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milanBurrp Suvarna - Burrp User

milanBurrp Suvarna

July 20,2017

Awesome food

Pizza here is really good, really enjoyed the food here. Great ambience................................
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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

April 30,2015

Best Pizza

The pizza was good as always, but the Chicken tenders were really bad. They had almost no meat! I have always loved Ray's but their quality of tenders has been on a decline. I do wish they would get better! Good stuff. The Vegan Pizzas can have something more for the toppings like mushroom, capsicum, baby corn as well...Though pricing is very very expensive...!!! Fell like in New York...
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

Fabulous place

The open air area is absolutely beautiful! Fabulous ambience and can easily make for a wonderful date place.Tex Mex Veggie, hot, fresh and absolutely appetizing. The peri peri wedges are nice as well. The fire and smoke pizza is too die for. Their Ray's Special & 3 meat pizzas stands out. The crust is bendable and is with the perfect thickness Little heavy on the pocket but absolutely worth it.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 08,2015

Pleasant and scenic environment

One of the most peaceful places at Hill road! To chill and catch up.
It's got a charm that is unmatched by any other pizzeria in the city.
I recommend you eat at Ray's for the best experience of indulging yourself in a slice of awesomely delicious pizza and pasta.
Any pizza with prosciutto topping is a must try. Go for the Pepperoni or Bacon pizzas. Aglio olio a special dish will please with its unique flavours.
Bombay Masala Sandwich with the right amount of mint sauce and veggies in it makes up a yummy deal.
Staff is friendly and attentive but it is definitely the food that makes you come here again and again.
It's a different feeling and experience dining her.
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  • Ray's Cafe & Pizzeriaimage
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  • Ray's Cafe & Pizzeriaimage
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

February 24,2015

Pizza of its kind

I was very excited to go to Rays, but the restaurant did not live up to my expectations, it's a very small place with very few tables indoors as well as outdoors having no privacy because the tables are so close. The soups were okay, it's only known for its Pizza which was really nice and crispy and well made in the brick-oven. They have pizzas in 3 sizes. We called for Tex-Mex pizza and BBQ in small size, Salad was also okay. Service was decent, they might need some more staff to handle the crowd.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

February 23,2015

Authentic NYC style..!

We had a lovely lunch with a Greek salad and a 16" Ray's Special Pizza and 12" California pizza. Very small and relaxed atmosphere. No fancy decor more like a fast food place but food covers up. If you want the real New York style experience with no Indian fixation for crust, you will enjoy the base which is crisp and thick and a little thin in the centre. Dessert was also tempting. But very Pricey. Try it out you wont regret.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Best for pizzas

When you are in a group of 4-5 people craving for pizzas but without spending a fortune and roaming in bandra..come here and have any pizza from the menu-take the huge 16" pizza and you will be satisfied fully! We had bbq cottage cheese pizza and three meats pizza and we were stuffed...staff was smiling and helpful..very nice place for pizza,much better than pizza hut or domino's,value for money too!
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sanketshah91 - Burrp User


May 07,2014


We tried the a pizza and pasta both of which were good. The drinks were good as well. It's a fairly standard food place which delivers as expected.The place is famous for its pizzas and they offer a lot of variety for the same.Ray's has the perfect thin crust. Their medium pizza is a 12" and the large is a 16" pizza! For those who eat all types of meat, definitely go for the ones with bacon.Excellent Mumbai Masala Pizza,and we strongly recommend Oreo cookie shake.
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Urmila Walke - Burrp User

Urmila Walke

December 13,2013

Slow Service, Decent Taste

Being Vegan, its hard to come across places which have a clearly marked out VEGAN PIZZA in their menu. I went with this place and ordered the only vegan item on their menu. The list of optional toppings seemed endless and we ordered the same. The pizza arrived after quite sometime but we were pleased to see the amount of toppings being quite reasonable. What we didn't realize was that each of the toppings were individually priced and the overall price of a vegan pizza with relatively meager toppings shot through the roof. Please have a better understandable menu or staff who know the services better.
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Anjum  - Burrp User


January 02,2013

Pizza and apple pie... yum!

I went to Ray's Cafe and Pizzeria yesterday with my friends. The staff was very kind and service was prompt. Since the weather was so pleasant, we decided to sit outside. The feel of the place was cosy and the over all effect of the decor ,very cute.We tried the cheese pizza (it was brilliant! so cheesy and simple), sun dried tomato pesto (it wasn't all the great) and the apple pie (this, and the pizza, are two things I'll definitely go back for.)
We opted for simple drinks - mojito and fresh lime water. Both were really good and refreshing.Definitely going back here, hopefully soon. :D
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varnox1786 - Burrp User


December 13,2012

Value for Money

An ardent Italian cuisine lover, Rays is the perfect foodie haunt for me. Their pizzas and pastas are well cooked and quite budgeted. The location is a little hidden away but definitely contributes to feel of a quaint Italian cafe. All in all, definitely worthwhile for the delicious food and inviting ambience.
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Saloni R.  - Burrp User

Saloni R.

September 02,2012

Makes me love Pizzas again!

Love the chic, european cafe-esque ambiance at Ray's. With food to match! I personally prefer the outdoors section. The old-school wooden staircase connecting Moshes and the wine cellar at Godrej Nature Basket really do add to its charm...
The fire and smoke pizza was the perfect combination of spicy and tangy with a generous portion of Gouda cheese. The peri peri fries are not for the weak hearted! So spicy, I did end up using a lot of tissues, but lip-smacking they definitely were! Cant wait to go back and try the other fare at Ray's!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your kind words. We look forward to seeing you here again. Do join us on www.facebook.com/rayscafe to hear about our latest events and promotions or to simply give us feedback.

Shaishav m - Burrp User

Shaishav m

August 03,2012

Good food and drinks!

We had been for dinner with friends and we all loved the food and juices we ordered.
Nachos are a must try in this cafe and also the 'Thin Crust' pizzas are yummm.
I just wish the cafe had some more space (tables) in the a/c area.
Overall, good food with calm ambience.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, sure i would "like" it. Good luck for your business.

Viral Thakkar - Burrp User

Viral Thakkar

July 08,2012


I like the place but it is not that easy to find, has parking facility, beautifully designed place with an awesome ambiance, very good Pizzas and crushers and reasonably priced!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Viral,
Thank you for your kinds words. Do join us on www.facebook.com/rayscafe to keep in touch with our latest events and promotions

connomumbai - Burrp User


August 08,2011

Awesome Food & Drinks - Almost Addictive :)

We visited this place in a large group and almost all of us have become completely addicted to it :) This place is great for:- THE BEST EVER Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese- Coolers- Coffee- Jamaican Chicken Pizza Stay Away from: Their Burgers Overall a great pizzeria with a very relaxed atmosphere
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Reply from restaurant management

We are so glad that you and your friends enjoyed your meal at Ray's! Stay up to date with all the latest news from Ray's on our Facebook page


Lawrence Kao - Burrp User

Lawrence Kao

July 15,2011

Never got the delivery, over 1.5 hours!

I work in quite a prominent building on Linking Road. Not sure how the delivery boy couldn't find our office when every other one can. Waited 45 minutes, called, they said it would come in 10 minutes. I had to call again, they said would come again. After 1.5 hours, I called again, they said the delivery boy had come back because he couldn't find it. Why didn't they call me in between the 1.5 hours to either ask where I worked or that my order wouldn't come? Ridiculous. If I could 0/5 stars, I would have.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello, here's the update and new review: About a month back, I had rated Ray's 1/5 because of their delivery service had failed me. It took a long time and after a while I was forced to cancel my order.

Around a week later, they sent me an email apologizing and insisted they wanted to make it up to me with a free pizza. They even called me a week after to check if I wanted to take them up on their offer.

Today, I called them to give them one more try. The manager was very nice on the phone and the delivery arrived quite quickly, about 40 minutes from when I called. The delivery man, Chris, was very nice and courteous. I just wish this had happened the first time around.

The pizza was very good as well. I had the Ray's Special with thin crust. Being an American and having lived in London for many years, I've had my fair exposure to thin crust, thick crust and everything in between. If I were to rate Ray's on a global scale, I'd say it's certainly well above average. It's not NY's Lombardi's or my weirdly favorite the Etna pizza from the UK's Pizza Express, but it definitely is on top when it comes to Pizzas in Mumbai. If you don't get a chance to eat pizza often, or don't have a chance to visit NY, Ray's is a worthy place to get your fix. I will definitely try their regular crust next time I order.


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