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Shilpa Mehta - Burrp User

Shilpa Mehta

September 05,2015

Great place to Hangout with my College Buddies

Been here a lot of Times.
Great Food
Great Crowd
Very good Service.

Music/Ambient gets me when i am with parents or my office staff. otherwise with my college friends i love this place
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Sharyu Barsing - Burrp User

Sharyu Barsing

May 08,2015

Fun place!

Perfect place to hangout, have perfect food and fun. I love their food, had tried many dishes liked almost all. I like the theme they have maintained like Tulsi in water jug or showpiece full of bangles. It's just fun to eat their food with your tummy full.

I once ordered a veg starter which were a bit salty.
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

All time Favorite

This is an all time favourite. The Ambience makes you feel you are in an AC village. Dine here if you are craving for variety , quality and mouth watering non-veg punjabi food. Their malai chicken melts in the mouth. Perfectly marinated- Smoky flavor.They have a concept that they want their customers to ring bell two times if they like the food. Jalebi is our common dessert order after main course on every visit. They often have biryani festival going and biriyanis are simply awesome.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 22,2015

Fabulous. .. is the word.

Amazing colour schemes and the light shades to admire. I simply Love the chatpata kabab and the Keema pao is like my teenagecrush. I have tried zillion places but there aren't many places that have a lingering taste like this place. The place is quite spacious and has a very desi interior with lamps and steel thalis around. They often have meal offer going on which includes dishes like Butter Rotis, Murg Masala
Dal Tadka,Jeera Rice, Bundi Raaita. The quantity of the dishes are good and are filling. The food is delicious.My favorite is Kalimiri Paneer Tikka soft & Perfectly marinated with Smoky flavour melts in the mouth. Must try is the complimentary Rabdi-Jalebi after dinner.
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SHayan Ghosh - Burrp User

SHayan Ghosh

March 02,2015

Great Ambience

It looks like a modern Dhaba . Colourful and vivid interiors. Walls are Decorative and ceilings too. A very vibrant atmosphere. Few Dholaks hanging from the ceiling and black boards displaying the name of cuisines, random bollywood movie posters are there to catch your eyes. The ceiling above the table had a group of picture of few random guys. We were thinking if those guys in the picture were the staff members.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

March 01,2015

Great punjabi food

Amazing ambiance and amazing service,so attentive and non-intrusive. Loved being here with friends. Very funky vibe in the atmosphere. Portions are very good and makes it a value for money proposition. We were 4 people and we had Butter Rotis, Murg Masala, Dal Tadka, Jeera Rice,Kalimiri Paneer Tikka, naan and we loved every morsel. Also had rabdi-jalebi in dessert and it was simply heaven. Will love to go back but it is so far from my home.
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January 31,2015

Authentic Punjabi food..!!

A must visit fine dine restaurant serving authentic punjabi food. I love the super soft paneer here and amazing kali dal with garlic and amritsari naan. Food and ambiance both are good and on an all super taste. Must visit place with friends and family. They always play the best of old hindi music. There jalebi rabdi is the best I always have. It is crowded generally on weekends..

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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

January 31,2015

Brilliant place

I love Punjabi food and this is one of the best places to have some awesome Punjabi food in Mumbai,especially if you are feeling nostalgic about the north Indian culture and village just like I do from time to time :) Love everything here,I love the makke ki roti and sarson ka saag especially which I miss the most and here they serve it just like my nani makes it. Choley here is great too and so is kulcha and naan and paneer dishes.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

one of best places for punjabi food

very authentic punjabi food in a rustic punjabi village kind of setting,made with loads of ghee and love and served happily by cheerful staff. my daughter loves going here. this is also situated in one of our fav malls so been here quite a few times. portion is very good with 2 gravy dishes and 2 biryani being enough for a family of 4. do try paneer tikka, choley, missi roti, makai di roti,dal makhani, biryani -everything tastes great!
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Shilpa S - Burrp User

Shilpa S

July 26,2012

Hmm....what the noise is all about?

Been to their Andheri west outlet eons ago and being quite satisfied; I thought of visiting this one. But why oh why?The decor is good, trying to give the Dhaba feel. But the same cannot be said about the food. I ordered for only one dish- Chicken biryani and it has disappointed me so much. No flavor of masalas, bland, dried out and chewy chicken - that's how I can describe it.Might go back again and try other items, but seriously not happy this time.
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