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listonb - Burrp User


July 23,2015

Utter disappointing service

I visited Prithvi cafe few months back had really enjoyed the food and the place, so today I suggested it to friend of mine and to my utter disappointment they had nothing to offer to eat or dink not even their famous Irish coffee. The chai took 45 minutes and when inquired the staff replied by saying they are milking the cow and it would take another 30 minute to do so. sadly I won't be visiting there.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 30,2015

iconic place one must visit!

Such an amazing ambiance with so much of simulating discussion, celebs spotting and so much of young energy around. Cool snacks, coffee,items like sandwiches and pasta are really lip smacking and easy on the pocket also. MY daughter is a big fan and keeps coming here with her friends to check out the various plays at prithvi too! Do have the amazing chocolate pastry and croissants,simply love those!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

February 01,2015

Artsy Corner!

The first thing that strikes you about this place is the ambience.. Love it.. It has such a warm feeling to it! PRITHVI THEATRE is famous for plays and this place becomes a perfect spot to snack out before or after watching the play or just generally a good place to hang out! The food is really nice and decently priced.. Best place to have some chai and chill!
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

February 01,2015

Love it

the beautiful patio kind prithvi cafe is just the right place to be after a good play at the theatre. you will always spot an actor or two when here and might be star struck.
the cafe serves some really good sandwiches and coffee. the chicken sandwich served here is my favourite of all times

the service is also good but it is a on the little expensive side
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Lovely place!

Had heard about this place for such a long time and wanted to come here,recently got a free ticket for a play here and so came with a friend. We both wanted to try the famous Irish coffee and baileys shake so we ordered those. We also ordered a chicken chilli sandwich and BBQ chicken pizza. This was enough to fill us up for another couple of hours,everything tasted good and the ambiance is superlative to say the least!
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Heta Shah - Burrp User

Heta Shah

May 19,2014

Great Ambiance

It's a quite calm and pleasant cafe to hangout at. Mind blowing ambiance along with the tastiest Irish Coffee in town makes it perfect for a meeting.
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Rati Mehra - Burrp User

Rati Mehra

May 09,2014

Personal favourite place to hangout

Prithvi cafe is my favourite place in mumbai! This place has an aura and ambiance of its own which attracts me all the time. I can go to this place everyday. It's addictive! Its best known for it's cutting chai which can be inferred from its decor of kettles hanging with fairy lights attached to it depicting tea being poured from the kettle. You would surely get to see atleast 2-3 TV or movie stars every time you visit here because it has a theatre which is famous for its amazing plays. It's the best joint to hangout and converse with friends over a cutting chai or the cool Oreo shake ! The chaat and yummilicious parathas are a must try if u haven't tasted them yet! So do visit prithvi cafe and I am sure you will get addicted too!
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BindiyaChotrani - Burrp User


March 11,2014

One of a Kind!

You would want to settle in there with the type of ambiance put up. Lanterns done up like kettles, welcoming staff, artsy kind of crowd. a mysterious kind of peace. Don't want to experiment? Try their Irish Coffee with the maska bun. Another point i couldn't not mention was that despite the open air ambiance, they've done good by putting up sockets so that you could plug in all your devices. For the kind of the crowd, the ambiance, the staff their prices are definitely fair and the surely VFM.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

October 09,2013

Culture Couture

Most of the reviews of the prithvi cafe here are over 1.5 years old and the most recent one is 6 months. i visited the cafe yesterday and around a month back. I had also visited prithvi cafe in 2009. Good news . The cafe has evolved and is much better.

I will keep this review strictly to food as the rest you would know as to how it scores on art etc. For the kind of ambience it gives the food at prithvi is priced low.Tea is 20 bucks and is strong ginger dhaba chai. it wakes you up instanly. The coffee is good too.Most of the counter menu is like a CCD one on display. Their veggie burger would remind you of your college canteen burger filled with mayo. Its cheap and tummy filling and yummy. The indian section is more or less same as before. The paranthas and dal are wholesome and so are the paneer dishes. The service standards have changed dramatically and now the servers are very swift and polite.

If you are watching a play at prithvi i suggest you come in early and have their chai with some bun maska....you would love the experience.....its priceless and non available in mumbai to say the least....
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


September 30,2013

I'll Be Back

Having heard a lot about this place and reading some reviews on burrp!, I decided to drop in when I had been to Andheri this weekend. The place wasn't too difficult to find, given its mystique location. It has a vibrant ambiance and very good service. Staff was courteous and ready to arrange a table for you on a Saturday evening. Irish Coffee is a must!! Chocolate brownie equally good and chocolatey. My girl-friend ordered for apple cinnamon tea but somehow she couldn't adjust to the taste and I recommended tea centre for that. Anyways I am talking about Prithvi Cafe now, Which is too good. And reasonably priced for such good stuff.You'll end up paying twice as much at a Costa or Coffee Bean and blah blah blah.
I am definitely gonna visit this place again and more and more.
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Lavesh Goyal - Burrp User

Lavesh Goyal

August 28,2013

A legacy... A class of its own...!!

its truly a legacy where young aspiring creative people and old experienced art lovers exist in harmony sipping a variety of chai creating an unbelievable atmosphere in an mesmerizing open air ambiance....
its some thing else... be there to feel it.... u can spend hours together...
to eat you have chats, croissants, burgers rolls also select Indian main course.
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R Sutaria - Burrp User

R Sutaria

August 27,2013

Numero Uno place for a tête-à-tête

Without a doubt, there is no better place in the entire city of Mumbai, than this one to have a relaxed tête-à-tête with a close friend. The sulemani chai is worth having, though it has gone a bit pricey recently. The food variety and options have considerably increased of late, though I've not tried many items, so can't say much about the quality of food. But if you are in the area, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go here :-)
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Ravi  - Burrp User


August 17,2013

Chai Time

Hi Guys,

Prithvi cafe is the place for everyone. Wanna be actors, established play writers, Shashi kapoor if u r lucky enuf, college students pretending to complete their assignments, young old and the guy with long beard who plays the flute. Personally, play or no play, prithvi cafe is the best place for me to catch up with friends after office or over the weekend for a chai or chat. The place has the best tea - i really wonder how they make it the same everytime, anyways - this place has chats, paav bhaji, coffee, soft drinks and THE CHAI for people like us who live to drink tea. Its light on the pocket, the ambiance is cool and people make this place the place it is. You will find all kind of people as I referred in my opening. Cheers
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

Rejuvenating eve

This cafe actually gives the sense of being in a cafe. Went there with colleagues after work at around 6 and it was bustling with energy.

Loved the whole feel and environment of this place. The seating is low as compared to other places and under the shades of trees. The lighting is done in good taste and gives a very relaxed but in the same time very young appeal to it. There was a guitarist, which made the mood all the more appropriate.

The cafe is differentiated from the restaurant. Coming to the food, this cafe serves cakes, pastries, mocktails, coffees and light bites, which are very decent. It is the ambiance that makes up for everything.

Perfect for an after office session.
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Shikha Chawla - Burrp User

Shikha Chawla

May 03,2013

Strictly for Irish Coffee lovers

There's a reason why they say that there's nothing better than Irish Coffee at Prithvi Cafe. It indeed stands true. Only if you're a person who wants to relax and enjoy long conversations or read a book as you sip on some coffee, Prithvi Cafe can very easily pass as one of your favourite places in Mumbai. Don't come with the expectations of gorging on delicacies or cakes here, you may be disappointed. On my visit to Prithvi Cafe, I ordered the blueberry cheesecake and it was no good. In fact, we couldn't order much cause there was no electricity there at that time. However, the saving grace was indeed the Irish Coffee and the good ol' Bun Maska.
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anuraagsharma7 - Burrp User


April 05,2013

friendly place

If you just want to hangout with a bunch of friends, it's a fine resting place. Go there, hoping to find a place to sit, have a cup of coffee, talk, laugh, joke, make fun, discuss and leave. But do not expect a good menu or food. The chai is awesome
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Neharika Advani - Burrp User

Neharika Advani

October 31,2012


There is nothing better than a cup of Irish Coffee from Prithvi Cafe.
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Neharika Advani - Burrp User

Neharika Advani

October 26,2012

The Best Cafe

I have been to Prithvi twice and whatever I ordered was simply delicious. My favorites are Mocha and Irish Coffee. They are a must try....
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aish11 - Burrp User


October 08,2012

Ambience is wow

What strikes the moment you enter here,is the quiet ambiance, nestled in the sidelanes of the bustling Juhu,u can curl up with a book or enjoying your surfing session without people bothering you to leave.
COming to the food,we did order 3 types of sandwiches,spinach corn foccacia, chicken tikka roll (good)& nachos with cheese & ended with their famous cutting chai. So wanted to have the bun-maska but tummies gave up on us .
Total VFM
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Gauraw Patil - Burrp User

Gauraw Patil

September 11,2012

Just a no-good-food-hangout-place

If you're hungry, don't visit this place. If you just want to hangout with a bunch of friends, it's a fine resting place. Go there, hoping to find a place to sit, have a cup of coffee, talk, laugh, joke, make fun, discuss and leave. But do not expect a good menu or food.
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Charishma Thankappan - Burrp User

Charishma Thankappan

July 23,2012


I went there because I have heard raving reviews about it being such a cool hangout. And without doubt it is. A quaint little beautiful place, nestled amidst greens. Ample space to laze and spend hours. So I frequented it many times. Is also the place where you'll find many a celeb from theater and advertising and movies. Is a haven for writers and all those associated with the arts. Therefore is not for those looking for glamour and bling.
However, when it comes to the menu and service, it is a big disappointment. In my very first visit with friends, we ordered chicken sandwiches and brownie. The chicken seemed to have gone spoiled, and the brownie seemed stale. However, the ambiance made us return to the place. The next time, the experience just got worse. We ordered food and it took more than half an hour for them to serve just 2 paranthas, out of which only 1 came; and we waited another 15-20 minutes for the second one, after which I had to go and ask for the second one myself and turns out they had forgotten that we had ordered 2! But the worst part was that the place was ridden with cockroaches!!! There were so many of them running all around the place, and a couple even climbed onto my friend!! We eventually bolted out of the place.
However, I still returned to the place a couple of times more. And one thing I noticed in each of my visits is the poor service. I noticed in each of my visits that the waiters never brought us the menu, despite waiting there for like half an hour after coming in. Instead I saw them rushing to serve those who are probably the more regular ones and known faces. Each time, we have had to go up and place the orders ourselves. That is still fine with me, but what got me exasperated eventually is the time they take to serve despite repeated reminders, or some times, never even served, and we had to go pick up the plates and drinks ourselves..something like even a cup of tea!! However they seemed to be more than quick to give us the bill and pick it, or even to pick up our plates and glasses even before we had finished!
So I have had enough of it and have decided never to go there again. :/
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

February 29,2012

Negative rating

Well well well, taking a large group to such a cool place (only location wise) and in the end what you get is just nuts and peanuts for what you end up paying really high.

We were around 20-25 people. The eating capacity was also really high of each individual ;). To start of the session of eating, everybody ordered right from parathas, starters, sandwiches, burgers and more. Well, to get sandwiches they took 20mins, starters 40mins, parathas (on reminding 3 times) 60 mins, burgers 20 mins. Mind you, all the things which we got, were just PLAIN COLD, yes you read it right PLAIN COLD. Horribly disgusted with the service and quality of the food here. Famous for this????

This place is famous for Irish coffee as well. Well, its better you dont have it here. Its BAD.

This place is good for nothing (food only). Stay away from being getting embarrassed with horrible food taste and food quality.


Happy Eating!!!
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

November 27,2011

It's in the air...

Do I like the food at Prithvi cafe? Not really
am I fond of their cutting chai? It's good but way too expensive

Then why 5 stars? Well, It's the ambiance, the air of the cafe that keeps calling me back. Grab a corner, sit under a tree with a book and no one will bother you. The place lets you be and there's nothing more you can ask for. There are no waiters standing on your head to take your order or expecting you to leave as soon as you are done.
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Karan Malhotra - Burrp User

Karan Malhotra

November 13,2011

Prithvi Cafe's food quality is extremely poor

Prithvi Cafe is by all means a relaxed and cozy place to hangout for a while but the food tells another story. I'm not sure if the promoters are aware of what is going on in the kitchen but if I were in their shoes I would be very very worried.

On my latest outing here I sample the following:
Dahi Puri - Bland dahi, no "dum" whatsoever
Chicken Seekh Kabab - The serving size is laughable and the price @ Rs 150 is an outright rip off. The taste - very ordinary.
Aloo Parathas - Burnt!
Veg Tawa Pulao - The blandest tasting pulao I have ever had the misfortune of trying, it might pass off in a hospital but completely out of place here.
Capuccino - Very poor.

Look forward to the kitchen here pulling up their socks as the place by itself is a gem and it would be a shame if the kitchen could not match up to the place and the expectations of the patrons.
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rahuldixit - Burrp User


April 04,2011

Nothing more can be asked for...!!

A great blend of art and taste buds could be found in no other place than Prithvi Café. Cozy open air seating and great ambiance nothing more can be asked for a great evening. Irish coffee should be a must try over her. Overall a great experience…!!
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shwetamenon - Burrp User


April 04,2011

Awesome place to chill out..!!

I went here with two of my friends. We came to watch a play over here and had heard about the café next to the theatre a lot so thought of giving it a try. I was just overwhelmed with atmosphere, it was peaceful and serene. We ordered for a chicken sandwich as a friend of mine recommended that..It took a while but every minute was worth it as it was the yummiest sandwich I ever had. Great place to visit and will definately recommend it all the burrpers.
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ahanakhanna - Burrp User


April 02,2011

It just lets you be YOU!

An arty place, where you can just relax over a sip of hot tea or coffee. You have to try the Irish coffee, it’s just out of the world and the menu has so much to offer. There’s something for everyone out here.

Next time you intend to watch a play, then eating at Prithvi would be a good option, or if you just want to have a quiet, peaceful time, Prithvi it is!
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vinuooh - Burrp User


August 20,2010

This is ATVP (Any Time Visiting Place)

This place takes me down the memory lane to my childhood time. During school days i use to visit my uncle's place in juhu. We use to run away from place and come down here to spend time chatting and having fun. Well, i revisited this place once again a month back or so and to my surprise i can still feel the warmth of this place as it was during those early days. I love being here and i bet it won't let you down. Don't think about service or so is bad. Its actually good for you, the thing in itself is somewhat funny. So cheers guys and enjoy every moment of you being here.
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

June 04,2010


Once you step in, you're taken in by the colour and ambience, it's hippie, culture-ish and it's got cute lanterns in an open airy-feel place. However, the lack of maintenance of the place is despicable...tables aren't cleared, leftover food at all tables, rude service and messy surroundings! The food too was just okay. I had a roast chicken in honey mustard sandwich which was a little bland. However, more than being disappointed in the food, the place was such a downer. If you're looking for yummier snacks and better service in a similar environment, I'd say, Head to Candies, mate!
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

June 03,2010

Pesky Cafe

Prithvi Cafe is the shining example of the term "over-hyped". As mentioned by some burrpers, it might be a hotspot owing to its uber cool ambiance and "good crowd" but thats about it.
Here are the top 3 reasons I never wanna go back to Prithvi Cafe...

1. The tables are never clean. Empty packets of chewing gum, leftover sandwich, spilled tomato sauce, used tissues (ugh!!) you can expect all these things at your table!
2. The food, no matter how inexpensive, is totally disappointing. The cheese croissant had no cheese, the Garden pie was soggy and bland.
3. And this is the biggest reason... the waiters are cheap, rude, and talk like illiterates who have been hired for charity!!!
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ItsRayna  - Burrp User


May 15,2010

Bad food & arrogant service

Yes i know many people will disagree but from my personal experience i am giving this place a 2 star rating. That is for its chilled out atmosphere but honestly the canteen is really bad and tables are grimy.
I ordered one sandwich 'n one chai and the waiter literally served me as if he is doing me a big favour. Thou the food is very cheap it does not mean they give poor quality. Taste-wise also the sandwich was pathetic.
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n1t1n0u8ey - Burrp User


May 14,2010

Like someone said before me...... Beautiful !!

..... and Charming and Soothing and......

Well that will go on and on.

What a place. You do not go here to eat but to feel the Artistic vibe of Mumbai. There is nothing like this in Mumbai or for that matter accross the whole country.

You can spend hours chatting with your friends or just sitting alone taking in the life around you (This is probably one of those rare places where you do not look out of place even if you are alone).

At times the heart wishes for more such places.... but sometimes it feels that Prithvi is an experience that could and should not be duplicated.

I can go on and on.... but I guess this place is best described by experiences of many hearts rather than only one.

And.... yes the food and drinks are good too. My favs being Suleimani chai, Masala chai and Irish coffee with cream.
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Anushri Thanedar - Burrp User

Anushri Thanedar

February 05,2010

Perfect mix of class and youth; art and fun :)

This is like a MUST GO to place if u live in Mumbai. The first glimpses your eyes will catch will be that of an old man with long beard, wearing a Harry Potter type robe and playing flute. Their is a generative warmth in this place which you just cant let go! This is the only place where you will find all the generations of people - old, middle aged and youth. This place caters to them all. The ambiance, environment and crowd just cant be beaten by anyone. The food is tasty 2. I think all the fluids do well, i.e. Chai coffee etc. The man at the counter is a little rude though, me and my friends had a bad service experience. Rest all is great!
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

December 23,2009

Chilled out!

If you plan to just relax and sip on to some Suleiman chai, Prithvi cafe is the ideal hangout! Its a huge open air cafe with lanterns over every table and and absolutely serene ambiance. You can probably buy a ticket and watch a play at Prithvi theatre or sit at the cafe and enjoy the place. You might just bump into some popular theatre artists who are usually unwinding there!!

A great place to relax and watch some great crowd around! ;)
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Jay  - Burrp User


May 29,2009

Just good to be there

Its get 5/5 just like that

The food coffee etc is OK. The service is OK
prices are better than ccd or barista.

But the best part is the open air ambiance.
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Arka Roy - Burrp User

Arka Roy

February 11,2009


Throughout the course of my review writing trip I have always described eateries as GOOD, AMAZING, BAD, APPALLING etc.
I feel it would be complete injustice on my part and an absolute insult to prithvi cafe if i use any of the aforementioned adjectives.
Therefore i choose the word BEAUTIFUL..
firstly before i write this review let me just say i am not going to review the food, cause i believe it is again insulting if you go to prithvi cafe to judge food..
I am going to base my review on 2 parameters. AMBIANCE AND THE FLUTE PLAYER.
The ambiance is well serene and tranquil and oh so PERFECT. Artsy people have a style and flair for a reason and all that is evident from the simplistic yet touching feeling that you get once you enter the cafe.
Once you enter the cafe u enter a world apart from mumbai.
A tiny oasis in the heart of mumbai city with its quintessential crowd and lovely lovely feel.
secondly the flute player is magical. me and my girlfriend had the opportunity to sit at the table right next to where he was playing and take this from a death metal fan... i have never been so moved in my life not when i am headbanging to an Ensiferum concert and definitely not when i have my music plugged on. that day i actually discovered the beauty of the softer notes of music thanks to the flute player.
Its actually quiet ironic. The day i went to prithvi cafe i had lost my job due to some shit downsizing and had flung my mobile in anger and broken it. Surprisingly when i came home that day from prithvi cafe. I did not feel any of the stress or anger at all.
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hitesh udeshi - Burrp User

hitesh udeshi

January 12,2009

coffee recommended

Excellent irish coffee with cream try along with samosa and sandwiches. Simply mouth watering. A very artsy and an intellectual ambiance. Definately a place to be at on a lazy holiday
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Nisha  - Burrp User


May 24,2008


Discovered it a couple of years ago due to some brave (but rather) random voyaging. Has been an absolute favorite ever since.
The perfect place for a date and even more perfect if u wanna get away from the madness we know as Mumbai.
Aaah..the scene at Prithvi in the evening! With the beautiful lanterns hovering over the beautiful menagerie of people-the Theatre artists, the wannabe theatre artists, the quintessential Flute player (who I once had the opportunity to hear), the MBA gang brainstorming in one corner while old friends catch up on some gossip in another. Surprisingly hardly any phonies..or maybe i was too lost in the Gurukripa Samosas to notice :)

Easy on the pocket (and i mean reallly easy). The Iced tea costs Rs. 25 and the chai costs a measly 12 :)
The service is great- tho u may have to wait for them to wait on you (a far cry from other cafes in every sense of the term)

I've done all sorts of things here including (try) to study for my MBA exams - pleasantly distracted by the Flute playing kind Uncle.

A cafe from the days when things used to be simple, o simple it could well be in the good ol town of Malgudi !
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

June 18,2007

sunday afternoon perfection

I've finally found that Sunday afternoon spot. You know what I'm talking about - that relaxing, laze-inducing courtyard cafe, surrounded by greenery and sweet sounds that only mother nature can produce; far, far away from the incessant honking and disrupted ant marching we've all grown used to. Prithvi Cafe is that spot. Trees spring up wherever they feel like it within the outdoor seating area, which is covered by tarp and bamboo in the monsoon season. The permanent black marble benches are surrounded by small, frail cane ottomans. Towards the back, permanently roofed seating exists, but the openness remains a constant throughout this place.

We moseyed on over here on a lazy Sunday evening, sat down and ordered the famous Irish Coffees. They were steaming hot, had the perfect amount of froth and whiskey, and tasted superb. I started to get the munchies sitting there, so ordered a grilled egg and cheese sandwich - simple, yet delicious. Still hungry, and being a big fan of eggs, I opted for an Egg Paratha roll. The paratha was not at all greasy, and the vegetables and eggs tasted fresh.

Prithvi has grown a fan following amongst those that enjoy the performing arts, given that it's attached to the legendary theatre of the same name. For this reason, you will usually find a more progressive, kinder and more open-minded crowd here. Perfect place to take a chessboard, a book, or your laptop, and relax over a cup of strong Joe. Highly, highly recommended.
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Purvi Bedi - Burrp User

Purvi Bedi

February 08,2007

charming outdoor/indoor cafe

Love to come here and relax with a book over some pastries and a cup of coffee - one of the few places in Mumbai where you can actually filter out traffic and all the hullabaloo and concentrate on a conversation, a book, or just people-watch. I would recommend this as a great lazy afternoon hangout, but something a little bit more private than your normal loud college hangout for sure! Do not miss out on the irish coffee and the kebabs. Simply delicious!
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Dhruti Shah - Burrp User

Dhruti Shah

September 10,2006

Chillout place

Location- Just outside, Prithvi theatre this open air café with its informal seating is very popular with artists catching up on their scripts, rehearsing or even having a screen test.

Offers - Coffee, sandwiches, Kebabs, veg, roti, wraps and deserts.

Food- It is very famous for its Irish coffee, which is undoubtedly very good. Its chocolate brownie, wraps, kebabs also make for a good bite

You should head there - If you want to chill out in the open surroundings of nature, do some people watching, ideal to catch up on your reading with a book sitting under a tree or to catch up with friends
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