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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

April 29,2015

Sunday Buffet feast

A great hotel, I have been to Peshwa Pavilion many times for their Sunday Bruch buffet. Just love the spread everytime. Good variety of food, this is a place where you get grand feast, royal treatment, and excellent food - all at one place. The space between two tables is good enough to keep your privacy intact while having your lunch or dinner even if all the tables are occupied. Beautiful rooms & wonderful restaurants with great food, Thank you for the lovely service, especially the staff at The Peshwa Pavillion.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 17,2015

WOW is the best word for this place.

The buffet spread was very good and balanced. Lot of choices for salads, vegetarian items, excellent quality of desserts. Pizza/pasta/appetizer were included in the buffet It was out of the world in terms of it taste & presentation. Given that its a 24 hour service, definitely recommend for late lunches/ dinners. I think the service and quality of food keep us bringing back to this place. This restaurant has excellent team. All the staff is very cordial and pleasant.
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 12,2015

Grand Feast

Food is sumptuous, Ambience is decent.The interiors remind you of a classy dhaba. The ambience indeed reflects the name and justifies it. It was an amazing experience to witness such an elegant buffet and courteous and helpful staff. The buffet consists of a delectable medley of some of the finest cuisine from around the globe.The spread was very good and the taste super yummy.
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  • The Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Marathaimage
  • The Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Marathaimage
  • The Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Marathaimage
  • The Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Marathaimage
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February 11,2014

my favorite restaurant

I've been to this restaurant 15-20 times in the last 5 years so I'm probably overdue to write a review. It is my favorite restaurant..Absolutely outstanding service..Starving yourself for this place will be totally worth it !
Very good food. dal makhani is excellent Also the Tandori salad amazing..!!
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tekriwalaman - Burrp User


July 27,2013

Feel sad

I have been visiting this place since this hotel was constructed. Peshwa pavillion used to be an example of perfection and excellence. However today i felt very sad about how this place has lost all its standards. The tables,furnitures and fittings are kind of worn out and need attention. The menu hasnt been revised since a long time. We ordered for a pizza and received a chicken pizza instead of a Veg Pizza. All the more when the Veg Pizza was received the toppings were shabbily dumped on to the pizza which any good chef would never do. Get the old Peshwa Pavillion back !
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Burrped - Burrp User


January 21,2009

Grand Vilayati Maratha!

Went to ITC Grand Maratha Peshwa Pavillion with the intention of a quick lunch..... Reached the place at 12.12 pm.. So got a chance to select table of choice... since only 2 tables were occupied.....

Buffet starts at 12.30....sipped cold Qua water patiently to build up the hunger … actually I decided to have a look at the buffet menu... If I found it un-interesting, I would just go to Peshawari and have good food (believe me... u must at least once go to Peshwari and see how rich Indian cuisine is ! )

Buffet priced at 1150/- each

Soups :- Tom Yum:- Spicy , Sour clear soup , with tomatoes and chicken
Cream of carrot:- Pureed carrots blended with spices and cream .. Yummy!

Starters:- Gosht Pasanda:- Flattened mutton pieces marinated in kebab masala… fried on flat griddle served hot with laccha onions , green chutney and a lime wedge. Nice in taste but the mutton was very tough .. wish the meat was tender .. then it would be one marvelous dish ! but alas .. I hope they improve… coz ITC Grand Maratha is known for its Indian Meat dishes….

Spread of cold cuts , salads veg , non veg, 4 types of breads ( for the firangi’s incase you choose not to have Indian breads aka Rotis)
Rotis are served hot with ur main course at ur table…. So enjoy ur meal with hot rotis! The good ol Indian way

They had this tasty Mirch pakodi with green and sweet chutney .. too lip smacking… wish the pakodi was lil warm …..

They have this Mahi tikka: - which u order and they serve it on the table… I skipped coz the fish they serve is often Betki a sweet water fish .. which I dont prefer

They also had a dish called tandoori fish which was combination of pomfret and betki ..fish fillets served with grilled veggies in tandoori masala . it all depended on ur luck.. which fish u get…. Coz they all look alike….. I tasted a small piece of fish .. grilled fish fillet with hint of mustard.. good for winters!

Few continental dishes… in veg & non veg… feta cheese cannelloni in mango sauce.. quite nice….
Fish in wine sauce, lamb chops in Gus gravy… good for the firangi pallete

Usual butter chicken and Gosht Kaliyan.. tender mutton in cashew paste…. Yummy to the core.. Tasted heavenly with soft rotis…very mughlai in taste..

Chicken Dum Biryani and Mutter Dum Pulao both yummy

I wish to mention here that thy had one corner where they kept small kullhads of cold creamy dahi! ( guys don’t miss it if ur one dahi lover .. even if ur not one .. u will end up liking it)

Array of sweets , cakes Indian sweets and fresh fruits….boy I’m already tired..

Go for a relaxed lunch which I ended up doing.. don’t rush coz u will enjoy every bit

I was in desperate need for some soda to digest this all.. so a diet coke with crushed ice…. Perfect!

Total bill…. 1500/- for two…
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Suryesh Chatwani - Burrp User

Suryesh Chatwani

October 25,2008

coffee tyme!

ohk we went to have hot choclate at aorund 1 am... but yeah i could have said hot choc tyme...dint quiet sound ryte! hmm newyz... amazing ambiance...!!!
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

August 05,2008

International Cuisine - Buffet

I visited this place on a saturday night. I initially intended to eat at Peshawari but I was glad to walk out of that place when i saw how the seating arrangement was. For a pricey restaurant in an upscale hotel to have such a cramped up ambiance was a put off. Although the decor was complying to the theme of the restaurant, the flat stools to sit on for dinner was too uncomfortable, so...we moved to Peshwa Pavilion which is right outside Peshawari and gives you a majestic feeling.
Its an ideal place to sit around for hours and enjoy its buffet (or ala carte as an option). There is ample seating available and the best part is that the tables arent setup too close to each other. I would rate the ambiance here to be 6/5!
Moving on to the food, from pastas to dahi chaat to tons of salads the buffet does offer the expected variety. The appetizers were ok to begin with. The main course which included a few italian dishes was mediocre and the 2 indian veggies were below par. What saved the grace was the paneer makhanwala and the black dal which was top notch. The hot bread served on the table was excellent. Plenty of deserts to choose from and all of them worth a try.
Service and staff - very friendly and helpful. All in all, the food was quite decent, could be better though.
Priced at 1150 pp all incl, the pricing is almost about the same as other buffets such as the mariott, lands end, etc.
I have the ITC membership to recieve a 50% off the food bill so I would be a frequent visitor for sure.
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