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Gita Dev - Burrp User

Gita Dev

August 15,2015


I happened to visit today, unexpected crowd (15 august) badly managed crowds. The guy at the token is very rude and arrogant. Food was served haphazardly on a steel plate which looked unwashed, items were strewn around the plate badly presented, didn't feel like eating; it was horrible.
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December 31,2014

House of Dosa..!! very good South Indian

Very good south indian food frm dossa to idli to vada to sandwitch coffee...!! good priced.. Quick service.. 70 types of Dosa !!
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July 10,2014

Amazing South Indian Thali

Lunch at Ramanayak’'s has always turned out to be a good experience for me. The place is a spartan, working class eatery serving home-style food at very reasonable prices and hence is immensely popular. There is always a huge queue, so it is better to arrive here in time. The place serves only set meals. There are two variants– limited meal and unlimited meal, with dedicated sections of the restaurant for each. The limited meal consists of three veggies, two Phulkas, two vatis of Rice, a choice of Sweet, Papadum, Curd and Chaas. Unlimited Sambar, Rasam and Dal is available. This is priced at Rs. 80 and is extremely valuable for money. Anything extra is priced at Rs. 10 and coupons of the denomination could be bought beforehand to avoid delay between the meal. Any unused coupons are refundable. The unlimited meal is comprised of the above in unlimited quantity, the added charm being that the unlimited meal is served traditional style on banana leaves. We opted for the limited meal and were quickly escorted to our table. The meal was served in no time. A tray of various desserts available was brought out for us to make our choice. I tried the Kesari Shrikhand which was yum. It was a simple home-style nutritious meal which one can never get enough of.
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wati8onmyd8 - Burrp User


March 16,2014

Simple Wholesome Veg Food

went there last week. its simple no-frills food. had the unlimited thali 3 sabji's ( simple tasting), hot chapatis ( the best part), sambar, rasam, curd, buttermilk, rice, papad ( good ones) and ofcourse choice of dessert. the wheat payasam was not to my liking (quite a watery consistency) but the shrikhand was yummmm. One should try such food just to break the monotony coz its just so simple. My only grouse the general ambiance of the place. their kitchen might be clean ( dint really venture there) however the place per say can do with a little perking up. Also the aprons worn by the servers who I'm sure have toiled hard throughout the day need not show all the food items handled by them ( literally).
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Vipul  - Burrp User


September 23,2013

First ever Udipi Restaurant in Bombay

A lot of people will anyways talk about the Food - so let me just talk about something else This was the first Udipi Restaurant in Bombay. A Ramanayak wanted the blue collar worker who worked in Mills in good old Bombay to be able to afford food at this place and that is the reason why the food is not over priced over here. The owners walk in the restaurant without Chappals, You can walk into their Kitchen to see how food is cooked, I don't think anyone even calls anyone a waiter over here - that might be a derogatory term. Its the only place that i have where there is a printout which says - if you waste sambhar or rasam you have to pay a fine of 10 rs. That is primarily because a lot of people dont get to eat food, you should not waste any food. Now when the philosophy is so touching and the morals are so upright, how can you not love this place :) The food is simple and yet delicious. The Thali has pretty much everything that a South Indian Thali has - Rasam, Sambhar, Curry, 2 Sabji's , Rice, Curd, Buttermilk. They have an option of limited meal and unlimited meal. The unlimited meal is for 150 Rs. They give you an option to choose the desserts. Try the Kesari Shrikand in desserts along with the Thali If you are a person who likes iconic places which serve good food and have great stories, then this is exactly the place where you need to go :)
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Ameya Chumbhale - Burrp User

Ameya Chumbhale

May 04,2012


Pardon me for the caps in the review title. If you want to try authentic veg Udipi/Kannada food, there is literally no other choice in Mumbai. The staff may seem rude but in reality, they are just frank and genuine. When we went there, the manager/owner asked us whether we are coming for the first time. When we said yes, he said, "Do not even look at the other section. Just proceed to the thali section. And he was right. They serve unlimited thali with great food. We weren't able to get up after we finished.
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Nirav KAKU - Burrp User

Nirav KAKU

September 19,2008

A different experience...

I was forced by a Konkani friend to eat at this place. When I reached there, I was a bit hesistant looking at the size of crowd on Sunday. It was also a consolation because it proved that these guys must be good... and good they were.

First of all, don't go in expecting smiling service. The guys (in lungis) serving you are there to feed you and feed you only. They will come, dump some food and move out. You will have to shout to call them again. It goes with the theme of the restaurant. Probably that's why you dont tip. ; )

The restaurant is a typical pay-sit-eat-burp-leave type of a place. You can't sit across each other and talk. You basically go there for the food and that's it. The food is rich in terms of quality and quantity. You will have to each what they serve with two options of a sweet dish.

Absolute value for money.

Overall: 4 on 5.
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Bhavna S - Burrp User

Bhavna S

January 03,2008

The Best South Indian food ever

I am a big fan of south Indian cuisine. Being a punjabi, me and my mother have never grasped the fine art of making sambhar or rasam. No matter how hard I try and use the correct ingredients and species...south Indian food never tastes the way it does at my best friend's place, where I used to live almost every other day. And then my friend got married and moved to the US. The only alternative Ieft for me was to search for a restaurant which served authentic south Indian food. And my search took me to A RamaNayak's bang outside Matunga station.I used to always see this restaurant passing through Matunga station and think of it as a shady joint...however I decided to give it a shot after reading about it in 'The Times Good Food Guide'. So I convinced my friend to take me to the restaurant. He is impatient and hates queues and that was the first thing we saw when we reached the restaurant. After glaring at me for a few minutes and waiting forever we finally managed to get a seat on one of the benches. Soon a banana leaf was kept in from of us and for the next 2 -3 minutes there was an onslaught of pickles, papad, puri, sambhar, rasam and some sabzi on our plate. It was a little difficult to ensure that all the things that were put in front of us stay on the rice plate...The food was awesome..I ate like it was going out of fashion. Obviously the unlimited helpings helped. For 150 bucks we ate to our stomach and hearts content. I would strongly recommend this restaurant to all south Indian food lovers. It is a great experience in itself sitting with so many people and gorging on the heavenly food.
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kunal naik - Burrp User

kunal naik

February 18,2007

Authentic South Indian Food....

The unlimited Thali is the best...served on the traditional banana leaf..You can finish your meals in 20 mins as the service is very quick...only the long queue can can you down as the waiting time can be as long as an hour....Most disciplined management and great food....
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