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Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

D hot chocolate was to die fr.

The place much talked abt..
Small n quaint in one of d by lanes off carters..
D hot chocolate was to die fr..
Was exactly d way i love it..
V ordered d pesto grill veggie wid philly cheese which is one of d signature bagel was a bit chewy n nothing great in taste..
I went wid higher expectations mayb..
But it has nice outdoor sitting to chill wid frnds over a cup of coffee or choclate..
Will defi b bac
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Junisha Dama - Burrp User

Junisha Dama

December 20,2015

Quiet, apt to work out of and good food, of course!

The cafe is perfect for a quick bite or if you want to lounge for a bit, read or work. The Chorizo Bagel is a must-try. As is the Smoked Salmon one. A all bungalow has been converted into the cafe, where now the open-air area is bigger. Everything is green and serene. Vegans, health-concious and gluten-free food seekers have a number of options. The cafe has three WiFi adapters so you're guaranteed a fast speed in whatever part you choose to sit.
It also let's budding artists display their work. The service is quick and friendly. Apt for a Sunday brunch or breakfast and an evening snack.
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Manmohan Singh Katra - Burrp User

Bagel, bagel, bagel...

Small, Warm and lovely place. Food is too good. I have had the best bagels here. This place is per friendly, at least allows dogs inside. I had taken my dog here for the first treat. People around were so friendly and dog loving. The staff also is too good. Will love to visit again.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 26,2015

flour power!!

Such a cozy little place in carter road that i absolutely love to go to .. The name itself spells out that they are really famous for their bagels!! The menu is so creative and so are the bagels that they offer.. This place is always crowded.. But a must try if you want to try something more than the regular cream cheese bagel!!
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ruchaghag - Burrp User


May 28,2014

just the place for a bagel

its the best place to get a bagel in mumbai. i personally love their garlic cream cheese and pizza bagels. you can go to the bagel shop and grab a bite throughout the day. the ambiance is very refreshing and relaxing.
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akanshakhanna  - Burrp User


May 26,2014

Delicious Bagels

The Cheese, Mushroom and Olive bagel is a must have! its delicious. however, the staff i wasn't helpful and courteous and the restaurant wasn't in order. However, the bagels are amazing the best you will get in bombay!
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dksavla - Burrp User


May 09,2014

bagel cute

The new Seafood Special menu offers a combination of chowder, pastas, salad and a hot pot.We (5 of us) started with the chowder - it’s a hearty helping of flavourful seafood soup full of shrimp and fish so we shared 2 portions.We then shared: The prawn and feta salad (very light and refreshing with watermelon) was perfect start to lunch. The shop is in a cute, upscale neighborhood worth walking around. Lots of green plants hang from the rafters of the patio and line the area by the street.
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milonee s - Burrp User

milonee s

May 06,2014

bagel bagel bagel

Cheese pizza Bagel - a must try for all the Cheese connoisseurs.The food is good. Make sure to try their soups as well as their croquet Monsieur bagel. All the sandwiches are pretty good.Coffee is fairly decent... Cakes have been good too.It's got the sort of ambience that a small town European coffee shop has.A couple of pastas are there but menu consists almost entirely of bagels. outdoor seating is better but can get a bit hot in summers.
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p_kap - Burrp User


April 17,2014


hi guys m from delhi n now been based up in mumbai for quite some time. i love the place so much that i have been recommending the place to anyone n everyone i know, i would say THE BAGEL SHOP is the best place for mouth watering food, i have never had such bagels in delhi...the blueberry shake is just out of the world. overall in my opinion it is a perfect place to relax on a lazy sunday!!!!!!
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wbw11977  - Burrp User


March 29,2014


Go here with ur frens n sit till u dnt hav nothing left to talk about. Cozy environment away from mumbai traffic just chill
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BindiyaChotrani - Burrp User


March 14,2014

Out of the world!

Who knew places like these existed in Mumbai? The bagel shop is a total package Deal. Amazing ambiance. Great Coffee, Courteous Staff, Good Patrons, VFM. What more could you ask for? If I were to rank them, i'd give ambiance the first place. Ensconced in greenery and located in one of those by-lanes in Bandra, you may find it a little difficult to locate the place. The place has been divided into 4 rooms or sections - open air ambiance and air-conditioned - both with a minimum of 4-5 tables in each, all of them lit up with lanterns too. The staff is courteous enough to suggest what you should be having if you are a first-timer. The coffee undoubtedly is good and the bagel shop without a doubt is one of the best coffee shops that has opened up in Mumbai.
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rathode124 - Burrp User


February 20,2014

awesome breakfast !!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY made it to The Bagel shop in search of a breakfast spot i had never been to. Why the heck did it take me so long!?!?!? Better late than never, right?
The place was packed but it did not take long to seat me nonetheless....I ordered the scrambled eggs with smoked sausages and cream cheese with fresh strawberry smoothie........ it was probably the best breakfast I've truly had in forever....it was a grate flavor of smoked meaty sausages and perfectly cooked scrambled egg ... the portion was huge even the strawberry smoothie was awesome, perfect blend of yogurt and strawberry
I wish Bagel Cafe was closer to where I live. It would be my go to spot for any of my meals for the day. They need to open more locations. If anyone from Bagel shop reads this... please, please, please open more locations! ( south mumbai, pune )
I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a true deli :)
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mamtavora66 - Burrp User


February 07,2014

the yummy shop

This place saved me on my recent trip to India. Aside from offering fast and FREE internet, they have a real friendly staff.

The food is good. Make sure to try their soups as well as their croquet Monsieur bagel. All the sandwiches are pretty good.

Combined with things that are not to be taken for granted in India -- ie--A/C, free WiFi, clean bathrooms, and take credit cards; this place it a solid spot to check out in Bandra.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

January 24,2014

perfect for lazy sunday brunch

I visited this place for a lazy Sunday Brunch and I have been amazed with their excellent preparation... I had the philly cheese bagel, which was nothing but absolutely delicious... next I had the roasted chicken bagel which was fine.. They also have some pastas, salads and soups - so people not too fond of the round meal can go for other simple treats. The ambience here is just wow and everyone in Bandra has to visit this place atleast once
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Urmila Walke - Burrp User

Urmila Walke

January 18,2014

Vegan Food!!

I read about their vegan menu on fb and thought of giving it a try. Went there today and loved the ambience of this place. Its like those cool roadside cafes..a place where you can sit the entire day lazing around. So we ordered Peri peri tofu bagel, penne pasta in pesto sauce, garlic bagel and vegan mocha frappe. (all from the vegan menu). We thought that the quantity would be less, hence we ended up ordering all the above. Plus we also got excited seeing 1 full page vegan menu. We were wrong about the quantity. First came the vegan mocha frappe which was super yummy. Then came garlic bagel and pasta. I loved the pasta with tofu. Didn't realize at all that it wasn't vegan. Garlic bagel was a simple dish..something we could have avoided. By the time we finished pasta we were already full so we packed the peri peri bagel and took it home. Loved this place would definitely come here again.
Total bill - 920 for 2 ppl
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Alistair_G - Burrp User


October 02,2013

Relaxing ... Cosy place to grab a Bite

I first spotted this place while passing by for some work ... was finally able to drop by one afternoon for a " Quick Snack "
The place just looked so cosy from the out side.. was glad to see that the staff was very polite and service quick . The place makes you want to sit back relax and just do your thing . The food was good ... a tad bit expensive, but hey if you are looking for a relaxed peaceful place in Bandra west .. this place is worth the money
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R Sutaria - Burrp User

R Sutaria

August 24,2013

peace of mind and wifi for the price of a coffee

I've been visiting this place for the past 3 yrs, and it is a nice small corner place which provides peace of mind as well as free wifi (on burrp it says there is no wifi here, which is not the case). The coffee here is expensive, but not by bandra west standards. All in all if you have a few hours to spend in the afternoon and want to have a bagel and coffee, this is the best place to visit.
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Meghna Chowdhary - Burrp User

Meghna Chowdhary

June 01,2013

Good though very expensive

I went to the bagel shop last thursday with my sister and her friend. We were starving and wanted to grab a "quick" bite at around 6. The first thing about The bagel shop is that it is not easy to locate for a non bandra-ite. We had to roam the streets to find it.

The decor is nice and cozy, with a Goa beach shack feel to it. It's a very laid back place with graffiti on the walls, foreigners roaming around in shorts and such. The thing to keep in mind with a restaurant that has a laid back feel is that, the service should not be laid back. And that's where this place loses its mark.

The service is so slow. The patrons won't mind you sitting there for hours without ordering anything because they don't know who comes in and who goes out. We waited 15 minutes before we had to ask some one to get a menu. After getting the menu, nobody came to take our order and we had to again ask someone to take our order. After that we wondered how hard is it to make a bagel, one salad and one juice for another half an hour before we had to ask about our order again. The food arrived, we had ordered a Mediterranean Salad which was beautiful, plentiful and tasty. The Lebanese Vegetarian Bagel was also well made. The orange juice was freshly squeezed, though I saw a different sized glasses going to another few tables. (Partiality?) . After the meal we had to ask for our bill, which we again did not get. Had to walk up to the cashier eventually.

The menu is nicely elaborate and has enough variety, though it is very very expensive. I would rather go to a subway than shell out 300-400 bucks for a sandwich! I would recommend you try other places in Bombay for a bagel which are cheaper yet nice and give you some sort of service.
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Smita  Patel - Burrp User

Smita Patel

April 03,2013


Lovely place...good food...lots of variety for veg and non-veg....good ambiance. has become our adda for Sunday breakfast :)
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mickeysachar - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Nice place to chill.

The ambiance is very good. Nice place to relax with a book or laptop. Wifi is an added attraction. The bagels, desserts and coffees are nice.
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Abhishek Raje - Burrp User

Abhishek Raje

October 25,2012

Vegan Menu for Vegans! hooray

They've just started a vegan menu for vegans! A welcome addition to Mumbai's foodscape and reason to celebrate for Mumbai's vegans as the new fare is YUM! Perfect ambience and grub after a lazy Sunday morning walk on Carter Road!
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rajivchaudhari - Burrp User


August 27,2012

Nice place

The place seems good in terms of ambience, value for money and food.
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Ankur Baranwal - Burrp User

Ankur Baranwal

May 13,2012

The Bagel Shop

Have tried and loved most of their vegetarian Bagels. They have some great cheeses and -- be it Goat, Buffalo or anything else -- they know where and how to use it really well.
The Popeye Pasta is Out-of-this-World!
The drinks are fine, too. Try the Blueberry Granita - interesting.
Except on one occasion when they made "Cold coffee with Ice-cream" out of my Affagato, I have never been disappointed with this place.
The items available change often, and there are usually many more things available than can be seen on the Burrp menu here.
There is air-conditioning inside if you need it, but sitting outside is a great experience too -- the traffic somehow doesn't bother one much, and the fans and soft music make it quite pleasant.
Amazing food, great location, cosy ambience and a good wi-fi connection make me come back here again and again. At other times, I even have food delivered.
I only wish they stayed open till much later.
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Deepa Swaminathan-Sood - Burrp User

Deepa Swaminathan-Sood

January 02,2012

Average at best...

Went there last evening for a quick bite before dessert. The ambiance felt a little cramped and thrown together, more than relaxed. But it was lovely weather, so we settled on the cane chairs outside.

The menu came soon enough. Asked for a Croque Monsieur and a 3 Cheese Bagel. The Croque Monsieur wasn't available, so settled for a BLT bagel. 10 minutes later the bagels arrived. Ligthly toasted, the first bite tasted good albeit low on seasoning. A futher bite of the 3 Cheese revealed a huge lump of Feta cheese that hadn't been spread. It appeared to be straight out of the carton from the fridge and slopped on top of the bagel. I had to deconstruct the bagel sandwich, pick off the cheese to make it eatable.

Struggled through with the poorly put together bagel. Just when we got done, saw a little mouse scurry by.

Then there was no sign of service after that, so went inside, paid the bill (Rs 560 for 2 bagel sandwiches...) and took off.
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Mehreen Fakih - Burrp User

Mehreen Fakih

December 29,2011

ALways out of Cinnamon Raisin Bagels!!:(

I love the place.. Love the fact that there is a place just for bagels in bandra.. so closeby!!.. But for some reason theyr always out of cinnamon-raisin bagels n the staff dusnt reeally seem to care or hav any clue if i can order them for the next morning.. Its really sad coz its called "The BAGEL Shop' and they have only 3 types of bagels that u can order: sesame,poppy and cinnamon-raisin. I would obv opt for the cinnamon-raisin. But theyr always out or stock!!! The reason they say is coz they dont really sell cinnamon -raisin that much so theyv stopped making them that much.. :S... Very very sad:((.. I'll have to find a new place for ordering bagels even tho i love this place n its so closeby to where i live..
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J A - Burrp User


November 19,2011

Only for the time-pass crowd

I Must confess I really didn't find anything good about this place. Unclean in general, flies all around, unmopped floors and tables, chairs from garage sale, it does nothing to make you feel comfortable. Least of all the bagels are fluffy and doughnut-like - I mean who taught these guys to make bagels? I can find real bagels for 20 bucks a pop (take-away) at Saltwater not too far from here! (not that I'm biased or love that place). The super stinky loo was the icing on the cake and we walked out, wife-first..
My advice to the owners: change your name to "The Seinfeld Shop" - that way you can be honest about your shop being a NOTHING shop... while making it sound nice
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Chirag.Vora84 - Burrp User


October 13,2011

Pathetic and careless staff

The food was good but the staff seems like they dont really care. Pathetic staff and awful service
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Jeff Mostade - Burrp User

Jeff Mostade

September 14,2011

Not Sure They Really Care

The ambience at Bagel Shop is great. I have been here over a dozen times in the past year, but the service, although friendly, is abysmal. Let me give two examples. 3 weeks ago, I ordered 4 dozen mixed bagels to take to a Lonovala weekend party. I ordered them one week early, reminded them mid-week and called before going to pick them up and confirmed they were ready. When I went to pick them up, they looked at me like I was purple. They said, we will not have them until tomorrow. When pressed, they gave me 4 dozen frozen whole wheat bagels. Really poor service and follow through.

This morning, I ordered a toasted poppyseed bagel with salmon and cream cheese, they brought me an untoasted sesame seed bagel. They really didn't care when I pointed out the discrepancy. If YOU want a toasted bagel with smoked salmon, go directly to the Saltwater Grill where they will cheerfully serve you exactly what you are hoping for.

Experience the ambience and have a cup of coffee on their cheerful, plant-filled terrace. If you want food, however, skip this place and go somewhere else. The Bagel Shop does not seem to care about their customer's experience.
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Rahul Gathoo - Burrp User

Rahul Gathoo

August 09,2011

Good food and Great ambiance

This place has the perfect ambiance of a coffee house. I have been in the US for my studies and I got the feeling of revisiting that experience when I came to Bagel shop. Ambiance is great and relaxed, not too much rush and food service was good. I love Bagels and I was happy to grab some here, the quality is good. I had ordered a Espresso just to realize minutes later that it was like a shot, concentrate. However, the attendants there were more than willing to change my order and make me a nice cafe late' .
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beerdan - Burrp User


June 05,2011

Bagels, Bagels, Everywhere!

The first thing that struck me about this place is how much it reminded me of Goa. Situated just off Carter road in a quaint little bungalow,super chilled out, breezy and a perfect place for a good brunch.

My pretty lady friend had the omelette bagel whereas moi got the grilled pork sausages bagel. The meat and toppings were definitely good but the bagels were a bit crunchy which led to some tooth pain and lethargy in cewing. The ice teas(peach, lemon and cranberry) were just what the weather ordered(new saying!) and on more than one occasion, I stopped the waiter and asked him what he was carrying around to other people(in short, the grass is always greener).

A brilliant place to get some much needed respite from the traffic and a super place to hang out with your jobless friends for extended intervals of time.
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Avie19 - Burrp User


March 31,2011

chilled out , good food, you can pretend you are in Goa!

i have been going to the Bagel Shop quite regualrly and am a fan- the place is absolutely a place to chill- take ur laptop and just sit n relax there, service is quite good and the guys who run it are some of the nicest ppl u will meet
u can make ur own bagels and there are like a 100 fillings to choose from
the coffees they make are amazin( much better than the nearby Gloria Jeans)...my one complaint- their teas are simply not that good
the deserts are gr8
- on any day u will find loads of foreignors sitting there and once am in- i actually feel I am in Goa and i can just relax
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abhishek_k - Burrp User


March 14,2011

nice place for a breakfast

A nice place to have breakfast... had been there around noon on a Saturday. Comfortable ambience and nice food.

An absolute 'must try'.
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foodie2011 - Burrp User


January 16,2011

Nice place, good food!!

A good place to have your Sunday breakfast. visited at around 9:30 am so it turned out to be a quiet and good meal, though I do think that it cud get really noisy later in the day.. being able to take your pets there is the added attraction for most people :)
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dipeshwar - Burrp User


December 16,2010

A late start to a Sunday.......

The Bagel Shop is the perfect place to start a Sunday brunch - with comfy sitting and an ambiance perfect for chatting, reading or browsing - it allows for the sleepy head to park oneself and chill.

The food is yumm; but you need to like the kind of food they serve (American/English/Western) to appreciate the place.

The waiting time is more than average, so having something to while the time with is defintely recommended - friends, book or laptop.

All in all, if you want quaint, quiet (reasonably), tasty and non-intrusive, the Bagel Shop is the place for you.
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

October 24,2010

3.5/5: A great cafe !!!

Located at Pali Mala road off Carter road, the bagel shop was recommended to me by my colleagues at work. Having visited the place a couple of times, I can safely say it serves one of the best sandwiches in town.

The place has got some nice interiors, with a very European look to the whole place. They have a very rich menu for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians, but all the sandwiches are bagel based (as a bread). I have tried both the Omelette and Sausages bagel and I must say they were simply Yummm!!!. Also the milk-shakes and drinks are a must. The 'bagel sandwich' is really filling and can be a meal in itself and a meal for two with drinks can cost around 500/- (which is a bit expensive, considering it is just a sandwich).

The only thing I did not like about the place was the constant traffic and cars honking around. To avoid this you can visit the place in the mornings, when there is less traffic. Also I am bit disappointed about the bagel itself. In the whole sandwich you do not get to taste the Bagel as a whole and having tried just the bagel was not too great an experience.

So if in Bandra and want to have a nice sandwich, head to this place esp. in the mornings when it is a bit quieter!!!
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lagna.das - Burrp User


September 18,2010

perfectly french! :)

what I love about this place- ambiance and location...
just perfect. so French so Goa so laid back.
its usp located in one of the prominent lanes of carter road one can expect the perfect treatment of hot coffee,or the amazingly made bagels. its not bustling with people . there is enough space for everyone to have a good time with the food,drinks n ambiance. post 7pm it gets a little awful with the honking n blaring.otherwise its fine. meal for two- Rs 500/-
quite worth it.:)
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 15,2010

Bagels and a milk shake!!!

Tried the non-veg club bagel and a brownie milk shake!! Both was well made..

But the place is a bit ON the road so u ll occasionally have some idiot spoiling your conversation with his car honking!! No valet so u need to find a place to park your car in the really small lane!!

Can visit this place if u r already in bandra and want to try some nice bagel and cheese for a change...
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copen - Burrp User


August 03,2010

First time but not so impressed

We went here for the first time the other day as its just around the corner from where we live and we'd heard so much about it. The service was excellent, as was the coffee (a good strong cup of coffee unlike the insipid stuff at CCD), but the bagels left a lot to be desired. On my mozzarella bagel there was no sign of the promised pesto - plus it was served on a plate covered in the mozzarella juice so the bagel was sloppy and wet. Not great at all! Will give the place another go sometime, but only because the coffee was so good.
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Zorbas - Burrp User


May 04,2010

Food and service are good but....

Good and friendly Service. Healthy fresh juices and tasty bagels. Wireless Lan is provided for free. Because of the rickshaw and car noise I’ll disadvise you to sit outside -unless you are wearing earmuffs- otherwise you become deaf after 20 minutes. Morning highlight is definitely the daily garbage truck at 10 AM, we love it :)
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

March 28,2010

You don't have to be Jewish to eat here...

God, I ? this place. I first heard about it when I was walking down Pali Hill Road about 6 months ago when a passer by asked me for directions (I'd never heard of it before).

So, imagine my surprise when a pal suggested a Sunday morning workout, followed by a pit-stop here to put back on all those calories we'd just burned off :o)

I'd run 5km and needed a treat. I was thinking that the nearest hospital bed would suit my needs perfectly, but then we landed here and I ordered the smoked salmon and cream cheese classic bagel option.

Forget the hospital - I'd just found all the medicine I needed. And what a chilled out place it is to escape the sun (and gym) for a bit. We sat in the "outside" seating section and caught up with trashy gossip magazines whilst we waited for our order. Ah, the start of a perfect Sunday afternoon...

Will definitely be heading back again to sample more of their extensive menu. Just have to make sure each visit is balanced out with a gym session ;o)
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vns98 - Burrp User


March 26,2010


The bagels are fresh and these guys know how to make that perfect bagel....I had a grilled veggie which was toasted...Loved the perfect crunch and the soft inside...well i did a take away so cannot comment on services but the place seemed to be cozy and you cud idle here for hours..A .Very Goan feel....
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

March 21,2010

Good place

The Bagel Shop in Bandra is one of those places I have been wanting to visit for a very long time. Located on Pali Mala Road, it is hard to miss this brightly lit little place. Cozy is the world that comes to mind when you step inside. Bright yellow lights and the bright decor actually make it feel more inviting that it already is!

We grabbed ourselves a long sofa and a rocking chair for yours truly. Waited for sometime to come out and take our orders. But waiting tired us out so we went inside and grabbed ourselves a couple of menus. The Bagel Shop is divided into two section, the much bigger outer section where we were sitting and the inner section with limited seating space. The outer section is preferred by most people for its homely atmosphere.

While we are really liked the ambiance we were a bit stuck on things to order. Eventually ordered the Club Bagel Chicken. Have never had it before and was completely disappointed with it. Tasted like pita bread with humus and was nothing special to have spent INR 175 on it. Though Bagel is a popular choice of bread for Jews so a similarity with Pita Bread cannot be a coincidence.

Though I had no qualms about the quantity it, I didn't think the bread or the salads were fresh! The chicken pattice inside was alright since it was minced chicken with all the masala in it (don’t think much goes wrong with mince chicken!). The Bagel seemed to be of the frozen type which I guess is acceptable if they do not make it anywhere here (or nearby the Bagel Shop).

It took us time to gulp down our food but we choose to stay back since all of us had a cosy little seat to keep us warm on a cold winter evening.

However, on a closing note, if this is how a Bagel is supposed to be I think I will avoid the place since it did not suit my taste buds. I rather have humus and Pita Bread as I like that better! Though I may come here again for I loved the ambiance. We spent three hours here and didn't realise it until after we left!
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boss21 - Burrp User


February 04,2010

the food is dangerous

good ambiance , nice location , but over priced menu that serves dangerous food , land up an upset stomach when ever I have eaten from there . EAT AT UR OWN RISK ! .....
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katsam - Burrp User


February 04,2010

Awesome !!!!!

loved d place...d coffee...n d bagels tooo. d place is sooo cool for a lazy afternoon or a late nite bite !!!! loved it, will surely visit again vry soon !!!!!!!!!
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

January 12,2010

Could'nt be any better!!

How often do you visit a relatively unknown restaurant in a not-so prominent spot & gain an after effect that puts it in the top spots to visit in the city! Bagel Shop was just that place i visited on a friday afternoon. Located off Carter road, this cafe impresses right from the word go.

Its hard to describe the setup of this cafe. Its indoors as well as outdoors. The indoors feel more like a cosy house with one room which is decorated with cosy couches and easy chairs. But its the outdoor section that appeared more pleasing. Although it was on the edge of a busy road, the vehicular traffic & the noise hardly distracts you - thanks to the excellent plant fencing. The outdoor section is wide spread with cane chairs and patio furniture. They seem to serve excellent coffee and have free wireless so you will see a bunch of people with thier notebooks lazing around or some just chilling and reading up tons of magazines lying around.

Now onto the food - they have a bunch of sandwiches served obviously in a bagel (i wish they had more variety in these apart from wheat, white and sesame). I choose for an egg omlette sandwich. This is normally served with plain omelette and regular cream cheese. But upon my request, the server made it a masala omlette with sun dreied tomato cream cheese - I later realized that he did this with no extra cost!
My wife opted for the humus sandwich. The omlette sandwich was one of the best sandwiches i have eaten - no two doubts. The humus sandwich was also very good. We followed that by a fresh kiwi juice and a veg salad and a grill veg sandwich. both again were top notch. Do keep in mind that the size of the bagel here is way larger than the ones served in the US so the quantity is a lot. Also the quality of veggies in the sandwiches and the sald were quite premium.

We were absoultely stuffed eating this and were even more pleased when the bill was brought in - 530 bucks! Based on the ambiance, food quality, service - this was a steal. To put last words on the service - the staff was very well mannered, polite and helpful. I strongly recommend visiting this cafe on a lazy afternoon and end up having an excellent meal and a wonderful overall experience.
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Pragati Bohra - Burrp User

Pragati Bohra

December 14,2009

Relaxation+Book+Bagel=Perfect Saturday Aftanun

Just kept reading the reviews every now and then and wanted to go to this place so badly...so Sat aftanoon was the best time, after bags full of shopping, wanted to go somewhere just to relax and enjoy..Stepped into the Bagel Shop, the outer area was kinda packed, but we got a place inside..very cosy sofa and a "Dadajee" types rolling chair...Awesome..I sat with my Legs up curled and guess what? No one cared abt it..Ordered for a Cheese, Sun dried tomatoes and olives bagel..Yummy!!!...and to add to this ordered a Lemon iced tea(Out of the world)..This is truly a place where one can come afta a tirin day...relax...eat...and laze arnd..ppl are friendly and wouldnt mind even if u sat with someone whom u dont even know...Conversation are high on here...a perfect day when u want your space with your book....and juz relax and laze....A must go...!!!!!
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Sharoon Gidwani - Burrp User

Sharoon Gidwani

October 20,2009

Chillax vibes and great bagels

The Bagel shop is the ultimate chillax place..where you can just curl up with a book for hours and soak into the atmosphere and the bagels ! Their smoken chicken bagel and open face ham n cheese are outta world and the staff is friendly. My only gripe is that they are perpetually out of stock of soya milk...but when they do have it they make a mean soya blueberry shake. All in all my fav place to curl up on a Sunday evening.
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Andre  Rodrigues - Burrp User

Andre Rodrigues

September 07,2009

Bagels make me drool!

Bagel Shop is one of those gems you find tucked away neatly just waiting for you to discover. While I discovered this a long time back, then I would have given it a one star rating for the sheer snottyness and stiff upper lip the staff gave anyone who isn't a foreigner, or a pretentious ad film director/photographer armed with imac looking for inspiration.

Off late, this place has been seeing repeated visits from me, because I am helplessley addicted to the bagels. Yeah, sure the coffee is a load of crap, and they don't accept cards and theres probably just one guy whose almost never there to take orders.

Free wifi and excellent bagels has converted me into one of those strange pretentious people sitting down there, soaking in the ambience and the bagels and working at the same time. It's also a great place to connect with the odd person or two.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

July 19,2009

Bagels aplenty

Wifey craving for a bagel took us to this hole in the wall place on Pali Mala road. Though I've been here before, yet we almost went past this this blink-and-you'll-miss cafe . They have a great seating area. Very loungy with lots of chairs, couches (cane furniture). The place has a very informal, relaxed tone to it. They have an indoor - air-conditioned area, and an al-fresco outdoor area.

They have an awesome variety of both Veg and Non-Veg bagels. We had the Mozarella bagel, Grilled Veggie bagel, Avacado bagel and the Thai curry pasta (yum yum).

The food quantity is good. The place is known for it's bagels and they were quite good too. Besides the bagels, they have salads, juice, tea, coffee and shakes on the menu too.

The only qualm about this place is the slow service. I saw only two servers for the entire place.
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foodiepreets - Burrp User


May 09,2009

Saturday Evening made Cheesy!

Crisp Bread..and great stuffing! Well, finding the place is not as tough provided you know the directions ...it's just a minute into the lane next to the Commisioner's office on Carter road!!

There was quite a selection of Veg & Non Veg Bagels n salads! It is quite a rarity to find Natural Cream Cheese n Bagels outside of a 5 star in Mumbai!!

We tried the Chocolate Chip Muffin and I'd surely go back for more! Was fresh n soft n warm!

The ambience is comfy and homely too..but they could do with some soft music too!

All in all was a nice evening spent with good food n comfy surroundings!
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

August 09,2008

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Sneha Shenoy - Burrp User

Sneha Shenoy

August 05,2008

Bagels & salads..

The innumerable visits to the reviews here & the countless attempts at actually locating the place, today finally resulted in moments of joy.

After reading the review for Gloria Jean, I was most curious to step in. Call it serendipity or just my strong desire to visit the Bagel Shop, I bump into this friend in Bandra (I was on my way to GJ mind you!) who goes 'hey lets go to the bagel shop, its AWESOME!'

For the benefit of those who have been attempting to locate this place & haven't quite managed there are two ways of approaching it. Either take the turn where Basilico, Papa Pancho, Mia Cucina (all those who haven't - please do go - amazing!) etc. are, then a right, and then a left (the road slopes upwards) and then a left again. If you take the right one reach the Fab India on Pali Hill. The alternate is to take the turn where the Police Commissioner's office is on Carter Road - drive slowly for two reasons, the pathetic road; two, lest you miss the Bagel Shop! Once there - the place has a lovely Goan feel to it, despite being in a congested by lane of Bandra. But I can't help say that the overall feel is a bit cramped.

All bakers & break makers will probably want to shoot me for saying this, but I think a pretty good job has been done at glorifying regular bread in various shapes and sizes, fancy names, but with pretty much the same taste. One such example would be the bagel. However, I did read that a bagel is the only bread that is boiled before being baked resulting in a crisp crust & light spongy interior.

With this review restricted to the vegetarian assortment on the menu, the only comment I can make on the non-veg selection would be - given the way my friend was chomping on the sausage bagel, am pretty sure it was amazing. The bagel by itself was anything but spongy, but crisp it was (& a tad greasy).

I had the herbed cream cheese bagel with sun dried tomatoes. The cream cheese just oozes out of the bagel, spilling it on clothes, floor, table, basically all over. It's also available without the herb, with herbs it varies from pepper, mixed herbs etc. There was also a garlic bagel & one with oven roasted veggies. In the sweet varieties there's honey & banana, nutella, jam (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry). There were the more exotic varieties with goat's cheese, however didn't think it worth spending something like 200 bucks on a bagel. Had the lemon ginger tea - quite nice. Don't add sugar.

Overall a 3 star experience - I thought it was a tad expensive. The total bill of Rs. 442 consisted of:
1. 1 Non-veg bagel
2. 1 Herbed cream cheese bagel
3. 2 lemon ginger teas
4. 1 blueberry jam bagel

Also, the way the jam was served separately from the bagel, was something I did quite appreciate.

If you thought the bagel meant a quick bite then this is not place to swing by. Take a leisurely 2-3 hours (atleast) and given the service turn around time, this is the minimum amount of time one would spend!
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N B - Burrp User


May 23,2008

Bad service! Bad coffee! Why open a cafe?

The only good part about this place is that it's probably the only uncrowded cafe in Bombay. I like the location and the cane furniture that gives it a nice ambiance..but its confused... I mean bagels are American, and putting random hollywood posters doesn't justify the concept. The servers take ages to take your order and it supposedly takes em half hour to serve luke warm drip coffee. I have been there thrice only for the quiet ambiance, but each time I've had to deal with inconsistent food and coffee, and horrible service.
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Chris F - Burrp User

Chris F

December 05,2007

The Bagel Shop- This place has potential...

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to locate this place (thanks to very bad directions from friends) the expectations from Bagel Shop were sky rocketing and rumbling of our stomachs deafening.

I proceeded to pick a healthy ‘Power Salad’- Smoked Chicken (in line with my light n healthy dinner campaign) and Prad got the Grilled Veggie Bagel. We also ordered a Cold Coffee with less sugar (remember the healthy dinner campaign?) and a Black Coffee for the brooding boy.

Now for the review part- The Veggie Bagel was strange; not bad but slightly strange- I guess it was full of zucchini. The salad was hardly powerful- the regular cucumber and tomato stuff with some chicken and onion crackers (my favorite part) to make it interesting. But the lemon and herb dressing was great and all in all the salad tasted good. But more like something I’d whisk up at home and not a restaurant salad. And I guess that’s what works for this place, the home feel.

The service isn’t much to write about and my not sweet Cold Coffe was exactly the opposite. They then made us wait for 10 mins with my credit card lying on table with the bill to inform us (after we enquired) that they weren’t accepting cards. Luckily they had interesting firangi magazines lying around to keep me occupied and from blowing my top. With prices slightly on the higher side and a so-so location they really need to work hard on food and service to get back repeat customers.
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subskrib - Burrp User


July 03,2007

Good food if you are a gourmet

A good small place to hang out.

It feels like you are at a home / friends place.

Food quality is great and hygienic.
What I ate there?
Plane bagel, open bagel, Veg Salad, Some juices and great coffee too.

I think they are good in preparing Non-veg stuff too but never tried that.

Hope you will enjoy a small home at The Bagel Shop.
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Chris  - Burrp User


May 16,2007

5 stars just for the lox

Half the battle is finding this place to begin with -- navigating from Pali Market can be tricky with the one-way streets -- once you're there though, you're set.

Great selection of veg and non-veg bagel sandwiches. You can just get cream cheese and a bagel, there's a pretty good chicken salad, and they have lox too. Having lox, cream cheese, and a bagel in Bombay outside of a 5-star hotel -- now that's rare!

The bagels are a little sweet for my taste, but so is the bread in most Mumbai bakeries. And the furniture inside is made for midgets. But the vibe is relaxed and its a nice place to chill for the afternoon. It's owned by the same people as Zenzi, and they seem like they know what they're doing.
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shwe27 - Burrp User


October 22,2006

Definitely worth a visit

The first thing that strikes you about the bagel shop is how TINY their furniture is....thin might be in (not in madrid people!) but child sized chairs...er...what exactly went through their minds?! The bagels are pretty good (personally liked the multigrain a lot) and there is a decent choice for vegetarians (v critical for moi!). Drinks range from fresh carrot juice to a really sinful brownie shake. They also have different types of cheeses (including the not as commonly available goat cheese). I strongly recommend the muffins - super soft and moist. Plus lots of magazines (full of trashy hollywood gossip - perfect!!)A pretty nice place for a quick or not so quick lunch...
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Aarti Jesrani - Burrp User

Aarti Jesrani

September 03,2006

Just about so-so!

So if you are dying to try a bagel in Mumbai, and if Bombay Baking Company (JW Marriott) is too steep for your pockets, then maybe you should try this one out. Bad location, so-so bagels and so-so ambience. And don't bother calling them up, they don't seem to answer their phone too often.
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Milan Suvarna - Burrp User

Milan Suvarna

June 02,2017

love the smoked salmon

I have been here with some friends and they all had the same opinion. Awesome place and awesome food.
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