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  • Nearly half the visitors would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Harippa Paneer Tikka
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Friends

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Staff lacks attention and quality
Keep your expectations really low when it comes to
Jessvin_pinto190 - Burrp User


August 27,2014

Team Buffet at The Yellow Chilli

Had a team lunch with my colleagues . Literally had a wonderful time over there. Nice food, perfect service and a decent ambiance too. Would be a wise choice for good quality dishes. Buffet menu is a perfect nine .Wide variety and plenty of options too . Would like to visit here again.
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AnandBile85 - Burrp User


August 26,2014

Nice dining experience

Excellent place.They have a wide range of North Indian and chinese in their menu.The ambiance is really appealing... the soft lighting gives a very sophisticated, romantic feeling.
The food tastes good and the buffet is a good bet and value for money. Desserts are very good .Not to miss hot gulab jamun in the menu.The service is courteous, though the serving time might be a bit long...It is a fantastic place to lunch or dine for business, family and simply to impress anyone you want to give a decent dining experience to.
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manoj001 - Burrp User


August 21,2014

Good place

I am completely satisfied with the service and ambiance of this place.This time around I could see a drastic improvement in the service, ambiance and the food served .The quality of food is still excellent especially the non veg starters. Would like to have buffet here the next time I visit this place.
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SijuSom3785 - Burrp User


August 20,2014

Lunch at Yellow Chilli

Delicious food and great options in the menu. Dum Ghost Biriyani and chicken tikka were fabulous. Chinese items were also upto the mark.Though I would recommend only north indian food here.Their treatment for guest is warm and friendly . Not a big place but well maintained. A nice place that I'd suggest to every one.

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Pankaj009 - Burrp User


August 14,2014

Greeat food and hospitality

We had a nice time with great food and hospitality. We went our office team and we are happy with the way they treated us and all the food they served was just awesome! The Dum ghost biryani needs to have special mention as it was just amazing .The Chinese items were also nice. Overall nice place to spend quality time with your loved ones
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Shashidhar899 - Burrp User


August 05,2014

Economical Buffets

It's a 'Wow' place to go to for an economical buffet.The lunch buffet is what I ate. There are many vegetarian and non vegetarian items. The highlight of the place is the lip smacking kebabs and the dessert varieties.
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Deepthi Rai - Burrp User

Deepthi Rai

July 30,2014

Worth a visit

Very good food and ambience. Paneer tikka, aloo Nazakath, baby corn fry were awesome and fish starters they served was extraordinary. Main course we're also pretty good, Biryani, Murgh Rara was very nice.Veg pulav was decent and to mention a point unlike other hotels the peas in pulav were cooked very well. Deserts were yummy,gulab jamun ann hot jelabis were so yummy to taste which will not let you to have just one. Overall, its worth your money spent over here.
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chetu89 - Burrp User


July 24,2014

Best North Indian food and ambience

Last evening we went to this restaurant along with my relatives .The ambience was excellent, we really enjoyed the food and the staff service was very courteous.The good part is they do have good option in menu for both vegetarian and non veggies. So they have done good justice for vegetarians like us. One should definitely try Harippa Paneer Tikka if u like spicy food. The restaurant is priced very reasonably.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

July 20,2014

Bad Experience

A long standing treat was dished out today. We chose Yellow Chilli because I have dined in one of their other restaurants and quite liked the food there. Also my guests took a liking to its unique name and the “Sanjeev Kapoor” tag also tilted the scales in its favour.

The layout is pretty good with tables laid out evenly. The entire restaurant is nicely illuminated and color co-ordinated with shades of brown and off-white. Being a Sunday afternoon, it was crowded but we found a table to seat ourselves quickly.

The service is quick, we were attended to pretty fast considering the crowd.

I just love the type of crockery they use here to serve the starters, sauces / chutney / pickle and also the salt and pepper sprinklers.

We ordered the following:
Masala Mint Cooler / Jaljeera

Masala Papad – The unique thing about the masala papad served here is that the veggies are served cold as toppings over the papad.

Karara Subz Roll – A crispy fried roll stuffed with juliennes of cabbage and carrot, looked like a mini spring roll. Though the menu card claims that it is served with tamarind, chilli and garlic sauce, this one was served with schezwan sauce.

Palak Pindi Chhole – A nice innovation which was nice and spicy and served with semi-thick gravy. The chick peas were soft and nicely done. Here again the menu claims that they serve chick peas over crispy spinach fitters. There was spinach in the dish but by no stretch of imagination can it be called spinach fritters. I can understand that the crispiness isnt retained for long as it gets soggy due to the gravy but at least the first serving should give that crisp feeling.

Pyaz Mirch ki Roti – Loved this innovation in a roti.

Nizami Tarkari Biryani – Well again a variation from the menu; in the entire bowl / container of the biryani there was only 3 pieces of cauliflower, 5 pieces of French beans, 6 pieces of carrot & some green peas and no sign of gravy / curry[as the menu claims it to be]. To make it even more horrifying, it was served with Jeera Raita made from the sourest curd possible. Biryani can be had with any curd preparation but the curd necessarily needs to be good and fresh if not sweet. This dish was a disaster.

There were advertising that they are serving hot Jalebi but upon ordering for the same, we were told that they don’t have it on the menu today; then why publicise it.

The damages came to Rs.425 per head for 3 people.

I have eaten at Yellow Chilli before at their other. I enjoyed and relished the food there then. However, this trip was an absolute disaster to say the least. An occasion was turned sour because of the food. To say the least, this is one of my forgettable experiences.
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alokmr99 - Burrp User


July 16,2014

Memorable dining experience

This is place to have fine dining with friends I was looking for.. Out of words for appreciation..... A real place for a foodie to have great experience of food, ambience with prompt service. Had fish tikka, paneer kadai and dum biryani and the chicken was so tender that it was melting in the mouth.... Had one of the most memorable experience of dining. Thanks to Sanjeev Kapoor - and all the staff for being so courteous....
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Rehana Khambaty - Burrp User

Rehana Khambaty

June 24,2014


It was an awesome and thrilling experience at The Yellow Chilli Restaurant.
Had a variety of Indian dishes and some of them were just too mouth watering and explicit. Loved the Ambiance and the service and quality was excellent.
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amit poonj - Burrp User

amit poonj

May 30,2014

Good restaurent

Soup was quite ordinary and was not piping hot.But very tasty food. Pudeena sheek kebad was exquisite. In main course we ordered Bhuna Gost and Kadai Paneer along with tandoori rotis. Kadai paneer was awesome but the chicken was too less spicy for my taste.Gulab jamoos was good not great.Overall nice restaurent for family dining
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Ralston Miranda - Burrp User

Ralston Miranda

May 14,2014

Liked it

Went with my family to have lunch buffet.Get variety of spread in both veg and non veg.
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Rajiv Shukla - Burrp User

Rajiv Shukla

April 15,2014

Must try..

I dont mind going to this place on weekend.The list of starters was impressive, starting with Kebab,Paneer Peshawari Tikka,Mutton Seekh. The starters were very well cooked with Gosht Barrah Kebab is a must try.
We kept on hogging on the tasty starters & forgot to keep space for the buffet main course, which was tempting as well.So had tried only dum chicken biryani and I cant comment much on main course.
In desserts we had Gajar ka halwa with Ice cream.Havent tried Halwa with ice cream,it goes great.
The food is definitely worth the while for the amount of food they and I would definately love to visit this restaurant again.
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rka_1  - Burrp User


March 29,2014

Good innovative Menu and quality food.

Our family of four had a good experience Yellow Chili Powai last night. The menu is quite refreshing compared to the usual north indian fare found in most Mumbai places. Food presentation is also good. The prices are also reasonable as compared to the prices in restaurants found in malls. It would have helped if the service was more attentive. The major issue was that the starter tikkas were served quite cold and it appeared that it was not a delay in serving but actually cold food which was just warmed up and served. Not good. But main course made up for the same and so we had a good experience overall.
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Sanjay Punamiya - Burrp User

Sanjay Punamiya

March 27,2014

Discount not given on CitiBank Credit card


As per dining offers from citibank i did dining at The Yellow Chilli restaurant in Mumbai on 15 March and bill was Rs 1682 and was entitled for 15 percent discount but i did not get that discount as i wasn't aware at the time of billing. It is restaurants responsibility to inform customer about this

Talk about food and it seems mediocre for the amount they are charging.

I would personally never visit again and hope they refund the 15% of amount back on my card

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bheerendar singh - Burrp User

bheerendar singh

March 26,2014

Worth every penny

The Yellow Chilli Outlet at Powai although seems like an overpriced celebrity restaurant is actually a lot more than that. I visited this restaurant last week with my family and found that the food they serve is absolutely worth every penny you spend over it. They win you over with their spicy food and then win you over once more with their delicious desserts that might just melt your hearts.
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sourab pancholi - Burrp User

sourab pancholi

March 07,2014

Reminds me of Punjabi dhaba

Doesnt matter if u are a punjabi who loves hearty home food and are very cynical about restaurants that claim to be able to serve u. Yellow chilli can definitely serve u with their hearty dishes of Chowringee Chicken, Kadai Prawns, and Murg Biriyani
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Suhas karanth - Burrp User

Suhas karanth

February 08,2014

truly north

A refreshing menu at The Yellow Chilli in Powai, the dishes we had were quite surprising compared all the usual load we get at other North Indian restaurants. I mean apart from the usual tikka, fry, kadai paneer sorta thing, Yellow Chilli has some signature dishes that have sprung outta Chef Sanjeev kapoor's hat. Worth a visit.
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ShdGoyal - Burrp User


January 04,2014

Amazing Food.. but disappointing services

There's absolutely no doubt that the great chef Sanjeev Kapoor has left no efforts to make each dish taste amazingly well. I went to the powai branch and had a 3-course meal with my family.
I enjoyed the food to the fullest..starting from the soup and salad to the main course and deserts, everything was totally satisfying.

But, when it came to the service, I strongly recommend a proper training for the waiters and the staff. Considering the name and rapport this restaurant holds and the expectations that a customer walks in with, I was very very disappointed.
There were quarter plates missing, no soup spoons when the soup was served, no sauces till we asked for them, no one served the water for a second time, no lap towels.

I am mentioning this because I really wish to visit this place again, but i do expect a good service with good food to make it sound a good deal.

So, summary is, if you're looking for a "tasty" food, this place is a must visit, but like i mentioned keep your expectations really low when it comes to services.
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Sanjay Bagadia - Burrp User

Sanjay Bagadia

December 24,2013

experience the expertise

Sanjeev Kapoor's expertise and experiments can be enjoyed here. Be prepared for a off traditional experience to enjoy the various combinations and fusions created by the master chef. if you are expecting a typical dhaba food or a regular Punjabi fare - STAY AWAY, else you will end up giving negative comments. the black dal and the corn palak with
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santosh poojary - Burrp User

santosh poojary

December 03,2013

North Indian delight

Amazing food. Must try items are. Starters:- Tandoori Broccoli, Tandoori Chicken, Badami burra chops. Main Course:- Lalla Mussa Dal with Naan, Murg dum biryani and Veg dum biryani.
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karunakomu  - Burrp User


November 16,2013

Dint live to its name.

WAs over expected with this place since its renowned chefs Sanjeev Kapoor 's restaurant. The food dint live to its expectation. I dont remember even a single dish that has left impact on my mind. I wish i had not visited this place.
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siddjan86 - Burrp User


August 19,2013

SK kya kat diya

Not upto the expectation.... Sanjeev kapoor's name associated with a restaurant build a lot of hope ... but this is for sure not value for money and just avoid ..
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neelindap - Burrp User


August 14,2013


Being Sanjeev Kapoor's restaurant,I had high expectations,but was left disappointed.

Trying out vegetarian food,we had no option,but to go for paneer!
The chef was kind enough to prepare one,the jain way,for a friend.

The food was nothing out of the ordinary,no special zing!
Also,the garlic naan,lacked garlic,to a point where I couldn't distinguish it from a regular one.

The staff was courteous,but pretty laid back.We were seated at the outside seating,and we had to keep waiting for someone to actually come over from the main seating area,to actually take our orders.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 22,2013

Better than expected!

Even after reading the reviews of this, we gave this place a try cause this is really close to our home. We went on a Thursday, and it was filled to 60 % capacity at 8. 30 pm. As the night progressed, you could see people following in.

This one is situated right above Mainland China on high street, powai. They give you an option of buffet and a-la- carte both. Since we were not in mood to go heavy, we decided to go A-la- carte.

The ambience is pretty likeable and the interiors are done up nice. The service is excellent! The staff is very friendly, and they keep in mind that till the time you have placed the order and for it to be served, you are not bored. The manager, also the one who took our order, Mr. Girish has a very likeable personality. He showed us around and told us about the Yellow Chilli till the time out food arrived. He also gave us good options of what should go with our food.

So we orderd a palak panner kofta, which was something different as the koftas were not fried. Still they tasted decent. Dal mussi, which is yellow dal with a hint of mint was delicious. Lacha naan was also pretty good to go with the food. However the butter roti came with some extra butter. The quantity was good to go for 2 people.

In all with a main course, a dal and breads, our bill came to close of 850, which good keeping in mind the location and of course, Sanjeev Kapoor's name.

P.S. The service is very good, in fact, i gave .5 extra for the smiling and friendly staff.
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rogerfederer123 - Burrp User


July 06,2013

Food was a dissapointment

Had been to the restaurant after a long time..however the food at Yellow Chilli left a lot to be desired,...the dinner buffet spread was a let down...and what's more it led to an upset stomach the next day....For the ambience..there was a shaky table...sticky and slippery floor....I am not sure if anyone has experienced this with yellow chilli....
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Nikita Dedhia - Burrp User

Nikita Dedhia

June 17,2013

inefficient staff

I went wid my frnds on Sunday evening..service was damm slow even though thr weren't many customers and after waiting for more than half hr after v placed the order , the waiter directly got the main course instead of starters...they actually forgot our order and again v had to wait for nxt 15 min.
Evn d food ws nt served hot enough...n last bt nt d least dey handed over d cheque to us before serving finger bowl!!
The staff is very inefficient n unresponsive .
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Vivek Borkar - Burrp User

Vivek Borkar

May 18,2013

Dagabaaz re

In ordinary restaurants it is not surprising to find chicken that has not soaked in the spice beyond one nanometer of its surface. One does not expect this in `Sanjeev Kapoor's Yellow Chilli'. But that;s what I got today. On pointing this out (on being asked my opinion, mind you), the smartass floor manager had the cheek to ask me rudely whether I was a qualified chef. This is one place which is not going to see my money again for sure. Does not deserve a sigle star, but the system needs at least one!
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george antony - Burrp User

george antony

May 06,2013

some good some ok some bad

we reached early so it was empty and we had a good time with the starters. Javed was all about us, serving us the starters, noticing our empty plates and refilling etc. But there is some crazy hierarchy there. One tall fixer kind of guy at the end who was sitting and doing something on a laptop, then four types of waiters..with coat, plainsclothes, half coat, tie, one cute guy called girish who said he had come from NY and he walked around with a notepad noting things. But it was crawling with waiters and other than javed they were just hanging around. ok about the food. the starters were good and had some uniqueness. The main course was good but not much I remember so much. But it was good. they have stuff from diff parts of India and reasonably authentic, pleasing to the eye and good to taste. compare that with lets say a place like saffron spice, Yellow C is much better.
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Mamta Sesha - Burrp User

Mamta Sesha

March 23,2013


Pathetic service and bad food makes my review. Firstly we ordered for the royal hara bhara which the chef served us as mashed balls of spinach ! It wasn't fried at all ! it was my birthday and we were asked to wait 25 minutes if we wanted to cut the cake but they didn't serve our dinner till 11:15 pm It was a real disaster ! The food wasn't even that good ...n wen we asked for parcel they said we hadn't told them for the parcel at all ... The staff lacks attention and quality !
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