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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 29,2015

Best italian fare

Family friendly but upscale Italian restaurant in Mumbai...very large menu and selection of vegetarian items. The menu includes risotto balls, risotto, fondue, pizzas, bruschetta and garlic bread. Enchiladas and quesadillas are the best.The staff is very friendly and always ready with great recommendations.Rates are a bit steep but then you can expect that in a place like Juhu. The nawabi pizza and also margerita pizza are my fav.
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ajeeta19 - Burrp User


February 05,2014

Such a Disappointment

Little Italy comes as top recommendation in Italian searches but it is such a disappointment. The service is slow, the ambiance very so-so with torn table clothes and stained seats and the food seriously over-priced!Can someone please tell me why am i being charged 500+ for a plate of risotto when the rice they are using is not even arborio rice but some random brown rice?!The garlic bread here is one of the worse i have ever had - it looks more like a HIGHLY over-priced maska bun which is not even served hot!!Deserts are also nothing to write about.Completely not worth it.
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Prabal Lunavat - Burrp User

Prabal Lunavat

September 28,2013

ok. good enough...

We came here to enjoy a bit of Italian. It was good to find out that the restaurant is completely vegetarian. The ambiance is quite nice. More cozy, than spacious. More formal, than relaxed. We ordered the insalata Gennarino: american lettuce, capsicum slices, sliced green olives, and capers. The salad was just huge, and could easily have served four people. So we loved the portion size. American lettuce (foxy) must be crisp and sweet. This lettuce was soggy and limp. There was too much dressing (a light Italian), and a disproportionate amount of capers. I'm talking about maybe a hundred capers. hahaha! It was a satisfactory salad. But there was nothing gourmet or special about it. She ordered the simple pizza Goa: capsicum, and corn added as a favor. They make a brick oven type, thin sliced, and fairly dry pizza. It is a 12" or 13" pizza. Good enough for a 10 yo girl (and her dad! buahahaha!). They add some other cheese beyond the mozzarella and a salty pecorino. It gives it a smoky flavor. It was delicious. The last dish was the special enchilada... ermmm... because nothing goes better with Italian than a bit of... umm Mexican. :0P It was fine: too much tomato sauce, mildly spicy, a bit of cheese, and a taste that was Mexican enough although the ingredients could not be distinguished one from the other. Overall, the experience was pleasant. but forgettable. We will be back because it is good to see such a large menu of vegetarian Italian food. Your meal here will be good enough, but it might not be spectacular. And it should be around Rs 1,000 per person. Enjoy!
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

August 17,2012

The best pure veg Italian food ...

I consider myself a pure non veg eater but the only restaurant that I can visit again & again is Little Italy in July (only). The other outlets are a sad reflection of the quality and taste of food served here. Service is excellent though with a little attitude (the managers). Food is always excellent ... especially recommended Pizza Sicilia & Pasta Barbaresca. The latter is our favorite and we have had it in every occasion there. The risotto is also good but plain ... wish they added some exotic vegetables or more mushrooms. Quite pricey, favorite of the Gujjus and Marwari's who flock here every night
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KapilNevatia - Burrp User


July 17,2011

Always Excellent ; never disappointing

Definitely try the pesto pizza ! Service is warm and friendly and the staff is knowledgeable about the menu. Been going here since 7 years and never had a bad experience.
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lalisa - Burrp User


August 21,2008

Great Italian food

I love the food here. It's the best Italian I've had in India.
The atmosphere is nice and quiet. The first couple of visits service was great, last time we went we received very average service. Hopefully that was just a one time event.
Their asparagus risotto is excellent.
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hetal - Burrp User


July 04,2008

Undoubtedly the best pasta nd pizza!

This is the favourite joint of my gang of 4 friends! We enter this place with a mission ....have a prefixed list of what we're gonna eat!
Caprice : The best one so far with perfect layer of cheese and pepper........
We've tried all the soups bt our best so far is the mushroom soup ; its perfect consistency and 1 by 2 portion is gud enugh.....
Our main course alwayssss consists of 1 margherita pizza; it beats the one at Mezzo Mezzo..... and Pasta Barberesca (Rs.395/-) , trust me u wont try any other Pasta after giving this one a try!
Meal for 4 with drinks (2 ppl) is approx : Rs.2K { almost always due to our prefixed menu :-) } ......Bt plz. dont miss the Barberescaaaa & preferably reserve a table before u get there...
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

December 12,2006

Little Italy… nothing really little about it.

This 100% vegetarian place is paradise for all lovers of the Italian cuisine. This place flaunts an extensive menu and has a good cellar to compliment. The service is beyond comparison .. where else does a chef come out from the kitchen to explain the dish to you and remembers how you want it.I find it mentally challenging to forget the taste of their cannelloni filled with spinach and the free state pizza.
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Anu Gill - Burrp User

Anu Gill

December 06,2006


Other than being a big fan of all things in Juhu, this place has great food and nice service. Hands-down better than the Italian restaurant in the Juhu Marriott. I am appreciate of the wine list, larger selection than most places, but still room for improvement.Definitely a great place to try!!
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Nagaraj GN - Burrp User

Nagaraj GN

September 12,2006

Vegetarian's Delight - Italian

A 100% vegetarian place for Italian food. I simply love the ambience. A FANTASTIC selection of wine. Wouth watering food . I have had a 6 six course meal here twice and did not repent the bulging tummy that showed up post meal on both these occassions. This is a fine dining experience that you need to experience - words fall short when I attempt to describe the good time I had there.
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