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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

January 25,2014

Nice Place!!!

Just got back from a great time at the Den. Did not try the food as we had already eaten some place else, but the bar service is quick and efficient. They do a very good job in handling the large crowds, no complaints with regards to the drinks service. The atmosphere is great, the crowd is great, remnants of the party scene of the days when partying was safe and fun, where people just go out to have a good time, void of any wrong intentions. The music though was just trance, not a big fan of it, they should experiment more with their music as there are other genre's out there which can also uplift moods and bring about a party atmosphere.
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probirbose76 - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Absolutely rocking

Been their thrice and the places is absolutely rocking. The ambiance is very cool. They have an awesome beer offer- 10 beers for 1000 bucks and food is slightly above average priced. One must try the grilled prawns marinated with mustard (ask the waiters for what it’s listed as). Must visit.
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Ruchikah - Burrp User


November 26,2013


IN EVERY WAY!!! Why th hell should anyone go there again? It does not fullfill any requirements of a pub that it calls itself. There is no vibe, no ambience to match a pub. Very dull, boring, lazy place! There are no designated waiters or service! Music is all confused. Although the acoustics are fine. They feed on the Live events that happen there but then they are not planned properly and its as if you have entered someone's house party where nobody knows anyone!! Food SUCKS!! If you try to eat there that is... But overall a sub standard boring place!!!
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komal lapasia - Burrp User

komal lapasia

November 05,2013

One of d best place to CHILL ...!!!

Its been a regular hangout spot for my friends and I. The place and ambiance is nice. Food is Great specially the Cheese Garlic bread. Rates are reasonable. Service is fantastic and management is friendly and cheerful. A must visit place for all.
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ShrutiD - Burrp User


September 16,2013

Most affordable drinks!

It doesn't look like the old Wine Den and doesn't look like Cafe Goa either.in it’s new avatar, The Den is dark and dingy. The great news is it has very affordable alcohol and decent food. They do play some strange ass music really loud while the setting is actually perfect for classic rock. Hoegaarden & Leffe at Rs.320 on the menu,cheapest that I have seen in Mumbai.
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Aishwarya Iyer - Burrp User

Aishwarya Iyer

June 11,2013

Loads Of Fun!

I went to the den on a tuesday when they have the karaoke night. And boy! What fun. It was a night I'll never forget. They have an awesome beer offer- 10 beers for 1000 bucks and food is slightly above average priced. But its worth every penny! Just make sure you book a table in advance and be there by 9.
Its a place I'm going to be visiting MANY times!
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ralph87 - Burrp User


June 04,2013

Good Food - Reasonably Priced And Tasty

I went to the den a couple of weeks ago when I was headed with some friends to Banana Bar in Khar and we found out that the whole place is under renovation. So, not knowing where to go, we decided to go with one friend's suggestion to try The Den. So we did.. and it was great! We have 5-6 different starters, 3 soups along with some beers and cocktails and the bill only came to 750 bucks per head. Which I found decently priced. The only disappointment was that I wanted burgers and since the burgers are made by the restaurant nearby which was closed for the day, I wasn't able to get them. But overall it was good.
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surhz - Burrp User


May 24,2013

Black out

Okay so The Den.. Its a pub more than a club i would say. Sittings are good, have long chairs and couches inside depending upon the number of guests in a group.
The manager seemed pretty friendly and cool tempered. Handles the crowd pretty well.
First, talking about the food. We called for a tandoori pizza it was well stuffed with chicken with absolutely no veggie's on it. Just cheese and chicken served on bread. the Chicken seemed a little bit more spiced, it wasn't spicy, but was filled with lot of Indian spices and herbs. Didn't taste like tandoori. Starters are juicy and presentable. You won't resist your hand to pick one out of it. Didn't experiment with the main course. Was stuffed with the starter and pizza.
Drinks, one of the best pubs i have been to on the basis of providing alcohol . Has a Great Collection of wines. Has a wine rack too on display. A big plus point i would say. Beers are served well chilled and with cheese lings. Other spirits seemed attractive. Definitely will try out the cocktails next time.
The music is vibrant and loud. Good music that will hit your ears! :)
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SD's Clever Choices  - Burrp User

SD's Clever Choices

May 12,2013

Best in Bandra!

So I have been quiet regular at the Den, say maybe at least a couple of times a month. Of late though, what has changed drastically is the music. So the place practically has a new DJ pretty much every night of the week. The transformation moves in this manner,from a conversations place at 8 to a light dance by 11 to a dance place by 12....apart from Tuesdays when they have Karaoke. If you are not much of a singer, like me, but feel like it after a few drinks, and your friends are not up to it either. ASK FOR JERRY, he in a way is the 'ENTERTAINMENT MANAGER", who will pretty much sing anything with you.On the food front, good pizza, pasta and not many know this but they also serve you from from its neighboring 'health food' outlet Gostana.....Which helps in guilt reduction when drinking :). Anyways I'm pretty much sold. Also on Tuesdays they have 10 beers for 1000 bucks. That's pretty much like MRP!
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krishna mehta - Burrp User

krishna mehta

April 15,2013

Best night spot

Best night spot hands down, great music, awesome environment and scenery,and beautiful ladies everywhere! It's definitely a spot to visit when in Dallas!
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H. Sanghvi  - Burrp User

H. Sanghvi

April 13,2013

Great Offers

A must visit place! It has some great offers for all the beer lovers! They offer some great service too :)
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Prabhjot Singh - Burrp User

Prabhjot Singh

April 12,2013

Nice place to hangout with friends

Visited Den on Karaoke Night. It was amazing, to that 10 beers for Rs.1000 - awesome.
A nice place to unwind with friends, nice food and awesome service.
Worth a try....
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Nachiketh Vanneri - Burrp User

Nachiketh Vanneri

March 25,2013

Food Poisoning

my sister and wife visted den on 23rd march 2013 and both of em had to visit doctor cos of food poisoning. it was either the hammus or the fish which was stale.
I am disappointed.
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samir_shah40 - Burrp User


January 08,2013

Awesome food!

I was at the Den the other day, with the family. We were greeted by modern, friendly ambience and very courteous attendants. I was wondering whether this place is mainly for good drinks, but to my plesant surprise the quality of food that we had at the Den, was one of the finest.
Pizzas were awesome, like you get in good places in Italy. I haven’t tasted such Pizzas anywhere else in Mumbai.
Butter garlic Prawns were mouthwatering.
Such Tuscany Potatoes, I am sure, are difficult to get anywhere else.
The list goes on and on…………..awesome! But for the limited stomach, we could try only a few dishes and need to go a number of times again to try other dishes, which I am sure must be equally good.
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hoggerblogger - Burrp User


April 27,2012

The Den Again

hi friends i stay in town and was in bandra last saturday for work As work got done made a last minute plan to go for sum drinks with my mates We were walking by the KFC lane in midst of the hush bush n came across The Den Probably is also known as Cafe Goa We learnt they had given the management to Cafe Goa for a year and are back to being The Den On entering we saw a lot of crowd floating inside and a mix of music was on which included 1 or 2 bollywood numbers which was entertaining We tried finding a place near the bar but being jammed chose to sit outside In a way was gr8 as being in the open patio we could smoke and they seved dirnks to food all of it there The staff was very well versed n helpful We truly enjoyed the continental starters and the amazing cocktails I must say they have one fo the best cocktails n a perfect MOJITO in Mumbai We also got free shots while leaving Awesome time We willl be back CHAO
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hoggerblogger - Burrp User


April 27,2012


hi frnds i stay in town and was in bandra last saturday for work As work got done, made a last minute plan to go for sum drinks with my mates. We were walkin by the KFC lane in midst of the hush bush n came across The Den. Probably is also known as Cafe Goa .We learnt they had given the management to Cafe Goa for a year and are back to being The DEn. On entering we saw a lot of crowd floating insifde and a mix of music was on which included 1 or 2 bollywood numbers which was entertaining. We tried finding a place near the bar but being jammed chose to sit outside. In a way was gr8 as being in the open patio, we could smoke and they seved dirnks to food all of it there. The staff was very well versed n helpful. We truly enjoyed the continental starters and the amazing cocktails. I must say they have one fo the best cocktails n a perfect MOJITO in Mumbai. We also got free shots while leaving. Awesome time. We'll be back CHAO
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Sweta Nair - Burrp User

Sweta Nair

February 19,2012

Wine and Dine with love

Imagine getting dumped by a snobby restaurant on Valentines despite getting a reservation done. With every place filled to brim on Valentines we had no place to go. Stranded! We tried our luck by calling The Den and asked if they would accommodate us. They courteously invited us over. We entered the place, and love fell in love with its friendly ambiance. Guessing because it was the day of love, they had these ballons which I must admit, did look out of place. To begin with, we called for two glasses of Chenin Blanc and ordered for a plate of butter garlic prawns. The starter was good though a little salty for my taste. Moving on, a plate of Beef Chilly arrived on the table and it was delicious! This dish wasn't on the menu but the restaurant was kind enough to make it for us. Not a beef eater, but that dish changed my whole perception about this meat. Next, we had garlic bread with cheese and a tenderloin burger. Yes, I know burger on Valentines! Overall, a very pleasant experience. Will definitely visit this place for its Beef Chilly.
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Reply from restaurant management

That will occur soon. Keep that beef chilly ready!

aziz panjwani - Burrp User

aziz panjwani

November 08,2011

should have been informed

i was der las fri and my cheque came up to 5k but i clearly remember i was not given a discount of 15% coz i havd paid that cheque thru my amex card .unfortunately i dont have the invoice with me rite now but it was ur duty to inform me abt the discount.rest without a doubt the place rocks.
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Reply from restaurant management

hi there.
sorry for this mismanagement. I would appreciate if you could make another visit sometime soon and give us a chance to compensate for the same. You can contact me - 9821302348
Thanks and Regards

Samidha Karalkar - Burrp User

Samidha Karalkar

August 07,2011

amazingly good ;)

Went there for the first time and was there to celebrate my 16th birthday :D
It is a lovely place,small but well managed..the seating is soo cozy and comfortable..
Ordered for a huge vegetarian meal(all jain people along with me) mocktails and lot of redbull..Being underage were'nt allowed hard drinks!
To specify,everyone loved the pizza's
Everything was sober and upto what we expected..we made the best out of what we got!
Fantastic playlist and caring and watchful staff :)
will surely visit this place often...
P.S. Owned by my uncle's and they have done a GREAT job!
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Sue  - Burrp User


May 26,2011

Not the Den anymore - but still great!

Cafe Goa has moved here - they have retained the same ambiance and the same brilliant staff (by far the best staff anywhere in Bombay I would say!), but with a different menu. Popped in to watch the semis of the IPL last night and tried one of their burgers washed down with a great new wine called Turning Point. Wedges were a little one the soggy side, but wasn't really bothered as they accompanied a burger to die for! Not sure what they did to it but there was definitely a Goan twang - same sort of flavours as a Goan sausage but toned down a little. Delicious!
Another thing I like about this place is that the mark-up on wines isn't as huge as elsewhere nearby - at least the domestic wines. Compare it to somewhere like Red Ant or Bungalow 9 and its a steal!
One last thought - please don't change your staff - they are truly the best!
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veggiefoodie - Burrp User


April 30,2011

Classy and cozy!

Den is a small but very cozy place to have dinner with a small group of friends. I was impressed with the space utilization. They have managed to create a great ambience with the right lighting, comfy sofa seating, right volume of music, unintrusive polite service and quite decent food. Could not try the wine menu but the vodka shots were great, so was the pasta. Its open till late, 1:30 on weekends I guess, so a nice place to catch a quiet dinner after partying or otherwise.
They did forget one of our orders but got it right away on reminding. Overall, we were having a good time so did not mind it so much.
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Jarna Gandhi - Burrp User

Jarna Gandhi

March 22,2011

Good wines for a reasonable price

The first time I went to Den was on my first date with my boyfriend sometime in October 2010. The concept and the price brought me back to this place the second and third time.

As the name suggests, it IS a wine bar with an extensive wine list. I discovered their signature wine cocktails only on my third visit. Can't remember the name of the drink I had but it was SUPERB- a combination of red wine with lemon juice and something else.

Surprising that the restaurant is empty each time I've been there. Looks likes it remains an undiscovered gem. One complaint though - their food menu is limited and standard. They don't offer any special food+ wine combination recommendation like what wine goes with what pasta/appetizer.
I've had the bruchettas, crostini with dips and pizza. Food is not exceptional, but definitely above average.

I look at it as a pre-dinner place where I could start my evening with Wine and starters. Well, also because it does not shut between lunch and dinner timings unlike other restaurants.

Ambiance is nice with dim lights and good table arrangements. The staff is courteous and polite.
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stuti - Burrp User


January 23,2011

Sorely disappointed

Had be referred Den by a couple of friends and so was looking forward to the visit. Plus my husband and I are keen wine drinkers. The setting and seating is pretty acceptable - comfortable sofas. Staff was courteous and attentive too. However their drinks left much to be desired. We had a wine cocktail each, which despite being very different tasted almost the same and pretty average. We then decided to order a wine by the glass - their south african and argentinean white. When the drinks arrived and we tasted, we were unable to take a sip - there was a deep pungent smell and taste to it - extremely unfavorable. I have had wines of both these countries before and can therefore reasonably attest that the natural tastes of wines is not this. To give them the credit, the server did replace our drinks - this time on his recommendation we had the californian white. While better than the earlier one, I still detected the distinctive smell/taste and left it as it was. I am unlikely to go back and something I do regret.
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Tania  - Burrp User


November 08,2010

All things good in life!!!

this was kinda a last minute decision as we just wanted to unwind...checked out burrp and found a review of The Den, so we said Why Not? and we weren't disappointed.
being the only two people there on Diwali night we must say we got all the attention!!! the never ending list of wines was enough of a treat and then came the wine cocktail i ordered (trying to be experimental here!!) Lion's Favorite...one sip and it was my favorite!!! :) even though we don't get to the main course the starters and soups were really great and sufficient. very easy on the pocket...this place sure is one you should visit if you wanna just unwind...sip some awesome wine and try some interesting food (Gamberi Portofino...muah) like i said 'all things good in life....good wine...good food and good conversation!!!
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October 28,2010

Café, not Bar

The Den is a small, easy to miss, wine bar on the lane off Linking Road. Despite being small, the tables are spaced out and the couches large and comfy. The lighting is just perfect – dim enough to create a classy ambience without hampering reading of the menu.

They serve wine cocktails and have a good collection of imported wines served by bottle. The wines available by glass are, however, few. The wine cocktails are a must have. We tried champagne based ones and those were prepared really well. Also tried a couple of wines from their international selection. The problem is that the wine menu just has the names of wines – probably a small tasting note would have made the selection easier.

Food is a mix of Italian and continental cuisines. They served killer quantities. We had grissini – and what they served was 6 strips of normal toast bread (total quantity would have been just one normal size toast bread) with dips. In fact the quantity of bread was so little and the bread was so soggy that most of the dips were wasted. Had a potato based starter, which though was good in taste, again lacked in quantity. Other starters were just okay.

The markup on wines, especially the imported ones, is on a very high side. Couple this with taxes and service charge and you are looking at a markup of 1000-1500 rupees a bottle – not suitable for people who want to enjoy lots of wine. Probably the high pricing coupled with measly portions of food is the reason that the place was nearly empty on a weekend evening and most of those who were there were just hanging out with hardly any wines being ordered. It just defeats the purpose of having a wine bar. It is more like a wine café where people come and spend time over a single drink.

The service was really good – servers were very attentive. And they readily agreed to charge our bills to individual cards (this is really simple but somehow even some of the high end Bandra restaurants would not do that… strange). 3 stars for the concept, service and collection of wines but definitely needs improvement.
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


October 10,2010


This place was a real-time discovery on the GPRS when we were pondering abt our dinner plans in bandra. The place is small but not tacky. The couches are very comfortable and the lights are just rite. The LCD screens are placed at a viewable angle and the bar is nicely made up. The food and drinks were equally good and the staff is also very apt.It is worth the time and money.
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anusuya1 - Burrp User


September 16,2010

Great Drinks!

Loved the place. It is classy in an understated way, unassuming, and warm. The dim lighting, unlike many other places that I have seen, is actually nice. The service is friendly, crowd is nice, and music is OK. What I loved were the drinks... great variety. Try the Curacao for sure. In fact, try them all.
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croucha - Burrp User


September 11,2010

Great Place!

I love the cozy booths, the nostalgic music and wine by the glass at a decent price! The pizza aren't bad either. Attentive service. I keep coming back.
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Prajakta Patil - Burrp User

Prajakta Patil

September 08,2010

Jazz at its best !!

Excellent staff ... this guy by name Sorei really helped and arranged a perfect evening for me and my Fiancee...Thanks Sorei !!
A lovely joint for all jazz lovers ... excellent wine cocktails served here ... an ideal joint for date and quite birthday celebration with your better half {as I did} ... nevertheless for non alcoholic people you have good options in mocktails too {I tried virgin mojito}
very limited food options but all are good ... may it be veg. or non veg. ... I had assorted Mushrooms and a Sandwich as I was fasting that day ... yet as reviewed by my friends they liked the Chicken basket {deep fried marinated chicken with mayonaise}
This would be in my "favorite" list hereon for sure!!
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hrishita85 - Burrp User


September 06,2010

Nice place to hang out with friends

Had a very nice time at Den with Friends. The three cheese pizza is yummy. They serve only beers, champagne and wine. Would love to visit the place again.
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Melroy D'Souza - Burrp User

Melroy D'Souza

July 19,2010


Would love to see a menu, especially for folks who do not live in Mumbai, but wil be visiting there and might consider going to the Den

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quickdraw - Burrp User


July 19,2010

Quick stop, sunday night.

Loved the place, best part about it is that its small and cosy. I liked that they were playing some nice Armin Van Burren softly in the background. I am very happy I ended my weekend there, definitely worth going if you want to just relax over a glass of wine and some friend. Service was great, complimentary mineral water as well.
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copen - Burrp User


June 11,2010

Cosy hangout with superb service

Went to the Den last weekend. It was really quiet - although no idea why as the food was delicious, the staff incredibly attentive (but not painfully so) and the ambience perfect. Will definitely be going back to sample their South African specials for the World Cup!
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

April 03,2010

A wine, not whine, bar

Oh, it does make a nice change to write an article which isn't going to be one of those reviews that tries to change the fortunes of an establishment that has been getting a heap of bad press...

A friend of mine suggested a much needed beverage after another week of slog in the office. And strangely, we both suggested this place simultaneously.

Soon enough we were being warned by the security guard, who opened the door for us, to mind the step down as you enter. Where I come from, it's more likely that you fall out of bars not into them ;o)

And what a bijou find this is. Small, but perfectly formed, the interiors are great. It reminded me of Western-style bars, and Mumbai has very few of these. And please don't refer me to Firangi Paani or Geoffrey's - the architects of these places have not been outside the state of Maharashtra during the course of their research on interiors. Or they've been getting advice from firangis after they've had one too many beers ;o)

Back to the story: The staff were primed ready for action and we were greeted by Sanjay, who was only too happy to try and please. Once settled into one of the super-comfy booth-style tables (not sure where the barrel tables have gone, but we didn't spot them) it was time to decide on a cocktail/glass of wine.

The prices are very good value, and the cocktails/wine menu pretty extensive. My only suggestion was that the cocktails were all pretty much on the sweet side. It would have been nice to have had more "drier" options.

No matter, as soon as this comment was mentioned to the mixologist in residence, he went "off menu" and was more than willing to mix anything that we liked. Gold star for that effort, young man.

And the same was to be said for the food. We asked for recommendations, and suddenly we were offered items not on the menu. Again, top marks for service.

The staff looked happy and eager to please. Not servile, just as it should be, but which you don't often find. The food was good (have the prawn appetiser - this was amazing - and only Rs 200 for a whole heap of jinga). We managed to squeeze in an entree and still have space for pudding too.

The food, plus a fair amount of alcohol cost us about Rs 2k each, which by most standards is pretty damned reasonable. This place is an ideal place to wind down post-work. It's not too big, nice and intimate, good music, and a formal dining area if you don't want to slob it out in a booth. Even the bathrooms had the "wow" factor. Seems that no detail, no matter how small, has been overlooked here. Faultless.

I only wish Mumbai/Bandra had more places like this.
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upalidg - Burrp User


March 07,2010

Watch out for that step!

I made quite an entrance at the Den last Thursday! There's a step missing when you open the door, thanks to which I nearly rolled into the restaurant. The friends I was meeting had apparently repeated the same performance earlier that evening.
Missing steps apart the Den makes for a nice place to hang out after work. They have very nice wine cocktails and good finger food (try the Sicilian chicken). The international wine list is impressive but they need to work on stocking inventory! Cozy decor, slightly reminiscent of 'Cheers!' and the staff more than made up for the bar's architectural shortcomings by serving us multiple rounds of shots - gratis!
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ATandon - Burrp User


February 28,2010


Went there for a night out with my girlfriends. We were pleasantly surprised by the cozy interiors and were blown away by the amazing cocktails; they were nothing like we have ever tasted before. The starters and food were pretty good too. The place is very good value for money and an ideal venue for a chilled night out with friends/family (even a date!!). The staff was very courteous, attentive and helpful. I think this place has the potential to be one of the hottest spots in Bandra. We vowed to make this our weekly haunt!!
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Manoj Pillai - Burrp User

Manoj Pillai

February 27,2010

For the Winers loving cocktails

Have really created interesting Wine Cocktails.- its strictly a Wine Bar - with good international Wines available by the Glass , for an affordable price between 350 to 500

Seating Capacity- 50-60 people

Sprakling wine : The Champanska : Good flavour for Rs.220/-

Not quite a place to have Food- they have very limited options and the Quality and the quantity of main courses was not worth the price putup. The straters however fared a little better

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avantika - Burrp User


February 26,2010

A break from the usual

If you like wines you will love this place as much as I did. It is an ideal place for a night out with friends or to go on a date. The sweet, friendly staff offered excellent and attentive service to the broad mix of customers (of which I must say constituted a lot of foreigners). Although your choice would be limited only to wines, the wine cocktails are a class apart and something that not many of us would have tried before. They have a decent food menu which compliments the wines, but again limited. I guess they want their USP to be strong which is wines which are very moderately priced. Its definitely worth a go!!!!
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