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Aswathy Raveendran - Burrp User

Aswathy Raveendran

November 25,2015


I visited the place today. very disappointing- the quality of the food as well as the service. Ordered a veg thali. The chole was weird..the mixed vegetable tasted stale. The only edible food item was the Dal Makhani. I do not understand what the hype around this place is all about.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

wonderful place

Amazing Punjabi food at such down to earth prices –I have tried Paneer Makhani , Mithi Lassi, a variety of kulchas-cheese garlic, gobi, methi and paneer kulchas! (All served with pudina raita, onion garlic chutney), veg dopyaza is also a wonderful item on the menu. My roommate tried the biryani and said it was good too. Pure vegetarian food which is easy on pocket and heavy on taste.
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

January 31,2015

Amazing place

thankfully Mumbai is now home to many nice places serving really great Punjabi food and this is a new entrant too. I love the naan, paneer tikka, pyaaz kulcha, paneer peshawari, dal-yet to try its thaali but I have heard really nice things about it. Ambiance is fun,and best thing is the value for money pricing. Meal for 3 people,stuffed to the brim won't be more than 1000 bucks at most! Amazing.
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January 02,2015

Wonderful North Indian food

Black dal a must order..simply amazing. good place. Pricing is reasonable. Recommended for every North Indian food lover.!!!
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 31,2014

excellent food if you choose well...

I found the food at Oye kake decent enough to warrant it a 3.5 rating. The secret to eat there is to stick to the tried and tested. we had a whole gamut of food from dal makhani , kadhai paneer,kadhi, a platter of starters, basket of breads,papads and a pitcher of chaas.we knocked it off with gajar ka halwa.

The dal and the panneer were decent and the kadhi was good too. I would not use the term exceptional for any of the dishes but would stick to wholesome.

The veg platter was good although i would have liked a better variety and quantity.

The pitcher of chaas was huge and enough for 3 people and the basket of breads were also very fresh and soft.

The dish of the day was gajar ka halwa which was really tasty and well cooked.

For all of the above our bill came to around 1200 bucks which was very reasonable.

For a weekday budget meal or a wholesome budget treat ...i think oye kake makes the cut.
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Nikhil Kothari - Burrp User

Nikhil Kothari

August 28,2014

feel like punjab...great taste

Superb punjabi thali...
They serve Paneer butter masala , Paneer tikka, Dal malkhani, Dum aloo, a kind of sweet, along with Butter naan and Pulav
You can also have Chaas/lassi

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jenisha12 - Burrp User


June 29,2014

The taste of Punjab

Oye Kake! is my all time favorite place to call for lunch when at office or to drop by for a quick north Indian meal. The restaurant has a nice punjabi dhabba like decor with bollywood tracks playing to fit the ambiance perfectly. The thali served here is, in my opinion the perfect order as it is large and satisfies your appetite completely. However, if you are looking for a light meal, you could opt for a tandoori stuffed paratha served with dal makhani and curd. Also, at Oye kake, do not miss the lassi, which complements the meal completely.
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shethpriyesh123 - Burrp User


May 24,2014


hello...we visited today in OYE KAKE..but it turned out be disaster. the sabji taste was very ordinary. we ordered veg kadai..but was so ordinary that our home made vegetables are much much better. then butter roti was also very ordinary. then i ordered masala papad but that too was ok..and we also ordered soup(VEG SHORBHE) but that pathetic. then finally after all disaster food we tried there kulcha and it turn out to be surprisinly good and cheaper too. now about taxes they charge 12.5 % vat AND 6 PERCENT SERVICE CHARGE .SO 18 PERCENT TAX INCREDIBLY HIGH FOR GHATKOPAR AREA FOR 1.5 STAR RATING FOOD. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED ..PLZ AVOID.
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Ativ Vasudev - Burrp User

Ativ Vasudev

April 01,2014

Worst Service

The service quality is really awful.....and neither is the food that good !

Strictly avoid during lunch hours. A simple roti takes 30 mins to be ready. There are many other options available in the area, please try them.
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Ritesh Jain - Burrp User

Ritesh Jain

November 26,2013

Amritsari Delight

If you are looking for authentic Punjabi food, look no further than Oye Kake! Located in Fort, close to HSBC it is not an easy place to locate and you may need to ask for directions. Its not a big place and you may have to wait but its worth the wait. The food is authentic Punjabi, is delicious and with generous portions. Amritsari Papads are different..Service is bit low...
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nilesh8582 - Burrp User


September 01,2013

Fantastic, Authentic Punjabi food

If you are looking for authentic Punjabi food, look no further than Oye Kake! Located in Fort, close to HSBC it is not an easy place to locate and you may need to ask for directions. Its not a big place and you may have to wait but its worth the wait. The food is authentic Punjabi, is delicious and with generous portions. Two special mentions here – 1) they have thali which will offer you everything on the menu and is almost impossible for a single person to finish it (like I said, the portions are generous) and 2) the lassi pitcher, try it on your own!! At lunch time the place becomes crowded quickly (it’s a small place) and you may need to be patient with the service. But after the wait, the experience is worth it.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

August 10,2013

itthe milega Punjab da swaad

Oye Kake is a no nonsense restaurant. Very easy to miss this one on the streets. I had to confirm twice with a friend to make sure this was the much recommended restaurant. Enter and it is a place full of surprises.

The place is quite small...probably 10 odd tables....but neatly done. The manager was quite friendly and so was the staff.

Food is very good quality. I am a die hard fan of Punjabi food and hence stuck with the basics by ordering Kulcha-Chole, Paratha-Dal Makhani and Rajma-Chawal. Not at all disappointed with my choice. The food preparations were sizzling hot and I just enjoyed the traditional punjabi cuisine.

Service needs to be improved big time...or was it just the Saturday rush. The wait is worth every bite....but the wait can be quite long. Skipped the desserts b'coz I could not offer risking it to another 10 min waiting period.

This is a place strictly for food....no entertainment. Seriously recommended you do not go in large groups.
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

August 07,2013

Worth the Price :)

I went there last Saturday with my husband for lunch. I must say the food smells really nice. The menu is quiet small but has everything one wants. I ordered a Special limited thali which is very extensive and can be easily consumed by 2 burrpers.
Their starters are very smooth, and cherry on the top is their Masala Chass (which you can buy as a pitcher !!!) loved d place...will visit again for sure :)
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Chirag.bhirud - Burrp User


August 02,2013

Good to try

the food here had taste of typical amritsar.
ths place is silent one with light punjabi songs playing in background.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

Oye.. WTF!

The only reason we went here was because we wanted to have Starbucks coffee after our dinner.
This place (which is laughably too small) is very close to Starbucks, and from the outside gives a feel that the public would be decent. Well, get surprised as there is hardly any space for public! 3-4 families and the place will be full!

Coming to the service, it was very quick. So much so that, we felt as if they knew our orders and brought them as soon as we said! :D

We ordered :
Cheese pakodas- Blant
Tandori paneer parantha, with came which complimentary curd and dal makhni- forget the parantha, the curd was just perfect and dal makhni was good. Parantha- whatever!

Aloo kulcha, which cam with complimentary chole- it was ok.. nothing great.

In all, i would search for a another joint near Starbucks next time!
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MaskofZorro01 - Burrp User


January 03,2013

Waiting Time.... 20 minutes for Everyone

One of the Worst Management I have seen in any Restaurant. The Manager kept telling everyone the waiting time to get a table was 20 minutes. But after waiting for more than an hour our waiting time was still 20 minutes.

A badly managed restaurant, which can be avoided. A very small place so if the person tells you your waiting time is 20 minutes please be prepared with some snacks before you actually get yourself a table.
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Neeraj Sinha - Burrp User

Neeraj Sinha

August 24,2012

Recommended to all

Awesome food, especially the kulcha and gulab jamun. But ya they can improve a lot on service and ambiance especially the music, but anyway I'm surely gonna visit again very soon...
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

July 05,2012

Reminds me of Amritsar

After reading review on burrp! for this place i decided to try it and then yesterday evening me and my colleague went to this place for dinner. Even our Cab guys knows this place and took us straight there.
Set up is like any other restaurant. They have dhol placed at the entrance and hanged parandi's next to the door just to give a punjabi style look.

Coming to food we asked the server only to suggest something in starters and he suggested us to go with Chatpata Paneer. without thinking much we decided to go with it along with 2 masala chaas. Chatpata paneer was good but quantity seems less to me... then in main course we decided to have Kulchas and ordered 1 pyaaz kulcha and one corn kulcha. They server kulcha's with White chane (chole). Kulcha's were really yummy and soft and later on we ordered one Pakode wali kadi with steamed rice. Kadi was really yummy best one i ever had in any restaurant in mumbai and roasted masala Amritsari papad was worth a try.

Overall damage to wallet was Rs. 552 (including one Bundi Raita). Will definitely going back to this place again sometime next week. Didn't try the desserts there as we had plan to have ice-cream at Rustomjee. I will say one must try this place once.
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Swapnil Pinjarkar - Burrp User

Swapnil Pinjarkar

June 20,2012

Good Punjabi Food

A nice theme restaurant in fort.
Quality: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5
Portions: 4/5
Price: 4/5
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salimk - Burrp User


May 07,2012

Great Food !!

Serves good food and is sure value for money. Located one of the busy streets of Fort. This place is a must try rather than going for any JUNK food in that area. Warm hospitality, Punjabi music and good interiors just sets the mood.
You cannnot afford to miss the Gajar Halwa( seasonal) . If unavailable Gulab Jamun is a good option.
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Shane Sequeira - Burrp User

Shane Sequeira

March 28,2012

Good food....avoid deserts other than rabdi

The lassi is thick cold and just awesum...cheese kulcha was subtle done but dint come with any chole or chutneys, could have been made with a slight dash of oregano or black pepper...black dal makhani was good along with the lively spiced amritsari pulao... sarson saag makai roti combo was excellent....they didnt hve rabdi which is what this place is famous for so we had the kesar phirni which had too much kesar & saffron and needed nutmug & a shaving of khismish badam...gulab jamun was not fresh and was hard on the inside...ambience good, slightly irritating that they play ghazal music all the time..could do with some light bhangra..decent lighting good service...dinner for 2 cost us 660/- odd...good food !!
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luv4food88 - Burrp User


February 03,2012


Hello, so i had heard so so much about this place and bring a Punjabi born and brought up in Amritsar i was dying to try out the food!! The food exceeded my expectations, the kulchas (esp cheese) , paneer kadhai (like my moms), lassi (as good as Ahuja! in asr) and rabdi were to DIE FOR! I have literally been here every sunday and reminiscing about food back home. I even tried the water - and its actually similar to the amritsar water. I have been to so many places that claim to make "authentic" panjabi food - but this one has come closest and would recommend it to EVERYONE!! Its also reasonably priced and the owner seemed very sweet - kudos and GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!
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Rekha505 - Burrp User


February 03,2012


Oye-kake took me back to Amritsar!!!

Born in Amritsar and spent my early years there, i guess the taste is embeded in my subconscious.

I thought Oye Kake would be just another Punjabi food joint boasting authentic Amritsari food but I was wrong!

The food was delicious. I loved the Kulchas paneer, chesse and aloo in particular. The chana was yumm as was channa bhatura ordered by my friend. Lassi is not something I look forward to at these places but at the insistence of the waiter we called for one glass... and landed up drinking 2 glasses each! It was out of this world....

I recommend Oye Kake to everyone. Great food. Willing to serve staff and value for money!!!

Its Oye Kake all the way...:)
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Ruchi Mehta - Burrp User

Ruchi Mehta

February 02,2012


I had heard so much about this place and how it serves pure Amritsari water and blah blah blah that I just had to go check it out! Here’s what I thought of it.

Food- You’ll find North Indian food here- kulchas, dals, parathas, sabjis, chawal basically typical Punjabi cuisine. We were four of us and decided to call for 2 lassis (initial taste-bitter, found a small strip of plastic in mine so probably readymade lassi), 2 makke di rotis (ok), 1 sarson da saag (slightly bland), 1 Amritsari roasted papad (not nice) and 1 Cheese garlic kulcha (no traces or taste of cheese) to start with. We got complementary chhole (decent) with the kulcha. So yeah, after being totally disappointed with the food, we decided not to call for anything more and fill our stomachs properly at a restaurant we could trust. About the Amritsari water taste, does it really matter?

Ambience- Oye Kake is located in an area your dad might be familiar with. It’s in Fort, the left lane from Chroma, right next to Yazdani Bakery. The décor is simple, contemporary with a dash of ‘desi’ness. The music instruments, frames and fun stuff on the wall brings out the theme but I wish there were more colours.

Service- The service was sad. When I gave them the strip of plastic they just took and it didn’t even apologize let alone do something about the lassi. Also, I don’t think they really cared if we really enjoyed the meal ‘cause they didn’t bother to come and take feedback or in any way look like they were interested in working on their negatives.

Prices- The prices are very reasonable but the food and service make me regretfully say that it’s not worth it. The kulcha was for Rs. 89, the sarson da saag for Rs. 89, Lassi for Rs. 40, Makke di roti Rs. 25. The bill came up to Rs. 368 and we were barely full or satisfied.

Verdict- They’ve got to change their attitude most importantly followed by the food quality. They do have potential to do better.

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pra_nerve - Burrp User


November 19,2011

Worth A Miss

Went There last nite. I am a punjabi and been to amritsar many times. Oye Kake.. is no where close to either punjabi food or water from amritsar. Only two things that stood out were the lassi and the rabdi.. Punjabi food is all about tasty spicy masala's and lots of heavy food.. yeah the food was heavy.. but the taste or the spice completely out the door... so just ate tasteless heavy food.. did not try the rajma chawal .. can surely miss it if you are in fort.. go to 5spice instead..
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shalabhkuma - Burrp User


November 10,2011

Amazing food.. Value of money

Went there last Sunday.. Loved the food and the place.. The service is amazing... The only reason I am not giving 5 out of 5 is that the plates were not clean. Otherwise fantastic food....
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chinkong - Burrp User


November 05,2011

5on 5 because of the value for money

This place is perfect place for a quick and affordable meal.

Its like having northindian food in a fast food joint. But the food is packed with a punch and lassi is gooooood...

Total Paisa Vasool.. Dont try on a fri sat or sun night unless you are prepared to wait..
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varpri - Burrp User


October 20,2011

Excellent n Yummy Punjabi cuisine at VFM pricing

been there about 4 times since its opened a month back and must say that this is the best place in south mumbai (town) for veg punjabi authentic cuisine. There is a right mix of flavours and aromas of Amritsar. Also its very rich and fingerliciously yummy. Must try is the Cheese Kulcha, Paneer Kadai, Nutree, Paneer Pakode, Aloo Tikki and the sweet Lassi. They also serve complimentary chole with any kulcha that one orders.

Best part is that the place is awesomely VFM. Last nite we were a group of 10 youngsters and we hogged our hearts out and the bill was only 1600 bucks!!! the most expensive dish in the whole menu is 89bucks only.

The only downer is the service because of which i have deducted a star above. The servers are new and on the learning curve so its understandable. There is a good scope available for improvement in this area. Place has good ambience too.

So people you have gotta try this place for sure and mark my words u will certainly become a regular patron like me.
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Sagar Palekar - Burrp User

Sagar Palekar

September 30,2011

Oye Kake.

The food here is just awesome. They talk bout the water used in the food preparation to be from Amritsar...... I havent been to punjab but the food here definitely made me think bout Delhi's food scene... the food is fingerlicking gooooood.

Its a new place and the service is pretty sweet. We had a jolly good "pape" wait on us and make us feel at home. If you are in town near Fort, you have to go there and try out their food and hospitality.

My Recommendations:1) Cheese Kulcha with unlimited Chole (awesome!!!) 2) Lassi 3) Fruit Cream ( pure awesomenessss)

Cons: The only problem i had was locating this place as a friend had suggested this to me and they have no website/gmap location as yet, to point out a map. (Its near Mahesh Lunch home in Fort)

Enjoy the kakeness :)
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Vivek Mehta - Burrp User

Vivek Mehta

September 23,2011

oyee kake oyee

if anyones lookin out fr authentic punjabi food then this is the right place.butter naan amazing.and deserts gulab jamun and fruit cream hats off..yummie!!!!
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Rasshmie Deshpande - Burrp User

Rasshmie Deshpande

September 23,2011

Excellent & outstanding!

Sumptuous....delectable...a connoisseurs delight....gourmand haven....nothing can beat the flavour & essence of this authentic amritsar food.....way to go!
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ngupta1984 - Burrp User


September 23,2011

Authentic Punjabi Food

Superb place either with family or friends..authentic parathas and chole cooked in amritsari water..friendly approach..and really a worth eating every bite of it..no one can eat just one...:)
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KunalVSingh - Burrp User


September 23,2011

Dil Jeet Liya Kake !!!

Very good authentic Punjabi food... with beautiful ambiance, decent hospitality and value for money. Good food at a decent price... Do try !!
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mith3k - Burrp User


September 20,2011

oyeee kaake

small place..superb food but the service is very slow for taking orders as well as delivering orders and the person who was taking orders himself was very confused... limited options but excellent food.
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kandarp09 - Burrp User


February 14,2012

Good food

Its a nice place for dinner. Something new in my opinion.
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