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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: teas

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Vast tea menu
150 varieties of teas from India and the top brand
Tanmay Jain - Burrp User

Tanmay Jain

July 27,2016

wonderful place

Wonderful place with a great collection of tea at a reasonable price.
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Indori Bhiya - Burrp User

Indori Bhiya

July 27,2016

wonderful place

wonderful place, nice collection of tea at a very reasonable rate.
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Tanmay Jain - Burrp User

Tanmay Jain

July 20,2016

great place

its a great place to hangout with friends for a quick cup of tea, they have variety of tea options.
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raj1301 - Burrp User


May 29,2016

closed for renovation

hey. it was so disappointing to drive all the way from bandra and find it closed for renovation. this is for information of the food and tea lovers. hope it starts soon.
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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

March 29,2015

Relaxing timeout place

Tea center is located in Churchgate. This place is for Tea lovers. U get variety of teas. Different Snacks are also available Veg and Non veg. Here u should try honeyapple butter tea, it is good in taste. Otherwise place is ordinary and service is ok. But good meeting place or say drop down place. Prices are very reasonable and in so many years no major renovations done.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 29,2015

Such a nice place

I have never been much of a tea lover but my mom is and she is the one who introduced me to this place. Ambiance is really good,inside! From outside I didn't even realize it is a nice cozy place inside! It is a small English cafe sort of place where you can relax,have some tea,waffles,pancakes,omelettes, toast and so on. Must visit once!
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 31,2014

A hidden gem !!

Not many know of this place. It is one of those 80's decor restaurant.
Simple & classic food with ultimate flavour.

Have gone there many times & each time it has been an amazing culinary experience.

Indulged in their chilli garlic fries & cheese corn balls. That has just bowled me over by their taste. Chicken lollipop is again a very tasty dish worth trying.

Their pumpkin & rosemary soup has a very unique taste - pleasant one.
One should definitely try their pesto pasta with walnut & veggies of your choice.

Siciliana pasta is a very creamy & balanced dish.

Their roast lamb in brown sauce is one dish I always order as they make it perfect & I can't get that taste anywhere else.

Its a very well priced restaurant. Not expensive reasonably priced.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 30,2014

For the Tea Lovers

Tea Center holds the bastion for tea amongst the zillion coffee chains in the city.The multitude of teas in the menu are all suited to different tastes.Its a place where you go,sit and relax and have tea.The food is good but not exceptional and one should also always remember that the food is an accompaniment and not the main attraction.The masala chai is divine, it does not hit your throat very hard like ginger tea but the explosion of flavor is immense as ginger is just one of the "masalas" in the chai. The bell on each table to call the server although innovative was a little derogatory to the server i thought. I always call my server by his name and was not entirely comfortable ringing a bell...was eerily similar to sitting in an aircraft and pressing the overhead button for the steward :)

Located just 5 minutes walk from the churchgate station i would highly reccomend tea Center....its a wonderful place to read and sip your chai....and one of the very few left in this part of the city.....
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

March 13,2014

Amazing experience

There are some things about Tea Centre that made me feel that I had entered a time machine and was transported to an era gone by. Well, I will illustrate how:

1] It is located at a 5 minute walking distance from Churchgate railway station, on an equally crowded and busy road. Yet when you step inside this restaurant, the world around you lulls down to a very slow pace; quite a contrast to the hustle-bustle happening outside at that very moment.

2] The entire ambience belongs to a time gone-by. The chairs, the table, the table cloth, yellow lighting. They even have single seat sofas, which are no longer seen anywhere around, but very uncomfortable to sit and eat. They are good if you wana relax and chat. There are wall hangings about tea.

3] The decibel levels are pretty low as compared to any other restaurants, much like when the Sahib’s were around. An occasional group of ladies may still be indulging in the latest gossip but not in a manner to disturb others.

4] Now comes the most important feature, if you want to place your order or call for attention from the steward or ask for your cheque, a small bell has been placed on each table. You are required to pick it up and ring it and you will be attended to. Again a very British like tradition where noise level are kept to the least minimum.

5] Service is slow compared to the outside world, another old-world tradition where time was not a luxury as it is today. People preferred to spend good amount of time of eating and chatting. Word of caution; please drop in if you have ample of time on hand.

I walked in here within an old friend for lunch. We ordered Samosa’s [huge ones], Chowpatty Grilled sandwich [nothing great about it] and Basilico Pasta. The pasta was nice and saucy but was a bit over cooked, it wasn’t made Al-Dente.

We started off with a Pudina chai which was ooh-so nice and concluded our binge with the Buttered Apple tea which was a revelation. In fact the first 6 pages of the menu have only various types of tea that are served here.

The damages came to Rs.610 for 2 persons which is a decent considering the experience it was. This institution is almost 60 years old and is run by the Tea Board of India.

I won’t say that I had the best food here but certainly the variety of tea served here and the experience will surely make me come back for more.
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


February 17,2014

Tea for thought!

Tea Center is an initiative of the Tea Board which is run by the Government of India. It has been around since around for atleast 60 years and carries with it, that old world charm even today. The decor, wall pieces and seating remind you so much of the days gone by. And how can I miss that tiny Golden bell on each table, which gives a pleasant ring as one may use it to call a waiter to their table. Well, I am not very comfortable using a bell as a medium for someone to attend to me. An "Excuse me" or a wave of the hand would work equally well, I feel. But the Golden bell sure does give a feel of the British era for those who want to enjoy it!

Since it is Tea Centre, a large portion of the menu obviously comprises of different varieties of teas. There are plenty of 2 pot teas too (which are sufficient for almost 3) for those wishing to binge of teas. But even the non-tea lovers need not fret here as they have a fine breakfast, lunch and dinner menu too. And of course, how can I forget the yummy Indian and Western accompaniments that you can have with your tea - Pakodas, Samosas, Sandwiches, Tikkis, Scones, Pies....Mmmmmm!! My mouth is already watering!!! Special mention of the Rajasthani Bhindi served with a special curd based-chutney which is an interesting starter. I'm a huge mushroom fan and will be trying their hugely popular Mushrooms on toast for breakfast soon.

The food is well priced and the seating is comfortable. Best enjoyed for quite conversations with friends or even if you alone and working on your laptop or reading a book. The loud groups rather stay away.

Sure enough, there's something for everyone here at Tea Centre! Will be back!
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Nikhil Nahar - Burrp User

Nikhil Nahar

January 20,2014

Good Chai & Food but bad Management

This is indeed the best place for any hour of the day. Though it is named as tea center it is a full bound restaurant with many cuisines available on the menu.

They have hell lot of options for teas & snacks to accompany your CHAI.

The only bad part, stupid waiters, arrogant management...!!!

Despite of having many empty tables they will make you wait keeping bigger tables empty for larger groups. And their waiter have guts to come & tell you the reason for keeping the table empty. The waiter tells me- "Sir Public yaha aake fokat mein kahi ghante baitha rehta hai isliye hum sab ko table nahi dete"

I mean WTF??? Yes they serve good tea & food options but it gives them no right to talk all this crap.

I still suggest, go there to check out the best tea & snacks options at decent price.
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shreya shah - Burrp User

shreya shah

January 20,2014

Tea Centre

A nice hidden place. Not many people know about this place. They serve a variety of tea and a lot of other food as well. Their pastas and sandwiches are amazing. The place is quite cozy and takes you to another era. Makes you feel like you have gone back in the past. It has the old world charm. Its a simple place to enjoy a good meal.And the place gives you value for money as well.
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Surjith Mooppil - Burrp User

Surjith Mooppil

December 09,2013

One of my fav place

Besides their variety of good food, it’s their service and ambiance that wins you over. As you enter this place, you’re greeted with a sophisticated old-world charm. Spaciously spread out circular tables covered with white table cloth such that conversations held on each table get their own privacy. The atmosphere is quiet with soft lights and instrumental tracks of classic English songs playing faintly in the background (you have to stop talking and listen to the music to decipher which song is being played). Placed on each table is a little bell you can ring (like the ones used during puja) when you want to summon the staff at your service. Perhaps, the best part about the place is that it has a very relaxed atmosphere, unlike any other bustling restaurant. The staff doesn’t pester you or hover around the tables for you to place your order, in order to prevent disturbing you during your conversations.
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PriChheda - Burrp User


December 06,2013

Place to visit

I read about this place in newspaper and I was surprised to know it was so close to Chruchgate station. I have walked from Chruchgate station to marine drive promenade several times but I never noticed this hidden gem. Its a nice place with good ambiance. They serve several varieties of tea kulad tea being special. Also, you can try hot buttered apple tea. They have wide variety in breakfast too. Food is good and so is the service. They have kept bell on each table for calling the waiters, I found this so cute! I think I will keep visiting this place for trying different tea flavours they offer.
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Savtel - Burrp User


October 30,2013

one of my favourite place

Tea Centre is a real peaceful place in the midst of one of the prime localities of Mumbai. I really love the place for its calm & enduring nature…to start with I love their Chilli garlic French fries & vegetable au gratin which is nicely baked… you wouldn’t have the waiters coming to you every now & then to bother you to eat & leave soon..their apple pie is just so perfect.. it is the place for Tea lovers, which I am not, but undoubtedly I love being here
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 04,2013

Must try place!

This is Bombay's answer to having our very own British kind tea restaurant. The ambience being very English and a bell on the table kept to call the waiters (find that very condescending) however, is the USP of this place. Mostly popular as a breakfast joint with the variety of pancakes, egg options and toasts that they have on offer they have an exceptional array of teas. Do try them and the delicious add ons they are served with
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Shruti Ambavat - Burrp User

Shruti Ambavat

October 02,2013

Whole host of variety on teas

India Tea Centre is definitely the place that made me fall in love with green tea. I have been going to this place religiously since past 5 years. Being so close to the Churchgate Station, it has maintained its old world charm so preciously. The old photographs of the place and the lovely quotes on teas is something I look forward to everytime I visit ITC. Be it teas or scones or poha or cottage cheese steak, ITC makes everything perfect. The waiters, though, also belong to the old era and for some reason cannot pace themselves up. All in all, a must visit place for tea lovers.
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Vipul  - Burrp User


September 22,2013

This one is a winner

A lot of people think that this place is permanently shut, its not. It shuts at 10:30 pm. Dont be fooled by that shutter that you see outside the building on Right hand side of the enterance

We are definitely not used to coffee shops serving good food. But Tea Centre does just the opposite ( with Tea & not coffee). The decor is amazing. Its got a lovely old world charm of its own.

They have an extensive menu of Tea's . Try the Hot Buttered Apple Tea. For people who like Cold Beverages, try the Mango Iced Tea - That is the best Iced Tea i have had in Bombay.

For breakfast, try their executive breakfast . Do try the Chicken Omelette with Sausage for sure.

The Vegetables in Coriander Sauce with Garlic Bread is highly recommended for vegetarians . Chicken with Mushroom makes an interesting starter, Chicken Peri Peri is superb.

This place is a must visit for anyone who boards a train from Churchgate. You can skip the madness of peak hour local train traffic and relish the goodness of Hot Buttered Apple Tea for a change :)
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R Sutaria - Burrp User

R Sutaria

August 28,2013

a testament on how to adapt with the times

The Tea Center at churchgate has a very special place in our family, being the place where my folks used to meet before marriage, back in 1975. We've been going to this place for the past 5 yrs regularly, and I really enjoy the feel, ambiance as well as the food. The cuisine has good variety and it's delicious. One of the enduring charms of this place is the small bell kept on each table, so that you don't need to keep bobbing up and down on your chair to get the attention of the server. A simple chime on the bell can get them to your table. The place is a delight to go to, and I sincerely hope it stays around for the next 20 yrs too! :-)
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Anshul  Dosi - Burrp User

Anshul Dosi

August 19,2013

great for breakfast meetings

Tea Center is the best place for tea lovers. The number of teas in the menu is quite creditable. Great place to relax, have tea and chat with friends. Ambiance is bit okish but the best part is those calling bells on tables. Overall must visit place for any tea lover.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

August 05,2013

Old world charm

I've been hearing about Tea Centre since past 3 years but visited only few months ago. It's a simple place with an extensive list of teas and dishes like pasta, sandwiches etc. on the menu. There are bells kept on the table which you can ring to call the waiter. The hot buttered apple tea is something you must must try. I also tried a sandwich their but don't quite remember the taste. I've heard that their pastas are good. Do visit to experience the city's old world charm.
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Akshay Kapse - Burrp User

Akshay Kapse

August 04,2013


Maintaining the old school impression; Tea centre has been one of the best places to hangout. The word refreshment has defined here. Everything on the menu is awesome let it be snacks, breakfasts or beverages. I never knew that a simple tea can be prepared in so many different ways. You get lovely kulad chai here ! Must try ! Its very refreshing. Ambience is classy. Service is quick. Loved the experience! I would definitely go again and recommend it to my friends.
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Lisa Antao - Burrp User

Lisa Antao

May 23,2013

Good food, great service, great ambience

Discovering Tea Centre just two years ago is one of the many minor-yet-somewhat-significant regrets of my life. This restaurant, tucked inside Resham Bhavan building (and therefore, invisible to passers by), opposite Asiatic shopping centre, is one of the hidden gems in this city. You very likely to spot a mixed crowd, like a couple on a date, friends catching up on quality time, elderly folks, and professionals on a business meeting discussing work, at any given time. So, it is indeed a great place for all of the above.

As you enter this place, you’re greeted with a sophisticated old-world charm. Spaciously spread out circular tables covered with white table cloth such that conversations held on each table get their own privacy. The atmosphere is quiet with soft lights and instrumental tracks of classic English songs playing faintly in the background (you have to stop talking and listen to the music to decipher which song is being played). Placed on each table is a little bell you can ring (like the ones used during puja) when you want to summon the staff at your service. Perhaps, the best part about the place is that it has a very relaxed atmosphere, unlike any other bustling restaurant. The staff doesn’t pester you or hover around the tables for you to place your order, in order to prevent disturbing you during your conversations.

The name Tea Centre is very deceptive as they serve a wide variety of food and beverages. Their menu is divided into sections such as Teas, Breakfast, Snacks & Starters, Continental and Indian Cuisine (including starters and main course in vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and desserts. Since their menu is pretty diverse, making choices can be difficult.

So here’s my list of recommendations: Among hot teas, the Hot Buttered Apple Tea (delicious indeed and a sure-shot winner), Banana Caramel Tea, Pudina Chai and Lemongrass Tea. As for iced-teas, the Mojito (my most favourite), Peach, Strawberry and Mango. Other favourites include – for Starters, Chilli Garlic French Fries, Macaroni & Cheese Wedges, Murg Chatpata and Cream of Chicken Soup. In sandwiches it’s got to be Spicy Creamy Chicken and Chargrilled Meditarranean Chicken. Their Bruschetta and Sheperd’s Pie is delicious. For the Main Course it’s Pasta Alfredo (very cheesy with Chicken), Prawn Biryani. Sadly, I have not tried any desserts here because I’m always so stuffed with the food and beverages.

Recently, I had gone there for breakfast. My friend and I ordered the Executive Breakfast Non-veg (Rs 155) and Executive Breakfast Veg (Rs 125) and French Toast (Rs 95). We couldn’t resist ordering some Ham on the side (real pork ham, not that fake chicken ham variety) (Rs 80). The non-veg version of the Executive Breakfast included eggs (either fried, scrambled or poached), one slice of toasted brown bread along with butter and jam as accompaniments and a hot cup of robust Lemongrass Tea.

The veg version of the Executive Breakfast includes the same as above except, instead of eggs, you get to choose between Baked Beans on Toast/Tomato Omlette/Mushrooms on Toast. I chose Mushrooms on Toast, and boy, glad I did. Sauteed mushrooms in creamy, cheesy white sauce with crushed black pepper and freshly chopped basil leaves on toast just made my day. The French Toast was nothing to boast of. I wished it had a slightly crisp exterior accompanied by some maple syrup on the side.

Overall, Tea Centre is a sure-shot winner. The food is quite good, in fact you can blindly order anything on the menu. Their pricing is justified, and the ambience and service is even better. Don’t be in a hurry to eat here. Just relax, take your time, and savour the food and beverages leisurely.
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VinceJ - Burrp User


March 23,2013

Great teas.. Rude staff..

Tea Centre has some amazing teas, and I'll give it 5 stars for that.

But can someone teach their staff to be courteous?
A friend, who is a regular customer, had gone recently on a Sunday. She wanted to buy some teas from the store, and was informed by the head waiter that the store that sells the teas was shut on Sundays.
So we went on a Tuesday, reached at 8pm, and found the store shut again!
Head waiter told us nonchalantly that it closes by 7pm and that we should see the timings sign. As we began to tell him that there was no signage regarding timings, he just walked away! What kind of respect for a regular customer is that?
When another friend confronted him, he didn't even bother to reply or apologize. All the other waiters gathered around to gawk.

Whoever owns this place, I know you have some amazing teas, at a great location, but that doesn't mean your staff behave and work like they own the place and that your customers are a waste of time.
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Sunny Jindal - Burrp User

Sunny Jindal

February 25,2013

Awesome tea and continental food

This place is serene, quite, good place to sit and relax. And not to forget awesome tea and delicious food
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Ankit Gandhi - Burrp User

Ankit Gandhi

January 17,2013

Awesome Food, Tea & Ambiance!!!

After a stressful day, if you decide not to drink alcohol then this is the place to go and relax! The ambiance is very peaceful. The music is playing at a very slow volume so that you can converse :) Along with the tea. the food is also very good. A must try is a Murg Sigri and Fish fingers with tartar sauce. And the best part is that its pretty reasonable.
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Priyanka Hodavdeker - Burrp User

Priyanka Hodavdeker

October 19,2012

Must Go For a Peace of mind and an amazing cup of

I happen to visit this place just after reading few reviews on the web and hearing about its uniqueness. The place was not soo crowded on a weekday ofcourse. To place an order i had to ring a small bell on the table to call the waiter, which i liked (better than calling with different names).

I'm a person who basically asks "what you get the best here?" and when you look at the menu card you are sure to get confused with the variety to teas offered by them. 2 teas are mostly preferred and liked is "Hot buttered Apple tea" and "Kullad ki Chai". I opted for Hot buttered Apple tea and cheese chilli toast. The staff was very co-operative and friendly with my questions.

The interior is an old Bombay style, with dim lights, tea quotes, a wall full of frames of good old times, the lamps and architect just makes you feel relaxed and free from the hustle of the city.

Tea was absolute worthy and the cheese chilli toast was just melting in my mouth with fresh cheese and spicy flavor to go with the tea. And by the way, 1 tea can serve two people comfortably.

I went on to ask for the recipe of the tea served to me and the chef didn't hesitate even once to tell me the ingredients and how it is made.

There is a Tea Shop with the cafe, where you will find almost 150 varieties of teas from India and the top brands sold here. You can also buy teas from there, i didn't buy but sure to buy next time i go.

PS: The cafe is 50 year old and one of the oldest and maintained cafe by government. Recommended as many times as i can..!
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Karan Vaswani - Burrp User

Karan Vaswani

October 16,2012

An Old Favorite

I've been a patron of Tea Centre, on and off, since the mid-1990s, and have witnessed various menu changes and renovations over the years. From the current menu, the standouts are the fish thermidor, the poached fish in lemon sauce, the chilly garlic fries, the green tea with jasmine and the rose tea.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

September 12,2012

Chai and relax

Tea Center holds the bastion for tea amongst the zillion coffee chains in the city.The multitude of teas in the menu are all suited to different tastes.Its a place where you go,sit and relax and have tea.The food is good but not exceptional and one should also always remember that the food is an accompaniment and not the main attraction.The masala chai is divine, it does not hit your throat very hard like ginger tea but the explosion of flavor is immense as ginger is just one of the "masalas" in the chai. The bell on each table to call the server although innovative was a little derogatory to the server i thought. I always call my server by his name and was not entirely comfortable ringing a bell...was eerily similar to sitting in an aircraft and pressing the overhead button for the steward :)

Located just 5 minutes walk from the churchgate station i would highly reccomend tea Center....its a wonderful place to read and sip your chai....and one of the very few left in this part of the city.....
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foodangel - Burrp User


August 31,2012

Reminiscent of the past

Tea Centre is a really nice place. It's reminiscent of what tea rooms in the British period might have been like. Situated in the midst of a crowded and noisy Churchgate, Tea Centre gives you that much needed calm in your day. There are plenty of teas to choose from (Earl Grey is highly recommended). The pastas, the garlic french fries and the cheese and jalapeno poppers are really good too. Don't forget to check out their quote frames!
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worldbest - Burrp User


June 21,2012

Surprise Overcrowded & Noisy

I went there for tea, toast & quiet & peacfull ambiance to relax for a while. Unfortunately it was overcrowded & with full of noice from patrons. Tea & Toast were just ok nothing special. OK once is a while for old time sake,.
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iliveforfood17 - Burrp User


February 13,2012

My most favourite place in Mumbai city for hangout

Simply superb as a place to sit and chat endlessly over a kulhad of Masala Chai and paneer pakodas and poha :) i just love the tea center- brilliantly accessible- this one's right next to the churchgate station, never overcrowded, has a relaxing atmosphere, has a huge range of teas and food items to choose from .. I almost end up there every weekend!
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Shrikala Kashyap - Burrp User

Shrikala Kashyap

September 09,2011

Step into the eighties

If I had a picture of how restaurant experiences would be in the eighties,, it would be like Tea Centre. This quaint, little place is tres homely and serves the best chai that I have tasted in town. Take a cozy corner with your friends and order a cup of kulhad chai. If you are here for a meal, I would suggest the Dal tadka and Bhindi Chatpati (a must order). Service is prompt. This place has become a recent favorite and I find myself coming here for dinner every time I visit town. Love the place!
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piccolina - Burrp User


April 27,2011

Disappointing visit

I've been a Tea Centre regular for a while now, but my last visit there was not a pleasant one.

The place was pretty empty but the waiters were in such a rush to get me out - I picked up the last piece of my mushroom toast off my plate and before I could put it in my mouth, my plate was whisked away - I hate being hurried while eating so that made me really cross!

When I asked if I could plug in my phone charger, I was told it was 'not allowed to use their electricity'. Really? I've never heard anything more silly.

As the name suggests, the teas are great here, though the ice teas tend to be rather sweet - you're better off asking them to bring sugar syrup on the side so that you can decide how much you want. I was trying to figure out whether to give them 3 stars or 2, but on the balance decided that the quality of the food and my previous good experiences merited the extra star. However, given the wide range of coffee shops and tea lounges that have now opened up in Mumbai, I think I'd choose some other place instead of the Tea Centre the next time.
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

January 14,2011

Persian, Dreamy, Star-rish :-)

So I finally visited The Tea Centre after hearing so much about its 'hot buttered apple tea'. It was just divine! Rs. 80 for two cups of the tea and it was just heavenly. More on that in a bit. As I stepped in, I felt like I entered an art cafe of an English-Irani century (excuse my crazy imagination here but it's what I thought)! The place is bathed in a vanilla light with minimal noise-levels. If perhaps, you'd like to work alone on your laptop, it'd be nice. Or read a book. Or just meet an old friend :-) The chilly-garlic fries are really awesome! Oooh, the tea, yes, the tea was awesome: magical, dreamy, heavenly, delicious and just lovely. Served in a pot and priced at Rs. 80 for two cups, it's pretty reasonable. The tea when served in a cup has a sliver of an apple in it, it's the kind of hot drink that you could have before sleeping. Love it! The service is okay.
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desireviews - Burrp User


November 01,2010

Horrible service/Pestered to keep ordering

Visited tea center twice and had the same bad experience hence posting this review
a) First experience - waiters were gossiping next to the table and when request for privacy these refused to move away.
b) Second experience - ordered couple of items and were done eating in 30 minutes. Waiter came over and said "You have to order more to continue sitting else leave now"
Manager/owner did not help in both occasions

Will never go back
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Komallath - Burrp User


July 31,2010

Superb experience

I chanced upon this place when deciding on a quiet yet cheerful place and absolutely love the place! do not miss the Butter apple tea with their delicious pastries on the side...will love to go here again for their main course..

wish they start a tea-pairing menu with their food...would be something really innovative....
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penocchio - Burrp User


June 21,2010

Best in Churchgate

Have been here a number of times with friends and family,and have loved it everytime. The bell-system for table service,there are 100s of different types of tea and the vast menu variety is well-worth it.Loved the toilets too :-)
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meerajaisingh - Burrp User


June 15,2010

Bring back the old times

I have been a regular at this place. I was there this Saturday 12th June in the evening at 6 pm. the place was decently full. But this time the waiters were blank they were struggling. You could make out they are short staffed. The food I ordered, the creamy chicken sandwich was bland no taste at all I have had it there much better. The Chicken kaju kabab was just like a plain veg tikki without taste.The ready made teas were not good. You could get much better on the roadside tea stalls. What I want the management to know is that We can make out the staff is new. But my advice bring back the old ones whatever the cost.
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June 07,2010




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Dina  - Burrp User


September 07,2009


i randomly discovered this place while strolling down the popular churchgate area.if you are looking for some peace and quiet around, this is your best bet. it has quite a cosy setting .Isn't it cool that you have to ring the little bell to catch the waiters attention? Try the Hot butter apple tea..its very unique. i don't care much for the food here, but the sandwiches are not bad. i adore this place..i would bunk lectures and come here whenever i'd feel down or stressed out, and it worked like magic!
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


August 01,2009

Chai garam!!!

This place is tooo good! The ambiance is very soothing. The choicest of teas along with snacks of different sorts. The hot buttered apple tea is highly recommended.

Just jump out of the train at Churchgate and you can hop into this place.
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abcdmm - Burrp User


July 16,2009

Very nice place to hang out

Tried the rose tea (excellent), iced lemon tea (very very good and thankfully not from a packet), onion rings (nice, not too doughy or thick) and apple pie (yummy, cinnamon-scented with a crisscrossed pastry top)... The wait staff is very friendly and polite, though service can be a little slow some times... can't wait to go back :-)
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Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

June 29,2009

Must visit for tea-lovers. Charming place.

When I first saw this tiny place nestled in between old buildings, it was undergoing a revamp. I could just sigh and pass by making a mental note to check whenever it re-opened. The sweltering heat, however, kept me from visiting this place when I found (from a review here on burrp) that it had re-opened.
Last Sunday, woke up to a rain-washed, cool, calm Mumbai morning and decided that I would not be making breakfast. The awesome weather helped convince hubby to make the drive down to South Mumbai.
We ended there at around 10, wondering if it would be open or not - but the sign said they open at 8:30!! Wow!
I loved the ambiance. Lovely seating- not crowded, not too spacious, just right. The few posters, the liveried waiters and especially the absence of background piped music. The little bells to summon the waiters - quaint! - no 'excuse me' and 'hello' or 'waiter' summons - just the tinkle of bells.
You really are spoiled for choice here - the variety of tea on offer is gorgeous. I was trying to decide which ones (yes, plural) to get and in what order. We ended up ordering the Darjeeling tea, a cup of the English Breakfast Tea and to polish it off, their superlative The Hot Buttered Apple Tea. The last one is a must try - it was a hit with both me and hubby (which is not that usual, must say).
They offer continental as well as Indian fare - both in breakfast items and snacks. Hubby decided to stick with Indian and was happy enough with both his upma and poha. My masala omlette was just ok - made more in Spanish style that Indian, it lacked masala (!). The scones were dry, crumby and went superbly with the tea, but were too dry to eat as-is. The toast with brown bread that we ordered looked suspiciously like colored white bread. Hmm...
The service, though friendly and knowledgeable is slow. Expect to hear quite some tinkling of bells. For a Sunday morning, it was quite full - 80% occupied. If only they had a view, I would for one be there with a book to keep me company along with their tea! Having become a little used to the CCDs and Baristas, the quaint, chattai-curtained, British-Raj club-esque feel of this place does seem charming on the first visit, but I guess you would be missing the bright sunlight and laid back attitude.
With the wallet lighter by around 500 bucks, I thought this Sunday morning breakfast was totally worth it.
All in all, a must visit for tea lovers to sample beautiful teas.
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vj171081 - Burrp User


June 08,2009

We are not Brista or CCD ( dont go)

You cannot sit there once your chai is over.

They say one has to leave once the order is finished as we are a restaurant and not ccd or barista.

After a recent makeover of tea center these are the new rules.

So dont go to Tea centre incase yo are in the mood of long conversations.
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Ally  - Burrp User


April 25,2009


So I went to Tea Centre on a balmy (ok, scorching) Saturday morning for a leisurely breakfast and there I encountered a man made of the stuff that contestants on Shabaash India are made of.

I kid you not, here was a waiter who continued to give me a toothy smile even while he talked. Service, needless to say, was excellent.

As soon as I sat down, the menus followed five minutes later and I didn't even have to ring the bell on the table (charming) even once.

As about the food, I had the executive breakfast (non veg) with bacon and a plain omlette, white toast and tea whilst my friend had the same only with sausages instead of bacon.

The omlette was light and fluffy and thankfully the bacon was made of pork and not this new age chicken stuff you get everywhere now (Cafe Churchill pay attention). My only grouse was perhaps that the bacon wasn't as well done as i expected but then again extra crispy is an acquired taste.

All in all it was a perfect brunch complete with great ambience and a very funny anecdote between Winston Churchill and a lady (whose name I forget) pasted up on the wall for everyone to read and enjoy.
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Vishal S - Burrp User

Vishal S

October 31,2007

Nahi jaaoge to pachhtaoge!

Tea Centre at Resham Bhavan is nestled inside this old edifice for quite a while... so old that people have forgotten its existence. This is one place that I wish I had frequented more (Sydenham is just a lane away)... but as luck and 'money-making-pursuits' would have it, yesterday was only my third visit.

Now, I'm not a tea-drinker (3 cups including the one yesterday in this lifetime!)... but something made me try the stuff on one hot October afternoon. I have always had the ' Crunchy Cottage cheese kebabs' and this was on my wish list (and later on my plate) again... A classy open sandwich with cheese and gherkin (means 'pickled cucumber' if I've spelt it right) was indeed a treat.. The portions (kebab and sandwich) are large and beautifully served along with some great chutney.

As for the tea, I didn't mind that at all.. Going by the waiter's reccomendation, we ordered the CTC version of the Broken Orange Pekoe (au lait, of course) since I didn't fancy any exotic one... It was strong with a distinct aroma of freshness... (reminded me of the Tea Estate in Ooty.. although this was not a Nilgiri tea)... If you order for the pot tea for 2 cups you end up getting 4... (generous as I think the management is)

Other stuff - Darjeeling tea (exotic), Assam tea (strong) and Nilgiri tea (aromatic)... also available are your regular teas and a bigger selection of stuff to eat!

4 cups of quality tea, two large-portion tasty snacks and two hours of relaxed time - Rs. 250!
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mohitkishore - Burrp User


August 26,2007

Excellent ambiance

I strongly believe that tea is to India, what wines are to France, and its about time we start promoting a tea drinking culture. There are certainly enough varieties of tea available in the world for connoisseurs to keep themselves occupied for long hours with their aromas and flavours! We need more places like the Tea Centre to stand tall amidst the proliferation of the Barista's and Cafe Coffee Days of the world.

The Tea Centre is run by the Tea Board of India, and the British Raj influence is rather evident in the overall ambiance of the place. The walls are adorned with interesting facts about tea, and the tea drinking culture of India. The waiters wear the traditional livery that one associates with an era bygone (including the turban). Each table has a silver bell which can be used to beckon the waiters.

The Tea Centre boasts of an authentic and wide variety of teas from various parts of India. If you have trouble understanding your orange pekoes from nilgiris, the helpful waiters are ever on their toes to help you out with your choice. We had a pot of 'broken orange pekoe' with a bit of milk.

The food includes Indian and Continental fare. The continental stuff is not all that authentic, but sure tastes good. Do try out the roast chicken, which is served with bread, boiled vegetables and mashed potatoes. The prawns on toast is an excellent starter to get those taste buds in form.

The Tea Centre has an excellent ambiance suited for those who like a quiet, luxurious evening in the company of friends or even a book. I think it would make good destination for a business meeting too.

Bonus tip: There is a tea shop which is attached to the Tea Centre, where you can buy some authentic stuff (Nilgiri tea anyone?)

Overall score:
Food: 4/5
Tea: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Price: reasonable
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