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Tanmay Jain - Burrp User

Tanmay Jain

July 20,2016

great place to visit

great place to visit and hangout with friends and family....
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Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

Still like d desi fondue here...

Now been here forever...
Still like d desi fondue here...
I think d place needs a modification now..
d tables r too close to enjoy privacy...
Penne pesto was also good wid a lingering taste of pinenut..
will visit if dey change a bit in interiors
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sweetoothfairy - Burrp User


June 29,2015

This place needs happy hours

Its a good place to visit n have a peaceful tym...I would not like to elaborate it but can just say that it was an overall nice experience being der....I would jus want to suggest tht it would have been much more better if d happy hours would also include appetizers n other drink varieties too, apart from cocktails, wines n beer....
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

synonymous to Perfection

This place is located at theLE SUTRA THE INDIAN ART HOTEL. The best part is the seating arrangement! You can sit without your shoes, cross legged and be super comfortable. All salad based items were great - like the pasta and beans, chicken, ham salad. Tried Basa in parsley sauce which was very delightful. A small section is stationed with chat and south indian being offered upon request. The music, the ambiance, the bar and the kitchen, this place has got it all right.
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  • Out of The Blue, Le Sutra The Indian Art Hotelimage
  • Out of The Blue, Le Sutra The Indian Art Hotelimage
  • Out of The Blue, Le Sutra The Indian Art Hotelimage
  • Out of The Blue, Le Sutra The Indian Art Hotelimage
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Amanda dsouza - Burrp User

Amanda dsouza

February 28,2015

fun place

Before I patronized Olive, I was a fan of just sitting at Out of the Blue and sipping a glass of wine. They would have fun events through the months and I am guessing, they still do the same.
I have eaten so much here, which led me to the gym.
From pizzas to that sinful cheese fondue, Out of the Blue serves everything and it's so delicious, sometimes however, the service would lack, but most times they are really courteous.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

Great place

It has very classy ambiance,very romantic place too and frequented by many high society people too. Live music performances happen a lot, service is good, has good continental food, was here for a friend's birthday and ordered chicken peri peri which was excellent. Price is a little bit more than what is comfortable for me..but it is not a place for college students...so overall it was great.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 23,2015

Great place

Outdoor seating section is amazing,I have been here with my girl pals on a Wednesday ,they always have amazing offers going on,especially for ladies,so check it out! Everything is good,though not extraordinary. I like chocolate fondue a lot. Pasta is also good,red sauce penne is amazing,I don’t like the white sauce much so cannot say about it. The ambiance wins over everyone and it is pretty great for a date or any special occasion.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 15,2015

Food + Music = Great combination!

One of my good friends performs live here every wednesday night! The live music really puts you in a good mood while you are busy nibbling on some delicious food! A very romantic ambience perfect for a date ..
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kaushik007 - Burrp User


June 18,2014

“Bombay's Best Kept Secret”

Le Sutra is an absolute must visit if you are coming to Mumbai and especially if you are staying in Bandra. The concept of individualized rooms is genius. My room was absolutely gorgeous, quiet, and comfortable. It was the perfect space after two days of flying. The staff was gracious, courteous, and always ready to answer questions, help me hail an auto, or get my bags. With so many hotels in Bombay, it is easy for places like Le Sutra to get overlooked in favor of some of the big names. However, you can get all of the pampering and luxury of the resort style hotels for a fraction of the price, with better service, and much more personality.
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vishalbshelke  - Burrp User


December 07,2012

Nice romantic restaurant with good food n live mus

Well I was looking for the one romantic place for my first wedding anniversary. All the guys know what it means. Well even gals wud agree how much pressure the guy has to take his women to the right place. I zeroed in on this place and It was a good decision. It takes a while to figure out the restaurant since you don't see any big board outside, but anybody will tell you, its quite famous.
Ambiance : it is good. they have AC and non AC area, AC is quieter. you have live music playing. The music is really good, Its a candle light dinner place.
Food: We ordered wine, cocktail, A chicken n cheese soup, Fiery prawns, chicken n prawns pasta ( Large ). Food overall is good, I liked the soup n pasta. cocktell Love potion tested like cough syrup but may be it was a wrong choice. Founde is famous here but we didn't order. Tip : Pasta small size is also big :)
Money : Well its bit on the pricey side, for all the above food n drinks the bill was 2800.
Overall : I had great time, specially because good live music, ambiance, service and good tasty food.
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our2cents - Burrp User


July 23,2012

Good for A la carte..

Have tried both their lunch buffet and the a la carte dinner options..the buffet had a good selection of salads, desserts and live counters.The only downside was that the barbecue/pasta portions ordered from the counters were really small.The lemon fish and the pasta barely covered half the plate..makes you wonder if they got their starter and entrée portions mixed up?? Dinner was a different scene altogether..Efficient service,generous portions and good ambience.
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Pradosh  - Burrp User


December 31,2008

Great Desserts

This place has a lot of things right - huge interiors (esp the open air section, even if the water spray can get irritating), the one-man-show singer (who's pretty good and entertains requests) and the food - served in decent portions and is pretty good.
The interior (non-smoking) section is dimly light and has a nice feel to it - the flickering light from the floating candles adding to the atmosphere - good for taking a date out to :)
The food is mainly italian and sizzlers - with some other mexican/thai stuff thrown in. And, they do a pretty fondue too. I haven't had too many cocktails there to say if the bar is upto scratch though ...
But the best part undoubtedly is the desserts. They have a small cafe like area before the start of the restaurant - and given that I haven't seen empty seats there, appears to be quite popular. But the desserts are the star attraction - they are just damned good - try out their baked cheese cake with vanilla ice cream - heavenly !!
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Reply from restaurant management

Yes I do keep coming here. I think I last came a month back. Never disappoints, though prices are a touch high

Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

April 22,2007

Improved for the better

I had not been to this place for quite some time and was pleasantly surprised to see the change.The twin style seating – indoor and outdoor is relaxed but can get a bit too noisy at times. Although the outdoor is always a fave . They have live music never mind if it’s a one man show. The gentleman obliges to any requests if one should care to make. The bar menu is above average but me being a martini loyalist can only comment on the martini and it was ok. They like most other bars in Mumbai do not understand the meaning of a very dry martini, sigh. Since we were hungry we opted for one sizzler some 4 meat thing with all sorts of meats imaginable and a veg exotica which was smooth with excellently done cheesy creamy sauce. The service staff is well trained and nice but I feel they are short staffed. But considering the fact that we had a lil monster with us, they were extra helpful to the extent of carrying him around while we ate in peace. All in all for a pax size of 2 we paid around 1000/- which considering the experience was worth it.
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