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v.nawathe - Burrp User


December 16,2016

Must try

This buttery pav bhaji is worth the wait. Try the amul pav bhaji.
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Harshad Dhamnaskar - Burrp User

Harshad Dhamnaskar

December 16,2016

worth the wait

Butterily delicious pav bhaji justified long waiting queue...
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Tanuj Arora - Burrp User

Tanuj Arora

December 23,2015

Their Pav Bhaji's are laden with butter

Well they say that Sardar serves the bessssssst Pav Bhaji in Mumbai..well. .that's a debatable topic. .but none can deny the fact that this is an iconic centre..it's been around for like donkey's years and their pav Bhaji is laden with butter,,.that's their USP...lottttttts and lottttttts of butter..which sets them apart from the rest..
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Foodies2 - Burrp User


July 04,2015

From BEST to WORST!!

Standard gone down terribly!!
Disgustingly UNHYGEINEIC RESTAURANT. The place was dirty & smelly. There was food dropped on the floors by customers & not cleaned after they left. After travelling all the way from the Suburb to South Mumbai especially for the Sardar Pav Bhaji, it was the most disappointing dinner. We went there purely on the experiences of the good old times. The place is unhygienic & the Pav Bhaji quality has gown down drastically. There is no taste in the bhaji. The masalas are burnt. They just add heaps of butter but don't realize that even 500 gms of butter added to a plate cannot improve the taste of badly cooked food.
The tables are smelly. The original Pav Bhai of Sardar is NO LONGER available in this place. PL PL take this review & rating seriously to avoid a bad meal for your selves & pl do write about the place & food specifically cos many ppl get misled due to wrong reviews just the way we did.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 29,2015

Best pav bhaji ever

Sinful delight! What awesome pav bhaji.. Oh the taste! Oh the butter! Superbly awesomely sinfully delicious! A must visit for pav bhaji lovers! Pavbhaji here is tasty with almost 50-60 gm of butter slice on top of it. There is generally a lonq waiting que for acquiring a siting at this place.mostly families and youngsters visit it. Also several Juices are available to accompany.Overall - excellent experience.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

February 01,2015

Pav bhaji here is the king!

This is such a famous place that there is always a queue at the gate and one has to wait for atleast half an hour to get a place! Went with 3 friends and ofcourse we had the Pav Bhaji which comes oozing with amul butter in every bite,literally! It is not for those who are dieting or have a possibility of heart disease in their family. It is also not very cheap but a must visit once-i don't like pav bhaaji personally,so I won't go back but my friends will.
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December 24,2014

Without a 2nd thought i reach Sardar pav bhaji

If I am in the vicinity without a 2nd thought I reach this place....a plate full of bhaji with loads of butter.......yummy......everyone is ready to wait till the next batch of bhaji comes to every table ......y y y.....coz is yummy...the way it should b blended with spices with butter loaded pav.......Must vist best point cheap n best.
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Suraj Surendran - Burrp User

Suraj Surendran

November 08,2012

been here.. done that...

i hav heard a lot about this place and could neveer visit this place evn though i used to stay in byculla.. one saturday made up my mind and went to sardar pav bhaji and it was crazy.. the moment i reach there i realise how good it should be seeing the amount of people waiting putside in a line.. i have seen such discipline by people only in liquior shop.. so i guessed the food should be just as addictive as alcohol.. anyways i wait for half an hour and being a stag had to hare witha couple... had to wait only for 5 mins on the table beore the butter filled bhaji and butter soaked pav came.. first bite and all i could say was yummmm.... priced properly for the amount of butter and stuff.. and anyways better than paying more than this in places like sukh sagar and all... its a place to visit and is awesome... waiting for my next chance and this time with my buddies...
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