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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Indianized Twist

Fresh, authentic and international with no 'Indian-ized' twist.Serves crepe, sandwiches and salads mostly. Start and end with the Nutella crepes. Seriously soul food.The salads varieties are good. Fresh & tasty. Pretty large sandwich portions but do keep place for the yummy dessert.This has a packed floor every. But the prices are only on the expensive side. Otherwise it's got a vibrant nicely styled ambience.
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 28,2015

Enjoyable classic cafe!

This tiny crepe joint cn provide a taste of it right here in Bombay. The space gets packed wit office mates for weekday lunch, but they dont linger, so the longest wait time is 10 minutes. Try the Mediterranee, with grilled chicken, olive tapenade, mozzarella, and tomatoes, or the Italie, with arugula, a tomato coulis, mozzarella, and oregano, or build your own crepe from an extensive list of ingredients. Salads are washed in bottled water n safe. Sweet crepes come wit various combinations of Nutella, jam, fruit, n cream.
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nakul71 - Burrp User


July 28,2014

Delicious and Wholesome !

We (wife and myself) really enjoy eating at Suzette for their delicious crepes and salads - combining to provide us a delicious wholesome meal.
Their menu might appear limited (especially for veggies like me) but one needs to keep in mind that this is exclusively a 'crepe place'.
The service too deserves a special mention for being courteous and friendly.
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Ann Vaidian - Burrp User

Ann Vaidian

March 24,2014

Lovely introduction to Crepes!

I honestly had no idea of what a crepe was, and so we all decided to give it a shot! It was so exciting to go check out a French Creperie!

1. Crepes: I know what ingredients I like, and I hence went for the Mediterranee crepe which has olives, mozzarella, chicken bits and sundried tomatoes. All of which I like. So not used to much of wheat breads besides the staple roti, I didn't take to the base instantly. But the toppings helped me a great deal through it. So I wouldn't say anything negative about the food, all I can say that it was a GOOD FIRST TRY! Not everyone is bound to like the flavours. I guess crepes are all about what goes over it. To go with it, I ordered their hot chocolate and it was yum!

2. The AMBIANCE: It was all wood and quaint, just the way I like it. The lights are warm and slightly dim, and from outside it throws a very warm, welcoming effect. It was perfect for a quiet evening with friends since I went their on a weekday. Oh, and they have some really nice book collection especially travel within India. The books enlightened me about the multitudes of things I could do within Bombay city! (Digressed a little there)

3. The main person at the time I went behind the bar (I think he owns the place) That gentleman was very warm and helped us in placing our order since we were all new to the crepe culture which furthermore made it a very lovely experience.

4. Rates: For the location, interior works, I guess we were bound to pay a wee bit more. But for the experience I had their, it was totally worth it.

I played safe by ordering the dark chocolate one but I wish I was a wee bit adventurous to try their white chocolate for the sake of trying it. And I wish I had gone there more!

It had the bearings of a place perfect for a quiet evening set for reading or writing!!
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Shilpi Sharma - Burrp User

Shilpi Sharma

November 27,2013

Love this place!

I used to frequent this place when I was i Bombay. It's a cosy little cafe which serves salads, crepes and desserts. I loved the dark chocolate and banana crepe and another savoury crepe that I had tried there. Apparently they're supposed to be quite healthy since they're made of buckwheat flour. I also loved the hot chocolate... just yummy. Although it's a bit on the expensive side, I thought it was worth the money and was a different experience!
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

MUST visit in south bombay.

A classic quaint cafe reminding you of Paris in every way, even for those who've never been there ;) The crepes are truly delicious especially the nutella honey ones. The new additions to the menu - salads, pastas are good too. This should be the top ten places on anyone's list to MUST visit in south bombay.
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Shruti Ambavat - Burrp User

Shruti Ambavat

September 24,2013

Yummy crepes

If one wants to experience some delicious crepes, one must visit Suzette in Nariman Point. Hidden between Hoecht House and NCPA in the Atlantic building, its proximity to Status in no ways mars its own status as a little French crepe eatery. Whenever I visited the joint, and that is several times mind you, it has managed to delight me with its salad, veg crepes, drinks and the sinful chocolate crepe. Space is an issue though we understand the rental prices in South Mumbai can be quite a shock.
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Ramaaah Deviie - Burrp User

Ramaaah Deviie

June 13,2013

Quaint little French corner!

It took a friend from France to make me aware of Suzette's presence in S.Mumbai. Francophile that i am, i dragged a willing friend to this quaint little french corner near NCPA and was bowled over by the ambience first of all. It was just like revisiting Paris all over. Though not completely French, no aperos, no vins- the menu doesn't disappoint even the vegetarians. Tried Croques and Crepes and they were yummy. Will go again and again to try all the dishes. Loved their 'Books corner'. one can browse Monets paintings, streets of Paris, Newspapers...and ofcourse a free Mumbai guide book! I wish the staff were trained to pronounce the items of the Menu in French! What i badly needed there? A French guy to converse in French ;)
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Shruti Mittal - Burrp User

Shruti Mittal

May 15,2013

The cutest li'l bistro in town

Always looking for a place different than others I have been to, I found this place on burrp and immediately decided to visit the same evening. Hidden in the streets behind NCPA, this place is an ultimate delight. Simple setting and delicious food, a perfect bistro! Tried the crepes of the day with spinach and mushrooms and made my own salad. Luscious smoothies won my heart and were not highly sweetened, which preserved the flavour of the fruit. It is slightly more expensive than mentioned here in Burrp, but it's worth the price. There is a table for two in the porche and it got me thinking of the first rain in Mumbai when I would want to sit here and sip a cuppa.
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Rakesh Damani - Burrp User

Rakesh Damani

October 06,2012

Nice place for quiet evening

Nice place to sit, chat and have some great make your own crepes. Like crepes, no place better especially if you like to experiment. Just wisjed they flambed the crepe suzzete like they do in france. just give a different taste.

Coffee is also great.
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foodmaniac91 - Burrp User


September 18,2012

Crepes n hot chocolate!!

This place is a little different from the conventional around-the-corner coffee shops. They have a great choice of crepes. Tried the Italie crepe but did not turn out to be good. In my suggestion they have better desert crepes - for instance the Nutella and Dark Chocolate crepes are good. Also the Dark Hot Chocolate is a nice drink to sip - especially if you are a hot chocolate fan. Skip the crepe sandwiches - rather have the chocolate based crepes.
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cavy9821 - Burrp User


August 10,2012

Bad Food, worse service!

Unfortunately, my lunch was disappointing today. We ordered the Orient Salad, 2 crepes- Mediterranee, and another vegetarian one along with a Chevre salad.

The Orient Crepe was slightly overdone- also the sauce inside was stronger than should be. The chicken was very dry. The Chevre salad was also very strong- and the dressing didnt seem well mixed with the other ingredients. The pineapples were not at all juicy- looked like a can was opened a day ago and the same one used a day after to make this salad.

For desserts- we ordered the Chocolate Mousse and it was terrible as well. We went to another restaurant for desserts.

The air conditioning was leaking- meaning water would leak from the A/C vent into the table. Dont sit on the table close to the kitchen- look up youll see a gray A/c hose. A man had to use a broom to wipe off the water from the vents right above where our food was kept!

the waiters had to be told 4 times to get us water and a spoon !

Horrible service, i would never go here ever again! Truely disgusting!
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Chirag Kenia - Burrp User

Chirag Kenia

June 30,2012


Tried out Suzette on week-end and was delighted. They take good care of you right before you visit them - I was called and promptly guided to the venue, a welcome gesture!

Ambiance is simple, functional and well-planned. Interiors are warm and out-and-out Cafeteria style. I like how they use Chalk and Boards. Menu is well-designed and staff knows food very very well. Recommendations (especially for Vegetarians like me) worked well.

Salads - Wonderful. They don't drown stuff in dressing and know their spread. My Pasteque (Water Melon) salad was something my wife was talking about the whole evening - good job!
I had a cold pasta + pesto salad too - the Pesto was superb (literally the way I like) but the Pasta seemed tad too chewy (and I understand that cold pasta is indeed different but this was perhaps almost-al-dente). On complaining, they promptly acknowledged the error and took the pasta back (they offered it to be complimentary but whats the point!) - I wasn't billed for the pasta salad. Appreciate it.

Crepes - EXCELLENT! It's a good choice to go with Buck-wheat Crepes because they're Egg-less and more healthier option. Tried 2 crepes, Spinach + Feta & Spinach + Mushrooms (yes, we love spinach, and their Creamed Spinach was to die for) - both EXCELLENT. Well done. Perfectly filling yet not stuffy. Top notch ingredients.
Sweet Crepe - They do sweet crepe with egg-less (buckwheat) batter but frankly, it was a slight letdown because of lack of sugar in crepe. I had an Apple Compote + Walnut Crepe. The compote + walnut combo was superb, alas for the crepe. Still 4/5 stuff.

Beverages: Had Hot Chocolate - hands down the best hot chocolate I've had in recent times. Winner. Their Tea selection sounds really good - do try.

Service was extremely prompt and attentive.

To summarize, Suzette is a nice, warm place where you can have a GREAT meal and sit for hours chatting up with people you love and like. Mumbai, we have a winner!
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Alfie121 - Burrp User


May 23,2012

Interesting Place

An impromtu lunch plan made me and my cousin come looking for Suzette, which is tucked away into the corners of Nariman Point. Had heard abt this place and wanted to try its crepes. The place is really small yet welcoming. The crepes we tried were delicious, ingredients were fresh and it felt as if we were in one of the cafes in France. They were a good combination of healthy and tasty...filling too!!! WIll definitely come back for another taste...
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Karan Vaswani - Burrp User

Karan Vaswani

May 14,2012

Buckwheat crepes, Normandy style

I had a light brunch here in March 2012, consisting of the Complete (a savory buckwheat crepe with ham, emmenthal and a fried egg sunny side up), the Nord (a savory buckwheat crepe with smoked salmon, fresh cream, lemon and dill) and a sweet crepe with Belgian chocolate, home made caramel and peanuts. The crepes were terrific, if a tad expensive, and I will revisit as time permits.
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Tintin1 - Burrp User


April 09,2012

Crazy about crêpes

Talk about Suzette and our mouths water instantly as the crepes prepared here in true French style come with the same passion for the French palate as in Brittany.

This teensy weensy café designed tastefully and to detailed perfection, Suzette is a perfect spot to catch a simple meal with your loved ones alongwith some yummy savoury crepes or even maybe a quick dessert with lip-smacking Nutella crepes.

Vegetarians have an array of options to choose from as well. The Italie and the Provencal are worth trying stuffed with some fresh and aromatic ingredients coupled with a fresh fruit smoozie. Another noteworthy aspect, the pleasant and friendly owners personalize the whole experience and leave you asking for more!

And for the non SoBos, no reason to fret, Suzette is now open at Bandra !
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ritzz05 - Burrp User


February 16,2012

Very French!!

Its a small and cute place tucked in Nariman point. we had the savoury chciken and pesto crepe. It was delicious. Only recommendation is please keep Ketchup. A lot of Indians still like to Indianize the french versions!!
But overall- a very good experience!!
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tigerfondue - Burrp User


February 02,2012

a drop of paris

this place is a breath of fresh air. this is just what bombay needed and is easily the best place eatery to open shop in the last 3 years. crepes served fresh and the right way....with ingredients which seem so authentic. the strawberry compote with vanilla icrecream is just divine (compote is made inhouse).
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vik_sn - Burrp User


January 13,2012

Great Food & Place

Warm and cosy ambience... delicious and healthy crepes; crispy fresh salads; innovative and salivating juices and smothies... to cap it all - excellent service led by a personal touch by the entrepreneurs....
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poozshah - Burrp User


January 03,2012

Simple and Tasteful

Despite there not being too many options for the Crepes, what they do serve is excellent. It's delicious and well prepared. I loved the Emmental and mushroom crepe. Also the dessert crepes are fantastic. I've tried almost all of them and have enjoyed each of them equally. My only negative feedback would be the juices - i had a yoghurt minty one and also tried the carrot and basil one - both of which I couldn't even finish.

Apart from that, i would 100% recommend this place. Services was also excellent. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a small place. That's the charm of it really!
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chinkong - Burrp User


November 05,2011

actually its 4.5

This is a nice cozy place with a homely feel to it. Staff is nice and cordial. And the french owners are nice too.

Food is fresh and authentic. The desert crepes are delicious and well prepared.

Could be better priced tho.
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Rits87 - Burrp User


November 02,2011

Great experience !

If your looking for an authentic French experience, head straight to Suzette !

I had heard a lot about it but had no time to go. I eventually went with a friend who recommended it warmly.
I could actually not believe there was such a nice French place in Mumbai and I wish I had gone earlier. This cozy cafe in Nariman Point offers actually better crepes than some creperies I tried in France and you can see the chef making them in the open kitchen. Everything is made to order, all fresh and delicious!

The buckwheat flour they use for example is organic and come directly from Brittany, which prove that the owners really care about what they are serving.

I personally loved the Crepe “Sud” with Tuna, fresh tomatoes and lemon, and a real melted Belgian chocolate crepe for desert - truly delicious !
SmooZies as thee owners said with a French accent are also excellent and refreshing. I recommend the one with pineapple and coconut milk.
If you are Veg, you will also find a wide selection of crepes with delicious fillings. My friend had a crepe filled with ratatouille and feta which was really fantastic !

The service is good, very friendly and fast – a good point for busy people in the offices around who are coming at lunch time. We spoke with the three friendly French owners who are very passionate about food and what they are doing. It is great to see this kind of initiative in Mumbai and to see a place like this one opening in our city.

Price wise, you can manage to have a savoury crepe or a salad, a desert crepe and a juice for less than 700, which is not expensive for the quality of the food and the service.

I would really advise people to come and chill early morning or in the afternoon, the owners of Suzette have selected great music and there is a little bookshelf where I found lots of interesting novels in both English and French.

A real gem and one of my new favorite restaurant in town, will definitely come back more often to try the whole menu !
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food junkie  - Burrp User

food junkie

October 20,2011


went there recently and ordered two different dishes. dont relly rem the name now. but all i can sya is.. it is nothing but dosa served wid some french name and even the food that was stuffed in it was n tiny pieces and they charged some 300 rs each. quality, qauntity was insanely bad.
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lsilos - Burrp User


October 13,2011

Authentic crepes in Mumbai

Suzette offers true and delicious French crepes prepared exactly as they are in France without compromise: cooking hardware and ingredients are all original, and the extensive training of the staff leads to consistent crepes every single time. The regular presence of the owners guarantee quality and service. But in the end it is all about the wonderful crepes (as well as the tasty fruit salad and the amazing mousse au chocolat). The attention to detail is one of the strongest points of Suzette.
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Dhrupad Jhaveri - Burrp User

Dhrupad Jhaveri

October 11,2011

Potential for More

Dropped by to Suzette during the evening after work after checking the profile on the net. Believe me when I say, they have captured the essence of a French cafeteria very well. It looks cozy, has decent seating for the patrons and has a nice ambiance, especially considering that it's located in such a prominent business district.

Taking a look at the menu, the crepes were tempting so we went ahead and ordered one that was the special for the day. Along with that, a cup of hot chocolate and a single espresso. The beverages arrived on time, and the hot chocolate was really nice. The espresso didn't seem to have the right flavour honestly, something was definitely off.

Coming to the crepe, personally, it felt like a waste of money. It ended up tasting like a plain dosa that arrives from the local joints that you order lunch from. It had no 'special' taste whatsoever, and was frankly a write off in my books.

In conclusion, great place to sit and talk and good ambiance. Judging by what we ordered, the food can be better. Beverages are just about average.

P.S. Whilst I'm aware that rentals in Nariman Point are through the roof, the pricing for food items could be tweaked a bit lower.
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shwetabh17 - Burrp User


October 10,2011

Crepes- just like you would find them in France!

After having practically lived off of all sorts of crêpes in France for a little more than three years, I was very excited to learn about this new French ‘Crêperie’ in town upon my return to India. Last evening, I finally gave-in to my craving and decided to satisfy my ‘crêpe-lust’ at Suzette- and, suffice it to say that I left the place hungry for more!

Once you’ve successfully located Suzette, you’ll realize that this little ‘bit of France’ has little in common with the imposing and impersonal skyscrapers amidst which it is nestled. The place is run by three very friendly and passionate young French expats who warmly welcome you (how’s that for authentic!) and make you feel right at home. If they are fussy or snooty, it is only about ensuring that the food that goes on to your plate is made from only the freshest and premium-quality ingredients, many of which are imported from Europe.

This obsession with authenticity and quality results in your crêpes, salads, desserts and even those heavenly revitalizing Espresso shots being exactly like they are served in a restaurant in France. Here you will find no weird Euro-Indian fusion dishes to ‘spice-up’ the menu- the selection remains very much French and this is just as well so!

The Crêpe Méditerranée that I ate turned out to be a wonderful burst of fresh olives, tomatoes, mozzarella and grilled chicken and the size was just about right to leave behind some room in my tummy for the divine Chocolate Mousse (made from Belgian chocolate, of course) that I later downed with two Espresso shots. Honestly, you are going to be hard-pressed to experience more French a meal anywhere else in the city!

The service is very friendly and attentive; if you don’t know what to order, then just ask one of the owners- they’ll readily help you out. The ambience is strikingly reminiscent of the charming little Crêperies and cafés dotted around European cities: cozy, casually chic and very relaxed (helped undoubtedly by the soothing French jazz music playing softly in the background) and as such is perfect for a nice, intimate meal with friends and family. They also have this really quaint little bookshelf with all sorts of books about well-kept secrets in Paris (some in French) and newspapers to keep you busy while you savor their brilliant Espresso (or their high-end ‘Mariage Frères’ prestige teas if that’s your thing), should you go there alone!

In a nutshell, Suzette is like no other restaurant you’ll find in the city and will pleasure even the most discerning of palates with its hearty and authentic traditional French fare. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone willing to discover one of the most beloved French culinary specialties and, as an afterthought- even get a quick taste of the leisurely French café lifestyle! I’m going there again very soon- and am very eager to try out their whole menu! Go there with your friends (and their mothers, if you will), and you'll agree that we need more such restaurants with character!

Bon appétit!
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Nikita Shah - Burrp User

Nikita Shah

October 10,2011

Great food, OK Experience

Had heard about this place for so long, but being closed on Sundays had made it difficult to try it out. Two of us went for lunch today, a packed Monday with a lot of large office groups.

The good part of this lunch was definitely the food. It made up for how mad I was about some other things. We ordered a veg crepe with tomato ratatouille and mozzarella cheese and a non veg crepe with egg and chicken bacon. Along with this, we asked for a pineapple smoothie and a dark hot chocolate. The non veg crepe was great...enough to convert my friend, who had at other restaurants thought that crepes were overpriced dosas. In addition, it was quite filling too. He also liked the pineapple smoothie, which was sweet without irritating the throat. The veg crepe was really tasty albeit a little light. The hot chocolate was fabulous. Might go back just for that later.

The young owner(?) of the restaurant was attentive and quite apologetic . And that brings me to what really peeved me about the overall experience. As the place was packed, we were asked to wait on a little table for two just outside the door of the restaurant ( a nice place to be seated a cooler evening). Our order was taken. And I got the impression (through what the waiter told us) that we would be told when one of the tables got empty and shift there for the meal.

I was initially only mildly irritated when our food was brought there without asking us if we were OK with eating out meal outside.

However, the entire experience was punctuated by groups of women (who were also waiting for place...and also gave their orders outside while waiting) kept shoving their handbags at our table and food. All the people who came after us were accommodated inside. We had to eat our meal in the heat. Also the smell of urine wafting from a nearby loo made eating outside less than pleasant.

Besides the waiter forgot to bring us water and also took ages to bring us the bill.

Overall the bill was for about Rs 860 with taxes.
Would definitely go back for the food. But I only wished we had been asked if we wanted to be seated outside or would have rather waited.
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lecker - Burrp User


October 05,2011

REAL crepes at reasonable prices

What a delight this place is! And i'm so glad to find a place that serves true French crepes... or Galettes infact, which is what traditional buckwheat crepes are called as far as i remember. I guess it helps that it is run by French people, which is where the authenticity comes in.

Lovely, sizeable, well-filled galettes. Even the simple salads are presented so well and taste just right. The coffee is just the right amount of hot. We tried the 'set lunch' which consists of the crepe of the day, mini salad and coffee/tea/espresso for around Rs. 370 (inclusive of taxes). It was fresh and filling. I had my doubts when I saw that it was Lettuce and Olive spread crepe of the day, assuming that it will be lousy lettuce the kind that Subway serves with some smattering of olives... but i went for it anyway and it turned out to be way beyond my expectations!

LOVE the ambience, lighting and location just off the main road.

Go for an authentic french experience at reasonable rates!
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vee_dee - Burrp User


October 05,2011


Why have i not heard of this place before?! I came in on a packed night with a friend who had been raving about this place and was blown away.
Charming and cozy, with great lighting (restaurants should realize how important this is) this place is something out of a Paris postcard. Their menu is very Parisian too.Authentic crepes with imported buckwheat with delicious fillings and interesting combinations (goat cheese, walnut, chicken bacon) they are truly amazing! Light and slighly crispy, they don't go soggy even with fillings like the tomato coulis (yumm!). Their sweet crepes too (we tried the caramel and nutella) were simply divine!
I think why I am in love Suzette is because it serves something that is truly not available anywhere else in Bombay. The food is so fresh (try their salads) and delicious! The night we went, their chef (who you can watch making crepes, through the open window) was taking the orders and helped us plan our meal, which made us feel like we were dining in a star hotel. Whoddathunkit?
I am going to be their new regular, even though I live in Dadar!

P.S. I just wish that their waitstaff would be a little more attentive!
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Fanou Le Voyou - Burrp User

Fanou Le Voyou

October 03,2011

French chapatis !

The decoration and storefront are refined and reminded me some of the old “bistrots” (French café) you can find in Paris. If you are 2 or 3 people max, I suggest to sit on the bar chairs in front of the open kitchen to watch the chef working. It is amazing, the love and concentration she shows while doing the crepes. It will be also a good teaching session (and for free!) for those who wants to cook French crepes at home. You will also have the opportunity to talk with the owners: 3 young and handsome Frenchies in love with Mumbai. The crepes are great and the recipes are innovative even for a blasé French like me. Last tips : try a tea, they are coming from the most luxurious selection of the oldest tea emporium in Paris.
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surajchoksi - Burrp User


September 26,2011

Nothing special

I don't like crepes but since my wife wanted to go, I had no choice. I was fine with going thinking that I would at least get a sandwich instead. However, after getting there and seeing the menu they had nothing but crepes. I can't really rate crepes as i'm not a big fan and haven't eaten enough to make a fair call.
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newzealand - Burrp User


September 25,2011

Good food - morose service

Working in Nariman point, I wanted to check the place out. The food and fruit juice was very nice but the service was not up to scratch. Come on guys! You're in an excellent location and can make this a success.
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Cyriel - Burrp User


July 29,2011

Great place, great food !

Such a lovely and peaceful place in crazy Mumbai !
The food is outstanding, i was really impressed... fresh ingredients, amazing juices and smoozies, the best home made chocolate in town (trust me !) and all the suzette specials are just perfect.
Last but not least : what a pleasure to meet really nice french people ! always smiling and enjoying to talk about everything, i really appreciate :)
Hope we'll enjoy more Suzette in town !
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kaushals - Burrp User


July 11,2011

Very good.. but looking for a bit more.

Fantastic dark hot chocolate.
Yeah, I know that I should be talking about crepes, but that's what stood out most. The salads are brilliant.

And lastly, the crepes: very good, but I found them a bit skimpy on the fillings. Also, the "classic" savory crepes are a bit one-note. I've always loved buckwheat crepes, so I particularly loved that (and they are eggless; vegetarians, rejoice!).
I didn't exactly get why the sweet crepes are an additional charge for the buckwheat option, but oh well. C'est la vie.

Went with my family, but I'm waiting to go back with just my laptop or a book. I can have that hot chocolate for ever..
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Gillian - Burrp User


July 03,2011

One of Bombay's Best

Suzette is a lovely eatery in the heart of Bombay, serving some of the best food in town. The salads are beautifully prepared, generous portions of fresh vegetables, fruits and cheeses, and the lunch crepes are exquisite. The tasty meal crepes draw from a wide range of delicious flavors (the caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms were among my favorite ingredients) and the desert crepes are simply to die for. (The homemade caramel is a must-have!) The ambience is laid back and trendy; the service gracious, prompt and accommodating; the prices quite reasonable. All in all, an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Bombay, and a fabulous alternative to the city's typical Asian/Indian fare!
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bitsNbytes - Burrp User


June 14,2011

Most definitely AMAZING!!!

Great French food and absolutely out of this world French Tea. Believe it or not, it's either this place or the French, but they actually make Tea much better than us Indians. Subjectively speaking though.
The French guys and gals who work there are absolutely amazing, very friendly and always making sure that you're having a great experience.
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

June 04,2011

Su-perb !!

A small cafe kind place but with comfortable sitting. Nice, quaint, exotic !

The food essentially comprises of savory crepes, sweet crepes, salads, juices and coffees..

The savory crepe with olive tapenade , tomatoes and feta cheese which I added on my own was superb !! Even better was the one my friend had with caramel , praline, cream and walnuts - YUMMY !!. The Chevre salad we had also was excellent. So was the mango, orange and lemon juice I had which was indeed freshly made.

Service was welcoming, warm and friendly.

Overall damages for one portion of each dish mentioned were 1200 bucks which included a 10 % service charge.

I will be visiting this place very frequently.
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Payal Sheth - Burrp User

Payal Sheth

May 19,2011

A 'Little Lily' in Nariman Point

This quaint little authentic creperie sits next to the German Consulate in Nariman Point, but is as French as it gets. I went there twice in a day.. for breakfast and lunch so surely its got something unique about it! The interiors are chic, the music very european and the three french boys who are very warm hosts, a definite plus.

The food was authentic and inventive - i tried their breakfast meal which includes 4 mini crepes with toppings of your choice, sweet yogurt and tea/coffee for Rs. 220. I naturally went for the nutella and strawberry jam toppings which are served in 'cutting chai' glasses. For lunch (the flipside is long ques and cramped up tables) we tried some very french salad and traditional crepes. I will definitely go back to try their hot chocolate which I heard is highly recommended. If my visits were anything to go by, I know I won't be disappointed!

Bon appetite!
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Amruta Prabhu - Burrp User

Amruta Prabhu

May 16,2011

A little bit of France in Bombay

Finding Suzette may take a little work, but it will definitely be worth it. This quaint little café sits next to the German Consulate, but is as French as they get. On our arrival there, we were warmly welcomed by Suzette's three owners. The interiors are tastefully done, the music non-intrusive, and the bookshelf a definite plus (Why don't all cafés have bookshelves, again?)

The food was authentic and inventive - we tried the traditional 'Complete' crepe (ham, eggs and emmental cheese) and were pleased to find the distinctive flavours one would expect. Then we tried the 'Campagne' (goat cheese, roast chicken, walnuts and honey) and were delighted by the way the tastes and textures exploded in the mouth. All in all, this is definitely a nice place for a quiet breakfast or brunch, alone or with friends. I will definitely go back here again to try the sweet crepes that came highly recommended to us, but we just didn't have space for. If our visit was anything to go by, I won't be disappointed :)

A slight downside was the noise when this place gets full. But for the quality of the products used, I found items on the menu reasonably priced. Go try it out!
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shariva - Burrp User


May 08,2011

bretagne to bombay

at last, a quaint and authentic creperie in mumbai!

excellent menu, very efficient service and a very warm welcome from the owners themselves... what more does one want?

pieces de resistance : undoubtedly the ham-egg-cheese crepe and the home-made caramel and praline crepe with amazingly delicious whipped cream.....

and of course the lovely coffee-table books on French Literature, Painting, Paris......

bon appetit, bonne lecture!

p.s. when is Suzette coming to Bandra???
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lovefood6 - Burrp User


May 08,2011

great food, charming decor

had been hearing about Suzette & was thrilled to know they were open for dinner.
ordered their vegetarian crepe (spinach & mushroom one) & the home-made caramel crepe for dessert (sinful as hell; but super yummy).
charming decor, friendly hosts, great food ... a must visit
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souren69 - Burrp User


May 08,2011

A Litte Gem

This place is a little gem! My wife and I loved the interiors, the menu, the sweet and savory crepes and the coffee. We started with coffee and crepes with honey and homemade jam for breakfast and moved on to crepes with an olive tapenade for brunch, just so we could linger in this charming creperie.The staff was extremely courteous and were under the watchful eye of their very hospitable French proprietor. When we go back we are waiting to try the salads and smoothies. Next time the French have a festival in India they ought to start with breakfast at Suzette!
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Partho Chakrabartty - Burrp User

Partho Chakrabartty

May 08,2011

Charming space, delicious Crepes

I was charmed by Suzette: the highlights included the cozy interiors, tastefully decorated, the beautifully illustrated comics on the walls and the well-stocked bookshelf. I'd love to see many more such spaces spring up all across Mumbai.

In that sense, there is some poetic justice in Suzette replacing a Barista---it really shows Indian cafes what they're missing in terms of atmosphere.

When we entered, the little space was quiet, though it got livelier soon enough. For those who like it lively, I've heard that between noon and two and then again between eight thirty and ten thirty are good times, but I personally can't wait to go there when it's quiet, nurse a cuppa, and get some writing done.

It was my first time eating crepes at a restaurant (as opposed to at house parties), and I enjoyed the food. I got around to tasting Complete, which I was told is the authentic crepe experience, and I found it suitably light. However, things got really interesting when I moved on to the Mediterranee and the Campagne. I loved the hint of olive oil in the Mediterranee and the honey and walnuts blended in with the goat cheese in the Campagne. They ave me opposite pleasures: the Mediterranee's flavour was consistent, while Campagne presented a surprise in every morsel. I think for Indian palates, used to being bulldozed by strong flavours and condiments, both of these crepes should be excellent choices.

It was then that I got to bite into the warm nutella crepe. The versatility of the humble crepe is obvious at Suzette, but even though one can guess at the taste of a nutella crepe, one is never quite prepared for what arrives. I think it makes a great case for being counted among the better sinful deserts to be had in the city.

I can't wait to go back there off peak hours. The coffees and the little salads make it possible to keep visits light on the pocket, the incentive I need to make it a regular haunt. More on the salads and smoothies the next time :)
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GimoWest - Burrp User


May 06,2011

Good Crepes & Coffee

Wanted to have the French version of our desi dosa, so decided to head for the newly opened creperie, ‘Suzette’. It was not exactly visible from the main road, but easily identifiable once I got into the Atlanta building compound. Entered a packed creperie, and was promptly offered a table under a leaking A/C vent, rather annoyed asked to be moved to another table. The newly allotted table was quite cramped and uncomfortable for my liking, waited for a while and again moved tables to one next to the door, the most comfortable seating in the eatery. The ambience had a relaxed laidback feel to it, but a full restaurant can be noisy and unsettling. Menus had a good variety of savoury and sweet crepes, salads, juices, hot and cold beverages. I have to say here, the waiters were in their own world and needed to be called out for to draw their attention.

Decided on having a sweet crepe, and ordered the ‘Nutella crepe’; was well made, batter could have been better; fair amount of Nutella spread used but I would have liked my crepe to ooze out the filling when cut into, in short I wanted a more generous dose of Nutella spread in my crepe; whipped cream served with it was lovingly full fat, just the way I like it, unfortunately it was not whipped enough, I would want it to be more airy and lighter on the palate. Ordered a coffee as well, ‘Café Latte’; delightfully milky coffee concoction, needs a stronger espresso shot, had less foam on top of it which meant more coffee and less air for the customer, a nice touch.

‘Suzette’ makes good, but not great crepes. Interiors are sweet and sour, pleasing but cramped. The owner is attentive and personally asked for my feedback. Service is a little slow, needs to be quicker, their staff needs to be more alert. Good value for money as well, ‘Nutella crepe’ – Rs. 150, ‘Café Latte’ – Rs. 80, I would want them to raise their prices by about 50% and make their crepes more full bodied oozing with Nutella spread. One more thing, it shuts by 10.30pm, needs to stay open till 12.

3 stars on the whole.
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Sal  - Burrp User


April 29,2011

Finally Authentic Crepes

When I heard Barrista was replaced by a creperie I was wondering how they'd manage in such a small place. It was love at first sight. I love how they have done up the place. Its cozy and inviting like dining in someone's home.

Food: Its great to have authentic crepes and that too eggless for the vegetarians. They have a range of salads and soups as well. The crepes range from sweet to savoury and extremely filling. Ordered a crepe with apple compote and walnuts served with ice cream. Perfect mixture of sweet and crunchy. We asked for one of the crepes with jam to go and they put in this triangular paper cone. Very cute. Have also tried two salads - One with cherry tomatoes, feta and balsamic vinegar which was awesome and one with watermelon and feta which was very average.

Drinks: Ordered the cucumber, mint yogurt smoozies and the mango smoozie. Somehow was not very impressed with them but maybe that's because I like my smoothies sweet. Its something I would avoid the next time.

Service: The girl who served us seemed a bit clueless and given French cuisine is not common the waiters should be upto speed to recommend dishes.

Can't wait to go again to try the nutella crepe and the savoury ones.
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Ruchi Mehta - Burrp User

Ruchi Mehta

April 28,2011

Yummy Nutella Crepe!

Good news, townies! You know how we townies aren’t as lucky as the burbies ‘cause you’d hear of a new place opening in South Mumbai only once in 6-10 months whereas in Bandra/Andheri a new restaurant opens almost every month! So I was really excited about trying Suzette, especially since it’s very close to my place. And here’s my review of it.

Food- Suzette is a creperie (A crêperie may be a takeaway restaurant or stall, serving crêpes as a form of fast food or street food, or may be a more formal sit-down restaurant or café- Wikipedia). Crepes- savoury and sweet, salads and non-alcoholic beverages are the items on the menu. I went with my brother who had already eaten his lunch so we decided to call for a savoury crepe and a sweet one. We had Italie (Roquette, tomato coulis, mozzarella and oregano). My brother had never seen a crepe before so on seeing it he said, “This looks like a Mysore Cheese Dosa!” To be honest, a crepe is almost a Dosa. The only difference might be that the flour is made of buckwheat or some other organic flour. It was very ok. Next we called for the Nutella Crepe which was heavenly! Simple but yet very well done and very yummy! I’d definitely have that again next time I go there! But I needed 2 crepes to fill me up. My brother hardly had 3-4 bites.

Ambience- Suzette is located at Nariman Point under an office building in place of Barista/Subway. They’ve done it up pretty well using matte black and white as the main colours and light wood furniture. The décor is very simple and minimal which gives the place a very informal and yet classy look. Also, being a small place, there are just 3-4 tables and a couple of bar stools. They also place nice music!
Service- The service is very good. We had the owners come and take our order and suggest what we should have. Only problem was that once they were gone, the kitchen staff was louder than the people eating at the restaurant which was not-so-cool! But otherwise, there’s a lot of warmth and friendliness which I liked in the service.

Prices- The savoury crepes (Suzette Specials) are priced at Rs. 230 and above. There are also the classics which start from Rs. 160. Salads are priced at Rs. 200 and above and sweet crepes/desserts are priced at Rs. 100 and above. They have a variety of drinks too. Juices- Rs.110, Smoozies- Rs. 130, etc. In case you want to go for a breakfast/lunch meal, they have those too priced at Rs. 200 and above. We ended up shelling out Rs. 470 (including VAT and Service tax) for a savoury crepe and a sweet crepe which is slightly expensive on a normal day.

Verdict- Suzette is a nice place, especially for breakfast. Unfortunately when I went there, I didn’t see their last page which has some pretty reasonable package meals. If I did see that, I’d have one of those! So I suggest you consider that before placing your order. I recommend the Nutella Crepe- MUST HAVE!

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Sanchali Sharma - Burrp User

Sanchali Sharma

December 01,2015


Great restraunt..great ambience..super service..keep it up
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Vinay Sharma - Burrp User

Vinay Sharma

June 19,2017

awesome dish

awesome food ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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Dyce Kim - Burrp User

Dyce Kim

May 25,2017


This is the Best place to go for chinese, chicken, i guess.
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