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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

February 01,2015

Amazing bakery and cakes

Everyone in my college knows and loves Merwans and it is universally acknowledged to make some of the best cakes in mumbai and especially their mava cake is completely worth it! It is located conveniently near Andheri railway station and I also love the chicken patties, chocolate cookies, chocolate pastries, pineapple pastry and chicken puff apart from their amazing, yet reasonably priced cakes!
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akanshakhanna  - Burrp User


May 21,2014

Chocolate Crackling Cake

Merwans has a wide variety of cakes to offer! Chocolate crackling cake is my favorite and it gets sold out in no time from both the shops (both the shops are next to eachother)! The cake is fresh soft and it melts in your mouth immediately! whether you keep it in the fridge or leave it out it tastes amazing anyways! a must must must try!!
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December 15,2013

Rude Staff !! Am not returning.

Went there on a few occasions and have tried veg pepper mayonnaise and few other snacks. The price is very low but you have to order 3 of each for it to be sufficient. Fillings are measly.
It so happened that I went to the second outlet which is towards Shoppers staff and there were many people around so I could not see the item description, waited there patiently for 10 mins and told the guy to give me any 2 chicken rolls but just tell me which is which .
The counter guy on extreme right was rude enough to tell me that its not his job to describe the items!
So how are people supposed to know ? Telepathy ?

I understand that there is a crowd but if you cannot handle the stress of your job then better quit and find another one, rather than being rude to customers.

I have lost all respect for them won't go anymore .
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Aashka Oza - Burrp User

Aashka Oza

November 01,2013

Love it!

their pastries are to die for. and the rolls! omg the best! cannot eat just on. ever. but theu should increase their branches in the city now. high time
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

August 05,2013

Love this joint

I so love merwans when it comes to their cheese cakes. They aren't as good as a few other outlets i know, but they are with a try when you're in and around this area. Love their snacks, specially their chicken pattice. Ambience is okay, you wouldnt want to stand there and eat as there is hardly any place to make purchases. But worth a try. Pricing is also decent.
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Vanessa D'souza - Burrp User

Vanessa D'souza

July 26,2013

Fan Of Merwan's Chicken & Garlic Pattice

I Juz can't stop on that chicken & garlic Pattice of Merwan's Once I begin...They're simply delicious..I'm crazy bout that as well as the butterscotch pastry..its always Yyyuummmmm!!!!
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Shah M - Burrp User

Shah M

April 02,2013


Merwans is no hidden gem!
Considering the tremendous crowd on any given day and time..
it is certainly not Hidden!
They are still one of those places who sell yummy cakes at unbelievably low prices.
The Mawa Cake is melt-in-the-mouth yummy!!! ummm
The pastries are not out of the world tasty but good.
The fruit smoothies are delicious..my regular on the go
is banana smoothie!
Cheers :)
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Anjum  - Burrp User


December 13,2012

Pocket friendly

I've been here only a few times but I like the place. The chicken puff and the jam roll are the best things I've had here.
The black forest pastry and some sweet coconut roll that I had was good too.
Even though there are better tasting cakes available at other cake shops, the chocolate cake available here is worth it's price.
If you are non vegetarian, I would suggest you try out the chicken puff.
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kreeti17 - Burrp User


December 05,2012


cheap. fresh. tasty and delicious.
what more is needed?
you HAVE to try it.
they dont call it the best for nothing. yes its location sucks, but it has a rush at any time of the day for a reason. their cakes and pastries are very reasonable.
i love their chocolate balls and sponge cake.
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Priyam Datta - Burrp User

Priyam Datta

November 18,2012

Most Delicious Snacks and Quite Cheap!

You must try out Chocolate Crackle, Chocolate Eclairs, Lemon Crackle, Chicken Cheese Roll, Chicken Puff. It's attracts so many people that the snacks counters clears off by 8pm itself! They have also introduced Cheese cakes recently. Oh, don't forget to try out their Mawa cakes and Smoothies!
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Merlynrulz92 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

White forest!!

U must try their white forest cake and tiramisu...heavenly!! Eggless cakes are not as good as the ones with egg though
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November 09,2012

Average if we compare it to the likes of theobroma

Nothing great,but this place is very affordable and gives value for money,its the most successful cake shop near Andheri station..its has smoothies,cakes,pastries,chocolate eclairs which are yum.Prices are well under the budget-40-50 bucks for a cake is not at all expensive..there are two of them located next doors...Don't know why

my recommendations-chocolate eclair-which is yum
avoid the swiss roll-doesnt live to its name
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foodiedurga - Burrp User


September 25,2012


Merwans is too good. What a variety, fantastic quality. Pick up any dessert, one can not go wrong even the savoury stuff is excellent here..
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foodie_45 - Burrp User


September 14,2012

Whats with the Finger Sized Rolls?

Merwans....have seen and been here since childhood.And when they started making these various rolls it was a superb change. They were tasty,with good amount of fillings in the rolls and of-course value for money.
My all time favorites are Chicken and Mushroom in white sauce and Chicken Garlic Pattice. The others like Chicken Kabuli, Hariyali Chicken etc are also tasty.
But recently I have seen the reducing size of the rolls day by day and also the fillings inside the roll has reduced drastically. In a chicken roll, where is the chicken?Similarly, in a closed pizza there are few veggies thrown here and there, and very very few threads of cheese.
I would really appreciate and be happy that Merwans pay attention to these things and I would be back to rate them with 5 stars!!!!
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ashwinsshetty - Burrp User


August 17,2012

years of yummmmmmmmmmmm :)

Its been more than a decade that i have been visiting merwans. They are undoubtedly one of the best cake shops in mumbai. Their cakes and pasteries are to die for especially the chocolate crackle, lemon crackle and butterscotch. Also, they have have a wide and good variety of rolls and puffs and believe me they are served at throw away prices. You won't get this kinda quality at this price anywhere.
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H2K  - Burrp User


July 09,2012

Sweet and simple

'Merwans' was the place to go to during college outings...the minute you step inside, the whiff of freshly baked cakes greets you.
You just cannot miss this place.
The lemon crackle is awesome ! The subtle yet not over-powering taste of lemon is its USP.
The rolls are something Merwans introduced some time back and what a good job they do! Worth trying !
They also offer assorted chocolates which are great.
Located close to andheri station, it is very convenient to go to. Do not miss.
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Jasmine Pereira - Burrp User

Jasmine Pereira

February 24,2012

Great Chicken Garlic Pattice

Great place for many years now for lovely cakes, Mawa samosas & Chicken Garlic pattice. Always crowded inside & outside. Terrible to park your card on the road...The Smoothies are lovely there. The Cashew macaroons are lovely.
Great place for great food.
Very easily locateable
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Z H - Burrp User


February 19,2012

Childhood Memories :)

Merwans has been a part of all memories since childhood. Have grown up eating their lovely cakes and chocolate balls ! Love the walnut macrons, the super delicious Plum cakes, Garlic chicken Puff, Chocolate eclair, lemon and chocolate tarts. OMG if i dont stop now i may just write the entire menu. :) Its the best bakery in Andheri. Very consistent and the prices are lovable too:)
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srushab20 - Burrp User


January 16,2012


I have been eating thier burberry biscuits for ages now...awesome stuff...everything is delicious and the quality of their products has remained constant all these years
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michelle  - Burrp User


October 28,2011

amazing stuff

this is one place that has always consistently delivered cakes, pastries , top quality and never let me down on quality.
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Fouzia Shaikh - Burrp User

Fouzia Shaikh

September 20,2011

Great Place

I have been visiting them for a fairly long time..Awsum cakes.. My fav being Lemon Crackle and Butterscotch cakes.. Their Mawa cakes are not to be missed at all..But you have to be there before 8.30 in the evening, or else you will be in a surprise to find that the cakes have been sold out :). The shop is always crowded because of its popularity.. Merwans cakes are always a part of my family celebrations..
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yafeth talker - Burrp User

yafeth talker

August 24,2011

my fav and the most amazing cake shop

We are getting cakes, pastries and snacks from here for over an decade and till date i have a special liking for it .All their items are really good.
Especially the MAVA cakes i can only eat from here and nowhere .Merwans truly rocks
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utkarsh.thakare - Burrp User


August 17,2011

Best Bakery In Mumbai

Awesome bakery serves Pasteries, Cakes, Pattice, Rolls...... They are all Awesome.... And Prices are Grounded Thanks to the Parsi Uncle (The Owner)...... Rs. 8 for a Chicken Pattice.... IN 2011!!!! Rs.8..... And Tastes Awesome!!!! My Favorite Bakery!!
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vadditwice - Burrp User


July 22,2011

Best Cake Shop in Mumbai.

Been here since 5 years now. This place is not for the light hearted. You go in planning to eat one variety end end up trying out five times. Among cakes Lemon Crackle is my personal favourite. Other yummy ones include Tiramisu, Chocolate Crackle, Honey Crunch, Walnut Capucchino, Mocha, White Forest. Among patisserie Kabuli/Tandoori/Hariyali Chicken rolls are great. Mawa cakes are worth dying for. Cookies and breads are all fresh and good. The best part of the place is that all their cakes/patties are made in their bakery right behind the store so expect everything to be fresh. The place is truely foodgasmic.
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foodie2011 - Burrp User


January 02,2011

A place like this needs more appreciation

Visited merwans the first time 9 yrs ago. A chkn or veg roll at that time wud cost 12 bucks and today 9 yrs later its still priced at the same cost..
im not sure how they manage to do that... its amazing..
the rolls are v good and ofcourse the pastries, my favourite being chocolate crackle..
Good fresh food, but slightly crowded as its located near the station...
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drunkenrambo - Burrp User


November 07,2010

mouth watering experience

5 pointer place with excellent food / ambiance / VFM / good and alert staff
chi garlic roll , every cake , everything is too awesome....
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Aniket Pargaonkar - Burrp User

Aniket Pargaonkar

August 26,2010

Awesum :)

Merwans is situated near the Andheri station and is one of the best cake shops you can ever have. Their mawa cakes are an absolute treat. I'v never had better ones anywhere else .... these just melt in the mouth. Simply blissful! The other stuff like rolls, puffs, pastries are also always fresh and amazing. In all a fantastic place to grab some nice evening chow! :)
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Pratik Thakore - Burrp User

Pratik Thakore

March 04,2010

Best Cashew Macaroons in Mumbai!

Merwans... ahh, what memories.

School days when I used to do my studies well, the cashew and coconut macaroons and the chocolate eclairs and the walnut rolls were special treats. They even had a fast food joint where the 2nd Merwans is now. Yummy fast food they had, but unfortunately it shut down.

The cakes still remain good, and attract a lot of loyal fans! One warning - their cream is made of fresh butter, rather than the normal milk cream, so it does have a different taste - some people don't like it so much (yours truly being one of them), but the chocolate balls are still wonderful :) And of course they have the usual chicken, mutton, veg pattice which also are good!! Merwans is proof that quality always lasts. The shop is over 3 decades old :)

I am still a regular for the cashew macaroons (YUM!) and the almond truffle (YUM! YUM!). Patties are cheap and tasty as well.
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Sharon D'souza - Burrp User

Sharon D'souza

January 22,2010


Merwanss......I'll keep it short & sweet-da way it is!! This place has got the best of cakes....In my personal opinion, its d best even compared to the other known cake shops!! Even the rolls are really good yet reasonable.
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nitishmd - Burrp User


November 19,2009

You made Me FAT !!!!

Awesome cakes rolls .. n competition for it almond n plum n walnut cake .. black forest.. breads available here r fresh n soft n yummy be here b4 noon coz its almost sold out by the end out day.. a must try .. I can shake my belly like a bowl full of jelly ;D
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Arjun Engineer - Burrp User

Arjun Engineer

August 25,2009

Excellent !!!!

This is a place I just keep going to frequently!!
I love their food so much that i am here almost every week.
The Mawa Cup Cakes are the best in Mumbai.
The Almond cake is delicate & fine
The plum cake is sinfully rich
The Chicken garlic pattice are crisp with soft chicken filling..yummy!!!. The Rolls are superb...I love the Chicken Kabuli & Cheese Chicken rolls!!.
The pastry section is mind-blowing & I love The lemon crackle & Black forest.
The pricing is very decent & quality is always consistent.
The Only Flip side is the Inconsistent Staff which sometimes comes across as moody & slow. But I guess it is a tough job serving the massive crowds that throng the place. Infact most of the times they are sold out!!
All In all...Superb!!!
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

August 22,2009


Wen i used to live in powai nd had to go to churchgate everyday to attend college, dis was one place i wud invariably stop at to either have a pastry or pattice for breakfast or de ever delicious mawa cake as an evening snack!

now i hv shifted to dadar but i love its mawa cake sooooooo much dat i keep going to andheri atleast once every fortnight just to be able to have mawa cake from merwans! its that goooooooooooooooood nd yummmmmmmmmy!

in fact a very dear friend of mine is now in australia nd she keeps missing dis place bcoz it has de most divine mawa cake nd she keeps tellin me dat no dessert place in australia makes pastries as good as dey make at merwans..

so all u ppl, head down to andheri nd have a bit of its amazing cakes, pastries, pattice or simply de bst mawa cake in town, u wil want to make de journey every week, just like me!
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Aditya  - Burrp User


February 21,2009

mmm i am loving it....

Merwans is a place i have been regularly going since childhood.
The mayonnaise roll ,chicken pattice,chicken garlic pattice rocks.
A must try is their choclate ball which is the softest and tastiest one in mumbai.
You should also try their cakes and sweet rolls.
If you ever come to andheri or pass andheri station you got to get down and enter the world of Merwans and i bet you will not regret it.
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Rochelle Fernandes - Burrp User

Rochelle Fernandes

September 23,2008


I have been eating from this place i think since i was at a very young age.The pastries of this placea res simply out of this place.
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u dont wanna kno  - Burrp User

u dont wanna kno

June 03,2008

Simply da best

I have seen this place for over 6 years now, and its exactly the same. The rolls are out of this world. Especially the Chicken Garlic which is worth fighting for.
For someone who has a sweet tooth this place is heaven. if i begin to describe the pastries this review will go on for pages and will definitely create a sweet craving. A must visit for all ages, shapes, sizes of ppl.
Although the location at andheri w station is a bit too crowded - its worth the effort.
Thinking about Merwans is making me hungry....gtg :)
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rahulsinha - Burrp User


October 31,2007

Lemon Crackle Rocks

Un-doubtedly the most amazing place for the people with sweet tooth. The Lemon Crackle probably the best cake one could ever had. though the place is little congested but still service is good and lot many things to eat :)
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 11,2013


Love the mawa cake from Mervwans! yummilicious experience
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