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  • Most tried items: burgers
  • Few people mentioned friday night

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Big No to this place.
Weekends its worth visiting.
Not a good place to share those special moments th
Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

May 18,2016

The stuff of Union Park.

Here's a place that will never disappoint you on a weekend. You can be certain to keep this as a default to get into as you trudge your way through the by-lanes of Union Park and Carter. There has never been an issue to get inside. They are an accommodating bunch. The alcohol is aplenty and though they do not have an extensive cocktails menu, you can be sure to order a quarter of whatever you like and either get a table or stand at a table and the outrageously good dance music will, lo and behold, make you dance.

Among the grub, there's hardly anything but finger food. Burgers are really good, especially the Jalapeno and BBQ Chicken ones. Pizzas are decent. In the end you want to go there to drink, dance and probably grab a bite to look after your drunk selves. Price-wise you may get set back by a grand or two for a good amount of decent quality alcohol and food. Hasn't hurt me yet though!
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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 15,2016

The Big Nasty Review

Craving for a yummy burger? And, we don’t mean one of those that are anything close to McDonald’s. The Big Nasty is known for its super-sized, but extremely delicious burgers available in vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. Small eaters should stay away from the extra large ‘Nasty’ size and would be better off sharing. All the burgers are served with a side of French Fries, curly fries, heavily deep-friend onion rings or chili potato wedges as well as a salad, corn on the cob or a vegetable gratin. Musttry starters include the all-time favorite jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms and the batter-fried prawns. The décor is grungy and industrial, with touches of quirkiness all around in the form of terracotta monkey and pigeon masks. And, you cannot miss the hazard signs on the menu cards or the tissue holders that are styled like mini barrels of inflammable chemicals. This diner also serves wines and beer and a weekend visit is all you need to get a taste of the fun here! Don’t leave without indulging in the perfectly-baked apple crumble. The service is prompt and friendly. The Big Nasty is well worth a visit especially since you’ll get great value for your money. It’s also a great place to hang out and listen to some great funk music!
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JagerPro - Burrp User


June 29,2015

Average stuff

One of those days when you just wanna go with the flow then visit The Big Nasty. Awesome music plus karaoke's on Tuesdays. Now the food here is good. If you order their authentic nasty burger i am afraid you gonna need people around to finish that three layered monster. I Had a great time ?
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OffTheGrill - Burrp User


June 29,2015

Great Ambiance and music and drinks

Visited last Thursday with a big group of friends. The mojitos are quite good. But the food is very average. The chicken burger was not so good and the veg platter was okay. The paneer pizza was very bland. The music and ambience is good and this place is packed on Fridays and Saturdays (Saturday is crazy! !!) The rating is for the crazy Saturday night we had in December and the yummy mojitos :)
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 28,2015

Perfect hangout with friends.

It's a fantastic place to check in with friend. This place is just opposite to its name. full of positive vibes. The alcohol is priced very competitively which makes it an affordable hangout joint.Its a place to get drunk, make friends, dance on the table, celebrate join random people at their tables. Hence such a name. Friendly staff makes you feel at home. Music is mostly house, with popular EDM numbers You will certainly bump into some media personality partying here on weekends.A great backup plan for saturday night.
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Rameez Tole - Burrp User

Rameez Tole

February 22,2015

Made my Day

I chose this place for my birthday, and believe me it turned out to be one awesome day!
The ambiance is good, the food though doesn't have much variety but I think the menu is enough for weekend nights with some drinks.
The DJ builds up really well and makes the mood.
Must go place!
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Great Burgers

I love burgers and I always search for good burger places! Food portions are good here and It's a great place to hang out with friends. i especially liked the BBQ paneer wrap which was a delight completely! My friends also ordered for Hot BBQ wings and a portion of Lamb Sliders which were amazing and I cannot wait to go back!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Best place to party!

This place is one of the nicest places to party in bandra west.. Even Though its really small this place is always very crowded with people. The music is really very good and it creates a wonderful vibe for everyone. The crowd is really good and you will occasionally catch some celebrities chilling there.. The food is also surprisingly really really good.. This place is known for its burgers. Its delicious! Alcohol is also decently priced..
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January 31,2015

Karaoke. Nyt..!!

Tuesday Karaoke night....
Actually I am not a fan of karaoke, but the way the moderator is presenting the guests for the next songs and the enthusiasm of the visitors and the moderator it was really great.
We were standing, but soon courteous staff allotted us a comfortable sitting area. Food was good. Small burgers should be interesting to try..Prices are quite moderate for a beer according to the venue. Had a great time. It is possible to eat here too, but we did not.

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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 30,2014

Nasty it is!!

Ah I loved this hole in the wall! Absolute VFM! Loved the ambience and the music! This place serves big bowls & quarters for those who cannot have one.

The food menu is limited but good to go with your drinks especially nachos & fries! Good enough portions for 2.

The in house Dj here plays great numbers and the momentum picks up through the night..all in all a great place to catch up with friends after work!

The Nasty LIIT is yummylicious and is pretty potent, the mojito & caprioska were great too! They also have a good variety of beers! Even though this place adds on to the long list of watering holes in Bandra it definitely stands out in all aspects – ambience, music, bar, food, crowd! Worth visiting!
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jess72192 - Burrp User


June 03,2014

Wacky Place!

A perfect spot for a quirky and whacked out weekend!
A combination of groovy music, delicious food, and some reasonably priced drinks to enjoy the night! Cheers :)
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Jam packed and tiny

This place is most popular with the teen crowd and those who've probably just started working. Its noisy, its cramped and the seating is limited. The furniture should have been sleeker especially for the kinda crowd that walks in. The fish n Chips and Mini burgers are really good.
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shal24 - Burrp User


January 11,2014

Worth a shot

Nice place to hang out with good music, decent food though menu is not very elaborate. It gets really crowded after 10:30-11:00 and I believe that owners should consider this than just let it get over filled. Worth trying their nasty cocktails bowls and they do serve hoegaardern and stella on tap (pricing on little higher side) for beer lovers.
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karunakomu  - Burrp User


November 16,2013

Good ambiance

like any other pubs even this one takes its peak after 11, Weekends its worth visiting.
Very casual place. Yes it is crowded but i m sure who wants to party with no crowd around.
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dhruvil patel - Burrp User

dhruvil patel

October 25,2013

A good place to hangout with your freinds

Very few decent places in bandra with good music. Have often visited this place and it has never disappointed. Though it gets too crowded on the weekends but the music compensates for it. overall a decent place
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Nishith Mehta - Burrp User

Nishith Mehta

September 30,2013

Nice Place

Had been here with friends on Sunday. Music was good. Service was super fast like a bullet train. Food was also good. I would suggest to add some tandoor items on the menu.
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Lionel Almeida - Burrp User

Lionel Almeida

August 20,2013

Friday night destination

This is a perfect Friday night destination.
They have a decent selection of beer and fairly reasonably priced, the same goes with their whiskey selection.
As for the food – I would suggest the roast beef chilly (it’s very hard to go wrong with this dish)
My only crib is that the place can get a little too loud
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Lionel Almeida - Burrp User

Lionel Almeida

August 16,2013

Friday night destination

good food, brilliant music & fun people.

What more could you ask for??
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anxxx - Burrp User


August 03,2013

Must visit

Combining the best food, a good crowd and great music; this place has it all. Almost always crowded, the place feels like totos (which is an awesome place too) on steroids. Book in advance or be prepared to wait at the bar or in the gangway. All options are fun though. Come early and spend the entire evening or push off to another place. No point trying to enter after 11 on weekends. You wont get to enter. Definitely worth a visit.
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saurabhjain1234 - Burrp User


June 03,2013

Not At All Nasty. Avoid

Had heard lot about this place so decided to pay a visit this weekend. Small place with no place to sit or stand, packed like crazy (guess due to the relatively cheaper rates than other places in the neighborhood) still we found one corner to stand and have a beer. After having 2 drinks and spending 45 min, a guy comes from somewhere and tells us this corner is reserved and we will have to leave!!!!I mean reservation for standing in a place packed like dadar station and they never bothered to put a reserved sign there. When I asked him where should i stand if not here, he said he doesn't know(rather he sounded like he doesn't care) and told us we can leave if we wish...

well guys lot of places in bandra.. and in mumbai to go and enjoy time with friends...must avoid place....
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 16,2013

Not really Nasty

I had been hearing mixed reviews about this place, but a friend from Delhi swore that it was definitely worthwhile. So on her next trip off we went.

Unfortunately, we reached there early – before they actually opened, so had to wait a bit, before going in. The lift took us up and after a flight of stairs, there we were. The only nasty things looked the decor – metal, wood, clay but overall a nice effect with a semblance of space too.

There was an offer on domestic liquor if you took a quarter and this was shared up front by the servers, who were young, friendly, enthusiastic.

We tried the chicken sausage fry – nice, crisp; the non veg platter once we were joined by others – okay, nothing really to write about. In the vegetarian options we tried Nachos – stale, with not enough cheese/cream or salsa, which had to be asked for again and took a long time to come; potato wedges – not available; jalapeno poppers – not available; before their recommended paneer dish (this had more capsicum, onions than paneer)

All in all an OK place from 7-9 with soft nice music and value drinks. One service that stood out was – Issuing day permit for Rs. 5/- on the spot. This makes one wonder, why others cannot start this too.

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coffeedesk - Burrp User


March 20,2013

Great food, great music, great job!

While, there is no dearth of places that serve up a heady mix of alcohol, music and fun, I was in for a pleasant surprise when a bunch of us showed up here on a Sat night. We started the evening off standing at a tall table and enjoying the music.

As the evening progressed, we were moved to a table (on request) and the evening got better in leaps and bounds from here on.

Alcohol priced moderately, food - we tried the pork chops, a beef stir fry and a sausage platter - all good and a great friendly ambience. While the two large screens on either side of the bar catered to sports lovers in the house, the music mix hit just the right spot to ignore everything else.

DJ Garth (as we learned later) was a the best thing that happened to the weekend music scene in Bandra for a while. The music picked up, just as the revelry did all around.

By the end of the night, there were people dancing everywhere.... On the tables, the benches , the aisles and yet the wait staff prevailed with great service and a smile.

I would happily go back here for seconds and possibly even thirds soon.
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Jayanth1102 - Burrp User


March 11,2013

Visit only on weekdays

Have been here once on a tuesday night. Great crowd, nice retro music and awesome burgers.

Impressed, I took a friend there last Saturday night. We first called them and confirmed that seating was available at the bar. They specifically said it was. When we walked in, we found the place more crowded than a Virar Fast in peak hours. I am not kidding. We literally had to push people to get in and the bar had dozens of people WAITING to get to order a drink. Totally put off, we left and found on our way out that the bouncer was still letting large groups of people in. Hello! It is this attitude that makes people like Dhoble fine places for overcrowding.

Having said that, this place is still awesome for a weekday drink.

Stags not allowed, btw (For some strange reason... its a pub for gods sake).... so groups of men stay away.
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bandrabuz - Burrp User


March 01,2013

Real nasty again!

3+1 boys to girls ratio is allowed. 4+1 is not allowed. No stag entry. What is this policy? The pubs and discs in the city don't have these policies unless it is a saturday night and this is a restaurant with a bar!! It's a pity the the food is worth going for but the attitude of this place is frankly - nasty!
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Satya Banerji - Burrp User

Satya Banerji

February 27,2013

Poor Front Desk Service and Overcrowded

I had heard a lot about the Burgers of Big Nasty; To my dismay when I has a Bunch of Guys visiting from Abroad (One of them being one of the Top Gourmet Chefs of UK) who were craving to have a Good Burger we were informed by a very Sheepish Front Desk officer that only men would not be allowed within the Property. Right in front of us a so called "preferred customer" was allowed to walk in with 15 Guys into the Property; When Asked why were they allowed we were informed of their preferred status. Then I informed him I has some international Guests and wanted to eat something quickly; we were refused under the pretext that its over crowded and then a set of 5 girls being allowed in who just had to casually flirt with the front desk officer who wasn't event hiding such behavior. I guess as all properties at this location are doomed to fall so will this; as now I would never ever Visit this property every again and I discourage any visits to this property by anyone I am acquainted to.
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kooshkin - Burrp User


February 13,2013

Good place

Went to the Big Nasty for the first time last night and it was def a good decision. Good place to catch up with friends (you can hear each other without having to strain your ears). The prices are easy on the pocket - we had 2 kingfishers and 1 old monk and coke. The bill was roughly 600 rps which is pretty decent in comparison to the other places around bandra.
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nik.surana - Burrp User


February 06,2013

Worth Going on Saturday Nite

The Place truly rocks on Saturday Night with superb atmosphere.
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rajprakash01 - Burrp User


January 25,2013

Avoid - they are nasty

AVOID because they show attitude and spoil your mood, however burgers are good. Decide whether you want to eat at a place where food is good but they treat you like you are there for charity. Why pay money and experience nasty treatment by the management? Now the reasons:

I reached there with a friend of mine on a weekday, she heard that the burgers are good so we decided to try this place. Now, when we entered the place there were 2 tables (seating of 4) and one table seating for 2 is vacant. Seeing the place was not crowded and on other sofa-sets couples were sitting, we went and sat on the sofa, after a minute a waiter comes and tells since you are only 2 people you have to sit only in the 2 seater place! I asked what about the other couples sitting on the sofa-sets? He didn't bother to respond!

Next we move to the 2 seater, which was very uncomfortable, within few seconds 2 girls come and he lets them sit on the sofa, I asked them then why did you make us get up? And he simply says they are girls so they can sit!!! What kind of a place is this Big Nasty? Then another couple came and sat on the sofa, I asked what about them, then he says manager told him to make us move to the uncomfortable 2 seater.

Do they even realise that we pay money and eat there? They survive on us customers, not the other way round. Big Nasty should realise customers can go to any other pub, not only theirs - they just lost 2 customers by their attitude. End of the day they are not doing any charity. Big No to this place.
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tanyapatel - Burrp User


November 13,2012

great place to unwind

the place is casual and comfy, and the music is decent. The burgers are good , and if you want a beef burger this is one the few places you'll get a good one. Alcohol is not too expensive and its a nice place to just catch up with friends.Its the only place thats full on a Monday and id highly recommend it if you just wanna grab a drink or two and relax.
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Karuna Lulla - Burrp User

Karuna Lulla

October 16,2012

Keeps calling me back!

From good food to music to friendly waiters.. makes me wanna go there again and again. Hardly any pubs in Mumbai where you can be laid back and feel like home ;) Although it tends to get crowded (very) on weekends.. first time goers should visit on weekdays!
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Manasa P Kumar - Burrp User

Manasa P Kumar

October 01,2012

Bad experience

I went there twice in the same one week with 2 different grps and we have had awful experiences. So bad that we have cancel the order and walk out the second time. Sorry Big nasty- you might be famous,over-hyped ! u really don live up to it.
Things that dint work for me:
1. waiters are experienced- giggling and asking the same silly question twice to hint us that another set of ppl were eyeing our table. BAD service.
2. food was very salty - we had change all our dishes one by one
3. I couldn't see an experienced manager around to jump in to solve any situation
4. Music - was really bad : i don't even know if they were consciously changing tracks every 2 mins. It dint look planned.
5. The "hero" of disasters - POWER .We sat there without A/C , TV, music - amusing ourselves like we were in the park for almost 30 mins. Same issue both the times.

The waiters instead of apologizing and comforting us were escaping from our sight to avoid any explanation.

We walked out and we saw some more guests fuming out and walking out with us .Sweating and complaining !!
This is one of those restaurants -who will run full house for couple of months and fizz out if they do not cover up their loopholes.
Sorry !! Will never go there for all the right reasons !
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Lola123 - Burrp User


August 26,2012

Awful experience - twice

Fist time we went they wouldn't let us in because they say it was full but we noticed a few VIP walking in, it was late so we figured we'd try our luck the following weekend. Second time around we arrived early around 9:30 and again they would not let us or anyone in our party in but they were allowing others to walk in who arrived after us. I think they have problems with Americans. Would never bring them my business again.
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vanihans - Burrp User


August 24,2012

consistently fun!

this is a perfect friday night place..good music..good beer..doesnt hurt the pocket too much either..the fj gets pumped after 11 and the mood changes to a full on party..love the staff..they seem in more of a party mood than most people there :P
their burgers are awesome..its the perfect kind of food u want on a friday with a couple of drinks..always fun to go here..!! be back soon!
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Shrikala Kashyap - Burrp User

Shrikala Kashyap

July 24,2012

The big nice

Really liked my experience at the Big Nasty. Wonderful starters (I would suggest getting the crispy shrimps and curly fries). The crispy shrimps were well cooked and coated with rice flakes to add that extra bit of crunch. Curly fries were good but my only complaint is that they didn't have an accompanying sauce. It is difficult to eat curly fris just like that.
We went for three nasty bowls of Caprioska. A huge bowl for 600 rupees, this can be easily consumed by 2 people. Staff were friendly and polite. Good music was playing. Lovely place!
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bandrabuz - Burrp User


July 20,2012

The nasty surprise

Won't make this too long. If the management is reading this, they might just find this useful and not consider this as just another rant.

The Big Nasty - is a food joint. Period. With alcohol.

No stag entry?????? Are you guys for real?

Reservations - accepted, crowding - accepted, all valid reasons to keep in check with the regulations. But stag entry? And as mentioned below in the other such review, the burly bouncer at the entry of the joint has the gall to say that the cops dont allow stag entry? Now since when did this become a matter of law and order?

And here comes the nasty surprise - 4 european dudes come in behind the 3 of us that had gone there as stags without reservations on in their name, just mention that they have friends already in (in fact one said that the friend who is a girl is just coming in behind them) - and our man at the gate just allowed them in without even checking for it !!!! Needless to mention, the girl didn't arrive for the 15 mins we were arguing with the gatekeeper.

If this is how they would like to segregrate their patrons (stags or couples) and differentially treat them, I can only wish them good luck. Maybe they can learn a little about longevity from a much friendlier place closeby - Totos.
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Lucifer Sam - Burrp User

Lucifer Sam

July 09,2012

Nasty no more

In the pre-Dhoble era, i had visited TBN a c ouple of times and it was always a traumatic experience. the guys would fit in so many people, that the place would become a real fire hazard.
Now that the cops have cracked down, they restrict the amount of people they allow in and the place has become awesome. Its not packed like a virar local anymore.
Its better if you make a reservation, now that they restrict entry.
These guys are one of the few places in Bbay to give the daily liquor permits to their patrons. LOVE IT!
I dont think i even need tomention the food - this place is the bar with the BEST food in this city - without doubt!
The one grouse i still have with them is the smoking section - its bang outside the door - which makes even going to the loo a problem. That place gets crowded, claustrophobic and very, very smokey - they need better ventilation there, or a bigger smoking area.
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Akshay Dandekar - Burrp User

Akshay Dandekar

June 15,2012

The Big Nasty Pleasant Surprise!

I'm surprised at the review written below by Salz00 at. Well, this is my experience at Big Nasty on a Friday evening which was diametrically opposite to his.

Me and my fiancee decided to head over to Big Nasty as we wanted to try out a new place in Bandra to chill out and keeping our tradition to try out 1 new place every month in and around our workplace.

Outright the first thing that strikes you is the Rs 5. liquor permit you need to procure right at the entrance (Dhoble effect I presume), As my fiancee had reached before me at 8.30pm she managed to secure place near the bar with the help of a delightful steward called Manoj. Not only did he make her feel comfortable, the moment I entered, he takes one look at my tired, sweaty face and with a huge smile says "A chilled beer it is... a Carlsberg?" That basically blew me away. Here I was sweaty and tired from a backbreaking rick ride lasting over 2 hours due to traffic snarls and like a genie I have someone offering me my favourite brand of beer and I had not even taken my seat! WOW!

- Ambiance: I would rate it at 4/5. The ambiance is exactly something I was expecting after hearing a lot of this establishment. The seating and the decor is perfect for a person to unwind and relax after a days work. Subtle lighting gives it a chic tavern like feel which is greatly appreciated. The music is not all pervasive and does not make you cringe or roll your eyes up.

- Service: The service is prompt and exceptional. Manoj never let us feeling wanted for anything, The beer was replaced promptly, his small talk with us helped us ease into our evening and he was never to far away to take an order. Almost like a mother hen looking over her brood. The best part and this is something I look for at every establishment I look for is service with a smile and our friend Manoj has a 1000 watt smile whenever he spoke to any patron inside. That in itself is something to look forward to.

- Food: 5/5 - Although we did not try out the major burgers (the Nasty burgers sounded absolutely something to be ordered and attacked!) our experience with the food at Big Nasty was good. Most commendable were the Garlic Mushrooms which were crispy with a hint of butter garlic glaze which left an amazing taste in our mouth. Im defintely heading back to try the Nasty Burgers. Double patties with extra mayo, pickles and assortments... YUM!

The quart system us the best way to enjoy your favourite poison (read alchohol). Highly innovative and the quart bottles are really cute.

I will highly recommend The Big Nasty to anyone who would like to unwind and have a good time in Bandra. However a word of caution: After the Dhoble effect, they have become strict in terms of the number of guests allowed inside the premises. If you would like to head post 9pm, better make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Overall, we had a super evening and a very pleasant experience. A special and a big thank you to Manoj! If the management is reading this, he has guaranteed you a regular customer and a fan for life!

Be Big! Be Nasty!
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Salz00 - Burrp User


June 03,2012

Nastiest place in Bandra!

After hearing about Big Nasty being a cool place to hang out for drinks and starters in the last couple of months, me and my friends (5 of us) decided to head there last weekend on a saturday night.

We reached the place at 7.45 pm and found the entrance guarded heavily with security similar to that of a night club. The security guy asked us if we had a table reserved, but unfortunately we didnt thinking 7.45 pm is early enough to find a table at most places in Mumbai.

Instantly the security guard mentioned that the place was already full!

When I insisted that it was impossible for a place to be full before 8 pm and I wanted to see it for myself, he changed his statement saying people are allowed into the restaurant only if a table is booked and the place was infact empty at the moment.

One of the owners on hearing the banter rushed towards us saying a reservation was compulsory and he wouldnt allow us in to even see the place and leave. The excuse he made for not letting us use a table at 8 pm inspite of the place being empty was that all the tables (every single one) had been booked for 9.30 pm. When we guaranteed that we would leave the place by 9.30 pm, he gave another lousy excuse that he couldnt give us a table because the cops would harress them for overbooking??!!

We left the place utterly disgusted and headed to Lemon Grass Cafe where we had a delicious meal and more importantly a very gracious staff to serve us.

When I mentioned this to a friend today who regularly frequents Big Nasty for drinks, she immediately replied saying this was a common practice of Big Nasty to be uptight and I should have just buttered up the staff to allow us entry into the restuarant.

This entire experience has left me completely disheartened about how low the food and nightlife industry of Mumbai has fallen to in the recent times where a new restaurant pops us and acts all pricey thinking they can shove their customers around according to their whims and fancies and "buttering up" is what entitles entry to a place!

If they keep continuing to treat their customers in a similar manner, they might shut shop sooner than they expect especially with all the raids happening in Mumbai!

None the less,credit should be given to the place for being aptly named Big Nasty..it is truly a Nasty place to hang out in!
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sinister_901 - Burrp User


June 01,2012

Jack of all trades..

Good food.. good cocktails.. good music and decent ambiance. All of these without burning a hole in ur pocket.. No wonder so many people are talking about this...
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Harsh Sharma - Burrp User

Harsh Sharma

April 28,2012

Little cramped for space.. Nice otherwise

It's a typical pub full of loud college goers. Go here for a nice lively night out with friends, is not the most classy place you can find around town.

The madras chicken burger is worth a try.
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aparna.r - Burrp User


April 25,2012

Great place, enjoyable experience

Been here twice already. Good music, decent food, extremely crowded but overall a well done, fun place. The staff is friendly and helpful. Def worth a visit
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chimera181 - Burrp User


March 21,2012

Best pub and diner that mumbai has to offer

If you want to satisfy your carnal desire- then this is the place to hit! Humongous, appetizing, jucilicious beef and pork burgers and the heavenly pork chops will make you come alive as you sway to a way of music that hit the right notes, mainly jazz and blues. It's free space-comfortable and homely, and an inviting bar section with a range of beer varieties to choose from for beer lovers like myself. It's satisfaction total guaranteed to all pork-beef-beer fans!
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toadityakumar - Burrp User


March 07,2012

Pretty good place for handouts

Just been there recently. Nice crowd and food services. Food is primarily American with burgers and finger fries lingering your plates. Prices are a bit high compared to other places. Drinks are reasonably priced though.

Ambience is pretty okay. Not a good place to share those special moments though.

Friends,groups and casual hangouts are really worth the places visit.
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sarvotam Pai - Burrp User

sarvotam Pai

January 28,2012

Heart Jumpin!!!

this is a place that keeps you going on and on!! with the casual free and friendly environment!!! its one of those easy going places where I certainly love to be in!!
the drinks aren't expensive either!!! this place is a definitive vibe giver without burning a hole in your pocket!! THANKS GOD NO BOLLYWOOD is played here!! so bollywood fans keep away...
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Anand  - Burrp User


January 09,2012

Nice, chilled out place

If you want a place where you can hang out with friends over a few beers, this is a good option in Bandra. Reasonably priced, good food and nice ambience make The Big Nasty one of the promising places that have come up recently. Great burgers and appetisers. However, the place will become more and more popular with time, and how they manage more crowd without making the place look cramped and maintaining their standard of food and service will be the key.
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cmcdanie - Burrp User


December 22,2011

Good, but can be alot better

Went there for my birthday last night for the first time - has great potential, but still alot of kinks to work out. Apparently they've already made many changes since they opened 6 weeks ago - e.g., they simplified the menu (you can no longer order super-sized "nasty" burgers - which kind of defeats the purpose?) and they decided to not be open for lunch (bummer!) because they didn't have much traffic - I suggest they revisit this one once they get more buzz.

Hoegarden on tap for Rs 450 - big plus! They serve tiny pint portions in large glasses that makes it look like they only filled the glass half way - major negative. Serve a pint in a pint glass, or serve larger beers in larger glasess - I've never felt so cheated as to pay Rs 450 for a half-filled beer!

Ambiance is very nice, music was great - very relaxing, not too loud so you can't talk, but loud enough to enjoy. I liked the planet-of-the-apes masks, although I'm not sure I understand the nuclear bomb motif, is this supposed to be a post-apocalyptic "Big Nasty"?

Luckily, the burgers were very good - you'd better get the burgers right if you're going to open a burger joint. They were only Rs 240, the waiter didn't ask how we wanted it cooked, so it didn't have a snooty feel. Other than the booze, the prices are very reasonable. The fries were nothing to write home about - small portions, bland - they might want to offer curly fries of spicy fries to mix things up. Burgers come with corn-on-the-cob ONLY - substitutes are "not possible" - the two most annoying words in Indian restaurants. Oh, and no dessert menu, because "we've decided to be a bar more than a restaurant" - still, it is not that difficult to add ice cream or something simple for dessert.

I'll keep going Nasty because it is only a short walk from my place, and I'll invite friends to meet me there because of the convenience. But I will keep making suggestions until the beers get bigger or the glasses smaller - and until they start serving lunch again. The buzz has begun, we saw 4 random friends there last night alone. Let's hope the burgers stay good, and the fries and menu get better.
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Ishita Mookherjee - Burrp User

Ishita Mookherjee

December 21,2011

Nasty and Nice

So a heard about this place from a couple of friends, and truth be told, I'm not a the biggest fan of loud places. But since the place in run by the same guys behind WTF, thought we'd give it a shot. We landed up on a week night. Turns out, that particular night The Big Nasty was the place to be!

To give you a true account, when we walked in through the entrance downstairs the decor was rather misleading. You are welcomes by an elaborate candelabra throwing soft light on the passage leading towards the elevator. Once you're up u walk into a dimly lit black and yellow room, with partitions make of mesh. Much like the precinct in 21 Jump Street. Then again I think this is the decor the promoter had in mind.

While we cozy-ed up to the place, very friendly staff took an extra effort to get us our drinks really quick( which is great cuz WTF has reputation for growing the grapes when you order the wine.) The cocktails were decent, they have an extensive list of the usual suspects. Prices are higher that WTF, but then again, the rest for the location needs to be covered- it's bang in the heart of Bandra.

Finally the food- Now this is where they are truly Big Nasty- and I mean that in a good way! The mushroom starter was awesome! Terribly spicy, but you keep coming back for more. The chicken and pork a skewer was really cooked well and made for great finger food. and the Burger- OH! my gawd! The juiciest patty I've eaten in a while. The waiters know their menu well and i believe they had tasted everything on the menu. Our particular guy knew exactly what to recommend.

The big Nasty seems like a good alternative to if you've had a bit much of Toto's Garage and Yellow Tree Cafe. It's an in- between place, but had a lot of potential.

A definite thumbs up.
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arjunt1990 - Burrp User


December 02,2011

chiller spot

finally a really down to earth, chiller place. delicious food in good quantities, out of this world cocktails. nice decor and inexpensive. real great value for money. plus its a stones throw from my house :p
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pickyeater1 - Burrp User


November 14,2011

Nasty but Nice

I visited this place yesterday. From what I understand its only opened recently. What hit me first was the decor. Nice and mellow overall, but the pigeons and monkey masks on the walls were sort of disturbing. The place could definitely do without these two.

While the decor could use a bit of work, the food simply doesn't need changes. The burgers are to die for. Ate a chicken burger and a friend had a beef burger. Both burgers we ordered were in their extra large "Nasty" size. For small eaters, its advisable that you share one burger between two people. There are a variety of sides to choose from. The ones we ordered - veg gratin and the chilly potatoes were tasty.

Service was quick and our server was friendly. I found it up to the mark, but maybe that is because we were the only customers in the place at the time. I do not know how the service would be when there is a crowd.

Bombay needs burger options. MacD and KFC are just too mass-market. The burgers here have personality, taste and quality. Plus there is plenty of variety for both non-veggies and veggies to choose from.

We didnt do any hard-core drinking, but the two cock-talis we ordered were delicious (unfortunately I do not recall their names). The bill for 2 burgers and 3 drinks came up to 1300 approx. Slightly price, id say, but worth if you want a good meaty burger once in a way.
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ladybenz - Burrp User


October 31,2011

A new beginning

I visited it on its second day of opening and knowing that it is the same family as WTF was sure it would be great. On entering, the decor is the first you notice, not my personal choice but I can see it a big hit with others.

We were seated in the corner table with a complete view of the place (the monkey heads on the walls can be done away with :( )

Drink menu handed out and me thinks : we need to go slow or it will be a big whole in the pocket

The glasses are big for sure but then I wish I was asked about how I want my drink , a 30ml drink with 750 ml of water is a definite NO NO. Well it was their second day and they didnt have most of their equipment was what we were told.

The food was a disappointment. We wanted burgers and were told that the bread was not good so we could be served in their 'subs' bread. Ok - but that too was dry and crumbly. The beef was dry too. Salad was great and the potato cheesy

We were recommended dessert : apple crumble - definitely needs to have a nice buttery falvour

I hope they pull up their socks as they need to give us a reason to visit again.
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