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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

May 01,2015

Expensive but good

Being a Punjabi, I love to try different types of Parantha's. After I saw this, I was interested to taste this place too. One Parantha was costed me more than Rs, 200 and I was surprised as I can get a Parantha (stuffed) at a good place for not more than 30-40 bucks. I ordered Paneer Parantha and they served it with Black Channa and curd. The stuffing was so so fat that I was not able to eat all the Paranthas. I won't call it Parantha actually, it's like different version of a roll.
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food4taste - Burrp User


April 28,2014

Bad experience

I have been here twice, and both times its been a dreadful mistake. The first time we had chilly potatoes for starters and they were absolutely tasty. After such tasty appetiser, it was surprising that we struggled with the main course. we ordered paneer and gobi parathas. the paneer paratha was double layer and extremely non appetising. The gobi paratha was better, but it was too much effort finishing up the paneer paratha. The complimentary chole and dal did nothing to make the paratha taste better. We had ordered hakka noodles. It seems ironic that a we loved the Chinese starter and hakka noodles more in a paratha place.The second time, we again ordered the same starter, but this time it was just too hard and oily. It seemed that it had been deep fried twice or thrice. It was absolutely not appetizing. This time i tried to play safe and ordered muli parathas. But again they were not that great. I've had better homemade muli parathas than those served at the paratha house.In all, it was a pretty disappointing trip both times. I dont think i'll make the same mistake third time!
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Urmila Walke - Burrp User

Urmila Walke

December 08,2013

Amazing Parathas

I've been to this place twice and they have some amazing varieties of parathas. We ordered sprouts paratha on our last visit. They have two types to choose from- single and double layered. We ordered single layered and it was very filling. I especially liked the chole and achaar that they served with the paratha. We also ordered pasta with white sauce which wasn't that good.
Overall its a very good place to go if you want to taste some authentic parathas.
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June 28,2013

Parathas - the name says it all

This is definitely one of the best places to have delicious Delhi – style parathas. One can get overwhelmed by looking at the menu – the have listed all possible combinations of fillings to arrive at hundreds of varieties of parathas. Personally, I am not a fan of this approach – this would be similar to a pizza outlet listing hundreds of varieties of pizzas with various topping combinations; all this just tends to be too confusing. So I always end up ordering their “Make your own Paratha” where one can choose either 3 or 4 stuffings. The prathas are served with chana, dal and raita making it a complete meal in itself. Also, one must be mindful of the fact that these are Delhi style parathas i.e. they are pan fried rather than grilled on tava and the portions are huge. For a healthier alternative, one can opt for tandoori parathas, but then it would be a big compromise on taste. Apart from parathas, their chaat also has a huge following. I have also tried their Punjabi thali once, but found it to be too much for one person. Overall it is a good value for money place for parathas and chaats.
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swapdatvfreak - Burrp User


April 24,2012

Rajma Cheese

Imagine heaven with some cheese and Rajma sandwiched between a paratha !! Yep, sadly they've taken it off the menu. I ate this in 2005 and recently, when I asked for it (confidently, without looking at the menu) the waiter said there's no such dish. I called the manager who smiled, nodded in acknowledgment and 20 mins later, I had a Rajma Cheese Paratha ... The same one I had earlier.

Super awesome service, super awesome North-Indian Food. Tastes homely and is healthy if you choose your food palette right.
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Lata Jain - Burrp User

Lata Jain

July 18,2008

Great Parathas

We went to this place few days ago, food was excellent. We ordered tandoori small platter as starter which was very tasty. We had Alu Kulcha and Methi Onion Paratha which were very filing. They have great variety of Parathas, wanted to try chaat but chaat counter opens at 1 pm.
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