.. :) U will always find them welcoming u..

5) And yaa last but not least if u in media u will see most of the known faces sitting and mostly writing here over a coffee.

Ok. Enough now i am off to have my today's special. :P BURRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!
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Ashrita Doofenshmirtz - Burrp User

We need more places like these.

I had heard so much about The Leaping Windows Cafe from a dear foodie friend, but was completely putting it off every day coz it was in the heart of Yari Road. But then last week I decided to give it a try after hearing too many good things about it. I had to double check to see if it was real.

The place looks quiet and quaint from the outside, in a silent lane off Yari Road, but it was packed. We were lucky enough to have walked in right when one of the tables was emptying out. We settled in quickly and it only took us a whoosh of the Coorg Coffee Aroma to realize that we were in Coffee Heaven. The cutest Husband and Wife duo run this place, and while they may take time to get to you on a busy day, they make up for it with a smile on their faces. You would anyways not go in a hurry to such a place. I am not kidding people, Visiting the Leaping Windows Cafe is like being transported to a new world altogether!

The wall has Graffiti, there is a door made of black woody material that you could draw on, there is a curved glass space where you could enjoy the silent murmurs inside while overlooking the green silent street outside. But wait, that is not the best part about this place.

The basement is a fully functional Comic Book Library. Yeah, you heard me right, and it has the coolest collection of comic books. You pay 30 bucks an hour to read, or you can get a 3 month membership for 1500 bucks and read all you want. Better than playing out in the sun or spending whole day in front of screens for the kids during vacation time right?

The food was just okay. Loved the Coffee though. I ordered for a Red Velvet Cupcake which was dense, not the way it should be, and the cream cheese frosting was a bit too sweet for my liking. They don't have a fully functional kitchen, so the food is sourced from home caterers. It's decently priced too, a Cappuccino was 60 bucks and so was the cupcake. Not too bad I say!

So am I going back? Most definitely. Totally and completely. This is the kind of place that I would love to own some day. I can go here everyday.
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